The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 6, 1900 · Page 8
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1900
Page 8
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BRIGHT FUTURE FOR CUSTER. PROPERTY. THE MAY WORKING A GALA CELEBRATION. The vein assays well on the surface and there is no doubt but what a valuable mine will be opened up. Men Olds and Other Custer W. W. Labor Day Duly Honored Near Lead Yesterday. Have a Bond On It. V Y. Olds, of C-isteL. who is in ! it, -oi wood afemling I'ni: .' Mate.-court. in in c barge of the operations u the May property on which 'he Cans SIX LABOR UNIONS TAKE PART. its immediate success, vent i. the destruction of other . TiJ Property. And i, is the ,. to feel that as thev hav ' f make home the brightest a i'T? spot by the fruit of ho, "". f shadowed and permeated ,, . ""' ngs of sobriety , hl tlu-y '-' 'ha, goo,, him,, "ip. honest neisllbo,.';.00 n-l t'onoiiiica, : v'r r make up the S(fo; '. ' m.d ie ail people. a,h . ' ' '!! " I'lg men f,,..,,. .. ... "si; fan, people that capital hides itself away. The great thought of capital is how i: can safely invest money so that there may be a sure remuneration. The hard toil which has been incident to the amassment of these fortunes is not so soon forgotten; neither is it in the heart of man or any set of men to place an investment where it goes into the pockets of many without a due return. And hard indeed Is the labor of capitalists and many a sleepless hour indeed which is spent in the plans for the creation of a safe-return for the investment and to give labor the eiiinloviiient that it de ma i two Struck it Rich. Some men at work on the Can property known as the May group, an-l lo'hteil about nine miles wist of Custer, recently struck a very rich vein ot ore. at a distance of only thirty feet below the surface. The vein im aone 1 feet. in lies. n ' ! 'lie :-et'i;i.s fi'm: tl..- ;i-:iy-; -i,cr.v ,t r . , : i, '.. ". v !..,-, I mi pe- 1 1 'II. th liven is : : n pan v Lead. Deadwood, Central. Terry, Two Bit and Custer. With 3,000 People On the Grounds. 'I (' of Bll'l liaif of a bond "I.- M II not!., t I : II da V c."H -III -,a:t : ha- c ciiui- and goto . and o .-ay that it wa a grand -. discovcrv : Old, in I r nidi, ha: : i hi n 'I . ale: " h. M- : .t ami ha to sink ; feet I , .e. I, f'CII, : lined. Wit!, milling ati 1 ,1b ""III wiin I.. Black Hills Porcelain and Marble Company Again at Work. Will Employ Better Than 200 Men. The Black Hills I'oi c. lain ami Marble .Company who.-e miri-.- ; i ; - about six miles east of Custer are- hkuii working with a lorce or' twenty men. getting their propeity in shape, that they may commence shipping their product inside of another month to the eastern jobbers, ho will handle it for them. The trouble whh h re- eently arose hetw.-en this company and the Miners' 1'nion fiver their not paying their men hut per day, has heen very satisfactorily settled by the conipany announcing their intention of raising wages as t-oon as their ground is in shape to product- its treasures. The men at the back of the company seem to be geiithmen who want to do what is right in every way, but since the work commented until the. Hi if. --. Th.- weather the day ! Hit :il' n ti"n to make and koe . eiiiriir was perieu. Everywhere noi i lleVe jf humane - 'his. th. I'erieiie ieio .vtroiiL' and well ,; , t l; fr lic it towns ami the lialel Mount 'Uiitry t here w as evide nce of : al co-opei alion of the citizens tin- Mitieia unions ;n the ceie ale! in li.' am gCIiC 1 Hill: Irati' gl'lhej,.; Mdltl - w"le woi-u "-intrt had,.. .:, mands. Another of the requisites of the employment of capital is how to meet competition. We miners are-only a very small part of the (: ,t '""oti-.v i:, this wide with the emblem oi 'tars and Stripes. , tin It THE KILPATRICKS DRILLING. Putting Down a Deep Hole Near Newcastle for Artesian Water The Kilpatric k I'lo'liei s have the artesian well hub- .it '.uti !: i:i e a.-e i nearly to the bottom, ami having overcome the difficult from tie wate r ill that way. are at:ain ready to continue boring. They are using a .aiiie dri'i. and it reached tin- depth of lMn feet last season. Owing to the nature of n ot this clay. All work was ha.