The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1900 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1900
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ponce? tltlft& 24V.i V!"Al!. ) f : I 4 I !.. tuck- fivi; ;i:xts. A REBUKE FOR PAUL REWMAN AS RICHARD THE ill CHINA OFFERS TO ThoCn.y Hi"h Crarie Baking Powder Giieieii t?f a Wiod- ADMIRAL BEMPF nrrTpnr v r 1 1 n r IlkU I On. nnnrn tiKur r UIIUUII enter Russeil in 111 J in.. CALif IEI Powder He Entertc.:r,s z S:cre or So to r Admiral Remey uroerea ct Minister at Washington Presents a Proposition of Six Viceroys. 3 N'5"V York Tai'ors. Xaku. China, to Assume Command. MADE BY f Teil Boers Make a l.tiXliuN. .Inn.- ; 'lispill. II s.l . I . Hoer i bold I ; i -ri last Friday Dash. Sp. Mi ' a .111 11. a oil the liriti N0NESOC0OD. t n:t ly no I'.uiy while. while, Mi r man . ,.u He inont, whose IHC J sh TRUST. I'll, possibly, ttt EO miles Horn lo-t thirty Huns ail ' amp at lloning-pi im. tin Krooiistadt. Tin- Hnli-h killed aiul wound. d. Tin e.-i aped. National Politics Discussed' Rear Admiral Bruce Sends to V t 1 son obta im d a . From a Tammany Poir-t ot View. I i . on e and was re Jones ii short decree on th ! rson had 11 i j 1'iai in d again, but Jut!; 1 1 : me ago set aside t In I g'ound that Mrs. Pet This Government Declines Consider and Will Send Troops. ' Black KAI'II) Gloomy Message Home to England. Hills Teachers' Institute. CITY, Jiuie 24. Spe. ial --que and noison;.. as '!: Ho igti i w a- equa I ly pi ,0 f. a. I and b e. As a cituen whose entire .- r. ,, te with man !' siat: ns of tneric ani-m. he i-tamls .-onspii -.iiiioiig the most illustrious and :. I ' ib - 1 v s a m r g n it ion tt..- : llav bestow. And there are iiios Cumming-. -0 well aid abl know n to tl;e p opb of the a reran of the 1 1 v:l w ar ; a -man of deeds rath r than , a man who-e heart s as tug I been served with ummons in the The Tea, h Klai-k Hills experiment is' Joint ln.-titute of the counties is no longer an lint umpialiheil Miei ess. ippealed to the su-e 1 he matter is now j . a-.-, Peterson j pi 1 me . 0111 1 . w In m:w YORK J little hurg by the ,ce -st. a passed the one hllll- ding This pi i, ! .- A.ttio this atci.nds with o the icanor The enrollment died mark the 111,11 1 mix up clop other senii st ion- WASHINGTON, 1. (' . June 20. . . 11 , . . .. . I . ; 1 . . t hose surprise- evt n to seeond day of the ses-douhtless ei eed one ; knUiii. .iuli.ii.ii ' J - sion and will il f. 'i d , -.1. ... .1 ... t.jL Ih.i ...-,.iL-...- w .-iui; rii.N n c . i n, jc Spi- ial Tie- ( h.iii-. 11 inister 11.1-iil:liil ..11 ''ft', ol .-1 i. 1 ro s ot' US DftD luu'i'ii . im.-ei '.i- body, and who never wearies I hundred and titty 1 ( loses. Teai hers boi 11 . n m 1 vs a- 1 founded a- last, . stalked Iron: the liefore the session are in alteinianee Envoys Ready to -o 1 on. ; -iy ! im b-. t.t u there 1 ': i. r.t iiKe an i. blue representa-and the H11N Paul ; h.n.i. iigr . to I -' 1 I 1 ' 01 ,b , 11 tLP t"niP ",M J "u l.-.-.ILIir- V VUI I apparition, that t: Return. Spei ial. re. about to issued a long nana. lu's ,s 11 lfiu"(: 10 rvempi, the Th. tliC jow.i- will witliiliaw the troop-, rox eminent has no confideni e in ability of the viceroys to re-tore who I it 1 H 'I to (arte V"1 v 111 -oe uoill- live 01 lieadwcdd Kewnia 11 K r a n fixed, but hi- L t. M'.W YdliK. June 1 lio. r envoys are hei id 111 11 home. They ha e i address to the A morion 11 p ing them for their many of - mpathy. ii tardnient ui tin- 1 ami iuiis. ,ciii' tit I w as ti ans-.r.y sal I'a'.i jli, his order and declined to onsiiPT the ople. thank- pn -spins LONDON. June 2.. Spe-cial. II doing ; w tios.. ability is un qui s d and whose populanty at home -t attested by his long continued ,ce in 1 ongress Klliott IUinforth. lam Sulzer. Hird S. Co!er and others can be naini d whoe -e- ii would grailfy people o' York and who would take 1 bar ; and dignity into the office so Varitly assured. Rear Ailtli.lal inuic. in i umiiianu in the britlsn uawi-i lune-i .ti, 1111. sent. cordial handtla.