The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 13, 1900 · Page 4
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1900
Page 4
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r 'possible that the dowager t-m;.r. ss" of try. i.' called in this adlre.-,. ' a n.gnt-a.lrninistratiorr oi" a conteniptiDle gov-mare of fanatb i.-m and corruption eminent. I think that, in such a case, which is pressing out tie- very extst-to sil'-n.-e the agitator and save the DOES THIS HIT YOU? Are You a (' armer? I'nder the Wilson-Gorman law which Bryan helped to frame and pass the loss in value of farm .products w as $4.-283.0io,Oiio. fuder the Dingley law the increase in value of farm products has li.-en J'!..'!.'s,iioo.immi. Are You a Miner? The alia- of our imm ral produ-ts in 1 was $:'iiii ooo more than in lV'l when liryan a- the Wil -on I en man :( w. Are You a Ra.lroad Employe.'' Mm P10HBEK -TIMES Are You a Minister? Your collections are from per cent greater now than ip free trade period. Your ch;i is being paid off and the n. , , your charitable work has ,;. Are You a Merchant You have more custom. 1- , liming the ears of lyi-i :, ,, China may prove intractable, and ma . commit the Chinese government such ation as will force th-- jov.-c , 1 in an attitude of hostility. T'..- sit i ation is anything but clear, nn i there i is constant danger that th- xisting I " 'a io5 "v the '' h debt vsr' for !'"as;i. "v that ,;- 1 -vow ,n'.- of the nation " And the dei la-ratio. l on1 dudes: "We call upon the people to bring the nound element of society to the surface, purge the l,ody polite of it.-, unhealthy elements and to .-illicit Mf.- in ol puhlic tri;-t ju-t and broad-minded, pure ami lio. r- 1 boy is not only constitutional, but withal a great mercy." j And .Mr liryan continuing his Lin- oln address, says: "The republican party of today is not tli- representative of human rights a- it claimed to be forty years ago. 1 want those w ho are about to cast their li'.-t n-i- ,i- we as those who h;n e '.i.'- I helm.- tu lake th '! ii. 'si inns -i.i' ; - .!'.,!. t ii'-ni i , ,i siil ut i mi a:i1 Ih' I,,-. !l.': -What Will the teslllt W'h'ii v, . say thai n -1 1 1, 1 ica n - - ! :.' ' . i ' ' - t II ' I 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 i i . f'l o!' ne f ' I.'.- - i:' -,.;i.- n i i . r . ; i . l-ndi - -1 ' v i 1 . . ! . 1 1 1 1 1 i s t DEAD WOOD SOl'TH DAKOTA SUBSCKII'TKiN Jl; I'KK YEA II perplexities threatening 111 it result i.l renew ,i I of w a ' en -: Kllti'ltd a-- .n I 1 . - n.e t. ,t!i . Un- THE ..-e.i th Sam ; .I. !,. CANDIDATE. l.i.i,.- ami ii, 1. 1 i., Sue ami mii i 'i 1 1 ! ,, I a :. i v i -! 1 : Ve H i-t - p!;e ot l ie! - ar. I I m;i!.-i ill. i.c w:., ii., aU th. ami m c iisiomers.lKU e moi ' 11. on. II.- ki e.,, 1,1 V I J 1 - U I A . d ix. e lie iy many 111 oris of do!i;,i . Are You a oigarmake-' as c i-;U , .,. Tu i A Th. 1 ;i I ' n it obligator! DEFAULTER s . il" Sou l I i;ii,"I:i Il n ' ,1 1. ! lla I'.i. Tl I!; I rv more .- w.:- a-l .11 th, mi , :i I - i 'ii. n. . II: v.- ,1 rs to I ; i x III. i- iH Are You an Acto- 1. ii) tin i u I- i. pi. U. h w hat A ;ii tor. . a Railroad Stockholder-; i clllll! i. s 1,. r of lllisSH lllc i . II,, i - 1, I .a 'A I Ii You m-t ih. 'II,' ill. t I Hi 1 Are The i lie-1 I v. ma, Is more Hid son. in.1,1 , Hi -t IM- -r apt l- oln losing i.ll to nolle 1. I lo 1 1 , ! : ' ! ii, le will, aunt I I.i""!, ii'uii Abraham I. i.- 110 t . a i- of tin- people nil. i , n - f. pinlila! - it win; iiUIh-!-,-, - tu the slllifiers I iimiei An K ill b ale I 1 am n M-r l,i 1 ! 1 1 , . i ... i.' Ravin . a.-u i gl.t dre; I ship old'. Lad : I i III (11 tr.illg I'l e. OllOllll.e Mlllle of the alleged Il'-W s Official" paper; pro id.-d imhlish Hie prui -ceilings I'r, pap.-i.-. lie-the pap.-l e and 1 1 : t - - Bryan's i Via; a hip I ii' Are You a Teache I. !: s all I- I urn. than they u n e in Is'..",. 1. ;., ia u that ir an ,. -l ped 1 1 , ma!;.-Are You an Iron Worker I )IH e l.(l, 1 ne eoiie-es and s, Mil,, . II mil'! I" profitable In tlmsi .r lil'.iii. - We all Know tl tin- , 1 .' of demagogue-, a in 1 the imauani will listen to it -.r. u o s I pon e,, lorm to two d.'d in at so nish thi'in in supplement, olher papers to he Co I would s. ize upon the franchises. ouni r.v na e more 1 an be in commodat w . at-, ail'! w .