The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 12, 1900 · Page 9
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1900
Page 9
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flj P l4thYEAK. DK.1Y m . FIVK CENTS. lilED STATES I ! .1.'. phi' ' 'I ,'Tl H T:i I , . I,,, i.i ,. : j pa pi r l hat In- w.mi.l t. -h i,, j,;; DEMOCRATS OUT ABOUT LINCOLN ..:') i !! ar-.l I., at', t : e ! I." dt liio, 1 at ll XX I n il w ill he The Klkhorn ar- r. ..: ;.. i.nt:a-; i it'll a '' x Si Ula-l... .1.1 U. . I I . , e .s .JIIJl,- nx . . n 1 1., oiiilit i!) tin : d stance . ast , Licart ! READY TO HUH I ; mil ,-t p:n :.. t l.t re tiiinii; i uw Willi s. Ill )M T !,.-! r UaUleS. to I,. , tor at the regular' rates when Brxan was elected. Sm,.i it,,. ,,ff,.r u-,s HI, lished tit- has lien deluged uah applications, a great many of these lie ing accompanied hy letters (harming him with insanity a. id other aTlm-nt-He has withdrawn his offer. Ltary Hay Informs Foreign Baking (2) Powder Ministers of Intentions to Act. w he! e the huh s aie til li d w .t h w at : aim the .-gel at inn i m ,-en Mr. Dermis says nearly all of th-sheep men in that part of tin i oi.n try are holding their xvool clip t: higher prices, being ol the opinion that the price will go up again Tbi-ie has been but little wool sold there for less than 1 o cents, owneis concluding to hold on for .lwtni . Two men got as high as 17 ceDi-.. Their names are Hutice and Delfeldei, who are in partnership near Land, i The latter was a sheep hcrdci dm ra.iri'.i.l had about twenty-five. ill- biding those x ho went from Dead-wood. Sturgis, Hapid City and Hot Springs, and the liurlington had about the same number, picking up quite a number at Hill City. Custer, Mlnne-Kahta and Edgemont. Among those who went from Dead-wood were Joseph B. Moore, who expects to be nominated for congress on the fusion ticket; James Cuslck, state mine inspector; Dr. N. XI. Wade, who was accompanied by his wife; Will Fried and Kriiesf Xlitchell. of Hlle Fourche, who had come to lieadxvood on Saturday and lain over hi it . xi.iii.iig to g"o xxith llie I.axxrence tounty delegation A Monster Ratification Held There Yesterday Over Bryan's Nomination. The Middle Road Movement is Beginning to Create Alarm. Wires That Two of acArthur . Wilson case is Miss C ney for Herman, and .1 i Lead, is for Silver. The ing tried before a jury. Henlex is till court stenograph e r. Regiments will Soon Leave Manila. Sugar Gone Up. KW YORK. July 1 n .- Spe. ial. -Sugar is climbing skyward, and it appears as if destined to hecome a positive luxury." I ne .American an-gar Hefining company advanced the price of refined sugar yesterday ten points, which makes the price of granulated sugar six rents net. This is the highest price asked in nine years. The advame was immediately followed by the independent com panics. This strengthens the belief that a thoro understanding has beeu reached by the Sugar trust and the independent companies tin mint the country. oSHlNirni-V 1'. - . July ii.- L.' M. nl.N Nt h July 11. t I UK etlllgS Welt- ll Sp. , .,,1 Id h.if at if x ing ,alS. r t.u y Hay has issued a !!os aitevnooii and tonight. SIX HUNDRED FROM COUNTY. Lawrence County Commissioners As titt the Home That Much. Tin . olllllllssionels of l.axxrellie . inillf .x X l.t. d X estel !a to donate Jhll I in tin Childrt ii'- he in at Siou Pall. th- .'limitation of lirxan. Stcv n-on Lular letter to the ioreigu minis-L her serving notn e on them that A Minnesota Pioneer oGne. Hubert .. Crimshaxv died at his Home in Minneapolis early Tuesday inoining July liilh The deceased was the lather of City Xlarshal R K. Criiiishaxv of tins city and of Xlrs. Henry T Cooper, of Whitewoinl He located in . . i ii in a pol is In IS.'iii when the town on the south side of the Mississippi river was no .larger than Spoartlsh is today altho St. Anthony on the north and east ide of the river was a town of nearly aimo. Mi. (rimsliaw did to place Miniieap oils xx hen. .. is today He was an enterprising and a good citi.eii. ing the early '.uis and was w nihil..