- th oiltlool- i 'icnes and th insignia r,f tiattng and runs on the aver a ton The- . cunpany tin.; piopcrty feels so Well over lie that already plans are under a stamp mill. The ore expo suspended wherever it possibly could :r 111 find freedom , wav tor ed fully be and all business was at a standstill. Trains from th" various points were arriving at the Mountain Lion picnic grounds, the center of the day's fes . 'co.ccillg in,T ,., , the song of prosperity and , "' " ---what American;';::;: 'at ,t is the brains. ty f n , warrants the mill, and careful tests prove that it should be a paying proposition almost, from the start. tivities, and there were between two aggregation ot the mignty army or laboring people. When one function of the great organization of labor is paralyzed and fails to respond to the normal condition of this organization, every other one is correspondingly affected. I believe that the rapid development of scientific appliances and the wonderful increase of the mechanical genius of our country which are the cause of the springing up of new industries and the new productions taking the place of the old have in After the cc one lusion . and three thousand people gathered there. Almost every part of the Hills was repres'iiteel. but Lead undoubt Mr L- ..... . ": 4c! -I Ra '"iisKs introduced Mr who is in the Hills - pon a sji(.ecJ ing tour. and was invit edly furnished the larger majority of the gathering. the stratification above that point, which would have allowed water to escape had a good How been encountered, it became necessary to put in casing. The hole required six inch casing, and it has been put in almost all the way down. The drill employed on the job has a capacity of H.'jOO feet, and it is the intention to put down the limit ce d tc, ad; I. present time and in fact, will be bo for another month, there has been nothing but development work and building of roads, etc., which required no skilled labor, and $1!.00 per day was all they could afford to pay until their property began to yield, when they voluntarily will raise their salaries to the union scale. The company also have a lithograph stone property out about twelve miles west of Custer on I me audience. He elw e r ', ,,. ... .. In the forenoon the trains over the bnrerV. , ' K The May property was a nsation wo years ago at this time. It was discovered by one of the Cans picking up some rich float, which had been dislodged by the uprooting of a pine tre". A search soon revealed the beige itself, at the outcrop. The ore w as fabii-Icwsly rich, and rivaled the Holy Terror rock at the height of that mine's clory. He-fore work had been pushed very tar the Carrs bonded the property to John F. Sidey, who was repre II. 11. cV- Ft. I', carried several hun " M",u" Kr years l,;,,t ''-ought forth the advantage, , spired trio very keenest competition and as a result of this competition in dred people to the grounds, and in the y, cue- organization ,,f His Kneeech .,ii, il'teriiocm and evening the trains dustries have sprung into existeii.e 1 1 oniparative-iv J were packed bv lieonle eciminir and which have been compelled to lower -as or much interest an,l was h- going At the grounds there was the merry-go-round, the ring and cane '"dved oy tins audio,,,,.. r the price of their product In order to tine! a market, arid if a profit is ac- . ,,as neen a labor lead, i tor games, the chance tci knock the nig- senting- eastern parties, for $100,w0 The lecU-e appeared to be strong at th" many years and ic- ; quiied ley capital It must c heapen its find water. A good supply could be obtained at the hole at the preM-iit by lumping, but it is th" desire to get a stronger Dow. The Kilpatric ls are now out in the neighborhood of $1.,.(mici or jLM.'iiiO on th" project, but wat jr ic essential to them The firm has iv-c-einlv decided to do more drilling on the Ragged Top property, and for tba' . . . ... , ;' J'o-iriein j e.c ni tup cause. H outcrop, but after it had been followed product, and as a result of cheap products, cheap labor is the logical which they are working at present a force of about a dozen men, which force will be doubled in a short time and shipment of the product will commence. It is said to be a very fine stone, pronounced by expert lithographers the best they ever used and the prospects, especially on this property, are very Mattering. In an inter U'-v over with th" has.' ball, etc. The dam i:ig pavilion was large, but was inadequate to til" demand. There were" manv family gatherings who had pro- in a short distance it gave out. Nick i nd li.