The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 30, 1900 · Page 3
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1900
Page 3
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jjjsr FORCES and the owner would have been closed out with no turther recourse. The case will be taken to the supreme court for a ruling on these two important points, which will then be passed upon tor the first time in South Dakota. FIX A TICKET That we denounce the present Me-Kinley administration for now carrying on a war for the only admitted object of increasing our commerce ant! trade with the silver countries of the world, at the sacrifice of thousands of precious lives, and millions of money, for we believe that a proper adjustment of our monetary' system, would bring us this trade without the sacri ward, Deadwood; Tim Foley, First ward, Lead;.R. B. Stewart. Second ward, Lead; Ed Burns, Third ward. Lead; James Cusick, Fourth ward. Lead; Gus Oberg, Central City; M. W. Draper, Centennial; W. R. Leemaster, Crook City; D. C. Harper, Crow Peak; F. E. Rushton. Crow Creek; Sol Jefferson, Carbonate; J. R. Johnson. Elk Creek; J. B. Fagin., Englewood; D. E. Potter. Galena; Joe Kellar. Garden County Populists Ice Democrats in Convention. A FREAK WAGER. Kansas is Just now claiming recognition because of numerous freak election bets. As a result of one of these bets, so tho a lory goes, the union of two Kansas hearts depends upon the election of W. J. Bryan to the presidency. If reports are true, a Kansas father has wagered his daughter that President McKinley will be re-elected president of the I nited Slates. Here are the parties to this alleged wager: Miss Mary Johnson, a pretty farmer girl, the stake. J. H. Johnson, a wealthy wheat grower, who bets his daughter that President Mc-Kinley will !6 re-elected president of the I'nited States. James Howard, .in aspiring, wagering a bride on the election of V. J. Bryan. On the face of it this looks like a very cold blooded transaction. As a matter ot fact, it came about in a very ordinary manner. Here is the way it all hapiened, according to neighborhood gossip: On a farm about twelve miles from Santa Fe. in Haskell county, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1!. Johnson live in a contented and happy home. They have a daughter, a pretty girl of 17 years, who is the object of attentions from all the farmer boys for many miles around. Her name is Mary Johnson. Johnson declared. "We will atteud to that next .November." The war of words had started again, and so quickly that no one colli hive foreseen it. The fiery' argument tual toloved covered in a general wav too enti.-e 'kid of politics. After the slim hal spent its force somewhat Howard bcipin to tcalic that he was making a mist il.e and he sought to change, the subiec. "Mr. Johnson." he said, "I did not come here today to discuss inl.tics with yoj. 1 came lo ask you fo:- your ittii;hie: 'a hand. She tells me that I bavj already won her heart. We want to b" marne 1 and we want your couseii'." "What! My daughter tuJ lor li it- to a d d democrat? Neve.-! I woiii :bnk of it!" declared the irate father. "You should remember that only a few years ago you were a populist and w as affiliating with the democrats," said Howard. "That doesn.t make any difference. I've got my senses now," Johnson replied. Then there were pleadings. Mary shed tears and talked of a broken heart and a blighted life. "I'll tell you what I'll do," said Johnson, finally. "You say you believe Bryan is going to be elected. If he wins I will give my consent to your marriage with Mary, provided you will v-f with me Embryo Statesmen Early lined for an fice of either lives, money or our national honor, and therefore we recommend the full and complete remone-tization of silver by this government at our present ratio, with such provisions and restrictions upon the importation of foreign silver, that without disturbing our present trade relations with gold standard countries, it will bring to us the trade of all silver countries, maintain the parity and protect our monetary system from all countries and combinations hostile to real bimetallism. That we approve the course of our patriotic and humane governor, AnSrew K. Iee, who has acted always for the Grave, City; Eli Forrester. Gayville; W. P. Friggins. Golden Gate; F. J. Ames, Hathaway; H. Walters. Mountain Meadow; A. G. Miller. Mountain Ranch; H. J. Estes. Nemo; J. T. Harrington. Perry; J. B. Fail-bank. Portland; O. F. Ong. Pluma; J. T. Pratt. Reeds; C. H. Schaad. Ruby Basin; Con Hood. Upper False Bottom; S. M. Murray, school district No. 57; Washington Hughes. Spearflsh, I). T. Boome, St. Onge: Charles Basker. Terry; James Terry, Terraville; P. H. Smith, Two Bit; H. J. Grant. White-wood. F. M. Wall, Ragged Top: Chris Haugan, Woodville; B. S. Johnson, Spring Cyreek. The precincts of Elkhorn, Boulder Park, Bear Gulch, Kirk and Spearflsh Crossing not being represented, these will he filled later. The committee held a meeting and organized hy electing James Cusick of Lead, chairman, and William L. Faust of Deadwood as secretary. populist Nominees. Will Move Camp. Leppla & McLaughlin, who have operated on Iro'i creek for over a year with a large :"orce of men, cutting ties and sawing timber, in the district where fire had killed the trees, will move in a few days. The Iron creek camp has beeu a busy one and thousands of tb's Lave been furnished to the I?. & M . which that company hauled to Edgemont and put thru a pickling ptoTis by forcing the sap out ami a ch.