The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1900 · Page 6
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1900
Page 6
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SEATTLE SCENES. Rnv Ck. ouarna . . . the vessel n. . S. What Roy L. Sharpe Saw On Hi First Visit There. Bound Over. The four men who a few days ago held up Will Lowe's clothing house, were again before Justice Early yesterday' They had no defense to make, and then, the evidence was so overwhelmingly against them that they I ad nothing to say. The judge bound a little while Moflnt niams appears. aJso a monster and snow covered, but not bo large as Ranier. They are : i the west of you. In a few hours oi get into the mountain range, and noth ins more is seey of Ranier until yr,u approach the western -kins of ti.e range. Then all it once it looms up on vour .-tr an. I inn an- passing n i li Iio -on.. Hii. - .' .i . . A lan. -, i - Hot s.-en ag.MIl My ttii- ' !!: i ; I'M'1 I I'. I . el.-,' I , jl II.' - (.J i; I Sail for Nome. SEATTLE. Wash.. July 23. 1900 1 have tngaged passage for Nomtf on th' steamship Tacoraa. and expe't to Le landed on the beach at the new r arap during the first week in August 'lhe lacoma will sail Wednesday ewning. July at J o' lock for her third tri r.orti. having saiU-.j !;, ."h mi lmr t-r-i and Liti.- ",'th o;. :-. ' "H'l tri. She l.a.s l.e.-ti p. ,t.. ' I'.t rt ' I T-i onia -:t;. .. f : , ; -' Judge Early :, foe. the res,;i, ,,. a dog that did a. judge wan-., i Uu!-Qg ' t William' Warm Words. BERLIN, July 27. Special. Four thousand German soldiers sail-.ri from 'iremenhaven today for China -Em-j-eror William, in addressing tiura, said: ' Your task is one of revenge for the murder of my ambassador. G.vv no pardon and make n prison ers Open the way to civili.ntien and f. T.-ViT " O Another Ray of Hope. LKil'.IN ,lil S.-. : , iii.- ' ;! . m; .. i l'i. n T r. , judge inns,-,. . ll.t in .'"and ml" '.'He i SEATTLE Vash.. July 2',. I'rof. Walter I'. Jenny and wife arc in Seat-tic, guests at tin' Kanicr-t irand. They have just arrived fmni Portland jy steamer 'I'll' i . i . j leil.-, iim- that Me is kepi mi tin- num- pn-tty 1 1 ; t r I y all the lime and l-in ail pairs of rh" em i n r i i i .1 in ' i m ' II- 1 i ' trip I,.- ' . !: -...v. : n. " . He, C T- , v to appear to the next III' II Will meet let N'o ipili'illg '.ell Ot till 111 to in llie .-inn d! t Ih'Iii None el i! .it i ' ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' nf ti.. :!. . '" I I I i ',' ! -..II- Iio;- "Il'l the li-,:;i Is Vi.-IV so-.. lld - Mr I .1. . I A I I.:. I I I i . lie : lie- pro I'Mil- Mil' A.;,' l .. M. lie r i.di.-r l! II 1 1 1 1 . i I. I '. I'-! ie If t- la, 1 1 - ' :is t i i '.i w .'! inn p. 1 ii i ; I li: e- I'll.. ppMies to lllte 1 ' ' i V .-if 1 . 1 ' . - I ibb ml .1 i;o - TI," II' II " I 111 ' ' I.' - h.l 11 ie 1.(1 nf . I'M ; :;t alnl ' .i n M...i I I". over ih,. i: ,.v W llOse ;,, ,r, , liirnie-i. Ml 1 1. aduoo.i ''.' i ! i -. i to t, , The Wool Indjqt-y. .1 l'i !! 1" d ' . ' in 1 1 shipment I - I" tim ".i-i.Tii mar I'll - e- llile ,'ls ,1 1 hi a I. T'ie I'li'iiklin , . v. ill I his mi' mar-'": "an!" . l east nl' .'I'd pi ices 1 n all li nd Minn lor I,, st '"in: I of laio- lass p;n-mi mi hi ion - ( :itll. n I I ; . . .. , In. I, l a . I,. i I!.. Id., i. l i -..-n . ii'. i I ' 1 1 ,. a :i-,-i! n 11.11 . ' n !! heal.-d and lubi.-.i in ''Vl " " il v -p. s sal - ti, tilling room and so, ml hall furii' nl'Iicer an,- m'M s lsa li- I 'e i ' .it' I. .ai u. n- in He 11:11 ' ... I TI,.