-p imd a c 1 r:t iiame beaming with the ob: ;.n. -o, .1 raturo iilld 1 nll'i li'U.i I.t :: : I:.'- equan-.mify. and we w re w -""ii lei ply engrossed " as 1 ;, I -a d i'au! 1 . .ll.riL.trh fn.lDV J I . t'J 1 proportion. 1 he policy ot the 1 nited State- and the powers will lie to troop- and cnfoi 1 oi dor. W SHIt; i(.N. 1 C . June Spe ml. The tin y ib p. 11 tnient this a kiuuuj. -...-i-..... ........ No a non 1 an possibly be taken at OlUe IU inifii' .-ilium m " muni. sail tomorrow for Kuroi e .i:d the Tifll Ism Is .IIW'Mi'il it 1111 nglliiug is fol 111 I it . morn 1 11 g 111. nle public th ui-pat 1 Ii f 1 1 m d 11 1 1 tii I K : ,1 . 1. 1. " tlOln all Sl Mai Hills , (unities. The instructors are all excellent and the interest shown by the teachers in attendance is very gratifying. Prof. W. W. t;iiton of the Madison .Normal si hool makes an ideal conductor and is nu le.-s satisfactory iis an intrin-toi. vMrs. Mitihell lias lew equals as a teacher of primary methods. As she is the supervisor of primary work in lu.ike university, lies Monies, ue expected ii 11 excellent presentation of the work. Put she has exceeded our antii ipat ions by the versatility of her genius in presenting new methods, and by the piactical nature of her work, and we confess that we are simply ' apivaied by her chainiin personal ity. Mis Malkson and Prof. Stevens are both strong in their lines of work and t acbers praise them h'ighly. Prof. Krntz, superintendent of Sioux (rmaidi'i. . Marri;J At O.-nah.-. I" Little of fl.iidwo. .' i S1I0I..V aftel lioell at 1 ,0 ..I II I'.l ' l - at t he bollle ot 1 1 v. a- Bruce say- there is no news from Mi-- e eil ia-t 11 it tit e Kim The 1 ow lllg Willi 1 1 lone l.o-s which Iiei- Si-viIlOlir iill'l lie ohm miows iiidl in1 Fined for Seining Fish. aleitown. S P. June L'O. Special: II. 1! Palmer and C. It. M, Calluni, of Iletland were ansted for seining fish in lake Kainpeska. and lit thler hearing they were found guilty and each lined ntty dollars and costs. Tiller seine was taken and about I.OIIO lbs. of fish. It appears these men have been in the habit of 1 omming up here and st jiiing fish, and this time they wi re found out. lontinei.t oiyoin:. with l,i:,v Home and the Ail- iritu.ial t.i.tive poi nt. vl ..1. : : .1.. : . . .1 ial has In e:i 1 ( nip : (. :or go .. trip abroad thru mat liny to -ti. ..,-e fct.cOm-odations on any ear.;. 0 itgcii-g steam n : (lit off thru the fact of Tien Tsin d Tien Tsui. June l' HI a 14 Peklll lelnf fol Ch. : .e In M I V -left Tl nng invested, mis nas neen me ell Tsin June Id. reported state ot anaii s aimosi since .-e mour s ' lit K lilt..- I'l.e p: 1 11 II. M .n.i I niint I v ill" ! 1 tic V tile newly Ilia I I ied couple I i 1 r I-; M. V. pii.-.-enger ti, Webster street station -or ten A in- departure. m: ! - : rolu 'i'l' ti Tsin -11 rrounded foi' e bit Tit 11 T-in June 2th to ers, but a- we all M.ow . I'ai.l of the;.. i.- ti..- 1 . In iir l. ni to Ma o.j : on..- .i.c s not 1 w,)l .o - d -ep SHANGHAI. China. June 2.V-Spe-ai Letters re eiveri here from whom ...1, ... . ... T . . . 'P. ... 'a I d ill at 1 1 . 1 : !.. 1 t be Igbt I I MODI- ,OI I HOI II It - t I I" II I Mil. ion, lol olle.- ai at' 1 ate mm m ymour nas ne.-n ut- ic tile till feated. e lb 1H 1 n 1 . dt r ii--i-tain e ' TAKP. June Jti Special The 11 gt lit h' le of a fort ign firm at Tien T-ni has received reports of a horri Lie (oiidition of affairs there. Masai n il nu n and women of every Kuro pean nation, and also Aini ru nil and Japane.-e. litter the streets. Ml the banks have beep looted and destroyed. po- borne in I lead w in 'd. a 1:1 -. i ng 1 day morning. .