The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 21, 1900 · Page 7
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1900
Page 7
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L t -1 MINING owing to the ne, -easily of having oth- I er ores and fuels nauled in It has been proven that most of the copp..,- I ore found tli.-.v . an be concentrated j sue, essfuily, i,llt ,, , aI llult a 'MH'iise would be in. -.::,! ;,, 1:lu!lI1, i r i f t , v .... -1 . i ck Swindle. in its Qherokee group of sixty acres located four miles east of the town, ine shaft is now mowii thirty feet and ore carry ins from niediuiii to high fiade values is bein;r saved in the '()ii:.e of sinking. The pay streak ha.- :,l,-ned from two ni. hes at the sint'u.e to fourteen inches at the hot-l"ii! of tie shaft, down tinny feet. a sure mm& lolin Greenounh. who has the lease on the Dividend, is said to have com-i::. r.i i d shipping auain. and is loading a: the .sfatajii near the property. The i uv .deiiil adjoin tie- l)e,-rah, and i" .lis iniii.d t here .-'is on the i it i.i.i i. i ' ;- .i i . no-ill. -i ii mat the 1 loiseshoe "'.;..M.v .- n .iK'.im a nood slaiwini; . - ;: . .-i.c M n h ai o ;n,i Ruby liasiu au.I ' ,! .loves at tliv Vnitesl J leaver last week OftK'er 1 the w hi. h . .i.n .jji.i m roimhn.v-s ci' the omm it would hae n, ,,. !;UI'1? in hi i States i i d-iw u -11 .lily interested m tie-,! ,rick swindle. In a value of J'jU'JO, us k t:! hmi tin u.'say u u.iin-l" ;ilone. with an,'. were v'.u- veiopins " - ..... i if J'i. '1 .1 Mi.'intai: i - it r. I.i wis was till, liioiiiitaiii I'. a f.- .v ai'fivi -1 at (Hand i;n was ii..i i i-iiu- (,,.; wa, th. n . He start.-, h.- ua al.l... and l,cU:, Mensive report is obtained omo d the being I'hi- w ill !,.- en! 1'i' point lia-A i on t a i ar load oi i Is. tie- shaft ha.- b.-.-n -; :id .i a : a value n f : , ' eat. 1'e, allse the 1,1 :auei! until the In i n leu. lied. or- taken from : ted. Assays in 1 to o per was sav 41 in HaIiscm. Va , Virc. 81. I hre been : i' f- a f. cVcr weak ness fur four ti- U lc. t..' , r, m..i,v medicines, but Wiae o.' v a :44,1m, 1 M a. k -Draught bar done iaii.' I. a 1:.,. I.m.i thing at. KB?. CAIlOI.INi: EVANS t;i:i. I at the t irst -':.t- a:.-ni.i - :i v . oil ; i w , ens r ore is lie- (eiunison I l, ,1s Sllull as lie i;,it at. v. ,.-t of 1'ort lllnlllg II -III 1 1 1 1 1 1 lie u as unavoidable that there more or less waste with it ship I fr.Mii a slim! .:-I.,n every da ale at the liakota . n:i al C:l . . i irnik in t'"' -'uii.siu-' , in "I'' ustomer of the iu.stitu-eJ Vei.ra.-Ka, a merchant iu one Tllie MB ,liStl1CtS- i wis .l. by the A.lams p"1Ls' .-..inpaiiv- cMU-s i:n-pdi.l. E uhe message received by the bank l- being (va-usipauv's plaut 'V ell il'i.-r sorting. A first shipment will be made in the nature of a trial.1 Regular shipments will be taken up J provided present valuns hold out after i a drift has been started at lmi feet. Three six horse states are now I THE LI M E ROC K BUSINESS. a rt'dlU'Sl luai. - .... .,,,,1 It was ID the num. Ea Hanschka Ships 300 Tons taken Daily illv large anair, auuui mice an uniisu ordinary gold brick. of thu IMC . , . , .... , nd Assistant Casiner ivee.y av ou,e it is mistake- to take any and every kind of mfdldne when you ar sick. There is danar m it. Most of the so-called cures for "ferrule weakness" do nothing m re deaden the pain temporarily, and when the effect wears awav the patient is weaker and sicker than before. It is never wise to take dunces. . u have only one life, and that is dear and precious, if you have any pam, ache, disorder or weakness in the feminine orpuis, nothing v. ill help you like Wine of Cardui. it helps do away with morning sickness dining the early stages of pregnancy, and modifies the pains of childbirth; recovery is rapid and future health is tssured. The Wine is purely veg From Englewood. I'd llaii.-chka. who ha.-, the con-isa.l to supply the I lead wood A: llela-ivaie Mueller in this city with k. is shipping on an average of "i tons every day from the quarry making daily trips to (irand Encampment from Rawlins and Fort Steele on the 1'nion I'acitic railroad. The population has more than doubled since the beginning of this year. Seventy the buildings are now in ionise of erection in the town of A WYOMING MINING CAMP. A Region That a Black Hills Man Helped Bring to the Front. The hit.. Xoah Sk-v.