The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 13, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1900
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

The Lead Daily P(ONEERTiriES .i;ad. 1. i lM.ArK HILLS i, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL, 1. 1' )( M TI YE CENTS. J t'itv A t toi tii y Tin,. (' lieiiloii re ,and Views Made Clear. . . . ,1,1. rw :irc irreat 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 Minim . 1:1 in, yesterday from a se ra t days have a suitable spot near at whore they i;i it enjoy a brief with their families and frit mis next two years will probably TI: " . u, ir. the citv Let all af-'ree"' 101 " iiiiJUM, uu in me nriet history nt Louch smoKe n u.c.c .-- our city- the groat iliiproVcincins in In particular ume, w..... tiiintitiK trip in Nebraska. I If you are looking for a good smoke j ask for C'hamison's MONARCH-! HtiHtly union-made cigar, r.t toryinj May block, head. j Arthur 1'eti isiui. i.ti nt' the efficient clerks at ('lias, s. is , -onrmed to bis home with an attack of tonsilitis. mane, me necessity for belter railroad i0t Lead af" soon to ' i.. m.ivor. it is ot ti, kimw me !'- andidates upon these lead- ... which has been agnaiiM for seveial y,'a-s , .v. nitV Henry S. !in,;.els assay office and la-boiatoiy is located m the basement ot r'aust's in w Muck. I,ead, ;tnd he is pre p.. leu to nil all orders in his line, if peerh on r,.,or Gushursfb evening tei w.e lacilities, tin almost ! 1 1 1 growth of our population on acco'iiity of tie enlarged operation of uin laming i , liiistrieis, the building up of mngifiliccnr buildings, on the area of the binned district, the cotisiderntion of important mutters relating to morality and tin. weifaree ;incl hanpiness of uir jieople are all matters, which w ill and must become factors in this ehvtion, and it now rests with the voters and taxpayers to say who shall till the important oliices for the next two years. 1 ask you n, in friends, to giv these few crude and extempore remarks your (itrefal i onsideration.. lt,eCXin-ssf.l his views ,. ., manner tnai ' ' ; ill u i ho Tlf Xt Ceorge Trcbeck of I,ead left yesterday for a short stay looking over sonic of his minig interests on Heaver gulch. Theo. Ceskey. real estate, h "s ami :nsurance All kinds of legal writing ii. ITS M li" :;,ic ,,l,(.lll J1S I'd done promptly, (hxid live men wanted Is to work for the Spring 1900. The Millinery Department is in Complete readiness for business. The Big Brick Store sof the city an.l its p.-ople. I l,c- iis solicitors Office on Main s'i-wi. 1 end. if ,sWi-nce now k.o.m , U,,r adapted tor me wo, 11 for there lire Ltio years ago, that only Is to W" lea"'"' in ac- ( bii f of Police Charles Green, who went witti Sheriff I'lunkett to Sioux Falls with prisoners. Caddy anil others, returned today anrl is again at his post. Mike Naddy Is prepared to furnish I-nctical knowledge In Intrest of Harmony. To the Republicans of Lead: In the Interest of harmony I decline to allow my name an candidate for the office of mayor, to be submitter! to the will of the majority, as expressed in republican mass convention. This was done Wednesday night and tb" choice- has fallen upon our present tnavor. I A. Ciisburst, who was thus . iirir rpnnrces here llltte llllin"P ' I a large city and I pre- a grKtrl quality of rock for building'! Ijtie citizens unite in an t .-hat they can toward de- ;ne hidden treasures with (surrounded that, instead iwe will have HUWO witn- fcpco years. purposes from his stone quarry on the hill south of Lead. For prices see Mr. Naddy. tf llrtrt CirotdHM-k. a brottirr of Mrs ilovle. whose arm was so badly hurt at the. laundry, left for his home yesterday after being with his sist-T for the past. week. On the 1Mb this month at (Villi City cm (ins the dance given by the Mavflo.ver Hebeikah bulge of that city. In my ambition to carry Lject to a successful com- renominated I wish to simerrly thank all my friends for the enthtwdastic support given me, and for their earnest lalrors Iieely given in my