-for $:(.', a month at the time w icl dropped to cents a pound. His n. plovers wanted to , ut Ills Wages ,j $ - "i a month, and he declined to woii. for those wages, saying In win,,; work lor hinisi It wlu-n labor bc aim so cheap. He pun d a hum h o: -In i p when i in y w.-ie -t iling .iwa. low 11 and toii.ix ,- : tie :i,u.-t plospi-rolls sheep Hit II III that XiiiL. t . This spring he .-aid tie hoi . I lie would ii y fur IT nuts tin hi- woo. Slllllt lit 1S llelghllOl- XX t It ' 111 i to jeer at him. hut in- Laa In- i . t and In- ami his partner ix, i, aim'.; oulx ones i it that xiiimtx xxhi ,1 A short tune ago tin y -hippt d sno head ol sheep Id Die HIlaba II, .11 k, t. and sold theni im prio- i.uigiiii: fnitetl States will act witn trie I ; t 'l, i iWpfS ID I'eslOl lIlK IN oi l 111 V unit.. li is ready to .o operate witn meui suppressing tin outrages liy the litre. kf xxar ilepai tiuein has promulgat a dispatch received from General L Arthur at Manila, announcing that STRIKERS SEEK OTHER PLACES. St. Louis Street Cars Are Running Regularly Without Hindrance . ST. l.Ol'IS. Mo . July Hi Spei ial. The strike is still ofi'aeainst the Transit i ompauy. and, a boycott is still in effeit. altho there is no out ward sign to tell it. The street cars are running regularly without hindrance, ami th re is no unhe al inn that the strikers intend to pursue the tight any further Many of the strik ing employes of the Transit tompany are leaving St. I.ouis. and seeking places elsewhere. Fourteenth I nited States infau-mil the Fifth artillery will depart g Manila next Friday for Taku, M. me geneiat inuiiiiiiviKi.1 mn Tow:., Alb n. Weaver. ('xilont 1 lav.- W. b.-tei Davis, and Congn s- uL Shaftiuih xx. ie the prill, ip.t! - ;n-hn' i - Tl nadirs of 1 1 n u i. i a i and pop lliSIll have het-ll conferring lllte'este, ;. up' ii the plans for the i otiiilig iam f.ii llli The pill t is expei till to 1 1 1 ; t-lM li'iiiorroxv sli eiisiin xxdl go r.n k '" l.ahe M i n ii"tonka. and max ' riiaai tin I.- until .seitcmhei 1st. Mi. Pr x a1, xx il I -tax in I .i m oln Th- lailroads made a one late fare i n ,-l line- tniining ino Lincoln am! .'n ,'ly j.s filled With people, the at lindane "ting from all parts of the -tate Toxxin made the following siginti i ant Teniai s ir. the course of an in tervii xx I desire to see all the furies unite in the support of Bryan i.inl Si'X'mon. I shall take the stump in support oi these candidates." Town.- declares that he is not. ready to riiiike any statement regarding his from to (In', elageil U7 llOlllllls. the sheep Mr ll.-lfe Hot Springs and s being there a week Tile -lift p ;.v Iter ma I k t I ii.g bier i an.e I, I I., it lit a tt xx la; ago Suiidax tuer regiment he dispatched troni United States in addition. Br. Wilde, minister from the ArRen- Republic, to the I "nited States. (i' this annum! $.:"' is available im Hi-dial. 'ix . a warrant having been I sued in uivor of Xlr. Sluira'd pay i hie from thegeneral fund. The remain nig $.;nii will lie deliver-' I the first o next October One o' ihi commissioners. si.