The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 6, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, APRIL 6 Tp3 DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD 8. D 1 " The Only High Grade Baking Powder Offered at a moderate Price. CAIUMETM Coffee ond rolls, oysters any style, at the Olympic bakery, opposite the Burlington depot, on Sherman street. Do you want a good milch cow? Ex-umin those shipped from lowa by Scott & Cotten, home of C. A. Scott, North Spearfish. ESTEY piano for my family. Haw-Icy is the only regular dealerrat No. eiilt, by Bullock Hotel. Call teli hone It? for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. 1). I. T. Co. It is the cream skimmed off th" face of knowledge in saving life. Rocky Mountain Tea made by the Madison Medicine Co. 3.V. Ask your ilruK- gist. t Sales better than ever-that is what giving such great bargains has done for Chases, where liny .-II CHEAP. THIS IS I HE TIME TO Sll K!. YOI R I'ITt OVERCOATS AND i I. ST EllS AND Itl'Y ONE Of THOSE NEW STYLE COVERT Cl.o'ln SPRING OVERCOATS. IN AM. Till. THEXITY. for elegant slippers go to Zipp's. See the Ark's ad. and profit by it Mo. 70 Shermau street, Dead wood. f. I) Sinilli handles nothing but the-bet in If smithing coal. V are prepared to furnish heifers, spring! s .md fresh milch cows at reasonable pricts. Stock eattje also a specialty, Can he seen at the ho:ne of Charles A. Scott. North Spearfish. S. I). Scott & Gotten. Mrs. Alford has exclusive agency for Stevens t C'o.'s "made to order dress. Full line of beautiful plates and samples in tailor-mado gowns, silk waists, golf skirts and cap's. Call NOT I MADE BY ) I THE I NONESOCOOD. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. A large any front room for rent at Men's and Boy's Outfitters, shi! t ' No I ti.-. r the llolzner. II. Ciark. Cliauncey. (la., nays l Witt's Witc li Hazel Salve cured imn o piles that hail afflicted him for twin ty years. It is ; a speetly cure fo 647 MAIN STREET S I 1 1 - -1 ' Did a 1ST s ( ' sob I i In-, m ay l ii ise s.'ll A GOOD BEGINNIN'M 1 imef h a ;i"l nd Win n yon tak- I l.ui.l skin diseiLses. liew.lio of dangerous S;iix;.i.:inlla to i.unl'v vour bloiHi you and inspect our samples before, buying counterfeits. KirkG. Phillips arc making a gol lietfiiuiis".. and the Mrs. Melick will give twenty-live j giNMl e:.d "ill l lu.iltll ami lv: P plness. Black Hills Distributing Agents for the World Renowned , I.VI'.KST AND UP-TO-DATE SI VI.E.-. AND NEWEST SHADES. A REG I I. Alt il .iiii OVERCOATS I OR AT BLOOM'S. They must get something lor nothing. The W ly they sell dlcss s;oi'd- and shirt waists---I refer to CI I SE S. where they sell t HEAP. Puts life and hope in the human heart, makes you well keeps Von w-ii. That's what. Rocky Mountain Tea 'I " a Ask your druggist. LADIES To protect your face 'vein March vind-i, get one ot those wash veils, or pretty chiffon veils, all coiors, to be found at ACKERMANN'S. t-73 Mam St. New Goods' New Goods arriving at Chase's every day. They elon't keep scalp treatments, furnishing all tonic required and giving the treatment ev ery second day, for five dollars. Heads examined free of charge. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mrs. W. W. Melick, CM Main streot, over Deetken's drug store. I; never disappoints. Sick heailach ils 1 ured by Mood's Pills Tonight i the renular ninnth,-;iii-ting .it l'li Post r, A. K A 1 n. til Imts .11" ii'ipiested to In- iresen as it will ! necessjiry tonight to begin pi paratiotis for Memorial 'lay E I. Chuigh. President Clarence F Hunkel and tamily llt KNOX HATS J vsterday tor Hitter kikh. MoiiLana. "No family can afford to l.e without One Minute Cough Cure. It will stop a cough and cure a cold (juicker than any other medicine." writes C. V. Williams, Sterling