-mical into the wood, making the pine ties as lasting as oak. A great amount of heavy bridge timbers and dimension stuff has also been furnished by the Iron creek camp. All timlx-r of value in the burnt district has now been cut, and Messrs. Leppla & McLaughlin must seek new tielu.-i. A fine body of timber about five miles from Iron creek has been killed outright by the Insect which has kilbul some trees here in Deadwood, and these dead trees have been purchased from the government. The new camp will furnish quite a quantity of good ties. No green timber of ;:ny description will bo cut, and a forest reserve agent will see to it that the rules of the general land office are strictly enforced. Senators Jonn a. uaiidguei, oniett- LjjtatlVt-S J. D. r an peoples" interests, and against the im cKinney, Theo. rJ. uesKey, perialistic tendencies of the republi -James U. Harris. can managers. Ljudge-K. N. Ogden. That we endorse the course of Sen y Courts A. roiier. ator Pettigrew who stands without a peer among the senators of our nation, Among her many suitors is James Howard a young man of most persistent qualities. Of the entire list of Mary's suitors How Let-dent of scnoois miss as the common helper against the al Wertman. .i I It! C-i.t In. ard is the least liked by the parents, and lied forces of plutocracy. at the same time it is he who finds the ij8ioni'" Deiuuu uiauui-uu Kf-Danifl ,1. Toomoj. That we heartly endorse the nomina here and now that if McKinley is ic elected you will not press your suit any further or make any attempt tJ marry tl-c girl. Howard was in a dilema. He hesitated. The prize was too gr?al and tht chance of winning tin) smail. "Its hard most favor in the eyes of the pretty girl He is a prepossessing young man, with : rtj the scene of two county m yesterday. The represen tion of William Jennings Bryan, and Adlai K. Stevenson, for president and vice-president of the United States, for the reason that we believe them to be fairly good education, has tine rprospects. THE DEMOCRATIC SIDESHOW. The Ticket. Treasurer Thomas W. Thompson. Register A. W. Merrick. Auditor John K. Sullivan. Attorney Charles E. Davis. Coroner A. E. Monahan. Tho democrats met in the City hall. tee populist anil democratic and. above all, is an anient lover. Hi disposition to defend his democracy against ly fair. Mr. Johnson." he began, ' !) insist set ami placed in nomination the Ivest representatives of the people. any and all attacks is what got him into ticket. Both conventions upon risking tho happiness of f.vj live upon a turn ill politics " trouble with the Johnson family. Lj n t'K' same building, the Persuasion was useless. The old man in the opera house and the . n the room used for a city John R. Wilson was made temporary and whose election will preserve the future well fa re of our republican form of government, which is now being destroyed by the present republican administration. That we believe, as all American was firm. "You say Bryan has a cinca on Johnson was formerly a long-w hiskered populist. The good times following the .,!..,-! inn of President McKinley, however. this election'.'" he said to Howard. "I believe he has, but " knocked all his pet theories about "fe chairman and John R. Russell temporary secretary. After the appointment of the usual committee and a committee on allotment'' to ascertain jf attendance of delegates in ilist convention was fair, but 6 were not much in evidence nance and seen" sky high, and now he is "If you are honest in your assertions j oil will accept my proKsit ion and make an enthusiastic republican. ijnmher of visitors to the city the agreement with me. If you arj not When tirover Cleveland went out of of been expected did not mn-ilthough the day was excep- l-onest 1 don't want vixi for a sou-in-la-v The D'-iver Short Line. 1. .1. Btuk. the railway contractor and owner of .-tune good mining property in this vicinity, is in Deadwood and will return to Alliance today. Mr. Burke, it will be remembered, purchased Mik Elmore's big grading outfit last sprin;;. He lias of late been loading grav?l for ballasting the new Denver short line, at a station three miles north of Northport, on the Platte. He will move next week to a. fine gravel bank near Mercer, seventeen miles north of Sterling, where l e will load b.tllast until the road is all completed, which will be about the fth of September. He says this line with 85-pound steel rails and gravel ballast! is the best new road fice four yeais ago there was a morlgags in any event." jjvoral'le. That settled the argument, and the on the Johnson farm, and it was a nip-and-tuck struggle between Johnson and the mortgage as to which would get the farm workingmen regardless of party prejudice understand the portent of fhe republican