The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1900 · Page 8
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1900
Page 8
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. All who suffer from p, w.ll bw- Mr.. Guild'. Death. hpres of ,b, day will be a .nam oattie, - , ,ur or h( im m - elad ,0 learn that DeWitt's Witch , , , .ini exhibitions ot rough riding, .rom tne c'epartm. nt loi tn regim, nt WF 'fA. T Y. - V glad to earn hat uevitts witcn J;1(.k ..,. n,,, t u,iUIwoo : that ,,v(, vonf who to proo-.d. On an ount of his wide a, - VPfiVTAV . 6 T ,T iem,,iDStant',-.,,l.1v iron, ili.-nwich. Con '., ,' ,- - -, war with qu.inirano.- in the capital 1,- sent yvrOTli&'l Per,Da?en,rl.'if-.U W' k" : .... ..... r -.,1 t!,- f.u. . ;! .. ;I,in ,r the issue of thenar in C..l.a XVrJI-W nd a:' -k;B " K"K .M:s. An,- Gull.- I...', ".v. a, ..,,.: s..,,,,',. ,... th.n. and th- r.-uim. nt . . - fit Am. -.., i ..... cm.,, I !'.;,, ,.' ,;. A fo,- ' ----;--- of its ir-eml-is d-sir-d. rZSC. ' ' . ' 'V C ,-,s i:,.,t ... .;.,;..! I:m:i'ii..- who!' ' ' .,' " , EUCK HILLS NEWS DIGEST. !.:, r.-nain Wiient was kuuwn ;,, Ws&iZC&JSJh - C jf .'.. I - i, ii,., r! "! " " ! : ' u ,.te.n. of Interest Gleaned Frcm Va- , , . ,v-i a w.;rn of ,..,r,ta.n Pi;tiSr; .'Z&Wl I 4 .r...i'. c - ! " ! : r-eus Parts c the Country. I , ,...,! .,,,: h- u.m.i.Ii:. - JS, 'jfffl ' ' ' ' ' ' '..f! -'fi'- Ill,,' 1 '.. nil'-! .::!..!.,. !!.. ,;,, t. nt ,,n.i !.!.. Constipation Headache, Biliousness. Heartburn, Indigestion Dizzin.l Indicate is ..-.a t'f-n it,, ti- . i tin -r liver rnuse 1 ,;:rf all Hood's po 'due Z&ZffM Nw4f?i!y ' :- "' .. -. ... :, ..ft. t ,,- k. ,-... :Wry. ' ' Mr r..i a II,'. - : :ted of Cattle " i'-0'.-rtl Witt -' ', I. neighbor him-, secret to a not , the grouping oi ,JV-r no!t.; , r.Htii hot. ,as K-ner was convict. -,1 in .. . nit court at Stu'rgis last f stealing cattle belonging to rd r. Cattle company, in which JSrJ;- &',flrJ j l,M' ""' .:.:! t .....I h,.- ., ,,u, i (...fiti.-n on tl.- (,. ; (-ur -.vritlr.K for the news- ArfS GENTLY ON THE '"' u" u"-!'1 i,:" J UVM-H.-mM. I:i xhi- ad-. .-rttiiK -i. ,,,;r- H- :,lo r.lit n '(f.l'iii.ii :n on- i t-i-at. -t r.n- V r i.ft.iMl. It!,.,.,,,,,.,,, i .. .. ..v- ....... m ., . ..... r-. ; ml nous altlllle Hs of -,, ets around tl. s v(.i:r j,.;. s and halv.-., your j ,v,.1.,... jn ,h. Hills is ...! , -ompar. ' - n Vanny. of K,-t T.oy. Pfr.n.. i-' ";inim'ii "ionics thos, go in flocks. ,. with similar i.i. i er: the ant bill .....I.-. iv.. n , ,viti, in.- w.aih.r h- l.-.-n xp. -i . ,-. tf,.fat:r.e for the Starfish creamery. ,!.,-. ..... A-p your dniK- .... ... ' ..." .-OITMW - ..:n T a 1 " join. hlra, nave tn. ir out watchmen. . f ining in iiniaha tn past i-w day- ;t j, tat'(l that will-purchase tr,e The ground and piiveinents seem f" I plant, and v, ,1 lre r. cp'-ratior.s at L-athcr the heat dining thn .Jay. and i' (i,fPi radiates at niht. si that the nisht-j j)t. r. tiiir.s ,.: th ity assessor in : th . ity assessor in 'tie be.. "tint-Is i, -how a , h j ; 1 iasiji i.vijfi, a valuation of lis",. WO .ml $.".1.0',o in personal are learn the board rf.iliy f-.'.-lfl wa.lllHi iijiii. ' n." 'lavs. , Sp. ,11 llsll i,,' I o I 11 I'-al est. te 'INVESTIGATING THE FORESTS I l " p tt and Kidneys, Liver and Bowels MANSES THE Y5TEM EFFECTUALLY IUMU PERMANENTLY 1X5 BtNEFr;,l? EfFECTS. implanted tei.d.-ni v ... ble to riuht anion., their fruits. Th, . . their itme to the imp:., minds, betterment t.ons, relieve distress, ties so well done Mim W!!. '" " 1,1 "-"nt f .v. "d tout gist. Starvation never yet cured dyspepsia, l'ersons with indigestion are already half starved. They need plenty of food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat so that the body can be nourished. It is the only preparation known that will instantly relieve and completely cure all stomach troubles. It is certain to do you good. Kirk G. 1't.illips li..' ('. I", (li.ldins. pastor of the Trinity Methodist church of Dead-wood., who has a bond and lease on a large 1 1 it. t of ruining i.rop. itv near : t th,Ml. 1..m r-M... Harris Franklin and X. K. Franklin of Deadwood. are heavy owners. Three Kieffer brothers were indicted for the crime, and Matthew was on trial yesterday. Ferdinand, the third brother will bo given his trial as soon as Matthew's trial