The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 14, 1900 · Page 3
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1900
Page 3
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No. vh This , hmn rum ie.--h.vU soui-hcrly aiel i., i:n, IA , l.y I .' t r-.-!. h.n : iif : .. , a ;, ... Will Enter Guernsey Monday. Next Monday has heen lived upon - i 1 . . d e. w In n the first Ihii'hn-.'.in ' ."!":- t Ic i, -a ' . - r m 1 ii a 1 -i a j EUROPE BY LAND AND WATER. Mr. and Mrs. Mason Return From a I Three Months Visit Abroad. I V ' .He! V i '..i T Ma-on ar- th.A proper pains anil euro in the pur a-.- of th" metal. wtii.'U they should-. ' ' ; I "'A !! 111,-! hilX e he' Ml stolen . I ' : . ' " : . ' . "i: i I t - .1 !.' i hit-i- -'. i. am! p .". h t i ' ntpaii to cat away the bluff and In tinie the earth had caved to such an evoni ihat he remains were par-, ...ii, ,.Vo,. a In lSa2 the citi-, , , s., a -hty mok tiii tie' remains ,- ' nao. '! them to a point further i . ; '. I hll't . S. ei a! years: afiO . , . : , ; -a hi i i: y c" . a-. ' t ini; a THREE HUNDRED MEN IMPORTED Special Turn Brings Men to Supflr...! St. Louis I' I'l , . .. I ! , 1 1 e 1 o , . i ;: i ' , . -','!, I ! , 1 I 1 i : . ih I a n ; nl I : . .- 1; a C ii . t "Ii ll . : i . : o I ! a 'on i . a !.. o 1 : v u i I ! ! the alaio-I ill mill, ie; of a lit' . . ii ii ... il. nhy id.- Col' He! I roil . . mi pan 1. 1 eon: a. Fuel , Willi 1 he ( 'hex onne ,V Noll belli up II- the i -oar. of i hat ins! i ie! to i itiu-. ; ;al n -e a ne p.-f. h ,. a lid it 1-.. a 1 , t , . 1 1 ' a 1 1 . 1 I hat the iron ore ea n mi; l: e ,,, I,,., p. ,, . looking :, V. I I I 1 1 L' 1 y ; , i'l. ill he ,ie:i v - he ; 1 1 1 1 1 a I y .11 ,ll HHI lie I ic aa tie-Ill I I l:-t I ' . . p ; . . , . 1 , tie ill ail the a hunt then: m. tie in all I aee II 1 !e II v.. I i A VACATION IN CHICAGO Deadwood Ladies Start Out to Lxpiorr the V-iiui Oit : I i May I a I . , :' a Ii im, - ,, a i '.. ,ll ... a ho I.e' 1 1 ,p . ,e ml elk' I . , a i pi nla a . v, ,-i i a -. . . a. 'Ilm. ". : 11 m : , , 1 1 ' f I o 111 i, . i - y oo. ! ,,'i.i-lt i yy . . i, . i a 1 . 1, I "1 a , iop ... i on ti,. i yy a I" m. .. : i a i : P"'M THIRD INTERES i IN UtADBROKE. Scl Rosenthal Trades for Peter God frcy's Blacktail Mining Interest. Sol l; mhal has trailed his Im-i- la -a lib)' k in Deadyvood to I 'el it i iol :'i ,.y for t Ii" lat tor's t hi id ml crest m the Deadhroke mining property in like ktail gulch. JM'ii in i ash and a ,ai - rent of Ih, building 'Idm Deadhroke is one of tlm best known properties in the Islack Hills, and was operated by Godfrey and his associates lor the last six years no to tlm time that It. M. Maloney took the bond n pun i Godfrey it Nelson originally had a Wrswohl pulverizer on the property, and supplanted that with a tmi stamp 1 Ie ! 1 1 1 i j K ' ) t: ' .T a 'I'll- -: i'l e, t i I 1'H I'l":. .. ,. t, Colli. I. i IH II i: ', and o i 'a : 1 T-. . U.i,K l-i Roe e. in. ' ". : 1 . . !!:':. t a : lie I u I aid .. i II i : . 'l ie x 0 ..! 1:"! :- t all 1 'II. .'1. III.' pope. (.,-y 1 1 1 1 lei. . ill . I.i take tli- .1 :; lie. e- airy tl'O'.l-eio to l-.