The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 13, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1900. "oS DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. S. D. Coffee and rolls, oysters any style, at the Olympic bakery, opposite the Burlington depot, on Sherman street. The Only High Oracle Baking Powder Offered at a Moderate Price. THE JCITY. For elegant 'slippers go to Zipp'a. See the Ark's ad. and profit by It. No. 70 Sherman street, Deadwood. F. D. Smith bandies nothing but the beet grade smithing coal. Werthheimeb & Br See the Sappho turbans at Seebick's. They must get something for nothing. The w ty they sell dress goods and shirt waists--I refer to CHASES, where they sell CHEAP. Saks better than ever that is what giving such great bargains has doiu-for Chase's, where they sell CHEAP. Worth your while, ladies, to see th" bargains in shirt waists and remnants at CHASE'S, where they sell cheap. What the largest merchants in New York say: When they want some Baking Powder CALUMET lpy is the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Call telei-hone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. L. I). T. Co. What knowest thou the worth of Madison Medicine Co., thou foul substitute, "" scarcely breathed one summer? (it " druggist. Mrs. Alford has exclusive agency for Are Everlastingly Giving the Most for th? Money NONE SO COOD. I MADE BY 1 THE ) THUST. X r iahl, aiii Our aim is to fw our customers re s i r ea b 1 e m c r c h a n d i so . Mrs. Melick will give twenty-nve scalp treatments, furnishing all tonic required and giving the treatment ev- erv second day. for five dollars. Heads paid to tile dog LOST- $loo reward will b the finder1' on return of "Cute, examined free of charge. Satisfaction money quick they can always get some by offering Chase goods at a reduction. That explains why he can giv,.-such bargains. Seebick is making a specialty this year of impcrted hats. Ifjught at a bargain and will be sold fur finj --nts on the dollar 1-0 shirt waists at CHASE'S belonging to Charles Coffee. Matt Havin came up from Sturgi guaranteed. Mrs. W. W. Melick, Gr9 Main street, over Deetken's drug store yetifvday to sen his fattier away ove the li. & M. for Cape Nome. Mrs. Melick hairdresser has put in the "Mahler Electrical" apparatus and is now prepared to give the electric A Harry Del.eary has leen appointei Stevens & Co.'s "made to order dresses. Full line of beautiful platea and samples in tailor-made gowns, silk waists, golf skirts and capes. Call and inspect our samples before buying elsewhere. Pit guarnteed. Room i, over Deetken's drug store. W. L. Neil, D. D. S., resident den-tist, has moved his office to Room 19, Syndicate block. Lessons in embroidery and nne needle work of all kinds at Mrs. Mooney's, 41 Lee street. A complete line Is carried of lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery silks, photo frames, etc. I hear your daughter has broken her engagement with the duke. Fact, she found she could get Rocky Mountain Tea at the same price and took the Tea. Sensible girl. Ask your druggist. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gaatz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. deputy grand hustler for the Hustling Knights of Woodcraft, lie is deputy facial massage, also to remove super iluous hair by the process of electro for the Mack Hills. lysis. Hair so removed can never return. Operation painless, scars ars impossible. Method is endorsed by the Special meeting ofN Alta Rebecca Did you ever? No, I never saw shirt waists sold the way Chase sells them. H. Ciark, Chauncey, Ga., says IV? Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cured him of piles that had afflicted him for twenty years. It is also a siK-edy cure for skin, diseases, liewaie of dangerous counterfeits. Kirk (i. Phillips See Rapheal's twelve- hours of day and night tonight at the Griggs Your Easter Dress Your Easter Waist lode No 8 Saturday evening. All mem oers requested to be present. Import II. S. health reports. Satisfaction' guaranteed. 659 Main street, over ant business to come before the meet ing. Hy order of N. (1. Judge Belding lett last ni'trUt for Deetken's drug store. Come hither, O maiden fair and faith ful, The desire of thy heart is granted. Sioux Falls, taking with him llnll Your Easter Coa Walks-in-Sight." who wan summoned Before thee are the gates of unknown as a witness 'in the of 'Two Heart" under indictment for larceny beauty free, 'tis Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your diuggist. "No family can afford to be without 1 he Hammond Packing company are locating a branch in Deadwood. Your Easter Skirt Your Easter Gloves .Eighteen years of experience. Rosea thai Block. The New York Store is in receipt of a new shipment of handsome trimmed hats, which they ask you to inspect. Considering quality, they are very cheap. tit Seebick has an exquisite line of trimmed hats from i up. ' till, say, Mrs. M., where did