-aking of the donation, stated hist night that he considere 1 the home fully entitled to it. as it has takt ii .Tt waifs from this county and has provided trum with spleud.-l honn .- lb thought it xxas a good i:. vest merit for the county, relieving ii of an unpleasant tharge. and a, con plishing a good work for humanity. This county donated $lin to the home previously. Charles K Howard, the cattleman, recently presented Mr. Sherrard. superintendent of the home, with $5000, towards the maintenance oi the institution. The tirst report had it that Xlr. Howard had given $50u, hut .Mr. Sherrard hlmseli' states that another cipher should be added to th" figure to make It correct. This gift was made while Mr. Sherrard was out at Xlr Howard's ranch recently. The money that is now being raised id formerly from F'ekin, says the led of a wholesome lesson to the fa- Farewell Reception. The members of the O. K. S. enjoyed- a delicious banquet in their rooms hi xiasonlc hall. .Monday evening, in lionoi of Xlrs. W. II Cameron one of the i barter members and one of (Inmost faithful workers for the order, who Is soon to leave Deadwood for a home In Seattle. Many bright speeches were made by the members, epe- ially so being those given by Mrs. K. O. Phillips and Miss Clara I). Coe. Knjoymeiit and regret mingled; enjoyment to honor so faithful a member; regret to part with her. Hosts of good wishes will follow her to her" new home. Badger On Exhibition. Tex Rankin has a full grown badger in the window of his saloon, the Mav itical hordes in China amounts to a Mr. Dennis saxs a large number of sheep are being shipped to maikt-t from that part ol the country and good prices are being received right along. The cattle shipments haw-not begun yet. hut the first will probably go onf about the middle of the month. The first stink i ars have been or Iristian duty. He says the powers Railroad Amalgarration. CHK'AtiO, Ills. July in Special. -I is announced, that the Chicago Alton. Kansas City. Southern and I'nion Pacific are to he amalgamted and placed under one head 1st give the Mongolians a practical Lstisement to bring them to their Inses and restore order. General Julius Staple. fn:n:eriy Jnerican consul at Yokohama. Ja.v in. and Shanghai, t'hian, believes greatest mistake of the present iental war was the bombardment the forts at Taku. Taku was iu withdrawal from the populist ticket at the present time. Th fusion state conventions will h-' held tomorrow, and a state ticket will he nominated. Populist and ilnn ;i rata leaders are worried over the nil. x; i ted strength displayed by the i:i"l!ie mad movement. Many popu liJis :ii turning from fusion bet ause Towi.e has h.eii .lumped for Steven- sot;. dered for Belle Fourihe. hy the W, tern Ranches iCIax, Robinson A: Co i That company will make its first shipment .1 illy I lib. This In am h o! t !.,-Klkhoin road is ahead of the otht t. far as that is i unci l in d fur i.o - . have hecn orflered so far on tin nth' I branch. A majority of tin- . a t ; owners xxill begin shipping about .V, gust 1st. The price of heel has fain n off consnle! ahlx this year from !a-: amounting to neaily a dollar. '1'h -thought to he due l.irgelx ;o sfnutageof feed oil the XX. -tell, '.ill.- Yesterday's Ball Games. Chn ago ',. New York St. I.ouis Huston u. t im mnat i ',. I'hiladelihia '. St. Paul Globe Bolts. ST r.M'l.. Mini'.. July 1 . Spei nil. The St. Paul Clolie. which has been a prominent denioi ratic newspaper, has bolted tin' democratic ticket be tau.