The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 23, 1900 · Page 11
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1900
Page 11
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TENDERED A BANQUET SAD SWEET WORD. THE RCPL3LICAN CLB. FLAViN BAKER DEAD. One cf t ie Pioneers cf the Hil A L ationnl Church an Cise Is 3 ar-rc-- -.'. v .i i '. i ; : H a i i La ritU it C Va-i Cise Cc. ' to Mr. Hen. CJ. CO I 'Ida ;.. ,1 , W ..a Fp.rrily. ant. are ?ome- Si" i so li.- if t;' !;. a:, not . . : g: e ' ! icmal i:.un"t be ., ;, . r 1 1" ' im-. in Mr. aii'l I - j la.- t i v i a-, , . urn lii a ill i- ... hi ;is: m with -.11.1 p T h r ni l:, i j ; . ,.t.. lldllK'S Of till' ;i ; . i.i !o 'k cheerful , ai !nrs w. re well :! ;,i i s. tlio an nil-::n'.n(ss was visible. aon ot New York. '.N. I '. C . Aug. IS. a , " :i- .- today an-oi 1 1 ' - a t ' i X.-w ! am! U: nns hnr- Th' M e i ; a t ion of ' ! '. tt.i'i i " 1 laa.'iv Jon duT. ; ' , hoi o -;ghs : , !i . II Great- ' I a , i. .a ! v :i tin. ens a la. ..nns of " ' ' : o ; vv York vhil i I.ovv tin-'. i. halt. in and all of '""ah ol I il oux, "' . 1 1:4 In I he W est a ii in . 1 on l a i. ua ry : : d '. Void. 'ily in en .' Me- 1 rem. . - i : i ' " i c th,. bin orghs ' I 1 1 1 1 ui was " ii.dii.iliin li .11. '. a e i ioiii 1 N'.tl) .'!.: th" annexe, terri- i d to ot jpa fully '!i i hi i . -. I w ,i h Van L ;to:u tb . i i h I" 'III'' Mi Ii 1 1 w ;i slip : ': il ".. ' ' " I. ''' ' "., ''' ' ' ' ', ' " ' '" ; ' 1 " ' ' j u, ;, ; , .-. - i" a' "ii the ' ' '" 1 ' ' , , , , j 1 ; - - ! i--itua'e-l upea S :. nysido '' ' ' ' 1 "'' 1 ! I an .-ii'. .,!.!.- 1 I'uin.'li:.- ' : ' : ' 1 j ' '' , '"'' '' " ' '.' . .,. , , .... , i I : l.. ' ' i . , i w . . I- 1 : in : a - -i : . v i . I -; i - in. ! 1'ierre i - a,d !.... ! !.. - -! , , a'.d his ti, eless i led Pa- - ! C- ,:M' I.: ' ' " I , - , , ...-'.- I -.'...: a : a I : : : !: .a and aid.- ; 1 il ! s"'!'e an t. n I- . ! va:- ... a' , , I': ii- and Ap- ! '" -..Hi -a ..-' n- :.i ..II mi " 'V" "' ' " 1 1 ' aviii ii. i':! d. I:,. ih. 1. -Lit.- I.. I. M I. I' Mm .1 m .1 4 - in ili la hie ill.- Ilui a ll I-. vans Ni.-i 'ii pn- iron, tli'1 ii a- . la I nea: ly 1 1 ami id...,-;n.. .I t!,.- cilled to orner hi- short tho wi'li Mr. Van I ,,,. for Ly t! ne ml., - s i I,.- l.itnilv . . Ii I n h !ir' im K -t w In n I h.. aitiiri. Mr Van Cm. si ipOlif a--o .:i'a I ' I: I'- n-ll I - I, ! i:.jji .a: aid I I'.w a 1 .1 the v. i- r .i!;,!i.,i cf , Ii, , ,.;. wl i) aic soon to v . . i mi rilmt . il i! i i . h Hid i iin-el vat iv e fur-1 1 ; l pi udenee of tnir ham llh ' ' I"ai 'I mi. I I.. a, i in. I I ll 111 : ' I lief, . ..: l, i . " to i a t',i :r home in Den To , .. 1 1 hi. .! mi-.- '- left a wif x -'-..,.;......, .' - e ' . Ihi-eeso'- and ih: laughters, ,,,,,-r I'"' l-'- ':ui(.,vm- loi-d,.- and of whom -,e ,, -dents ... Ih- Mills '"-'' "'''- The I'm . ,al v., II ,:!. da. Mom the I"--- '"" ""' ": Miners' I .mm 11 all Sundav atderinm,, '', ev. ninp w an ciouu. nt and at 2 oVlo- i, F . - .,- Redmond olTa iat- ' ;i1 addn -s ,. -Mv. f. I l.y .lam. W. Hi. 1 1 'I alt th. Ill's! Aaite.-, Inn i MX .-:' Mm 'hi I: -' Marsh (tt was called to preside wain- ill ih" ru. --is and ,-. ia s-.-d nlT as -nmiil h y as if Mi V -1 1 1 1 L' -ta!.-, la h;s pi- vat. has hern hliimeles: I -l full nf liiipe an lit-' Mr. V;in f'iso always an optim- ,air spoke of the ukme Hi He -pohe for an hour am I intr. Int. mi. i will lio mad.- in the fowler, 1 ..... ,:. ... , i v half, tun ';m rise m aim ior i ne iHiil cheer, ready o( Mr. removal meant hint; i: pon all t la - il a I i pres. ,ii t i a m pa i mi . 11.' I , i a i ni ii i. c. -in ei e. , a i , n.ii..".i with a helpin:; hand for the no j, .nil 0-f 111- had In-, n si'i'vin g banquets .