behalf. In thus withdrawing from the race I am gratified to know that the contest U'tween the rival i andidates was conducted in a fair ami open iji'anner. and now that there is to be only one the preliminary steps are , so that when the time rakes will lie avoided and wk will have been pushful .N? Ln and make our sanitary Hi The event will take place in the el's' I'nion hall at that place. improved. republican candidate before tin- people I hope that, all republicans will give toll your attention to the Smith, t In- D. C. conductor 1m-- Hi! i nrxessaty to build our the nominee the same hearty supiKirt 1 Specials... itwceii Lead and who lias lis but a few years since on elation day that I should have ex Itfre covered w ith their na- it the choice. ll of t in had 1 1 11 I but cow we nave between been a relief between Hot Springs and ' Miniiekata l,r ti e past nn nlh. is back ! aga in on bis old run on t he D. C. Mrs. Thus. Marion, who is sick with In Our I ten miles of stir ets built in tb in tin slut:! no divisun said that have lost oini e t here will lii ranks, let it not I 1 1 publican ear w victoi y. liillsides and gulches. We Lplowand scraper as they ifully. a it:;. i. liespc I. Mey towns, but all must lie hick and shovel, making it A 9 -.7 inch crossing on our main Ladies Ready Made Apparel Department Only tlit" iKtlaruv of this month to secure munulatttirei's prices mi everything in the line ot Ladies Tailor Made Suits in Chi-viots, Venetians, Homespun. Coverts, Seryes, Camel Hair, etc., all in the hitest s two years, owing to it of hcay traffic ion- Grand Easter Ball. Crescent Temple No. a. Rathboiie Sisters have si-riired the Miner's I'nioli Hall for. the evening of Faster Mnnlay and will give a grand ball upon that dat- . sting hack and forth, spied - ; the rock surface to dtifct ; nneriroiii.i at tn-r sons mime in ni-i luw ( 're. k nui' li Letter. j The I'opular restaurant m Iiea.l ac-Kiircvledges' nri superiors. Tiny line none lint experiein ed Indp and n deavor to give their patrons the be; ; that i an be obtained in tin marker, (live tin m a trial and we feel sure ...i will ! well pleased. tt. The D. ('. will run a social train from Dcadwood to Lead on Faster Sun day. leaving at 7 p. in., for the accommodation of the Knights Templar an.l others who may desire to attend the siHcial services at Christ's church. The music being prepared for Faster at Christ's church, Iead, will be especially tine, the choir will lender in sans great costs for repairs. en our principal strctts Following are the conunitt. harg" of the event. i.s- lie. Mis I.. I). Jacobs Mrs "on as possible. This will pemployment to labor, but styles at nianutacturers prices. .Jiio. Ksieybrooks, Mrs. .Ino. r,hbs Mis Hen Stone, Miss F. Culloui. ce the value of our prop- Mr and the appearance of our Floor Mr. and Mrs. C.ibbs. i.u wear anil tear on ve- Stone. Mrs. KsterbronKs Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. am! Mis Jno. Fsterbi'ooks. Mr. .Tno. Nd to the comfort of man ladies .I ickets, Capes, Skirts. Waists. The latest in styles, colors, fab-ri. s, form the sfiring and summer, now at manufacturer's prices. We gtuu -tnt.c the fit and finish of evey garment in this department. A SPECIAL OI'I'OHT! MTV is now . ciffei e.l to scure a new Suit, .la. ket. Waist, or Skirt for Easter at a saving of one-half on tin- regular price. , Adamsky. Fe.k. Mrs. II. Jr., Miss K. Culloui. Kr. Hecention .Mrs. .1. A P Past year the citv has 'tot, wen and centrally lo- Malkison. Mrs li. P. Ixirey. Mrs. Mtjr hall, and before the Ditugheity. Mrs. .1. W. Cmnin. Mis J. W I hope we will have some tine selections an.l the organ will lie supplemented by violins and base viol. All are most cordially invited to be present and an urgent request is made that all be in their seats at 7:1.",. the hour for beginning of service. M. Ilrody. the druggist, is acain oen Miss Mam! 1-aust. hiss V. Fre, N ami substantial build- Miss Hanna'i aisn. Alice Murphy. Black Hills Clothier' for all purposes that OSCAR SILVER require. Lead. S. D. purchased