-al y -list st upor on my i i i i 1011 mam- . , .0,111 ions ot pit; iron :ipplu i. ami es. a i. d i Ot't'n ials In a stat.- of at Would I,,. profitable to tin I.i a in h.-r floor: 1 four pay than you u- goUillg better years ago. much per (punter. This was one of Dan Tooniey'.s lirjlliant. si hemes to heat the newspapers and evade tin- While 1 drowsed there, on the ii'ghl air u hose salaries would be fixed and paTd hut there. II11I to the fanner, to the laboring man and to t lie vast majoi it y in 1VU while in I Mi!' you made 1" i.-'uiiim tons. You made l.wm.onn ton of steel rails in I Mil. 11 1 Sl'lt you mad 27:'. Olio tons. Are You an lion Manufacturer? Came a voice from out the somewhere. law. The scheme worked fairly well Are You a Butcher? It is estimated that the i, eating twice as much meat were in is:.;., ,,. w, Penetrating, silence -breaking. Shaking all my chamber llonr. T was the Itryan. William liryan. ol those engaged 111 other occupations it would bring expenditures without re turn and risk without reward.' when (he Haindealcr, Tribune and Pioneer-Times did the printing, but when the reputable papers refused to You consumed l,...niiii.uiiu tons of iron ore last y ear, against 1 l'.imiii.uiiu tons in ''s afi. s flr liy ur, I' lam I... ' "N of 1 In- democratic national convention 1S!i4. and you exported $12r.00li.llO0 print the proceedings free and furnish of I m; I was called to order bv its worth of manufactures last year. the Hiiniileineiits. the commissioners paying halt as much again to porterhouse steaks, and dm,, ,. beef. Are You a Pawnbroker. Well, your business i not , ihairmaii. August Helinont. the Ann-i i awarded it to a disreputable concern Shaking thus my chamber floor Talking, talking evermore. "liryan." said I. quite emphatic, "Populist or I lemocral ii . Whether fate or silver miners sent thee to niv chamber floor. Host thou think that I am daunted can representative of aa European against Jl'li.tinu.iioo worth in ISI14. Are You a Sheep Raiser? Your ::r,.iiiiu.uuo sheep were worth In Lead whose owner has the nerve to THE LAWTON LETTER. Argils Leader: This is the letter whh h (ieiieral Lawion wrote from the Philippines' to a friend a few days before he was hilled in battle by a Filipino bullet : I would to God that the truth of this whole Philippine situation could be known to every one in America as I know it. If the real history, inspiration and conditions of this insurrection, and the influences, local and external, that now encourage the enemy, as well as the actual possibilities of these islands and peoples and their relations to this great east, could be understood at home, we would hear no more talk of unjust 'shooting of government" hanking housi a fitting presiding of want to go to congress, and whose same as dm-ina: the 0..,. t,.. , $1,.,. linn. 11011 under Ifrynn's Free Wool henchmen wants to be clerk of courts fieri- for a party so bitterly opposed to "financial greed" and "the dictation of I -I t,,-. l-no.i iiiiin.-y ' la-: I 011 have bee: j usy takiim , Only about one third of the proceed Oil redeemed IlleilL'.-u .1,,,- law. To-day your i;:i huii.ikmi sheep an wortht $lMi;.IHMUMin. Are You a Wool Grower? At the red flag ever flaunted lugs are published at all and no sup plemeiits are sent to the other pa ear or t wo O'er this land by silver haunted? pcrs. The Annual Financial Stati We imported L' pounds of wool a y ear under the Five-Trade that Whoever You Are. re you not be'tter off than w,i, . Tell me truly. I implore Is there money in it for you? a foreign' money poilcy." line is what this noble patriot and enemy of the "gold bugs" told Undelegates in his opening speech : "l-'oiir years of misrule by a sectional, fanacital ami corrupt party have brought our country to the verge of me nt was submitted to the county four years a so? Are v,, , Tell me. tell me, I implore." commissioners anil approved the first week in July, and the law requires it "" "mug in,', iiiuui'i . . re von . i , , i l , . . , . , i -""' I" ii'lir.J I'.ryan believes in. Last year we imported only 7a.imu.noo pounds. Your wool of whatever