- . -ry .1, The following is a copy of ll..' mi:m Soup. . ... ..... ..... w, ot If .lurch nn.l .anrnini;i . nr 01- j nas in' lai'-i.ii ai i . 1 1 1 - lie ii. IT"'- o je follow in- ih inn p. ipi-ni with its leudin.; -hihlioltth. that of nfti.e -rah Inn-:, in :. masterly maim. r. Mr. Fo vlei's ills Resolutions. . , ..':itiiiii:il church Real Estate Transfers. Cf buy. cech evoked III lit" tl 11 1 h U S a I .-1 1 1 alld Jl'hilip and William M. Hull to limn ,ety of i. ad a cod lias icaineu Hume a la .lard n i m Olives. I'iiKl, Saut'-rne. Fish. Tinut. Saratoga i"hi tin friiiueiit applause showe.; th' ap et" i. !ii"lills. (illt claim ueeii to one- 1 1 of t In- ii t mplatod lab- Hum nr third interest in the following iii'inini: claims in Ida drav i 1 st I ii t : ICinma i at an ' .11 I'ahe.l I. lot Mr I Kc'.vwn van 'ise ami Sib word nl em iiui.menieiit fur the despoil 'hut. with a full of sympathy for Ih'- sin Tiiwinn and Iroiildeil. a Iri'iid that never deseited, s-lf sa.ii -lii i in: and loya I. 1. To him, one nf dud's imhleinen We II..U say rood bye and llnil speed We tin-t he will carry with him phasant and fadeless memiries of his Innu' sop, m I! atnntiK us , and for each individual nienitier of this liar, only the most cherished rememlicran-ces, Idnitine; out the unpleasant and preserving the Kindly thoiifjhts. the j.w. ls of the mirnereil years. W'e shall follow him with our hopes, our prayers and fervent wishes for his il 'ill IIIII'm'I s. Knas I. , cub Sliced Tiinia'iM Mint Sam.-. salable faiin.y. 1 and 2, llawev Fraction I and '1. Set-tie May I anilL'. Thursinan 1 andL'. X Ray. Vul. hi No. 1 '2 and and Sparta Nns. 1. il and 1 i Mrs. Vac Ci.-e have long Ma-h. NiW usocIateJ with us In ihurch I'nlaloes Ma t . t Ii mian Punch Itoasl Spring Clue -ml nave ever I ten liberal, and ictive, and we shall miss teem in our church cir- r.reeatlon of the so'ind aruutn. nt which Mr. Fooler Is so well able to make The com.nitt'O which was appointed to wait on Mr. Van Cise and as tini to visit the meeting in order that the club niiizhf extend a formal laiodbye. and it: some way dm wtheir appreciation of his loyalty and splendid serv ices to t In party for t h" la-t twenty t hi'-e ..ears report Mtliat Mr. Van Ci-e was hein p-u'ei t a ined at the Cotmre-L-alional . hur, h. If" r.'urett. d fhat he . ouid not m.-.-t w iih t he i lull, and in. ri r is mad.' of t lie heme of 1 li ad wood's hanil- Annuuu trothal of I'ofat' M in. a .ills ai i jr. Van Ci.e be. n a meni- society ladies to an L; our bo.t:d d 1 1 u-l. es lor many ,p Sal and a i.i t -! -oiliest oatiJ ( iinaha la w er Chaid.-s He. u hi. Ii aa v i h. ;n choul and Portable i'stoffice for Troops. S IT! WCIHc i i, 'i a ,, s. tie- American postal -.'Mice to be established in China, who with his assistant, d. M. Hunt, sail.-d mi the War- 1. II. says the m lie used fnr (be Tinted Stabs troops will he portable. 'I hi'V I an be put together III' taken apart as camp luggage Military station No. . to be hunted at Tahu. wii; be kept a record of the movement of the troops, so that as good mail di-pat, , hs to and from China may h. had as in any other cput of the world. The Half Cent. A movement is on foot to put a one-half cent coin in general us in the 1'nited States. . v.-ial suggest ions have ben made to the government, and a doenm. nr v.a- presented, signed by !h" of the big department stoi es in the '. ai n.i: la: i idee thr. Highlit:! "n . 1 1 1 1 ;.- fs'ic. v. !!: Ill" i Is far lio ii oia-y in mal, itig; i ha I!-.-.' l'toi-i. i:id.- many im-llmd-i of imprc.v r:i.. nt. bat f--r ball' a century p'-t. in s:.'e of many im itat ions, nothing has a i.