The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 30, 1900 · Page 7
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1900
Page 7
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A QUESTION OF CHARACTER. ORDER AT NOME. ROOSEVELT ON THE RANGE. A. T. Packard, now of Chicago, was eJ jlor of the Bad Laud3 Cowboy when Roose vtJt was ranching up ou the Little Mis has dated him for one and sometimes two speeches a day, until the night be-iore elec tion, and he will necessarily make a great many five-minute si'i eches as le passes thru rupt the festivities. So we locked Finne-gau up in an empty box car, the nearest approach to a jail we had. That night his partner helped him out and they went down the river, stealing a boat on the way from Roosevelt's Elkhorn ranch. A Lead Citize i s Views On the Question of the Judicial Offices. Ktlitor Pioii' er-Times : - In his re- souri and has many pleasant recollection? NO ONE HURT. A few supersensitive people misunderstood a recent article that appeared in the Pioneer-Times headed "Too Much Promotion," which, by the way, was intended for a condition rather than any company or individual. A little reflection after a more careful reading of the article, has convinced every fair-minded person that what of those days. Said he: "You cannot p.iy a higher compliment to Theodore Roosevelt Leaves fcr South Africa. W. M Hark r has accepted a proposition to go to South Africa, and leaves tonight for Chicago where be will secure a written contract for "The next morning Roosevelt learned of his loss and started in pursuit, accompanied hy two of his cowboys named Seawell and lo.v. r'iniicgau had with him a half-breed Indian and an old (ierman who had Conditions Not So Bad As Reported. Judge Burns of this city who left Nome City on August 6th, instant, was interviewed by a Pioneer reporter relative to the condition prevailing at that place. He stated that the si are stotn-s going the rounds of the newspapers were hugely the products of the imagination: that there is no healthier pla. e in America, probably, than Nome is at the present time. Small pox is so rare that It need not be talon seriously into account; fatal caes of fever are unheard of. What, deaths have occurred are prin-tipally pneumonia or suicides. He attributes Ibis fortunate condition of health, however largely, if not wholly, to the fa t that those who are there are the pi. k of the land, from a nhv- a two years' tlav in the Dark Conti been dieply implicated in the worst of fronti'-r crimes, nit tie-killing and horse nent as the iiK'tit of a mining ma chinery hous-'. Mr. Parker will re stealing. Roosevelt Ifound he German n. arks at the Van Cise banquet Judge Moody took 1 1 casion to lament the present mode i.i ti 1 1 i n iiik . ial offices i-ml iprobablv. no other solution presenting itself i suggested that it would be bolt.-,' to have thoe offices filled by appointment than by ele- -tion. Now. while the judge very diplomatically refrains from mentioning at this parti, ui; r time the deplorable reason for the i niversal attention that it attracted to tb's subject, everyone rntlerstands h it is of particular significance this jum tine, and i veryono admits the timeliness of Judge Moody's remarks. Hut I think that the filling of judicial offices by i'Ppiiintment v'ultl not remedy (be evil. To ilia -Mate. Supposing I he f-;b e of i ironi' ctlge of tins cir. uit bad lici it tilled le, :, pi'oint itieiit . the same alone in camp about eighty miles down no joo per nioiiiu and till ex- i the Missouri river, his i . o companions be pi uses will ii paid by the firm, in-i the I'ioneer-Tiincs wants is more development of the prospects and mines of known value. To develop those mines companies must be organized and stock sold to raise a fund with which to do the work. What the Pioneer-Times demands is that tins money lie honestly and economically expended and not put into the pockets of the piomotots as has been the case with the Baltimore Vc Deadwood and as appears to be the case with one or t'.vn nl the other c.i . .mi.-. Instances of this kind are rare and int oli huiitini;. Thev made him safe and eluding bis pa. .-age to the scene of j tluii to tay that he won the friendship ;! cw-ry cuvyboy in the Had Lunds. There is hi mi earth a more independent, self-tt'inking lot of men than these same cow-iiiik hi rs. They have the faculty of shuck-i il- a man out of his crust and looking hi? I c haracter squarely in the fare. If 1 1 1 I, he him it is a pretty safe gues-i that th. ii, .in will pass muster anywhere for lii.s tit. flint; worth, and it is just as safe fo: any one w ho differs from such a coin lusio:. j!hui Kt.t.seveil. to keep his opinion to himself in the Had Iands. The inuho.,- 1-jn rf.ctly willing at all times to hack up mi .my way his friendship for KousimI'. 