The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 31, 1900 · Page 6
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1900
Page 6
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THE HEARST MERCANTILE CO. TMU PlONEEK-fHIIS IMPOSSIBLE AXD t imp non. I m.K. ; . . . i Si r 'i E rO XVEXTIOX. he K-(,ubii-'.a State Convention at it ."alls last Wednesday was the Ham T. Matthias. Millinery and I-adies' Ready-to-Wear department: Miss Minnie Met- -l tkA I Ifa nf Thic Pamnnft i Mauwood OCTH DAKOTA rne very simplest way or arriving i .... . nil most ,,ai t: ions, good tempered ami h , evieo ui mc woe . ... tlpr Durer; Misses Caroline Kohlbrv i ..... i ai an uiiciersiaiiuiiii; oi me iiiiiosiiim- enthusiast: eer held m the West.. Establishment. I At. na La Pierre, trimmers. held in the West 12 M PECK TEAS- WhKPHiiTinN. Contests developed only for the nonii nation of Lieut. Governor, Secretary c: K.irly in the year of 1878 ground, Clothing department : W. S. Mc broken and the erection of a Pheeley. buyer; Frank Peters, hubdins commenced of brick by agents Grocery department: John -Gilroy ity of American interference in the South African war is to contemplate how we ourselves would have acted in the event of foreign interference during some periods of recent history. Delegate Fischer says all he wants the l'nit.,l Qt-'.it to ilo ic tn :iv fr. flviat tmt- m -virKl-i-lluw OiatUr t th tiwtwond PotuR)c of George Hearst, which still stands at 'ui .; North Mill street. its dimensions J Stele a.n.1 Railroad Commissioner ; These were not bitter' nor hotly con ; tested and apparently left no sore 'spots. Kverv county in the state was : represented by its fail quota of dele err:. buyer: Hugh McDermott. Henry Hasan. M. G. Miles. Ben Maloney. Hardware department: Charles .Morris, buyer: Hunter Williams. Con Ford. M. La Bonte. The office force consists of Fred E. at That time of .".OxlL'O feel, two story ate: basement, at once gave the name "It is an 111 Wind That Blows Nobody Good." That small ache or pain or zueakriess is the "ill wind" that directs your attention to the necessity of purifying your id wd b j taking Hood's Sarsa pa rill a. Then your ivhole body receives good, for the purified blood goes tingling to every organ. It is the great remedy for all ages and both sexes. Dyspepsia . " Complicated lever and kidney trouble, I suffered for years from dyspepsia., with sei'ere piinsm Hood's Sarsapari'Ja me strong urf hearty." J. B. Emerton, Auburn. Me. DEVICE TO l.yE-SrCh-ME. lu.Vin ..?top .. n on-r ,() M a Another foolish young man has shot pretty definite conclusion as to how gates. That so many came when he Big Bric k Store, wmcn it nas "Tof It was then held to the present time. and killed a woman because her rare that word would sound in British ears. was known there would be no contests ! can be c redited only to enthusiasm and a univetavtl desire to take advantage i of the first opportunity to endorse the good sense and discretion caused her to refuse to marry nim. The murderer is In a position now where he cannot he benefited by any amount of ,,s ,t is now, with the additions built Nelson, Jerry Fincher, John Netfry. L, since that time, the largest brick A. Fell and Phil Gilroy. Henry building used for one exclusive mer- Schmitz is advertising man and gen-rant ilc business in the Black Hills, eral salesman. The delivery and trans-A -dock of general merchandise was port. it I on department Is looked after opt red up under the management of by Thomas Berry and Guy Heckinger. Mr Thomas James that year, and the making in ail a force of twenty-five, store soon grew into fame and popu- exclusive: of General Manager MrKen-larity. its trade extending far out be- zie. The store is now famous the yond the boundaries of Lead and en- country over and is the one great ob-compassed most of the Black Hills jeetive point of tourists who have section. Mr. James was succeeded by learned of its magnitude and elegance, Mr. McDonald in 1SS2, who was in and especially of the far and wide let us suppose we heard Great Firitain calling "Stop" to us after the battles of San Juan hill or Santiago. Would we have stopped'' The Pioneer-Times believes that not only the great major-supporting the war with tfpain. but the Insignificant minority opposing it. would have united in a harmonious shout of "Mind your own business." Does anyone doubt that we would have gone to war with Great Britain or any other