The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 19, 1900 · Page 2
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1900
Page 2
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Lead citTTu MOST CHINAMEN EVASIVE. spread of ice i ream and cake which , i had linnn previously prepared by a n, i.athj.vine what in- ! .sistants are courteous gentlemen, and City and Personal )!Dl'- while hlT formation h- an , on.erning the gen visitors arc treated with a' finished po I furies. newspapers p iUiimi'-u , ... committee appointed tor that pur-(... . The organization is just start-in .; mid half of its first year of Ft nc im . contain at. . : n:ng i . A i.-.. ' : at , t i l ie- o: tic ral What li,- t! out put anl other statisti. s. 1.1 h- prepare.-I, w d! !, ii' I lr,iei." us the icsult ii , p-, d .1 - : i i hot:! i,.iii;, S:.-. ,; Spllllgs 1.1 -t , HI,. I,... , ,:,T" S:- -on;, :u;.. ' i "in ( i.-i . . ,, AS NOT A SUICIDE. Sylvan Like. !.-.-I)c Hid us tutur.- is evidently i nlgUm from the i n-ti-r-all its members, back-. .-! n'.ilny. hi. !. and lie! J! ;. t aw.,y !'f i . ill. i, .-i I 1 l .ill' -I, 'Ml .in mill' -,p.,t in in I 1 j ,ii. t ! Ill I -. I. -.-t shown by Y., 'ii fan.ily Mi--' Km. t hi re- Simply a pirecracKer I nai "-reared wh;j.. ' Too Much Consternation. . ,,,.. I T ! . ..a- a .-i. o:t -:,,,rp , ',. ' ' ''" - ' 1 ' -T' 1 ills in '-a ;-. i. i..i. ho .: :. ' !; t::m:!.l . I 1.. .el. I THE MONTHLY SOUTH DAKOTAN. - - o - tl Tie BACHELOR MAIDS ENTERTAIN. ,, , oi ... ,-. 'I i. ; .. .. - I.' .1 l,T. I , and.M. to Svlv i.i li ' I,'- I! lor I Doa'ie H.-:i':. tne South Dai-eta I L.-ctj.y Genius, in Deadwood. j i -j De L.ui'es cf DeaciAOOd Give Kjhtfjl Pait. . ,, - . . Ka :.' :. . 1 !.- : ' i ul . ; .1 '. a.:' I I aa' ., - Hi a-ian. -liMtl.lU W . -iii - onld I f r . . . ' ..', . they go ..II t be ; . 'e - a : 'He ,. : ': ..!: ii. w - il.-y . on,. - Thin their '.i-bii,--'on W'u Ting ... on, t !,- pla. i nipli. it What li"- lei f ives af.d ,,' . - ! b' in i pt 11- gOsp. I ,: I., ult to g.-t most Chinamen I' , ' . I - o 1 1 II, t ! . ! il-il. , I o! II,- ,.i : f. number i- - i. -I ,i, l I hill.- Il 1 li' '! pain- I ' ,;. lb. in . -. .,!,.! II w it - , . . I I.' -Lot !jt,j t Il ill, ll lie,, man t ho oihi ; I,.- b-! i on, He S' b 'i !. i lai ,ld :n lloZell IlieU v,- o .l lO lo, lit- l-'il. r's limn bud ( Iom .' . and no one . ould he place. The explorers star halt I heir -. -t.-. i ha In - 1' -t: a e ' t .- to the KV-l.tll III" Il aiti'-t-, to ii" lie .-nil lor tall Twel, lio.nie i;ob;n-oii poet, journalist, I., tor. r. liter. ,!. v exponent and critic and publisher of the Monthly South I in k(d a n . is in Meadwood. a gue.-r al the liu!lo. k. He resides in Sioux Falls, but Ins home is South Dakota, and bis energies are directed to the !,, !,, hi of the enure commonwealth, lb- is making a tour of the I !l:u k Hills, for t he purpose of bringing his magazine to the attention of tne Illack Hills people, and incidentally to gath.-r mfoi ination pertaining: to this pan of his home data to be used in some of his future wink. He was at Hot Springs Sunday, and Monday be. nine this way as far as Rapid City. 'Idles, lay he came to Sturgis. and yesterday to Meadwood. He expects to I. a -.Ml' lo HIS of III e Of the ' 1 1 'o 1 1 , . I -. I lie -I-! ,, I w.l- J..:, i. il : u ..eng. ; i , ; .. ' i. g p. 11,.- Spi .nr- v. ;.. :- l!. y ' .il I day. The Karl;. .M al.dtil i li on ! Inst ven n g lor ilot Spring a tlx w,.k.