1 wntnlir what would have happened to Alt-g, Id if he had delivered his Toll do .-p't-h .! a Had Lands round- up'.' ' Roosevelt had ju-t aldi.-ln 1 Iil-c: icney Itutie ranch and was dining In v,;iie rattle w hell I landed a' MidiTa. mi thi n sat down bv the baidil's lire to wait operations. II will sail for South I Africa Octob.v first, and will reach that country m the merry springtime, for being on the south side of the for the others. When tl. y were within twenty yards or so, House v It and Seawell covered them with their riles and shouted to them to hold up their hands Finneg-an collator when we are enjoying mid winter, it is i-.d-summer there. Mrs. 1 -ita'id for a avoiol. bin when he rccog- sical standpoint, who have been able I so far to stand off tin- disease breeding conditions: there must come a I break een of the most rugged con-j solution, and tin- time is approa hing nied Hons. V h. l ! his hand It he dropped his rille and up hi side hi- head. A bll.- 7.A . 1 a- blow il 1 Mat an 1 it w is Mites are ti tion bv th lii-ell tile 1. 1 1" old. so Roosevelt cum hl-b .1 te he should not Le at all. Willi the exceptions named above, all the companies operating in Lawrence county are putting the money realized from the saie of stock into development woi k or the erection of plants. The pro. Anna (.'rock, writes under recent date: dent of i company that lias rui.-.- ;:s the fe.b'i-'! stead of bv . who would li u t nit judge'1 At the time lit Paik.-r and th... ihlldren departed last evening for Montana, where she will visit relatives luitil Mr. Parker tries the new country, and. it' satisfied, tlu n they will join him there. Their many old-tine' friends in Dendwood greatly regret their departure and hop - tinlirnit 'd prosperity awaits them. until the weather moderated. He took tl:. office v.a.- Iil Am ,i 1 was conienipoi :irv with him. tils ne v. a.s a lit lit' too much for il.c aveiugr v,u, and at first he wa.- gem rally in as Itmi-eiifeldcr. That he was des- ir ami u oui.l ha v.- hud I I w as go', ei : ti ll:e filling of tt same po! i t ' . -i I tl';i- . lb- war, of 11, parte a ; Joe Vein nearly a hundred thousand dollars In tin- sale of stock, till of which litis lieen la-.l to popularity was shown i.y an almost in. mediate i hange t.i nic hnaiiii . . h i T of it ,i i lit that if Jo ;:nd it is a !" el expended 111 1 wo lilt, . ill I icon ami Governor Roosevelt's Itinerary. September 11th. away the arms from his prisoners, but da c- not tie I In-Ill , because if he did their hands ami fi el would in all probability be froyo-ll. so he cum hided to keep guard over Mo i'i ami take his chances. As a precaution, however, he made them take off tlnlr loot.-, whiih wen- safely hidden away, ami bt th.-m lie around the tamp file. It would have In en impossible for any one to escape in his stocking ftet in that blizzard. "Wli'le two of his eoinpan ions ami the captives plept Itoosevelt took his sta'i with a double-barreled shotgun and Anna Creek writes under recent date: 'People-understand the nature of our :i'0 :u a. a. m ., 10 in i ii tit m., Id minutes. organization antl sin n articles as nm Moore bad i f ' i t i 1 1 1 inllueiue villi his party to g t the noin i aat ion and i b'. tion to ih ( flice. and tlu n. in violation of the ( c list itut ion . to get party's nomination for . ongre -s in Hie pir si n; canio'iign. wb le still on th Much Promotion' cannot possibly harm or atlect us. Flandroau .Madison. '. Sioux Kail ( 'anton. 1 : Klk Point. Vermillion Vankloii. .' The "prominent citizen of Dead- 1 1 : :!0 a. " p. m., 1 !:-"o p. m. ! .'!u p. m p. m.. : when if Hi" iiiwils are not vastly thinned out. and the livgienb- tomli t ion s altered, dead and disease will n ap a t -n ilde harvest. Suicide-, ai " a very common occurrence and occur to those who are seemingly i. rood circuin-tances. ami w bo have no apparent i.-iuse for self ilesl i in t ion. While he was there a young man well dressed, with some means, walked deliberately down upon the beach to the water's edge, and taking a. handful of sand, threw it into the air. and with the exclamation: "If is nil a fake, anvhow." fired a -15 calibre bullet thru bis brain. Tie had been at Nome but a few day and had not been out of the i '. i-. No ino.i peaei abb- i oimn i.nii.v ejis ill the entile west lhaii Nome. 1 have seen more disorder and nun plays on Main street, Deailwood. in the old days in a single day. when Helb llul lock was the law and gospel, than occurred at Nome during my stay of one month. There is no more dangei of tbe banks being robbed there than there is at Deadwood, and all talk wood." who wrote this company and i., 1' hours. minutes. In minutes. lu minutes. hours. tlj. v.lii'h were "Did I-our l.yi-. I.e.ause he w ere speclarle with