foreign nation rather than permit it to dictate to us the path of duty 1 Perhaps some one w ill say we had a I counsel or advice, but as there are probably many other men who are likely to develop this bomb idal mania and start out on a killing expedition, a suggestion to them imy not be out of place. The man who attempts to win a woman's affection with a gun proceeds upon a false theory. -We may demon national administration. And well they mav for a more prosperous, happy ' and contented men were never brought together. The delegates and visitorR wfre prosperous looking men. From every corner of the state came well fed and well clothed delegates with an air of thankfulness for the prosperity of the past three years and confidence in the future. Even the country newspaper men are becoming aristocrats The change in the condition of things east of the river during the past four years has been beyond belief. Populism and calamityism is a thing of the past. The state will go republican by a majority of from ten thousand to t wenly t housand. turn succeeded by Mr. Thomas Moore f imed millinery room, considered the Hood'i ttu pur niier nii: h nonarrittuie tni only cathartic to take with Hood' rttnapariuj" strate his own vast admiration for her. but lie In no wise causes a reciprocal feeling in her breast by filling her, with an assortment of bullets. Sh- mav be imrressed with his sincerity. moral right in Cuba, and would be justified in defending our actions there. So we thought. Spain did not think so. Great Britain might not have Gabriel's Weekly Forecast, in lssa Mr. Moore resigned in 188i. finest furnished business room in the and Mr. Alex. McKenzie, the present entire west. The name. "Big Brick general manager, succeeded to the Store" will doubtless cling to it lo- place. being brought here from a man- allv for a generation to come, not- agerial position for the same firm at withstanding the change in its affairs, what was then known as Brownsville, and the name will ever be synonymous c n the B. H. & Ft. P. Railroad, an im- of square dealing with the trade, con It will not clo for us to but is not at all Incited to respond t bought so -j. h i M at 1'SUIl.v l:k.-lv 1 th. tportant point r.t that :i:v at which say that Greet Britain has no moral right in South Africa. These arc mat-teas which the nation bearing the responsibility must decide for itself. Gil many had said "Stop" to j Three forecasts are made i day. The first applies to th" large: the second shows how born on this day in any year. ; to fare during the coming yea t h i i d : ndicat cs how chi idren. iiot n on this day in the ,. . will fare during iifc Sunday May :'T g 1 favorably to his addresses,. If she b.' killed she is certainly not available as a matrimonial possibility, and the, murderer may have to sit in the elertri" chair which is worse even than marriage and its concomitant horrors BI..II 'A' .. Argus Leader: T! j. i rin. Blac k Hills sideration for the competitor, and progressive merchandising. I' is a grand business institution. m -gn invent ly managed. Tuid a substantial good to Admirai Dcwev after the battle (if Ma - j i;la ba in Admiral IHcderhh at times .' egation to the Sioux Fall f'l I, otoe in 1 Mi, Til" 'e'-g,lt!on was or. . . tit ion j g'lOM.i a ' I . in j i ml i ountrv. Tin ' I'ltY ' tich' The man who feels that life is not j worth living because .some woman has i -"it ed inclined to do" Would v. o 1, II I I to t l.e roll ell' u u: it w bp b t r.ustn. .ife tlp-ee at Tor-iT of Jul; u uebT the M iirri n . manage li are s of the btlsiip under ! he man; ope at Pi. du pent of Thotiti e at Nemo urn! f Gabe Fredri. ops connections tea !i ;ih'! refused to marry him needs a liv. medicine and a change of air He ha not properly diagnosed his symptom.-Love and marriage are hut incident In life, and do not comprise all of e Istenee. It is only in noels that th i -k I, n ot - . looses - war but I fortune -,1. -" .ed to W i 1 1 1 1 ' i -pcciall.y ial matte ( r i an a - w a s i.ot on ! ' ' '' i ! : : i . . , I 1 1 n . hi ' I d ti e lull. haw th known-1: ' -We ' 'as imi ia .! na.-t f i vor. ' aT' l: la' - w ho hi'c.i .