-.' ng.igeii.ent at ans do tel. 'I li.- ladies ;,nd f composing the on I. est ra a ' and rannnt help hut pro-,, i hai mini; entertainers. Mr- Mi In k and Altoid ; giving the lolll, Heat III. Ills ing Lair ami all scalp discus. -.- t'y Ile treatments ,illd all I quired for live miliar.-. We "M in k hair fa lining nun lime" inn hair no injurious ln-ut pelaant i ool breve and ia Over I (eel ken .-, 1 1 nn stoi '''v..1; ., "'"' V: !.. y. Hi- orig the -ale about tl In. I t.-ittiir.: ot oi ii- i - and at-u . re I, I Ml n tied f I he room i on III, t,e . i ' I, I I. U I'll I .1 I 1. " little a I" I in i:,:f. rent , orn.-i g.lllle o :,. , i roons may p.,. is um i Mai n . i Charles 1 :., ; ,, . .Vest ei day I , ! t . with friends hollle in ( ' , family ar. of I hi- Mr. Z, ili:, ,, , rivals in ., , William H.ik. t and Mrs. I'at t i, i, , and to Mr. and . All doing well .1'. L. Marooux an to St. ( lilge vest, three i Mil,), n friends of tb. ;. : and .Mr. and M : turn this evening Mr--. Ida Slier,,!, leave tomorrow ', cation. Mr , , v if.- at Mi - v COllt IllUe I ,.f , , . . d a i otind to the r, .,r of t he !:; 1 din and a half doz. n m t out to lo, ale II . i on. m. t I h -ni s. -1 es on the situa- , a 'I I.:- is parti, ularly true of ;. ei.tig Chit,. um n of Mead wood. . t , tie- . , pt II ill ill III" Willg V-'e. .'. i,o a'.ow- that I;.- no sympathy ti , i in, in, ui with lb. Hox.-r movcriii nt i ithei ( biiiaiiieti e a.i. aiisw.-ring any , ,.-t i, m- on the matter by staling -i'ii i . d with .li . I ' bad le, tin.- - - --. nt in 1 1 v f. in i nine .,ul i on- mall one 'I'll ollgin l-'ll'l '; saloon and n about the pla, ' ,::'i.vf. I I -ihllt 1 111', ,1 - Well to tile effei t il lO I he - a I l-fie t ion ot a tet. a t te. 'Minim 71, ' H..I.U for di y I. Ill id we. !!'. thii! It T li no! the I . it!. I Inn, Il wa s-i . d ill ,1 IDrir-j ih lloiels MlHi o! the I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ,1 where Mr- r 1 1 nit .-tan, I littler f tl.. inline of 1 e til a I 11 e, a i o'ind to the i . ar in ue- t h- .e an' ! Ilav.-s- fot inorty hud I Art i ing a t t he i . ar S. huhei t biiibltng. th. Hills several days isit the points of i OUll, I I s 1i-s- ('lolltlll, f,e pail"-- :, I II II 1 11 U 111" , I i.i ii 1 1 i lo Ion o itm ladi . , Kloieti. .- -s. liav long, i . and w : l 1 1 atest histori I, physical and com Homestake Field Day. e.t held .1 Hie !..t-e ball g! 1IS been , pc-s 1 ) 11 , --s 'I hoiiipson . who I into Hie Hills us i for the Aiin ri. an It w running Illess. lit il 'i Mailue Harding, and 1-an K ith. The . and was best known tin Wo U,,-i., . lulu h wa- daintily prepared ,,-r,-,l all thru t In- eietoio; diet, lied Oilt oil a h' -I, I, .,,11. H'- Wall'..- h. .,d u.i- ha i . d i Uia t! pae i III' II, 'Mill. He Iiiiin was a bench ' l ii, g on I and hi- : in the .I.i, be I -." " The t,iLiam u ic I na 1 1 v laid out 1 1 1 e 1 1 i : 1 1 i ill . rest. Mr. Kobinsoii is w : r ::i tV- .-fate ut. I laru. : to He ,!a. Then- is a .-t i ngt b and purity w h.-t h' r in pro-e m I .a i ! i, t; la i I filled i ,.l ',. hi and has oontrih-iiterat ui , of the . harming -t b-. ibout his writ mgs ,-rse, and lie is - a die I.-, I w l il, i . company some months pa.-t. h it la -t evening for Norfolk, where Ins pa parents leside. lor a i'.-w days' rest, when he will take Hie lull out of Hart ingtnn. Ncli. on the M Ar . hue. Mr. Thompson is mm , , o, he; Han v Crowii, r. ,u -hm t tut., -.'