-. Little is stenographer :n 1 of ; (L Dennis, division In ,t tor the Klkhorn railroad dwood. a position that fie has City's schools, has lent great strength to our institute by his able presenta Grand Army. Mitchell. S. I). June 2:1 .Special. The (Jrand Army annual encampment concluded its labors at Miti hell Pridav. WAR6HIPS ACT MYSTERIOUSLY. tion ot Pedagogy and Child Stndy. in h.1,1 ag' ; He,, and Paul : abled h.n, about a- lllg beitig his dispo.-: he consul and his evening lectures, free to the to si ,,m: i, i.ii. t: a- pi --it w.ti. only a i.i I. A ta.lo- hi -ed, am. u.a- United State Cruiser Albany si Or e !0. n.u.-T ; gT.-i public are an education in Sioux Kails w as selected as the place n;oy .. iiv- A U c.t Leeds t big Ot her - fa t dered to Proceed to Gibraltar. for holding the next encampment. SOl'THAM F'TON, Eng.. June 25. Teachers who do not avail them URGING TOWNES CANDIDACY. for nearly two years. He has a wide acquaintance and exceedingly pepulai in Iieadwood His bride is a young I idy of piettv appearand e. vtjlish ami (harming and is sure to ! ome a fav Special. The I nited States crui-er ( II ",l.e irt.Ui It. niplated interred dash is ijocl side may to J hanv has been ordered to pro. I he billowing officers were elected with practically no opposition: Department Commander. Philip l.awrenie. DeSmet; senior vice commander. H D. Powers. Mitchell: Junior vice commander. Henrv Wltten- furtnei Gibraltar and there await orders. that three t'".' .-lilts id K.tUi ienic cut and appiow-i, v-,n t. i,....:ed this evening. Coney 1-iani .n i.ill blast yesteriiay. with a roof gai(.-ii .n town and a tour ot th Tenieiloin BOSTON. Mass.. June 2a Part of Vice Chairman Edmisten Says Democrats Should Nominate Him. LINCOLN". Neh , June i;t; -Spe.ial Vice Chairman Kdinisten of the populist national committee, has issued a long address urging the democrats to nominate Towue. He reminds the democrats that they cannot win Admiral Farouhar s North Atlanti orite in her new home. Mr. and Mrs. Little are d serving: young people, and DeadwiKxl friends wish them all the happiness in the world in their new condition. squadron, which has been here taking selves of this splendid opportunity for advancement and for obtaining new-ideas and methods cannot realize their loss. All Mack Hills teachers should be heie. On Wednesday evening last, the ladies of Rapid iCty tendered a. reception to the instructors and teachers, which was well planned and very successfully carried out. Saturday an excursion of about fifty persons, mostly teachers and their friends, visited Crystal cave and spent part in the Bunker Hill celebration tas been ordered to reioin the rest of the sauadron at Newnort. a- a happy 'omhis.on ot Im.i games, tours of the t- to public tiUilC.LgS cLlI interest, theaters aiai r 1 few ol tr.e etc lira- i.: a I am sure will long ab:(! al'terw a rd . the day. parks, v is points of sorts are week that and the fusion will be strongt WASHINGTON. D. C . June alone if tin dent populist choice tor vice pr si special The navy and state depart s mail.- that of tie demo rat Bent officials refuse to discuss the Stilwell's Fossil Expedition. ;-ou Stilwi II. son of I. Milw. ll. to Ii'-adwood. is In Conver-e county. with Helliy Wills, who is out gaMicnrig fossils for Mr. S'tilwell fit- wiiiis home he is having a fi:.- Mi., and tfiat the : un and woath bai h. Sturgis; chaplain. Rev. Oliver Williams, Scotland: medical director. 10 M Poster, Armour: adjutant. 1. K. Manotiaril. Mitihell: quartermaster. A H. Nelson. Pierre: representatives to national encampment. .1. S Petition. Ashton. John Morris, and 'I C DeJean. Planklnton. The officers of each of the orders were publicly Installed, the Installation being followed by a campfire. The encampment then adjourned. Routine business was transacted by the W It. C. The following officers wi re elected: President. Miss Kmma Cook. Huron; mutual friend drifts tin 11 l Li ., movement or Admiral r arauhar s in the memory 0: our As I write, tbue squadron and the cruiser Albany, but nmor is rite todav teat the admini window a waK -bout (! apl the bulletin! U I.