grade and quantity -sells for double to day w hat it did. Are You a Telegraph Operator? to be published within fifteen days af more i io von mn ..... , , .. Hryan." said I. "a thing of talking. ter their approval. Here it is tile sec fothes? Do you not live beii, , Ar Who through east and west is stalking nun. I he result ot such a calamity 11s the re-election of Mr. Lincoln must V.1 1, ,ll 1... I....O ,. onil week in September, and not a Hy the rhetoric thou lovest. bv theTaTk n.i..iei . no you want tl, v., line of it had been put in type until nek acain to those demo, rat thou dost adore: yesterday It was brought to the I'io It ad. Tell this land with with parties laden Ill'Ollt days'' Is there any doubt vote ? neer-Times, and six hours later was as the litter disintegration of our whole political and social system amidst bloodshed and anarchy." Absolutely ignoring the fact that Lincoln's (iettysburg speech, from If within that didant Aidenn all in type. And yet the irresponsible Which you promise us, prosperity, like , In lsltlt there were L'.duii.oou more messages sent than in 1S!M. Are You a Postoffice Employe? The postal receipts fell off in 1KM. while during the last four years they have increased by $2il.0iHUmu. Are You a Banker or a Bank Clerk"? The bank clearings were only $J,".-OOO.iioo. ooo in iso I. Xow thev are A LITTLE TALK. greaser who Is responsible for this silver, is galore; has gall enough to ask people lo vote Will our monev be more lilentv: which he quotes so voluminously, wa for him for clerk of courts. The fel From Our Country Cousins of The, Will our1 work be eight hours or made after the great necessity for mil low was never known to do an honest itary force had passed away, Mr. lirv twenty? Saturday Visit to Lead. lioniestake Vallev. Sent In f,,,. into the Filipinos, or of hauling down our flag in the Philippines. If the so-called anti-imperalists would honestly ascertain the truth on the ground and not in distant America, they, whom I believe to be honest men and misinformed, would be convinced of the error of their statements and conclusions and of the unfortunate effect of their publications here. If I am shot by a Filipino bullet it might as well come from one of my own men, because I know from observations confirmed by captured prisoners that the continuance of fighting is chiefly due to reports that are sent out from America. The democrats have long- since day's work in his life, and If his em na said at Indianapolis Tell us. Bryan. William liryan. "If the statute of limitations has Will our hard times then be o'er?" over tl on. Ooo. 000. 000. The increase in savings bank deposits has been over ployer was honest himself he would fire the sneak and hire a man with Did he answer? Nevermore. run against, the sins of Henry and ,7 some character and ability. And the Bryan, never weary. hi son ami Washington, let them con Mr. I alitor Me i I my old i i:,,, Detzy coomed tu ton n last SahtriLi fti sell si'in schikems. sum butler ur, ages, iiml to git sum shooger iimi s: cofty. und git mine litle broui, -!.m filled up in it sum of Klines best V sure Lincoln, whose Oettvsburir sneecb Through the day and darkness dreary. Still is talking, talking nonsense never $.",00,000,000 since IX!' I. Are You a Printer? We buy two and three papers now where wo bought one in ISO.".. .Merchants and all lines of business are ONLY A RAILROAD ACCIDENT. will be quoted in defense of popular The accident at Hatfield splendidly nation heard before; government when the present advoc illustrates the absolute verity of the ates of force and conquest are forgot Pours his fallacies outflowing also vanted to see sum of on, und to talk about dose uiip. I: if !:! ri.ilisn; ten." old railroad axiom that trains on the As he travels eastward going. Mid. talking from his seat in the O'er the waste of western prairies To the wave-washed Jersey shore ceased to deny the authenticitv of this same track cannot pass each other without serious hurt to passengers and rolling stock. The simplicity of house of representatives on the flth letter, and are now busy in dodging It. In a grand triumphal progress of .January, lSH.'