The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1900 · Page 4
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1900
Page 4
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The Northern and Eastern men urge o' McKinley the average yearly tax WSML? PIONM-TIMfcS a conservative course. Do nothing to Rill.., add to the distrust of business circles Knock off some of the war taxes, and le it go at that. On no account men wish no more effectual weapon against him than the violation or evasion of such a pledge. Equality. To read the above and knowing that It was written by Freeman Knowles, is enough to bring a broad grin to the face of an Indian cigar sign when the mercury is 40 below zero. Just think of FYeeman Knowles trying to make Joe Moore fulfill a pledge that he (Joe) made when in a tion either stiver or the tariff, or the PLAV SAFE. One Joseph Mullen, a gambler, was electrocuted at Sing Sing prison. New York,i last week, and because he refused to accept well meant advice He was no "piker" and that, perhaps, is the best that can be said of him He played his life on hib own judgement, lust, and bore up an well a.-, a man can under such melancholy circumstances. Mullen killed hia wife Every one know that, but the evidence duce will be to pay. The Western and Southern men and particularly the Populists, urge a stralghout declaration. Why hold bark? Why under take to cover up? Mr. Bryan's view are known, and n the strength of them he obtained hearty and heavy support In the West and South. Shall he now tro back on those who made him? Are free silver and tariff reform to be shouted at the instance of those Democrats under whose counsels Orover Cleveland wrecked himself and tempo rarily the Ieaicratir Tarty" How would Mr. Bryan come out of a test like that? Walt and see how he comes out of the present test. He is on trial now. The Kansas City plat form follows the lines of his dictation, and his wishes also prevaj) In the matter of his running mate. What will the harvest be? 0 WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. "The only movement t govern people without their consent," remarks the Indianapolis Journal, "Is that of the democrats In the south. The negro la far better qualified to participate in the government than is the Filipino, because he has been famll- lax with the forms of popular govern ment all his life. Nevertheless the have already deprived thousands or colored men of the right to vote with out their consent. In three otner states the disfranchisement Is going it is applied." Next month the peo ple of North Carolina rtn ' upot an amendment to te eon : i restricting the right of tti-iu., . It la frankly admitted that the purpose of the amendment Is to disfranchise Illit erate negro voters without depriving ildterate whites of the right of suf frage. A leading paper of the state says: "The whites are safe under the 1 amendment. Only Ignorant negrosl " ' ' lu l'"7 WiI MAD WOOD OUTH DAKOTA UN PBR TSAJU i la Moond-elaas matter Daadwood Postofflo. at tbe Thai Call la I e-.em.M; ci-a'-iinod . ticlt n u ii -i- the head of Disgracefu Sgl'dCelM Journalist wi-Vn wa.. r!tten by Joe Moor--, of popoual ii-busf on of the Pioiii-cr Tiirn-a ":th'jut a clr-ji jt !t v, lfj .i tirade H. liouharu The "Magnolia ' 'rator" i Micicuhat out of humor .1' tl- I'. T lor saving nm'ghty th'ngf o' r. m away K'o'k in 1 h:7 as well as at the present time. The Tribune would r. mind the present w riter of last night's nrtlele that tho 'Disgraceful Journalist" has not yet descended to '.he depth of dcgredation that he, Moore, did in conducting a small city ' ampaign a few weeks ago It Is a case of ' chickens come home to roont" Mr. Moore's treatment will tie Fully up to his deserts. Tribune Ihe 1'ioneer-i lmes regrets very much to learn that tho self-styled "Fighting .loo" is, after all, only a duffer, a calf, that balls at the first plow. There is neither deHire nor i tention to fojlow the "Magnolia Ora tor" Info Jhp slums, for, as suggested by the Tjibune,. there are "depths" to which, eryU tie hired man of the P.