-.-n n . .pial Hosteller's Stomach Bitters. the cteate-f benefactor the human rac (has ever known. This medicine cures constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, biliom-ness, nervousness and sleeplessness, alsoprevents malaria, fever run! agii". Ho sure to get the genuine with our Private Revenue Stamp over tho nc - k of the bottle. hit n jces wue a i.' Claret, d Maynniiai- I 'lie se Stick-. A - u il -I'l .e ! r . (.';. n ..' ... ;. .- I ..i i : I. i - i HO fi.l. enpv of th ! to Mr V him as the r n i l i nir. irtii-h. d with to I ion-, ill Ci .-p: . I V left lll-t eVetliim pons,, to a tie :.. ii.-w.. that Ii '.- v, II a I .- I a ; m d a pa : ' v f -!mm i VV. -.!. oi i i-t t : i I;. .! ' r line. 1. 1 1' w h ;! Ill .a '' pi. w a.- hop. a. -- Ml-.- (ll iv. -. oa us.' !' '! . . 1 1 1 i tr . d I :l la and !. i. worker in our ,:i hi) h j.. i alums !. s vac ,mt will -olvcl :..i al of M r. Va n . th.-' . inn . h and . at '(: .- and d -ii !, ha..- ..!..- :nr th.-.r a 111. 1" : i i j . i 1 1 i j i . ai .') and In llevo-i h Ma r liu inory r . lid better Ie- ret -irii' d b' re m .: . n I 1 nit. d Stat. -u mild gladly ad li e- -d !.,- .,bl time r pub-tn forma 1 far. wa l adjourned suli'v t to if '.t. He Has a Record. hall and (' . k a! d w . I . r, w I . ate, tu c lub Mi n ;:,! of . i The tie , 1 at. d t '- IP ' - a s. : a p'.er in ties In I- h Ihev o I tliMl'- Mi Flkh or na?. I j ' ' i ! t ' i lit'CIl- "1 ' A Reported British Reverse. Ida. ;u I! ,V. '-d A . Aug. I s C-.-'.V.-. a' in' a t una llrovilig a i I ' 1 1 ' a ' i e 1 1 ' ' sn In in -n doing has t w j. .- u iTli- p.e 1 month beetl 111 pnl ie,. eoi it I:, a ' "I an 1 wi.l . :.' -r U the ll.ll' a. Iron s;.v- IV there '" a I 1, Ih hat'L d In .1 I n, ir- li . iop1,.'.. - t hit in - esi.-i .lay i I now n iiii.l. r the ui. : -a lb' !a. d a f.-vv .. n- tile I Ie !l i,- I rniii 'illdc T I the K of I if' . that k.-d : h'.irnirir 'v til 11! i n y he: mixes I'-et and 'Okell He WIS ged with being too pugilistic-ally '-,r !. and both times paid tines. I last time ir cost him nea- titty j tMi I n ' i. cut. has Tl aii-v aa I Welt a!t,,c l: ll and c. ith troops. jtds o:' k ir;n and the c- pn i.-r. w ho I llt'o'.V n e of his t --e, ai, deep real ej ; hilt M !'. had . on. 1 u 1 1 1 d to i . ai i iv . Th d four tliou-aml llrit o! t lie and nob'e lives nevur S W'Te 1 4 tkee otir friends, departing i il v a lid i nun' r y he had idol :aak s He t In-n t umed his hut irs to settle matters with the law ..)(f ,,, ,,e,-vvtse l-,i,s,l ,,p Tip Mm-he appears to enjoy the sport and .,, w,. .,ssislc,l in sloi-tiitu: the team leave In hind to bear, as wu Van disc from the hi I"'d to ai tent iop II.. made members. goldea harvest in the clays to to the Par ami the In mli. some witty hits at local whi ll were received with saddest things in this world was not injured. The Klks had a lively meeting Wednesday evening, wli-n ihree new members were taken into the mysteries of IClkdotn. Thcv were A. J. Ah- a couple of evenings ago he got another subject to "lieat up" in the person of an inoffensivi man of a good many summers, and the young man lor brute) knocked hitn clown mid kicked him alw.ut the head until Die Another Big Industry. rilll.AHKI.NIIA. Aug. IV- Special. If. ('. Fi n k i ; s Hire based land near Wilmington. H.daware. to build a big steel mill, for the manufacture of ship building i n.terial. Several thousand men will ; employed. pattings, and to Mr. and Mrs. Cise. Ethel and I'hiliu, this and society now say goodbye. hi arty laimhter. The judce thomtht 1l:e judiciary ; houl.l never be elc live, the judicial ermine should never be dragged in th 1 dirty pool of politics. He thought the office should be always an appointive one, and gave in terse l 1 y. the Burlington conductor, and 'Jie pray.