t nei nnms til.isses. and Skin Tooth," which has l.eeii sufli iitith e lained hy the cartoonist. Nothing amused the cow hoys mole than Knosrvelt's choice of words and manner of jq.ei !). lie was the pun. I in language, and at first was unable to laekle die pine hers' slang. W hile driving the first I. am h of i a'tf' to hi "h i in my Hui:e ininh a niiinbcr of ,i,ein started up a i oulcc n I ii-; i in il foreman would have -(cuii I "(let a movr on you tin ie and In a I 'In o Meet's.' or 'Hit the high plac. s and I in n 'em.' itoosevelt 's older, w lull' i .unlly sharp, nearly paralyi ! the n itur co'.v- . l: Si-ptem bef I 'liainlierliu. S;imi a. : Plankiiiton. d a. m Mitchell, 1 1 : I.", a. m., i . l.'i minutes. . lo minutes. 1 hour. wait lnd for the first foin hours, then nutud ,11 ami was it'ievid by one of his companions. The next day In- started for I 'ii k i 'i - m . the nearest town. After sutTer-u, c seven Iv from exposure, the parte ; i. idled a lamh house, whele he hired a wagon ami a pair of horses from a rug.;. ,l old plainsman, who could not un.h tm.iii.1 others t hat "Too Much Promotion' w is the beginning of a series of articles to lie written for blackmailing purposes, is too new to make u declaration ot that sort. His own actions are op-n to severe criticism. In the publication of a daily newspaper, where so many things are to be written or passed upon hurriedly. . errors of judgment are unavoidable, but I im Ii. that ..'lis same inllui-iici' would have bel li ient fo liive him the oM'h e by apP'i'iitment from Andy I.e... P'-yond any ure-tion. So ir may be lalo-n for L--a il.-d thai the tilling of I l,e jutl i' in I i i lice by a ppoinf inelit would in .1 li:r prevented the present disgraceful state of affairs in his . in u;t and that we shall have to link for some other remedy to pv-M-nt a like recurrence It is not far to seek. Cha'acler is just as much a bulwark ;ig.i nst peculation, corruption, demoralization, disg' and disintegration now as it evei been at nnv time in th- history of the world. A'ooii.xi.ekct. 1 : ::i p. m., 10 minutes. Woisey, 2:15 p. rn., 10 minutes. Huron. 2: lu p. m.. I hour. DeSmet. l:l."i p in., in minutes, llrookings. t;:l.", p. m.. lu minutes. why he took so much bother with tie-tin ives instead of hanging tin m off-hand. Placing the ra,iies ill the wagon. Roosevelt marched behind il through the sno.v lor thirty-six hours without sleep or rest, until he delivered bis prisoners into the hands of the sheriff. He afterward appear pllllilier. II iris leen 1 1 i-ic-ui i 'i aiei and re-told wherever lo or more '' puncher have gathered together. Standing in his stirrups, he opened his steel-trap mouth and yelled: 'Hasten quickly forward yonder.- The wonder was it didn't stampede the herd. anything that savors of blackmailing has been avoided. The Pioneer-Times has sold extra "copies containing descriptive matter of mines or mining enterprises, but it has never asked or received pay for writing those articles. This policy has become so well established that the accusation of blackmail from irrisponsibles fans flat. ed in court as the prosecutor of Finnegan and sent him to the penitentiary for a term Castb-wood. S.l.'i. 10 minutes. Watertown. f : ri p. m., 1 hour. September P'.th. Clark. 10:00 a. m.. 1 hour. Redfield, 12:1a p. m., 15 minutes. Faulkton. 2: on y. Aberdeen. 5:15 p. m., 2 hours. September 14tth. Webster, 8:00 a. m., 30 minutes. Milbank, 9:45 a. m., 30 minutes. SissetQn, 11:30 a. m., 30 minutes. -tonville. 2:00 p. m.. 30 minutes. Fargo, 6:30 p. m., 2 hours. From Fargo, the governor will go of years. "I have always wanted to get even with Roosevelt for quoting me in his book The Holy Terror The Holy Terror mine and mill at Keystone which has been idle some weeks started up Tuesday with old- 'Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail,' as the writer of a certain paragraph In The the contrary is the rankest non sense. The soldiers have full charge and as usual, they nre entirely equal to the occasion. The murderers and refugees from justice are spotted; a descriptive list is at hand. Everyone is known and he knows he Is known and hence his conduct is strictly correct. A single private will supress an ugly row with a word, and if he is not obeyed, a single call or the raising of his hand would bring him plenty of help Instantly, and when a squad trot down the street with guns loaded and bayonets fixed, there Is no more back talk. Remember a criminal cannot flee. He has no place to go to; inland it is barren, bleak and inhospitable; seaward, every ship is open to Property interests, personal rights, the public welfare, are at all times safe in the hands of men of character and integrity, whether they happen to agree with its politically or not, or whether or not they