The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 19, 1900 · Page 6
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1900
Page 6
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the best judges appear to cave been ' definition Siven. WEEKLY PIONEER -TIMES COLORADO FOR EXPANSION. As a member of the platform committee oi the silver republiian convention at Kansas fit. Hon. A. M. M.". "li-iu warn-i the iarty aaiaat Let the Bryan party have a monopoly of the humbug and dot.... .. little tricks and trite hypocrisies of (am paign Indies. A p.-rfoctlv frank ex position of the aiMiv of the party at liotne .-,nd aluoiid it line- aim- a i ii;-t ;,. til'- pulpo-"- VV , 1 1 Will I have been telling the country of the general prosperity which has . ome to that r.-giun during the past two years, Co t. the retailers, the dit-tri'.'i'ors of ! too.!.- up and down the con:,':'- ai:d j tno.-l of limm will t. 11 yon M. .' 'my I 111" llSI'l Ial!.-sf 3 lei II." ' i doubt as to whether the dusty rear platform or the cool front porch held out the brighter opportunities for vote getting. Then- has been scarcely a piesidetit in." at otm tinu' or an- 1 I 1...I ,i,...ri- t), oilier II. I- noi. """ "" nnroi'v diM lo.-ing a h.tiiNering alter I .i as Tin- (lev il o Whil li 'in- n I " i.i i.ugM i :. ::: losest to t be great ma - oi' hi- plain people. '!,: y "iir how ri or. both t In- lend - ; ; .; , I; ! . i it .- !:.!. ll". llIM d Uiil i , i : i:- ta vor ol I lie I i on t pon-h. ..'.'' !... bad th" prop t::i- i . ,. ., I. .,! i,..- lion." lit ( '. it; ton - . . .; i i.i.UM-i! ami ll.. 1 . i, I i ! ii ia a in I Io I,, i ,;, . i :.. ..." limn the i . ,:. ., . '. .0 .a: - ',:i- !. : nb i . : . i h.i i til" 'Ma V. .lb , I ,' i ',-. , :..n. d ' i: ! 1 1. : ont "a! , : - i : ,--..! up i ". ni d !i pm . In - . . - n:;.; ( dm I,:i:l"i :i.., ., , . , . n a; 1 1 -. -i . ! v 1 1 1 a v a w to - I !ls! ,1" I 111 both ; , ; a . i oi'i.e i Ie ,o-. In - , I i ! ' ,i tin. w . i . oil 1 1 1 . ... i I lit a I Hi" li t Pa is. I ' ' I llU II..I.I- ""III . e .! a I b ' ' : o i ... 1 1 and i on 1 1 Mi .... . "I Mi" fi mil I' . i ' 1 . . d mb;.-! i:Vii ' ! .'.'. ,..!,, a 1. i , . b, . u pi i ! V . I nai . I'., t ,,f ill- c a i , - , a : ; . i: ;, i i 1 1 1 -1 1 1 in ('.niton V li j... La: d l i I. male ,f p.u t of the vv..: k a , - : : H I to b- . a: I -ed on !-. in.- i .,i plai i'H-ii Some al Va i : : ie . .:. i -. i bo vv al h t In- . . . . : 'I I tut Kim- i v e'.. p. i a i I . a ' I: a II b 'I I I V - i i V ' I ' the li 1 1 ', f i i .in I , i'.v i. I . i ha inlet will b. : u . iii,' i I ' . . ., v I hii ' th.- l-.'i- plat mm a o I- n'ulit i ' i a la --1 n i in in r . i : it, i . j . 1 1 i i . ui o i . - - BRYAN'S PLATFORM. M 1 py a n a .. i i :.. Islam in - d. la i In:: 1 bl! Ill to Ihi'l." pill I II to the p'llpb . d Ma- i in, l: ' v h p. i ! 1 1 l 1 a I I'b a - a !i , i pui po -es Th" i.iu- that h i- In "li i i in .-.I in. I .-1 bv ami lor him i u K a n.-u -i My m hut the 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 : ! i 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 id li 1 own 1 1 1 1, ru n i . I li olied iidn " I o h ,s yv i - it a in b i mb- - I . I o bis il ii t n in ui the i i -li v i -lit ion I--nl- ' i .-a f 1 1 rin i n g anil indorsing the pri in i pie i ! the ( 'b ii a go pin M i u in of I vie a i dd ml a "ib-inainl ' lor t lie i"Mo, nt th" fro,, and unlimited i o: un ge i if .