Run, Pa. It cures croup, bronchitis and all throat atin lung troubles and prevents consumption. Ploanunt and harmless. Kirk G. Phillips. Mrs. Melick hairdresser has put in here Mr Runkel's father. (Jeois' CoTnaandbnytL licit wtirhhasi ci7zcn j of Uie?uhrsl rewards goods to looK at, but sell, as you wio fee if you price them. Comforts the heart, strengthens (he mind. It is good. iM or well M ikes one's face bright as a summer morn ing. That's what Kocky Mountain Tea does. 3".c. Ask your druggist. Remember the ent rtainment Tues Kunkel. tormerly it the 1 1 1 1 Is. is en. gfged in mining. He Ikuh a fiee milling proposition with a stamp mill on it. ami says he has nr' enough in sight to bust the vhole liii'i ki family a hundred years. the "Mahler Electrical" apparatus and (it the Chicago Worlds Fu 'aw. Is now prepared to give the electric elsewhere. Fit gnarnteed. Room over Deetken's drug store. W. L. Neil. I). D. S., resident dentist, has moved his office to Room 19, Syndicate block. J. I Carson, I'rothonotary, Washington, I'a., says, "1 have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in case of stomach trouble, and have 'derived great benefit from its us"." (t digests what you eat and cannot fall to cure. Kirg G. Phillips. Lessons In embroidery and nne needle work of all kinds at Mrs. Mooney's, 41 Lee street A complete line Is carried of lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery silks, photo frames, etc. Scott and Cotten have just received three cars of Iowa cows and heifers, which are for sale at Charles A. Scott's home, North Spearflsh. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, Sr. LOl'IS AND PABST MILWAUKEE DEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Elshteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. ESTEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only at Hawley'3. No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved bis office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Giimore house, corner of City Creek and Williams street. facial massage, also to remove super- Mrs Seth Warn n. who has I day. April loth, watch tor program. lluous hair by the process lof electrolysis. Hair so removed can never re hue for some weeks past in search Bought at a bargain and will h" Spring Styles Are Now Here For Sale at lr lelief from asthma, has changed' I: dollar .0 wild for filty 1 nts on thi 11 ' ase s. turn. Operation painless, scars are impossible. Method is endorsed by th? fchirt w:i ists at hiatlon from Lead to Dea.lwood. and i- at present residing with Mrs. McPi Worth your while, ladies, to see th- I bargains in shirt waist.s and remnants Zoellner Bros. Q 0, It CHASE'S, where they sell cheap. A new deal at Chase's. Dress goods rrr- Jr.e d'icr.cer dicieri. patterns and remnants for below cost. When, he gets a bargain his customers get a benefit. I". S. health reports. Satisfaction guaranteed. 659Mi Main street, over Deetken's drug store. W. W. Mayhew. Merton, Wis., says. "I (insider One Minute Cough Cure a most wonderful medicine. 'uick and safe." It is the only harm lesw remedy that gives immediate results. It cures coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whooping cough, pneumonia, and all throat and lung diseases Its early usn prevents consumption. CMldren al ways like it and mothers endorse it Kirk G. Phillips. $00 00 for $l.Ja. JJo 00 for Si n ' Per Week. Per Week. tyre. Mrs. Warren's health Is gren' ly , improve! sim e tier arival in tile Hills and she hopes to return to h' r home peoile entirely cured in a 0 months. A large number of the Olympic members and their friends, including 'i iiiiinlier of ladies are makim; arrang--i.a nts to go to Sturgis tomorrow 1. ght to see the game of .riiloor lia.s.' 1 ,11 Itetwecii the ( Mympii s and t h Matopahas. The following 1 i - K . i rine will go ilown to play:' Whitfo'-d , Donovan. ; Franklin, Dt Ii, Siin;i-Mm L'd b: Whwli-r, 3rd b: Allen. 