. i PP-'i . will -I a- lb ,11. lull I ' - , I be - I 11, ll IW I l.l.b at, 1,,',1'ttilli .. ::: .at in: ... I ' a :n - in II ' ll' t be '.: IIP Use lllt'-l . . i -. : i, g ! . ,il. , for a iisp. 1 1 -1 1 1 li of dan. -ilia at iiiidiiifht. but at that time a vote was taken to lontiiiiie tor another hour, or mil l iiVlii. k. it wn a congenial . ouip.iiiy. all an iiiiuements were car-. i, d out with pi .-, i-ion and ni. et y. and it was the nu.t ,oneiitional and fhionaiiie lute tiou of the y. ar in a- iii ',.- party am1 th-; it I v , nine running up t i n, I -I ight 1 . S-e n, ,., h d ben gingerly, al.d 1 in bow !,e v. a-. At t It ,--ai up w ith a hew 1 1 . 1 . -1 , ! i in lied to I " or into I h- lest oi lie The man men a;, '.' one a i.d III. f. I lev. look. and darl-.n, , - HolUe-lake ' Hi: ' i 1 . am I , .mi th a ml w i ! i a No ,a ml will also held II meet home Of Ms-otinii was d.-ills, ussjiui of Tin' Hft.helor Maids ing last evening at the Stella Craves. The in. voted entirely to the 1 1 i.-nd -. I'io- . tiou a- pt;,,. ,,., ., lo Hi , epl I 1 - .;. s, honl III Lev ., w if" will lea . ;,. 1 i vv home .lane s K'.'i-i, : one al-,, Paul ,,i d who . oiisl il ut'.'i . nearly a week out lead wood. Kul I evening dress was a ti ' i 1 1 . g . i , no end . ,: ' ( It, 1 ! I ' ill as but il tea I II -s will wi k b a i d tor the t' oft ei , d vol ii l.y not n no lies ami miu-in-ii. ..'bind hint. ' 'Mid you hear he wa.- .isKeil. "No." h-, out inue.l to look behind business i iru i n i nt; the , lub. and plans for future entertainments, and a shot.'' said. II. i it 1 some . rv handsome gowns were ,l-o 1 1 1 ; . 1 1 oilier at too llUlliero IS to ell details irow. but at a Tile,,- Wil I 1,1. I lolls tor into all took the Mattering um (ion to thei, description will be given paper. The the shadows of t he . f t s h ; r, g enjoying life as only on,- ,an in a ,-ai 1.1 I ' T 'Lite 1, Olll pil l ol the games and prizes in the i ol um lis of , d i tf'T. nt , oinnii, , . . s ii of that kind have r turned linmc d seen among the costumes of the ladies. The guests from out of town were: Mrs. Ceorge Wardman. of Mexico; Misses Candee. 'Omaha: Kdmomls. Iienver; Venard and Ware, land; Miiriin. Spearfish. Messrs. Iteriieii. Clinton. Iowa: Mo-ran. Omaha; O'Brien and Claik. Lead, and Mr. Hack, of Fort Meade. The young ladies announce that they were assisted in the decorations by a number of the young men. for which they are grateful. .-ills are Tom dreg Kinerick as follows: ( 'on, m il t.-e on .iisii orv. W. Trewe, k. I,, Thomas L. lie, Lot: , ,iv .itmriM .; Lead was liolHi. d . -t.-i day that Lt supreme con i t ha ! ,, a. ing in tlieiaseoi the C;t of I.ea,i vs .lake Klalt Kluir w.i- - .it n nr.: i Mi (la m, I i.i in Conn, William Mettle-. dl William Hannah, .lake him. and th.-n moved in Hie shade of an old outbuilding When the eves became focused to the shadow another man was made out and then another and another four or live of them altogether, stretched out on the ground, breathing the torrid chinook and sleeping off jags- dead, but not the right kind for the morgue. The search was i on tinned hut no clue was obtained to the shot, and the searchers Were thinking they would have to give it up and tell the day shift to find the victim, possibly with his head shot off. Officer Mclnei ney sauntered down the street. "Who was you shooting at Mac? " was asked. "That was a firecracker." said Mac. ''Somebody put it off under a fellow who had been asleep all night on the step at Hews & Mills." and the searchers inhibited disapppointment. asked for a t . I,, at ...g v.t must pay tin- judgm- id Mrs. .l. riy I-'.,.:. ! :.. 