The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 1, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

;J3 PAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. S. D. hUNJUY. April l . Coffee and rolls, oysters any style For .elegant slippers go -to Zipp s. "He that seeks finds. ' He that tiket- at the Olympic bakery, opposite theT" "Calumet" Doas Not Belong to Baking Powder Trust, Dut Consumers are Rapidly Learning to Place Their Truet In "Calumet." THE jCITY. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. if "V See the Ark's ad. and profit by it. No. 70 Sherman street. Deadwood. Stearns Co. have a supply of Diamond coal and can fill orders promptly F. I). Smiih bandies nothing but the beet grade smithing ;oal. N ' We are prepared to furnish heifers. Burlington depot, on Sherman street. "SAY0 ' how can I sex-tire a 2-carat commercial white, clear and pei ect diamond for-half it retail value? Ana. --By purchasing au American IJia-niond contract of .latin W. Earley, general agent for South Dakota. Agents wanted. P. 0. Hex K i5. De-ad- CALUMETS V Hood's Sarsaparilla unds in its use pure blood good appetite, pood digtV-tion and perfect health. It cures dyspepsia, scrofula and salt i.ieiin,. pimple and all blood huniois. The favoriu- rathariK i Hi '. s 1' Us. .;.-. Mr- I'lihiij Ziu,ii.t(ilK M.l ! ' A a for . ....i-t..-. ((ids. , ro-ip ai;d sere throat. ' in- M.i.i.'t 'iili 'ur n uniuai-: I: t NONESOCOOD. moderateX ( m I V PRICE J wood. .S. D. Do you want a good milU cow? K-ainin those shipped from lowa by ZOELLNER BROS. CO. for cliildrn. to take. bwtnily re- .-unit y cotim, fiiiiu- ol c. A. Jcott North Sjiearfish. PJSTEY piano for mvrfaiuilv. Haw Men's and Boy's Outfitters. springers anil freoh milch cows at reasonable pruts. Stock cattle also a specialty. Can be seen at the home of Charles A. Scott, North Speartish. 8. D. Scott & Cotten. Sewing of all kinds done at reasonable prices. Inderwear, fliirt waistf rflev is the only rfguiar dealer at 647 main street No. 639, by Bullock Hoe). I ' :m.i Mebi.ii!.-. ' ii.-ii;.-r '. the .-,, f;-h I'.mk. was in the ity .-i:ne t!i.- -rirst of i.tst .l.inuary th.- weiju it mc inert-, it is the only barm-Ifst rt-i(jt-! that t-r(M)U(f- miii,t-diatc it-sultf. It cures bronchitis. pne rippe ai,d throat anil hii.g trmit.lo- it will j-.-nit -oi.sui'.ptKjn. Kirk C. i t , i -lip. Lesforis in embroidery- '.r.-needle work of all kiads at Mis MoOHjeys. 41 U-e street. A corjpl' te My specialty Is carpet ar.d linoftuir. laying and polishing stoves. Tuii is wrappers and dresses for sale. Mi Anna A. Luehrs, 044 Main street. my business, and .1 ciaim iuat 1 can If the average man would look him self squarely in tfi eye, he would see Black Hills Distributing Agents for ut World Renowned 'ailies of tiie Kirst'-4i. K rtur. h n. taised for aniuis pti rposes. :iu I i(iing th" liniia fiiinl. mi i- i'AAK ' i hi- Kei Fatlit-r (J .V-.ill has - i-ti . gulf" rly appointed i iiapbii n 'oi St. Joseph's ho-.pital and pastoi of (' n-tral and Teraville. He vill hoi 1 divine services today at & . ;iv a. t... in (''''1ral V. I.AIMES To pi Dlti f vour fa e 'torn March wind.-, get on of those wash eils, or pretty chiffon veils, all rOiOis. to b found at ACKEKMAN.V.s. To Main St. line is (Nirrn-o oi lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery siIks, photo frames, etc. EBTEY I'lANO, both stylish and good to be hau only at Hawley s No. 639. by Bullock Hotel. Mrs. Melick will give twenty-five give satisfaction. .'. A. Scott, No. 4S2, S. Williams streit. Bright eyes are an infallible index to youth, nice windowj from which Cupid shoots his arrows, Rocky Mount-ainTe-i makes bright eyes. Ask your druggist. Call telephone H7 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D T. Co. