The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 7, 1900 · Page 14
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 14

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1900
Page 14
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' Hon vith the companies. A victory car iei v. l!i ii Cie prestige of the citi- evi r regarded aj sound or unsound, no-tvr'v can doubt the relentless and Irresisted,- progress of the issue. From the N'e-dra-ka storm centre to the remote sections i.f ;jr country it was a erowinir. living ls-1 whs nut orictn-ited hy William Jen WOMEN WHO WORK. ze: i i i the water rights necessary to operate 1 1 - ! U'ge gold plants. It was a battle to. survival between the two ecu. panics. The I).- Siii -I people of oiIS', d: I not sec Hie I lona-lal." tickets mi''' i,. in-. i n,n-' .if th.- elei tain. Tin ; our illot.- w.-re white, wine' tiros- ! !. -..! printed for tin- 1 i-miesfa ke we e l- II The c.,ec, pi'per wa.i so d: - A GRAND ARMY CRITICISM. Item' of Information About the Order of Veterans. What is the G. A. R ? An association of veteran soldiers . who served in tlie. northern armies between April and August 1S0.V The C. A. If ."st w;is i lixtit m i-'l Ut J.- ill nr. Ills. .ill April I NW. The pouts in the seer;il stutes are ornaii-izod into (U-;.'ir t tin-ill s. as department Of New York depart'iienl of 1'iv :i, and ko on. 'I he in-iiils of departments hear Ft. I.oi-ih garden of tne tropics so lavish were the, flowers. Again the line of procession was formed and marched to the South Lead cemetery ' by way of the railroad around the hill in the southwest portion of the city, nere again the (J. A. ft. conducted services similar to those performed at the Society ic-meleiy. Here too. Ile ( -III I t I bad been beautili-d in many rcspei t. and eve'. tiling done ill l e.-T,e t 10 the b-iid om s intiiil.ititi, tlii. city of the ,1, a, I The ,i -in . .. ;., tti-n proi e., d 1, own to 11,1,1! . Nee; , llfle it ill.- hamh'd in fi oi.t of 1 !.. l ii 1 -' I'tnon 12 i f- Aw, tf Ma I.l. 1 t-nnh onlv l'J v- " 1. I ;t 'A' 1 ' I k . ,,t nth pains and frmale ''"' ' ' pnilK- I K"t s" 1 !' to support ni st-1' . a el , '' .' i priced Hector 1 C'C e ,e Ii. l , I, u ,,, . . ' . . I, .- I,- , I l ar.iin iii'.i ' " - j .1 i .ic jiow us,-,i etvrrnl l.oe .s joi i. ,n "',i mother use, I tin- Wins P r i h ie of Lilfl ai. was grtitly ri lie ea . Miss y 't'iAR!-:T W. l.-U fw that file 1 i otlle -la lie agei.-hl .a.sih detect the p i e f e ten re - ' i vol ei as t he lial lot n as cast. s 1 said before, money was throw.. I'-rv direction. The )e Smet p -i-s.iw the necessity of g'-tiing similar and wa- I- a I Th day .e n: ; not -ii an ! on ,1110 d I u pi. in yi-ar.s that Alllio 11 1 b-aied It ha ennu Ho later 111 and was 1 pleasant a.-, could i oleic. 1 Ca bas. It happened that ! had the only green poster paper in tie-Mills, or for that matti r within several hundred miles. I was not at all surprised when a couple of the De Sn,. " workers called and asked for son:.- the title of department eommaii'iei . The lieail of the national bod is railed omiiiaiicler in rliii-f What is the uniform? The uniform varies in the several departments, ami many posts adopt nn Individual pattern. As a rule, the uniform is a moderation of former military styles. The prevailing eolor is dari lilue. Ik there any dlsllmtive lint" The large Ida. I. hat. with Kilt ord and deep crease in the crown has become known as the On ml Army hat. fJray hats of the same shape are also Many phis nJ w, mien imJ it nc'c --try to earn their own living- In various kinds of einpl'.vmnt. I h. ir wurk is otten so hard and conlln-ini; that the health breaks d .w n. Th- ir debate constitutions are unfitted for tire ..line tasks. Weak n - s neirlv akuvs nukes its appearance in the peculiarly debate womanly ,,ri;.iiis. Constant standing m tne feet, and coming and Roiin; at the beck of a superintendent or foreman, induces falling of the womb, leu;, n rluta, headache and backache The pay of women workers is .dten s, tn .toriously suj.ill that when sickness comes they have no money t encase skillful physicians. To t hem Wine i I i :: .-. Iliyan w !:o -oil.- t!a- ihund-r of the j;,;:;..- 1, : iii ..i-ler t'n h.