1 s. Sacpherd. r s: Regan, field Cirahai-' i:. Id. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Diamonds, Watches, Chains, Rings. Silverware, ctr , SOLI) ON Weekly or Monthly Payments. You actually get the goods on Inst j 1 A A A A A A A A.A AAAA AAAAAAiti DP WallPif! 11 Pi 4 Werthheb & BRO, Arc Everlastingly Giving the Most for th- Money payment of $...00. and $1.00 thereafte- New 'Phone 131. James W. Earley. f,, Sherman ?' weekly until paid. Dead wood, S. I). Mrs. W. K. Hutchins of Spearfi.-h will render an instrumental solo .t the entertainment Tuesday, April 10th. Our shoe stock is now complete .I' d we know that no one owns their shoes at the prices we do. Huying for six stores direct from the factories gives us an advantage. Try us. CHASES, where they sell cheap. Mrs. Cotton's class in oil and water colors meets every Saturday afternoon. A few more students can be accom The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills Our aim is to give our customers reliable and de-sireable merchandise. Our descriptions are not overdrawn, we simply state facts, and customers will not be disappointed. We will place on sale this week the most eleg-ant assortment of I Guarantee Chicago Prices. Stock all fresh and of new Designs for 1900. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. Ym need not have to wait to send east for sample hooks, and run risk of not getting what order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show floods .whether you buy or not, Rememder our store is H-adiiarterN for Paints, Oils and Window C.l.i-. A .1. W. Driskill of Spearfisb is in tic it y. U. M. Maloney left for the southe'a Hills. Will Crer.fell was clown fnim Iln') Pasin. J. P. Dickover went down to the Mystic. Mrs. N. W Chapman left on the Pur-lington for Omaha. H. G. Hamaker. government timber spervisor, is in the city. E. C. Klandin, wife and child. 01 f tutgis. are in the city. Mrs. W. E. Haskell, daughter of the late Dr. von Wedelstaedt, left for he-licme in Minneapolis. F. S. Bryant of Squaw creek, came :n over the Elkhorn fro"i down the line. Harris Franklin, will return todav fiom an extended trip to 'rexas. Chi 1 : go. and New York. Henry Kau returned from Milwaukee v hrt-e ho had a two months' enjoyable v sit with relations and friends. W. B. Clark left for Omaha, and from there will go to Denver to accept a position as inanaKer of C11 lahy's sunn 111 Colorado. Mrs. Clarke will lea' o Saturday night to join him. At the Bullock: N. T. Nelson, Am-boy. Mich.: J. B. Moore, city; F. S Pryant. Spearrish; Harry Arends, C lombus, Ohio; George C. Catlett. baa Fianciseo: J. F. Deitz, Omaha; J. . IViskill. Spearflsh; H. G. riamaker, Custer; H. H. Schneider, Sioux City; J. B. Chapin. Sioux Falls; H. 0. Ostler, Seattle. Wash. modated. Anyone interested can get fruther information at 41 Forest avenue. What the largest merchant in New York say: When they want some money quick they ran always get some by offering Chase goods at a reduction. That explains why he can givv such bargains. The W. C. T. V. will meet at the ica ldeme of Mrs. Martin in Lincoln avenue. IngleMde, Friday afternoon, Ami! etji at 2 10 p m It will bo a nittli. ers meeting and all mothers are invit ed to join in 1 l.e discussion. Hy order of the president. Mrs. I.awrensjn. cretary. KIRK G. PHILLIPS DRESS GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST i Corner Main and Lea Street. Deadwood.S.D. Green Cut Bone. I , your roultrr. ,, .1,0 number ot e? J ,-atintf. , , t ! i r picking- ... ,.,t:n When Will doiilil Will .stop Will stop f Wi'l pre.' Will ni.o ' Will ma ! chicks an excellent sense of humor, and is fa ored