-Irl I .inn iorceru speaker closest attention of the close. sequence. 1 believe that when the his Ire week afterwards had a bond on the 'Icej, ground, rind made a thoro examination. oinpetitive proposition is solved by apital. and by iabor as well, one of he Meat problems of the indie, i rial 1," could with wiui: had I purpose .1. lv Criint. w ho was in c hary" He e ami . n.i atl: th.- sb-ol Ipplifd I IV til fa 'li THE M. E. CONFERe7ce. in.) rfn Trewc the 1 10 1 veil basket dinners be i rees and ot hoi s wd c lunch stands upon the "re-l 11-'iinc-n t " I Kill -a. but we Ta li. d to ' alw avs j s, be found "d. Mr. the ore 1 'osed a Profitable Sess. en YcJ lianioiid drill s beell Setlt 1 1 ft c use the drill ins:.--! I year k. w ilh in asc-i ha ncr. v. Ml have The duty day at conM f. in v l.'.t I. t ion ; t i .ipit a! l.H "I o th" iiiiartc in st ni" rtaini'i and ft; of t' It ". ;: . low t .CI cr en 'i- .m. i: w ':-cI lies ! !- lal i " in . ! ! tT I". -li t 1. be- rel'leri.! Tll- III:: ' '"I its ; ' a '.op W. ill-, and tlii' Km s lldci a vim' .-1 r it :i cred that epiart the (11 the view with the local manager, Mr. C. (I. j Wellington, who, by the way. is ,i gen-j tleman of great business ability, lie j said: "Yes, ev ry tiling looks bright ' to us at the present. Of course, mi far. it has been all out and nothing coming in with us. but we hope to soon i be realizing, as we expect to com-; menco shipping on or about October j 1st. At the present time, we have on j -t to- 'Mel ' 'i I: '': , ' e i : . : , ie a ),, , in tli" li.i.-y sl::'ft at tie' el of a lilt!" 'inu-e' tli in a t hoii'-an 1 with the use of a drill. The drill f I. " "i ' d,' u b . try. ' ' d lvmirt , : - ray I on ' 1 a: d i.i' : n b.i t I" n 1 . d thru qua 1 1 .it" an. I found i ma t .cc c I a li: i a :i : ' ia':on ol our pay roll at the marble mines about twenty men, but as soon as the devel w bo Ib 1111. i:i' Ma ry n urn In r his : , ... e on's fa t a ipioLition Ironi l.ord l!a mis labor speech, entitled: : 1. 1 . -! a eapital ts best ami no :ilvan c -will la and ir- m, ir. I lids ait i ' .I his ill i.s. . h i li, in in. an entb'ely m '.v i .,,.i; being organized, ami local men : ping in where outside' men were have- been. The shaft where: th.' opment work Is completed, the force will be at least fifty or sixty strong, '' '' 1,1 I'' w ilh the li-t ,.; ,.: ( l::;ni I. i - for Hi.. ,(;. ., ., 1 '! '-N trie t as lolinv.s mil ml .it K iii.n i; Aladdin ami II. ulali to : la He' I'l-iar. he ( , s,li; lii'flalo Cap. Oidrichs an And when e-a pi : a I i-ivcs i t lnii!"!it and hone t manhood Me t -iTorts to th.' hUhcd a i.i.'i.t oi it ; depe iiib'ii' i . then 111 II V tcp- tel ore "Labor Est Rex. ir lanor was King in days ot r.acon .1 and It will not bo long until 200 men will be on our pay list. We are quite pleased with the courtesies extended bor. which is not eeiM hearted when inc ans of communication were I 'i f is exposed has been started along large igneous dike that has been sin ed thru the formation. The ledge meagre and one part of the world was by the union at the time of our little '. S. Ileiiliett Central and it- so isolated from the other, ancl when Teiraville. ! c. tli" qiia.'tzit.' was nnderlaideel in-'hiinoliti Altho continued some distance, the drill diil not pet thru the phonolite. The ric ks now desire to ascertain if there is anything to be found in the phonolite, and also how far it in down to the sdates. The American shaft Is emitting 400 gallons of water ier minute, and it is with some difficulty that work is continued, since the quartzlte has been reached. The company Is getting ready to commence the big drift to the eastward, tapping the whole Ragged Top country. This drift will he over 6.000 feet long. misunderstanding here some weeks sen was ior me most, pan uiniu, mil , s0 iiuk, was kl,own of wh.,t tho oth(,r erts. Crown Hill. ('. K. Ciddin--Custer, Frank C. .Mc Duft'c . its presence was indicated by the dike. -was ,loing how miK.n more would )a or at least. Mr. Olds was led by that to jbor ,,e thp absorbing