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved bf office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Gllmore house, spy iiLtvaMik-r-rM. JVfWft-.iiJ,nt,-at at once that he needs IIockv Mountain Tea. A priceless boon .to men. 35c. Ask your druggist. Mrs. Alford has exclusive agency for Stevens & Co.'s "made to order dresses. Full line of beautiful plates and samples In tailor-made gowns. Bilk waists, golf skirts and capes. Call and inspect cwir samples before buying elsewhere. Fit guarnteed. Room , over Deetken's drug store. W. L. Nell, D. D. S.. resident dentist, has moved bis office to Room 19, scalp treatments, furnishing all tonu rexjuired and giving the treatment ev ery second "day. for five dollars. Heads examined ft ee of charge. Satisfaction i 5 corner --of City Creek and Williams guaranteed Mrs. W. W Melick, 05! street. J. H. Graham, D. D. S.. dental par According the penal code of the S.ttc of jJ.iuth 1'a.kota. th- punisbfnen' for robbery in the rirst degree, th" crime for which Herbert Caddv stands - Main street, over Deetken's drug store Syndicate block. Mrs. M( lick hairdresser has put in lors over First National bonk, Dead-wood. Crown and bridge work a spe Ton will be plaed if ymi purrnise 'ice the "MahP-r Electrical" apparatus and is now prepared to give the electric cialty. convicted, is imprisonment in the state prison for a period not exi -ceding t'-n-ty and not less than ten years. f those elegant pla.ios of Mrs. John Cash . Dpt. Spearfiah, 8. D. Com. a ndhuy a. licit 1 1 7, , LCls -fahm f; of t7te hif7tr.shtrards at the CI lira go M'oj-lds .Fair. Spring Styles Are Now Here For Sale at ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. -LOUIS facial maisage. aJso to remove superfluous hair by the process of electro n. Kienardson, a arm class piano AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS tuner, has located here. Leave orders lysis. Hair so removed can never re at Fishel'g Bazaar. Good references from reliable piano houses. MADE OF MALT AND HOHS ONLY HENCE CALL FOR IT. I F. M. Gaatx, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen ears of experience. Rosen We iiori' want boys or, loafers to write, but m-n of ability. $2imi to $'ibO per month. Salesmen and general ag(iits. S-ilary or commission. Ex-( cptiotial '.nducetiieiits. Racine Fire Engine MTj. Co., Racine. Wis. The lulits Missionary Soci'-:. i f theCcThKicgational (' huti h ,. will meet Mrs. W. H. Whealen reads ' That Fire at Nolan's." at the musical at the M. E. church tonight thal Block. ZoeHner Bros. C turn. Operation painless, scars ar, impossible. Method is endorsed by thr-I'. S. health reports. Satisfaction guaranteed. 6fi9 Main street, over Deetken's drug store. Leave orders at Haines for arpt cleaning The Y. P. S. C. E. of the t'ongrega tional church will pn e an old-time social at the church ptrlors Wednesday evening. April 4th. Don't forget, t'.i- To secure the original Witch Hazel o, on Tuesday afternoon of fnis week at the home of Mrs. Fred Haines on (Vr. Salve, well know n as a certain cure for tie 'j: .cr.cer piles and skin diseases. I'eware of tennial avenue, and a verv interest worthless counterfeits. They are dan ng program has been prepared am Scott and Cotten have jnst received three cars of Iowa cows and heifers, which are for sale at Charles A. Scott's home. North -Spearflsh. Mrs. Harriet Evane, Hinsdale. Ills., writes: "I never fail to relieve my children from croup at once by using One Minute Cough Cur. I wSiild not feel safe Without It." Quickly cure coughs, tolds, grippe and all throat and lung diseases. " Kirk O. Phillip. gerous. Kirk U. Phillips. ne .'afiie-s i tne rtMin n and i-oncre