is finished. The trial is attracting much attention, and the court room is crowded each day. The men were (aught red handed, and it was proven that they had been killing cattle on the range and selling them to the meat markets in Sturgis. In addition to being indicted for stealing cattle belonging to the Ard.n lompany, they were also indicted for killing cattle belonging to the VVV and 101 cattle outfits. They are being defended by W. L. McLaughlin and M. McMahon, and the prosecution is iu the hands of J. F. .MeClung for the state, and Chaun-oy Woods for the association, assisted by W. A. Stuart. The man Damascus, arrested in has agreed to low, r the valuation some jn pei i cut on tN i iilty. This will have the total valuation of the town ,'! nt "o'V A recent overhauling ef the . ity of their existence. i;,,ci us mane man m our "n in arc' n. ; ;., f.. ... .juesiiou t s ii.qnentiy askej "tst wean, ui our in mat ,onn ', t Oil . auditor's safe ir. Spe. Irtish disclosed s. v, ral instruments of transfer in J whi, h the city is interested, which it ' had never had recorded. ', Mrs Kd Crosfblil has leturned to Sp. in fish fioin S' .Lttle. where she had -pent a couple of months. She met I her husband there he having come ( down from Skagway and Juneau, pre-i partatory to stin ting for Cape Nome. no, ... II s ()IU. of tlejj vine mysteries. Every famjv j,', cret society of itself. whlt wants tin- incidents nf its ,.t ;;v known to all th-ir n. ighl.or-. jg business houses and ,,:,r , ' se ret societies, tor if the ir-.Twott ings of their organizations were kaon by the public id liire,.. ,n,,v wmj meet, with losses instead 0f profit3 Member of Indiana Forestry Associa t.on Visiting the Black Hills. John P. Hrown. of Connersvill. Indiana, arrived in Deadwood last night to make an examination of th-forests of the Black Hills. He is se, rotary ot the Indiana Forestry asso eiation and a member of the American Forestry association, and be makes a business of examining into the cond' t ions of different forests with a view to their piote tion. the perpetuation of various .-pe. ies. and examination-its to their adaptability to certain sections and their value , omniercial ly. Th associations of whuh he is a member hav for their objects the perpetual. on of those species of Ila five tr.e- valuable for their purposes and the encouragement of tree planting everywhere. The Indi ana as-o. issues bulletins or pa-pers containing treatises of the value Ciovvn Hill, is m New York, endeavoring t, . nlist lapital. Mr. (lid, lings is a nephew of Bishop Newman, of the Methodist chun h. and I..- is expected to have no trouble in getting all the ,issis,,ui( he may need to , an y out his plans Mrs. C H. (l.ils will arrive from Aladdin. Wyoming, today to join h, r Buy th f ttNyiNt- want o fey (SUI?RMATGfSvPVP(5. ..wt.t t.-c. ,ivos rM en ah oft? ro.a a nuvrnL City and Personal. "Huper is the best Sauce." Yet some people are never hungry, and they pet weak and sicK. Hood's Sai-saparllla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes the whole body strong. Deadwood during the winter and af I here are times w la il sll nee is gold- .-Seattle to j terwards indicted by the grand jury v Mrs (Irosfi.-ld w, nt from Rossland. where she visit Wis. en. 'I that the trnu 1 a brother, I in Meade oountyuor incest, was con husband, who has been engaged with not he tola. ff ist week He was living wiih nun ho s should this so. i mutual at all tinn know that get her for victed I his Ilie, 'ou It i .1 N. (loruni for the past few weeks i i at his trade as arpetiter. Mr. Geils I is an old resident of the Hills and now 'ty is banded to-olvaii, ement mi in Deadwood when arrested adjourned last Friday even w niow s ami orphans. in.:. and re, onvened yesterday tor iti t that . She also made a steamer voyage abou' . miles north of Rossland. She met ! a number of Black Hills people, among , them being the Flooi nians from Rapid City. Hubert Cooper and Cameron of i Deadwood. and Charles Ross, who was , foim. rly a clerk at the K'-nmonth hotel to (are The fa, . our a.- you on. . a month pay morning. Judge Moore returning to s.-ssnu nts news an unselfish Sturgis Sunday evening. 8I k headache is cu ed by Hood Pills. 