thought of the try at this point. The ledge was at world when the great heart-throb of I tead woe id. First church responsive, respond with its best and tiuest efforts. Another duty of capital is to itnliic-e cooperative efforts ot, the part of labor wherever possible. I belie 'e that wberf capital seeks the highest advancement of labor and places before laboring men the Inspiration to a day of toil and induces labor to see that the object of such labor is not alone the acquiring of the day's wage, but that labor has and should have a higher, better and more manly filKt but four inches in thickness, but 1 l;1l,nr is united tn the internet nf In. Clark. Ueaihvood, Trinii y c hin. h. A.i it has been gradually thickening, and is now a full six feet. Me I'arland. Edgeniont. Kdwarel Pruitt. llermosa, Charles C. Wilk.ns. Hill City, George M. Can. r Hot Springs, to be supplied. bor and all the movements thitt. are for the advancement of the laboring classes. Kverybody labors, and it is a mistake that we sometimes make when we think that he who stands behind tho counter or promotes great mercantile interests, or is the progenitor of great corporations, does not labor as hard or put in more hours principle than that of acquiring its ' Yesterday was promotion day and a large number of the boys were set forward one step in the army. A. B. Wells, well known here, was made a full colonel and placed in charge of the Eighth. The Grand Junction. Crosscutting is being continued on the Grand Junction mine, and the ore is 140 feet across, without the wall. The ore is of a good quality, and could be worked to good advantage. The owners prefer to develop it fully before taking steps towards putting up a mill, and it is stated that they are well satis-fled with the present outlook. ago, and can only say that we shall show our appreciation by following out our former intentions of raising the salaries of our men just as soon aa we commence the quarrying of the rock. We have come here to stay; my company Is disposed to do everything that is just and fair, and I believe everything from this time on, will be entirely satisfactory to all parties concerned. Our Kaolin clay property, the product or which we shall ship to eastern market for the making of porcelain ware, is looming up all right. We have six men working there new, which force will also be more than doubled in a t?hort time, as the clay has already been accepted by eastern manufacturers aa "A 1" for the purpose and we already have a demand for It that our output for some time to come will be insufficient to supply. The Custer citizens arc very much pleased at the future j-rospeets for their city with such a company as the Black Hills Porcelain and Marble company, together with several others who are at present starting -in around them on a small scale and believe that inducements and favorg extended these companies will in future years From V. W. Olds, who has the con- Jthan the man who works in the mines, trac t for opening up the May group Put I would not forget to throw of mines on Lightning creek for a 'around labor of all kinds a wealth of local syndicate we learrslhat a fine ' such gorgeous dignity and of such body of ore was encountered this week magnificent appearances that all will in the new shaft that the syndicate is feel that he who digs in the earth or sinking on the property. The shaft follows the plow or labors in the hum- daily compensation. Then labor will feel that it has an interest In the success of capital and the achievement of Its success. Co-operation creates union, and in union there is strength. "The duty of labor first is careful organization. If we do not care for ourselves, no one else is sure to. We believe in tho strongest possible organization. An organization so compact and pd fc t that all ni ds think as one and that all heads beat as one in the working out r.a.'. the development of such plans as vi'l in the Keystone, K. B. Hughes. Lead City, H. W. L. Mali I. Nashville, J. M. Gardner. Kapid City, M. 1). Collins. Spearfish, 1). W. Tracy. Sturgis. Robert Fitmarsh Sundance, Clare K. U.!. :. Terry. Martin Then, a Tilford and Piedmont. :..: Taylor. Whitewoci,). F. M. 1'ai'ii . Financial ae".t Hia. :. 