a. lieantiful i for business with a fresb. new arid 1, covered with a thriftv ei 'clean stock. A complete line of cv thing on hand. Prescript r ',s of , for a city nark, and Non to gradually imp. ove MINOR MENTION. The card party given by th C.M-n Star club takes place at the parlois this evening Dr. Twitctiell is bar k at his obi stand. He has been at Terry for the past couple of weeks. Houses bought and sold, money loaned general insurance an.l notary pub i and all doctors, written on ,' n kind of world. that our people mav blank, in any part ot ta. onunntlv i. n.l accurately ril'eil here. :!:oi)V. i , .-L'O-lm THIRD AXNl'AL Masquerade Ball JVENTRY, S. R. SMITH MAMMOTH FURNITURE HOUSE OF THE BLACIHItLS. '.; aduate. 1'e 'Itc'-rs Tlie annual election . f Cotton tf ailida- lic. Victor T. .I-pseii. Ro .in 1. & Andrews block. Lead. S. H. Dr. C. K. Zerfing has tiled his OF bebl olliiers ,,f the 1 '-ad fiti" f"p.'it'tni. rt v niuht and the following Specialist Mayflower Recall Lodge fur nieiii- Before taking stock on February l.'th. aid menis of new goods, I will give very LIllKKAL to make room for big 8h:p-IdSCOCN l S mi Furniture, vit withdrawing his l t it ixn w ith the city p., t d Chief, r re.l Miach Alert Hose company; secretary. ils.'ii of Hose i otnpany V', !' t!u Hi No. 44. At ber of the school board auditor. Block, Lead. S. D. Wililam Lyons ol the ALU asur Carpets. Crockery, Etc. It will pay you to come and look at the bargains in Crockery and Lamps. Complete sets and remnants, all will go at very low prices. I have a small stock of Wall I'j p. r which must be sold before the new stocft arives. There are some nice patterns left, and at prices that will please you. tirinu .hief. Tim I'.d. y. was ed v,:th a very handsome arm e re si nt Central City, April 18,1900 Music !v Ktiio' Orchestra. Supper at Lenk's, Tioltots - &J..OO chair by the four enmpanie- compos ing the fire department. After th" -..rr,inv,.ni aim tine 111. re Hie' (ti,,.-. LEAD bses, S. R. SMITH - Where They Sell Cheap.. The sincing. and a general L-od time. The npon of the retiring chit-f will be printed in lull in tomorrow's .issue. M the convention Wednesday night ,),." t.eindalion for a city organization in ;. republican ranks was laid Com-,itt.wmen fM.m th four wards . f tne mm Sales Day! it i COBWEB HENRY MAILLARD, Black Hills Bottling and Vinegar Works, SOS. SAVAGE DEALER IN Hay, Feed, FJour and Wood. Rock Springs and Deer Creek Cort Blacksmith Coal always on hand. Orders delivered anywhere in l'er- chosen and , itv ver in,.- cun.miltee-( Loni urraii from the F. s man at huge W. he I'iist ward: J r W. net: (ieorge W from the from th" Thiid. and Ira Putnam Always the Best Fourth, with H. H. Saturday April 7. ladies' Skirts, the latest (style an t ttittcrial8, at less than manufacturer s t, FOR ONE DAY ONLY. Col '" Bee them. Also inspect our lin Pattern haU, the prettiest, and lovv-Priced line of millinery ever ''"Wght to the Black Hills. -.CHASE'S. Where they sell CHEAP, N- 5 Main street. Lead. i iris .ill, at large. It is the pur-e in the future to forr.,s this .omniitt. raville, Central and vicinity at price to meet any competition. MAIN ST.. CENTRAL CITY. ANTHONY HAUT ...,we nf this committ. call ward raucuses and send delegates Lead's Leading which will to i convention in the city MAUNNFACTL'RER & DEALER IN Mineral Waters of all kinds., in syphons and bottles; Soda Waters of all flavors; Wine and Cider 'Vinegar; Cider, Syrups, Flavorings, etc., etc. Special prices to Jobbers in Vinegtj" will be made upoa application. Correspondence solicited. Office and factory. 408 Main street, Lead, S. C Harrison Telephone 275. city otr.cers. necessity ot for the nun inate the ticket This idari prevents Resort etc.. ana calling of mass conventions. more solid and or- .iron the. uarty a East Main Street No, 15 PRACTICAL PLUMBEB A and Steam Rtter LEAD, SO- DAK Street Lead Chase's ganlzf bearing and U along the system adopted by politic! partfes In. all LEAD. large cltle.

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