party trust manipulators, to press down American workingmen and their opportunities, by permitting an influx of Filipino, Chinese and Japanese cheap labor into this country to take the places of our American workmen, which is taken place now; that all American workingmen will rally and assemble under the fusion banner agreement was finally made. "1 didn't have anything agin Howard Shortly after the inauguration of President The Populists. iclock Fred Drown, chairman ipuJist county central commit-(the convention to order and pe recommendations and fin- a short speech eulogizing McKinley, money began to be more plent personally," Johnson said a few days later in tmeil kinir alKiut the incident. "He's a ful, and the mortgage was renewed at a lower rate of interest. That year there was pretty nice sort of a chap personally, but he riled me beyond endurance with his democratic dogmas and the bulldog stub how many offices the pops would permit the convention to name, adjournment was had until i!:3ii. Upon reassembling the committees reported. The temporary officers were made permanent, resolutions were adopted and tho convention considered the report of the conference committee, which was, in the language of Chairman Bradley, "the same old dose" the pops conceded to the democrats the treasurer, register, auditor, attorney, coroner and surveyor. This brought out a heated discussion, many favoring sending the committee back with a demand for one state senator and one representative, and If refused, declare the stuff off and nominate a full ticket. This sentiment seemed likely to prevail. 1 Bryan and calling upon the a bountiful harvest. Johnson raised an Immense wheat crop and sold it at a high jstand by their champion at bornness with which he clung to them. Of ever constructed in the state, and that price. The mortgage was paid off and a but few old lino's can equal It. He un it In order was the forming course, he will lose, and this thing will teach him a lesson.'' ary organization. The names and vote the fusion ticket as a Godsend deliverance from republican press imperialistic domination. That we condem the republican administration for coercing the nations brave troops into their unwarranted support of capital against labor, in Idaho, and thereby subverting Justice and the welfare of the common people. derstands the track will all be surfaced up so that the new time card will go into efeet September 15. The Burlington does not build the entire u Knowles and William A. rere placed in nomination ilea receiving a majority of distance of 150 miles from Alliance to Brush. Colo., as many suppose, it An Important Decision. The case of C. W. Carpenter et al. and D. K. Dickinson et. al. vs. the Stur-Eis Water Works company were tried some time ago and taken under advisement by Judge Moore. He handed down a decision in the cases, which had been consolidated when they having made tiack agreements with the Union Pacific whereby twenty- three miles of Union Pacific tack out of Sterling is used for the present. snug1 sum was placed in the bank. Johnson is now comparatively opulent and he attributes a large measure of his prosperity to the administration of President McKinley. So firm in the republican faith Is he that any man who talks Bryan lays the foundation for a bitter argument. Here is where young Howard made his first mistake. Like the parrot, he talked too much, tine Sunday several months ago he drove over to the Johnson farm to see his sweetheart and, after dinner he inadvertently Introduced the subject of politics. The remark was an unimportant one. but it showed where Howard stood politically. Johnson flared up instantly. "Any man." he exclaimed, "after watching the events of the last four years, who can still be a democrat. I consider an enemy, if not a traitor, to his country." The remark touched Howard to the quick and he resented it even from his pros No expense has been spared In the but the chair poured out some oil and, advised the convention to submit "for the last time," as a split might defeat Senator Pettigrew and Bryan, that in his opinion the pop party would never be heard of after this year as a national party. The "dose" was swallowed under protest and the convention proceeded to nominate with the above result. Nomination for treasurer was made by acclamation; for register, A. W. Merrick received 74 votes and John Carroll 25; for auditor, John E. Sullivan 82 votes, came to trial, last evening, that Is of more than usu il importance. It seems from an inspection of the record, that the Sturgis Water Works company bonded the pi mt for $50,000, that the bonds were Is.jued after the first $30,-000. in lots of $5000 each and were sold to Colonel Carpenter. Before That we reiterate our heartfelt sympathy for the gallant struggling Boer"? against the tyranny of that usurper of any weakened nation, Great. Britain, and eoudem the secret alliance of the republican party administration with that nation that has always opposed all liberty and independence. That we maintain that manhood, and not wealth, is the true standard of value. That we believe in theDoclaration of Independence, even at the risk of being designated traitors to our country. J. A. GALLAGHER, .