-cU 1 . t llo lilt el . o-SIOIl Of till' i ; : i i . all n; i aiMer, 1 ml t hm.- at I . mled the service.- m Si. Peters' cathedral I'ahn Snmiax 'J'lit-y wore in Homo during Ilnly week, and the dty contained thou-ands of Americans eager see the pope, ma k i ii ;' it rather diff'l- nil lor those ulio had not for'itied i ie in -.1 vi'.-- previously . The Paris Exposition. Pari- aho took ahout ten days of their nine while ahroad. The expo i inn wa - g. ttim; down to a regular vy. '..j:. ;,:! tiin f,-t We'l for ax .ii.; si 11 Tie ie i! -i.e- ,l most t . , hi ; i o . u . : , i I'll.'.! ' 1 . hut 'i.i ,,,, , , i v 1 . : ; : , 1 1 . '!..'. . . . T r, e ivl i f ,,!..! 1 : ,.: Il," Il III, r, ' . il V il, ail ion i 1 1 1 1 ' ' I ' 'I !.. I'm m l.a II phi. a mat a Pin .-1 : -1: m 1; Tie x w ere S! I'ani - . ill he-II al 'A hell the .,a nkaai y in ; . ,a t-nn ,11 e - -,y . a e heh uy.r tlm eyoiit. and tin- I m i ' :'.--e. I hem mole t han any I hum , 1-, on t In-null!,' tour 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 ) 1 1 tonk a holiday Iho o. . asion, and no uim ai tempted to do any husine-a Tim street:. Were tilled Willi people Vyho XM'I'l play ing all kinds of pranlm H wa.-here that Mr and Mi's Mason tn'sl oh-sriM'il the London praciici- of ti'K-Img Willi peaeu, k feather.-. The leathers yy.-ro , arrii'd hy im n and women alike, anil they wme unmindful of whom lie tickh-.l M.-li w-Te M-.-II ta kliim ladle- imi..r tlm him- l pel k . atll.Ts ' ' I') when- Ie ii lie- yy ih of an Aim 1 1, an is tlm I ui sumo Iii, rl l-iii :.' m h ma ii with p. a- vi ix ti al !e l tin- I'll a t impulse of Ike tiiin a an I., lo t hi a. -a tlm fellow fill- i illl pill'.. Ii .' I HI I ie ill"!! si ,- a, mm mi all aioi.nd him and h am a. . opt 11 with emu phi ' em x Tlli-nmolll I- olio of tie- Limil-h limthod i loiiioiml i a Hun English Language Everywhere. Tlm Limli -h laimuaao yy a - spokm along the . nurse of ' Im! r journey thru l-hiropn. and an Anieie an ha.-no diflieiilty in making himself understood, particularly at the hotels, 1: he A mi'i ii an toiirmt runs ahout tin-country or cities much howexer, and sees something Im would like to purchase, he is likely to have some trou in striking a bargain it do. s not take long for a person to become fa miliar enough with Italian to he abb give orders to cab drivers and others, but French is more difficult. SEELIG CASE DISMISSED Seehg Settled anu Feinberg Shows An Intention to be Honest. The ease against Joseph Sei dig. if Lead, for roieiving stolen property belonging to the lloniestake company xvas dismissed in Justice Nathai Coleman s court Wednesday on Un motion of Chambers Kellar of Mood Kellar : Moody, wlio appeared for th state. Tin a.-' against Louis Foil, berg, in tin' sanm eonnm ton. xvas cot. tinned until the lMh of this rnontn. S, i:g and Leinbuig both showed as. lination to settle th- maMer. an wa- s, M l'-il -n far a- I', iliht :g wa urn m :ied. by Ins : oeuv. ; ,ng all stulmi I'lcpeity thai le could l-, m,.. Tin i o i - ami- In r plate missin that had ii- , ti . "! o; S -iig to Feim i g aia! -!,:; I" ! . .-! hy the lattm . i - i 'id.