25c. experts to make his future home m this city. The executive .onamittee of the Woodmen's Picnic association met in Deadwood Monday and decided not to hold a Woodmen's picnic in the and adaptability of different species j of trees for the benefit of those who TKIS IS THE LAW. Charles Waite departed lor Chicago. Chapter 72. Sec. -4 : Before the itv council of any (ity. or the board oi trustees of any township shall re a, t: the money mi given i;oes to o in r widows in !.,. land. It shois that your loved one, would he provided for should you he taken from them. It is a question of vital interest not only what will provide fsr their worldly needs. I.m also for their immortal spirits: not only prepw for this world, but for the future life. When watching by the bed of sicknesi may your eff orts there lead you to the altar and there vow to love and sera him and ! adopted into the kingdom reive any license or grant a permit for the sale of intoxicating liquors at He was In poor health when he arrived in Deadwood. several days agi, atid decided not to remain any longer. tE. VV. Beck, who drives the Belt wagon for J. Goldberg, broke a wheel between Flu ma and Lead Monday, and was compelled to send back for another wagon. retail, within s;u h city, town or twon ship, an application must be made in in speartish. A son of John H. Russell of Speartish was burned slightly by an explosion of gunpowder the fore part of the week. Lightning- struck the barns of Hugh Johnson and McVey in Spearfish valley during the thunder storms the first of the we ek. Fire was started in the hit- i ter but it was extinguished. Belle Fourrhe is going to hav an ' old fashioned celebration on the Fourth of July. j The Board of education of Belle I Four, he is looking for a prin, iple for the public schools. nave occasion to employ them in I their work or business. Mr. Brown contributes extensively to these pa pers, and also to the Forester, a pe riodical. published by the American Forestry association. For instance, he has a paper on the ' ('atalpa Tree and Its Importance to Commerce.'' which he has prepared for the uenefit of railroad men, he having discovered that the tree was valuable for railroad purposes, and desiring to place the result of his research before the people who could make the best use of it. He is anxious to learn as much as he. can Of the forests of the Black Hills, and for that purpose he will writing to said corporate authorities giving the name, residence and loca tion of the place where any person of heaven. firm or crporation intends to engage in Black Hills this year, owing to the inability to secure a sufficient reduction in railroad transportation rates. Those present at the meeting were Nathan Poole, Paul Pinsonault and Dr. R. Heald of Lead; Harry Deleray, S. Jacous, and John Carr, of Dead-wood, and F. B. McMahon of Rapid City. C. B. Werland of Whitewood. was given a hearing before Justice Nathan Colman Saturday on the charge of assault with a deadly weapon upon Joseph Thiebault. He was placed under $300 bonds, which he furnished, for his appearance before the next grand jury. Thiebaut was immediately arrested on the charge of adultery, and his hearing was commenced Monday, but was continued until yes-, the business of selling intoxicating 11 quors at retail, and accompanying the application there shall be a petition. Woodm.n. wh.n o-. lay otir aie to the trees, prepare for civilization, to make better the mn and women, morally and spiritually, to raise yourselves to a higher plane, to lift up Happy indeed, were the younger classes of St. John's Sunday school on Friday, when they went for an all-day picnic to Spring creek. Theday was perfect for such a spot, wheYe was found ample shade and clear, sparkling water for the little feet to wade In. When the children were tired out from games, fairy storios were read to them, after which the those who are down This society is FORMER ROUGH part of the M. W. of X : it is composed RIDER KILLED. I mostly of young men and women is only seventeen wars old and numbers ,".