The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 14, 1900 · Page 2
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1900
Page 2
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as a passenger, and gets off the train from the front platform of the smoking car, when it arrives at a station where he thinks such a cheap act will he counted in his favor by a cer-t.rn cl:tu . I .; trn .-:.... e. wii.- man Ho an mala s i.. ii-'- of lariirnae unsiiited to any ';,.:;,.. . .' '.. ' asjoii. and con. lusively p. i room to doubt Ins utt. r "in- , , (. i i: !i t !i. high ot !l to "hell -i. :if !;.."i kui :ir: U r. ., !; : . : ' 'I- ' ' The Thorn ComP UHIIT PIONEER -TIMS THAT BOER WAR. His Oomshlp, Paul Krnger, late ot Pretoria, is by this time ripe for persuasion that there has been something rauic-ally wrong in his methods of warfare. They wi re more fan iful am! !.-, ',ffe tu;il than t.iuse of Lis opponents. The collapse '!' lb'' Sou'h Afibaii THE DUTY OF THE HOUR. To the Editor: In the coming pre; idential campaign we are sure to fiid a test of true patriotism on che part of every citizen of tlie Ali'-thau :e-r- it J) t i c-. as to fail lu sustaU tin p.tsent administration in the .g'eat With Point Far.. The thorn point of fa is an ache or pain. 7f blood is the fecd,r 0f f whole body. purih 1 nooa s oarsaparilii, f-., ncys, liver ar.j y; " at once respjru. in this point. 'J' ' Scroful.i ... snwnop OCTH DAKOTA iUBaCBIPTlON. 2.0 f BR YBAK-. tlir. i- l ii fMn it. arising out of the con-1 i ; , t 'I'll :ng an. I following the close I of v.;-.; Ai'ii Spain, a.; well as the J I lie 11 1 .. 1'ie d if lieu it problems t . . w '. -' 'cni' )' of the ae.'oud-r.laa matter e Jwood Hoatnfflc at tbo ; I w ar i bes-ing m in ii . - ways than I in: FUZE HOMtS LAW. tie tarded the movements of armies, interfered with the plans of the field and general officers, and brought the array into contempt. This is a serious criticism upon so great a war nation. Knirland has prided itselr always upon its army, and it is a severe .shock to find it bur ii toy in the hour of n I U n!int I... remembered by Kro-'Iand an I iv otk'-r nations Henceforth that ,,,, .. up! :. i i i j ' ' (institute al . .... ,. , - r 1 . "grv : ' ; ! 1 1 v o' Ite It Jf. ZV i. Can Eat - ' arrv.'.V ' !-.r.;: " r V. Hon. i ted Ma sen, I .: . 1 IllUa ' upon i' win h 1 hi -f'l ! e SAge of III' I:' i like 1 I . siif lanii '"I ing i for t '.. IIHIl! . t!.. 1 !' I. a. i i ,iii, tin. tli.-u . a . ad it I. i I I. la . I I. to'ilid ,i ' 1 1 1 i i I : ', I , 1 1 1 1 '1 11 II f.l i any aln-'i thin . v t. i . i in in a II i III-.,', i ill'. I IT "I" I M ' li. Sllli ' r shall tier lo elltll land coven, that the i. entn and p optl'll i' ii:. time ,, I 'Xisl rll.g iai foi . . and . Thai a11 i' whi. 'i i , in a any I'hImii i Indian ti : that in tie I lie aur .1 .shall ".a III. Mi rail .:." . i i ts t . i . , n ir,,.. I ' .h. a ii,.: dm- r :,' lor 'c- !.. . rllllin .' i:,l- '. . a pro Id. pas; id. In St. a'-bl. i In i'ii Col Si Act of t An !e Id offer any latently perplexing e daily arisen for .". a I t h" l...r POLITICAL PROBABILITIES. 1 1 in w ith ii toty I": id i ib II :'.(' . t. : 1 P ore . I , II. Ii l"l!i! ! a l.'ti h I, a i ! an! 1 1 M u . iiork. All I a in I pi i .1 i in . : Cite or pit in I n ' h 1 1 ,; in their own .'tlte.i now ill.' 11' s I '". Ill I I I II I " 'i i ! I. i . t : I Vill iil a ' Hist ;. Ml - . ,;t. e the Sunday - ( Inn l u oi k i t it ' e or ' ' r I i V ill' e. M .- y llllVe el e y i oiillfv (H ii.lll iipl: l i ii 1:. "t time lit i.e.! .-'! p"i'rl ed ! i a. ral I' during the 'ii . will he 1 1 hum I in t h " i in the i omiTv: i i. i t " in the possjMlitv of s"l( b i ,1 IP .I'd C' ( lililliili column against liiinit v r w In i Mr lirvali to : .,!! t , in pe;. 11 ,1, cont rat y I led 'III" I ' 111 U !l I p (he one that readier schools, and conn s in with the workers in ( i r. ii n i za I ion p-the in. Iil nlii.ii personal touch these s( bonis. bat iiotwith-tandi: tip befalling the nation a- ' : ' i !' ill II i , . 1 h- y i- pow li it . I" : '.. hat the ,, , tie., would i ever any en.t h n-aa m oil' or of e pre -sin ; ai I ;o.