-:, a.:,! : tn i . a over tlr idate, nr..! a- snun a- if is done it i-likely that his ase will also be di -missed. One of the offi. ials. in speak of the niatti r Wednesday, state ! that he did not attribute any criminal intention to either Seelig or Feinberg. he thought they had not exercised ,, , ie n v i.: i- my w .i.i .::, ! e e : : ,. .-, an h to l , ,, 'la. ii ' eminent is 'a ;, a .- . ie . I 'a o I v;w . .."i.i tin:' o,.-c ofthL" Momimi'iil. ea :, i'l sta-il l- feet ... ' e, a : .pia: a; tlie hase, i ,. i , i i ; ' ! i . . t al.ove the : a . ; a i , : . '.' '. . t i " a point. Ii n il -a ai l on a e no n le fi ni inlat ion i .' : . . i ,i i p. . : toot bauai e at the hnltoia. and . feet sipiam at the (,.p Tl iit-.nle w ill hi faced with ,luii,' Ponded In one quarter inch joints and the main shaft wilt be 72 ;n, le a in hei.iht. This shaft will be -ni mounted hv an aluminum point. Tlie interior of the ahaft v. il! lie of enlll'lele Masonic Temple Contract Let. The lontraei w as let Thursday night hy the Masonic Benevolent associa-t luri. ni pi aihuiiiil, lor the erection of the new Masonic temple, to occupy tho eniner of Main and l'ino streets. I'hillips - ltartlelt, the Prick manu-faitnrers of I'luina, were niveu the o 1 1 1 1 a - t to do t he bn, k and stone work on the leiihliiic, and A. Shaw of I en 1 1 ii pent .-i- k. They ... 1 1 .,. -in tun 1, i a 1 1 a I .. I ' 1 1 and the , . . 1 1 I- . "i- i ril ready , , , 'Oil,, ,, ,,,.,' .oil l.y lhl . " loan. la ' . . . . : .i i ears i.e. . ,1 i ' i , hut . . ' y . ' . . ' Ml ' ., '" ! lint II. I and .ly.oo.l . l.ll, a y vol he : in-, : a leh .inn1, on III.' laird , i . ompli'te D L fJ U T Y COMMI3SIONEH. D. F. Connor, Editor of the Sturgis Visits Deadwood. D I' Cui: ii hnr, uim of Dm pubi i Jiers oi the Stingis I 'res:;, and deputy state oi in, im in in issiuimr, came up iium Sluri'i.; y.eJerday and spent tho day lb' relumed Wednesday from ilm state lapitnl, where ho had beea atli iiding th'' duties of his position. Pierre, ho says, m i onimon with tho lest uf Ilm stale, j.; suffering for lack of rain, and farmers and stock raisers are feeling disheartened. Yet not-y it hstandiiig Ihe drouth. l'ierro I doing agood business. "There is nl-ways n good business In Pierre," h said, "aiiho it may not be apparent to a person not familiar with the place and its surroundings. The hanks of l'ierro transtut a tremendous business and tlm business men are doing well." M. I,. Fox. the gentleman who formerly published tho Weekly Post and afterwards the Daily Independent iu Deadwood. was married Thursday to Miss Jessie Lee, governor of Governor la e. at the governor's home, in Verm' ii'. u,. invitations were Bent ....' in numerous friend.; in all parts oi Ilm slate, and Mr. Connor aya Im thinks a niiniimr of them wmo re-c ix e. in the Ilia, k llins Mr. Fox has been doing well from the sale of ins buol "1'rivate Smith and the Philippines, " an argument against ei-Deanwnud. He oanm up to me and him after his trip to Manila a year ago. He is also editor of the fusion pu ss bureau at Sioux Falls, which is in itself a good position. Mrs. Connor, who is editor of the Sturgis Press, has been In the Institute of osteopathy at Dos Moines, la., for some time, receiving