- nii-rht ; . .1 hi h al- e . u , , i:;. e ! il- rret ' ,-' , ,,.! it . a v.- "' ly.-i" I -I r'-f.u::.. V- . knou.. Ho- ha.ui, i ii I.- -rim I . I f,r I -.S. ' - .Ve-t.!l,...- : !. fed V '.;' I'.l- IN 1 he M.aiM '''. I II O- j . . I .., ,., fur..- 'ha- -. v of a-.-, rn- , ..- l, ,.l h,. ...., ,..h ,1 .resident of the ; n .'. I Sum.- Ik huh ! "H -i.iii-n. -av ! I'' ' V lies . ..pel Iv lull il.ll'i'.l " iih- i .b.i-ii -' ii"- w . 'ill h iv c!v. n ' he j -il i,. of ihe-e lo Mr Ilryan t ,e.l :.e el linn in li).' whit.- liou.-e While ' '-I.- f.iil. 1 of hi- ambition. I In- i--ue which ! i, i.roi, riiited as the battle cry of his I j ;.,rtv in 1 S'o, a- taken iii hv the lemo-.-in in their county oreaniiitions .ill over j or- union. The fri-e silver id, a was tra-j m, Mint to every other party plank In the j political d, -fates and eanip.-iien ipeiK-hen of In-..; it a h th- KT, ale-it ev.imple in the 1 ;,li H al hi-lory of the I'liiicl Stales of j !:, in-.pistil. Ic foi." of a new- M -a. If ...ill I not he stayi',1 or iheck-'I. It spent fur, .- in th ballot ho- I' rompelleil it... repiiMiciti ,arty t.i make liberal ron- i hi ; to the ,l, leL'ate-i fioai fr-e silver ie - au'l Hp- ehra-k i ibl.-mt ion In the ., i' , I i nn - . f i ' inn a a w ' ! ' III a I' ' nib - 1 1-- i'i.e - from the ' H'eni -t.l'e-: .. , . : v i.l .1 on he .pie .lb. ii. I.' t'. l"t'- of I ; , I ' . II J ., 1 I i , in, '" .Ic I ' hat s iltie - , m I, -i 1 ,, ii ,a t-i fol ni III" lenae- - -' . 1 1 1 i I i lie I li 1 1 .1 -t i' anil h.-v ' ; - ... p. .1 ! I h 1 1 i'el'. illll. A ' e ; ! I I in- be asked tot Tip- llomeslake i.-in-doi-s weie given the day and everything seemed to be turned over to tie- proper observance of the occasion, and it will go down as the most successful Decoration day that has ever been observed ill Hie city, both in the number of attendance, the pleasantness of the day and the general plan ami order of the day's observance, ft uas a success 111 every particular. e. ..... e. a i'ii.MII.. H llDlfS' ADVISORV DEPARTMENT. K..- ...IrlM In ub,.h r f-n 1 1 1 1 I III' SP 111 I cures them of their ills at a small cost, and they can act as their own physicians. Ko doctor can do is much fur "female troubles" as Wine of Cardui. dtrt-ci loim, ail,lr,-Ks. ntvm s ic, nr.. Udir 4d,Uorj ll'p'l. HI.IH4IHMHI', HkDH'IMC CO., IIAItHTl,Kril, 1 ,1111 green wrapping paper. "I had only about a fpiire of it. b :'t and told them it was intended for a job of printing. They became anxious and after various inducements finally counted out $100 in bills and offered it to me for those few sheets of paper. " wouldn't sell. But the person. i! satisfaction we newspaper men had when (he lie Smet people were defeat id and later when thev had to pni. -tic-ally abandon their plant on aceoui.i of a watet snpplv amplv repaid us for the pangs indicted bv tliern after th, , MINING AND CATTLE RAISING. Druggists sell Large Bottles for $1.00. much worn. The army forage rap with a slnilK'it visor has been officially adopted by some posts ami depart nienls. What are the badges worn by the () A. It. men? On larade tin- velerai. wear the hadnes of Hie ai-m.v eorM in whi'li tliey .-eryed doiimr 'he v,.ir. nrmv mi-eiely badges, regimental badges and Hie C. A. R. 1 1 if i n li i .-liii bail i:e surmounted by an it:e and having a five Harris Franklin Returns from a Trip East and South. II. mis Kranlilin, vice president and general manager of the Golden Howard 'onsolidiili-d Mining and Milling company, and head of Hie Franklin Live Slock company, returned estei- i considered they had a i inch n t!, p ERRINS' LEA& water rbrhls as (lie t-e-ult of the fir-' i 'eei inn. '"I'heii. nii'iin. f lu" was noi sn una in -itm-ie palmy d.n '.-." cloomilv ' ma ike the el era u i d i lor ash" t urn-' 1 to bis i and liea'i stickm:-. t'-pe f.e the Black Mills Mining lte b-w. Sauce -!..!- I THE ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE r-t- Beware of Imitations Ih Till! fllkill.Ullli' - ci .ireeable 7est Il I- l.iKlii epiiletni, of Miii il in I at 1 li 1 i csiiinsilile 1'i.r t In- afflict ion n;' .Iini -.t ress at Uedl'ern. a mall ilown the Iitirlinstiin. The (lis -Ihe t'ity i.s Ihe pli hamlet l,,, I, ,i ii'.i.iil. 1 -...hps. l-ish. l.:inic, not the and Cold . isjUd-, Welsh kaic-Lnla, etc. point' d pendant. 