-r v ar gro v.. i town gro w s more in I. re;ii re. I . ii A i lll'l pan: In the town of I l.i t franklin. Maine. I v. o chcr. p. ; the I'.iii.t . t ami the i. thodist. kaie muted upon a plan to e-'abii.-h a in w rei: 'lou.. soiu ty on i. tpi'-notii . n," t iou.i 1 iui-;. The tnove-:in nt thai ; lo coalesi e is the more ie- IPiirkalde because til'' i hull lies have hitherto been i 1 1 l' a ' ... i ' . I in a denominational wat tare that has kept the eotn-utiity in a eon -taut turmoil. The line ot work of the united denominations i . In IP efot I h to be shaped by the methods of the Christian l-l'idouvor Society. The articles of agreemen' forming tiie new religious body provide that the Met nudists i e.ise all denominational work, that the Free Baptists ' e,i e a!i d. :n iin iiki t lont 1 work, that . i h body di-so,ve i's mpaiate Sun- I h lilte when that political trickster makes the statement that the (oiintry is not prosperous .be knows better, and it i oines as near being a direct falsehood as when he stated lie did not wrije a lettersaying "lie was in polities for the money there was in it." It is said sm b ii letter from him is now in ex isteni e. There is a greater and more import ant motive and prim ipb- undei lying ail these great tpio-iuins of the day. w hi h should sctvn to .guide the great masses of the people to rll-talll the president of tie l'liited States gov ( 'n (nation 1 I lit ere t in hi :i I -.i.'m hi - p. u developed inn h of leelin; let except among the candidates t hem-;. , ;. On the republican ml,, jt j. , n;i, t.,, i tnat for the staie seinite. Hon. II. my T. Cooper of Whitewo.'d Mill he the nominee to Mi.n nl liini-elf, as will also lion. W. S. O l!ri"ti- if he wants to be. .'ol" tile loWel" house III" '.line may be said of .Inlm Hausy'ind of Terry as of Cooper ami ollrien There is a rumor that W. A. Clark of Englevvood will (onton the ii,bt of John Peterson of Nemo to a renoini-natlon. also that H. K. Wallers of Spenrllsh Is urged as the successor of E. II. Warren. This will be determined by the precincts directly Interested. . The successor to the late Mr. Cindall will be a new man. There is seemingly a disposition to give Lead two places on the loflslatlvu ticket or two thirds of the whole in view of an assured republican majority from that .town and the further fact that Dead-"WOOd is likely to ho pretty well represented on the county tiekel. Who will head the county ticket is a matter of speculation at this time. The situation Is mixed. Fred Doton of Terry is, and has been, for sometime an a. tive eandidiite for sheriff. Crcy has been favorably discussed but be is said to be indiiierent, bis extensive mining interests deiii.iiiihn ; all bis time. Ks sherilt Ketner lias a ..tronn following who may demand ips nomination, and it i reported that Mike Me Allen, republican camlida'e of IVis Will be a candidate before the con vention. For treasurer, rei.i ter, clerk of courts and auditor no opposi election of Itryan. N'o. a tbnip ami times, no' Not for the world should su-. h a cata tropic be allowed to take plai e' Think for a moment, or days, that when Bryan was a candidate for election four years ago. nearly every he.w.v eonfva t between manufai tur r and .jobber for a supply of manufactured goods, contained this clause: " l'lovid.'d always, that in the event of the ele. t ion or William .1. Bryan to the oft'u e of president of th" 1'nite l S: :!. s. then, and in that ey.-nt. this . i'it ra. t shaH at one" be nun null and oid " There'.;.- stopping all trade "i I II.'." rna-'Utirde. Su. h a condition Kit. I. i :-. i a a . iiu - d i !.e pla 1 d I ' n ion. In h:- Vi lelimtate I his h.-ir thai tile Mini, It: ; Jackson, i.ou-si r . , of Criint. .ii ('.-,. Sin ridan n re now '. hoc a m U' d n I eminent, and reelect him -is a proot l to the world that we uphold him in 1. iet V. iiii a I i to tial b :i that 'he 1" ii ( ir. s.inda . 1 1 , -. lei liarnioni . tie-; . ...I, n iv an 1 I i i tliOl; '! . Ot a Ul be n d of, and stop .in Cm Old on.-. I to 1 b" organ-d . hall be anvil The I all l.e has dor.e and that the future pcii. v of this i iiv.i tan nt wi'l ever he on th" side of humanity, p.itrin'i-m n .v. r I" i'd at one it : by h 1. eh i -.