treatment. Mr. Connor says she is Improving In health, and expects to return to the Hlack Hills within a short time. "You might say that a brother of our Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd of t.rlgshy'8 regiment J. J. Lloyd, representing the Sioux Falls Press Is lm Deadwood. "Ho came up to me incidentally and informed me that his brother had been our lieutenant colonel, and when I looked at him he did not have to show me his credentials to satisfy me that he was speaking the truth, for he looks just Ilk"' ins brother. Lieutenant Colonel C. F. Lloyd was a fine man, and he it was who brought our regiment up to the standard at Chlckamailga Park. He was a strict disciplinarian ,but every imh a solder and a gentleman, and hM a fricn(l Jn PVnry man from the Hlack Hills. He was in command of our regiment during the greater part of the time wc were camped in the park, as Cel. Grigsh' xvas t h1, as liri,ade commander. If our lieutenant colonel cou'd have had his way we would have sei n soni" active service. "Col. Grigsby, I understand, is promoting a big railroad deal." continued Mr. Connor. "He also took advantage of the bankruptcy law a short time ago. and I have forgotten what his liabilities were, but his assets were something like five or six dollars." T. A. Douglas and John Hello of Kpearflsh passed thru the city on their way to the Masonic grand lodge at Aberdeen. The Two Girls Who Assaulted Pauline Hazel Get Two Years. ct I 111 Im Mo.. Jun' i- Hpecial. ". , ,) train arrived tfiis The 1 T nuii. ii n. ril'rom the 'at u t:l';e ; - h, i 1 t h ic- hundred cxper-mornms " a- la,,,; tin. strikes 11... .am Jmn a. th- '!"l' ''.. :L ,uad 'f 1"' a S'",r" S !,'"SM' :L the in. ii tl"' lrar'- s)tV, .in- - 1" ad. garters without .'sign of a J-nionstriition. Governor i i ' ' i i'l this alti'i'iHKiii. Mt'l'i" " Strom; l" hear to '' ,f the ill'! r.n i : ... i ill- " m being brought to I:, iii , all out tlie militia. ., , . ,n ' 1 ii u. eiy n ml' ' , i 1 1 1 a i l arm. m ' n I It I'! ' I'' ill- "I . . K-.i I- ami V..n !. ! with : F A ! L L h l s TUC iirXORL). Dunn's R.;.., .v M.ike a Senaa-tion..! Aaaour :cment Today. KV t . P. .I'll." Si'.- :.,! jimnV h'"' " ;i mide' a ' n.-a'ion ,,i aimiiaii' . : ; : 1 i.i 1 omul n v that tie failures in !.iv w Ill'' lui'.o"! i-y.-r, known in Ilia' month since sindi r.-i inks uti'e liiei'- a nd of i 1 -h I no ml I, -lovei'iil !'-. I mini'.- report, only sr. have shown as larue I ia 1 1 i I it ies. The Review iiinim m- "Ci mt I'a.l ief i u-y ; Iho it may e.aii, ilm report is en. our aeinu. ii- "ol a sinale failure li.i- I'.iai'l'.'ll i 1 1 It 1 1 1 1 e I ' I j a 1 I I I'd 1 1 s EXPENDITURE DENOUNCED. Anti -Imperialist League Opposed to the Reception of Otis. 'WASIIIN'CTON. H. C . .(lino x Special Tim Anti Imperialist hait;!!.