The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 19, 1900 · Page 4
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1900
Page 4
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A C ni ir. . HHSoHition of mining men In the i ; ! a i k Hills, an' a ui;a many of tho-- MINES AN D MINING The pleasant flavor Rem, under the civil service .regulation but tries to be on the civil tongue list, and does not make hn neighbors hostile by uking politic.-. H;i uiohe.r Mrs Klua Johnson, make her home with him. .She in 72 years old, j mwiin propdty are in favor o:' if j Tin object of Hit- propoed as.o.'. i tion i to imti'l investor from i:- Once They Were Mistaken. J need of a laxative and or mother be costive or most ernfifi-i "Uloot . received which average 4Vs per cent in copper and $2.25 iu gold per ton It is a good piece of ground an 1 should pay if Th" Values so far r- eived lOIltltle to Keep up. .-VVel.i' Dead wood parti e., a:.- mtcrc.-teM the ground and propose to make an effort to develop it into one tha' W be a producer maiiy years it has lfcn thought j )l(m,.s, ,.OIj,,- who wouhl . mj. a'. or . y. ard ago. but were abandoned dur-th silver excitement at Georgetown, when $100 gold ore looked in-.-i-ir.ili'ii.'if. Among those of th" lat-- r la.---, may be cited the Woodstock, with a farmer record of $-'" gold and $!'i silver per ton. together with a !!:' percentage of yellow copper and i . -ail. The original work was by adit ! driven several hundred feet on the i v. :n. but a cross tut is no v . a' the ba.-e of the mountain to tap ;rh-- lode at depth and open drifts for that i no country lying between Devil's Tower to the north and Warren s I'eak to the south would be a good country In which to prospect, and ac j'lg, resu Lg , q so that it is .the best ft S known and every family Tr a bottle, Manufacture ' fornia Syrup 0f Ftg8 c ' CJ to foiht upon them worthless piop-r-ly; to exuniim- all new niiin-.v cap---cuilly offered for hah- and to pass upon their inert u; to. ailv.-rtii' the country and to do everything in j the association's power to brin t ' the attention of the outside world the Pleased With the Hills. X Acton, one of t'a - l rominent m:n ing men of Colorado, left on the Bur for his horn.- :, i-st'-rday lington opportunities for profitable inve-t i he is enu' l incut offered in th- Mla-k Hills A 'Colorado Spring.-, wher In OIU.M number of mine owners, and other.- interested in mining ventures have expressed an intention of joining the new association and it i.-. pro'.iable that an organization will be perfected before iong. Roused the tor biliousness, sick i,- fed nausea, indigeaf t,t,a, etc. rJ. vamaoie lo prevent . colt0. k '"'1 fever. Mild, gentle. cert., your confidence i',,,.' . ,u,rf : -jll'ill'ii'd Output. .V1UCII Oliue Kiiiiiini :n il: i-i seution presents an outcrop that should attract the attention of the pvospei tor as he veins in the Snow;. Fvange district are strong and readily accessible for the greater part of the year. The Bellevue-Htidson mine on Columbia mountain has been working for some time past on the leasing system, and the prospects for ,i restoration of the output to old time proportions is good. The company has opened considerable new ground -iiice the main tunnel cut the lode at ! iiini fet of depth and the upraise connected the old sou-foot shaft with the bore (iood ventilation is now assured and new blocks of ground are being taken by experienced miners N'ed-huni & Co repore a sma.. shipment, following very little dead work, that netted nearly $2"u per ton from the silver contents. can be taken by children A,a!Fhk. Fncc all me,,cjrie d -,J oi c t. mood & Co.. Uwell Uil and as srpy at many at 40 doing her housework, an ! making frequent visits to Deadwood by hae. to do her shopping. The annual meeting of the Prior Hill & Ruby Flat Mining companies were held In Deadwood last Mouday, The Prior Hill elected John Baker. Julius Rebsamen, . J. Davenport. J A Harding and D. R. Scott as a board of directors, and the Ruby Flat elected John Baker. Julius Rebsamen. Giles M Fish 1) R. Short, and Charles Hymaii. James Conzett has been looking after his farm property. In Butte county, the past few 'lays and has just returned firm) I'eidinont If mvns :0 acres of land a few mile- tliLs side of t'eidmnnt. along the line of ihe Elk hirn railroad. He does no farmiim and says he simply holds the property for ihe benefit of his neighbors Th.' ineriiii ri Mining company has Ixjen rutting a station in the bottom of , the shaft :: feet deep the last weejt or ten da vi. preparing to put In a Hooker pump. There have two small pumps at work in the shaft tun they were severly taxed to hand ihe immense volume of water en-c.uinicrtd As soon as the new pump has been Instated the company Intends to begin drifting under Ragged Top. At the annual meeting of the Trent Gold Mining company, held recently In the office of O, C I'ryce, directors were elected fhr the following- year. F. A Gaskell was Ihfii chosen president: O 1'. Pryce, sec. retary and treasurer; Neil McDonough. vice president; Geo. S. Calkins and Mrs. Addie Russell, directors. The Trent company ground is situated In Carbonate mining district, adjoining the Titanic group. Work wffl be commenced on the property later. I cil in th- brokerage business. Ii -visit to the Hills wa.