-1 1 y . -1 a I lb" 1 al io ol' in to I wii hold vv a it ,ii g lor tin- i onsi nl of an v- other nu l a m," Although tin- coolest and keenest nbsi-i v "ia of politn.s in the part y vv i re , i m v i ncil that this di- la rat ion vv oulil be 1 a lal to the very slim i bailees, oi simoe-s still available to Mr Itry.tii. and although a large iiiiiub. r probably a majority of the lb legates shaleil this view. Ill" llllel' link of any leadership hut that of Mr I'.i.vaii 1'dt him in inniplete ion trol and lb' re was not a voii e raised ill Opposition to the resolution, vvhiih came within two vote, of failing ill the committee, 'ii,,. import was made unanimous, and the only concession made to the apparently powerful minority was a statiunent that the convention ' reuards imperialism as the paramount issue of the campaign" This statement is at once shallow and unavailing. Whether one issue or another is really paramount does not depend on the expressions of com mittees or conventions, hut on tin- way the common people look at the facts. There once was a famous Irish physician who was wont to boast tthat his patient "died cured" of the disease it was his specialty to treat, but it made no serious difference to the patient. When the pople have passed sentence on the wild and dangerous financial doctrine of Mr Hryan's party it will be small comfort to know that its "paramount" malady was anti imperialism. Futile as the declaration is. is equally illogh al. for iii picking out free silver ahum from the p.atfoitn of ' !vn; for spoeitic dm laration Mr lirvau shows what relative iinportain . he attaches to ir. As if this were not j (Hough, he openly refused to take tin nomination unless this stress and cm llhftsis vvciT. bjl.l .... (' n... a: .. , t ...... vu sovii, tosii garding every syllable of the other portions of the platform on which In-stood four years ago. It is idle to talk of the arrangement reached as a "compromise." It was an unqualb lied triumph for Mr. Bryan and for the prime dogma of Bryanism. free silver. Its. ideas VJ i r- 11 an'- h.-M "" "iarii lssn '""it;..-,. s " unina-'... I'l.i' e ;. tion j.-. i-in I , ami . Tl." ban-: ,. .a :' "i.niv -1 b'. VV :l ' M LILi1-;' IN THE sol I!.' p 1 : 1 . To i! . v . r ', a pi. "l: d i i.i m ui" e vv ha !i i ! Ml t" t:. b, , ,::-' Colli i'! the pin' pro.-pe " port lb agt null'.:, to win d ' ized lin.i' reward of than of !, In in ai I, e'V ll!'. iiu.t i- n 1- , -j'l" :.i." I. ,., ami -' .nil honest t. ; j. S'. rfsan.: nation h.i - 1-nie.i an.: t Of the s,":Ml bl.- cliIlC'"! Ilel'ilv hi- i .i.e M't'I-"11- rtt-i has A Capital iii'li, 'lie n"r vestment in ' and the I ianb '-. the .nill o come ' non'i I VM Md tin I- I lint' :. ' and nb. ,.f th? --' f ; m-- I- .1 r. it e't: . :"c IV ton ..: 1 tint s should b : . i M -' ,-...! for lis: in, I. v mi '. di ' nu! aib ,v . ,; tii" 1 1 tlB i ut) s to sh ift! ,. orT on OKADvVOOD SOUTH DAKOTA SUBSCRIPTION. - - KW f"Ef' VKAH- Catered u oul-cla matur at the Dead wood FotlOffiCB COUMI AND LEGISLATIVE. ,1, r.,.: .,,1 a. , il. h . -1 ' ,, i , i . i oi I . i ! I and I . v i i . . ..mi .mo i I I .hi 1 1. 1! .!!,.- Weill .1 hllm W .1 ill :n III lllg leg I' I II loll 1 1 . 1 i oil hi Mil" Id I h" MM I So mo. Ii by way id Migge-tnm only II not I l I 1 1 Id' I III - i ii I III loll lejeil ll lii i iiiiiinon w ll Ii ol In i n 1 1 1 1 1 who Inn e in i 111- h inol i v is in l.i l ! i : l i 1 j 1 1 1 1 d 1 1 nil-, mil 1 1 - i l " i; to li.i . n i.liiini; !! K I no 1 1 1 i 1 1 ; 1 1 ' 1 1 :o 1 1 1. 1 1 l.i" uilmi will h. o "i vv h"l in in-' REPULICANS CLAIM THE CREDIT. Tile 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I : L t 1 1 pn pel s II to : It I i .1-1 I oally rein. ii Kim; that (he i epu Ll n n n s of Kansas will i In i m " i 1 1 1 for t lie bin crops in I In state this y ear I Vita inly t In y will; win not " Wll n i a la in 1 1 w a - supremo, nn n iioiishi-d dry suinb boxes Willi the seals of their trousers, practiced target shoot ing at Hies with tolmci o juice, and built mighty linaiicial systems that wen - i a h il hit "d to sin e t he' w orld and render it u n in -o -mi i y for t ln in to la bor. l-'ields