The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 12, 1900 · Page 12
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1900
Page 12
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DEADWOOD KINDERGARTEN. lav i 1 it th'- jpas i;i -ni pi riali-at. trusts were alto ! unmitigated I': rv coin ninn. btarvisiu and tin mm pioneer -mis ion. h ithor 'fctioi ernor was too foxv. Politically ho will l- very much ai;ve after fJryan and hi.- piip!iiL-t: folio in arc iw more. SECRET ALLIANCE ABSURDITY. 'is aid, It! "6 in. , si to ,,.v...i: p'-op;.. 'Hide, ' il had :e houht if and forgotten, the couv ention gether ov el shadowed until the real w oik of BOOTH DAKOTA A COMPLACENT BOSS-. Next to Hryan himself Croker '- : -one of the most i (insistent and uni standal ! persons in tin- Kjn-as. ( convention. Do anything, he sail, and I win agree to it. Any kind of platfoMIl I.- acceptable. Whale .- nt - J ; i and tie- (invention - - Very Pleasantly Sitjatsa .n the New High School Buiidinc Tin- Jieadwood Kindergarten ln, :j vcrv auspicious opening Monday OCADWOOD th. the as -at i 12 u CKIl BAl -r- fUB8CRIVTION. had bel-ll doll", ami the elllpIV d." lar- .it'i.ii t hat ni, pei lall.-tn is the ehu-f .-sip- aiyiot make ,t so. Tin- decision must ! mad'-, as n was : : 1 : i i - in ; -.; ! national lnum; ami n.i rt. :; with in- "! a 1 11 morning. II is pb-asan'ly n in the north room of tin- High biiiiding tin- u.-e nt w hi. ;, ;,, s. g in roiis, i donate,!, by d.. ' " Si; i'e 1 i.Ool heell !oo 11 1 Ctrn4 a axeood-clua milUr at ttolwood twtofflc No mini pl.e able bliss e er t nation to a national . miv , tit l.-a -on bx In- i oi.'ipln, . m He his ,, a ,;il:rr (,f f;. vv it h Tin I." I'l.-ide talk about board. ni a d" 'i'li plain in tl ami. ,j : bono! b. t w cell I t, :i and sale i . '1 be: is I, lit one is- u and it i--nai p and , I, a; have trill i on ' o 1 ' - I , J .iv ! and 1 1 11 d ia. : ' y M Kmn ;. .-ret all:,,, 1 Mates and any Iviropean it .i.i II pn.-ti-d and g pow 1 1 III II," of the presnl- nt M.-.V po null . Tim loom is light 1 1 i s h I , I with the low chains which ll, min h. and the lit' , ami rhi erfu1. . ; tallies and mall children lik - so People IniVe pe t:,n-m that tin- Ann rhnn people will '1 ti, ' I !!.! 1 1 ' 1 - -ill', p I . 1 I VV .1 l V III. 1 I: 1 II S I Oll-lsl s slhlllt.v (it elect 'ti 4 ltr d would dread bis e pel -nhal calami! . for trust stocks and all kil :- .! , Mi: - ,1 Me-1 nm a- I hev did loin' pi.rte l.eep uiiy ti I Stal i ).;.. 'V I . Sli'l he, the tion a hold, 11 otln iiia: 11 it and ot use of the large play ground Sill A CAMPAIGN OF MUD. .11 linli Mail 111-' lean- nun. lost 'hat, i 1 on lv A Mait.ii I - .1 1I10111 fn the sides ot i 1 1 - I load vv nod pop,, lists otherwise they would not Ik-throwing mud at Mini mo early in the of industrial securities would suffei a I. ,1 Ml ll,.r 1 1 V veals ago I'm what In- is and be lieves ;ind loi what In- would do lir.v an deserves and w ill. encounter a lei rilde defeat For his record and hi- tin- senate. Any treaty with a rounding the school building Thirty -.three happy child fai serious impairment in value if the m i l '""'I' Of i,.,... ' 'lii Sllllpl V thought tor tin igu power 111 usi lie negotiatel by president or by the .secretary of smiled a welcome to the visitor this All's V.... .. " .. ,tf" -NOcU - ai liiev ements. for the dualities of tame All ,he talk aliout comlui l ing first morning and more are expected a..v lurtlier a. ,,.. - caracler that make bun an eminently a il' an campaign which has appeared The school is In charge of Miss Julia sale president, for the prosperity of in some of the Lawrence county pop Phillips, a graduate of the Kindergar and bnnj; iu dlai!1,lm, am papers was only for effect and h ten Normal. Galesburg, Illinois. She ' Ml U'lOWell anH leader of a stupefied party should really ( ome into the possession o' power. With the utmost cheerfulness therefore. Mr. Croker gives his assent to policies that make Mryan's election obviously impossible, and advices cotireses that necessarily weaken the ticket in his own state. In the principality which Mr. Croker rules there are nearly four million the nation, for its continued mainte name of the position it has