( '-" Chairman. construction of the road all the way thru from Alliance, which would in-indlcate that the company expected to make fast time. The Portland and northwest Pacific coast trade out of Denver and other Colorado points has gone over the Union Pacific exclu was declared elected. Wm. was chosen secretary. The I the forenoon was spent In crk. The following commit-i appointed: lea John Ryan, Pan Ken-R. Monkman. Henry Court, th. id Order. R. N. Ogden. W. I, Orman Ong. C. C. Love, A. on8. John Gallagher. Ja3. I G. Becker. Fred Rushton. Ick, Fred M. Brown, ice. George Godfrey, F. P. ties Terry. M. N. Collins, oter. rat Organization John llieo. Geskey. Gus Oberg. Ion then adjourned until 2 ippointed hour the conven-wonvened and the tempo- the last $5000 were issued a mortgage was given to D. K. Dickinson of Lead sively. The new road of the Burlington gives them the shortest line and no doubt will do a big business to the northwest. W. H. Todd 16; the attorney and cor for $20,000, and in the meantime sundry judgments were obtained against the company by eastern creditors, oner were nominated by acclamation. Then came the nomination of a o Circuit Court. The second trial of D. R. Summers brought about by a disagreement of the former jurv, on the charge of county ticket. The committees on conference had met during the noon intermission and agreed on the same division of offices as has been made amounting in the aggregate to several thousand dollars. The Water Works company defaulted in their payments and Colonel Carpenter brought suit In foreclosure thru his attorney, Charles W. Brown. Esq., of Rapid City. McLaughlin & McLaughlin and Chambers Kellar Esq., appeared on behalf of New Precincts. The- county commissioners wilt n eet in special session next Wednesday, as will oe seen from the official notice in another column, for the purpose of formi'ig some new election precincts. Some of the new mining camps where a hundred voters are perjury, was finished yesterday. The pective father-in-lf.w. "I yield nothing to you. sir." he retorted, "in loyalty Lo my country. When President McKinley called for troops I was among the number who volunteered to serve and would have done so had I been needed and called." "Perhaps you did, but past virtues do not atone for present sins. Benedict Arnold at one time served his country well," replied Johnson. Thus was the argument started and tt waxed warm for over an t-our. Several times both men lost their temper. The sweetheart and daughter, seeing trouble testimony was concluded in the morn ing, then followed the argument of Dickinson et a!., and Wesley Stuart counsel. States' Attorney Hayes opening the case, followed by Thomas E. Harvey and Henry Frawley for the prisoner and then Judge Rice closed of Sturgis represented the Water Works company. Mr. Brown, who also represented Carpenter, also appeared for tho judgment creditors. feu ml. do not like the idea of going ten miles to cast their ballots. This county now has thirty-seven voting precincts outside of Deadwood and Lead, which make eight more, or for-U-flve In all. It certainly looks as if the board would be doing something sensible if about half the present county precincts were consolidated. There was but little contention over the claim of the first mortgagee, but as between Dickinson and the judg ment creditors some very nice ques tne past four years, and the convention proceeded to nominate their portion. For sheriff there were two candidates, Tim Foley of Lead, and James Harris of Terraville, Harris receiving the majority vote and was declared the regularly elected nominee. For county judge, R. N. Ogden of Deadwood was unanimous choice, there being no opposition. For superintendent of schools, there were three candidates, Miss Julia A. Barry, Miss Florence Wertman and Miss Olive Knowles. Miss Wertman received 72 votes, Miss Knowles 86, Miss Barry 18. For state senators John A. Gallagher of Lead, and James Conzett of Deadwood were selected. For representatives, J. B. Fairbanks, A. C. McKlnney, Theo. Geskey and C. Cardinal. Joseph Cook of Spearflsh valley was selected hy the delegates from tions arose. Another question enter ed into the matter also which had never been passed upon by our su preme court, that of whether the wa Over injhe Homestake timber camps, where from 200 to 300 men used to be employed, now less than twenty can be found in the entire precinct. To pay election officers for the accommodation cf so few people does not seem a good plan. o- ter works, mains, engines, dams, etc were personality or realty. lization was made perma-i reports of the various I was received. The coin-resolutions presented the which, after tabling a reso-red by R. N. Ogden as an t, was accepted. Quite a bate was Indulged In over Dent presented by Mr. Og-i, if adopted would pledge to the enactment of - Im-for debt laws. This was alnly to apply to the many C enterprises organized for properties, and default in 'f labor and other bills. Iment was voted down by Qtion, as the majority would be too much like J the daya of a hundred