1 1 ''" W. II. Atwat.'i. Confe r, m-o I'vaiU' l :-t X Sl-llelll 1," The American Mining company on Spcarhsh is raising 400 gallons of wa blest walks of life, yet brings to his home, surrounded by the meagre is down thirty feet, and at this depth the vein shows a width of four feet. ter per minute. When the pumping The ore is said to be of an excellent ( things of life, the honest dollar, is station is conjplete it will have three large pumps located 3."0 feet beTow the water level of the creek. best possible manner promote Oie in I e - - - o terest of labor. An organization not David Jones and associates ot Pitts icjil, except, when it is right; care j America's uncrowned king, i "There aro two classes of labor. Pirst. .money and brains, which we ,niay call capital; ami second, brains 'anil musce which we may call labor. Jit is unfortunate for cither when they j believe that one can exist without burg, Pa., who have secured an option on the Globe group of mining Arri val of W. Lnt . The witnesses who ap : 1 the federal grand jury to- -:r in town yesterday, or at ; ' v ful and conservative when, there is danger of transgressing the tights of claims adjoining the Penobscot mine, others. And again, labor must real eight miles northwest of tnis place, quality. Custer Chronicle. '1 hough not at liberty to divulge any particulars the Record has it from the very best authority that a SO ton c yanide plant will be erected in the El'i mountain disrie t within sixty day?. A company which controls a large block of ground In that section on which a 40 loot body cf good prade ore has just been encountered, is now-being Incorporated with this ostensible object and another legitimate mining and reduction enterprise is thus as-eured. Terry Record. number of them did. Tic i.J)--: portant gronn was a conn y o'.l ize that "capital has rights as well as labor. We believe In political socialism: not the Focialsm that would are expected to arrive in Custer today or tomorrow, and have ordered Indians from Rosebud a ing their reward. ?jr development work on, the Globe mine were chaperoned bv Can4 Lead drag down or destroy the rights of to Immediately begin under the man They were witnesses in the others. Not that Kind which strikes A Strong Cornpany. ReT. Schenck, formerly pastor of the M. E. church at tead, and whose agement of F. W. Bush. Custer where an Indian killed hi- t'athrl at the basis of law and just government. Not that kind which cannot Chronicle. the other. Their interests are parallel. I believe that the disturbances caused in social and economic rela tlons have largely been the result of a mistaken appreciation of the close relation sustained by the two great moving powers in thusocial world. Labor has its problems. It always has, and always will have. The best brains, thought, educatictn and the glorious manhood, as well as the noblest and highest endeavors' of states law. Charging Shields, and .voini friends are only numbered by his ac his mother-in-law. bv shoo; ::? H ln4 distinguished from riot, rapine, dis Ernest May has taken hold of the Johnson and May group of claims near Garden City again. A shaft is already the arm. Their names are ..- foil- frs Chare-in Rhtplek who -.ill- order and anarchy, but the socialism THE TAX LEVY. The Board of County Commissioners which was Inaugurated by him who her arm in a sling, Fred i:''l?w down about 240 feet and several tun spake as never man spoke. That so wife. Charles Shotat amf v ..:? cialism which is to do unto others as r.els have been driven fro mthe bottom of the shaft, opening a large body Warrior, Yellow Bear, dir. C Lambert Hat and Long Rear. o -- of low-grade ore. It s reported upon men and philanthropists have beo given to the solving of the problems of labor. The first, how to secure hon you would others do unto you. When this condition is brought about, then, and not till then, will strikes be unheard of murders be forgotten. Lust good authority that Mr. May and his associates will erect a large cyanide Died. 1 At the residence in South quaintances, has organised a strong company ot Pennsylvania capitalists nd secured some valuable ground. Mr. Schenck Is the local head of the company, and a better selection could not hare been made. , ' The company was organized under the name of the Pennsylvania Gold Mining and Milling company. Albert