ei date. Program will appear late:. The great strike at the Diamondville tun an- urged to be -present. I'll" funeral of tne late t'harb Fine garments for men from a Chicago tailor ;it Mic on the dol coal mines is settled, which will be gooo news for the many users of Dia .sn a n "-1- was ndil cst-i ilav atte:nn-n mond coal. Steams Go. have a supply a! M. Ambrose ( atho'ln , hun-h. Ft lar. Large sizes a specia'iy. '1 . A. h DEXTER. and can fill all orders. Father McNeill officiating. Intermei.t Kev. W. E. Silzer. W. ('atot,. N. Y . was made in the (.iitholic eemeterv. writes. i. nail dyspepsia over twenty yfirn, and tried w tors ami rnedn ines without, benefit. I was iK-rsuailed to use Kodcrt JIysr'.psifl Cure, and It heti.e.l me from the start. I believe it to be a panacea for all forms of indigestion " it di Werthheimer The school 1 k a r ( i hits onb-r'-d a tie"-le i for the High s, hool whn ii will le su.Iii letitiy large to h.n i-nit'igh car-rvinR,(piality to he heard ail over the city. The one in use will be trans ferred. to the First ward. The weekly meeting of the ineaiwis of the Ministerial" union will lie heid at the First M. E. church. Iw-adwood. &BR0, 1 fall to Of! gests what you eat. Kirk C. Phillips Art ihou one of the many that h -nakU (iiuineii me ctouien jNectar that ma eth trty neart full of strength and e'ad The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills ness? If not, take Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. Mr. Frank Cottle of Pmithville. has been viuitipg' his wife and ' 8-pound (laughter at St. loseph's hospital the On Monday morning next at iu l", when Rev. C. E. (iiddings will open a discussion on "Is there any common ground upon whii h ;ul the different churches may" unite in an effort to reach the non-church going masses and in leading them to Christ0" past week. Mother and child doin,; Arc Everlastingly Giving the Most fortht Money Our aim is to g-ive our customers reliable and de-sireable merchandise. Our descriptions are not overdrawn, we simply state facts, and customers will not be disappoinfed. We will place on sale this week the most elegant assortment of nicely. 3 The supreme court has reversed t"e order of the lower court which held Grant H. Tod guilty of the crime of obtaining money under false pretenses. Tod was discharged, his bonds re The Hov. William H. Hare. I). I) Ph. D., will make his annual visitation of the Hills as follows: May 19. reacji Sturgls: May 20. Sturgis and Rapid City; May 21 and 2" Rapid and Pactola: May 23, Spear I (Guarantee Chicago Pr'wcs. Stock all fresh and of new iVn lor l'HK). Handsome and Artistic. Paper carrigdln store. Yu m-td not have to wait to send east for sample hok, and run risk t)f not getting what ' ynu.onk'r. Come in and lapk at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show o;oods wlu-thyr vu fiuv or not, Rememder our store is H-ailquart.-rs fr Paints, Oils and Window Cla-s. fish. May 24. Pelle Foil re he; May 2'k Vale. May 26. Dead wood; May J7. Deadw'wHl and Iead; May 3'". Pnffai i Cap-and Hot Springs. leased and his bondsmen exonerated. Miss Pessie Aukerman wishes to return thanks to the teacher and pupils of room 6. who so lovingly remember ed her. The beautiful doll. the very preity books-, paper dolls and lovely YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. ' KIRK Gi PHILLIPS DRESS GOODS Prof. F. C. Smitli left for Denver. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST flowers are most thankfully apprecited The board of directors of the osnic Benevolent association held a meeting lasF"night in A. V. Coe's office, and appointed John W. ibbs o. Mrs. Wesley Stuart of Sturgis Corner Main and Lee Street, Deadwood.S.D. turned home. Mrs. Bessie liurton. tho sins"T. wen to Custer. The Up-to-date stuff in Lead architect for tho Masonic Ten pie, and also authorized the Issuing Mr. and Mrs. .1 1 llentley went to of the bonds to raise money for the j Green Cut Bone. Whrn F.