'P'" i A. R. badge Is an honorai'j diimaloin bestowed upon e.-( li i-rmi i .1! ,.t I!.-- i!hip of his miiMler into I h - order. What does the eagle on the C. A. li. badge signify? The eagle, perched on 1 rosseil cannon and cluli liliiK a sword in its talons, is emblamatir of defi nsc The object of its protection is the flag, whuh is the ribbon of the order What do the figures in Hie center of the star represent? The floddesa of Liberty stands fin-loyalty, the soldier and sailor clasping hands for fraternity, and the children symbolize the third virtue held sacred by the order namely, rharity. The star of every badge Is made from metal of cannons captured In battle. JOHN DCNfAN'S Sons, A8.-uls, New Tork. ... I S i-- -. la: ei . i i ' h .-ii i , opi, i : ., l' T!h- ..!.. v.- i a ilhiM!..'-... ii .- ,,;' i n i h a w h a; . '. :n 'in of rutin. 'Mi, v. ir ,i ' l . 1 1 1 1 - I : ' a I I" i ' ' I Lliol I I I lie W , I i ll .-'it,'. , . ni'i day .il't'i ...i il will hi', a populist party ori; in a-,- in ihe union. It i-i tin liil not detract from this post mis a. ijnT.miii WJti.iiiiw.1,.,3 1 pel lllealct ill eyery vilal l.I.'.a Wholesale Prices to Users, which the populist party was t'ounlcl up, Hi m Our (Icncral I talo;;-ic quntes I them. Semi i si: t day from a trip that took him linni I lead wood to Chicago, and fro'iv Chicago lo the Panhandle of Tea... lie went lo Chicago tut busine-., pel . t. lining lo his mining ompan. and his presence in Texas was in i onm-i -lion with his live slock interests. Mr. Franklin slated yesterday thai he had made arrangements while in the east whereby his company wili receive all the coke required at the smelter in this city, and all di'licul ly anticipated by reason of the advance in lube lias been obviated. The company has made new contracts with coke companies on a compromise, and instead of having to pay $L'.Wl a ton more, as was at lirst expected. it is to get all the coke needed at the smelter at about a dollar a ton more than the price paid under thold contracts. This insures the steady operation of the smelter, without, any falling off in the amount of ore treated or any changes in. the operations of the company's mines. Mr. Franklin was asked if tho new arrangement would mean any change in tho schedule of prices for the treatment of custom ores at the plant, and he said it would not. The smelter does not depend on custom ores to any extent, depending rather on the ores from the company's various mines, and it is not considered that the Increase iu the cost of coke is sufficient to Justify a change iu the rates, In view of this. v Live Stock. The Frnnklin Live Stock company Is putting in about four thousand head of cattle from Texas this spring, and the last of them will probably be te-celved this week. They are being unloaded at a little station between Helle Fourche and St. Onge, and driven from there across to the company's range. .Mr. Franklin says Texas has , 1 ji.irtlv pay I i:'e anil we'll I - 's1." 1 postage or cypres :i!l;r-i..i'!5"" ;:i::i :: " tt ::iiifu.i..? -.., nltl'M yiiiilieciinnji::;!-'::! III!:::: : , j semi ) ' ui one. I ; ha- i 7 ,cco illustrations prices on nearly 7 that you eat anil '1 j We constantly .cat r 1 1 , j ;'a;;c:, 1:: 1 .juotes ,c things 1 wear, i.i tuck all if Pitt" 'Z articles quoted. MONTGOMERY WARD A. CO., I The Tallest Mercantile Building in the World, Owned and Occupied Exclusively By Ut. Ml, ' lg At. Ai MadUon iu, I M, iii. J jBaiflBssswa What good purpose does the G. A. It. serve? The order keeps alive the memory of patriotic sacrifices In time of public ' danger and also carries on an extensive benevolent work In relieving cases of need among disabled veterans and dependent members of the families of veterans. Irrespective of the relation of the needy one to the Grand Army organization. Each post maintains a relief fund sacred to emergency calls, and many millions- have been disbursed thru this channel. What Is the significance of the G. A. R. button? "tba bronze button worn by veterans in- the coat lapel Is a badge of recognition, being a conspicuous evldeuce that the wearer is a member of the G. A. R.