-is of Cal.-na. whose death o. , uri i-d at Hot Springs a few months ago. was one of the original .promoted of Grand Km anip-nient. Wyoming, and owned considi-ia-ble property there at the tune. .1-tiio he did not see the fruition of his hopes, recent development.-, prove that he had good judgment. A recent letter to the Denver Tim.-- .imniin.-d the following about the district: The organization of the Copper Slate bank. Crnnd I'm -ampin. -ni s lirst banking hou.-e. was c nniplcte.l last week, and ontract have been took clmW ' au" " " , rted to the mint. AB'Hoon a the officials at me S""""-" caught hiKnt U1 luc L"'b .,!i. Two Hssavs; has men at at KllglcW is about e" csirs. He vvuik and etable, being made of herbs wh, -se TxmS advisort dipsiitmiit. rmaVle and the bar was found to u ithfint 'A tt'HCf ()f LMll(t nlo the side of the I a - a tun mcuicmai properties act enrecuv ( i ..n..iM, e m .. reqnuim apeoial upon the organs of wom.mlKi.ii ulVwir.: i'lITJ.' fc'?8S?AV5SEft U.ll..' ,t.l.nrrllp'l bepurecoj.i"-.. - - (Irand Km iiinpmciit . Any number of shall houses are being built and a lew steam hoisting plants are beginning to come in trom the railroad. Wagon roads are being 'milt from the town to a half dozen of the larger mii lvKO, CLilturjoon. Tana. feet and from the face I hsi- an upraise to a distance of l",.i feet. mountain 'I" cf Ihe IISIIll i lie -url'ai e. TllC OlltSllie IlrtU uc-eii nu.1111 u deeeptive way. but stispi- it Is a long-tried remedy, and has many years of success behind it. It in it in a i iini-e .nroused bv those i-inns ei 1 . bl ahs 1 1. Is sure. Why take i chance medicine when you can get a sure medicine? Druggists sell Large Bottles for $1.00. tile 1 o k ISC VV II ! .1 this U runs ii out of the nisim familiar with the handling of the pure mines. Within the hist ten days fifteen or iw.nly lontracts have been 'el In!' shafts and tiiiiniicls which have truck." let for Hie cl .-lory bu.idiiiL . and with 1 St i s, I i s b; eai: It to pa-, c two I Ulle. ei I ii HI of a mode vv hu h shall be ii ii U . ( ', I leiirv i Known vvnelller ine .e--, man ' had already been oll Is ... d VV ! oaded eipiire- lis lor n moperativ i '-ti w h be- be. t . ill.' i:ct whether h-- whether brick or Ill ! 111. svcii , n Intel i I l v . IS II SI; '. . I and it mu-t b I l!.e bank c.ip:ia!i-i -. I !i ( 'c It is not braska ' sio: twinillcl on tad ulitaiia nnuiin r and th,, value ,!: I - b; 1111 I T 1'ecH ontsol ol if in some s.-iit it to establish I I, I hat is if a si.'.e .k. SI Ion -c; il as d i. w. l'lias r I'. i: M.faf-. 1. of V cek 1 a la L ' It has justly won its laurels." Soups, Jr Fish, Game, Hot and Cold Meats, etc., are J- .1 : a i : Id 1 o I.i 1 .'I THE BLUE LEAD TUNNEL. And Prccjrccs On the Other Claims Ar:und Hill City. Tl .. :, ;.. !.'..! l uniicl in 1 1 :! ii III' 1 1. k the uv. Lea & Perrins' SAUCE , i . i I Inn-.. In : i.g s. a . ni Ii break , poorl;. . : iciig the 1 aiili.'l In 1 Ii" i ft lie I"'' - -a : to -ci 1. c. VV ill. the.-e- 11, h iron 1 Tile .'.i.-lilh nit tl Til is si'i, ,lure li n every tnitUc 7 't id elensie !. i- i is iiiliil. .Ml. .Maloney i parties in THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE (r. I Xcvvs- VN I'll main ion- lie a -iini, - son js niiin'i'eii tefe.-le.l t' Ifllsikili-. ha the i JOHN HfNCA VS SONS, As'.mH, New YorlU- WISEWARF. OF IMITATIONS. do iii I - have a i.v ! hi on gh its ag.-nt 1 . i..- want. 11,11- Sili- b li DEADWOOD PEOPLE IN MISSOURI. Artie Miller Married June 1st to a Young Lady of Jopbn. Missouri. rlie .I M 1 1 b r w a ; sua i i ie, about mm m !!!ilr .- allelic al .i a i mi f al Iln a - -at , be. ; 1 I.'-' i V i ' I I he ;t la 1 I'! . ( Ch 1:1;. ) is is in r . cat VfppbiS . . ui' ;.j i'M'i if.- IIP ni u.-i- it- k- . and ..... tiit-uvfc. Ui at month at .L il,.- pr. . 11 ii In -I Mo . lal .i:-.. l ( ' In b mm. I li.-o llcic c'lng . ! l;idv. hut for in l.'i i ban lb'ty eai . At . oil. i have daily. ,-hippi vv hi. !i i i ai:n it v Ali of til . 1 1 , Will be t ll'l 111 I. : . i b a :o j.a-l I I , ! 1 . Will I ' lor holds ing i mill III l ab . Til one. ell. t r tro.ihlort wttlj it, ..ii .'