taken cause they hail nothing handier to is assisted by Miss Edna Wayne, who io reported on tU Sk...!'61 among the nations of the earth dur has spent the year in the Chicago state acting for his chief, and that it must then be reported to the senate before It can become operative and valid. The foreign diplomats know-that a t,peaty with the t'hited States negotiated in any other way would not be worth the paper it is written on, and tney woulu not fool away their time in making a non-binding treaty. Now it U impossible for any treaty -i, c-umaung taat t I have to i. ' t-l&tMi! Kindergarten Institute in preparation ouilt some "W Ret Ira. auu me entire ing his administration, Mr. McKinley deserves and will receive a vote of renewed confidence and a re-election to the office he has well administered. DlDItil-an...' for the work. Miss Strong, whose work was so cost from $i::,,o ,,, ,,- "l ti) tl-.rvn .. a t " cided that the , ii ' ,J! M favorably received last year, is assisting In the organization and starting people ana pronaoly six or seven thousand millions of property. That is quite enough for Mr. Croker. Let me handle the public funds of New York, says Croker, and I care not who uiu not hat,, I enough to take up Wcfc JH improvements, at present 1 glneer then sain v.. ' . M -l that must be confirmed by the senate of the school but will remain only a few weeks. to be jwcret. The treaty is discussed uc mourtt rary improvement!. v This kindergarten continues the in that body in executive sessions. experiment of last year. Surely we There is always a minority party. a nominal expense, and fc tlZ may hope that it is no longer an ex Kvery senator is entitled not only to a say. Now that Mr. Martin is developing into a strong and winning campaigner, their only recourse is to throw mud at him. Of course he in much too. sensible a man to pay any attention', the snarls of siich animals, orttpfettempt retaliation by descending tA the same level and using ' the same fjeapons. The oppsition in-ttists that'lkfr. Martin Is not a great man. Is ntfcto he compared with Webster, Clay," Calhoun, et al. This attempt at aartvasm only provokes a smile from Mr. Martin and his friends. Up to the present time he has not been accused of greatness in the sense 0 natlonl Importance. He has not been given 11 opportunity to show what he might do in dealing with national affairs. II Is safe to say that were Webster. Clay or Calhoun living in Dead wood inlay, nd aspirants The trying situation in which the troops of the powers &u4 themselves in China leads to the conclusion that it would have been much cheaper and safer had Europe turned over the task of collecting the Chinese to the Japanese. The latter experience no particular difficulty when they undertook the job on the former occasion would do very well. Mr.GuC' vored putting in a smal! "Vl periment but an assured fact and that vote but a speech, or to a series of bead wood is not found wanting in sits at the great desk in the White House. He sticks faithfully to Bryan because that gives him the coveted regularity. No one can assail him. no one can dethrone him. so long as he can exhibit proofs of loyalty to Bryan. As to what becomes is? Bryan he has no concern about speeches. Does anyone suppose that any proposition to enter into a railing. He also thought m should be repaired neM "l 1.100 wn.,1,1 n. I, ... ,JJ,I this important department of our edu secret alliance with Great Hritain or any other power could get thru th The I'limmilli.,. ....... I "d! men am to make teniporarv r.n,i. . I cational system. Are there not some gnerous persons in our city who will gladden ttie heart of some poor child by paying for its attendance? There are many children whose parents de east nrss 1.1 l senate without encountering violent opposition or that the opponents of the treaty would not make the fact ' e ,-A M'MSH Acting Alavoi l, Pi, - ' 1 uri s m mi , MR. BRYAN, BOSS. Creston Cazette: llrvan has I - . . l public if such a treaty should re- aid. - . M.mum.,.,1 I., for,, th, ,J eive the assent of the proper ma sire the best torTnem but are unable to meet the necessary expense. It would indeed be a gracious kindness to give to such au one the pure and THE UNBIDDEN GUEST. A spectre appeared at a inushal feast given in London a day or two ago by Mr. William Waldorf Aston. i Aslor. the one who .sold his birtbtight ..for a mess of social pet lage. and now lie seeks he public wa,. ing place. It looks as if might t- i ice riesidellt vr,.s . .u- . . jority ? and what Bryan says goes. St l.ouis I ; lobe 1 1, inoc ia t The ion vention at Kansas City continues to register Mr. Hr.van's deela rat n .'is. The -Heel wood lining influence of the kindergar "I""'""! 