-t of the lief -ilxtr (ilank in the plat ,oi m. for tin- home will help build the fine (bands of the Chinese government, d not the Boxers, and he says this tion on the part of the powers irnng up the natives against the feigners. He thinks if a moderate erick, that was sent in to him a few days ago. It is a very pretty animal, and appears iiilte small at first sight, altho it weighs H6 pounds on the scales Mr. Rankin Is expecting a mate in today, and when it is placed in the pit prepared for the pair, there will undoubtedly he a hot time for a few minutes or until tin y he, nine ac quaiiiteil Xlr Rankin says he has $.",iiii and says there is not a dog in town who will go into the in xv strii' tiiie that has recent Ix been -tarted The home will then have it i own building, and will be in much bet t. r londition to carry forward the xsoik that has been so gr.indlv -tail' d :cy had been pursued this hostility Id nave been entirely avaided. Wyckoff Sisters Massacred. tl.P.n,..,.. fnuiuJSMm.v ill.. July ll sp ll-Nes was received here e-: tin- hears are taMi.g a,l x . nt ,..' of tin- and arc bringing ail th--i- ::. (luein ,- in h.-ar in I n" ' : " 'u o n of tin- pi n i JUDGMEN f IS TAKEN. friends announcing the massacre pit and take either of his pets nut of the Wyckoff sisters. Misses Grace Defendant in Jensen vs. Wall Allows k Gertrude, twin daughters of Hev. D Wyckoff. iastor of the Pilgrim Plaintiff to Take Judgment. The 1 a-- nt Soi i n .leii.-en against F XI. Wall, owner of l he cyanide RADiSTY BECOMES INSANE. Man Arrested in Deadwood Becomes aRaving Maniac At Huron. M I HI IN. S. 1 1 .Inly i'i Spe, ial Aa x Kadlstx. who xxas arrested at litadwiMid a shoit tinn- ago tor elop ing with Mrs. Kosa S h'lltze. wife of (ins Si hultze. has b.-i "ne a rax ing maniac while coiitiiied in jail here await'ug trial, and w ill be tak. n to tin-state a-x him at Ynnkloi: INCENDIARIES IN D5AD.VOCD Attempt to Bi-rn Mrs. Ann.e Ltcr.-ard's property. plant at Sjnarli-h tor wages alleged Weitational lunch of Omaha, by fanatics. Their father was rscer y pastor of the Congregational M at this place. The young la- A :EiURNED PRODIGAL. Kest::-e Republicans Alive With Enthusiasm. IK -1 1 'XL S 1 ) . July !' Sp-The : p. mill an . ampaign wa- i: ll.tis,;- ally and auspiciou-ly op. i. ; h' at':rday .veiling. A huge i:i i . n.i.iiist rat ix e meeting was h. Id ,r xv;.. :. Hon. S. H Young of Rapid ;'"ty .- tfie principal speaker. Pour a.r.- ...i. Mr Young xxas an adxocan i f fr -,;'.. r and made several speei lies in -tate a id Ohio for the lirxan ' He no xv stands sipfaielx .'-i t1.- i'hiladelj'hia i iln t I'nriii . H l.liiii- aide presentation of the 1-- t'.i ampaign of I'.mii and pie-Hrya:. .- largely im leased mapo:. f eraduated from Knox college at 1 le- .It', lllpteti to !. '. . I ' lit lotlgillg to M . - -V.:i in t to the Ipgll - '"'"i Im ml , ow -;,--d I. -on, ii I. Imlbllll. Mums. Illinois, in ISSfi. and hav In t . ilu '.ilia u p in . omit x . unit . -In da.x '" :'.' . Judge Frank .1 Whshahaugh. and juilgmeiii was en-'ltd in f.. x in ot i he plaintiff lor the full ami. tint i laimed. some $T!0. to-gi tin : with costs. Jensen was a . hem:-' at tin- . yanide ilai,l owned la-t nicht :iiifit i :. I'rolll s t( te'i pel -on- XX hx.s ol lc been engaged in missionary in China, at PangChuan in b of the present Boxer troubles. last heard from the young ladies taMhe latter part of May. ami re a.-b eji ill M i - lamia rd - 'n ' : - rv Wall until a few months ago. At that t.tiie -ome $400 worth of bullion .las found buiied in the yard of the ''at time thev were nrenarini' to the kegs in which tiny spend their time xx hen the crowd diminishes su;'- fbietlllx to allow them to sleep. Fishing On Sand Creek. Kmil Willolb James Byrne. Dave Davis. John. Willie and Allien Tie her b it last evening for Sand creek, where they will put in several days 'lljoxillg the gentle spurt so lull lik id bx iia! Walton. Tin-re may not be in.i ii ' a i , ii g sharks and oilier fish of pr. x in the cold, i Inn limpid xva t.