-. a il u li . e a ,.. ; n I i . .1 1 1 1 Mull-' pi i bulling Hi I li'' 1 1 1 1 1 - and :i --I-. a I lei glial 1 1 i 1 1 1 of llle people . Apia 111 1 IIL thai tbe han- mil In a; d mm 1 1 . -1 . lor a long i inn-Alaskan Outfitting Points People oil I II I 1 1 11 l; lor Alaskan po.lils ill Inline v. ill lind 'I .e . .in i I'dP. a. sal is fa .loi y as S. all I.- ' )' I , u ill lilnl llle low ii in , nun li in 1 1 1 1 1 llklllg. Unless Hi. Halll a Wild West and eiililhing ; - uneli lii'in na(ill al'le Alan hi Ml.. ..,-iuua l"i .ml i -if. -it o ":H is to t '-si!! who . , it i . . . in::. :i, ' t h ., ltd M -t of . w ,, " 1 """I m I l"l e Wild ai. pie,,,, . (, ' M'loll llle i ! Il- s Ol ,e , onntl'J llle : III .Jl Hlolllln; inleels n! e llllls I'loper and II n.nlii nihil '11 to Ih'-lll Immense lloehs ot sheep lind pasluia-e wnhin lie- shadow of om i- n d m' !-" Ii'i-v ::; : J .1 :...,, M l(l ha : I : ' ' n " i'l tl ly vo.t,.; I n- ,,,, his i I,, in s;,,,, Op. aha ,. ",s 1 - I,,- :, , ;.'.;... -, W i h h (IMP i"' .!! 'lii I I .' 1 1 bis i pi M ,11, 1 1 1 CLR STAR IN GOTHAM. Shown the Elephant by a Pioiee: Tones Correspondent. i-:n ni ii J iii ' i v.. ni.. : .- l: I I- II im I.el ' . .ni,. e . 1 1 1 1 1, 1 i . 1 1 1 , i . in.- i : . , in'!- .-'ia -. i t , i i,. , , ', d :i lend 'c Iff I" I p. i - - mi. n-c I.I ... lie- IP e K II,!! . , mil. i ' a i- "...I . U I I . I,,l,,l I I , , ll,, , mi, I'd I n- pi' a -., li I . 1 .11 I, a l I h, ii I , . :.- , - i. : ' ' 1 1 1...I,.- ... :. ' li. I - bp ill : .a,-. I,, : : , . a ' -i I ' I ' 1 a I ii !' I hi 'lit . a l.' ... ' !! in 1 1 - n ! -. ! ; li n - ' n" n t sii . ; . in ,1 , . "' 'ni i -.'-! II,! p. II I ... n,, i'1 on - e, , , I i h f,l. i I , ., I 'In' Mills and at M. II,. l-'mn, P.. .. ' d Willi a piano and nthei iliin-- t. ''I tin- ennui Tie- -, . ,,nd , ia ,s ., 1 "Milll'id.ll lien al',- silie',,l' to Hie III -I ' I l.-s "II ,,,,,,, ,, ,. .,,..; boats see b'l" ' omi-1 im; of lai'K,-. well i , nt , I.' I' d "in pa i r m. in -. , , , 1 1 ., 1 it; , i ;,,,,! I'lllill.' salooll -ItiTt nil,,-!' e, it. 1 , iel, e - Tlu-ie i . a ,. ell in, lor oml i ;., . I a --a n ;e'-s v. le-n n , nm.-s t,, ,, . , P'nil'-a- Imiiei.-i and in d i i id i lin HI ins tn il -I I,.- I,,-,,! .e,. I III'' hll L'lvsl Hind ni.ii K, ts 111 the iiortbweM -fhe ,s mini .-ah- Hi,.,-, l i i '. t I lie in ii I h ma ke I. ill Ii pi. ii . ami I In n liinuuhl liimilni ail Hi. -I i Wlllisi llo.l.s I, in ,o-e in,l; to Hie Hill . an, ;, ii,,. i;al hei in- e'-'l be lea.l- s,:,.- this Near. He 1 '! "i t '.line 'it I'lmn a trip over the l: l!-" .' ltd sai 1 !,;,, he had never see", ' ai tb- !ool, in-' -n m .di ' ith. r -!p'p I" "- W ill di n tl,,.,, , :,,,. In lihp Ii Why the Train Was Late. Th' i:irVni'ii pa-.s.-iiMei- was about I ii i ' ale! a ha ! f linn i s late l , , I r-li ay i: im- the l-siiii o; ihe lueakiiii; "I i ' iciplam pin mi I h. fast freight i -lei ' lii-tan. nut of Valentine. The ell il!'" I pi fed his nam out of ! ale - a' I I" . let I loir yesterday '' " i: n .Me! , 1 I ' I i . , i.lsl f epjJit . 111" . had lln - loi in. a ipl ,11, e 111' in - Im- -he !, . s' nf ih : , tlc-m b" ,. n , H :'! s. w!,. n i . I I is (fl ip w as ,-, ... , and during : ,. and met men t , better i b-i .,;' n ei 'T had li. :'..: ; month or .so .-,!, ; .. not a lltt'e . ap:. t Miss . !!,,. ;,. . ''! -.1 '!' il .1 I i. I b w in i hai h. . I ., ry - Inm! at i ii : ; Me- i .. ; i n i ie I -1 i. Mi ll lias lepieseliled Selel.ll millions Ol' dollars of i apiial The n n , s nlf.