you buy your coffee. It is just delicious?" The building is being erected on Slier man street and from present appear am" s, will be a very creditable struc lure. T7BTEY PIANO, both stylish and The W . R. C. will meet at the resi Your Easter Ti( dence of Mrs. Bews in the Syndicate "Why, yes, that is the thirty cent coffee Goldberg advertises. It is the best blcx k this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for the transaction of important business I ever bought in Deadwood." Get your seats reserved early for the All members are specially invited to Griggs entertainment tonight. One Minute Cough Cure. It will stop a cough and cure a cold quicker than any other medicine," writes C. W. Williams, Sterling Run, Pa. It cures croup, bronchitis and all throat ann lung troubles and prevents consumption. Pleasant and harmless. Kirk G. Phillip A new deal at Chase's. Dress goods patterns and remnants for below cost. When he gets a bargain his customers get a benefit. Our shoe stock is now complete arid we know that no one owns their shoes at the prices we do. Buying for six stores direct from the factories gives us an advantage. Try us. CHASE'S, where they sell cheap. J. I Carson, Prothonotary, Washington, Pa., says, "I have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in When you are ready to buy that jprnffe hat, don't overlook the fact that the New York Store has an elegant assortment of trimmed hats at prices JLrfgood to be had only at Hawley'3, No. 839, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved hla office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Gilmore house, corner of City Creek and Williams street W. W. Mayhew, Merton, Wis., says: "I consider One Minute Cough Cure a most wonderful medicine, quick and safe." It is the only harmless remedy that gives immediate results. It cures coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whoopisg cough, pneumonia, and all throat and lung diseases Its early use prevents consumption. Children al ways like it and mothers endorse it. Kirk O. PhllHps. "New Goods! - New Goods arriving at Chase's every day. They don't keep goods to look at, but .sell, as you will tee If you price them. that will surprise you. Ct. Mr. Seebick will show a special line of nobby, up-to-date street hats this week. attend. LOST A map of Palestine, with linen back, fastened to roller. If the person who took the map from the writing desk in the post office lobby will leave it with .Jason Bake:, no questions will be as"ked. In the case of McKennon and others against Walker, decisions were given in favor of the plaintiff. In the afternoon the court was occupied with thr case of Ed Kidd and others against Frank C. Andrews. MARRIED. On the 12 inst. at tne residence of Phillip Westerberger. on lngleside, James Hobry and Miss In order to be the correct Sty August Anderson of Sweden yester should be bought at day declared his intention to become citizen of the United States. M. J. Werthheimer & B case of stomach trouble, and have derived great benefit from its use." It digests what you eat and cannot fall to cure. Kirg G. Phillips. Bring the chidren to see the best works" of the great masters. Admission 15c. The Cottage Laundry is now pie- pared to do washing on short notice at reasonable prices. Family washings lAAAjA A A. A rffc A A ---- f,, A r and lace curtains a specialty. Work called for and delivered. No. 9 City Fair ! W3 Creek. The Ladies Aid society of the Metn odist church wil give one of their pop Hofibut'r. both of Deadwood. Rev. (J. K. Clark officiating. The young couple, after a brief wedding tour eastward will begin housekeeping in this city. The choir of St. John's church has prepared a program of beautiful Easter music, additional voices for the Easter service will be Mr. Tegarty and Mr. Charles Dingee, bass; Mr. Trevaskins and Mr. Tod, tenor; Prof Neilson and Mrs. Oscar Silver, violrhs. WANTED Women to bind dress ular suppers in the dining room of the The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills church on Friday afternoon and evening, beginning at 5 o'clock Turkey, chicken and the usual appetizing bill of fare wil be in evidence and a good spread Is assured. Make your arrangements to take ZOELLNER BfcOS. CO. Men's and Boy's Outfitters, I Guarantee Chicago Prices.' Mock all fresh and of new Designs f nr 647 MAIN STREET shields at home. Steady work; distance no disadvantage; ask your dealer tohow you Kora Shields and Alko Antiseptic Odorless Shields. Kora Shields snap on waist without sewing. Send 10c for catalogue of work. Kora Shield Co., f.25 Broome St.. New York. Mr. Johnson, representing the book firm of Silver, Burdett & Co., is in city, interviewing the teachers ana others interested in the firm's publications. This firm has a high reputa your dinner at the Methodist church tonight any time between 5 and 7:30. "A single fact is worth a whole shipload of argument." Every cure by Hood's Sarsaparilla is a fact, proving its merit, and the thousands and thousands of cures recorded certainly should convince you that Hoods will cure you. Indigestion, nausea, are cured by Hood's Pills. 