-l - of I be In ant if ul :': :::ii xx li i- h lends attia'tiiui to the pi-itly little Wyoming town of Reulah hut from the preparations the hoys are making, one would he led to believe that ;i n x tiling from a hippopotamus to a minnow may he met with and they do not Intend to overlook anything. However, Hie boys are nil good an glers but should tlp-v keep the promises they have made to their friends, Sand creek will have to be restocked wilh trout, for not a fish will he left in the stream when they are i"ady to return home. xxh" b i- s, paraie,! inun th. -' : ' hilt a ft'XX feet. Tile tire XX,,- .Nut' ! llll'ler the double 'III'" I'I" U'lls a ,,h I of t he -Ind that M r- ' aid used for a store lion-. f j building Jeli.-en oc upo-il. '. ,,is bull- Ntbe annual conventions of the-P China missions. on'lusion of Mr. Young'- i At : republican lub was or wen . gtr kindling, paper and other ref -luffed under the door and 'h an enrollment of 1: ORCHESTRA FOR HOT SPRINGS. Deadwocd Mandolin Orchestra Will Play at the Evans Hotel. The mandolin onhestra from Iliad wood is going to Hot Springs within a few days, to spend the rest of the summer, playing at the Kvans hotel. It is composed of the following musicians: Miss I. eah P-ase and Mrs. H. W. Karlx. mandolins. Charles Wit-zel. guitar; K. W. Karlx . cello, and J. A. Baxter. Mute. Rehearsals have been going on for several weeks and it is one of the finest musical organi- ;.. ; ii,.. tmintrx- Mr. Baxter is fLN YIELDS TWO MILLIONS. name- Kex-'(,ne pre. inrt promises r-pub' an majority atthe polls. Will ClTinTlJp From Fifteen , 'to Twenty Millions. 'WCOCVER. B. C .T.,lv m s,.. NEW SCHOOL FURNITURE. steamer Cutch has arrived 'agWay. havinir nmnnc itc rxtjc. f J- L. Bell, gold commissioner "Mn, and J sri, v.- r H IXII1S l ll . " nerhans the only member of the or jor, xxas delivt-red by the box s who found it to (itto I hling. owner of the property, and it xxas afterwards re-I'lexiniil by Wall, who claimed that it i ;:iii'- from his mill. He has since been ' ndea voring to procure evidence In show that it was taken by Jensen. He was owing Jensen for services, and refused to pay fne claim until the Million matter nad been determined. Jensen brought suit. It was to have been tried a week ago yesterday, but XVall demanded a jury trial, and the as.- was continued for a week, on ac-ih'int of the Fourth of July being a holiday. Yesterday R. F. Crawford, attorney for Wall applied for another continuance, but the application was overruled by the court. The defendant thereupon withdrew his an sxx.r and allowed judgment to be entered in the amount claimed, as he applied The evidences of tti:- . r" very plain before and after tin- fir had been extinguished the -ilhsfari.t used for a starter not hax ing I" '. tirely consumed The fire was noticed l.etxx. . n '." and 1 o'clock, and an alarm firm ii A. S. Hayden and wife oiiupx TL lower part of the huildmg. the,r rooms being on the side next t" tb-fire. .s soon as the fire alarm sounded they noticed the blaze Xir Hayden ran out and used wet blankets to smother the blaze and prevent it from getting into some hay that a-near He was suciessful to the extent that he kept the fire out of the DeadACod Board of Education Contra '- for a Number of Seats. A. A of Omaha, general agent for f American School Furnishing (.ompa.'