( It is unlawful for any person not a member of the order to wear eith- tries' willingness to do her duty. 'I'bere is no boaril of health dm- n there A!;ill f'lerk A lajiusbei nier aeeii'entall -' letirned that he had been linnrllinu-sniallpox germs for severrd days, lint be decided to quit 't ri.".h there ;n 1 tlie". When be passed Redfern on the next trip he refused the mail pouch. Down at Kdsemont lie fillj-d his pedal cover- , iiiKS wilh sulphur 'and other pterin pre-, veptatives. Then he notified the post- ' office department. This done lie threw , of! a letter to the postmistress on his return trip, notifying her that no more mail would lie received until such time as she had fully recovered from the dis i ease. The pouch was hanging in its place on his next trip. With a bacteria-preventing stove poker he knocked it from the nmil catcher. Then the postmis- , tress was indignant and said some-thing in a letter about chickenpox. ' This suggestion of a milder disease, it is needless to say. didn't induce Mr. 1 i Argusheimer to handle the epistle with less caution. By the following trip he had full instructions from the government as to how mail matter should be fumigated j where there was danger of smallpox i and other contagious diseases. These j instructions he threw off to the postmistress. They require that in an af-' fec ted district letters and packages he perforated and then fumigated for sev-1 en hours in a closed room. The next day Mr. Argusheimer saw the mail pouch In place and hooked It, j & "CliPIDEME" MANHOOD RESTORED This treat Vmttbli Viuiuzir.tliepreKn tlon ot fmoi)H Frenoo physician, will quickly cure you ot all n vnua or uisi-ast-a of tlie generative urifang. 8uch ks Lost Manhooa, Innomtiia, I'ainiln tne BacK.beminai tmiisiom, .-sprr. i i'lmples, UnfitncB to Marry JxhauUiiic Uniiim, Varirole Constipation. ltBtopi all looses byday or rlithL ''"'v'',1?'0i' nfssol discharfe-wtiicliltnotchpclcpil IimkIs u Sncrniaiorrnm. nrmXor TrTTO all the horromof lmpotency. iTPinr.fcKcli-audUielim.tM BtfUKt AND .r 1 in idnevand tliiirlnary orennsol ail unpuriuea. kldnevcand tli urinary orirnnol ail impuriuea. C7iIDF.5ti; atrengthenaand rtorrsmall weak oricana. tmnMfil will The reason Buffers are not enren oy in-inn n ikhmiki f l y L . ,. . i.i itlmonl. Proatavtltla. CCI'I t)t.N' E l the only known reml r to cure l'oul an of rat fieiii , wrlttnc BlarRn.i- riven aim unmry n-,uir , D, - 11.00 a boit, six (or T5. 00, by mall. Mend for raEBClreularand teatimoDlala, I swarmed with cattle buyers from the fw Vilr w 01 1 .KK'O rA..A eref the O. A .Tt. button or official badge. fOM AAiJt 'What Is the most Imposing feature of Memorial day exercises? a:i l it is spreading like w iMIire w ith jrrf-s:-tiMi' force. Every opul,ist knows that. :!ih is the last rar of fusion. Kven the fusiniiMts so declare. It is inevitable. Common sense t".n-ht that, it cannot, endure in name onlv much lonm-r. There Is one w i ni; of the populist. 4)arty. known as the fusion contingent, which claim to he the only populist party existent. Hut the i !,-a of fusion with the iemocrat ic parly ha.s proven so disastrous to straight populists tha t the sc heme is beinK repudiated In ilie minds of the old guard to such a rapid extent that, the memh-rship rols of the fusion party have dwindled dow-n to a corporal's guard. Kep.nts from fusion county conventions throughout Nebraska and neighboring stales indicate that the actual number of delegates in fusion county conveutiom is ao small as to be ludicrous. The straight populUta are repudiating the fusion scheme by tens and hundreds, they see the force of the idea tha tthc un-holyallia nee between the democrats and lo the detriment of the populisU. This plea has been buzzing in the. minds of everv no ulist leader in every f-ounty of this state and in South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas and other western states for the past year or more. They saw the populist partv dwindling away and upon It3 ruins they fpb building a structure peculiarly democratic. They find the party machine in Ihe hands of leading democrats in nearly every community. They can see that there Is a secret plan upon the part of the democrats to get holding possession of the party machinery, so