-T. has not , bjeon nor will not go. He never patjjjtriegbt on a female reformer .trjpni Hot Springs to Chicago .md showed hei the town, san souci nor worked the railroads for transpor tation to Omaha and return to pay a debt of $50; nor run the lowest kind of a aab,,print, shop while posing as the fxtand and. Champion of organized laboKi.sor-associated, himself with a disreputable graaer, whose only business' ualfflrftdon is low cunning, and only rebtaimndatlon a boast that he worked a preWcner out of $700. These are jfwotbe "depths" to which he iftt jgooe.. Ocuers will be made clear during the fight, since Aguinaldo Joe has diverted his slum style of campaign from his opponent to the Pioaaer-Tlmes. Ho Spring . Star: Wu-i. lii.tRi Plowman was circuit judge ot the Eighth district, and was a candidate for ' tvnit'ed States senato-. .'udge Moore fougnt him bitterly, and in a eircular letter declared that Plowman was ineligible, that the on.stit.u-tion prohibited his holding any other than a judicial office during tin- time for which he wns elected. That was not1 long ago. but just now .'udge Moore doe's just what v unconstitutional.!, and is congress while be is yet isn't the jewel consisteiK vn-: ru.i; ju.l- lie, I ' for He aid to be. The republican campaign Wll be opened in the eastern part of tho the state by K. W. Martin, candidate for congress. He will make an address at Faulkton. on Months. September 1, which will open tin ball. Mr. Martin will spend several 'cks in the eastern part of the si i. alter which he will return to tpi Hills, where he will b" act;- Ilia k nit to the day of election. An army officer writes from the I hilippines that "when we kill the i ativerv,,,e tiucl copies of lir. tan's spcechuKf oii them and alio ein ulars from Hwir juntas in which ltryan is termertl the 'greatest living American and a friend of Aguinaitio.' " Testimony oi this kind is so xtensive that no one ventures now to dispute It. Globe Democrat : A farmer in No braska says be bought 2,000 Cleveland s hoop at $2.20 a bead and sold them as McKinley sheep at $4.3.'). yielding a profit of $4,200: t isn't easy now to fool Inn American wool grower on the paramount issue. KNOW LES p.N MOORE'S PLEDGES At tba t jAw:reac county populist contehtid-a-'Judg Moore made an un equivocal plea's to resign his office as jud"Je nYOmtnt he was nominated tor cogT'es'sTnan.'1 This pledge was mae.ln answer to the objection of those members of the convention who beid .thaL.bQtb the letter and spirt of our state constitution forbids a Judge upon, -tbe tench to accept a nomina tionf for other than a Judicial office or to;&ge la politics. fhik pledgtf was made not only by Judge M66r himself, but by those who were,. advocating bis candidacy. able possessions of Mr, Bryan were $272.50, but under the four years of republican administration they have Increased to a yearly average of $2998.75, or more than ten times as much. In 1900, according to his own statement, he is worth more than six tcn times as much as he was in 1S93 o put it in other words. Where he bad $1 sevttn years a ,;c. he bus $16 now This io creditable to Mr. Bryan tl.iift, but It is difficult to see how i aocora-i witn his frequent and con temptuous reference to money. It doa not show that Mr. Bryan places the man above the dollar In his own c!u or that he, as a democrat, is any lent- anxious to improve his money making opportunities than hie; repul lican conte-nporarles. The publi will bj pleased with the evidence of M: Bryan's prosperity but it will be apt. to think of this same prosperity when he makes his contemptuous Ping at the dollar in his campaign spe-chs. o ACTION - BELIE WORDS. While the Chinese are proclaiming to thte world that the foreign. Minis ters a-e safe In IVkln thv have thon no abatement of their actlv It in preparing for war or in push Ir.g their operations against Russia along the northern border of their empire. At thi same time the continued oilence of the ministers themselves f.ppeary to indicate as clearly the utter untruth of Chinese declarations ao . ou would an official report upon the subject. hero is a bare potusilllty that the dispatch from Minister Conger was genuine, and that in some unaccount able manner the representatives of forclgn governments were saved from slaughter, but t la extremely difficult to believe. The force or Influence re quired to protect them from the bar- baritlea of an Jnfurlated Chinese mob would not be sufficient toopen com munications for them wij,h their own governments at a Juncture when such co nmunlcactlons would prove of the utmost Importance to China. Ostensibly the Chinese Government s doing all It can to avert the threat ened declaration of war allied Europe preparing, but for this self interest i.