are men against v.hom we havj some grievance for seme supposed personal offense. Heretofore character, in the history of the politics of this state, has been about the last thing considered in summing up the qualifications for office. If it hal been the first thing, Pettigrew would never have been senator nor Joe Moore Judge. Taylor would not have been led astray and Kellam would not have dishonored the supreme ben-n. Ead Land's Cowboy. In 1884 a saloon "In the Chimney Butte horse herd," continued. Packard, "was a broncho named Devil. When you find a horse in the west with such a name you can be sure he has earned It- Devil had. One after another the cowboys had tried their best to 'May with the leather' on him, and none had succeeded, eveu with the aid of a life-preserver' and hobbled stirrups. He had been given up as a 'spoiled' horse, especially after he had acquired the playful habit of trying to bite and Jump on the rider after he had thrown him. "Roosevelt decided to ride Devil and tame him for a saddle horse. It took three time activity, end from the amount west over the Northern Pacific as far keeper of the name of Bob Roberts, famll of ore blocked out it is said the mill iarly known as Welchy, and another 'bad will now be kept continuously in op as the coast, returning by Nebraska and the Black Hills the first week in October. eration. The Keystone is the Home man' named George Haywood had a quar rel. Suddenly Welchy whipped out his re stake of the southern Hills, and to see its wheels idle has a bad effect in discouraging tbe entire camp. No volver and blazed away. Haywood stag gared slightly, shook himself, stretched out nis nana and gove back the ball to his richer ore has ever been taken out men to rope and tie him down while the than that found in the Holy Terror uuiu-uo muruerer, saying Here, man here's your bullet I don't want it It It is a close corporation and when its dominated in the selection of men to fill our offices. I can best express it blind and saddle were being put on, and be was then led to the edge of the Little had glanced along his breast bone, gone stamps were tung up without giving a reason there weje people who thought Mrs. J. M. Armstrong departed yesterday for Hill City. C. D. Hazzard of San Francisco was in town and departed on the evening train for Rapid. He Is interested in the Lookout mining property in the southern HilU, which is said to be a valuable group. As ex-Governor Larrabee of Iowa Is scon to be here, it Is said arrangements will be made for him to address ir two words. They are:, "Get there! Missouri and headed for a quicksand through his body, gone out at the shoulder Roosevelt mounted, jerked oft the blind, and, being spent, dropped down the sleere All other considerations have been subordinated to this one thing and the ore body had give nout, and we are glad to note such an idea is now and then began what was called at the into his hand. Haywood was cool enough to it all men lave yielded, some will to recognize the humor of the situation. proven erroneous. ingly, some unwillingly. Pettigrew "The night of the shooting both Roose time 'the gaul durndeat panorammer the Bad Lands had ever saw.' The first Jump took Devil into the middle of the quicksand and Macmonnles' fountain became a squirt l-o Mr. Hoxle left yesterday for the An velt and I were In Bismarck and came has been its exalted champion, its high priest, its Chinese joss, and, tak iiie creek cyanide plant, which is the republican club and as many visitors as can be gotten out on short notice. The exact date of his coming owned by the Detroit & Deadwood gun by by comparison. Sand, water, Roosevelt and Devil seemed merged into a back the next day. I had left a tenderfoot printer in charge of the office and the responsibility of writing- an account of an affair between two desperate men like company, where he is employed. Al- search. I think that 5000 or 6000 people will winter at Nome, and barring a disastrous fire, they will winter comfortably, altho the Indians predict a severe winter. I was surprised and am still, that no reserve or store of provisions has been provided out of the city, out of the reach of fires. It would seem that common prudence would dictate such a course. However, the military are entirely equal to the emergency, and when the proper time comes, I have no doubt but General Randall will simply levy a tribute upon every provision dealer, and place the result where it will be safe against a time of need. If this is not done and a fire should start at the upper end of town with the prevailing down coast wind, the city could not be saved and the result, if it occurred after the clo?e of has not yet been ascertained. tho tbe ore is a hard blue, with con Lee Farnsworth, who has been in Roberta and