1:1 a Ir ten. .Many children stav in town all in uij jiei nous bride, W.l -1,M mi i mi 1 1 1 Oil' 11 ;i ml Th- 1'nder our system of government no secret alliance with any other nation is possibl". There are always too many men in the senate ready to fight any proposition submitted by the administration or approved by the party that happens to be in pow- miner We have no public park. i in nance I -ton Cost Mr. try tin's i at Kansas City ma Im 's M r. aliunde ,,1 Philadelphia in I Id suggestion b'CllV . i m i pi i v a I , ' groi i m 1 - arc r v .'l-'ill.' Mle ea I I v 1 1 1 ( t 1 1 1 1 ! 111,1 ptslols i, lib h. i d III I,'- I' th lie ! leu, a in - tin- st i eel s. h small -ol O! i i 1 1 1 is to a 1 , Offee ahliin thai Naval in i,l,i a liiiiiicl bid pat t v ol 1 1,.-Mr. sioi Mall Caeit, Milne ol Mn i ' ' i a 1 1 1 1 v vv I ! : m I. i-.i r t ti I'm a lew the vn III I PI' ,ri' I Ie t ... Mr. in re-, -it ii. i M : . Sir I : - 1 I-. M lllai v ,1 V I. a i U i,h b !- ... b. ii,., - Cap! ami PI e ilia vv h. RIGHT SORT OF INCREASE : i v , n ,1 si No nm, h The hide's in i La n .' vv i to have pai cut visit their -,, i hem-' U ,-- vv h.-ij I.- 1 'I ! 1 -" ii - ale mm- ,, i a . ' , MM mi : - ? I p. i v. . . I or v .is not 1 1 1 , ; I wari : i , i an : 1 1 i v Ie gl.l hool an ing dole and th 7. cent I ; i mi ih I pled Slat, , tji ' it, a limine Tin- population o lias im n a.-i u I "U j I b 1 i t v n ;iis. Tin 1 ol 1 ib I. I I' in i n it y III'' 1 . lit ill I In- la.-! has in that t,nn lol congress (ill Tae republican ticket, hi same tilings would he said 0 lli in lliat t In- pop paper sa of Martin. The greatness would aail them not !i iim in the eves of the oS unless III. wi lt mi the jmp t n l.ei M 1 Ma r t,ri , not ih awim; 1 1 -lit pa 1 i.-i ,n h t 'a . 11 uiiii.-el i' .1 ml Wrli-ter. 11m 1 - In .! 111:; 1 1 mi p. 1 1 i en - le t vv c u h 1 in s, I: .uhI the si a ud a I n 1 1 11 1 ge rs who are lm-v throwing slime. He very well liti-l-'r-i.iiids that 11 i- th.-ir chb-!4 .-ie 111 ti.ide to tear down instead e' ' Hiding up: to ruin am man's rep nation in the effort lit aihance llirm-si!es: to blacken the character of any one who stands between them and office; to deprecate and belittle the efforts of the republican party, even to tlie extent of offering aid to armed opposition to the I'nited States. They are opposed to everything which the republicans propose, and advocate new measures with each succeeding change of season, hoping to delude the careless or unwary voter. When it was not fiat money it was govern I .Olid, Hi win I, i I'll , I,: - In nought up sociallv b, tin !;. I v i tin a I! t : win i - i lie i mi i: blec, lllWeor. beell all 111, lease of oil nil 1 1 v . I I" if In i 1 1 iona i I e. i loe - in ,t ml,,:-, a u v Alt. 111 iff rout to a pcei' and a soldier, ami ill our ,early impoits ol foreign goods. To the mi mi which cannot A BUSY SESSION. Itepllhlli right Id , 1 1 v i II g Cedar Kapnl-all Mr. itrynn is a sorry ( pe, tin I II is wondering now what will happen stand an "intellectual strain'' thi to inn Im I-. -e lie ; biiililiim should mint In promise matter improv . When (apt. .Milne has bad tune to ! 