.'("tii'iilm'inp. I he ; ai s a 1 ".- ab-ni of .lop i- pareni - live, y ,-. M i - i nt p'lsilicn with a min y . on: po.-i d of I let i oi i .I.i 1 1. ill! ' ' ci ; -1 j - ir.; .ill... j, ..;. ; lo is in l-srii--. Ik" -a-. ;i known at-i ). -ad -. oo 4 '. d n. v Capo Xoise . Ala -ka . goof the Klkhorn road to has cot m . r pari of h.-re is bin in. r I...... i For the g of the bill to: :., v . a ''i evening filling by way biio,.accpcr ami assistant and is ma king I i fc ' a sin - men. sis nianag.-i ing ground Irom tin t he .list not. i si t sinnei Weeks pay veins. Hie h-nuili feet of stop level tl) til before the Handle ore e Slll iSI' C. A IcVV VV. conceii! rator is ready drifts will In- siarted to on th" veins tie and everything stuping. several of put in readin tor New Eldorado. Mi'Si-ts. Ihnott and l'eters of ,W,v York, who have been at wan k at tie-N'pvv Kl.lora'lo property, have su--pt-ndfd operations. The drift on the JitU-foot level lailed to dibdore a shoot of any considerable size or val ue. It is rumored that this party of investors is considering the development oi the .1 I! mine, owned by S. ('. Croik. r. The .1 K has a record oi $il.llllll above the UMI foot level. The vein is one of the best defined in the southern Hills, anil it is the general opinion of mining men that development will disilose a tine producer in the prop. rty. Lena Property. Work is in progress at the Lena property, commonly known as the Baring tlould ground. A party of Minneapolis investors has raised sonic $;;ii,iiiiu which they will -expend in the development of this promising property. Spodumene. The mining of spodumene continues at the Etta mine. , Three carloads have already been shipped, and several more are now in the bins. The mining of this chemical discloses ion-sideralile bodies of tin-stone, some of of wnicli is of high grade. Persons who have examined the tin ore in sight at the Etta express surprise that the Harney Peak company allowed this claim to remain but partially developed. If it were not for the hoodoo which seems to beset the tin industry, claims like the Etta. Gertie. Tenderfoot. Drown Tin, and others which disclose rich ore, would certainly he developed to depth. Ci::vv :n: d .Nebra.-ksi. w h. he , aughl the Ilurlington thru tram yestenlav forenoon for Seattle. He intends to sail from Seattle as soon as lie can got transportation. He will spend the slimmer in Alaska. Will Holey returned 'v, ,c ;ila from i'ouble.. Colo., where ho been attending the state school of mines. M. 11. I.v am arrived hist night from Kansas City whore he is now making his head. punters, lie holds all im-P'Utunt position with the American Another Chicago Cesil in Crand Kiicampment. which, however. was not controlled by the smeltersynicate involves the ownership of the Hlack 1'igor group on Kiiiorson peak and tne Black Kagle group between the north and south forks of (irand Kn- Wholesale Prices to Users. Our CIciiTal C atalu'iie quotes thctn. Scni! 15c t.i iari!y pay jiostapfc or cxjirfiMic ainl we'll send you one. It ha- i 100 jiajres, 17,000 illustrations ali'l quotes . rices on nearly 70,000 things that you eat anil 'lie and wear. We constancy carry iu stock all articles quoted. M II. I.ywn arrived in licadvvood the b'So part of Ihe week, and says he -aw (b orge Sharpe. the engineer, at . 1 I . I i 1 1 . a snort time ago. Mr. Sharpe has been making his neadcpiartors at I'lib-burg Kansas, holding a good position on the Kansas City and Southern railroad. He informed Mr. Lyon that lie was going to Mexi.o within a short time, to take charge of some bridge building. Charles H. Tovvle. a nephew of Mr. I .yon's. who is wi ll know n in Dead-wood, where he lived for several months, hsis a position on a railroad in licit section, as assistant engineer to I he chief. il. .1. Harrctt. who formerly operated among the mines of the Hlsn k Hills. - siiii in business in the .loplin dis- I I i.i . ali ho he is a vva.v at present . I.ouis Epstein, who was sit one time is the clothing business in Deadwood. ol it Ii ing Mil r. The Hlack Kagle he Kureaka mine, the highest average in property y.'t developed campmetit riva group includes which carries copper of any j nil! ImI i W t:i a 5 ! Ul feA, A LtJsJt&AAUiU'tr'. ' .... i , head He is three ill the 111" IS desll ompany. as one he is buying ' purchasing tw ells III" Silin 'Ml- - of a guild grin Ik i; Ilia The Tallest Mrrcantiie Buildinf in the World. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., 0ned and Occupied ticlunvel By U. Mlrkisu At. 4 Mdlan Kt-. kl.. t zaa. RISING BREAST An.t ctlsev painful ami serious ailments wBJCtl so niuiv ii.ut'.n rs filler, can be avoided hj the use of " MoTHKR'S Fbieno." Thi rcmcdv i a Co. I--ml to women, because it csinscs ihcni t'nruuch their most critical r... J 1 VT and was employed by Sol iiloom two us three years ago in that business, nas i barge of a department in a big nautili' establishment in .loplin. Mr. I. on is at present an agent for the American Smelting company, and makes his headquarters at Kansas City, altho his home is at .loplin. He expects to remain in Deadwood about a week, his business here being to buy some siliceous ores for his GRAND ENCAMPMENT DISTRICT. MINING AROUND PORTLAND. That Mining Camp Is Livelier Than It Has Ever Been. Al Starner. one of the early locators in Ragged Top. who held an interest with his brother. Ceil.-, in tlw Silver fongue and Eva 11. mining claims, lias gone out of the mining business for the present and is running a saloon at l'ortland. His Ragged Top property is bonded to the American Mining company, and if the sale is made he will get $3.".oi)o for the ground. He owns the entire property by himself now, since the death of his brother. He says he thinks he stands a good chance to get some money out of his property this time, after numerous disappointments in that direction. He has had his property under bond a number of times, and as orilcal Willi Jicrlcci saieiy anu do pain. woman v ho uses " Mother's 1k i kn i " need fear the suffering and danger of child-birth for it robs this ordeal of iu hoiror and insures safety to mother and child. Our boolc, "Before Baby is Born," is worth it weight in gold to every wuan, ami will be sent free in plain envajrfp. 'yBradlield Regulator Company, Atlanta, Ga. MOTHER'S FRIEND M : i I i ! ! Ov't: junm hlrxx poison, ninht lovftef. nervoog Miility nncl a!lNMltmtib!pti-atdtinderftlrt(raJ tu.iranfiv. r(rsreHponimice utrirtlf private H'-nnrf f imitators who are cjpying afver u. ( Wri to f i -r iiKwi ion li.t.) i6j Curtis M.. Denver, Colo. in this district. At the point whore the vein dips out near the bottom of a fifty-foot shaft the width of the ore body is nearly live feet and samples from wall to wail average between 41 and 1- per cent copper. No statement as to the price of the two groups has been made punlic, but the amount is generally understood to bo the largest ever paid for C.rand Knoamp inent property. A payment of one-ihird the pun base n i. e was made when the papers were placed in the bank, thus practically assuring the deal. The purchasers have already ordered plants of machinery for the Eureka and for the Hlack Tiger lode. While not much development has ueen put in on the latter property, the showing is excellent. A new shaft will he sunk 100 feet on the vein. With the smelter completed, there is every probability that the Newsboy mine, owned by a company of that name, will compete with the Kudefeha for first place among the producers of the district. The showing on the Newsboy is most extraordinary. One deep shaft and a half dozen prospect holes down from twelve to twenty feet nave opened up the vein for 4..0) feet. A shaft put down to the water level, fifty feet deep, cut thru ore good for from 20 to 2." per cent., tnen thru forty feet of ore averaging about ii pej cent, then thru a second chute carrying from 20 to :.0 per cent across threeand one-half feet. Everything takpn out of the shaft was ore A concentrator will be built to handle the low grade values. Ore from the tipper and lower chutes will be marckted at the Hoston Wyoming smelter. Work will be resumed next month in the new-shaft and sinking will be resumed to a depth of a"" f"et. The results of wor kon this mir.e are the more remarkable when it is considered that a year ago no work had been done more than the sinking of a few ten-foot holes by way of assessment work. The Cheokee