(,( 1. M K 1. if.' re tration intends to send a stronir fleet gi. lev and Koosev. It lllil 'll lO'Iii enforce the collection of indemnity Trying to Capture Taylor. MLS I Kit. N. Y . June L't.. Spe ial -Taylor of iventin ky jiassod thru htn today T:n lor lately shaved off his moula. he II" was followed by a bodyguard of detectives, some friend ly. and otheis watching fir a 1 liance to ano-t and take m b.-o V to Ki 11 tu- i-.y. giv. 11 11 ' . . 1 v t lad: from the Turkish sultan for the de- Cdtj 0 il- foi y . a rs .11 hu uctKin of American missions dur Is has gnthere II for the past -aid to be an 1 I Wei SI ll w e hi is Mi the Armenian outrages. The sul I fo-s fift.-r. v p. 1 1 nv tan has already trifled with the povern an enjoyable day exploring me caverns of that fiimous natural wonder. A grand concert and recital will bo given on Tuesday evening, the L'llth, at the court house. Professor C.arnett Hedge will render several vocal and piano selections and Miss Wilkinson will recite. As Profe.-soi- Hedge is a graduate of mil-sic and ha.- an enviable reputation as a musician, tl.e affair will doubtless be enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience of music lovers. Mrs. X. M. Hedge, professor of music at Hot Springs college, has greatly pleased and benefited the teachers by rsi.nior vice president. Miss m ma not surpassed hv n : ,. o k - He l..i aUcns - would . a id j'.ist . for 'he . I, U.( ie ui nying r : tiini- i- Jtl to Bent and the time has feme for fle Isbv. Mitchell: lunior vice' nresi- ton. and just ai'Oiit a- I pt' '!' ' ago. and he win n. aK' h,. spite his many h n.i ii: that under no i in ims-..!.. he accept. It 1- 1. ,::.-. to ; how it was all t rough' atci, wire- hav e t.ei 11 (: w ui I . n expeditious. There .- no the fad that Teddy ha- t... self. His .1' illlltil.g ''!.! the moment o: nomination and unpleasant siirpii-e to h, the ,1 of lie . (Ui I 1111 it. ti . He has -pent a gn a .. m the biid lands of S( ... and has taken out tor, - of the most viiluab!. :'o .01 Id. HARRISON FOR GOVERNOR. dent. Mrs Sarah North Watertown. ihaplam. Mrs. Meade. Clark: treasurer. Mrs, I Ial tie Drake, Huron; delegates to national encampment at largte. Mrs Tillie Lnwrinoi Pierre; John Wanamaker III. IKI PHIA. Pa . June :.;. John Wanamaker is con-Ids bed suffering from an ase and i- unable to receive He has been itt several Illinois Dtmorratc Rrnarrl That As Spe. 1,1! fined to ga n ic d 1 - .IMtOI -Wi---. i has h" I a great trends. Mis ILitti eorgp Pates snow, Klan- West ,1 Kvl. Id it only lor the last few days en forced to remain in bed. Point Cadet write- t!.. it a ret i"nt ; a r her interesting methods o' teacnini; fcniK! iiia- while his enemies .' iat under Hi t Ol - 1 . music ami has so freely given her : .. 1 but not ne H; other d. Sprinirlb . I nai 1 A stal Will Vet elect ion Corps 11 it d to design . 1 1 1 1 1 ton i I v bang' s serious rous. - I am permit! services 111 providing special uiui-i.. i ..... i. .1 u e oig.-iiiization of the Spanish I'liins was organiezil by the of the following officers: uiimatider, () L. Sues. Sioux evening lectures, etc.. inai. uie iem u-ers and 1 ounty superintendents alike appreciate and fi el grateful. r for West Point liiii-inui h as tin o West Point is it wise to have . ilitary .0 ado expense of tbf considerable. I 1 pp! b ants la k. Their Only Hope. CHICAGO. Ills., June 2h.- Special. -There is strong talk by Illinois democrats to nominate Carter Harrison for governor. Harrison absolutely declines, but the party workers re disposed to insist on his ai cept-ance. The eampaign managers ad-fit the almost utter hopelessness of 411 attempt to defeat the republican nominee, Yates. They think Harrison is the strongest man in the party od declare he must run. terial that w:ll i ::-(: P'-t 1 .stent ly and eflActively thniout the 'atx(iaign. His nomination mu.