(.0,000 members. It is tie largest fraternal society in America. It emphasizes the fan that we are terday, when he was bound over to the grand jury. signed by twenty legal voters of the ward, precinct, town or township in which said person, firm or corporation intends to engage in business as retail dealer, above the age of 21 years, stating that the person, firm or corporation about to engage in such business of selling intoxicating liquors at retail is a person of good moral character, and one who can safely be trusted to ngage in the calling of selling intoxicating liquors at retail, which application and petition shall be filed with the city, town or township authorities at least twenty days before such license or any permit granted, and NOTICE OF SUCH APPLICATION all neighbors. Wh-n Jesus told u. story of the Samaritan, he asked the lawver who was neighbor to the one spend three or four days in this section. He is going to investigate the ravages being committed in the Black Hills forests by insects, and endeavor to ascertain if there is any means by which the insect may be checked or exterminated. Mr. Brown is a civil engineer by profession, and he made an astronomical survey of the Crow Indian reservation in Montana, to establish its boundaries, in 1890. In 1866, he surveyed the boundary between California and Nevada, and he is quite familiar with otner sections of the west, altho he has never visited the Black Hills before. He is staying at the Gillroore hotel while in Deadwood. who fell aniline thieves. He was an on swered' 'He who showed mercy Royal him.' and vou ladies of the Lieut. John N. Wright. Killed in China, I Formerly of Grigsby's. Lieutenant John N. Wright, of the ! L'nited States Marine corps, who was I killed during the bombardment of Tien . Tsin. China, last week, was second I lieutenant of Troop B, Third l'nited States volunteer cavaliy. was a well i known character in the famous rough riders' regiment. He was actively identified with the formation of his i troop at Sioux Falls, and on the way to Camp Thomas he was acting com- ; missary of subsistence, and squadron adjutant, being relieved to be made i acting regimental adjutant August 10, j 1.898. occupying tbat position until August 22. He w as mustered out of Grigsby's j rough riders September 8. 1898. and . immediately applied for reappointment I I Neighbors, show by your works that . . . , : . n-V,nm .tinil our ne lirnnor. ne n : ,,". SHALL BE PUBLISHED in one of the h jst i.MLcr tn i.i and bless, tho at official newspapers of the county the farthest pole, to bring the m Ionium nearer to IIS all WMIf Must Pay the Judgments. Martin & Aiason yesterday received word that he four cases of Sweeney vs. the G. I. & W. C. K. R. Co , had been dismissed in the court of appeals. The cases involved some $30,000 for supplies furnished contractors on the railroad. They were tried in United States court here, and decided in favor of Sweeney. N. K. Griggs, and Fraw-ley & Laffey, attorneys for the railroad, took the cases to the United States court of appeals, where they were ordered dismissed several months ago. The railroad company secured a rehearing in the court of appeals recently, and on that bearing a ne worder of dismissal has been en wherein su' h business is to be con ducted, for two successive weeks stating the time and place where such full milennuim m impossible of fruition, but you and '"sr associates can bring it near. : and nearer itn i.: it.. ,.n vmi nart. Td application will be heard. children acted the story that had been read to them under the trees, and so well they did it thnt at some future time they expect to give an evening of entertainment where mor? can witness It. The chi'dren returned saying that it wai the best picnic t,bey had ever attended. Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives have been saved thru the use of One Minute Cough Cure. Most of these were cases of grippe, croup, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and pneumonia. It early nse prevents consumption. Kirk G. Phillips. George Mercer owner of a chemical plant, and also extensively interested in rael estate in Omaha, accompanied by Charles J. Bolton, a lawyer visited Deadwood the fore part of the week, leaving for Hot Springs Monday evening. Small in size and great in results are DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills that cleanse the liver and bowels. They do not gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. The funeral of Mrs. J. Harry Crowd-cr, formerly Miss Berdie Cor bin, was held at Gordon, Nebraska yesterday. Mr. Crowder received