!. Clement L. Vallan this proposition is such that it might ligham. whose name and record Mi It has been often printed by the newspapers, but the Argus-Teader prints it To the open White House door. Will he enter? Nevermore. liryan may have dimly heard of vat we red und hear so mulch ,,!.,, .,. dose days. Xow you ne nm ui,. IVi "V liaf always bene strnim !iry;i-i m-n und ve no like dot unpe.-i V f. limit de rodes wery dusty in, : ,-n u got lo toun v.- vas mo,l auful 1 1 v mi hllllgory. Veil ve vr,t , ,.. t-Shuliuses place und after ha s,. eral glosses of Anhooser und --nn ,t dot sour krodded und sum of dm H.e through the silence of the years, said once more and no doubt will have occasion to republish it during the using tons of printed matter, and there are no printers out of work. Are You a Manufacturer? You exported in ISO;; only $1,"8.000,-000 worth of manufactured goods. Under the Dingley law you exported during the the year ending June 30. 1000. $132. 000, HOP worth. Do You Make Tin Plate? In lsyo you wore looking for a job. The McKinley law made a new industry for you. In lS'M you made 10(10 tons. In ISH'J you made 4oo,000 tons and earned over iL'o.noo.nOo which we used to send to C'.reat Hritain. History will record that, after near LINCOLN AND W. J. BRYAN. Probably no man in American his y six thousand years of foliy and tory ever uttered so many sterling wickedness in every form and admin EASE AND DISEASE. stration of government, theocratic, de truths applicable to every phase of the national life as Abraham Lincoln. His e!:' mocratic, monarchic, oligarchic, des snufeffer of Sit 1 1 1 i uses ve v und ve vent oud ton look A Short Lesson On the Meaning of a iliiff- III! potic and mixed, it was reserved to sayings and generalizations on the I n." American statesmanship in the nine Familiar Word. Disease is the opposite of ease. functions of government stir the heart today as greatly as when they were teenth century of the Christian era to democrat hediiuarters. hut ,00, find dem. Finaly ve vn goin street by f'.oombenhei nu is slm Hetzy called a halt und ses nn! Webster defines disease as "lack fff Builder? Are You a Ship try the grand experiment, on a scale uttered. And Mr. Pry an. accomplished sli;ik ease, uneasiness, trouble, vexation. public speaker and judge of rhetoric as In ISii.j you made 111,000 tons. Last year you made .'l.' tons, and only look up dar." und by gracious ,!;,r v.i the most costly and gigantic in its proportions of creating love by force and developing fraternal affection by war; he is, has seen fit to begin the present a pig panner crass the trcte disqtieit." It is a condition due to some derangement of the physical organism. A vast amount of the "dis campaign by juggling with the magic 9 per cent of foreign trade is carried in Amewcan vessels. Think of what telegraft pole und it sed "Ilrca lied- and history will record, too, on the of Lincoln's name and seeking to prove be understood after only a short missionary effort by a vaudeville actor, and yet railroad companies nave been learning this lesson for nearly three-quarters of a century. This last demonstration cost fourteen lives and much valuable property. As simple as the original proposition Is the remedy. Railway companies must be made to understand that they must avoid running two trains on the same track In such fashion as to cause a collision. They will naturally Bay that they take all possible precautions, which Is wrong. Let some adequate punishment be rovlded for such an occurrence, such, 8 a fine of two to five hundred thousand for every accident causing 'loss of life, and it is a certainty that not another such accident would happen. Such is the advance of mechanical science in this country that occurrences of this sort can be made impossible, and state legislatures should adopt steps to force the transportaiton companies to avoid murders of this kind. The moment it becomes cheaper to provide safeguards than to pay fines every road in the country will be found installing such improvements same page the utter disastrous and that black Is white with carefully cull rjtiarters mit von finger poino n right strate down in the ground bv the foot ease from which people suffer is due to impure blood. Disease