-t weakm iather than strengthen the ticket . i-.V.y lor the reason that the s;,t.-i! andidate for governor Od'l!" 1- em o: the most unpopulai men .n '- -fate almost on a wtntv with U and Again, we urge all teachers w no have not yet enrolled, to 110 so ai nine Thi- w ill on I' lies lirninai y examination. Id at Yankton eolleg and sccme all they can ot uie loniam- der of this iiiieile. tual feast a! "ti'pi'l City. Toledo Exposition Killed. 1 (II.IAllll S () Jun.- Jt; Special. The (ibai -iipn nie .ourt has d". ided that the state appropriation of half a million for the Toledo exposition is unavailable under the law passed by the legislature This kills tin- pro po-. q exposition. Bears Force Wheat Down. t HICAIIO. June -Ji.- Special. The bears predominated on the board of trade today and forced wheat down to ' ' nts from yesterday's ( losing. Woodmen's Memorial Services. Headword romp No. 118ti. Modern 1 1 !-,,- Falls: senior vice commander. Paul McCb lland. Custer; junior vice commander C P Van Houton. Canton; (haplain C M Daley. Huron; adjutant. K K Hawkins. Sioux Falls; quartermaster. O. It. Amole. Howard; delegates to the national command. Col M.lviii Gngsby and ('apt. A. Sessions of Sioux Falls; Major R. C. Warne, of Mitchell. Tin- meeting of the young soldiers was a great success, and a number of commands will In- oreanlzed in th" state during the year. The organization sanctioned the assembling . . the thud nay of July, beginning a rn. Applicants should furnish a -.. lan's certificate as to pl.c-n al 1 ,'ness. The examination wnl in .:. the subjects of rtaiLtig in ng i.ography arithmetic. Kngli-h miliar. geography and hi-tory ii -indents only as are thorolv on -ant with these Sllbje. t- -Meld nt themselves." Woodmen of America, ooseiwu .... Prohibition Convention. CHICAGO. Ills., June 25 Special legates to the National Prohibition convention are gathering here. The ttniTtntion meets tomorrow. t-tm ecf.ihUshed for honoring the graves of the dead of the order on bun-day. June iTth was the day set by the order for the observance, but that day was stormy in Oeadwood. A Merited F ndoi semer.t. I P Mown of th.- Ame.nau An I all are M Excessively Hot Wave. ( HICAGO. June L't; - Special ixiessive heat wave is report e-over the middle west, and there many prostrations. fearful Railroad Accident. ATLANTA, Ga., June 25 Special. -There was a terrible accident last j"Skt at Macdonerugh, on the Macon trwch of the Southern railway. A '"Wnger train was wrecked by a and the services were postponena (. Tti cervices were held in the First g Baptist hurch or neaawcxm uuj . . . 1 ..A afternoon The cnurvn was ciowue.. with members of the order, their fam-relatives, and with members New Naval Board. NEWPORT. June 2G Spe, ial new naval policy board created .-try association, who is investing the forests of the Black Hills, he has never met an offii ial in federal forestry servii e' ho is . interested in his work or ha a . intelligent comprehension of his .- than the supervisor of the k Hills forestry reserve. Mr. H. lamaker. He also says that Mr. aout, and over forty dead were Wen from the wreck. Many others e'e badly mangled and it is feared will die. The hv will operate as a drag of u.e txost cumberous character thruout tLe Empire state. In fact tin q'.es'.ins will be. not how uiiuh an Ooeii he p the national ti. ket but will if po--. tie for McKinley and Roosevelt to pu.i Odell thru? If with Roosevelt at :ne Lead of the state ticket New York (ould be classed doubtful." as it was by many, what may be said of the situation with Teddy aloof (if the platform there are many opinions as individuals, and never two aline, for while the remarkable dei larat it r.s as a whole