-ied hi tin- buyer., ami , om in is.sion ni' ii present, houa i ei'. I,,,,! no i hai ni for I he mill, rs nf I he wool, ami I hem were matin no sales, he sheep men dei id iiik to .store their woo! and hold it fur better prices. This was done, and Micro is now stnred al ltele l-'onn li,. fully insured L'tmi pounds of "(III! of the lilies! - ;,de 11 i. l will be held until after tin- pi-s,ent lid eb-e- i' I! Tile .-le.itHshlp is fllll plllle.-e,j ,,,, stiongly built, beimr shealhed unh steel, and able to stand roujlit treat !i l ' 1 1 1 without , a i Mm in 'on, et n i nu' her ;n I na I si a i oi l 1, im ss a a, j Ii iicil i d ispnsii i, a, i can pt nbalip, , ; . i "k limn il.f .'111 U ill I 1 11 hen I H, I mi se, 'e-. , ,;, liny I. sii l;i'i: SOL STAR'S PILGRIMAGE. Mm Tn-1.. I- I . . e I i I I 1 t . e; 1 , , t i,. lollnwin I. -it.-r Hum S., S'.,:-, i, ii i til i a I a liw ii . . - ,i . a .a i ,. a , I . ! -:.''' In 'la ' i i I 1 1 I I . . . '. . , HI ; I 1 " I T . c: - , ! p. II is a i id.- of I. hi pi ie mo i-,. ihaii ,u until between lln- pin Inwn.s anyway the steamer laic ranging I mini j.i ti. T.'i cent.-,, according In the i lass ol lln iinal 'I'm oina is not I be a. I u e ila. e that Seattle is, for lln- latter is e pencil i -inn a boom. Mm e h i n in Ta coma is on a siibstan ,al l,a,. ami ilie town has an mini lariei.i m ie soiiri es. It is sil'ialed al lie' li.-ad of I'llUel . (Hllld. and I s liecoill l llle Heral ii beal shipping niuii ot Ma 'a eilic coast. The lai'Ke--l ii a I a Iioii.m in tlie noild is in i nurse of con l rin I ,. in there, and will be coinpleled tins ic.ii . It stands on an lnnneiise nil t liar li i -been made and is beini; made in r,i, Mlllllll, at I he III. i. II ni a, 'n allop 1 i H I , ami I n n l.u m ill , , I v; i li . ; ln.i elllllc- a I- ell I.I I 1 II . Ill' i I y I 1 1 1 n I (Il llle i il el si i I ha i la re ii.iai . ( ,,! -, i in lii llle u hai I I In i . i . . .'a (.. . ,, lai l'c- t f a w mi lis i.n lln i ...i.-l ,,i la coma an . i line u , , n . I 1 1 . n:a n Ilel' ill Willi II I .ie :i II . ' ,,: i ; ; . I'lll'l'i Is .1:1 I. a In, a I, I I . ,1 i i , . .1 o 'II. 1 I: ' llllll lias been settle, I. I'll'll llllle- ' "i n d and -. I. ! Il , I I . a bonl tlm s;ini. unto ihat i,,. ,,1,. I . i ' ! - I. I ! '. 11. I ' ' th",r W Us bellie held al I lelie f, , , , ,e I II, !' n- I slop i imiip-er and t Ih- i I d lint I nth of the in es, nt moil' Ii t hei .' w a ,, il. a r lia pel ( '. i ,, s a m I'm. hi u - "h I 1 . 'P 11; : !n lot , M il II. V. 1 .-,ialre li al a'.tei! : I... il. dil n, p. -iie. I to llllllei;ai mi lot !:e a .very ; it th , t:. . -d;n ,' II ll:- , . ;,.-,' -OH- ,' !in;iin :,, ,:,(it!,'' t,u- i iml'l ,. ii li i ili'l '1'1,,-s.. are I,gnid.-. . that , il ss 17.V fOIlM ,, 'is'' 111":. ., . n vislt- ,,, mo or : Hnr-' mrt'inl .) HP-.:s..r in : ,,'A live? ;n win- : . lislt . . ,,-.lllt :if- a'.v Ie id Il d 111 r M a i ! -Henry William - '.' iM-n v. I,:, Ii . i . -. i nd : 1 1, ni. -: m . la in t'.., hi in-. , a ' ; ! I . I', m , : I 1 I e I 111, I a t, I e W.I and I !:. sleep nan ,,: lor. 1. : ., n t n i :, :i , 1 : .li I I ' ' I 'a- I ie-1 1 . 1 t .-land r..i;n 1 il In In T a nd 1 1 nil., i - lln - ... ma III (ll I hem four feel I III. k . a I e 1,111 up an incline in means m an . i, t chain ai landed with in the saw-tables They are then- hand ! 1 l.i a system of iliiuhes and cant hunks operated eiilii ely In macliiiiei . 