Wilson ot Wllliamsport ia the president nd R. B. WorthingtoiL ot Mun-icy, treasurer. These men; like the entire company, are among the most successful business men of ., Lycoming county. They own a large tract ot around west-of Lead on which they plant at the mine to reduce the ore. Sunday, September 2, of stnnruer The amount of ore already blocked out in Special Session Yesterday. The Lawrence county board of commissioners met yesterday for the purpose of making the annual tax levy. The law pt 1899 is so vague in its terms that it was only after considerable discussion and some legal consultations were had, that the board made the levy as "follows: General fund 4.0 mills. State fund 2.4 mills Road and bridge fund 3.0 mills Insane 1-0 mill Bond Interest 5.0 mills Sinking fund 7.6 mills plaint, Christian F., Infant son o! will fully Justify the erection ot an ex est employment and the maintenance of righteous wages. He who labors at hard manual and honest labor does not want something for nothing. Labor does not raise its cry for charity, but a chance to earn an honest dollar, and the great question that has and Mrs. Peter Godfrey, a tensive plant The ore body Is said to be a profitable cyaniding proposition. mnnthfl Piinora1 esorvires will held at 1 o'clock today. Intermei and the bulk of It can be handled with profit In no other way. Mount Morlah cemetery. ReT' dings officiating. will flee away as the dew before the morning sun. The earth will be chanting its song of prosperity. Every man's home will be come his palace, his wife the queen, his children his jo'nt heirs to his throne. Then will come the realization of that dream and that prayer which has been uppermost in the heart of the world's noblest manhood and purest womanhood since the world began. The last duty .of labor is to feel that In the settlement of all labor difficulties. concerned the thought of labor is how shall we maintain the rate of wages inaugurated during the peried of pros nave atreaay aone considerate wore Mrs. Treber. her Bister. Mrs. Wll SimiT Trails Prcas- There, is Ie! The derelopmenU thus far are mosfiotfl Mrfc Hoffman and John Treber v harrine? nnvnnn from being a c aB1 went down to Hot Springs for a few days' outing. for the senate, r. Kittredze perity, during all the days of adversity? How shall we make and maintain happy and pleasant homes, create a competency that we shall pass on to perfect right to be a candidate f-'J con -at a nAW rr o f anv t i IT1 . I encouraging Indeed. Mr. Schenck, the superintendent,' Informs ' ua that they Intend to increaV the force and puh the work along as fast as pot- alble. . . ' '-; ' ; " '- ' They r running a tunnel with a view to. cutting a well "de fined -rein, which shows on the surface.'" The Mr. Pettierew. The same can IX 1 our children as the years go by. Total levy 20.0 mills After appointing some viewers on the St, Onge road, and the adjustment ot a few tax claims the board adjourned. Another special session will probably be held before the regulfr October meeting In order to appoint V. 1 . n r T.t I Ctnv, ' MT 'Capital also has its problems. No ' - The Ladles. The pleasant effect and perfect safe-ay with which ladles may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, makes It their favorite remedy. To get the Ul uaiuucr,. itea.i uu, Loucks, Gilchrist and Stew i it. peaceful methods are the best. No man has the right with or without law, to destroy the property of another. It is to be deplored and I cannot condemn too strongly that passion in mankind which as the result of an person or corporations possessing a large amount of capital depress to keep it locked up or hoarded away. It is only when political unrest and W. T. Robertson and br: : -j tunnel is In a distance ot nearly 200 true and genuine article, look for the the Judges and clerks of election the full' thirty days previous to the elec nartAit in arrivf home on this ' feet and they expect trttwch the Eame of the California Fig Syrup Co.. --- . - - . unnatural desire for the attainment (X ing's Burlington. social skepticism ceases among . te tion, as the law requires. vein in about thrlty-four feet farther, printed near the bottom of the pack- , ' age. For sale by all druggists.

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