of this kind your tonnage will be when we shall have passed laws for the restoration of the American merchant marine, as most bloody failure of the experi ed abstracts from Lincoln's generaliza tions. of the telegraft pole. Ses I to Itetzy is cured hy Hood's Sarsaprilla, which ment." He called the president "King 1 morn half believe what our nabor blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures we shall do if McKinley is re-elected Lincoln, and advised the people to But Abraham Lincoln, in the days rat noaiehan told us a few d ivs age "'come up together at the ballot box scrofula, salt rheum, pimples and all eruptions. It tones the stomach and with a republican congress. Are You a Doctor? when he stood at the helm of a disrupted and bloodstrewn nation, did not and hurl the tyrant from his throne dot rtryan vas do hole push un.l worst und biggest boss of d. in all I hi creates a good appetite, and it gives deal alone in generalizations. He was It was "King Lincoln" then. It is illness comes In good times as well as bad. but the bills are being paid vigor and vitality to the whole body. Pat. you no, has always been a fitin Irish democrat but he ses Ii. ain't "Czar McKinley" now. And the prophecy of Vallandigham was not much It reverses the condition of things, giving health, comfort and "ease" in more promptly now than four years ago, and the back accounts are be the most intensely practical president the country has ever known. Why does the present democratic candidate confine himself to Lincoln's broad and going to stop to sonsider whether hi; more alarming In its terrible forecast place of "disease." simpathies are mit the Boars or mit d' English, und dot he is not coin to than the prophecy of Bryan made be o high-sounding world truths when there WITHOUT CONSENT fore the democratic national convention four years ago. in so much to draw upon his published vote for any foreners. not even the Chinese, but dot he vill wote for this ing settled up. Are You a Barber? Those full beards of hard times have been cut off, and the happy, prosperous man wants a shave or two, three or four times a week now, and not so OF THE GOVERNED. The commandant of the Soldiers' speeches and letters that is peculiarly applicable to present conditions? Speaking at Lincoln. Nebraska, on Thursday last, Mr. Bryan said. "Not long ago a republican wag chid good American prosperity to krr 011 und he vill do so bv voting for Mc Home issued orders last Monday that And while he is about it Mr. Bryan In schedules and service as will ren Kinley und Teddy Rusvelt und the hul none of the inmates of the Home are might also find time to compare the ing one of our people with the fact edr unknown the railroad terrors of republican tlket from a to z 1 vas that the Filipinos were looking to a today. told in Iead City that Bryan sent or to be absent after 9 p. m. without written permission. This, it is believed, was brought about to prevent the old democratic election for the securing of ders all over the country tu not put P their rights and the republican said: many men are shaving themselves. Are You a Shoemaker? Those barefooted children of 1894-5 are wearing shores now, and the parents seem to be having more and better ones now that they have plenty of money. any democratsine nor non sines nf 'Are you not ashamed that the Filipinos are expecting aid from the demo free silver sines, but tu put Bryan paw soldiers from attending republican rallies as the order was not issued until after a number of them had attend language in his attacks on President McKinley with the declamations made made by men of his own political faith against President Lincoln-. In attempting to conjure with Lincoln's name Mr. Bryan has hainjiered into a little mtne of campaign material that he might better have left alone. In 1864, a few weeks before the assembling of the democratic national ners up insteadt so T gess dot i vbv ve cued not find the democrat b.e.lqiiar- ed the meeting Saturday night and were loaded with anti-Bryan argu crats?' And this man replied to the republican: 'Do you know any people in all the world who are fighting for liberty who are looking to the repub ters. I am comin tn