'I he I HI alio' m : nihil;.. I s- . I ,- .1! I I h. i 1 1 . , I tml .. ipinl e. and . Ill's Sliiie,) i ,!! 1"!'- Ill' If ill loi ' , , 1 ha . c 1 1 1 s. 1 1 at i In pre like I he holder- of the 1,11 anna., IM. i lam. ,! I n, I. a ...nlli Mi Williams and 1 in ' In- Pa. - i pu I '"'- li.'.'ilM, allow 1 '" !! Hill- i I an i: :t h.l - ! 11 1 1 . - I I..- ni i. hi. h -in . i :..H': i,,. i, I. I man on im- n-ici can main- one. (l Kaii, Cm and i . 1 1 . I'min In- ih. i the llioiisteis dame aiouiid 1 1 s 40i e j s, , , t h. 1 1 . 1 1 p a ml will hold it p,. I he ham., in 1 . i w .- tin t h III .1 a 1 1 If Mil V Hill , c a II ,i. n .,(., ,,s .in, (,iu il. II, lie e ,1 i, , - 1 I lees ( eni 1 - ' ' ' - ! M. Mnll bin ' v P al i l L'n pi am I - n, -i ii,-. i.- ,,, .1.-,,,.. ' !-;.r tie- M' re ciia ! ed nl I h man i 1 n i i 1 1 cr 1 , 1 1 -1 a ... . e . , i ; . 1 1 1 , t, nils was a ;i ,, - , . ,, ,i, , n i The ii. -l aiiin,a! .-.-s. Ml 11 lii I , h i Mi'' i a 1 1- si; p, . in-aii. 1 will hae Si:.- ha- ,e-t ., , let .!.'. 1 ' ad.'. Ml a da i , -i I :lsl to 1 e.l. I- w ;..-i a d and mo 1 likely I match Willi 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 ami linger There is a la rue wheal elevator at Ine place, ami a large number of ves Kcls ale constantly in noi,ss nl lead illK- Jim Hill Of tile (Ileal Xollhelll has two vessels beiim built Ilia; will ply between tin- American inast and China, to an cinnindate the Inu trade of the sound. When completed they will be largest craft, ever Moated. They will be sister boats, and earn st. m hoiisi s 'I'll,': e a im unit . i :n ,t , d ,h, m , In a ., i im an s repi , s,-n t I Ie- i ool i It p ol' I Inula, k 1 1 1 1 is , ie in I i fur I he sea sou I nl passed, for there naie be,-n many sales hi Hi, oivneis of small Ihmks which are not talo n into a, , muii in these ,1,'lll'es. An estimate of the total wool clip of this section tor the time men 1 I'l , (CM, ;n w , : , I , I 'ha pcrnticil In nil ,n 1 . I m Hi sum.. In .- dil'li. aiiti ia .-e. uriuK re - I" 'I, . I. I, 1. i "pnlls t T I ill I Ih.. pnn, jiii!s ill (Hit- h.-hl at Milwanhe. and I d , - . ai ii ,n tin i: a ii , a , 1 1 i -' all who 1 1 a -. . an interest in ICIIoloin to hn up snfij, inn? Illcfe III enable them IO he pi e-elil and attend It will certainly ripav tlmm for all mil lay- and expenses have learned how to conduct social sessions in i ground - ii K districts, but as- she is n hnctlor I I'" iH haw ,!,,., nil in in lime to I -' I'd in t he ca i i i,,-e of I 'a pi i mi I an: l.Mid of the polb e depii l I in- nt on,. ,,i 'bid's noblemen Sol will tomorrow, tak" in Central and Kivctsi eY park the museums. Grant's tomb ct. . ami later in the (lav scoot over to Manhat Ian h. The evenings well ask t loncd by one of the largest wool will have a length of 74." feet, longer man a tinod show in-j. ih orge I--, 1 1 ni-u,, ,, i .y , ,.,.,.k w jm ' eised lln- wai nun in l- sworn out tor I'erii. whniii Sheriff I'nlnk.-ii. is now alter in Illinois, was in v, stcn growers and one of the most conser even than the Oceanic, which is it apve and careful men in the business The little 'n u : In ' li -1. t i l ll .. '.. ' ;i l. .1 l . -, , nl 1 1 i ,,;.. Time.- i ni i -.