1900. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. You need not have to wait to send east for sample books, risk of not petting what you order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show goods whether von lm or not. Black mils Distributing Agents for the World Renowned Rememder our store is Hadirartei Paints, Oils and Window Glass. tion and deserves it, as they issue nnlv first-class publications. J 4 Turkey chicken, salad and .all. the accompaniments of a good dinner will be served tonight at the Methodis; church for the usual price. jvir. . k. Griggs, in commencing a KIRK G. PHILLIPS lecture or performance, always, in very polite manner, requests the ladies See Mr. Seebrick's display of Easter WHOLESAMfAND retail druggis millinery, Friday and Saturday of this' to reve t.hetc.hats, but adds very KNOX HATS considerately, that ladies who are bald week. "Mies Hobbs' " pompadour hats and headed need not comply with the re Corner Main and Lee Street, Deadwood, S. V quest. It need not .be stated that all rn 'njr -Bf"a "V heads are immediately hatless. Viking hats wil help to make attractive the Easter display at Seebick's. ESTIIAY NOT!: The "Miss Hobbs" hats, the pictur The Pioneer Hook and Ladder company held its regular monthly session Inn nlnl-A 1 . Notice in rn re'v -'i n '1' !t esque creations which hare helped earn in mv nHcp at f J;i vvjfle am uigiii. una transacted the usual make that lady so popular" with theater goers, lire to be found at Seebick's. rencc county. S. !).. ami w:is t business. Jas. Frawley's resignation from the active list of the company about March 21, l!no. on-Mld roj white spot in forehead... 'effl The people of Deadwood have never Drought forth many expressions of re gret. had such a unique opportunity to see droocs. No other mark? or vinihle Thp owner ran lnve thl Miss Etta Rickel went over to Snear. some of the finest works of art ai that afforded by the Griggs entertainment tonight. Come and buy a Hatwhich has taken 6 of the highest awards at the Chicago Worlds Fair. Spring Styles Are Now Here For Sale at Zoellner Bros. Co, The (Pioneer Chihurs. by proving ownership, and P;i fish to attend the weJlidng of Miss Car rie Tonn, who will be married on Sun costs of keeping and adwrtisinl ELLEN CHRlSTd WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup ct Figs, as It acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, liver anu bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, and other forms of sickness. For sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug gists. Manufactured by the California Fig Synip Co. only. o . . Burlington Route. No changes no delays no chance of missing connections if you go to California via theVBurlington Route. The Burlington Route runs thru sleeping cars from Omaha, Lincoln and- Hastings, to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, daily. Dining cars all the way. Library St John's church Good Friday get- Postofflce, Cent ml City vice at 10 a. m. day to Mr. J. W. Todd of Piedmont, S. I. Miss Rickel will be bride's maid and Prank Smith of this city will go April 4, 1900. John Jennack. to bpearnsh Sunday to act as best man Mr. Booth of the government fish- Uoo o fl ret -fin KB nlltfit of tfall Bl opearjjsn, was m the city A marriage license waa granted to Jas. Doby and Lizzies Hoffbuhr, both of. this' city. YES, IT'S A BIRD. THE petit nniTotTsn i carriages and is prepared tp kinds of city work. Tallin? fnnonio otr will reeeiv-f pront yesterday on his way to Hot Springs. He says the government has already seventy-five applications for fish to stock streams this spring, and that pnMon CaU Harrison telephoi cars west of Ogden. Finest scenery in 83. the world. See nearest Burlington ticket agent. CARD O'- rH ANKs ' Thft Blttfers of St. Jrlsepn'S or write J. Francis. G. P. A.' Omaha uletf, exclusively by Carwile, at the corner of Lee" and Sherman treets. la in elegant unoke. The twentieth part of a Itallar Invested In one of the weedt puts JO" in dreamland. Mad of the beat tobacco. They amok free and easy. To the ladies would aay: I hare juat received aa elegant. Una of stationery. . , Neb. . ., wish, to Teturn thanks to the about 750,00t rout will be put into .the Hijls streams this year. The First M. E. church is making extensive preparations for Easter, the church is bWt; decorated and special music Is being prepared. The largest Easter offering ever made In the city, will be presented at the close of the morning sermon. The Sunday arhooi who so kindly remembered in with lovely flowers and plntl Easter decorations. O. E. S. NO. 23. DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Moneys at 7:80. All members cor- dlaHy Invited. .-- t- - DR. A. F. NA2J. Wtti. t' 'rTTTTt Tr3 TO.W

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