-lit th I I :L'J:! ' ' t .It-' ,r, a 1 V W 1 1 1 sen; the ! stoppi I while one of Dewey's warships was a lb 'at" We think no There was nothing in Admiral Dewey's ivi .r to indicate that he would brock the slightest show of foreign interference wilh our toing ahead and assuming .meriMgnty over the Philippines, nor was there anything in the newspaper talk indulged in at the time which would so indicate. Did we base any the wood used by the Homestake company was handled. The business had 'el, .'Mended over a period of about .Llit .,ars, and the floor space used in tuc'vhandisin-T consisted of the first " and basement, the second story ';:,4 given over to living rooms ami - With Mr Mclv-nzie's regime oh aiiciineiit : and his i u . lorn i n - i' i' l" t luck, insurmountable will pow-. r :'nd business capacity and push. -,i a t. ade itself evident in the inan-,g :.e h' . r" affa i i s G radua! I but .-!.! 'il. the business has- grown -i: e that time until now the tloor .-.pace u.,eii in merchandising consumes :! .nut square feet, exclusive of barns and granaries needed for the transportation and delivery department. The' building, two-story and basements, now fills the lots 100. Iu2. 104. loii. 10. IOUS j it ' - will ' tinau. a ft'a 1 1 V Fun utiun Hill: id th. f the Mills A Hla. rmanetit chairman emotions located in the oc c ipital re- glon of the brain have such sway. A careful reading of the divorce records ls o. k v;i s veil f Not in ma n in it the i the ami the Hills fellows i it to tirisii. Now it' hundred miles squar Vomlay May da for any purp. Those, who i ti c 1 1 u I: tion during t hi from si est one ge U f 1 111 vear are face of the globe ,lo not n.i As to President M.'Kinle. it would not be -urprising to hear that he is a trifle tired after his wrv trying experience of the past two years. Yet anv reports of his decrepitude must be re i .'iced with several grains of salt, for if Samson himself were running asm presidential candidate, or wan talked of as such, he would soon be reduced by powerful political imaginations to the physical deterioration of a victim o the famine in India.. The president is not built that wav. ho iM lose money. Children, born today s foi othees and should He business for themselves. Tuesday May 211 An un moral light in the Philippines'.' There arc a good many Boer sympathisers in this country who would aiisv, that question with a "No. pud yet who would have ben willing to shoulder a gun cheerfully at the time to persuade any foreign nation to keep its hands Off When an uncivilized nation, like Turkey, is engaged In a conflict with a diminutive civilized power, like Grece. the other clilized powers may feel warranted In combining to prevent i a.iv ap'ii- and trouble thru quarrc Is are tht ed (luring this year. The lives of today's childr-i: will show that many men who have deemed life ; insupportable w ithout some particular woman hae found life unbearable with the object of their affections. The man who is so deeply in love that he feels his fingers twitching to clutch a gun handle and shoot the object of his affections should go off on a vacation and mingle with other women for a time. He will then see the utter futility of wasting good lead and endangering his own future shooting uny one woman. He should stand off to one tide and regard the matter with a slight trace of humor. It will then appear funny to him. arid he will not want to kill. Certainly every man who has killed a woman because he loved her has finally developed the opinion that he could claim a premium will lie. North Mill street, all of which is used in merchandising except the rooms used each by the, the Hearst Free library and the Home-stake offices. The mammoth establishment cannot properly be called a "de partment store" in the common accepted term, for it is not strictly speaking such a business. It is rather, five complete, separte stores under one roof and apparently doing business for themselves, but under one managment. largest republican vote in its history, we on this side of th" river ai" going to be disappointed. But every Hills delegate says it. will. Sioux City Journal: The convention proper more than divided time with the republican league clubs of the state, and there were oratory, music and parades, and shouting, and so forth and so forth sufficient to tax the endurance of the people of any other state than South Dakota. There was a big meeting, under the auspices of the league, on Tuesday night, and the convention was willing to wait while the league went on with another big meeting on Wednesday night. The convention met at '1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, effected a temporary organization and adjourned early until 10:. 