w en- iiuplow ed. w hlle t In- ow tiers with I In" i' la in Hies drove miles to listen to the mag ie voice of Mrs. Lease and learn w fs ilom from her lips m reference to the cultivation of the crop she said should take the plai of i nni ill Kan sas. They watched with savage joy the growth of the weed crop. and compared it with the swift increase in the size of tli' octopus They id' ,"li .1 i. : -'.'ll'ii i ' I he no !i nines of the world, and brought tor nikv on their own In n b . by nursing and giving aid and minfort to inuig Inary evils, but after they tired of the croaking of the foul bird of lalamity. went home and went to work. And they did mote; they went to voting the republican ticket again There are two things that till a man's soul with hope and joy and contentment. One is wotk. ami the otlu r is voting the republican ticKet. The people of Kansas made up their minds to do both, and at onca became happy, jrosperous and contented. The man who says oi thinks that the republi inn party is not the direct cause of prosperity and plenty in Kansas is too dull Hiid too blind io wane? time cn. o LETTEp OF ACCEPTANCE. .. Now that the national conventions have been held ajid the tickets nomi nated. interest centers on President McKinley's letter accepting the nomination. No one expects anything new or original from Bryan, but Mr. McKinley's letter will hold untold influence on the campaign. The way to victory for the republican party lies so plainly in view that the managers of the campaign will not miss it if they rightly understand the nature of the transaction in which flie American people are about to engage. Truth and safety must be opposed to error and danger. Appealed to with absolute candor and straightforward truth telling on behalf of President Me-. Klnley. the people will respond with a great majority vote of confidence. ,i x .. .,.: idank Th ' " ' '' ' K.u.-.i- '.: .Ion: ii.ii mio! (, I;j .., A Al .-M-vim-m. o ,i 1 i: -ill.. .' . mam :i ' p "i. I Il-.i'l" ion A FALoE .OEM !.. 1 no.'. in .;'.ii m d ... turn. I Mia i n I: n " li .: tv i II I la li. Id Willi Ml" II I ! to Ill V .. -.V ot I h.ll Inn . I Ml" : . i 11 1 " Molt and .la in IMo f bl M Monro w hi .ii d"p ." ''; I ' I tl all' Ii i iv that Ida Ii" I!" luav bun, ! e M , K 1 lid' 111 " ".- ma M rson and b. I..- absorb-. !,, in to hold I'.ni.e 11 llUll 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 -t inns a I n a 1 1 vv h i . h ,1 thai I- no! an-vv ; lo I in- lb- n i n i u . Ml llli'II boll".-! h i ! I bt . -1 . i v i n g a lair and si mi i "MO t Idlest ion i a 1 -I -I bv the ibdno la I - t In -in -i I v id 111 Mill ph. Mi i, ;n. 1 1 is thai We u Mr. I try a a vv - mid give. tin 1 b, w " hav . 'i 'h ' pei tat ion oil ' '- M ' : a ' . I III is - II" Mil.; ' Will' i Hue spec I il It"! Winn th. I'oilo lb. an i!a i o u m in i in 1 1 ov ' ruin. Id a ih-l I I t III I 1 1 a 1 1 1 pi ei "ib ill ui vv ith 1 epll b! ii an i ll"t : t "III. O 1 1 s 1 a t i ' 1 1 t ions." il makes an absolutely lalse t a I "tin lit vv lib ll vv i defy Mr. liryan or any other detiui i i at to prov e true. Th' I'm to It i a ll gov "iiiiin nt no moie gio'-nis without on. i tit or taxes without i .'-presentation than did Un- Louisiana or Florida gov rime ii t and ii-nioiiats know it. In fad. the law is nioihdeil on the la w s pas ei to gov ei n ( nose territories after their annexation, with tnoililii ;i-lions giving I'orto Khans a larger voice in heir government than the people of the earlier annexations received It is no answer to this historic fact to say that Louisiana and Florida subse(iintly obtained a larger measure of self government. The question raised lv the platform is concerning the first step in governing Porto Kico. compared with previous territories. Opinions, right or wrong, on