company, a Colorado organization controlled by Harry B. Stone of Denver, is developing a mine n n n n A Black Hills Man Tells of the Wyoming Mining Camp. David Lewis, of Yellow creek, returned to the Black Hills Wednesday from Colorado and Wyoming PloU. He Went from here toCrip-Ple Creek several weeks ago. and hlle there he was "stampeded" to Grand Encampment, Wfomlng, where large number of Colorado men hold Interests. He says there has been a Influx of mining men to that Mint, and the country about Grand Encampment is filled with prospectors and men who have made Investments there. It is difficult to get over e country at this time of the year. ere is from four to six feet of now on the ground in most places "e elevation being about 10,000 feet, Md the country very rugged and mountainous, so that the snow lies July. He 'says copper is the Predominating metal in that district, Mm there are a number of mines opened up. besides some excellent Prospects. The formation of the wontry is granite, and some very gold ore has been found in small oonu, but the main ledges have otbeea found. A smelter is project- lor the country, and he says it is ically assured, as men with wnndaace of capital are behind the ne. It la stated that the Union railroad la considering the wwability of running a spur into iLt 'Lnd Mr. Lewis is of the Wiuou that unless this la done the meuer scheme will not be a success, a 0 0 Fourth Quarterly Meetings. Edgemont. June 2, U. Helle Fourche, 3, 10. Whitowood June It;. 17. Custer. June 23. 24. Hill City, June 24, :o. Head. June :J0, July 1 Terry, July I. 2. Spearfisli. July 7, S. Heulah.'July x to 12. Sundance, jtily 3 o 15 Deadwood, Kist church. July 19 to Sturgis. July 22. 2.'!. Keystone, July 2o. 29. Deadwood, trinity, August 4. u. Central and Tcrraville, August j, G. Oelrichs and i'ringle. August 9, 12. Hot Springs, August 12, HI. IluffaJo (lap. August 1 1. Hermosa, August 1", to IS. Dr. Collins on Sunday morning. Rapid City, August 1. 19. Tilford and 1'icdiiiont, August 19, 1 1 . The bishops shortened the confer-. in i; year a week, which compels me to crowd my work. Conference, August 23. E. E. CHOUGH, Presiding Elder. 11QJI Cure Dyspepsia he put it yesterday, all he ever got out of it before w as a little glory. The American Mining company is going about its work as if it meant business, and it only remains for tin-property to come up to expectations, and the ultimate transfer will be made. The company is doing its part in good faith, and if there is any or. on the ground and all raining men believe there is the company will find it. and pay for it. Mr. Starner says Portland is livelier in a mining way than he ever saw it before. The l'ortland is taking out and shipping ore .onstantly, and is also doing some extensive develop inent c.a il:. 'his vi.iiis.sis in part of a long t inned, that, is intended to open up the lower contact tinder Green Mountain. The tunnel starts on the Decorah. and is into the mountain 1900 feet now. The company is having its ore treated at present at the smelter in Deadwood. It was shipping to the cyanltte plant, but it has a large amount of blue ore on hand at present that contains too much iron and sulphur to be treated with Digests what you eat. Studebaker WAGONS AND CARRIAGES re mad. from the beet 1 1 in She , KiMMd uader cerer by tint. Th same diecrlmlnetlon le exerciseel th Mlectlon of every pert. Call and see our Agent. lie will r iplein all the god pointi, or erd yeva) adrire and we will niail you our batidome ouveuir catalogue. Stit'ebtker Broi. Mfg. Co South B:a4. TU. rOB. SO J.Q BT Lewis C. Verplastft Store and office 60 Sheraan Bt DEADWOOD, S. D. ItarUIiciallydifrests the food and aids Nature in strengthening and reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. It is the latest discovered digest' ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach It in efficiency. It Instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nau;3eai Sick Dead ache, Gatralgia,Crtmj,anc allotherresultsofimperfectdi gestion. Pnpartt by E C Dcwitt A Ca, Chicago. , R. A. Haynes, traveling auditor for the Burlington, went down the road. For Sale tj K. 0. PHILLIPS, -1 s t

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