or ago when a man could be for debt. Resolutions. Jived by the delegates to t convention of Lawrence ith Dakota, assembled Aug-WO, at Lead City, that we or the rule of the people by and for the people, and we elleve in and advocate The lirect llglsjationln county, atlon, in order that liberty werredl in our common d that laws may be enact-obllc good. believe in the election of ahead, assumed the role of peacemaker, and finally succeeded in taking her fiance off for a walk. From that hour, however, the young man had lost caste with Johnson. After Howard had driven away the daughter was summoned and forbidden ever to speak to him again. Mary was broken hearted. She began to droop. Her father noticed It and after "a time hit heart was softened somewhat. "Let that denied democrat come to see you If you want to," ha said to her one day, "but I don't want any sentimental business. Don't get It Into your head that you arc going to marry him, for you ain't." This was a concession, anyhow. Howard resumed his visits to the Johnson home, and the young people were happy once more. The subject of politics was careful Judge Moore, in rendering his deel on behalf of the state. The arguments of the lawyers were highly spoken of and quite a crowd was in attendance to listen to the oratory-Judge McGee in his charge to the jury gave a clear and concise statement of the law applicable to the case on trial, and at 4:30 p. m. the jurors retired to deliberate. By stipulation it was agreed that Judge Moore might receive the verdict, in order that Judge McGee might return to his home In Rapid City oa the evening train. At" 3 o'lock this morning the jury was still deliberating, not yet having agreed upon a verdict. The situation seems to Indicate another disagreement. As the county has already expended several thousand dollars trying to convict, if the jury falls te agree. Summers will no doubt be discharged from further custody and the charge will be given the same treatment. PRETORIA, S. A, Aug. 25. Special. sion, held that the first mortgage of Carpenter was good, and took prece dence over all . creditors. He further Soldiers' Home Notes. (Krom the Star.) Mr. Mac CcVid, who has been living held that the second mortgage held by Dickinson was void, on the ground that it was given when the corpora near Tllford came to the hospital this week. the Second commissioner district as their nominee. Edmund Rickmond of Elk Point, S. tion was insolvent, and therefore could not prefer any creditor, and D., a member of Company D, First For assessor, Daniel Toomey was gave plaintiffs Dickinson et al. a ly avoided, and to all outward appearances South Dakota volunteers, was admit made the unanimous nominee. l straight judgment for their claim Howard was rapidly reinstalling himself In ted to the home this week. He served with the First in the Philippines. This having completed the nomina with no right of foreclosure, making She good graces of his prospective father- in-law. Once or twice the conversation Stephen Gasgoygn returned Satur tion of the county ticket, the chairman presented to the convention the it inferior to other judgment creditors. In giving Judgment of foreclosure in the Carpenter case, the North Dakota day to his home in Huron. He baa been in the hospital for five months names of the democratic nominees for the offices that were conceded to them, and they were ratified without The? Boer commander. DeLarey, came dangerously near the dead Hoe, but Mary scented danger and quickly turned the talk into other channels. In spite of her watchful efforts, however, the storm again burst forth one Sunday afternoon with a large force, Is threatening sta during which time he completely recovered his health and goes to his home a new man. question. Tne appointment or a tions along the Johannesburg line. ts Senators by a direct vote county central committee was then C. P. Delong, who has been in the le. I decision was cited wherein mixed property similar to that of the water, company was held to be personalty. Judge Moore took a different view of it, and held t:at the property being foreclosed was real estate, thus giving the owner one year under our statutes to redeem. If It were personalty there would be no chance for redemption. hospital several weeks, suffering with what seemed to be cancer of the stom He recently demanded the surrender of a British garrison but it was refused. DeWett has crossed the railroad twenty miles south of Krugers-dorp. heading for the Vaal More of and raged with Increasing fury for twenty or thirty minutes. It was the Sunday following the Kansas City nomination. Howard innocently remarked that he had just returned from the convention. made, and is as follows: Lewis Walters, First ward. Dead-wood; L. M. Parker, Second ward, Deadwood; Harry Deleray, Third ward, Deadwood; R N. Ogden, Fourth heartily endorse the plat-id by the democratic party Sty and by the populist onx Falls in 1900. ach, is on the improve. He was able to be out on the hospital porch a his wagons have been captured. short time this week Tour work up there was all wasted,"

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