-r en every lip. "The old man was horribly bruised and bleeding. If the crowd around had! UUh between thee and lue 'tare a! sent frum one anoth- Th' odore Geskcy and Steve Zerega ot Lead. Seven candiiiaes were favorably acted upon by the order and will join at the next meeting. for anguage unansweranic reasons unanswerable reasons Race Riots. LIHFRTY I'lTa, da., Aug. 18. Special Race riotn are in progress here. Five blacks and one white are already dead. The Htate militia hap arrived on the scene :o suppress further ;at these resolutions be spiead lie records of the church and NO HOPE OF RECOVERY. The Doctor Said, But Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him. "My son was suffering with severe Tamps and was given up as : jyond 'ope by my regular physician who stands high in bis profession. A neighbor ran in with a bottle ot Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and after administering three doses of it my son regained consciousness and recovered entirelv within twenty-four hours," says Mrs. Mary Haller, of Mt. Crawford, Va. This remedy Is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips. and that an engrossed copy made a rope play instead of allowing this Jeffries to beat up an old man it would have bee nmore to their credit. Jeffries was, however, arrested yesterday and arrainged before Judge Walsh who placed him under $100 bonds to await trial, which is set for Monday morning at 10 o'clock. In default of his bond he will be held in the county jail at Deadwood. The prisoner Weil by the clerk and delivered Mr. and Mrs. Christie and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Tekete of St. Ixmis, arrived in towtn on a visit to .1. B. Le Beau of Central, who is the father of the two ladleB. They drove over to Spearflsh last evening for an outing Van Cise. fffWashibaugh moved the adop- his belief. Norman T. Mason responded to the toast. "Recreations of a Lawyer."' Mr. Mason was witty and entertaining to a degree and pleased his hearers, as was evidenced by frequent applause. The next toast. "The Bar," was responded to by Judge Moore in an entertaining manner. No mistake was made in assigning to Henry Frawley the subject, "Reminiscences of the Bar." His address was of unusual interest, in calling the 'the resolutions, and made a over there. Mr. Le Beau had not seen narks appropriate to the occa- should be given the full limit of the ' Hg daughterB for Rome time and was punishment as set forth by the law fork, pastor of the First M. E. Fignt Postponed. The Fitzsimmons-Sharkey pugilistic encounter which promises to be one of the most important bouts of the year has been postponed It will now take place August 25 at the Seaside Sporting Club grounds on Coney Island, a bulletin having been sent out to th. effect vesterdav. ho i,ad known Mr. Van and he will probably learn that the strength given him by nature was not for the purpose of abusing and lieat- N school boy, a college student. Ud soldier, testified to his EXCURSIONS TO COLORADO. roll of absent members, eighty-eight ,n his fellow men if he lives a few and character for the past greatly pleased to meet them. The negligee dancing patty given by tho Olympic club Thursday evening was not so negligee as it might have been. The ladies were radiant in charming gowns and many of the (,'entlemen were attired in full dress. There was an unusually large attendance, many from out of town tieing more years. N'e years. Sttley Fpoke of Mr. Van Cise's in all. forty-four of whom are dead and some haw achieved distinction