Haywood fairly froze bis blood. But the next day was publication siderable quartz in it, yet It is working very satisfactorily. There is a ing advantage of the power it has given him. has time and again impudently and wkh impunity, metaphorically speaking) slapped in the face anyone who has dared to question its morality or its utility. What wonder then, that a man of the moral and mental calibre of Joe Moore should get into the judicial office and what wonder, having gotten into it that this employ of ulius Deetken for some day, and of course so enterprising a news time, resigned yesterday and went great deal of ore In that vicinity which is much easier to cyanide than paper as The Bad Land's Cowboy could not appear without a full account of the down to Hill City on a visit with his parents. After a short time there he this. When the company demonstrates what they can do they ' ex fracas. So my substitute wrote a very del will go back to Chicago and finish solid body. Finally there was a separation and Roosevelt 'ascended to take a look at Wyoming,' as Bill Jones facetiously remarked. The next day and the next and the next there was the same 'panorammer,' but finally came a day when Roosevelt 'stayed with the leather' and brought Devil, thoroughly tamed, back tg.Uie ranch. It may not sound like much in the telling, but a man who can tame a horse with Devil's reputation can divide the last chew of tobacco with a cow-puncher. And that is a final test of friendship. He at once became 'Teddy' to every cowboy in the Bad Lands. icate and diplomatic report of the affair his course in the Chicago College of Pharmacy. pect to purchase all the ore offered to (he full capacity of their plant. This will furnish a fine market right at and described it as 'an unfortunate oc currence between two of our most esteemed part of the state should now be in chaos as the heavens were when Phaeton drove the chariot of the sun. Like Phaeton, he plunges to his fall, headforemost downward, fo destruction, but the rarth smokes as it did In county court yesterday the estate borne for quite a number of mines. fellow citizens.' That phrase nearly killed navigation Say October 15th, would he of John Weir, deceased, was settled o Attorney Wilder left for Pennsyl appalling indeed. Roosevelt. He thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened. He quoted it in yesterday, and Barney Franklin, the an article In the Century Magazine and af vania yesterday to close up an important mining deal which means udministrator, was discharged. It will be remembered that Weir was in that fabled catastrophe, and, in my humble opinion, the fault does not lie terward in his book as a sample of Bad killed accidentally by Ed Shannon Land's Journalism. the investment of considerable capital up in the Blacktail gulch district. tome time ag . The estate was sol-vent and all debts have been paid. in the methol hy which the judicial office is filled, but in the dereliction on our part in filling it. A. C. N. Lead. Aug. 24. The deal Is closed all except the formal signatures of some of the par "Roosevelt returned directly to Medora The genial proprietor of Clark's The Atoka Mining Company. IX T. Beans, general paymaster of the BurlinRlon. and D. J. Burke were here the first of the week looking after the progress of the work which they are haveing done on the mining property in which they are largely Interested. Their property consists of a large group of claims located about one and a half miles west of Spearflsh ranch at Englewood was in town last ties. It Is sa:d that this means an ether cyanide plant up in that coun from the Chicago convention of 1880, when Conkling came so near nominating Gen. Grant for a third term. He had been one of the delegates from New York and had try wl'h plenty of capital to push it evening, and be expressed great surprise at our ("sty streets. He says a soaking rain fell at Englewood along. St. Paul to Deadwood. St Paul Pioneer i'ress: Representatives of the proposed Aberdeen ami broken away from Conkling. He refused Hank Bradburn, a well known for to vote for Grantwith the rest of the dele iiiesaay wnicn had the appearance of extending over a large scope of "Our country was hot organized in those days and our .nearest court of Jurisdiction was In Bismarck, 165 miles to the east. The only real attempts at recognising this jurisdiction ended in Marquis de Morses' party shooting a man named Luff -ey, and it thenyecame the fashion for the deputy sheriff from Bismarck or Mandan to be stood up under guard and put on the first train east whenever an attempt at arrest was made. The Montana 'stranglers afterward shot and hung twenty-eight alleged 'rustlers' who had given the Bad Lands the reputation of being the toughest place on the frontier. : "At a