that when fusion shall be repudiated, they will throw off the- mask and declare themselves as straight democrats, when they will openly repudiate the populists as they do now secretly. For year the straight populists of Nebraska have expected sujrh action upon the part of the fusionlsts and they have been determined to re-organize In every community and in every county, In order that when the day arrives for the breaking up, the populists may have a standard bearer in every county, around whom to rally. When fusion was first effected In Nebraska, the populists had two votes to the, democrats' one. The revulsion of sentiment among populists in Nebraska is so strong and sweep Vn irimun'i TiarplnH -a be complete w"'h'1",,r , it ia her natilre t,, leve and want them. I 1"' , thmiiKh which the ex)e.-t-int niol ier inii-t ' is sc. frauiihl with pain, suliering and dangci, UuUuctoj tllQUKht ut It hlls her with horror There north all spring, and it Is estimated that 200,000 head will be brought onto the northern ranges from that state this year. Texas, he says, is having an unusually wet spring this year, and there has been so much rain that everything Is practically drowned out. There Is so much moisture that vegetation has been Bet back, and the stormy weather has made It almost imposslo.e to do anything. The state has been In eed of rain for several years, but this year the precipitation is altogether in excess. The parade of the veterans and the formal ceremonies of decorating tho grave of the dead. Memorial day originated ( with the G. A. R., having been established by order of Commander in Chief John A. Logan in 1868. The decorations were originally iloien is no necessity lor the ordeal of childbirth to be e.ther painful or dangerous The use of Niahfmare Mother's Frifno during sa wm m rr a limited to the dead who fell In the war. riictiu pregnancy so prepares tne system lortue event mat 11 is saieiy passed without any discomfort whatever. This liniment has cart led thousands of women through this great crisis without suffering, and they declare It RoAiend to women Send fo- 'rw book containing information of priceless value. Address, Bradheld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Oa. . . - j - - 'ontnaious blood poison, niclit I ' ""JuM lebUitv and allied troubles t real.-1 ' !L exclusion of any other party. It i a matter of the sutvlval of the fittest. The dem ocratlc machine must swalow the populist party or else the populist party must wal-low the democratic machine. The two can no longer dwell together in unity. The hour for the separation Is at hand. marantoe. CorreBpondence strn i u v Beware of Imitators who are ci m ,re (Write for question list.) . supposing that the government orders had been complied with There was a letter for him personally. It was signed by the smallpox victim herself, and read: "I have compiled with every requirement and fumigated all this mail myself and know that there is not the least danger of It carrying smallpox." ,. If the smallpox germs had taken the form of gnomes and jumped out of that mail pouch, they couldn't have surprised Mr. Argusheimer more. The Idea of a smallpox victim fumigating something to be again handled' by herself. Still she had literally complied with the government provisions, the framers of the rules probably never having thought of such an Inconsistent act. Another postal regulation demands the bondsmen to tab charge of an office where the Incumbent is incapacitated, but this law is not Included In the health regulations. Redfern Is still Isolated as far as mall matter is concerned. ine repuDucan party nas a past, a. present and a future. The democratic party has only a past, and it would be much better off without that Kansas City (Mo.) Journal. (ft! ( . o . :..-. Memorial Day at Lead. , Memorial day was celebrated with .