- accountable, whether for purposes oi preparation or merely to gain time t'. proe its own irresponsibility for the massacres that have taken place. The latter supposition is. however, hardly ten.i'He under the circumstances, and the conculson that China is trifling with the Powers is alone warranted by recent events A CRUEL COUNT. I hat terrible creature, Count itoiii cc f 'asteiiane. has pricked another Parisian journalist with a sterilized sword, and in consequence is looked upon with fear and trembling by all the uuprlcUed journalists of the I'-im h capital. This awful practice should In- slopped by the French Oov-i iimient As it is now the newspaper i mil of Paris is hampered in his work by the knowledge that If he tells the truth about Castellane he will not have ni ordin;rv libel s;iit to face, lut will Iih called out by the cruel Mule Count and punctured with a sword. Sometimes these sword fricks hurt and frequently keep a man away from his office an entir." day attend inn to tne details of thr-fcffaii and hunting up witch hazel afterwards t asteiiane dcx-sn t. seem to care what r.anner of man he challenges Just so I ng as the oppponent selected Is not a fighter. He wisely refrains from getting embroiled with such people as DeRoday's who can really fence, but for the other chaps who are rusty Inr their swordplay he has no mere y. De Castellane should repress his violet.t feelings. Some da- he Is likely to Hick his swrod in his opponent's eye ti- in some f.c hion ommlt mayhem and he may have to fa"e a police court judge for assault and battery. This dueling may become a dangerous pastime if Indulged In recklessly, and Castellane shou1. 1 not carry it to excess. Some day we'll send our "Fight irg Joe" over ther to squelch the little cuss. BRYAN AS PRESIDENT. Imagin Mr. Bryan elected president and installed In office. The country is la a state of unrest and apprehension. Business men have taken In sail until business is practically at a standstill. An t ra aesaln of the new congress Is urged on the one hand and advised against on the other. Mr. Bryan final ly yields and calls congress together It Is announced that hi Is about to be gin writing hll message. What will it contain? The people evenrhere are curioua, and Washington flns Up wft northern and southern, men. east-' ern men. and Western men , all anx-lout for a word with the president as to what in their opinion the situation calls for. -t-.-i nou ana all n ver ii., "ants -- "wucnittj,,, rlk., " - AWU Of Co- Now nd..lly. Mr. 1Jach pect a wif.. to mm ' jou ex with kiss.-M and .. nl for on.- moajeut ovnina.v,.. five to her own- r And yet you set ;r an ideal wife ,nu ni ii'.tods, but regardi,.., things existing, sfce m . "" --a th, t ! of the &t all tinJ oe pitasant ard srveab,. i.. mg and beautiful ri fined and amiable.' w. . 1 b rds of creation woub benes in a mnm.r i . , . "eject; louabil ...iu nxr. t ueuer certainly have faults in their wu e to maM If 1 could rind a nine to , lodges, who would l,n8 his wlf J ; ....., uo woui(j niowniperir his w if,. U,d oceMlW ' uul1 ' O'iiir button .crecuecu, wnose. convention s.-cu, ease and lively;, lOPI" OI.KV .1.-1... 11 night with...the toothache am cheerfully buljd the kitchen . J ,.AU 1 : . viu ii ui uiusinwa ana not till th would I be persuaded in ,.. title o4' -U MAID G. A. R. ENCAM? Tht Thirty-Fourth Ntln lnttnl morn. v.. . n a, cMcjjjo. Huronlte; Juiy CJrd rMJomnmi, be held at Chicago, commencing $w Huron Monday. He i9 enthusim! over the tkanonal encampment. J jjvt-oiwuk cu a- iiunraiw reportr hi tald : ine .siui natiofiai encampment of the Grand Army of'the Republic rj Ual.a ....... i J .. V. ...... . 1 es unaer me direction of Blsiop Fall lows. Monday, L'.th. will he the NivJ Veterans" parade To"Sdy, 28th.paf rade of the Grand Army. All com! trades of South Dakota who are ab'J are earnestly requested to meet headquarters, McCoy ? hotel, earlf Tuesday morning to join in the march! which will only ! two miles lonj Transportation is fixed on all linm west of Chicago at one fare for th round trip; this i official and therl will be no change unless some rail! roads begin the rate cutting. I till earnestly hoped for a one cent mile rate, but the managers of til roads foreseeing a large number Mil side of the (I. A K who will take adJ vantage of the low rates, figured thai they would have all they could can would not establish tie i.n cent a mile arrangement" "The committee ki.