mass-meeting In Medora Marquis e Morse was elected chief of the fire de- J cer Black Hills resident now resid gation ana cast nu vote for Edmunds. It ing in Chicago, arrived from Rawhide country. Mrs. S. W. Russell gave a very in was his first experience In national politics. Buttes, Wyoming, where he has some and I will never forget his denunciation of aluable copper interests. He was fcrmal Iunctieon Wednesday after Black Hills line are in the city trying to interest the business men of (he Twin Cities. The road i& surveyed and partially graded between Aberdeen and the Missouri river and the building of 160 miles of road across the Sioux reservation will give the Twin Cities rail connection with the Hills and divert an the methods used by Senator Conkling and accompanied by James James, who is others to coerce him. And he always noon In honor cf her sister. Miss Grace Logan and Miss Ethel Van Cise. The prominent operator In the Lake Su would wind up his story with 'and, by perior iron region. Mr. James will be Falls. Their company which has been duly incorporaed under the n--..e A the Atoka Mining company, h.-rs money in its treasury and Is pushing work on a shaft to quartzsite. A good vertical was followed for a short distance but it pitched off to the n)rth and was abandoned. The shaft has now reached a depth of 256 feet and it is thought quartzsite will be reached at alKiut 500 feet. A tunnel will then be driven and the verticals intersected when tbe own ers expect to find something that will well rep y them for their outlay. ether young lacMes present were the Misses Ware, Madge Harding, Susie remembered here as having been con Godfrey, sir, I won't be dictated to by any man." There wasn't a svmDtom of rant in nected with the Baltimore & Dead Vartment and I was elected chief of po It. He meant exactly what he said, and Emonds, Julia Phillips, Ethel WringTose and Mrs. Robert N. Ogden. wood deal. Uce. Not long afterward a man named o immense amount of traffic to St. Paul and Minneapolis which now goes to Denver. Omaha and Chicago. Several organizations have been formed in the rast to build such a line, but under an arrangement between the Milwaukee Hon. E. W. Martin and family will From Play to Work. Hon. E. W. Martin and family and return to Deadwood this week.hav- ing enjoyed a month's outing at C. A. Scott's ranch, north of Spearflsh. Mr. their guests who have spent a month at the Scott ranch on the Spearflsh, and Northwestern not to push across in every fiber of his being. This very trait, with its corollary of never dictating to others, is the point upon which hinges his -nultltude of friendships even among those who do not know htm. He is as firm in his onvletions as the everlasting hills, but is always amenable to argument I do not now a man," concluded My. Packard, "whose right-mindedness surpasses that of "beodore Roosevelt" WILLIAM B. CURTIS. the Missouri river, neither of these returned to the city." Mr. Charles Bishop John M. Walden, D. D. LLD arrived last evening over the Martin has taken this outing more especially to prepare for a nactive and Martin and family will return to their lines could be induced to take hold of what will undoubtedly be a good thing. Finnegan 'turned loose' and announced that It was hii time to howl.' A Mr. Fisher wma In my office shaving, the mirror be fog propped up on the feed board of a Got-oa press. One of the bullets from Flnne Can' 'Winchester went clear through - th ne and passed between Fisher and th Wrror, nicking off a corner of the latte- the way- When Fisher emerged fron-lie door, wildly waving a towel in onr na and m raxor in the other, with one Ida of his fax shorn and the other car 4 with lather, it seemed time to lnter- home in St. Louis, Mrs. J. O. Dobson vigorous campaign from now until the polls close Nov. 6. He will stump The Northwestern and Milwaukee already tap the Missouri river, the Mil- the state thoroly, and his presenta- Burlington. Mrs. Walden accompanied him. Bishop Walden will preach at 11 today at the First M. E. church and at Lead in the evening. These chief cities of the Hills were highly favored In having the presence and ser and children will return to their home at Sioux Falls. Mr. Martin will spend a few days In his law office, leaving for Faulkton next week in tion of republicanism will have theiwankee having the shortest and most effect to solidify the republicans of direct from the river to the. Twin South Dakota for state and national Cities. The proposed Aberdeen Pierre Mr. Hall of the Hammond Packing time to open the campaign there on Co., will spend Sunday at Sylvan Like. route, however, would be still more di- chief pastor. September 1. The central committee ticket. Spearflsh Mail.

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