- . last nidil passed resolutions de- j nounritia the proposed ex n 'inlit o ro of fight thoiisainl dollars of government funds for the reception to General 'tis at Rorhester, N. Y., hiH home, j alien he arrives there after reporting at Washington . The war department ays the expense will he only six j ihousanil. mostly for the (ranspi . r t :i - j hon of troop--. STATE LAdOR TICKET. j Initiative and Referendum Affirmed" by Colorado Federation. j CRII'hl.i: CHKKK. Colo.. .Iimo s. Sp-ciale- At the meeting of the state Federation of I.ahor yesterday the mitiathe and referendum in putt inn a satte ticket in the field xvas aflirnied The tnk.t is as follows: Justice j of the supreme court. M. J. (ialliitan ! of Pueblo: governor, K. ('. Copley, Altman; lieutenant governor. 1. K. i Trumbull, Leadvillr; secretary of 6tate, Thomas Annear. Silverton; i attorney general. John 1!. Murphy. Denver; treasurer. C. H. Larsen. ltoul- j der; auditor, George Clark. Houldei ; superintendent of public instruction. s- Merrick Dlimno-n' rotrnn t (if i 1 1 1 the "Diversity, S. Kendrick of Lead-T'Ue, G. W'. Wasson, of Canyon City; P J' Ryan of Oilman; presidential electors, Edward Smythe of Teller coun- Joy Pollard of Teller county, John uuey of Silverton, William Jopliu Wer; for congress, first dis-". John C. Heli. BLUEJACKETS DENIED. Chinete Refuse to Admit American no British Marines to Pekin. TIEN TSIM rh,o t 0 "!., rial n v"li uiic o. tn "ii Cninese authorities refuse a !l0W British marines and erican bluejackets to enter Into en, tho the British have offered to Wr the railroad track which was dJeatrovprt i, n gH'TON, D. C. June 8 - I aaZ , ,The following dispatch from j oj, "i" at lam was re- t0la': "There was a battle rl day between the Chinese tl oops nolb7Iers near Tien Tsin. A large .f the Boxers are expectod to Tien Tsin tomorrow." AN 'MPORTANT LEGAL CASE. ,nvovina Real "7rty wtjh jn the City of Deadwood. 0WeaS8 V- C. Sweatman and Joseph j1 Donald A. McPhersou and involving title to a tract on 410118 Le Btreet in DwJwood' net,',al ln circuit court yesterday liwLbef0re JUde Moore- The 1111,1 wUon ' included in minwal claim r U .in.' i i l.i U I'ell, tl,,. ;ui iliiv T.,i at I Me ' a C ,., Mr year l!n. jo he wliii town aK.i. i he IIM tn both 1 run to 1 : I I . . ' - - dm: :,.. 1,.; I hi- d. ! iii.' I i i-1 t i '! '..If: . ,,vl lie- .a,,, a jt.i'ii.J !i.. i: twin ,' 'I'll' : i ' i I i '. lo . '.: . e. i ' ' . BLACK HILLS NEWS DIGEST. Items Gat.U'i-ed From Varous Sources By Exchantje and Telephone. I Ii. :d ..'ii '"'' lh:-lln- ai ...l.lal II,-' : h X i . I. , i,e i y a 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i ' i ' n he- 0 .. ie m The Soldi -ia- and Sailer- .m-ex ail imi Ilia, k Hill- yy ill h.'l I i"- km. in Si ina;.- t hi- yy . k .-a . hi: mid 'I'he -ay mill el' Ie' I ' " e Hal" " ea lam. on II. . Klder war- hur-ud Th a -l.iy Kifiv 'In iis, ni. 1 f'- l of laiiih.-r yy i- :il-" ...ileillM, , l.y I he lire Th I - . '11 fa 11 ... Ii - i,r,... -.lyyimll- on., at N.-mo atei "'"' l,!:e kh iyyk. the Hex Kid. r 'u. , i Ma', , th i ' fir" ha P:-'k''ii ""' May i'r. .1: oil mil a '.I 'l..e ' ' la at an 1 -in- ke M ('..i.e' "f IMl iV ha I . . ' ' arm I . hi :n II .r .. "i" Kimd" -I'y-'liin- La-ami l.-l.T.' "f '"I'h !' .k.e i a' Uuro'i to .-i. 1 .F I" 1 h.f . o? r"K I',, i, a. y i . a- m 1 x i ' her ' i ' Tlv .! X it'll' n"' I'' lie I-', i'l'-' he year is f 1 ''' kt of .y 'm h ' in'i (-re.ii . a Mian 1 i.-i o The -heep shearing -en.-"ii i- ..i. wnoi.c sh.-.-, in, n m 'I" ye i'ii'1 ' M''"' rourchc. Mn. Th.iina- M.C',iii.