other points are no excuse for falsehood on this. And the democratic platform is deliberately false on this. Florida and Louisiana were both taxed without representation. They were both ruled without as much voice iii their own affairs as I'orto Kim has in it.. Their people were both denied personal guarantees of the constitution. In Louisiana tin-constitution right of trial by jury was abridged and in Florida tin writ of habeas corpus was contemptuously disregarded by the ivil governor. Will Mr. Bryan please consider his false charge made in this plaform and explain it without jugglery? BRYAN WILL PORCH IT. The historian of the future should not fail to take note of the relative merits of the front porch and the rear platform as disclosed in their influence on political history. Heretofore it ' Mi" i iiiiII'H IK (Hut nt-. ., th- : I .,! , i . Ti,. p. opl" will !,' . : Mi.. ml m : 1. 1 t i .i I ii in 1 1 .1 p .'::.i b . : i , nil. : 1 1.' 1 'h 1 1 . 'pi I - 1. 1. 1 .. ; . i l . I.,, A 11 lio ' t .i ,,. p. .ii ..... ! .1.' 1.!.";. . .: i . , i." IJ'iii v ' . 1 1 1 1 1 I 00 LA T Z. . '. . i , . ..' ' . .. ' ii on l j... , i, h., i n i i, i e-i.i .'. ... i i . i.i oi i.i '. h.i h -1 mil I" Ion- i.i v I- nil; in a i b - . noun. I 1 1.. .n. ' no.. Me I., i halim hi .oiiii In Mr And; i li i I .i "ii a ! . r n I in tin- 1 1 I : iirib. urn - t b i n - inoie I 1 1 . i ii two v e.i i -. and a -. h" tool, a lung with him p ro v I - I ii r. - loi Ii lull-! t l I j i 1 1 l -. inn . -i v a hie I 1 1 a I w h.i I "Mi i .i t 1 " I ' 1 loin h . ' In ii - I h.i v " in n 1 1 . 1 n d I" . e v i i . Halt-, -oiii" i - hi'-i-n in I -. . n t v in., i I h a n 'lo i 1 1 t ii ml in i ' Pi a ti i a ii 1 1 1 has i 1 1 In r l . n -ailing ...I I w o m ., i . ah. .ii' I !,. .. u Mi I'o!" oi ha , been I.i I in lio- i.i fur a Mill la r p. - i io. I vv , I hoi. t 1 1 iod and w d lion t III" I II", I ii - id thawing h i n I "If out, 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 , - ii w 1 1 1 I h y i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i " . hut ll should him- I.", n I! 'Id id all:, r li.d i. I for Audi." nl I In - lute ilal . . f 1 1 mi a ii n ii si 1 1 - ii 1 1 Ii. v : " h pi ii Ii I . would apn-a r to he n I nu .-.! a on lie n - an i f tint to 1 1 - - a i -1 i -1 I I '.a i I b 1 1 T i i ) 1 1 s h i pi i Mib nl ml i 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ii for ill, i u ' -' 1 i a 1 I ! 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 "I i I ". BRYAN'S BLUFF. I n the hist print "d i li I "I ii w oi Mr. lirvau, in which be again l -n I li i un d his unyielding devotion In tin- iiiusi of the fl ee i ol llllge ot silver at t In ' only ratio that any linnd id stiver ever eoiisiiht oil In mail" I In i bow nig statement ; Prosperity'.' Well, if we inn s'liii" the Votes of nil Ihose who IlllVe not bad their share ot the prospi ritv. we are willing to give the repu Ida an -Hie Votes ot those who IlllVe loiciveil their share. If the lb-publicans wen- sure of Ho vote of every man ill the lountry w hose sin i oi i ml i a gs are hetti-r now than they were in IS'.o;. when tin- ion servative element stood ill four of his success, they would have a walkover in very state in the union. Mr Hiy an himself would be obliged to vote for Mr. McKinley on his own evidence. Four years ago he was scarcely a tax payer in Ills city and county. Now. by his return of money holdings and credits, he Is the largest taxpayer in the city of Lincoln. Not many months ago the cry of a labor famine AVits very general. Now nearly all the factories employing hundreds of thousands more men than were employed in 1896 are running full time. There never has been a time when the labor of the country was so fully employed at so good wages as it has been during