'in in the evening. The auditorium was packed with enthusiastic republicans: every county was represented and every delegation appeared to be THE TIC WET. The ticket nominated at Sioux Falls m strong and clean from top to bottom. No apologies or defense need be made during the campaign. At the head of the ticket is Hon. F. W. Martin for congress, a new man in politics, but well km w n to the people of the Black Hills and to thousands of people east of the liver. All that the Pioneer Times said of him before the convention goes now just the same as it did only- more so. The preliminary campaign has prepared him for the one to 'follow. He will stiengthen the ticket neither be eventful nor fortunate and the girl? are likely to become widows Wednesday May ,n,u. No fivois should be asked today and "inpluyps should take care not to offend their superiors This will be a good year for In.-ui"- but trouble may be expected in d. , luetic affairs. Today's children will fare v. holding salaried positions. Tin girls should be op their guard agiilu-t th kl sweethearts. Thursday May .11. A ;! .M-time for courtship anil in at : i ag. Friday June 1. An unfavorable -loon which to start anv new .-nt. it.' -- the annihilation of the smaller power In the Interests of civilization in general. But when two civilized powers are settling differences between themselves by the bloody arguments of war other civilized powers feel under no obligations to interfere, if they have no personal interest in the dispute. It is not the province of the I'nited States to say Great Britain is in the wrong In South Afrira any more than it was in the province of Great Britain to say that we were in the wrong in Cuba. (Mi eat Britain would be fitly jus tified In resenting our interference as the greatest fool of the year the day before his execution. There is not that mixture of stocks, that little of everything and much of nothing .o common to the average "department store." The grocery department and hardware department take up the main floor and basement of the original building Xos. lOi and 10i. The clothing department occupies the TltVIXG TO C OXTER r soriETV The pastors of the Brooklyn church- es haje now entered upon the annual v,,.nIAnll r.t Cnnov lulnnrl This I everywhere, ('has L Burke has been in congress about 'it .en months and j his record is un open one. To see I J '"'"Ul''uuu rSJi-ot as we would have been justified land of yoyous, care-free Abandon is I Chas. N, Herried. nominee for governor. In resenting her tnterrerenr - is to be inspired with confidence in his to be carefully gone over and made Cr an programme. A fortunate year this will I ':' I quarrels anil law-suit slnuld 1 led. "' Today's c hildren will h.u : i: ' etnies and ti e girls will not ,' . muc h happiness in life. IMghlv intelligent and fo: t. ' clay 's children w i! be but " " . ness annoyances must !. .- - . 1 ability and integrity, Geo. W. Snow. ; an old soldier, was forced to accept the 'nomination for Lieut. Governor, (tie! i C Berg, a Scandinavian by birth. I has bei u a resident of the state fori twenty three years, during whic h t h o ( neonle of his count" frequently j pastors use. The amusements of the I place will he subjected to the strict ! supervision of a censor, and nothing ! more harmful than the selling of pea-1 nuts and pink lemonade will be per-mltted In the line of barter, while the entertainment furnished will tx re- re- ' Btrlcted to the merry-go-rounds and the illustrated lectures on the Holy; Land. ! .it. rr.j S THE S.1ME OLD S T ) I! ) ', The same old stoiy. alway., heard at the approach of a presidential campaignthe terrible physical degeneration of ( is up again. Keen the robust Colonel Bryan Is reported as being in a state of collapse closely resembling neurasthenia, which will room in the new library and postomce wing No. 100. the dry goods department fills all the second floor of Nos. 10-1 and 10f.; the millinery and ladies' r-ai!.v-to-wear the second floor of No. :. and No. 110 is given over to the Hot t .and feed section of the grocery department. The firm name from the original one of George Hearst. was .hanged to P. A. Hearst some years ago. on the death of the owner, and re-i --nil Id Hearst Mercantile com-; i.ny. under which the business now . mimics, with the following incorporator T. J. Grier, W. E. Sri-ead. A', x. McKenzie and G. C. Moody. Mr. '..:! is president. Mr. Smead. vice