word of her death and reached Gordon in time to sited the last rites. Mrs Crowder was Command Being Organized. The soldiers who served in the United States army during the war in the war. and their dependents; to r'YlT hlllUl t-uui t " sweetest lives a-. t !:(-'' " rteavor to carrv out th" law of 'M P oneer Dies at Keystone. John Carr died at Keystone on Mon ' day of asthma, i nc ,ni while vou grace the graves Spanish war veterans in Deadwood of the dead with Gods flowers, hold-.v: . ;,, kindlv remen- and signatures are being obtained to the following application, which is at Mr. Carr was one of the pioneers of tered, so the company will have to Tex Rankin's place of business, and lug i urn viim'-T t branee. vou must lav those flowers of , hearts of our pay the judgments. where It may be found by anyone who lOVing, o.. Uvina nichlinrs that when tlie W is entitled to sign it: "To the Commander in Chief, Nation comes to take you to ,,, the sMBus w.ll" erect J00 al Army Spanish War Veterans: '77. settling on a farm near Hermosa. ; w here he lived many years. From 1858 I to 1sri8 he was engaged in the lumber business at Ia Crosse. Wis., and for (about the same length of time he wars a merchant in Minnesota. At Keystone he was in the flour axd j feed business. He held a number of claims in the Horn Blende region near in the service, being rewarded January 10, 1899. by a commission as second lieutenant in the Fourth United States voluntary infantry. He was assigned to Company H. which was stationed at the most inland post in Cuba Jiguani. in the Province of Santiago. He remained in the Fourth until it was mustered out. June S. 1899. when he again applied for reappointment. He was then given a commission as second lieutenant in the Thirtieth volunteer infantry, and was soon afterwards promoted to first lieutenant. August 22. 1SS9. he passed the exam "The undersigned soldiers and sail shore, happy hearts with the heavenly gr At the close the etiUg." Woodman Quar' ors of the regular army and navy, and . - -ft the marine corps of the United States riate song. tet sang an appropn ( ir. d. A Printer Greatly Surprised. "I never was so much surprised in my life," says Henry T. Crook, pressman of the Asbville (N. C.) Gazette, "as I was with the results of using Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I contracted a severe case of rheumatism early last winter by getting my feet wet. I tried several things for it without benefit One day while memorial day was having honorably served during the war with Spain and the incident war in the Philippines, and now desiring to Parif -air. Rochford. He was born near Niagara Falls. N. Y., in 1826. Pari? hi... I At in aid in the accomplishment of the ob The American ex whose jects of the Spanish War Veterans rw-ttinn n-ill he an OP n wiuu. . ..vnfS staying -with Mr. Crowder's mother at viz.: To keep alive the memories of He waa a most excellent man. The funeral will be held by the Free Masons nt Keystone today. lessons of skillfully dirM-a eu. . ..... mar be r4 the time of her death.. Mr. Crowder the war with Spain; to promote he wta found in Montana and given the best interest of those who, in the ser ana uniauenufi ruo.- ... ... e,nmint Building i cu" ination for the United States Marine corps, standing fourth in a class of twenty-six. He was assigned to the marine cocps. and he resigned this position October 8, 1899, to enter the vice of the United States, took part sad tidings. Ail. VUl ..iu , . " - rpd tO pleted. and no effort has Nn spare . ..rspnt our nau i nthe war, and their dependents; to Unless food is digested Quickly it M. W. of A. Memorial Serv.cex. At 7:30 p. m. Sunday evening. June 24th, Gold Run Camp No. 1217. Modern Woodmen of America, met in their encourage and spread universal lib looking over the Gazette, I noticed that Pain Balm was positively guar-teed to cure rheumatism, so I bought a 25-cent bottle of it and before using two-thirds of it my rheumatism had taken its flight and I have not had a rheumatic pain since." Pain Balm also cures sprains, deep-seated and muscular pains. It is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips. maite it wonny iu -ytt- i v, camp a me: i, an per corps as second lieutenant. He was in active service from that time until erty and equal