The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 14, 1900 · Page 6
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1900
Page 6
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Only Four.een survivors. Tin' suncsi im adopted by tin The Boy Wonder. . i :ae of the much tout wonder of Inmana. Senator Me Kinley administration of the llippines, we express our admira-: for ami gratification at the brav- ( u::i rrpiililiian tin: SM rv i v- The first time W. .1. Bryan Dead wood v.;is on O'tohcr : spoke iti 1. 1X!M. iniltcc in rliarr- uf Hie tiiitional i on v i ii l inn. that aml gallant service of till P.h: South i:i,;i:ii" ridu'i I to I h will P.,' tell you I'ld'i' i ii ,!i,'i'- in tii HEALTHY OLE) AGE. hi - (.1 tin lii-.-t ,... Il :1 lnll.'ll at I'm- Kiithi't i ti tr f iiii'i; on Ki'li . : III- I."1. ..n 1'irn ;.. i . i ...V tllli tillll tic i'l'l" an. '. .11 . ; -'oli J t . I J . 1 in n i: W M Mil ,1.' ll ' : I'l i yT ;iinl 1 li'.' that en ilia, t le Fo lot 3 L a t r i Pi Ml ( m ,-i 1 ' II ho'l City arid Personal li o til. I''V.-: ft Si tie ntim; , ss to ! jv. t' live to a ripe !,! 3:t uue c. Jc.are can he rei -. jf I I .ii ,1 I mi.;.;:( lite. A liltle rrt-iiMi, !',., mi all , ' inii:).! . U i'l'' i'. i l;iii i. moi Ii i:i I- l'loi a. c i ant pi ,ii' t j -1 i ii m honl lor I Ii.' W'i'ilii.'.-iiav li, It is the J-Jv .it n ! iK.n None of us want i vi:.-are re Ukt-n i d tlu- hcilin i will a-1-1 nuiiv vi-ii t ' , "i time. IUppv. htulihv 'I 1 -i r, irr.vts the jilmeiiu hi h take tip- n-inale viuiJ .vi:-'!-. -Aom.imiood. As a u ue s nrevruiwv .ma ciiiui-i: in ' hi i'.t ., ! i,:a1 i .ii lep-iuv I -I'm Ii can he kept a-.vav a !.,': I-,- the l-.t ,,l the wonun who protr-tlv '---i M"i- In VKUtlj, me of C..iij.; Vill tue dnnlin- line fr'eUveen girlhood, and it to help her thr. .ultIi the trials of little Jisiomli irt as pi i.ssible. At tli Change of Lite it will help her over tne amcerous puce appears in her pathuav between -to and ;". Then vinl c -me manv )ears of ti.:lv blissful existe-ice. Hie iii ur. . .'.1 .!. lv and Kraceiullv. To the last she vvill pieserve that chai m .m l be.iutv aIik Ii are always charact-nstic I "tAOl E?A D V ISOR DEPaTTMnrT l For vll'l' 1(1 ,':i-'-h t ' m 1 1 M - - -., -i i. ml I 1 (Ur---Utt-, H.I-.- . IfO "'I' -e I..III-, , ) U.lle.' l rj iff ,. Ih.-I Mil I iMHM.i ) Bl.llll l.VK 1 11 ( li;illilli.;t. I :,n LARCE DOTTLES OF WINE O F CARD'J I SOLD r OFJOI.OO EY DRUCCISTS. i h i w l.. I Hi pa. 1,1- I uli , h -II. e mi Kansas, i short time ( 'hi. .u'o ami has la ill "Mi Ml,;'.- i liuol- l ear, ami liolll ttlii'i'o ho will: u-:i lor 1'rriiii then- I"' ill i'' Ii Mpl'tlll Mil' Mlllllll' l . II'' ai-, lo spi -a I; in tin- I of M il i In II. tin'-' Mute, n In- will k Id Mil' hi'll in Hoiitoniljor. ) It Ingram, 1'nnin rly of tlio BLu k IliH- ilii'io ho i : .-Mil heavily inter-i -led in in. n i in: ami ol 1 1 r pi opei I , paSM il I In a the 'i'l I'-I'i'ilay on hi.. Omaha, when.' lie is livini,' at pn-.-i'iit . lie hoMs a po: iliou in Hie Soulh lima ha N.i I loiial ha ill., ami i,.n! I" -n on 1 s 11 I o Speal II. I III p I o i pa, Kim: ( II- r a l i in: Ii - I ill I; ith ( Ilea I : MM lie eiihnv. il hn ' M , I in.; I, . : m! I' . of pioj Ma I ii.ii ileal. I i omp. i Inat In lor,- r, A v Wlllan u hi, h ' 11,1, la! 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 . : - . . : oon I I " ,1, ti II. IllH, eo win III II ell, I, e ; , I 1 1 , 1 I I , -1 , I , ! . I . f III" i oi i I i nr. -i - III cm an il Hill r row n ami li'-.i nl i fill pea -i emi r: i il II wa pi'e-roinei I'Tiines ami al-the lone is up in the lilies, il was Irameil to (ink hint, -il selile.l to Hi t ho none of care of hint , ,i perieaiy neaiuiy k'ran Jninthers. It is lor wonit-n alone to decide whether thev will le healthy or Mik. The remedy for their sickness is close at band. The Best 0 j 0 tv S in the Count i ' supcrii. SAUCE i ' r. : N fl L .T L KSMlRE vhirp L,,... l or iamc. lt .ik -and e try a( h 1 1 , -. .l-t-. --.mpl, f iu.i.k Jishes, yr7-vyui i, musi iniuiu.iric J i Dc ?:1STGRE0 mo ' 'C' x.