president and secretary, and Mr. .h Keiizie, treasurer and general manager of the concern. The same progressive spirit will doubtless continue in tin makeup of the future policy of the management, and the store and its selling will grow commensurate with Lead's demands at all times, keeping abreast of the times in the matter tuuy represented. After th" conven-l tion got down to its night's work there! was a lot of oratory. All the candi-! dates were presented in nominating speeches, and all the nominations were j seconded, some of them two or three' times over, and then the leading e,m-j did. lies, as they were nominatrd by' the convention were brought out fori speecln s. A notable speech in this oart of the program was the spee. h by F.. W. Martin of Dead wood, nominated for congress to succeed Mr. Gamble, who voluntarily retired to be a candidate for I'nited States senator to succeed Mr. Pettigrew. It was a little af-: fer A o'clock yesterday morning when j the convention concluded its woik. i That wvs a beastly hour for a political, convention to adjourn, and yet it ad-1 joumed in good temper, and with en- thusiasm unabated. A little thing like j that was only put on to show how solid the South Dakota rftpubllqans arei this year a nyV how-, capable they are ; for, hard work. 1 elected him to citric. I Clcu k of Courts, i ; term. The other 1 nominations with I Frank' LcCoc ij for At present he :tving his serolid i andidates are fettle exception of Railroad Commis- The pastors of Brooklyn appear to necessitate his retirement from the stump during the entire campaign The story is that he will remain under his own roof-tree at Lincoln. Nebraska go out of their way to make trouble. A united stand should h made against this effort on their part to deprive us sic tier. i . . ., j Another actress has been poisoned by ; sent, of c ourse, by some j jealous rival or deadly enemy. As is Saturday June go. w b b h fo ask fa', ors a i 1 t i '. Some unpleasantness j ',. - ... ed (lit ri ng t h is yen.- t h t u u" i -'' paper-- and nngrv , ,.-... Young people, bow ev .a- 1 ate in love. Today's children will b. p- -but rather fortunate The g - likely to separate from their b ;-b ' i- An unfortunate year this will in many respects and extreme ! enee will be necessary in order t .v i"l off the threatened dangers Gabriel R. V. Oxford ' ' ' Rov 4.11 White Plains. New V : Gabriel's Birth da v Cub!" your f'lture. Circulars free of Coney Island as we have known It a temporarily retired statesman. Pres- idem McKinley Is reported as suffering some mysterious ailment which is alarming his intimate friends. These stories have lost their power to interest any considerable number of people. They turn up with mathemat- for decades. The wickedness of "Coon ey"-i8 only comparative at worst, and la largely theoreticalT It may be a bad, unholy place compared with the Sunday afternon Bible class, but after all It is the only place of recreation of always the case in these affairs, a physician was promptly called, and the actress w;as soon pronounced out of dan-ger--if any danger ever actually existed. The poisoned-candy advertisement is groing a trifle moldy. It should be laid away on the same shelf with the diamond robbery and life-saving stories, leaving some new scheme of trumpet blowing to be invented hv the press agents. j of "right" buying and selling and seek- A vear ago democrats were piomis-inK ratner to buiI(1 traJp an(1 it fug to wipe the .republican party off by nlacin8 dependalI values on the the earth on the 'issue of imperialism, j markpt than t0 se how cheaP fhonsands who would drift into paths i leal regularity every four years. Par-much more dangerous. were this resort ty conventions do not "scare worth a not accessible. The folk who get j cent" over thelc reiteration. A rtemo-their wekly outing' at Coney Island cratic campaign without Bryan on the have a right to restnt any attempt to stump as the most conspicuous figure and It was r,nlvn ahort tfmo 1lntii ikftv" e sold regardless of values, ia- CONGRESSION'AL Sl'Ci'i: Plaindealer: The state : convention which was held '.'