1 lay Springs , , ,-.,. v :.-iu.c ,l friends in the . u t. ..;.n T!.-v ani: ill the 1 litis si . nil d.iv- ago urnl ti- been spending th. it.,,-: "t th. use: iting in the Uagg. t T", d.-Mi.t T!;': Thompson. (In Decorations and I'liviieges. X. Trewee'h. Jr. ('on SulliMin. Ceo Wells, John Wungness, i;,.,,-,, Am son. 1 .1st of Sport s. 7 VUI . .din ll w' List o. Sports. Hllse bill. Lower l.eels VS. I'pper Levels. Tug of War. ..mnestake vs. High land. IMO yard dash, iii vard race, throwing Hi pound hammer, stick race, hurdle race, putting shot, wheelbarrow l ace, greased pig race. (Hie legged race. ,f M K.r.:' , uie- o, hi -' d.ioe, t aril' h s iiei ug g.ii,s it, addition in b:- ability to , p.e-S e lt -, 111 1111 -I T ill verse, he is ul.-o strong as ii ies Mp-livo writer, and diaws from a u-t I mid of infoi mat ion. The South D.ikotuii I- in its thud .ar. It was lulled a I Yankton, but Mr. Kobinsoii n.ov, ,1 lo S.ou l-'alls. where it , ould be more ion n ii ii 1 1 y handled. Tin people of the state ha, shown abundant appreciation of tin- iiiiigaine. ami altho but in its third year if has a splendid oil dilation. It lias a number of able ( oiitributors and each number con tains articles by the brightest men of the state. The last number hud an article by Hon. Ha rt lit t Tripp. on What Shall Me Done With the Remnant of Our l'uhlic Momain? " a topic that at once opens up a field of thought in civics, altogether new. The publication has great value to South Mukota readers, for it is devoted en lirely to this state. It gleams with histori, al anecdotes, lare hits of fiction, bright thoughts on tiiirent happenings, and matter statistical and descript ive. CHOi-HOUSE GEORGE DID IT. A Curve in a Brick Wall Due to a Gun Play The fuirning ol the frame build ings adjoining the old Adams brick on Wall streets, revealed a considerable of a sag'' or i li ve in the north wa.. of that !,ii:,,.,ng and many are t ie conjectures as to the cause of it. some asSi'ltiut; (plite pOsiLV Iv 11 ' it is Uilsale. The building Is s.i. . .; great ,,eal safer than the liv, s of the men v.ete who Im i It that wall bad fh. y not made that urve. An early day character known as ''Chophmise (ieorge " owned the-fraiiie building adjoining, and the se, rind story of the shack h ani'jl over- toward the Adams lot. lie trained his artilleiy on the workmen and would neither permit them to straight, n his building nor ut off the projecting parts. To avoid delays, litigation anil possible bloodshed, the Adams r,-rlere, the. curve in the wall. ( o The Twins' Birthday. About a score of little children, all the way from five months to seven KOIlls that the Illell. While tfJj--iM of it. never for a moment are in it with the maids in getting up entertain meets. William Sclhie ami wife, and two sons, Willie and Charley, and Mrs. Burdette Moody, returned the middle of the week from Hoyden's ram h on Sand creek, whore they had been Ashing since the Fourth of July. They camped out at Hoyden's place, and took their meals at the hitter's house. The Ashing was good all the time they were there, and the trout were biting particularly satisfac tory the last day or two. Rev. Ware returned last Wednesday .com a two weeks' outing in the sand hills o. Nebraska, where he put In the time hunting