- made a contrary w ith Brinks" City Kxpres.s Co to trans I'er all baggage from depots to hotels! and hoarding lum- fur une-halt usual rates, so that f..r twenty-five centi your grip or trunk will be taken wherever you want it Information booths will he found at all depots at many other public places. "South Dakota headquarters will b hotel treeti I Comraclse can write for their room! now and they will ! reserved for them, the rates are one dollar per d? for each person. Arrangements for meals have been made with one uj the best, restaurant uifhia a DlOCkl c,w-wi .r,..r,i -in, I ircind service can b had for twenty-five cents per mMl' It tee bTI i ur vin rfcf."-' - placed two hundred and seventr-tj school houses at the disposal of tM G. A It for free lodging for G. A- J men only. Application should! m r Ha o f rvnr t.ate vour own DIM"1! ... IJ 111 Coffee and sandw hrt, will & w'u I a nominal price near gcnooi i for breakfast ..r...l- ni..t,. will CO) Wednesday, Aug. 29th. at 10 o'clotf m. Place of meeting Studebakex m the Palmer house Is only three Wo from South Dakota tieaoqu.."-. i anc There will be lak-other entertainment xrursioiw v Informal -time of rtartW will be arrangemeatJtf' relation to trains routes to be takeD as soon as comply made. Any Information that M"- ouarters at Plerr . an renaere Dromotly and i-heerfully mai' hei The committee dei that as .... ot as possible will ,.,,r, ro,:" " quarters." The Ladies Kehef orp. will be held at Medinah Temple Tickets for th --Ut extended to thirty rfi McCoy's Hotel on the Clark and Van Burin streets. j one block from the postowcr. one of the best' In the cltr populist convention asking for the ep dorsc-trent of tuat convention to- cor. re Tin Tribune would 1 1 K place the Honorable Kre man Knowles upon his honor ami ask h'm if he ex peced that pledge would b kept by Jo, Moore. W'e do not think that M Knowle- or any of he gang who is working the fusion of the three parties for the offices eipe-cted; that pledge would bze kept when it was made. That pledge was made for th benefit of tli- f.-w workingroen wh were in the convention but not con ersant with political trickery Our opinion is and there are man of all parties who agree with us tha Joe Moore does not expect to be elec ted to -(ingress but is running tho hopes that ltryan may be success ftil and according to the usual custom a nominee for congress would be1 al lowed to control th.- patronage am lie f Jo. l would come in for a fat fed eral office under Bryan. It is the gen tral opinion of the great majority o even the fusion party managers tha Moore will not resign until Septembe and then not unless Gov. Lee promise to pigeonhole the resignation or at least hold up the appointment of his successor until the votes are count in November. This would undoubtedly have been the program carried out had Gov not been nominated himself, nut row that Andy is himself in it the loldlng up business may cost him too many votes. There is therefore probability that the "Magnofia Ora tor" may be compelled to let go of .his present office before he has a cinch on the other. Tribune. ON A NOBLE MISSION. "Bathhouse John" will shortly start for London, where he hopes to meet and become chummy with the Prince of Wales. Mr. Couglin knows there are certain difficulties in the way of breaking into British to iety, but he will readily overcome these. He has Introduced to the Chicago aldermanlc bzoard, for Instance, certain roeolu tions expressing sympathy with the Hoers in their struggle, which may prejudice the British mind against him but he believes his charming person i'lity and his unrivaled wardrobe will remove any feeling that may exist against him. "Hathhouse John - and the Prince of Wales, are today the foremost ex ponents of the art of dress. In Eng end iimi Turn." as the Prime of Wales is familiarly called, sets the fashions, while in Chicago the Hon John Coughlin is always several de cades ahead oi the styles, with few followers. His green evening suits rnd other famous combinations have given him a standing as an expert in dress, and he is naturally anxious to confer with his famous rival with the idea of forming a great international trust in styles for