rights and Justice to ,n Hosteler's Stomach Bf all men, as well as to inculcate th4he was killed last week. was ar arm ferment snd iirttate the stomach. After each meal take a teaspoonful of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what ro eat, and will allow you to cat all you need of what you like. It never falls to cure the worst cases Previous to the breaking out of the famous dyspepsia cir. hall in Lead, and with the Royal Neigbors. their wives and daughters. fifty principles of freedom, patriotism and humanity, hereby make application for a charter as a command of the produced. Since that time-n cur the Spanish-American war he was stenographer for Senator James H. Kyle, at Washington. D. C. He had .n i to, novt-r failed to UTer Spanish War Veterans, to be located marched by twos to the Presbyterian church, there to listen to the memorial service upon the brothers and sisters who died during the time since their agu ,.. new stipation indigestion. biliousness- entered the United States seaate in in the City of Deadwood, and called it will n nH kidnev troubles, and i r, . Deadwood Command. ....,,0-X 1892, as stenographer. When Colonel Melvin Grigsby returned from Wash rich, red blood. It is an." Went Over the Bank. A horse belonging to Mrs. John Lan-frey became frightened while being unhitched' at her stable in Central yesterday, and hit a Nancy Hanks The blank application was recently j , f,.r .he tH"r, .. received by W. B. Dwinnell, from O. L. ington in the spring of 1S98, with au . ,IW Ail ir.iFs organization In Lead. Before the altar were- neatly arranged cut and potted plants, with a table draped with "Old Glory." Below the organ and over the pulpit - ' of dyspepsia. It is pleasant to take. Xlrk O. Phillips. - ( Rev. -t W 6. Rothermel, the min-. In wlsard, is in Missouri, confined to - nis - n v,- injudes recently reoeived in a runaway,, s soon as he is able to be out he expects to return to the v Black Hills He has been in British Columbia the past few-months, ex- Sues, late adjutant of the Third vol thority to raise a regiment of rough riders, Wright came with him to Sioux akine I Tin r,r.t talked lH'0 inteer cavalry, of Sioux Falls, who i5 cothiM Falls, and took up the work of getting pace down the street, bucking, snorting and kicking. . When near the old brewery, horse, wagon milk cans. thing just as good." equal to it. and all went over a fifteen-foot em together a troop at that point. He came of a military line, his father belonging to the regular establishment bankment, smashing the vehicle and r-"-- toni?nL Faust at the Opera r.c -" Thia mmnanv ruts Oil this P also tells in a letter of having Just attended the national encampment of Spanish War Veterans, and speaks enthusiastically of the time they had. The next encampment will be held at Sioux Falls, next year, and it is hoped that South Dakota's two regiments will be well represented. One 1 , IL.Blocberger arrived yestertuy freeing the horse, which kept up its mad gait for aoout half a mile down . - m ' s Hull imnroved scenery and effect". of the army. He was exceedingly anxious to get into active service. While the rough riders were stationed at were festooned red, white and blue streamers, giving a pretty effect., The solo, "The Garden of Prayer," sung by W. T. Mathias, was a fine effort, his full baritone voice leaving little to be regretted in the opinion of the hearers. The mezzo solo by Mrs. B. C. Yates was listened to with marked pleasure, while the choir singing is certainly as fine as any in the Hills. the creek bed, where It was capture. Strange to. say, all the damage done was a broken thill and a disfigured form' Kansas City and will go on the road Out of Deadwobd for the Cudahy FxlInr!company. He will relieve G. Ernard, wbo'rin take territory for Ala eoWpaii lnWywnlnc. Chickamauga Park, hoping and resorting to every means to be sent to the front, he volunteered to go to the reputation of handing tw j. i0 a higher degree of Puon been done by other coP ,y. section. They are a f J and artists in their profession. day at the state fair in Yankton this fall is to be set apart for the Span dashboard. The animal was unscratcn- ish d. War Veterans, and the chief fea-j Washington and endeavor to secure

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