ir. distant fields. His references to Mr. Van Cise were cordial and met Via Northwestern Line to Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. F with the Congregational , Men it was the only oreani- i A Lawn Sociable. A lawn sociable will be held on the I ilieious society in the Black lwi,h universal approval A Sure Go. SIOl'X CITY, la.. Aug. 18. Special. The extension of the Siou City, O'Neill & Western railroad from O'Neill. Neb., to Alliance, Neb., to connect with the Burlington system, has been dete-mined upon by the Coffee's ' famous orchestra spacious lawn adjoining the residence present clever dev. "en they had no house of wor- I Thomas K. Harvey made a "tktirown: whp-n t.M ,h- ! address on the "Pioneer Lawyer of Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith at furnished the music, which was, fine. Central City Monday afternoon The evening was pronounced one of building and- roueh board and evening, under the aus- the most deligntful the gaiests bad re hnelhd of new nine, and still cently enjoyed. toned ?nd painted seats re-t lion, jonn . .Nolan, mavor and a benches and the walls were prominent mining man of Garden City Rate: One fare plus $2.00 round trip. Tickets -,:i sale August lldh and 2oth. For all information call at Elk-l.orn passenger station. 3t (McLaughlin & McLaughlin. Attys.) SUMMONS. In the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Circut, Within and For the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. Mary Gillespie, Plaintiff, vs. Raymond C s...iespie. Defendant. The State of South Dakota, to the Above Defendant: You are hereby summoned and re When they had no nreaeh- was In the metropolis yesterday. By a pices and for ih benefit of the Central M. E. church. The refreshments will consist of ice cream and cake, while the total expense will not exceed fifteen cents. Everbody come. The Rev. Martin Thomas, pastor of the M. E. church, Terry, will occupy the pulpit of the Central City M. E. vn Cise read selected ser- which was deserving of the liberal applause tendered. "Parsons On Partnership," was the subject given .'ohn K. Wilson, and no member of the bar present could have gotten more out of it, of interest to those prsent. Mr. Van Cise was called upon to respond to the toast entitled "Our Gut of the Evening." He spoke with much feeling and showed the deep appreciation he felt for the kindness and ccurtesies shown him by brother the beginnine to ures- (Jreat North." n management. The line is now under survey and it is expected that it will be built next sea-srn. However, it is claimed that the work will be started sooner if there should come p. -.fiiod of more reasonable pric es in : feci. The dreat Northern has the O.Velll & Western on its hands and an extension to the Black Hills is a natural conclusion. It is understood traffic arrangements are Cise had been a wllline rUd a liberal recent marrlag" Mayor Nolan says the population of his town was inn creased by one. In honor of the event a grand ball was given at City hall, at which the mayor, chief of police, chief of -he fire department and leading lawyers were the guests of honor. The newly married couple r , church, on Sunday evening at 8 ! o'clock. Sunday school at TerravIJJe and at Central at usual time. Everybody welcome. William M. Richards, ) Ci8. for himootf nrA fm. "wed the f e farewell reception had i members of the bar. Pastor. I InrnriDn j . v , ii already in progress between President Hill of the Great Northern and President Perkins of the Burlington. The line will give Sioux City direct connection wjith the Black Hills auu me K,nuiy f1 apoken would ever be Ne tixeat uegno, was iue fuujcci. given