--pin, ' of a W a gel' 1 est. considi rn hie a m a ; lean wagered tin ' self, larger than the famous Great Jerome W. Hibie of this city -places the amount in round numbers to whhh we were treated by tlm irood people of Atlantic Just innmine liflOO people, men and women, in one ball, with a band playing in one corner, dancing in another, eating in the third, and drinking all over the hall without lieing allowed to pay for it. Is not Eastern, ilio s road runs into Seattle Sol when he acts home We now peer to see him in N'ew York again hem-e r, r want I'm to : ; omn : I, a from the north. He i,as a number of at tilMI.OOD pounds, which, added to the value of the sheep as a food product pet towns along the northern portijn of the sound, and it Is whispered that " i's possinie. no leaves on will carry the volume of the business and its worth up into the millions of that a departure from the Dea'dwood Thursday for Niagara Cincinnati and he intends to give laeni a boost as rule? The grand procession was nev 1 iinii' dollars. 'I he businet-s of wool grow shippings points. Mount Ranier er equaled liefore. of two miles in ing, under the fostering care of the present administration, is one of the length, with 2500 Klks in line. Add Is see,n plainly from Puget sound, and there are several Kanier clubs along to this automobiles, baby wagons wealth contributors to the State push chairs, hacks, drays, carriages taken as they pn- a ':.. hot Over fort v . mil I n The expei -inn-iii w a n ' r nd only about on p Miswer nt all. and n; !'. e,",( h had his own 1 few of the 1 1 . i tired : d- d tired iti li.i-tired feeling: den t i . , feeling: sleepy. Th..--i:ot answer would " inuired. offend d " - " forgetfulness. day. was in yesterday anxiously in piling wb.-n the man would be brought back who stole his horses lb' was informed by the sheriff s deputy that it would be Monday or Tuesday before they would be in. and not until several days later should the prisoner resist on a requisition. The Hogarth Brothers, among other tings in their blacksmith shop have the blower which furnishes air to the forges so arranged that men working In the shop have always the benefit of a cold blast of air. Work on their new building will begin today, and when it f hall have been completed it will be in point of equipment and conven- j the sound who send out scaling par South Dakota, and will continue to and floats, with styles unexcelled in ties every summer, altho the season is be Just so, so long as the present poli Paris, and you have but to listen to not late enough yet. It is not every cy of the government is carried out ten or inleen bands to Rize up the sit person who can make the ascension nation properly. After the session I came here and found my folks to have Burglai Tools Found. A f, w days ago some boys playing in the vicinity o' Dr. Bowman's house or the C'entral road uncovered a kit of burnlar tools. The kit was of the finest make and consisted of everything that makes the trade of a professional housebreaker lucrative, even if an element of danger enters into it. Giant powder, jimmies, sijueezfs. drills alid every other appliance that could be needed in that line were in th" bundle that the boys lound. The kit was turned over to . in' fact very few people out of the great number who have tried have Cattle Shipment. ,one to Rockaway Heach. thirty min Two carloads of sheep and two tar- succeeded owing to the fearful eleva tlon, tfie consequent oppression. ntes ride from New York, where I am at present writing and cooling off in loads of horses were shipped yester Will Graham. lc i ing with friends n. I the physical strength required. The mountain 4 covered im snow all the water, the thermometer standing day from Belle Fourche to the