next winter. The fact that the Princejias lnven ted a new single buttoned frock coat for summer wear has driven Couglin nearly mad with envy ,and he feels there should be co-operation between Wales and himself, rather than the injurious competition that has hitherto existed He has a number of valuable suggestions to make to his royal high ness, and it is quite likely that as a result of his visit several new color and architectural effects in coats and trousers will he Introduced next win ter "Bathhouse John" Is not likely to offend the prince, as William Balled-up As tor has done, but will try to make it a? easy as possible to get along with him without trouble Nor will he reject his American clti tenshlp, nee Irish He Is quite proud of It and will , endeavor to strengthen the cordial relations now existing be tween England and this country by tbe Introduction simultaneously of the same styles In both counries His is a noble mission. CHICKENS COME TO ROOST. Give Grigsby's Cowboys a Chance Brooklyn Eagle: Grigsby's Dakota cowboy regimen, that had no chance to fight with Spain, Is aching for a show with China. It is a good field for its activities. Turn on this detach ment of a wild west, let it gurgle its peculiar war whoops and the w t i'y east will not stop running till it reaches the Thlan Shin. are dealt wtih.' And It Is safe to adopt. Has anybody ever seen In a Bryanite organ any word or condemnation ior this sort of thing? Has any of tue oaders f tohe Hryanit" party ever rased his voice against this wron' and injustice to the colored citizens in the south? If so we are not aware of it. Thev will make a great outcry n the campaign ahout cons ut or tnr governed e in the Philippines tint there will le not a word in behalf of disfranchised colored Americans. WHY RESIGN? Soiiu- of our pop friends are rais- n a row because Judge Moore does not esign, but why should he? He is just as eligible before as after resigning, for the language of the constitution is: No judge of the suprere court or cir-uit court shall be elected to any other than a judicial office, or eligible thereto, during the term for which he was lected such judge. All votes cast for either of them, during such term for any elective office, except that of judge the supreme court, circ uit court or county court, given by the legislature the people shall he void." It Is the word term" tual is used and Judue was weak, and the district attorney was willing to compromise. H$ urged Mullen to plead guilty to manslaughter take five years for it, get two years off for good behavior and shed the stripes to come out and try it all over again Mullen said nay, fancying h:m self in the betting as about a ten to one shot to cheat the chair and the grave. "I can't lose," said this man as many have said before, and aa many will say to the end of time, neve' thinking that it might rain or fa-might get left at th post. As he r pulsed the well meant offers of thou who urged him to play safe, the police went to work anew on the case and dug up freeh evidence showing that he had long planned the untimely taking ti :ed to hedge, but the books were closed, and the prison warden drew a thick red line thru Mullen's name on the prison register, which signifies "Dead." The case of Mullen must stand as a warning to those who are enamored of their own opinion in erioua affairs, whether it Involves posslbilitbjs so shocking as 1,800 volts of electric thumps with a few thrown In to make sure, or affairs of less moment. .The recital of the sad case of Mr. Mullen a only preliminary to a bit of well meant advice the Pioneer-Times la about to offer its good friend "the Msg- nolla Orator," alias "Fighting' Joe," alias "Aguinaldo Joe." Friends as well as enemies have urged you to go against a losing game; to gie u a certainty for an uncertainty; to resign as Judge of the Eighth Judicial circuit with a hope or expectation of being sent down to thenatlonal capital, away from those who love you. Don't do it. Withdraw from the congres sional race for you will be distanced. Let the central committee name Freeman Knowles, whose ambitions defeat cannot blight, or whose emotions dls- i appointment cannot wither. There sn't the remotest probability or possi bility that you will ever be honored w ith another elective office in tbecoun- y or state. Play safe. Hold oh to the end of your term. Accept