. day in Sioux Falls was unu-'. lts Values," as contained in take froni them their only cheap sea-! would be as dull as a convepilon of t fo,'n'l 'hat "rTie Solid south" was as the established trade mark of the bus- much divided as the North on that Hear-vVdmiral1 Ahmed Pasha of the I enthusiasm and united opi;.:-: question, and fnited States senators inPSS' is oxr optionally well applied. rnd candidates for state offic es were The makeup of the clerical force and making their campaign on the open ' attaches is an interesting one. and it issue of expansion and a wider market I is ' 'htfu! If a more intelligent, har- Purkish navy says that ifter he has j conventions t an be remem b- : -looked tiiru the United States navyj I'arty iu which there was .str..t ' yards h may conclude to buy a vessel. ir,R f"r ni' more united etTo t It isn't in the democratic -school-- nionions body of men and women can I " um "'"cers wno snow tutu tin li these , "J P'onnuence one s,..-, ..nccii ,ir" never ne may conclude to i meeiing i ne slde resort.- They ar' many tlmes as - grave-diggers. H has kept the rlem-morM n their way aa" their far,, njore ocratic from dying of the megrims for fsshionnbla neighbors who (lock to ' four years, past. He has.. It is true. Newport' and other high price estab-, been unwittingly delivering funeral lifihments, yet with their characteristic orations ver his almost' moribund philosophy, they are "not making- do-, pertf, hut they have been funeral ora-roands that Newport shouId have a tiois of such a humorous character moral censor. . ' I that nobody can suppress the rising of ' At Coney Island they can take sea the 'pert and Hsible spirit of mirth." bath a. get their tintypes taken and I It would, be hard to spare Bryan from have a really eAJoyahle time on a sum j the political arena. After Sam Clem-BHlcbf less ttian, one of the Newport jns, he Is certainly the great American crowd would foes as a tip to the waiter 1 humorist. , He is' fc utopist who Has serving a round of, drinks. It is the ! kfpt many f fcfs party from siifcide. ters to define the difference between 1e founi in any Kimi,ar business instl-"expansion" and "imperialism" in such ' tution in the wintry. There are no a way as to catch the cotton grbwe'rs ' lro',es among them and no faultfinders of Mississippi and the corn growers of ail pu" for "Tne Brick" and its man-Missouri who are looking for and re. i aee npnt and work together for a com-ceiving higher prices for their pro-; mo1' ra,l8e- Few' changes in the per-ducts. and the sooner they drop it the SOIUlel are made, and civil service rules better for them. I t0 govern, at least to an extent pay those indemnities, too. Take up the white man's burden, the saine free silver plank. Write down the old line democrat as a Marcus Hanua crank: The elephant, next November, the nation's floor will mop' With your untaught, sullen party, half sort or plaee they caa appreciate, nd " dreamer in the woods" he of one mind: Herried for .: Burke nnd Martin for cmc- -It is a certainty now thai -. a weak and , lifeless c omotr populists have just held. publicans following with a full of the most decided opir nnxious enthusiasm that the--estimable men have a c leay For Martin there is not the sb . e doubt but what he will be ele one of the largest majorities a gressman has ever had in th -' In this the people show their s Judgment In their dep 'i so worthy and honorable a man i next congressman, E. W. Martin. ; o j that it would appear that the' boys Now that Dewey is out of the way s'11 easily to hold their. positions by the track seems clear for the presiden- attending to business strictly and dur- "purifled," and toned op to a charphly standard. It -would be unavailable except as a picnic ground for, Sunday Ing good behavior the term of service soeiillst and half pop. Of course the mothers are having a good time down in Des Moines, but just think of the bushel basketsful of fun the kids are haing at home. Is wide .awake as a raconteur of lurid catastrophles to be. He can reach the day of rtste and of ultimate hope and watch tbe ntter eclipse of ths sun of his vision with a smile angelic' Verily, we cnnof spsre Bryan from the scliols. 1 tial "candidacy, of Mark Twain, who waots Mr. Doley for his running mate. "f am a democrat" Signed, D. B. Hill,, G. Dewey per M.. C. A. Tbwne. There's a choice assortment for you. in some instances extending over a, period of fifteen years. The force as now enrolled, contains: Dry Goods department: T. R. Stoner, buyer; John Nicholas, Wil- Town relieved on May, 16." But that refers to Maf eking. '., ! coming campaign! They say that Mrs. Dewey sings 'Home, Sweet Home," very sweetly.

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