- a pleasant ute-and filled with interest to a man w :j like Mr. Acton, is familiar with a t:ii:i ;ng country. He saw much to : prise him. and admitted that h ! I not expei t when leaving hone- to i louditions so favorable in the li i- k Hills for investing in mining pro; . ' ty. During his stay here he w.i- i very busy man. and put in nearly .ul of his time visiting the nearby m:r. ing districts. That he was favor. i'iIv impressed with the country wa-dent from his i onversation. and :t was also h-ar that the different properties which he examined pleased hi in greatly. Mr. Acton will return a.nn iu August, when In- will make a pi" longed stay, and as lie is a man of prominence. there is not the ! a-t doubt but wniit be will influence oth er Colorado people to place some inon i'v in Hlack Hills ground this fall '' Vllt Ilk.. r'l e c i , j,., 1 J 'ieri Spanish R. At prc.-eiit the work in piogie--. on this mine wnii h was alwavs one of the best in the Carbonate district has been confined to prospecting with the diamond drill Stewart Thompson, the siipei intendent, has a small ton e of nun ;ii woik. wIih h will not be in i nn .c until suitable hoistum ma i hmei v and i. -ii. table pinii'i -dial! ha v In 'ii pill in The shall I - now doWII feet, illlll ttolllll IlllVe been ' on 1 1 ii 1 1 e'l to the ipiartzile had tho means oi relieving the shaft of water been adequate. However. tin- diamond drill will he continued until ipiartzile has been reached, and that prospected as thoroly as can be This property is owned by the Connors brothers of H- c .ie gl l tr. .i .,'.,, s ,, , .. ' f'-il (. - t,.r .ii.... ,., , -'i'."!. Curtis. St. vBvef. - . M.H'sUli.ll.jiM ciM,w. ,a bl'SSfW, . and fti .. Sneai fish, and if is their intention to cording to an jit-knowledge authority on jreology. a country in which there would be found one of the best fields for an individual miner to do his work.' Ailing upon the repoit of this gentleman, who is quoted as an an thority, William Crizlzly resolved to try and solve the mystery which ,h hidden by encompassing rocks. To this end he outfitted for at b-ast a -o month' May in the region whi'li was so flatteringly mentioned lr. t:ie expert. The geologist claimed there was a connection between Warren's I'eak on the south, and'tle-Ii vil s Tower on the north. The (m lb ir, .111 mentioned has patience, and is jiern vering, but try as he would, he .lie;. I not II ii 1 any ( onneit nui between the two points. The formations as you approach both places are differ tin and, from every appearance, the 1 1 n 1 volcanic disturbance that oc , i . r : 1 was purely local, and r esulted in t;ic upheaval of Devil s Tower In no place did he find indications of a ':n of matter carrying ore, but he oc. a.-ionally ran across "knifeblade " veii;s of manganese, which, would as ,sa at bast $111 to the ton. but so small were they that it would cost more to get 'tint a ton of ore than it was worth. This was the only indication of mineral thut he found in the country Intervening between the two points. Mr. drizzly and his partners thoroly prospected the ground, and not a piece of float escaped theirat-tenfion. It may be that ore bodies will be found in the section of conn try described, but it will be at ii depth below the surface , that they must be exceedingly rich to pay for working. o An Advance in Silver. The silver market has improved sime the close of the fiscal year and an upward movement Is noted Two ,-ue contribute to this, the first being the demand from the Indian gov eminent, owing to an increase in coin lit'1 and in China t lie present troublous conditions in that country have stimulated the export trade anil ill uilnished the imports. I'resent hostilities in the latter country have caused some hoarding and have re strbttwl the sidling iij Kuropean wares. The Chinese banks have con stipicnt ly found themselves called upon for larger quantities of silver than usual. The second cause of the advance rising from this must be credited to the smelting trust. The American Smelting ti Kelliiing company keeps silver bullion off a weak or falling market, and in the rase spare no expense in making it on.