- ide pa: i' I Mi I' III. I. ' We. I .lc i i : . d I'lo.ile... its p a ;i, I i; ' M i I ,i afi III notice to the .ii-l.l and pii' po '. it:d "Initierialispu" as ! I ' y 1 n ti- F.u b township, county, state or pro-vitne holds one or more conxeiitions annually, aggregating many thousands in a year. The Sunday school work thru the individiila schools and various organizations, is doing more for the nuse of righteousness and i;ood citizenship in our land than all othes, agencies ombined. The doinociatic Chicago Chronicle asserts with a po. it i yetiess that elaves no opening for a contradiction that "as long as the republicans r -tain New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Indiana they will eh'.i their president." And that " l -KinSsxv cannot be defe,,', . ,v the solid elei toraT vote of the mo 'I'uin Mates and the coast state;;." The Cbronl- ' ! CI IIP llpies t h.'l! "lie' 1 e 'lit of t 111 ele tiori in Oregon di iikhi-I i a lis the pi a In a hi I it v of ca rry in g for the .leino-I'Pl! lc i am, i.ll' t"S I h i ' ill tin- i !:i ..'." tar western stales in which ti e si!, . iliites in whi.h the silver s.'ti'imept was sitppo. ed to predominate. If the. i. stal. s i ould he carried they would not he worth the Hot t wbi h it would cost " A Minneapolis man is trying to per suade the democratic state cential committee to expend some of its large amount of superfluous campaign funds upon the gramophonii: speech idea. He wants .o have the party send fram-ophones out through the state rattling off speeches by Bryan and Towne and other spellbinders. If is reported that the leaders after holding an exe-culve session in St. Paul, decided that it would be unwise to so plainly emphasize the wordy and unsubstantial nature of the campaign they must l,g I.V liryun and his outfit, simply to la i- lung, an ; ,,,, ,,,,oi n, 'iil. on 1 !,- i tip r a i I i;.l t . . ' In-. ( "in i rg. In r . it h :i i .lit Is to i her, ll i1 tin', 'mat i nt : v ie'.v nt i uient s wi -e, and rest, and 11 t 1 tion has developed to the invscnt in- Vlmiial lio-.vey"; tjr-! 'eubt' d!y ret!. , ts :a- s the s ! 1 1 1 j i ( t . Wllb ll '."I e y should be allow-d t') Con in t ' i a why tip ,i i hat. lie 11 oill' n i - EC ERS as AMERICAN immigrants There iin iudic-it ion.- that I lie (do-;--of the war in Sou! h A f r i a w ,! w ; i,, , : a i onsi I. .ruble iinnipgrat ion li'.uii that region of the I'niteil States. Report 1 has it that one of ttie objects of the! I'o. r commissioners in coming to this i country was to meet some of the offi- ii I: o i ; ! : p ' i n t - the i u Ii. of president of flic l'liited States to make III' d : r. . t i ha rge that 1 1 , A'ihi lean .Til"'. Iegul.,1" of eillllte.;!-. :'!. to be feared in any cina -ity or i.i.s-tioii duty or charge to which they may be assigned, is hut to insult, the mtelli-rr. n e. bravery and patriotism of the men comprising the army, as well as the balance of he male portion of the community, and as for the term "Imperialism," used by Bryan, ns he himself does not know the meaning of the term, we will pass it by as merely the mutterincs of a man ready to resort or descend to any small means or device to gain his selfish ends. The mere suggestion that such a man as Bryan should be elected to the preat office of president, of the United f ...... Iiais connected with the immigration the admiral continue" to enjoy the esteem and respect of the nation. Men of your land, your duty at this hour is to sustain the government and reelect President McKinley. Not so much for partisan purposes, as national honor. Do not fail in your duty but record yourself with the patriots of the country and thereby aid in establishing perpetual form the greatest and best government on earth,, I, C. TWOMBLY. June 5, 1900. geld ill the supreme .ii ted St it.-s. There are o" 1 tes who objei t to Allen oi' .'