-'rj is mw rt'inr w. "in" Proil.-iMl I, i'l' .''T I" l.uO a ti,.( . 11.(1 ltll. .rt in " 'i.i- H -'..f --ii ' i- W The Tallest V-.-rcinlile in the World, Owned and Occupied Eicluiucly By Uj. Shapely Harried Women : v-'J!' ii- : BEFORE and A FT E 3 mm R IS ,i'i',ljl:i"i";jj i Hmm ..( . 'Cl'PIDENE' i.i li, 'r. ' ll:, v , r I e.,,,1 r. u 1 WHS irenl. '. cut I::i, I I'liu 1 1: ... "sol nil luii' 1. , .- ninety per ri, I srn fr' OU i-iA'-.m i Wholesale Prices to Users, Our (liticr;i them. Si-im! jki .I.ii'C ( r i" ('a ,r,c lli.ii ,- ailii IS I'll'llc- MONTCOMER, Vibrio Ulihlfu Ar.a M-.I.-.n . . CO.. ,-!., a )! , I. I' M '. , n. i : oi . ami I'.V'i I'.Uo.- Tin oiiiim i-.i going t ii rough shining s l ai ks of books i k.- to the lloor and the mot : n g i ra ps in a (lis- j Si na tor- w ere i heir ii. ail ami t I Kill their lie: - w, '! s lant i oi le the III, nun pages - Ih of th" chamber That is r in wniili Senators and I'm iin r ( ni, al from long an, I grown, i. expel ern e ami the latin-tall a statesman m the formative, adoles, out period or whether he be the lomplete handmade article of his own fa-hioning. Itevernlge has found ha- may inio Hi,- obituary depart in en Is ,1 Ih. UeW papers In th low II, lellls I 11 . morgue, ' i oiled- IS II Is the mmoiily I-I'.-onal in, . , i : . . - , i : ale a v. 1 print I Wore II' III l ".. I In :, mi , In- i n in hi I,. Hi sOI I I I'l, the S'll, lie. Ilev i mean :n oicplish, d ha., made 1. i rain. I III i .i i h , i si H ri i or I ho pi ii r ma n u pon Ihe I'.'i .'in o, , as,.i in , if his la moils 1 'oiio I! i, o si,,.,., h . ii,. w as organ-ier worldly wise bevoml their years ami si oilers from ongeiiial haln! .-how 1 1 1 e i r i o 1 1 1 . m p I for Co WoinloVs in the Senate. In about twenty yenis. if Iteverii'lge so long siirvu os Up- ae, i dents of Indiana politics, he ma make a good selling plater of a Senator. lie w ill never PiKe (low n a stake Handicapped by a Name. The lion William K M.ison. of Chicago, is but a small handful of years the eider of lleVel'illgo. U'boll he qualilied. Mr. Mason was but two years past the age at which llev-eridge was sworn in. Yet the Illinois man. so far from vaunting himself on his youth, concealed it. He assumed an appearance of venerability which ill became his joyous and happy personality. Senator Mason is an unfortunate man. His familiars and every voter in Illinois regards himself as the senator's personal intimate call him "Hilly." 1 have never known a man to come to any good who was known as "Billy." It is a handicap that righteousness and a holy life cannot overcome. Therefore, I misdoubt if Mason ever becomes president, to which position he secretly aspires and to which on his merits he is entitled. If our present head of the nation had had been known as "Hilly" thru Stark, Trumbull and Mahoning. Summit and Cuyahoga counties, which he pervaded ami which divisions he represented, according as his district was gerrymandered to suit his democratic opponents, he never could have been governor of Ohio he never would have been president. It is a hopeless proposition. "Hilly" in the executive chair is impossible. DEMOCRATIC STATE CONVEN HON Endorsed Bryan, Lee, Pettigrew and Chicago Platform. The Democratis State Convention, held at ChamDerlain adopted the following resolutions. "We again affirm our allegiance to the principles anunciated in the Chicago platform of ls96. We declare our opposition to the policy of Imperialism and to all forms of trusts and monopolies fostered and maintained as they have been by tue present republican administration. "We extend our sympathies to the oppressed of all nations and especially to the Hoers ofSouth Africa in their struggle to maintain' their liberties. "We favor the nomination of W. J. Bryan as our candidate for president and Instruct the delegates from South Dakota to the national convention at Kansas City for him. "White leaving the selection of a candidate for vice president to the wisdom' of the delegates to the national convention, we express our admiration for the honorable record made by Charles A. Towne. "We recommend the course in the I'nlted States senate of Richard F. Pettigrew, and recommend that the democratic convention to be held at Yankton for the nomination of state officers endorse him for re-election. 