by the conventional comedy ar I tarance. Miss Hanmer's serpentiti': dance was loudly applauded, some very good color efleets were introduced here, and help d to make a picturesque spectacle. The pictures accompanying the songs Aere exceptionally good. Tonight, the company will frive "T!.e Firebrand," a five-act melodrama, ami 'ill introduce new specialties thru cut. , Vs more feHil1 . ... The Up-to-date stuff in Silk, Wool, and Fine Cotton Ladies Tailor Made Suits, latest out uVv?' Silk Waists The handsohies ever shown in the country. uu!7' Walking Skirts - We invite the inspection of these Goods. Will inviKor,ie tne -. Will maKeHUlc rbl 1 Will make little 'nIcKs i..r earlier- U, ma.-- - ,iIlone-hJ Will riMlihe the i-r.i.i J The assistant medical advisor of th B & M. was sent up to a point on the Pillings line, to investigate a reported case of small pox. The case of William F. Neal vs. William P. Thomas to recover J 1326 worth of notes paid on flour bins, was tried in circuit ootirt yesterday. Decrees of divorce were granted yesterday to Allie Ticnor ftom Harry Tichnor; to Nellie Rasdell from Georg Rasdell. Alvira M. Truax from George Truax, and Josephine Aulgar from Ot-rar B. Aulgar. Dr. Downer will be greatly missed, ntd.. only professionally, but l-ecaue o-her devoted work for church and charity. Especially will she be missed by the young people, as it was she who - yinieed so successfully and led the Ep worth. volunteers. Miss McClelland., principal of Longfellow school, has kf- Jlv consented to take charge of the-olunteers, and will meet with then for the first time Friday' evening at 8 o'clock. An interesting lesson ha 3 been prepared and it is hoped that a.i the rolunte rs will be there 10 arrans for .future plans and work. . th.ia 1Ilru It is better .... hilfapo WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent or business, take on eveiy trip a bottle of Syrup c' Figs, as it acta most pleasantly and effectually tm the kidneys, liver anu bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, and other forms of sickness. For sate in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug gists. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. than grain. Only two 1 .-lit, Manufact'io"i ;ui'i - i for sale W ZOECKLER Bf? err r:-''vi:KS . VinlctS. . in. Roses ('irii:iH"R'. Westminister Abbey. Everybody cannot visit K-irope and the privilege of studying at Hist head the fine old liuilding li which tfie richest and most precious treasures of the past are stored. Mr N. K. Griggs has Just returned fro-r. England. Most of the month of Feb ruary of this year was spent by Mr. Oiiggs in London. It has been saM that London is the most historic ci'7 in tha world and that Westminister Abbey Is the moet historic spot :fe London. Most people find Westminister like the World s fair-too big 10 take In. Mr. Griggs made a very careful study of the place and wi five the people of Deadwood the bene fit of hla lnyeetlgaUon and card rtud.r flit Ul l in.tS ( ,1" at rw; the Valh y an' in season foi by Mrs. M-ilh M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. cy. an"'" or m;oi and orders t nromntlv filled- "The Kentucky Colonel" Clara Hanmer and her company ere the attartction at the Opera hoiiE If st evening, and played 10 a goo-I sised and very enthusiastlc audience. "The- Kentucky Colonel,'- the pla presented, is a lirely. comedy, fillei: with humorous lines and good situn Uona. Dare WiUIaitui, in tk UCc role; easily carried off the honors cf the wrening by hi naaSeeted and hir spontaneous actln t? . possww, .-rrs. DB. A. r. ""-TeTi r PHYSICIAN, SVKOtOS etYour Sheridan Coal of Paul Rew nTlKli - hy thealad of a atepeopUcon.' JEIghty K man 'it we win jm firm.- City al. Oft iwiri

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