'i !lra it ;;Jf W lii'iak-r. an,! a .on on Hut The City "ouncil Keenly Alive to the would look as tho the American peo Id 1 eff any ottn r than own platform, talk about (lanna being a boss' City's Interests. pie were consuming less per capita in litOO that tey did in lSTl. lint there ''i ii pussiuie. :m deiTi'il to the ijieraal ni's mines i.eader: llaniia is no was i- tin -nt ' nllilhltlee aaj tne is not au intelligent person in the longer the only one who bears' by A regular adjourned meeting of tin city council was held Monday night common consent the proud title of city engineei. The council Monday nUht ad mm iicil until imt country who does not know that such is not the case, who does not know that never before have ihe American for the purpose of passing on three Moss. When it comes to bossing. new ordinances, which were awaiting what's tne matter with Moss Bryan? people nan so many comforts, so their second reading. President Mi- Omaha Hee: Hryan appears to Spend Sunday at Hot Spring- I many luxuries; that never before has think it over and name Ins implements. The questionable taste of Mr. Astor in advertising his troubles causes amazement in the first place, and much curiosity in the second as to just what the unbidden guest did at the concert to provoke such a shriek from the Astor man. Having become a subject of Here Majesty and one something to find him a place in social Ixmdon. it is expected that the ex-American will go further and accede readily to any suggestion in the line of carnage. If he displays any hesitation in the mat Pherson was acting mayor. Other have the democratic conoventioii hyp noticed to doing Just as he savs. hut the standard of living been so high; It is plain, therefore, that the Ameri aldermen present Were McDowell Oleson. Ayres. Moore anddarland. Costs too much ' Not at all. Evert Sunday thruot the year you ran buy i round trip ticket to Hot Springs it can people are consuming more per Ordinance No. 2Hi. introduced at the last in i t ng. providing for the the one way route-.1.20 from Tickets are good to return until the when he attempts to transfer Ihe "influence'' to the voting public it will be different. Chicago Journal: If the gentlemen that have utilized Mr. Hanna as a horrible example of one-man power will cast fheier eves toward the southwest they will discover some more of capita they ever did before. The explanation is that they are consuming a much larger percentage of home-made products, that they have more than made up the decrease in following Tuesday levy of a special tax to pay the Iuter-set and when due. on the bonds voted for water purposes, was given its second reading. One section of the ordinance provides that in the case of the failure of the city to You've been to Hot Springs oi ter he will be urged to take out citi course - don t need any lnroraaum i bout It. But it you do. call at th zenship papers in France, where the dueU is a source of perpetual the percentage of imports by the increase in thepercentage of American products consumed. It Minns that ment warehouses; then came the initiative and referendum, socialism. 16 to 1, free. trade, government ownership of railroads, etc. Fiat money and 16 tO 1 "tore both dead; no one talks today bout government ware bouses; free trade is the rock which wreckeu .democracy ; government ownership of railroads is on a par with the warehouse scheme.. Each issue served for atlme as a campaign toy.only to be discarded for the one thing at which they are adepts mud throwing. It is a sure indication of Mr. Martin's popularity with the people, and the more mud they throw the greater will he his majority next November. He has nothing to fear from a cmpaign of that sort by the opposition, so long as he pays no heed to it. Hurlinirtoii ticket office. Tne ticsei pleasure in tellmg agent will tak make such levy, a sinking fund shall b establtshd, taking into account the moneys derived from the Deadwood water works. In other words, if a miimoth plunge batt under our policy the An.encan peo pie have take taken possesswn of the you about tin- the same sort. Milwaukee Sentinel: Col. Bryan's assurance that he will not accept a nomination on a platform without a specific mention of 16 to 1 is reasonably strong proot that the colonel knows just what the platform will the luxiirrant hotel.'