eastern markets. It is understood that the three davs, went a ' SO to hu degrees in the shade. I will summer as far down on its base as It shippers have been assured of good return whenever I feel like facing the caa beseen, and there; are only cer prices, and mat a number of similar furnace to find when that will be the police, who now have it in charge leine one ot the finest shops in the northwest. B. A. W'attson of Colorado Springs, who is interested in property in the Central Hills, left last night for his Colorado' borne. Mr. Watson is highly pleased with what he mv ir, snlpments will be made within the next few days. Stock shipments will mil are anxiously awaiting for the consult tne weather clerk. With kind regards to "08 I mail you a souvenir tain portions of its sides up which the climber can make his way under the best of conditions. Ran re r ki, first seen by the tourist coming Into Oregon over the Northern Pacific shortly after daylight comes in begin within the next week or so and. it Is said, that more cattle will be tie to be worn by you until you see me. pwners to rail and claim it. For some time past a number of suspicious characters have been hanging around Hie various resorts of the city, and the police have devoted ro little at- i the country over which he traveled ,.s 10 a. m I learn of Con shipped out of uiu countr- r many years. In a talk . stock and will return to the. Hills ngai.-. lington last ewni.n papers on the nh! I' gulch route. He w.t those days ami is v In Colorado and i-ing ground around li' t the Hills. ia- surprises, for le whom he had 1," ' ' again. At Lead i old friends that ! city was a st r;, ggb u -cabins and fran ' ' had grown out of ' he was nt a b-c '" ner's dispatch that all our folks in i et month and when he comes he man, a Pioneer-Times reporter was given to understand u.... no me range tention to them: in fact, so closely i hvc their actitns hen watched that China are safe. This Im of news brought cheers and tears from thousands that stood before the Journal bulletin board. I returned from a the morning. f He Is riding thni- a desolat sage; brush - icojntry thtn. Ranleiv looms up, apparently in. the midst pf the sajsebrusulnd, lopki about a Crow Peak wouldif set out in the middle of the sand 'hills of Ne cattle had wintered well and that the shipments this year would grade they have had ery little opportunity higher than those of any previous to ply thei calling were they so disposed. A found up ofj some of the reople who have no visible means win ne prepared to stay. The prop-r'tv j,, whi. b he is interested is on- "f the best in that portion of tlin Hills and has recently demonstrated thit with capital and work it will prove to be one of the best ir. the country. Mr. Wattson. when he re turns, will r-ome prepared to do some 1 work upon his ground. year. Already the railroad companies pleasant drive to Grant's tomb, a magnificent structure. I doffed my beaver as I approached the hero's resting braska sd covered with i wvw. , Noty j are4 making arrangements to handle a ins; of ihjrrpnndlngJaraBfe ,tB;b Marge traffic and all tftrfr rolling stock seen, anrfie ilant' looks alone. "In J wLu be utilized luis season. of support is to be made in a. few nays and probably the owners of the tools will be among those gathered in. place and felt that I had performed , my duty. of the old lai, In u'c ter he sett!"? C' i rado. return to tl '

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