'We recommend the efficient and business-like administration of Got-ernor Lee. "While we denounce the policy of 1 ! Tne Blue and the Gray. gathering ot tie- I'ni'i'.! ' '"'. : ti l ail- w hn h lias lak in l.ouisv ill--, wbn ii was tin- assemblage of the weak, is of v that the , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ! i lias seen '.. , Ihe I lose of I he W al llmtain as tin- in xl no t In- ( u ,P i w i i e pre - n 1 1 , , nily, aim many votes w P city, tnough Memphis h r aoopii ,i a i.'-dlutioi! the I'illll. d I i hums place ry elo le , ,'lst fill' won. The by a prai minemliiig orator at ana 1 1 1 1 1 1 oils ui:a! i: i Mile kl--s ''Hill, II III I I of the Ariny ; npi'i '1'ial I vi- V, ', i an-- at 1 i e- i ; u'i i iri s rti.'fklv F o id i ' i el al in ., : uiiing ye . I..: I", i I ' t he pl'i 1 ir a lid t In this ,: dill illg .llllle will far, ill.'. in i;.iiii. ( in, in , is law suit . ami aeei,, a'e foreshadowed during this year Mlllllg people II ll V expect gOi n I tune in love. nts but for- To ilav s , hibli, n w ill b tempered, hard to control i 1 1 f i iinforl unate el V III It and as a Monday .lum- II ; business. A fortunate year this business but law suits ood ,a for will be should for avoided. Quick tempered today's chilllien will he yet they will prosper in life. Tuesday June 2. Rather an unlucky day. Much worry is foreshadawed this year on account of business -implications. Creat travelers to-day's children will he and they will not settle down until late inHife. Wednesday June ;!. An unlucky day in almost all respects. Ill hcaltn. lovers' guarrels ami loss ot position in case ol employes are ihe dangers foreshadowed during this year. To-day's children will never make much money and in other respects also will be rather unfortunate. Thursday June 14. A good day on which to ask favors or begin a journey. Some tips and downs in business may be expected during this year. Clever and alert to-day's children will be yet they will not Wp. fortunate. Those, who hold salaried positions, w ill fare best, -m Friday June la. A day concerning which nothing certain can be foretold. Business losses and Illness in the family circle are the evils threatened during this year. The home life of to-day's children will not be happy and their business career will not be fortunate. Saturday June 16. Some good fortune Is promised to-day to those, who have ousiness dealings with women. Business men will find this a successful year but employes will be In danger of losing their positions. To-day's children will be inshrdlu To-day's chiiuren will de well to go into business for themselves as considerable procperity is phomised to them. Gabriel B. A.. Oxford Univ. Box 431 White Plains, New York. Gabriel's Birthday Guide reveals your future. Circulars free. General Pilar Is a Prisoner. WASHING i OX. D. C, June 9 Special. A cablegram received today from General MacArthur at Manila announces the capture of Pio Del Pilar, the Filipino general and Aguinaldo's most daring and ablest leader. Pilar was captured by native police and brought to Manila today. MANILA jnne 9 Knerinl A detachment of the Forty-fifth infantry was ambushed while scouting in the province of Caramarlnas Delvorte. Captain Albert Stelnhauser was wounded three times and twoprlvates were killed. Eight men .were wounded and I i, r. ini U'a -him: 'en i Si, In. I !llD II, II 'll.l- , k ron i i . i i.i i ii i II le V '.iit . I'.i I'l'. mouth P. Mi ('almoin , hoi u 1.';, Fran!' I' II I ' -,ril,uti, M -h i; in-I'l I. v i Hi Mm.- i 1 1 ..t.-i i ,1., w, i,'. I'l: n, r i'.i i !ii r i : ! 