and fishing. It was his annual outing, and judging from his appearance he must have enjoyed It hugely. He went down the road last night on the Kb.norn for a three days' .o his ranch on Rapid creek, and with friends in Rapid City. On next Sunday morning Rev. Ware will again resume the regular morning services in St. John's church in this city. The pretty little fawn that has been on exhibition in the front window of W. Li. Faust'H pharmacy for the past few weeks, went out last night by American express to Kev. (I W. Sieg-ler. Martland. Nebraska, having been shipped to Mr. Siegler by hi9 brother, Theodore Selgler of Oeadwood. who purchased the little animal. The fawn was se. ui ed by Waiter Groshong, near (;.-.! two months ago. when it was b it a few hours old. It has been raised en a nursing bottle and the bottle Is still necessary for its maintenance. It is very tame, and Is going to make a fine pet. are acqnaintam -the grocer. Mr,. .1 W .l"t,, William .! nn : ng - i-pected to a rt . . it. v isit w ith Im . I" LaVVlell, e l : at, making tin ir lion,, LIQUOrt ON THE RESERVATION. ail Jon..- ,i to : 0 '.p '.!:- .b-ti'- A SCHOOL ON WHEELS. Car of the International Correspondence School Visits Deadwood. A car of the International Correspondence Schools, of Scranton. Pennsylvania, arrived in Deadwood yesterday. In charge of Superintendent A. C. Heckwith. and two assistants. Ocorge I). Mover and W. C. Ronald. This car is No. Hi-, of the railway department, and is equipped with perfect working models of all the mechanical parts of. and appliances pertaining to, railroad locomotives ami the rolling stock of railroads. The car Is conveniently appointed for this, being divided into three compartments, one compartment being devoted to the mechanical appliances which are used for practical demonstrations, another being the office, and the third living and sleeping rooms. The car is in Deadwood for the purpose of instructing the students of the school in Meadwood, of ,,i ...- Sharon, Jo wa , while ,1 . v - ' paper woil. A .'I"' -v Rebekah Installation. Alta Kebekah Lodge No. s. I. (). (). IV. held an insinuation meeting Tuesday evening. Mistriit Deputy Mrs. : in -t,:.-T,'lf li.el t-ot -d.l HE'! - - :, '''" Lone Elk, a Rosebud Indian, Held to the Federal Grand Jury. Lone Klk. a full blood Sioux In dial) from the Rosebud reservation, was brought to Meadwood yesterday by Meputy I nited States Marshal John Melding, charged with introducing liquor on the Indian territory, contrary to the federal statutes. He was given a hearing before Court Commissioner Coe yesterday, and was held to appear before the l'nite,l States grand jury in September. He was unable to raise ihe necessary bond, and will consequently remain in the Lawrence county jail until the court convenes. W. J. Barker, a clerk at the agi :n y. w as brought along as interpret!'. The witnesses w ere Hlacri Haw k. Sw immer. Sean lithe Knemy and Mario Side, all of them members of the Indian police force. Mr. Marker remained in Meadwood last night, while the witnesses returned to the reservation. thai tv ,i ..o . CI tltl.V I, cell I, .-' 1'. rrara and Tom S.. ' a quarrel sum. : i r . t he first nan.. "I ' his former id i. ' ' well know i, :i. I'le.utilllg s, , III. I Stllld.H m. : Sunday -''' p. -ii : I '' ''' 7 : ;li p. in. L' .:.