.x left last night for Hot Spring- after spending several days in Der 'xxood. on business with the hoard ' i d nation A contract wad well known in a member of the fCent frm Atlin- Commission-r hnates that tl,e clean-up at r0 tti year will Ho fm ff chestra who is not Deadwood. He was Firf South Dakota regimental band t million dollars. He says and is the in the Philippine Planus i7 is peaceful and prosper oUnW ... musical talent. ii i arina and pic- possessor of irreat He ula vk the flute. ( . .s me Ainn district np about two millions at its 'he uw , do. and is an artist, indeed Left For Edgemont. S i Durnin left Deadwood yester day afternoon for Edgemont ln re he will accept a position witTi John YA'aldron. Mr. Durnin has been laid up for the past five months with a broken b'g. which he received in an accident while walking down the Deadwood Central railroad track last February. He was in the hospital for CONDITIONS ON THE ELKHORN uth Dakota rm.. 0CX FAI.T.S o traw a. a. : o i Sheep Men Are Receiving Good Prices for Their Mutton. d Ihe evidence h" ih not - xx here the company is to sup-iifferent school buildings of with new seats thruout. to re- old seats, w lib h have In r.ewhat dilapidated and a:e . .- of date, "t is exfi'-' fed !n XV seats XVill be dellXI I'd next month, and will ! . position In-fore tin !n.:i: 'h- r.evv school year ; r:.i r.' an ompany h.n .n New X'oi k City. :'.' : ,o:;p is in Chi' ago. ngnei. ply ti. the ci-place - ome rathe: that t some p'ace . aing Tte headc, w- Lrfo Irom various sec- r South Dakota east of the Mis- hay. altho it got into 'an old mattress and otht r mrlanima: .rial inside the shed and was strongly xvh n th- fir. m-n m the water. Xlr. Haydt n s xx ,,-start the fire off B- -'' . lit several months, but Is getting strong 1. er ikow, and will he able soon to e' ;.h XI H'-iman has brought a -.alii.-! Oscar Silver of Lead for WTLthat the crop -,s ypar w be far cutw,; u Ui around without his cane. to to I PbfMM t. f'TTl lJl iu 1 Udl ( ; ' ; i tennis :' x isimi for the Klkhoi n r-;' from a 1 1 1 ! ' ('a-pt -i compatiit-d by his They hft D' .t'.v o"1 I a-' ing and '' L r"y anticipated up to o Your best friend ran give yo't no All ii. --iiuiis oi ine siate Ixtter advice than this: "For impure blood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum. t few 181led by rains during the stau n"' and the "ie,d thruout 7iU average good. he 1. impar. YANKTON DELEGATIONS START. a -'. k of's and shoes that was -"' ! i" 'in- .pendant in W. and not !-: for. ainminting to a little more t!.:i.'i .snii - ;.,. ,a-e was on trial xe-ierday Sliver puts in a counter rlsim. contending that the stock was not what it had been represented to b" The trial will continue today. W. L McLaughlin of Deadwood is attor- termin hram h lb dyspepsia, weak nerves, tired feeling, rheumatism, malaria, catarrh, take bed the night b. fore ! ha! -!'''' :-V a quantity of Vir.' : ) a. d on the pon h H-- fo .mi t .a' :.- ar,y all of this had bet n ls-d i n ';.e fire Xlrs. Leonard's cutter was dacaged as well as otner artnles that -re stored in the shpi a!tho the ;o- is slight. '.- 'invt; .-i ef tfl-' ia:n a' in the ems to rane j. bulled n " " Hood's Sarsaparilla and be cured." gr. a'ly iltl.o tin he sta?' hi -w"n ne oner, country i-this t:ni'-vicintv of Ready "'or the Two State Conventions Set for' Tomorrow. The legates from the Black Hii!- Constipation1 Is cured by Hood's Pills. 10- KU "LCFF- Mo.. Ju,y fTk, editor .V- ditor of 25 cents. i Lb Th' the Southeast have moi'ur

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