Colonel Steele, the prince of post prandial orators. The hour was late, nearly 3 a. m.. but Colonel Steele found time to say many very pretty things and to say them well. Following this. Mr. Van Cise's - s--: uiiucesi memen-7 had oppressed him 'Win. II... ... i mat wnne a resident of I 't had tint VI. u-hrtlo i'lk Ak,..V . ... Anarchist Plots. NEW YORK. Aug. 18. Special The United States secret service agents who arrested Natalie Maresca W e commun'- have gone to housekeeping in flats of their own furnishing. Col. J. R. Buchanan, the well known general passenger agent of the Elk-horn and L. A. darner, superintendent ot the American Express company, with headquarters in Omaha, arrived in town yesterday in special car No. 7. They visit-Mi Lead and looked after Deadwood interests, and tomorrow they go to Hot Springs ancl on Sunday they goto Omaha. Mr. Buchanan has been making a tour of the system, having come here direct from Casper. Died at County Hospital. Joseph Rivard ,an inmate of tfce county hospital, died yesterday morning at 2:30 o'clock, from paralysis. Deqeased was admitted to the hospital on the 8th of this month and he was about 40 jcars of age. He came to the hospital from Galena or vicinity, but very little could be learned regarding him. He will be burled today from the i ndertalcfng rooms of S. R. Smith in Lead. . l - uacK over thp nas he ny duties left undone; -T opportunities. He would and Michael Guida. two Italian an health was drank standing. Then came the resolutions offered by the cemmittee. which were adopted ny a standing vote, and which every member of the bar felt were his own sen- quired to answer the complaint of tiia plaintiff in the above entitled act' in, which was filed in the office of tho Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the Eighth Judicial Circut, in and for the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, June 12, 1P00, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office in Deadwood, in said County and State within thirty days after the service of this summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service: and if you fail tc answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Mclaughlin & m laughlin. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Dated Deadwood, S. D., June 12, 1900. archists on th-? steamer Kaiser Wil- "jWtk 7 good will i. t A deen fooling At c lvhat had been done for t'n,ents- Tho reso,utions ailPted; helm II. are watching every steamer from Europe. It is said there are twelv. ,.tt,er anarchists in a plot hatch. 1 it Ni-tles. to kill President as reDO J ov Judge uenneu, reau i W& never miss an oppor-L? kjnd word for Dead-People. . WclllaIn McKinloy. Nine are Italians and three Austrian-. The inotructructions are. to follow Maresca and Guida to "u me ceremonies He finds the grain belt in fine condi-tiot and while the range has been dry stock never looked better. The real hardship from effect of the drouth will come laer probably by making a searcitv of -.titer fed. It would be a most excellent plan if the city authorities would clean the gutters along Main street every Saturday. It. should be done at once for lanitary reasons, if no thought i tak-;r of appeara-v es. as follows' Whereas, our brother, Mr. Edwin Van Cise. who has been associated with us in all phases of our calling for over twenty two years, is about to Fever the ties that have bound ns so long, and make his home and continue the United States, so that in case the latter failed 'n their mission, others k iu t e am. cake and n, renainder oP the 'Pentfii a social wav. might take up the terrible work.

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