-.1 Your roultrr.. huilding. Mr. C.ibbs will draw up Chicago an 1 Silk,f Wool, and Fine Cotton Ladies Tailor plans and submit them next week Hot Spring. VV. S. Elder left for eastern points. Hon. Edwin- Van Cise ."U00 for $1.25. .120.00 for $1.00 left for the WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent or business take -on every trip a bottle of Syrup ,. f Kiss, as it acts most pleasantly and efTeetually on the kidneys, l.ver anu bowels, prevenUng fevers? heJulaf-hes and other forms of sickness. For sale n f.0 cent bottles by all "leading drug gists. Manufactured by the California Will doubl.f t!;- numb-rot eggs-Will Ftop-t-i; .-iifinc. Will stop f;it!-T pi.kitf Will p''1'' tit roup. Made Suits, latest out ,.L'fi ni'Tf ter-"1- Per Week. Per Week. Diamonds, Watche. Chains, Rings, Silverware, etc SOLD ON Weekly or Monthly Payments. Will mak.-Will ma a .... h.LKh vigors rig byrup Co. only. Will invi.nic the whole-flock. eastern part of the state. John S. Georpe-and John K. Yost left on the Burlington for Keystone and the east. Judge Belding and Charlie. Coe left for Sioux Falls to attend I'nited State? ;oourt. Misa Gertrude Scplard of Sturgis who came up to attend theMatopaha Olympic ball game, returned home. You actually get the goods on first . ' , ..i . t.,, i-c ero Wn payment of $5.00, and $1.00 thereafter a will maKe mm- i.;n--- ,.,i.a rro hJ New Phon 154. Will make nuie James W. Earley, 165 Sherman S Will mature br.ii'lers earlier. Where Is the Police, Dear SirI am unablgto come and you Personally, beirfflrevented by weekly 'until paid. UV Silk Waists The handsomes ever shown in the country. uSw: Walking Skirts It is bettir than w-dicine. Dead wood, S. D. com- 'iiu.sposiuon, therefore. 1 am Mled to take this means to tell man grain. you ,n,i t I: t'f I Church Music. Two selections will be rendered at Only two ' ' -nt Mamifactni -: i f,,r sate w ,1:1 20ECKLER BBi the Congregational church this morn'- my grievances. am a great deal annoy eo by som-ooys throwing snow balls Or stones rom Williams. stm. ThPy broken thmu ..tkj Ing. The quartet will ninir -Viator CUT THIS COUPON OUTJ And take It to CAR WILE, corner Lee What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal C1T FI- " -'"uow panes in the1 back nart "f v. - I . y . We invite the inspection of these Goods. M. J... Werthheimer & Bro. Life?" and Mr. Flinterman will sing a soloafter the sermon. The ouarte. Violets. V Rnses. c'lrniiti'i" .uofratfll --- u,e nouae and may hurt omeone yet. I have complained about this nuisance to the city marshal some the Valley ari all In season fur .-. ana bherman streets, DeadwxKid, with your photograph, and have It enlarged and save CO cents on each portrait, ThU offer is gooi tlU April 1st V.'.koi5 Pu- and l Uh Vnthcr. if "u.e ago, out no notice wastaken ai done to prevent lnTW consist of Mrs. Bulock. Mrs. Cotton. Mr F. W.- Brown and Mr. R. Ft Flin-trnian, with Mr. Wetherell at th organ- A special musical program Ts Mng prepared for Easter. ' tier c7 tW y, Sherman strt---t and orders hy liail promptly fillet, ecmrence. thrift CaI1 y0ur atten"on tho thrifty growth of manure pile and other nuisance of the so-called Broad-hlth f r nearfy h0U8e: Weh; the other. ia proportion. . ' GEORGE L BUTLER. ? h" Mm nost complete Una of jewelry in the Black Hill, ud hu price, are right Call and see hln esiit i- no A Get Your Slicridaif Coal of Paul Rewi nr'acus'. emams. man v rm MIUU

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