1 1 1 1 1 ' P ii. r -1 f i l ! Ill 1 I I , , lion i, ,ii i , Ih in II, :, lie II!. , llhl K '.1 a i I i n fur ( ', ,,i : , of Ihe . -1 ; I I of f,'. I 1 II - I, . a , i I m; in ail ii:.i i I , -i . of I lie Si a I , i i 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 an , 1 1 , I, . I he I ( i -1 a 1 1 , j i , la I , I i I. el jie.( in mi ma 1 1 il a I S a i Falls is as c, I a - , lr, Ii , I, 111 a j oril from s.iiihi to IJ nan. Sioux City Journal. Hon. Ml. on W. Martin, who nas I,, on mini i na I ,,1 for eoimress hy the i!eniluii ans of South liakota, is an Iowa mini with many admiring friends in this stale. lie Kiadiialed at ( ornell Colleue, Mount Vernon. Iowa, ahoiu the same lime our brilliant "lloh " Cousins took his honors from the same inst itutat ion and soon after went to 1 lead wood. South Dakota, win-re lie has achieved extraordinary success in the practice of law and serwd with distinction in several terms of the legislature. Mr. Martin is widely known and esteemed in his state and received his nomination without opposton. Iroquois Chief. E. W. Martin, of le, idwood. is a new man in politics but lu comes to us w ith the highest re omniendations from the richest hundred miles square that it is possible for a man to obtain. He came to the convention with every vote from every county in the Ulaek Hills hack of him a political feat that was never before accomplished. Mr. Martin is an able lawyer, a brilliant speaker and a profound thinker, a man of high moral character, who will make a representative that South Dakota will be proud of. WEEPING WILLIAM. The Boy Wonder and the Handicap Name. New York .nine ii., Special correspondence George Fred Williams, the sobful political "Keener" of the Democratic party, will be in the city today if something does not occur to break his schedule. I have often regretted the wastetulness. as well as unwisdom, of nature. It seems idle and profitless in Providence to ordain Williams a politician when he would have made such an able professional mourner at funerals. In this behalf he would shine a star; whereas as a statesman, by no strech can he be called luminous. Mr. Williams' latest gush he weeps like a sponge, and on the slightest provocation is again for the unfortunate Boers at South Africa. He mingles his tears with theirs and declines comfort. Mr. Williams will endeavor to have indoctrinated in the New York State Democratic platform a resolution of sympathy for Oom Paul and his fellow sprinters. It is doubtful whether he accomplished his fell purpose. He can count no aid. The Pro-Beor Association of America Is just now as a house divided against itself. This outfit is conposed of two interesting and valuable classes of citiieny. the one claiming descent from early Dutch settlers and the other animated not so much by clean strain love for the farmers of South Africa as by an hereditary hatred for England, the brutal oppressor. As a matter o'f fact, the Van Sickles and the Mac-Sullivans are now locked in deadly embrace, with their respective teeth fastoned in tneir mutual necks, and they have neither the time necessary nor dare tfiey let go theeir holds to cheer on the George Fred Williams sympathy cause. Wherefore" I do not look to see any emphatic pronouncement against England. fly during the afiernoon ami found a homo in the miniature i oiiscrvatory of the front window. At Ihe annual meeting and election of officers of the Soldiers Home hoard held Wednesday, A. I,. Van Osdell was elected president, S. H. Hronson, secretary, Harry (liindorson, treasurer. There was no dissatisfaction with tin-work of Dr. CIoukIi as president, but the pops east of the river demanded his retirement as a purely political measure. As four out of the five members of the hoard are pops, the doctor had to walk the plank. The meeting, however, was pleasant and harmonious, and as hoards ro, the present is not a bad one. Hon E. W. Martin left for Custer where he will conduct a ( ase in circuit court for the Kirst National Hank of Custer. From there he will n to Faulkton aud Pierre on legal business and while east of the river will address the hake Madison veterans' association