tonn nn nM A PERPLEXING SITUATION. News of interest respecting China must be looked for by war of Europe. The question, "What are wo going to do about it?" is to be answered by the agreement or disagreement ot the Eu-pean powers, and that is 9 matter which can only be settled by deliberate consultations: The semi official Are You An Editor? -I-1. . . Saturday und Pete T.orav is ir, .i nft H ments by Colonel George. me piusperous nrms ot yoo are take me up to the republic! :. ti' doing twice as much advertTsIng as lican party for help at this time?' " quarters at the hall und he is ceinetM And here is Abraham Lincoln's op convention, the democratic members of congress Issued an address to the they were during the Bryan times, and the subscriptions are being paid up sho me that Bryan is the n 1. f-erial- inion of the men who stay at home and give aid and comfort to armed forces In his letter of acceptance eight years ago Adlai Stevenson wrote: "To the plain and unequivocal declaration of the convention in favor of sound mon .yehonest money, I sub ish nnd not McKinlev. If vo'i pt tUM public bringing the vilest charges of and the list is much larger. Do You Keep a Restaurant? that shoot down American soldiers: in your paper I ma rite sum nre vill shnst ship my name. PifKE- Everybody whe eats in a restaurant eats more now than during the free scribe without reservation or qualification." Mr. Stevenson will doubtless explain tBat his paramount Issues are apt to get inverted. RANTH FOP CAT TT Tr,,.!...1. "211 acres. 20 miles of fence: f.m - official corruption against the martyred president for whose utterances Mr. Bryan professes to have such a high regard. This statement announced that there were only two classes of people supporting the government those who were making money out of the war and the radical abolitionists and called on the country to "throw out of office the administration under favor of which these two classes of trade period, and it is three meals a day now, instead of two or only one as was the case then. Are You a Clothier or a Hatter? announcement has been mado in St. Petersburg that Russia will adhere to the policy already outlined, namely, that of a common unity for the common good.- This lodks favoraMe. for the ultimata settlement of nnltcd action, at France will unquestionably follow the lead of Russia to prevent England accepting the same conclusions. It is possible that Germany may determine to take an dependent course, and In that case an agreement between the powers would be Impossible, as no peace could be es mills, tanks and extra pumi's 1.111 "He who dissuades one man from volunteering or induces one soldier to desert weakens the cause as much as he who kills an American soldier fn battle. Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier hoy who deserts while I must not touch a hair of a wily agitator who induces him to desert? This is none the less Injurious when effected by getting a father, or mother, or friend into There is considerable color to the report that the yellow brother In the sheds, barns and corrals f,ofI scales, three mowers, two raie?. t" sweeps, one hav starker an 1 PtM The prosperous man will have goodJ purple city of Pekin was presented with a black eye by the boys in blue. . ranch supplies too numerous 11 h8'! tion. IS mllM from Allini,, - tOE I clothes, and the old hat is thrown away for the latest style. Are You a Lawyer? men nestle In power and gratify their The brick and stone work upon the a public meeting and there working upon his feelings till he is persuaded to write the soldier boy that he Is i Not so many suits for debts, but an Spargo block was completed yesterday sell with or without live sto, k tons of hay in stack. Come and a for vniiroair Will ull .ioui if so" unholy greed and detestable passions." The party of the Union, that Is to say tablished In China if Germany Is still and the structure will be enclosed ere I immense increase in transactions that bent on making . war.., It is further a majority of the people of the coun hf fighting in a bad cause, for a wicked many days. need your services. soon. A HAGUE. Alliance N '''

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