-of the paving mines of the Carbonate district. Tlie shaft has been retini-bered for a depth of :!ol feet, and is one of the best pieces of work in the lllack Hills It is a double compartment affair and is in such a shape that it can he continued to an indefinite depth. ! StriKe on tne Fauntleroy. ('RIPIM.K CRKKK, July l'i Special. --A strike is reported this morning on the Fauntleroy at a depth of twenty feet. The ore assays about $::o to the ton The mine adjoins the Superior claim of the Anaconda. The Hio Crande sampler received a new installment of machinery this morning and nas begun work iu good earnest The capacity is now .'Put tons per da;.. The ( limax No. 2 has received new machinery and is sinking an additional 100 feet. The Mary McKinnev mine is doing some extensive development work on the fifth level. Litigation between the Climax No. 2 and t he Santa Rita will probably take place. The Climax ground ex tends over the territory claimed by the Santa Kita and trouble will in all probability follow. The Mary Group. This group of mines, situated just above Dublin, in Two Hit. and owned by Fat Smith, is now being work ed under lease by Sam Sweet, whine lease is for six months. Last week Mr. Sweet struck a large shoot of good ore, from wnich assays have been made ranging from $23 to $100 per ton in gold. There is only a small force of men at present employed on the ground, but this will shortly be increased. The ore is being shipped to the (lohten Reward smelter for treatment with very satisfactory results. It is excellent for cyaniding but the returns now received from the smelter are very satistaenry. Digests what von J FLOAT. Miss Kstelline Dennett, special representative of the Hlack Hills Mining Review. published at Deadwood. South Dakota, visited Denver a few days since in in the interest of the forthcoming big annual edition of that journal. Hefore coming to Denver Miss Dennett visited Chicago anil Milwaukee for Ihe Review and scored a very suci clul Dip. W hile in Denver .--lie made numerous Irieuds for herself iiii.l lie- Review (Ires AL Itartiti.-ially digests the food aaii INatnre in strengthening and n structi uv the exhausted digestite fjans. It is I he latest discovered ant and tonic. No other prepuuj can approach it in st an My relieves iind peruiatienilja i'si,cir.i,i, Miuiyi'si ion, Heartttl ' ni c, cour sroniacti, Sim Sick Head;ic!'iC,;mt,r:ih'ia PnmntJ Star Group. This group of claims, which is located in the Ragged Top district, and owned by the ink brothers and oth ers is a very promising property, upon w hich much work has been done iu the way of development. The mini-has a huge body of ore exposed in its various workings, some of which give very high assay returns, but the ma jority is. so far. of a low grade, which would pay well to cyanide. Yesterday there were several wagon loads all other result sof iitiperfertdiifitj for ruie nr iv ti. FHIkLIP8. of grub and supplies sent out to the FLOAT. An Arizona county recorder's b-ual charge for recording a notice of location of ;i mining claim, is $1.50. this includes tiling, seal and all necessary. Whin is the Scotch term for quartz-ite. Quartzite may be commonly considered as a sandstone in which tho crystals have disappeared by becoming indurated. I'nder Colorado laws it is optional in organizing a mining corporation whether the stock shall be assessable mines and with them a force of men. who will at once commence work. (jj) CLOSING OUT SALE OF Copper Find Near Lyons. I.YO.N'S. Colo, .fuly l'i.- Special.--., great ileal of excitement was aroused yesterday over the discovery of rich copper ore up the south fork of the St Vraiu. four miles from Lyons. The discoverers of the copper are Fred Davis, editor of the Krie Revenue: Roy Davis nnd Roy Harris of this city. They claim the ore will net them about $20 per ton. Numerous prospectors are going out today and already a number of tourists are following along several small verti cals which have been exposed in the four open cuts by which the ground has been developed. f BINDER TWINE Valuable Interest Sold. Last Saturday, after banking hours there was offi red for sale II4..S2.". shares of the Victor Mining company. staking off claims. The sale of the Copper Ocean mine an old location, is reported this morn ing. There being no other bidders, the or not. In California mining stock is always assessable. With care there is little danger of poisoning with cyanide. The