-'' to each servi 1 ville will he o. ' -Sharpe of Lead . , whom there are several employes of the F. K. & M. V. railroad. Course and Manner of Instruction iimvev ot i.ea.l assisted by officers of the Crand Lodge of Hebekahs initiated file offii ers elect into Their respective stations. The ceremonies are improsshe ah, I interesting ami the district deputy and her assist ants did themselves proud The now officers are: Noble druml. Mrs. Anna Cameron Vice (irand.---.Miss Nellie Heiner. Se, reiary. - Dr. Flora 11. Stanford. Treasurer Mrs. Zehla Calroun. K. S. N. (L Miss Hel"ii Maker. It. S. V. (i. (ieorge It. Benin r. Chaplain. Miss .Mary Cooper. After the ceremonies coffee, cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all present. Members of Kehekahs wen-there from Terraville, Sturgis, and Lead. After a social time the guest having to take the train returned to The instruction is principally by mail. 7' courses being taught, begin-ginuing at common arithmetic and r. : J going to civil engieering Of these -. utt-'W' b. hiiri 70 courses are taught entirely by correspondence, while two locomo WILLIAM E. CURTIS COMING. Chicago Record' Correspondent Will Visit Deadwood This Week. William E. Curtis, the Washington ::. P-,,- ::.' (-'lttr - wd" if eii.crio correspondent, for the Chicago Rec years, were Tuesday given an oppor- ord, whose daily letters form perhaps the most Interesting and instructive .1 v -.: their homes, after inviting the Alta Rebekahs to meet with the Lead lodge July LSth. o ELECT OFFICERS. The scarcity of water the past few-days has caused no end of trouble between the water men and our citizens. Notices were published notifying the consumers not to let their hydrants run during the night, and to not sprinkle lawns. Some failed to see the notice; others saw it. but ignored it. and the man with the wrench that tive running and airhrake are supplemented by lectures and practical, demonstrations thru the cars. The schools have, six cars, and they visit all parts of the I'nited States. The car in DVadwood will be here until Saturday evening, and is open for anyone who wishes to visit it and have the system explained. There are a large number of The students of the schools in the Black Hills, principally among the mines, and they are gaining a thoro knowledge that could not be secured by ... v.: B feature of American jouralism to day, will visit Deadwood next week :- :,:a . .- i . : arriving here probably on Thursday, tunity of enjoying as goon a time as one ever need expert in this world. All this fun was the result of dainty little invitations sent by Ford and noward Wheeler, anouncing that they were going to have a party in honor of their fourth birthday. From 3 to ance is ri'ipi,--'' : i'astor. K. H. Hak, i . .i : Mir kinson. and tion of uiaiiaging i ' ' land I'laind' al- i pected to arrive ,;. : , the day alter.. 11 u for a week or t - n - -will incidentally this section in tl.-per. Mr. A. J. Read ' n Lead yesterday m.':." Mrs. Read is th- '' 'l Beers of this :: for a visit, stopp n-' Mr. and Mrs. u Mrs. Read w. t- ' ' '' and they are on : tana, and proba: Read looking !'" - July 19. He will be accompanied by Mr. Campbell, the advertising man for the Burlington railroad. They fits the valve that causes the water to ceare its run to a residence, has been making calls to the non-complying, will stop at Hot Springs a few days ,,f Oo3;f? before coming to Deadwood. Mr. Curtis is probably the best them in any other manner. The courses taught by the schools are mechanical engineering. steam engineering, locomitive