-.y ,.f Belle rourclie. Hius r.-'eiyvi a e!i. k ..n a life insura.H' policy held hv her husbari.l died a few xvi-ks aim Kiro dmtroyil a gr.-ai poition of the of Kkiilaka. Montana a few -las A miinber of bu.intws boiuse-a a hotel, and two or three saloon- w ''"r-suml A ereai leal of emu ila i n i i- he ml from agricultural regions and stock rruiges owing lo the ,Alr--liie .!..!' h "i'l l'k of water in lie- sir.ain- v'lhiir I-imi , ..niaia'. I i"' "1 '"" sel l.-r- !'.",,. '- H-l-lings. Montana. Hie l'u-i I' n" "'' ''"' w-'k attend th- funeral o' i n i'l" w Two Spanish-Ann i nan ar x"enin.-Ceorge Ih Meore an 1 H-f.rv A. Thompson cx-mcmhcis of compai y H. Se"'h akit.i x olaiii w : y .eltio ti, the Vi le - h ai -Will Call the Militia. ST I.OCIS. Mo . J in" : -Governor Stephens has .ami. ."! f . all out the militia if further dmturbanc rntin-, .. and the ,:,m n not allowed to at night. Mrs. 'Gladstone Still Unconscious. LONDON, -une h Special. Mrs. Gladstone is uneons.-ionus and gradually sinking. Her illness threatens be fatal at an early date. on lo i I : I. . ih 111 i l lur yy a n in ol ad t hie to im it , tl,,. 1 i He ing but w:li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e . 1 ; a 1 ,' I P. i. a I . il -1 Ilea - nil th. new 1 I He The Output of the Nortnwest. i.e ' ,, '. ,,; M aea - oi a alone p . . a pi a o TiMa I . I n alio.,! s. i. .1 a!. oat thn t ol lie i . In ' '' ' ! 111 ' '"I 1 1 1 o . - o 1 1 o ! i'l ,oli 1 1 - , In 1 1 y 1 1 m. lo ll. . S : i ill si - ).,!.. . ni.ll yy 1 1 1 1 ! i ' ma! . lie- So, i .iii' ahead nt fa r j .i ae il ,--'m ai po 1 1 1 1 ui I o 1 1 1 1 a a ' M or, ... t I" i . I 1 1 1 1 1 hill.' Inn;, and : I in -w ' : . . i i Ii : ci' a I . on n 1 1 y ol ou i a yx h a Ii i a ; i ii, a ! ., . pi . . , in 1 1 .' m ... in .' i ..I. .!"l;' h ' y lo y e y of Key a yy THE FLOYD MONUMENT. lack Hills Company Will Submit Bids t a Furnish t ti e Stone. Claim XV llo.y. I . lie' ne.y. papm i oi o pm. .1. nl , yy im m one o n he cbiet j p i omol , I b llbu k Milk I'm . la i Ii ( 'lay V Ma ride company , let' I I lead w oo. 1 Thursday night lor Sioux City, intending to stop at siidiix Cily I o . on for with the cum in i It ce haying m , liar,;.' tlm m e. ,on uf 1 im klnui inun mini, wiih a yew lo seeming Ilm ace. pi a in e of Halok Mills marble for Ilm ci m -1 rum am ol the shaft if possible. ltlds have been reeciye.l on eastern marble for elect mc tin- monument , but final action lam been ii lolled ill Older to give tlm 10 yy a Iho an y , -1 n m , -1 1 1 a ppropi iat I ng $.a and ilm mate $.",iiou. and the yyuik will be in charge of Captain 11 M Chittenden, of the I'nited States engineer i orps. Mitchell Vincent ,an imiiic r of Sioux City, father uf II. S. Vim i-nl of Deadwood. is on a iiimmit-i.'i with John 11 Charles and Hon. (louiae I) Perkins, to accept proposals for furnishing stone. II. S. Vim cut ailed the committee's attention to the desirability of lilack Hills niiirhh . and it is reasonably certain that the Hlack Hills stone will meet the reipiii-emeiits and be accepted for the job. The committee lias asked for samples of the stone, dressed to tibos six inches square, and these