is gulped down ty a'.i (f the faithful, each finds some one or u.ore features over which very wry faces are made. The most otcectioLabie is that pertaining to trusts, whih plank you may be sure will keep the G. O. P .on the defensive as never before. I think it safe to predict that the one great issue will be that of trusts: and it should not be difficult for the common people, the great suffering majority, to understand it ttoroly. nor should it require much argiimeLt to persuade them to ally with the party seeking plutocracy s overthrow Hanna and his merry men having completed their work, attention turns to the other fellows soon to gather at Kansas City. The one important question naturally involves tie Tice-m-esidencv. While it is more than of the Roval Neighbors of America.The sa -th- 10:' mo dir.' Bii G Ha U k-- 1 thai. . congTess convened here today for a session during next week. Admiral Dewey is the presiding officer. Yesterday's "ball Games. interior had been decorated for the oc-.asion. and presented a pretty appearance. The memorial sermon was bj of the spanlsh-Amerlcan soldiers at the state fair nt Yankton in September. Twenty-five new members were Initiated Into the local camp. They are among the soldiers scattered over the state where a command could not lie organized for scarcity of members. r The Sons of Veterans finished their business and adjourned, after the installation of officers, which were elected as follows: Commander, Virgil Boyles. Mitchell: senior vice commander. R. C. Drake, Plankinton; junior vice commander, S. A. Fuller, Blunt: divisional council, H. E. Johnson. Redfield, E. W. Coleman of Artesian. F. J. Purdy of Mitchell. These orders also located th next meeting at Sioux Falls. ik r knows more about tne pi s- MATRIMONIAL MIX-UP. Rev r L. Kirk. After the sermon the Monday's scores: w York 2. Brooklyn 15. 20. Philadelphia 4. Louis 2, Cincinnati 0. Sunday's score: "Chicago 3, duiati 5. bttle bug that i Killing the tries any man he has met. os-rs Drown and Hamaker made ip to Iron creek yesterday to -t idy .habits of the bug. Cin- Modem Woodmen and Royal Neighbors marched In one body to Mount Moriah cemetery, headed by the Dead-wood band An immense column went a t th- S.oux Falls Man Bound Over for V o-tating Postal Laws. SIOI'X FALLS, S. D , Juno 2I. Special. Sibb Peterson, of Sioux Falls, arrested by United States a 1- notw-fth- nn the hill to the cemetcry i! way of parenthe.-is in th.- . on-De can. the department at Washington -nould not hamper the work and U-. liness of Mr. Hamaker ty nig-tardy expense accounts. Only those standine the terrific heat. TTio Wnodmen have but two "flrtMman Gamble's Condition. JAKTX)N, S. D., June 2B.-Special. oneressman Gamble is about the All are encouraged that he Pull thru. dead thorities. has been bound over to the next t.-rm ot tue federal court on the charge of sending obscene matter thru the mails. This is the outgrowta lar with his work can understand fa of a divorc e (ase. the letters, in ques buried in Mount Moriafi". they being Neighbors T. B. Caffrey and Prestine. Each member carried sn evergreen and placed it on a grave with a cere- J. S. Denman anu Arthur Simpson got home Monday night from Jack Boyden's ranch, on San., creek, where they spent several days fishing. They got all the fish they could bring back. tion having been sent to hi3 wife at MniDeapoli for woom he had appliyl tt,mPt On the Emperor. "sRLIN Jim. oc Q 1 1 possible that the pop selection will rr.any expenses connected with the of supervisor and tow much .of expense is paid out of Mr Ha-er's a)ary. tt- of tt.- nr.-. oc- for uivorce. ' Mt3 vi. mcir . . M wwatioiial rumor today that mony arr&Dfed especially for the be endorsed, yet. when you tniM 11 all over, it would seem tc be poor "Pt ud been made to asaassi- casion.

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