- the (usual ceremonies in Lead yesterday. Business was entirely suspended during the , afternoon, and the strtets were lined with an elaborate display of bunting and flags and from appearances' 'thi Inhabitants were all out.:,.,,. . . . (The.. line of march was over half a mils In length and consisted of the -.following borders in .uniform: The G. A .R,, soldiers of tne Spanish-American war, four companies of the volunteer fire 1 department, A. .O. U. W.t Uniform Rank K. of P., Society of Cristofo Columbb, and the C. O. eV T .HoSfe company of Central. The mayor and city council in carriages and the - long procession on Main street In the order published hereto-fore. ' ,' . . George tvt Wells was chief marshal of "the day and be was assisted by Aides A. ' Patrlquln ' and James Cusick. officers of the Spanish-American war, and by the officers command-. lng the respective orders taking part In th eoccasion.. The procession moved up Main street to the Society cemetery, where the beautiful and Impressive services of the 0. A- R. were held. The woodmen's band and K. of p. band were in attendance and- furnished appropriate music. Lieutenant Skagga delivered an able and patriotic address that met: the approval of the large assembly. After Topical Tales. "I've seen the time when a little roll of paper like this was worth more to me than If It had been made into dollar greenbacks," said A. W. Merrick, the pioneer newspaper man of the Hills, reminiscently the other (day, The paper he held In his hand was of the ordinary green poster variety and probably did not cost more than ten cents. "It was in the early days of the town when the Homestake and De Smet com panles were fighting for the water franchise," he continued. "The- De Smet company won at the first election and anticipating a perpetual franchise rather ignored the newspaper men who had been friendly. "The power of the press was set in motion and sufficient technicalities discovered to warrant another election. I was' running the old(Pioneer at that time and printed the ballots for the Hofhestake company for the second election. .','. -"The two rival millionaire companies spent money even more lavishly on the second election than they bad done on the firsV So plentiful was the fund that, one man demanded $1,500 for his vote., It Is not on record, however, as to whether he got it or sot ing lu Us future that there is grave doubt in the minds of the fusionist leaders to day tA to whether they can deceive the people this year as they did last. They Sludebaker WAG0N5 AND CARRIAGn5 are made from the best i m'" -acaaanea under cot cr 'I,r-The aajna discrimination Is t.t'-""1 " Mlactloa of svery pa"- Call and see our Apent. He wftt explain all the good points - address and we will mm y " cl handsome soureuir cataiv, J - Siaf tbaker Bret. Mff. Co, South Ikti Tom. a, xt by Lewis C, Verplast, Store and office 60 Sherman fc DEADWOOD, 8. Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. It arti fiei ally d i gee ts the food and aids Nature in strengthening and reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. It is the latest discovered digest ant and tonic No other preparation can approach it in efficiency. It Instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Progress of Ideas. Omaha, May 31,. Special Correspondence. Hve you ever watched the irresistible progress of 4 vital idea. Recall the fierce momentum of the free silver movement which startled the gold bug aristocracy from Mains to Texas in 1894. That Idea was cradled in the popuIUUc circles of Nebraska. Whether the unprejudiced Judgment of th historian hall at some future time put th fre silver movement down as a financial reform crusade, and whether the doctrine of fre silver shall bs have no hope of making soperfect a deception as they effected in 1896. The whole question in their miDds has resolved Itself into the query: Can We hold the fusion forces together In 900? The force of the idea of straight populist organizations In every community is so strong the reasons for It so good that tho fusionlsts are dismayed, and are utterly powerless-to stem the tide of the new movement, which must inevitably place the straight populists In control of the county and state organisations to the utter iriatuiciKw, oour Dtomaco, JNaasea pSjcimeadacbe,GatralglaICramps,an thi3, decorating of the graves wrfs In The privilege of supplying Deadwood order and the cemetery was Ilk a with water was a secondary considers-1 PrwporMi by C C DtkVltt Ca. Chteag. For Sale by K. O. PHIiUPS, A. V

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