The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 11, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1900
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, u THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD 8. D CONTAINSN NOTHING Calumet ERTHHEIMER & BRO, They must" get something for nothing. The wiy they sell drtss goods and shirt waists I refer to CH.SES, where they sell CHEAP. Come and see the Jerusalem cham-Ikts, the pools corner and the Tombs of the kings? at thf st'Teoptiean lectin-tonight at the city h;i!l by Mr. V K. Griggs. Worth your while, ladies, to see t!i-bargains in shirt Waists and remnants at CHASES, where they sell cheap. What the largest men haiAs in New York sav: When thev want som.- Coffee and -rolls, oysters any style, at the Olympic bakery, opposite the Burlington depot, on Sherman street. ESTEY piano for my familr. Haw-ley is the only regular dealer at No. 639. by Bullock Hotel. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. H. Clark. Chauncey. Ga.. says II" Witt's Witch Hazel Salve eiire-'d him nt piles that had afflicted him fur twenty years. It is also a sjwedy cure for skin diseases. Beware of dangerous i Baking NOT MADE BY THE TRUST. Are Everlastingly Giving the Most for llr Money THECITY. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. See the Ark's ad. and profit by it. No. 70 Sherman street. Dead wood. T. D. Smith bandies nothing but the best grade smithing coal. Mrs. Alford has exclusive agency for Stevens & Co.'s "made to order dresses. Full line of beautiful plates and samples in tailor-made gowns, ilk waists, golf skirts and capes. Call and Inspect our samples beforo buying elsewhere. Fit guarnteed. Room c', oyer Deetken's drug store. W. L. Neil, D. D. S.. resident dentist, has moved his office to Room Vj. Syndicate block. J. I Carson, Prothonotary, Washington, Pa., says, "I have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in case of stomach trouble, and have de powder Our ff liable ami is to yivc our customer irealde merchandise. fid do counterfeits. -Kirk (5. Phillips Mrs. Melick will give twenty-live scalp treatments, furnishing all tonic-required and giving the treatment ev Rill KENT. Small furnished room :il $! pr month. Enquire at room V: .M Her Hons. Ed. T. Marshall came up from Stur- money quick they can always get sone-by offering Chaso goods at a redue-fion. That explains why lie can giv such bargains. . "Difficulties give way to diligence." and all blood humors disappear when Hood's Sursaparilla is taken. It purifies, enriches and vitalizes the blood, cuios that tired feeling, and tones up ery second day, for five dollars. Heads examined free of charge. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mrs. W. W. Melick, t;.ri!l ri gis to attend the meeting oi me rion Main street, over Deetken's drug store, eers. A Mrs. Melick hairdresser has put in A petition was hied with the city auditor last evening nominating S. M the "Mahler Electrical" apparatus and Haughton for mem Iter of the school board from the Second ward. I). M Wolf, representing the G. U Chase fc Sou Confectionery company of St. Joseph, is in the city, calling on rived great benefit from its ukp.' It digests what you eat and cannot fail t cure. Kirg G. Phillips. Lessons in embroidery and nne needle work of all kinds at Mrs. Mooney's, 41 Lee street. A complete line is carried of lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery Bilks, photo frames, etc. "No family can afford to te without One Minute Cough Cure. It will stop a cough and cure a cold quicker than any other medicine," writes C. V. his customers the first time since January. Mr. Wolf is on his return from a business trip to the oast, and is now prepared to give the electric facial massage, also to remove superfluous hair by the process of electrolysis. Hair so removed can never return. Operation painless, scars are impossible. Method is endorsed by tha U. S. health reports. Satisfaction guaranteed. 659 Main street, over Deetken's drug store. W. W. Mayhew, Merton, Wis., says. "I consider One Minute Cough Cine a most wonderful medicine, 'iiiick and safe." It is the only harmless remedy that gives immediate results. It cures the whole system. Take it now. The non-irritating cathartic Hood's Pills. B night at a bargain and w ill ti-sold for .,.. -nls on the dollai i::o shirt waists .it CHASE'S Did you ever? No, I never saw shirt waists sold the woy L hase sells them. Tli New York Store is in receipt ot a new shipment of handsome trimmed hats which they ask you to inspect, v'onsidering quality, they are very (heap. bt ' Oh, say. Mi. M.. where did you buy your coffee. It is just delicious0'' "Why. yes, tlu.t is the thirtv c ent of-fec Goldberg advertises. It is the best I cer bought in Deadwood." What knowest thou the worth of reports everything as flourishing in that section. G'-orge Hopkins, the