chief source of possible troiule in that regard would seem to be that insible cyanide salts cyanide of Einc for Instance, may mix with the slimes, not being well washed out, thus forming hydrocyanic gas when sulphuric acid is poured on. in case of inhalation, cited the demand was exploited by thi utmost possible advance in price. As noted in last week's issue Kus Hia also appears In the market. Sil carbonate: mining district We iiuote as follows, on Ixiard cars at ( IIU C0 or M1NN1 Al'OLIS, in 50-ponnd bale only: Manila Twine, per pound, 1 iu. On txiard cars at Omaha, '4 cent per pound hiRlirr. Our Manila Twine runs from M to 1 " feet to the pound, is fresh from the mill, having been made since June 1st, 1900, and we are sure that it will please users. This twine is our well known Blue I ,ilel I'.'.ind and is ver is now being shipped to Fort Ar Span ish H Diamond Drill Adelphi Machinery Sold Other News. thur In considerable quantities ap parently to the Kusso Chinese bank a sort of political institution. Tin Sauiuel 1'. Jouusou, posliuater at Car-Ixmate ('imp, visited leadod yesterday flusslans are probably desirous of accumulation of a big military chest i.ifW.J. .'(" t" He aays the Diamond drill is stil running guaranteed, as it always has been, to jire the user or purchase price and freight will ciinded. f on the SpaDiah R. and considerable bor Can you get as strong a guaranty as this anywhere 1 Order at once aa nor itnnlv will not ioni. with the kind of money in that the Orient wants. In connection with this whole matter, it is also noticed that, In the shipment of gold, that president of the company. Col. C. V Carpenter, bid tl? shares in for the company for $a7l .10. tho amount of the assessment due upon them. This assessment had been levied to pay the expenses Incident to representation work performed upon the company's ground last year. The company intends to patent its ground, and the remaining shareholders desire that it shall receive as good development as the present showing of the ground warants. This ground haa been represented for a great many years and much money spent Iu exploring it. There are numerous shoots of ore upon it and a number of fine looking verticals. It is situated in the Cartionate district and surrounded by good properties, many of which have been excellent producers. The company is not decided Just what It will do for the present, but this tug is being dune. The drill has run an upper, anil a number of other holes have ben run off to the sides, from the bottom of the 300-fooi shaft. The results of these Montgomery Ward & Co., ( metal conies back; but In the ship a prompt subcutaneous injection of hydrogen peroxide will be an effective antidote. A mining claim is realty, and a man has a legal right to hold as many claims as he can do the required annual work upon; yet it It is not wise to grab or hold the whole countryside. That is a habit and a bad one. A locality where one man or a few men hold nearly all the claims is not sought by Investors, and wholesale claimholders thus defeat their own purpose. "Just doing assessment work" will keep a camp poor forever. It is development work that makes a camp, and a man who holds his claims nient of silver to the Orient It Is absorbed. India. China, and now Russia, constitute sinks of silver, and to ORI01NATORS OF THE MAIL ORDER BUSINESS explorations have not leii given out, and do one outside of the owners and ihe men 1 charge ol the dull have any knowledge ( CHICAGO the demand from these three coun of what th. drill has encountered. The f'lepatra cyanide plant is progres tries may be ascribed Its recent rise In value sing steadily and it is asseretd that it will A Deal in Prospect. be completed within 60 days, probably by the first of September. It was stated yesterday that the Adelphi Hoist Sold. Illinois-Dakota group of mines, situ I si I I J I ated on Strawberry gulch, had been L'J I nJ rJ.l -TV's L J. V 1 L Am 1Um134 mi- t-j.w - - - I 1 si bonded to an eastern syndicate for to sell at a big profit, just as he would a corner lot in a rapidly growing town, must demonstrate intrinsic value or continue to be "claim poor." j Work on the shaft of the American ' The Adelphi company's machinery has bn sold to the Spear-fish Gold Mining and Milling company. or at any event the dnal Is pnu'llcly closed. It will be used at the TRY MORMON BISHOP'S PILLS for all dlsewes srlilnlJjj 160,000. This property adjoins the much is assured, it will not allow its ground to lie Idle, hut will continue to develop it. and will not be content with merely representing every year. It is one of the best propositions in the district, and. one of the directors believes, that arrangements will soon be made to put a large force of men ptvuoo, self-sbuse, excesses) or cigarette smosu.i, -m Brings back your manhood, ssres depleted, w. -sotit men. red blood sod tissue. Cures wasting and li . P"V Zoellners from which have been shipped some very valuable ore. The Shamrock, which also adjoins it, has lngly strong, cures lmpoUncy, lost power, ei iiou. tw miUlllMllMl mAAm I........ . . mwM itAM CTOUi IVIM1 ' , eves. Mskrta Ufa wnrtb llrlnv. A boon If. ' T -.1 1 BISHOP PILLS streortheiv snd restores small, wesk organs. Stop J" Sperfish company's properly onn Johnson gulch at Ragged Top. J.B. LeHeau of Central City has recently completed asseamenl work on the Little Diamond, which lies adjoining the Spanish R. on the llttie Diamond, there is a vsrt Iml of yelloBie from to S Inches thick averaging Mdvaaft, at work upon it. The ore is a silver-lead proposition. d7 or night Don't delay. Price within tsJ. For sals by N. b. n" tj, ""r. : circular. iv. m mix, u ranu, lor 13.00 oy mail, sena ior n - - . cuit BISHOP REMEDY CO.. 8an Franclco, Che reach of alll Guaste raises Pharmacy, Deadwood. C. D. Copptr Castle. This group of mines, which is situ ated on Box Elder, may some day company of Ragged Top has been suspended for a few days until the new pump can be placed in position. A day or so ago the water came In so fast that it was impossible to control it with the pumps now in use in the workings. Hugh Breslin and James Carr of St. Onge. who left for Dawson last February, got thru after a two months' trip. They went to work with James Breslin. who owns some ground twenty miles from Dawson. The pay dirt on Hreslin's ground is 80 feet wide and yields about $2 per cubic foot. They boys Bay that they will have all thevjnoney they want after their machinery is in operation. prove to he one of the most valuable copper holdings in the Hlack Hills. The ledge is exposed for a distance of about 700 feet, at least shipped several carloads of ore which -have given returns of $85 per ton, net, 'and tnere Is much more of a similar character within Its boundaries. It was stated In a former Issue that the company would make extensive improvements upon this ground, and among them, probably, a plant to treat and handle the ore. Another sample of the veins and shoots exposed in the workings has been made, which shows that an average of 50 per cent In lead, and 115 ounces in silver had been obtained. The ground la well known to almost every mining man who has conducted operations In that section and all are pleased, especially those owning adjoining claims, with the showing that Is being made in the company's group of clalmf. 150 feet w ide, i he workings now on heXieiser. The aHnienipwork on the deiser has ilso been done, there Is a vertticaj on this olaim 8 feet thuk. it is a congloan-fine ore. then a pocket of phorphry and other base rock. The ore, it is claimed, av-erage'! $S0 to Ihe ton. The owners of the claim. Jacob Goldberg, of Dead wood and William Johnson of Carbonate Camp, intend to follow- the vertical down some time to where there has been some opportunity for the formation of ore, to some of the sand stones, where the values could have ben injected, and it is confidently belived that a good body of ore will be found. Postmaster for Eleven Years. I the mine consist of an incline eighty-two feet in length, and all in ore. Work has not been prosecuted very vigorously upon the group for some time but it is the intention of the j 1 - Wholesale Prices I m to Users. ijUl? Our CtT.c:.. , ' lfi jiii::: L-miv,.' We ,'onv.a-.. ;'' J" -4-:X5 ar.iilt--,-: The Tallest Mercantile Building in the World. MONTCOWE'-1' 'VA'D, -ik Owned and Occupied Eiclusuely Bj Us. Vi.-k.-" v ' " "yz33&l iMMWi.,n ih, j ti. am HI mW jr'Tggg- I owners to immediately put a small force of men at worn. The new work will consist of a shaft, to be sunk at least 150 feet upon the vein, and will be started about 600 feet from the Mining Matters. KM FIRE. Colo., July lfi. Special Extension of prospecting between the town line and Berthould pass has led to the discovery and location of some incline now on the ground. Ore from1 Mining Men's Association. very promising prospects as well as Mr. Johnson has been postmaster atC ar-1 iue CTOUD has freoiientlr been treated I the relocation of several nrnnertiea tv.niu tnr inn nin th. .11 .v. -m For sometime past tbere has been a movement on foot to organize an at the smelter in thin oity. and returns 1 that hud made a good showing some ministration changes. He save he Is sot I

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