at Dell Rapids and the McCook County Soldiers' reunion at UridKewater. Fire started in the hrus i mil limber on the east side of Dead w ood kuIcIi last evening, below White llocks, and about opposite the Elkhorn freight depot. Someone from the Second ward turned in the fire alarm and the department came out, only to find that the Are was beyond its Jurisdiction. Dr. Clark received a dispatch from Dr. Graham of Mitchell, president of Dakota University, requesting him to preach the annual sermon at the approaching commencement. The doctor would have enjoyed being among his old friends again, but prior engagements In the Hills will prevent him from accepting the invitation. J. R. Buchanan, general passenger agent for the Fremont. Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad company, arrived in Dead wood yesterday from Omaha, and remained in Dead wood last night He Is making one of his periodical tours of the Elkhorn company's Black Hills lines, and looking over the business prospects. Miss Florence Pierce returned yesterday from a year's study at the Baptist female seminary at Lexington, Missouri, where sbi graduated from the business department and made rapid advances in literary and musical studies. She is more than pleased with the school and expects to return in September to complete the course. '' A larxe delegation of Black Hills mas- .liaawiMfWiMMiJiWMi-MMRir-gtffita:!; scieutific lini- mtat ttta the body for the ftraln a pon it, and preserves th ajrmmetry of form. Mother' Frikho also obviates 11 lit dinger of child-birth, and erri the expectant yotacr aafely through this critical period without pain It ta woman'! gi I blessing, and thouaanda gratefully has 4am them . Sold by all drugguta at $i Oaw Uttla uuinaj an imm mis great remedy, win De sent M by Tag VauaawiBXD Rmvlito ConrajrT, munv of ihrm rtejilore the losol Uii-h Rit.uni mm. aftefmnrriHue The hearniK ol ' Ml i,rnJ?JZl destructive to the mother's liapcluifJ ,,.,, be avo (lei. however, by the use of Mora" FRIEND t-e- SI fore baby CI II .I mother's comes, as this Friend tell of the great good it oo per bottle . utacicus hloinl piison. nicht l- ' -( ,rw,,.tf !ihiljty and allied trouble inir'l ,: ;'',v.(. runrantee. i rrMTMlf'iir -Ti -V y , fi'ware of imitators who arc r p 1 lVrite for quenl ion list.) . inii('..riI U IXonvrT LOln. , aaaXaaaatawafaasaaBaTaafc TkKaateaaaaa-ataaafaaaafaafaafaaaaffaaaaa- Dyspepsia Dio(!f wh.-t vou cat- Tt.nrt.lri.-lQllu Hio-oetu th.i footl aad iU' Nature in at.rpn(Tthp nintr and recon structing the exhausted (:i-;'ve oT' mn It in iha Lnott rlievivi-reu u -w antandtonic No other VP'J1.11. can approach it in cflicieno- l Btantly relieves ana permaiK'n , . . i Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Iha" Flatulonrw. Sour Stnmach. aU?i 6Hrfh.iuitrale-la.Crtmfaiu alltttherresultsof inaperfectdistion- r-raporra Dy t & DasYitt o i-"- -For Sato br K. 0. PHItLIPS, Cure frat la any addi auiavasa, Morguu Studebakcr WAGONS AND CARRIAGES ara mad from the bast tlmW' 3aaon nailer covar bytlaac! tarn discrimination ia larciaaal la M salactloo of .vary part " Call and see our Agent. Tb. lie wm eaplain all the good points, or send yo '' ""n we win mail yoa oar handsome souvenir catalogue. St.tfek-ker Broa, Mfj. Co, Soith Bead, iU fob. a it Lewis C. Verplast, Store and office 60 Sherman 61 DEADWOOD, 8. D. eat 'Will leave this evtnlng for the Masonic grand lodge which wlTT be held at Aberdeen, this state, from the 12th to thelSla. Among those who have enquired transportation are B. 'P. bague, A. V. Coe, Oaorg V. Ayrea and Mrs. K. O. Phillips, of Deadwood, Mrs. J. YV. (lib be, of Lead; R- E. Pinney of Keystone, and John DelK of Spearflsh; E. F. Irwin of Lead left for the grand lodge laet night. Besides the grand lodge A. F. tc A. M . the annual meetings of the grand chapter of Royal Arch Maaooi, grand chapter Order of the Eastern Star, and the (rand eonunaadery of Knights Templar will also be held during the week. ,

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