well meant counsel. Ever have before you th-"- fate of the late Mr. Mullen. He is mw beyond advice, and not likely tn b' moved by comment, bnt we have ven- ured to point out his case as one to give pause to dead cock-sure persons, ike youreslf. who do not recognize good advice when it is handed ou ti hem. THE MAN AND THE DOLLAR. Philadelphia Press. "The dollar hove the man" is one of the pet datitiides of Mr William Bryan. He never tires of reiterating it in one or or anoth'v In an t lli '-s re- ntly to a visiting delagaiton he used he opportunity to introduce his fav- oite phrase in the f Mowing wav. Said be: "There . is one great principal to be fought for in the coming campaign and that is wether or noi the dollar shall be placed above man. Whenever man and the dollar come conflict the icpuMban party stands or the dollar first and the democ rats stand for the. man." The natural nference to be drawn rom .Mr. Bryan s frequent and con emptuous reference to the dollar is that he despise; money and belie. es Its accumulation a wrong both to the possessor and to the man who is sa unfortunate as to have made no toney. But an examination ot the ax rolls of the ward in Lincoln Neb. . which Mr. Bryan resides does not dxT out this Inference. It shows that Mr. Bryan does not despise meney and that for a man without any par ticular profession he Is a successful ecumulator of dollars. For eight years past Mr. Bryan has ocen a resident of the I iltli wurd ef Mncoln and has returned t the as sessor his taxable possession c as follows : ear. Occupation. Property 93 Congressman $280 lSf'4 Congressman 200 1895 Lawyer 340 396 Lawyer 270 lS'.a Politics 1,485 198 Politics 2,980 99 Politics 2.980 1900 Politics 4,660 This Is a creditable showing for Mr. Bryan and even his polltlcl oppon- eat prosperity now so evl- thrifty enough to be adding to hta worldy possessions. It Is also evident that be is enjoying bis share of the tbe great proipecitjr aov a o evl- de&t all over tbe country- For the tour years previous to tbe lauguratien , Moore would gain nothing by resign- at p.,rIors c0S nnd '110 McCoy's ing. and I see no reason why he should trnpr Clark am! Huron st resign. JAS. A. GEOItCK. -o- JOSEPH'S TINTYPE. Union Hill Star: Joe Moore has resorted to a new method of advertising 1' is congressional boom, and his picture now appears in a calcium light show in a saloon In Deadwood and one in Lead. The picture Is thrown ttr a canvas at these saloons during each evening: "i stood In the Bodega at midnight. Drunker 'nor a son-of-a-gun, oe Moore's face rose up before me ') Just as its often done." IF HE WOULD. 1i tbe bachelor, who has bo beautl-hilry set forth the virtues of a model wife, or what she should be, will caJmly meditate on the duties of an exemplary husband, we firmly believe that his honest convictions will too plainly show that there is a great filling short of virtue in the sterner 8X.. Tako for instance this "petticoated angel." who almost before the honeymoon has waned, has awakened from her peaceful slumbers in the wee small hourt of morning, by a step which is all too uncertain, and the fumbling of a key which Dersistentlv refuses to fit the latch. When at length this embodiment of all that Is good and noble presents It-fcelfhoiTor of horrors! what a sight .;riTr of eyes encircled by huge rings, BeVfdedly of the brunette type, a hat and coat telling their own sad tale Of the gutter, in fact, the whole as-rect presenting- a true picture of "life's other side." Cab Judge 'Moore afford to violate ' this pledge thus made by himself and by bis friends otitis behalf? I do not befieTe he can or that h intends to The building committee of Hoee4" But to met U questions at rest regarding his Intention, he should at once forward bis reagnatlon, to take effect tmemdlate&Tand. his successor should be'apponted as aoonas tbe wishes of tbe people circuit can be ascer tained .... Tola. Is said in no spirit of dictation. butr(T4ce the sentiment . of those irfep!'pcj.d. more tha-a it does those' irbo oppose him. Indeed his bitterest eaentet oubJ Company No. 1 met Monday evenng and considered tbe submitted plans. Those of John W. Glbbs were accept ed after due condslderatlon. Bidaiot for the construction will be received ! and tbe work will be pushed as rapid-1 1 . as practical.

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