. the golf linKs American market to a constantly in Mllui I i rv uU&r It is fortunate for the nation, fortu utriiitivc features o. and the other creasing degree. It means that Hot Springs. American labor is producing lie ,,,s. ,!,. a ;':v sufficient amount accumulates in the this sinking fund, the special tax levy will not be necessary. This section was added, as an amendment af nate for its business interest and its prosperity. that the Hryanizod demo (loo, I idcl i, r,in over w Ho! cracy at Kansas City refuses to dis goods consumed by tue American people am. mat the wages paig of articles which are used by the American congenial spi: n Springs for , s.nnli'iv. " Tram semble its revolutionary purposes or leaves . :! p. contain. Philadelphia Kecord At Kansas City no less than at Philadelphia the :m'e-( onvention mow ds note the dominant nifluence of one particular man. Mr. Hryan is even more powerful in make any concession to the conser ter the first reading and was unanimously adopted -last night. The ordinance was then , placed on its final people are being paid to American vative wing of the party. In their workmen. Unnecessary Loss of Time. passage, all members present voting naked ugliness the party and its prin n.. l- c u-, ,, casllitT Of i iples are not dangerous. The busi :ive. .VII. VV . .,,'', . . t 1, Bryan says: "1 would be doing an Ordinance No. litiii. providing for the First National Hank of Winters.- .nm pinen- constraining his- political follower, that was Mr. Hanna in ruling his mot lev and manv-colored partisans. ness of tlwe country will not be dis turbed by the candidacy of ijryan. ,n a roeenf ellel ?vu.- injustice to the people of America to admit that the republicans can carry imiwsition and collection of poll tax ence with a carpenter in City of D.idwood, was lead the sec standing on a platform that sets forth Des Moines Capital: W. J. Bryan a single state." Hats! Would it be an that will he of value to other the Bryan principles with shameless holds the democratic party in the hol ond time. This ordinance provides that all able bodied male citizens of nh.le Ha savs: "I had a w candor, for everybody must see at tor working for me who was 1 the city between the ages of 21 and low of his hand. No emperor opon his brone ever had his subjects more completely at his feet. Mark Hanna once mat the convention invites the support of only those voters who trust the man and have confidence In his 50 years shall pay to the street com has been accused of being a party mlssioner the sum of 11.50, or perform one day's labor on he sreets of the views. The appeal of the convention dictator and political boss. If he to stop work for several days count of being troubled with ' rhoea. I mentioned to him tttf been similarly troubled, Ml Chamberlain's Colic, Cholert Diarrhoea Remedy had "'' bought a bottle of It that Is, has been made to a demon city. Unless the tax is paid or the really desires to exercise a role of that strated minority. Had free silver been labor performed, no property is ex kind, before making any further at empt from execution. Members of dropped and a moderate platform there would have been no real danger. tempts he should hasten to Lincoln andn take a course of instruction at the Are department of the city are ex injustice to the people of America if Bryan should admit that the republicans carry can Iowa? If so, how? Would the people of America rather have Bryan lie to them than tell the truth about Iowa or Illinois or Maine or Massachusetts or any or all of the republican states of the unfon? 8up-uose McKinley should get off that sort ot rot about the Injustice of admlt-ing that the democrats can cary a single state, what would the people think about it? They would think he had suddenly bidden goodby to every vestige of political acumen and common sense he ever possessed. Bryan's saying sucn things doesn't surprise anybody. That's the difference be; tween the men. but there would have been apprehen gist here and informed me dose cured him, and he 1 PU1 hl work." For sale by M "' empt from the payment of this tax, and each fire company is required to file a certified a certified list of its active members. One clause of the bill provided that the money collect the hands of the greatest party boss which the present generation has ever seen William Jennings Bryan. Kansas City Star: There was much talk' about the bossism of Hanna at St. Louis and Philadelphia. But all lips. 7 . . . r- oo pnoT-EASS- sion. There would have been room for doubt, and douoi is merely want of confidence,, which is notoriously bad for business. The country , ought now to enjoy a summer without alarms, and go comfortably through election day with no check to its pros PASSING OF BRYAN. Al a democratic national conference held at Washington last winter, a gentleman from the west who was not on the inside appealed to those who were- to defeat Bryan for the umlnation and thus place the democratic party on a more respectable footing. The '-easterner waa taken aside by Gorman of Maryland and told to keep i&rj. J"We could," said Gor-'Mi, "defe'j, Bpran in the convention, Jt if w'egld . the d d scoundrel would accajtcthe nomination from tie pops a&k4etet the ticket The plan is totivekttn the nomination, allow him Ho make the platform just ae odious as he likes, and then snow him under so deep that he will never be heard from again. Populism will die with him. Then we will reorganize the democratic party on new 'lines in 1904. Pour years is not long to Walt. By that time we will have both houses of congress." The above is a verbatim report of Mr. Gorman's language and can be verified. The grand stand plays at Kansas last week were only a part of the plan outlined by Gorman. The New York .democrats, or rather the Tammany organization, will contitnue to control Greater New York, but the state will go republican. Boss Cro-ker and other Tammany leaders wanted to get Hill on the ticket and kill kirn off with Bryan, but the ex-gov- TKY AULtll a -" ...m your feet swollen, nervous (e of these were flexible and compliant counselors as compared with Bryan. rt tlrod MSilV. If you DJ'cJ"rrr. E perous industries. Mr. Bryan is not held as a boss in or tight 8hoe8. try A!'fn.3 'JTklng cool, the feet ami mskef VTM .n-nllnn B tt. P .1 ' '. Tl IetL' n.1(jfCl ed shall be paid into the streets and alleys fund. Mr. Oleson remarked after the reading that he favored srlklng out this clause, for he thought the money should be paid into the general fund. Acting Mayor McPherson thought the state law contemplated that the money should go into the nails, blisters and r:id E' coma and ouninns m " ; w the odious sense of that term. Nobody casts upon him a suspicion of corruption or attributes to him a purely selfish purpose In his insistence on his views and opinions. But he is. rest and comfort. n .v u . . ; ; c-. all druggists and fV- - All Trial pack ago KRl 11 Olmsted, Le Roy. N. t . streets and alleys, fund. The roll was called the ordinance passed, with out change. nevertheless, the most autocratic figure in American politics, and has arrogated to himselt a measuie of authority that is truly extraordinary. Now that the candidates and the platforms of the two parties are before the country, the ocople will instantly make up their minds about them. There is no occasion for a moment's hesitation, no reason for any change of opinion and intention during the progress ot the campaign. Happily all the trumped-up issue of imperialism and the card house structures of pretense erected by men seeking a decent occasion to oppose the re-election of President McKinley have been swept away and demolished by the triumph of pure Bryanism Ordinance 2ti7. establishing the The bravest of the brave has just been discovered. He stole the wife of Ctpa. David Cantwell of Oklahoma City, who has already plantel twenty-seven men in his private cemetery. The captain Is now on the trail of the twenty-eighth and much pleasurable excitement is anticipated by the friends of both when the man with the gun overtakes the dispoiler of his home. The ouds on the captaiu are prohibitive because of his past grade of .Van Huren street, was then given its second reading and passed. Spide- Leg- ., . Le; There is n war ' '' f Tea. hence we ar- ';,,j.i er, speaking t'l'-uii .i "" . MirV than any other t- ' ; c:- & The next tin:- ' l,i . .'..jis ceries. ord-T :t ' , , j::f yon w ill le f ' a supply of ' .. , - ,-cn STANDAH:.! c '. ! S. Mulholland of Galena left Mon day over the Burlington for Lincoln. Mr. Oleson brought up a sidewalk Nebraska. He had received word rase from Dakota street, on Burnham and i hill in the First ward. He asked if the building of such a walk had ever that his father was very sick not expected to live.

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