are now being dressed in Lead, at the direction of .Ml'. Vincent, and will be forwarded as soon as they are ready. They will he submitted to P-sts by the go eminent, to see if the stone contain- any impurities that would discolor it and also to determine whether or not it. will resist the tre-iii. n.liiii:. eoiiipi -inn ' tn which it will I e submilP d Purpose of the Monument. I lm monument is being erected to mail, the grave of .mrgeant. Floyd of tlm la".xa- a- Clark expedition -the tn t A in t i i a n soldier who lost his : on the tnmt embraced xvitlrn tlm " ' i-imi imrcha Th , s ex pe, ,t ion 1 ' :l ' " lv'"' " ";,r " j's i 1 Slat,- by Napoleon -to ex - ''; tiet. Tlmr, v. re thirty : 1 1 , n 1 lm party, whs h cam p. ii xxh" : Sioux City no.v . lands, tl.,- only' man ,:' ':, patty wan :'a ! .i'lring the thr. " yen., the '.'.!,' w.m out --was buried on what ka- mine been known a- Floyd's Hlhff. it..- of the highest points along tlm rix. r at that point. His grave was inarkiai by a cedar post, which was for y, ars a familiar object to steam- boats plying on the river. The river I I . . ! mill. When Mr. Maloney took hold jl'.hmk IC'b euniininv an oppm I' y ,,: ihe. mine Im put up a cyanide an- I in is-l m a hid. ii hem,; de-ired to imx, and Im was treating the ore by a,., lie- islack Hills Muma if il i- m that process all want. r. At the sanm ' p ',-, and the pn.c i.- sa 1 isfa - I oi . i, mi. be was du ng development xvork The State and Government. ,a the mine an! it '-a" am mod a 'I la moiiuineiit m being built l.y the a yy months aao that Ihi tons ofti.d.-ial m , y . a n im -n i and Ilm Stale of yya, bin. ..-. mil Dentists In Session, i .a .1 ex I'll i lie lie lac, I in a, oi t lle S ,. i . ii n t a ... ..-1 : , 1 1 1 1 i un y mn d a 1 ,, ad A ma id lepre.-eflt al ion w as pi . ...nt 1 1 1 mi a ru ci - parts of 1 1m lite 'I'd, -ea-l UI opened With Spi'llly - a, a by i-niim uf the leading dentists i if tlm slat' Tims,' who arrived .;--i. ' day and are in attendaii' an In. Valentine and I r. Illuii' and ,y if.- Yankton. in Davis, Wooimoi ket . Dr. Streight ;md wife. DeSm. t. Dr. Collins and wife. Vermillion Dr. Johnson. Chicago. Dr. V. A. Ivory. Wayne. N-b Dr. Jackson. Miller. Dr. McDonald. 10 Ik Point. Dr. Gillett. Spenrfish In Smith. Sturgis I e- Palmer and wife. Ma lean. V H Johnson, l-'latidreau . S I) o Kohin- Darker. S D ! e N.-ii' uf I I. adxyond NOT SO BAD AS REPORTED. G-ass and.. Crops Not Beyond Redemption. If M Sp an. t i ' i ' ; . ' 1 1 i " m :'i-..m h - ih !!- !'-m ! mm h mid . ; thn' w hd" the oiitl em ,or i mp x a ! gra- x i in."- ..'. k m ratlivr , , ,iii , a g... .' v . i a a would . cm'.' the , nc . 'P- an- badly i...i . t of things ::! none ..a I the help ,,: i,,.:.. so it is n :. : Ci.. range-. Tie- f-tr-a:::- ar.' drying : -, ami xva'.'r for ran '" k hs a so- , j problem .or ,-om: xmli lm with-. ' l a:n. The old at, I ea s'lia! Miti-... - i i dip h xvhii h is cr.tiimd to 40m" .1,. ':.. - of water under it- bar', r and ;,:.,,:- rights, is only getting 30''i"l in, !,- Water in the Helm Foiircho ,s the low.-st known for a quarter of a im-iituiy. i : 1

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