. secretary of the tn-a ir: grew as secretary of st.ii" A political propnet say - i gain in the Kast and lose 1:1 He has already lost four sta West and can lay but slight Maryland when the Demo : form there was silent on s:!i-represent the changes situ far as known. v. -t pi th" til W" '.!:" . si a; tates becomes nt once an absurdity. cumbents, all oi whom, it Is conceded, have given excellent satisfaction and are entitled to second terms. Mr. Hayes, it is said, will not be a candidate for re-election as states attorney. The Pioneer-Times has heard but one man mentioned for the place. 8. C. Polley, who is an active applicant for the nomination. Candidates (or supt. of schools are not numerous, or If they are The Pioneer-Times has not heard them discussed. All this In the way ot news and not with a view to influencing for or against any of the present or probable candidates. The convention must nominate and The Plbneer-Tlmet will guarantee the election of every man on the republican, ticket Aside from the office of sheriff the populist do not seem to b falling over each other tor the empty honor of a nomination and the privilage of paying a campaign assessment. J. B. Harris the present efficient deputy la a candidate and if nominated would be a dangerous opponent. Tim Foley and Lieut Cuslck of Lead are also said to be candidates. For supt. of schools Miss Muriin Is entitled to and Will no doubt be renominated. societies and learn the opportunities afforded for the settlement of large numbers of their race in some of the Western states or territories. One of the Boer agents denies this report, but It has been learned that some of the railroad companies have been rank, ing propositions to the commissioners looking o the settlement of consider-' able numbers of their countrymen in. the West. This particular commissioner expressed himself as favorably impressed with the friendliness of the Americans toward his people, and thinks highly of ihe advantages which would be afforded them if they should locate in the United States, though he says that most ot them will remain at home and live under the British flag. The nomination by a Bop:' " vention of Wm. J. Bryan. 1 ' -; and Chas. A. Towne. K P" -minds a Kansas jok t of a proposed at a Boston banqie't chusetts' greatest son. Dan. il' of New Hamshire." make this year with wind for issue. as a rcv(ew of a h,8 contlnuoug u;k , an(j jaarangUei during the past four One of the characteristics of a great i voars faiIs to di8Clo8e one single man is his quickness to avail himself . whu h can be foUowed to a logl. of a good thing no matter who origin- cai conclusion, and as he shifts-from ated it. Here, for instance, is Mr. ' onP -ho- to another, the result of John D. Rockefeller, who n humble , ,,ach gu, CPedinr condition, which flat-Imltatlon of the gifted Mr. Gates, is ( ly contradicts his false assertions and tying up his whaleback fleet with a theories, he proves himself to be ut-view to squeezing the ore shippers ter jy ia, ompetent to instruct any-untll they descend from the perch body, and clearly goes to show that a generalkrf eteikYe etaoin rdluyp qj h8 boast of beinK able to tne with proper clerity and humility. For . great republican party, or any other a gentleman of eminent piety Mr. reputable organization, is but the Rockefeller displays a remarkable apt boast of a cheap political braggart, ness in the devises of wicked men. who travels in a Pullman sleeping car BUSINESS END OF WAR. Rudyard Kipling and a number of other prominent Englishmen are vigorously engaged in denouncing the methods of the British War Office, and also in pointing out means for bringing about greatly needed reforms. When the South African war broke out, Great Britain was found to be use-ing the kindergarten war methods of a quarter century ago. Too much theory and too little practice and common sense caused untold suffering among the troops in South Africa, re- In April we exported JC1 '' ed trcet-t count khetshrldu r. : - '. more than we imported, and v '' But whether the majority of the Boers remain in their own land under ; ported J30. 130.000 more of A"'-" the British domination or not, it is products and manufactures than reasonably certain that many of them April 1899. Expansion still cont. an

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