engineering. M: shutting them off from the moisture which they so craved. Among the several victims of this little wrench was one of our aldermen, whose roar was far above the more naild and inn known newspaper correspondent in the United States, and his letters are read by more people than those' of electricity, embracing electri al 5 they played games and then sat i down to a delicious repast of cakes. I fruit, pink ice cream, etc.; after which I they wended their homeward way I carrying a dainty little box of candy. ' Among the many other joys brought by the boys' birthday was a large j number of presents with which their friends remembered them. Those in- ! vited to celebrate the occasion were: i Marian Westpheling, Halcvon Col- Working Girls' Union of Deadwood Elects and Installs Officers. The Working Girls' Union of Dead-wood met in Labor Union hall last evening for the purpose of installing officers for the ensuing year. The union is composed of about fifty members .thirty of whom were present to voice i"n the selection of their new officers, who were elected as foJlows: Pesident. Miss Peck. Vice President Mfts Tean Mansfield. Secretary Miss Emma Price. Treasurer. Miss Lucy Thomas. Warden. Miss Silverthorn. Conductor. Miss Peterson. ta M-,c i-t : any other writer. His Washington engineering. power and light ph'gi! n ones of the orother sufferrs. ing. electric railways, wiring and . lighting, electric railways, wiring and bell work; architecture, plumbing and heating, sheet metal wo.'k. chem istry, civil engineering, mines and mining, drawing, lettering, book-keep " .1.;. C Charles Arab : -tract for the er-brick building ' Main street, w !; ducting the hUe K-:' F. Dutton is th''k 1 "r will be com me r.' ' column has grown to be an authority on Washington matters, and matters pertaining to the affairs of the government, as well as on general topics. Bel covers a Held that no other correspondent baa ever attempted to cover, and his department always contains news that is not only splendidly prepared, but possesses much value for the average reader. His Tislt In the Hills will be for ( pleas tire, altho h will devote his ton. LaiSi Toiler, Dorothy Strachan, Paul Washabaugh, Duncan Elder, Willie Munn. Mabel Glickauf, Ruth Kaufman, Kenneth McPherson, Lucile ing and stenography, English branch TRY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder to be shaken Into the show. Your feet swollen, nervous and hot, and get tirvd easily. If you hav smarting feel or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. Il cools the feet and makes walking easy Cure swollen, sweating feet. Ingrowing nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieve corns and bunions of all pain and giver rest and comfort Try It today. Sold bj all druggists and sho stores for 25 cents Trial package FREE. Address Allen E Olmsted. Le Rot. N. T. es and pedagogy. There are eighteen .iiatelT After the election of these worthies "". lit of the schools at Scranton, and they have the ' ablest instructors possible K-raft, Arthur and Sydney Wilson, to office they were duly installed I Evlyn Lawrenceson. Vlnrt This building will J"in '' of to obtain in the country. with appropriate exercises, when all Maria Wardman. Jimmv w Superintendent Beckwith and his as- Nona art Excluded. Raber, whun is " construction. 'Joined In partaking of a bountiful I Violet and Clifford Gorum.

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