the years IV.tS lM'li and thus far m limit. In all the greater industries wages have advanced betvwen I". and fjj per cent. In all the new state, particularly in Nebraska, Kansas ynd South Dakota, millions of dollars worth of mortgages have been paid olT were regarded as a hopeless burden in 1 S L' 0 . The value of live stock in Mr. Hryan's own state has in creased CO per cent since 1895. The prices of all the farm products, except wheat, have advanced, as a comparison of the quotations wil show. Again, it is a good business to raise cattle and hogs for the market AH the papers in the south advocating Mr. Bryan's election 1 " '" ' .hinng l!i 1 i i : .- tl,t If !: ..I! tiji who Lav.- - .. ... i" t!,-- r- i o : : ' : an ... : .."r;; . .. ! (' u . -; .a I a g I II i ' " ' .1. W i ' ! n I'll:'.. 1 , 1 i . ... , --II;. Ii . Moil. il! i In-. : i . i i . . , I I : . a! , 1 1 i I - II loll i if I ' ' ! in I ' ' do I : i I; in.-. I in f ii" I bat la. l . n, ; a. ; : i on . ib i ; my ' p i in! , d lo I h" . a-!' i n 1 1. li 1 1 -1 . i i - ia "i.di 'bl i i m nl i v i t -.. If in i t b. II I'd lo -. out iginui- t' i I itor.v ." Will I 1 i .L.i - ol . I li" SI I...;.- lb pabln ( i ;i 1 1 1 u . i : i Ibniuii i lain a I 'mi -1 , t ut ton and I ', " bu '-.: I ' i who Pi' gi a ; h - i to Pi v.m to ! i. 1 id with .i m in b !" i 1 a 1 1 i I I n . 1 1 1 ' "i lb" I 'I,,, a.ji i pi il i. n u; .till in I I Uiil lb' id v n " I un " a Ian I Tin " -.; I w; bo!" Ih.n' vv ry faces. Lai tiny I an ,v v ha I to . pi - I n Nov - 1 Mi lb y an ha - ju-d i dun M- d In a b '. '.i' i. .n that ' a! b ilim I,, in mi l! way In ' in" "I do not. In I h v ; in . , . pu bin nu pai I y will in rr.v a - , n -; -I nb- I slni 11 not i i ii 1 1 ".I i ia ia i v . ii . ! , i 1 1 i I I 1 Ml. I '.IV II II - pll.l 1.1 11 should 'bn III and s. vv hat is the mallei- wnh Ii i in All attach of ' gi a n-d.-ur is a si l ong symptom of put . Ill his luief spec, h nf "a Ii I Hi on tin-I'ouilh I'lesiili'iit McKinb-v siud Suiiinn niitig the precept s of I In- fat h o-. w i will maintain in v mlate t he hies! n g.- el In i- gov i I linn li I at home, i allying' ils bom-tits and benedictions to our di tant possessions, which lie under tin- shelter of our glorious Mag.' The sentiment lellecls the c-ylcllt to which tin- pi e.-nletit is impel ialistic Webster li.ivis explains lo his fi n inls that lie did not int"inl to an noiuice his retirement from the n-pub-liiaiJ party when In- mounted the platform at Kansas City and began to speak foi a resolution of sympathy for the liners. As he proceeded however, his feelings and the desire of the orator to make a hit with the audience got the Inter of him, and he made a mad dive into the democratic party. Lightning repeatedly struck the statute of Liberty ia New York nai oor during the first and second day of Undemocratic convention at Kansas City. Hut the goddess just let it strike and paid no attention to the oaflleil bolts. It is a good omen. She and Pncle Sam can stand a great deal of nonsense without being in the least disconcerted Neither suffered the slightest injury from the wrath of Juniper Pluvius of Hilly Bryan. And now Maiy K. Lease is niakng fun of the lirvanites and the sacred ratio. W'titing to the New 'Sink World about the Kansas City convention, she says; "Nut since the palmy days of the great showman. P. T. liaiiiiiin. has such ;i colossal aggregation of political hybrids, tric k riders, reform downs and equine performers held forth in American city. If the democrats persist in giving prominence to silver and their allegiance to It they will be compelled to project their theores and their hopes Into the world beyond the grave." ,- oj Look for a moment, howerer. at the celestial ja

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