surveyor, re Your Easter Dress Your Easter Waist Your Easter Coat Your Easter Skirt Your Easter Gloves Your Easter Tie. turned from Starfish yesterday, where he has Ix'en recuperating for sevcial Williams, Sterling Run, Pa. It cures davs past. .Mr. Hopkins has not yet fully recovered from the -ieige cjf ty-pIk id fever which he und-w.ent some weeks ago. J. A Nelson, wel known ;is Cali Madison Medicine Co.. thou foul sub fornia Jack." left yesterday for Se.ntle stitute. " scan ely breathed one summer? -"- druggist. and Cape Nome. He will go by the first steame r on w hic h he c an sec lire passage. Jack came to the Hills in You cannot afford to miss the lecture the seventies and has been a pioneer in most of the mining camps of the tonight at the city hall on Westminister Abliey. The abbey was built by King Edward about 980 A. D., and has coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whooping cough, pneumonia, and all throat and lung diseases Its early use prevents consumption. Children al ways like it and mothers endorse it. Kirk G. Phillips. Sales better than ever that is what giving such great bargains has done for Chase's, where they sell CHEAP'. The ability of Mr. Griggs as a speaker is well known by the people of Deadwood and he will tell the story of the eighty pictures shown by the stereoptican tonight. Get tickets , at Fishel's. A new deal at Chase's. Dress goods patterns and remnants for below cost. When he gets a bargain his customers get a benefit. Our shoe stock is now complete .i'"i we know that no one owns their shoes I'nited States for the last fifty years been the scene of the coronation of A juice of earth about two by four croup, bronchitis and all throat an., lung troubles and prevents consumption. Pleasant and harmless. Kirfc G. Phillips. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. E8TEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be haa only at Hawley'3. No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved his office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Gllmore house, corner of City Creek and Williams street New Goods! New Goods arriving at Chase's every day. They don't keep goods to look at, but sell, as you will eo if you price them. English sovereigns since the time ol fet in size dropped out of Sherman King Harold. Tickets at Fishel s. street into the sewer which runs un derneath vesterdav morning. Guards When you are ready to buy that fining hat. don't overlook the fact that the New York Store has an elegant consisting of a couple of plank :.nd a nee r keg wer placed around the chasm to prevent accident and the bieuch will assortment of trimmed hats at prices tr.u will surpise you. tit doubtless be repaired at the earliest Mr. E. D. Haley wishes to announce In order to be the correct Style should be bought at M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. t'mt he has purchased tfie Fritz Am- possible moment. All predictions indicate a great rush this spring and summer for the new gedd fie lds at Cane Nome. Here, for the first time in the history of mankind, gold is being wash-l from the at the prices we do. Buying for six stores direct from the factories gives us an advantage. Tj-y us. CHASE'S, where they sell cheap. n.on sample room on Lee street. The place is undergoing . thoro couise ot repairs and when '.mpleted. he will have a very comfortable place to re beach sand. Mr. Edgar lewis v rites W JW iV VW J on this subject in the.April magazine number of The" Outlook, with very lull information, and with some new r and extremely interesting photograhps &AAA -i A A AA Ai Wall Pail fall Panel' ! 4 ceive his friends and the public in general to whom he extends a cordial invitation to call. 3t The Cottage Laundry is now prepared to do washing on short notice at reasonable prices. Family washings and lace curtains a specialty. Work called for and delivered. No. 9 City Crek. Woman's Relief corps will have a business meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Bews, at 2 o'e lock sharp. I hear your daughter has broken her of C.'.pe Nome scenes, streets and min ers. t3 a year. The Outlook Company, New York, i o YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills 1 1. B. Ingram of Spearfish went, to Rapid. Ed Marshall of Sturgis was in town yesterday. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. Men's and Boy's Outfitters. 647 MAIN STREET I Guarantee Chicago Prices. Stock all fresh and of new Designs for 1(K0. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. You need nut have towaitto send east for sample hooks, and run risk of not getting what yon order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show goods whether you buy or not, Rememde-r our store is Headquarters for Paints, Oils and Window Glass. R. B. Hughes of Squaw Creek was in the city. Marshall Harris of Terry was in Deadwood yesterday. J. W, Fowler, the atorney, went to Hot Springs to attend court. Judge Harvey of Lead passed through the city yesterday, returning nome from Sturgis. Mrs. Ash of Surgis, who has been engagement with th duke. Fact, she found she could get Rocky Mountain Tea at the same price and took the Tea. Sensible girl. Ask your druggist. Miss O'Keefe, manager of the Acker-man Millinery store, announces that on Wednesday and Thursday of this week she wil have on sals the largest and most elegant display of- Easier millinery ever shown in the city. Ladies should remember the dates. The Ladies Aid society of the Metn-odist church wil give one of their popular suppers in the dining room of the Black Hills Distributing Agents for the World Renowned visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Eccles of this city, returned home. Dr. H. H. Muggley and C. B. Harris of Galena, left for Chicago find New 3 KIRK G. PHILLIPS I WHOLESALE'AND RETAIL DRUGGIST 4 ClrkfrniY. Nfnin J9 T - - 3 A. a. r J r. A C TV J York on mining business. KNOX HATS WW I II III II lid Dr. Shanafelt. superintendent of missions of the Baptist church, was a passenger on the outgoing V,. & M. The lecture to be given tonight by N. K. Griggs on Westminister Abbey is for the benefit of the Congregational church. cnaju oi ierry lert lor (Jap church on Friday afternoon and evening, beginning at 5 o'clock Turkey, chicken and the usual appetizing bill of fare, wil be in evidence and a good spread is assured. Come hither, O maiden fair and faith, ful. The desire of thy heart is granted. Before thee are the gates of unknown beauty free, 'tis Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your diuggist. Mr. N. K. Griggs will give an illustrated lecture tonight at the city ball under the auspices of the Congrega Green Cut Bone. When Fed Your Poultry, Will double tlie number of eggs. Will stop egg eating, Will stop feather picking. John Andriulo, an Italian, took out his final naturalization papers and Frank Engriselli. also an Italian, tooK out first papers. Will prevent roup. fer-il Will make the eggs more -Nome. Henry Frawley went to Hot Springs on le?al business. H. W. Seamon of Clinton, Iowa, was an Elkhorn arrival. Airs. Lyinan Chapman and little boy left for Des Moines, iowa ,to remain. Wm. Clemens who has been employed in Breeding's barber shop, left for Mercur, Utah. Mrs. M. W. Read left for her home in Belle Fourche .after a visit of a few hatch CoTneancLhuyaIIatvhic?i.has taken. 6 of the highest awards cut the Chicago Worlds Fair. Spring Styles Are Now Here '-. For Sale at Zoellner Bros. Co, ... Thfi,(Pionecr Clothiers. Hill llirtlVC i(-6" chicks. win invicrnrnte the whole Hoes. tional church. Eighty views of Westminister Abbey will be thrown on the screen by the aid of the stereoptican. ..hi. L-a crow 1 Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Crow of Terry Passed through the city yesterday en-route home from HotSprings, where Mrs. Crow has been visiting for a & past and Mr. Crow went" to Join her Saturday evening. Tickets on sale at FlaheJ's iBazaar. will mane nine n.- Will make litUe chicks gro IW Will mature broilers earlier, w..,. j.. .wo in bill one-h ... U ., moil inc. i Yes. It's A Bird. days with the Misses Bennett. N. K. Griggs, attorney for the B. ft it is Doner in.ui than grain. Only two cents anil s hair anJ fur sale hf M. and E, M. Westerfelt right of way TMF f .1T BOGCET 5c cigar, bin- man, arrived on the Burlington and t died exclusively by Corvine, at the cor- g ner a lee and Sherman street, is an left In. tb evening for Hot Springes to attend court. zoeckler 4 I elegant smoke, the twentieth part of . o ' ' . i pvtfV AFFAIR .knar's worth of miWl C. H. Sharp, one of the railroad contractors on the B. & M. line being run from Alliance to Brush, Col., was in the city on his way from Rapid to HTTl City, where he will buy horses, having already purchased some at Rapid. Ue has a large number of men and teams at work on the new line. AT THE BULLOCK. W. j. McRea, Newcastle, Wyo.; H.. W. Seamdn, Clinton, Ia; O. C.! Kade, Sheboggan; J. M. Hamilton, Chadron; C W. Pierson, Omaha; C H Sharp, Newcastle; A. M; Westevelt, Lincoln; ! J. B. Moore, City; O. S. Sanborn, Edge- j a dollar invested in one of these weeds puts you in dream land. Made of the beat tohafco. They smoke- free and easy. To the ladies would Bay: I have jnst received an elegant line of stationary.. '' ' . ; . purchased in the art the Ladies- uaiaar Mrs. Frank McLaughlin and three children and Mr. and...Mrs. Enos Me-' UtiehUn, who will make their home with their son's family, left for Denver, when Mr. McLaughlin baa located. They were acompanied by R. M. Ma-loney. Mrs. McLaughlin's father. : GEORGE M. BUTLER, kaa the most complete line of Jewelry In the Black Hills and h!a tfrtres are pre one tree nnUl April 1st. PHTSICIAN. uunu""" .. IXK3I5T.

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