The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 31, 1900 · Page 1
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1900
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24th YEAR. DKADWOOD, S. D., THURSI'AY, MAY, 3!, l'Min FI VINCENTS. Buffalo ) V. Drip-, i- llaire. .vna jti m ma JOHANNESBURG TAKEN Wiit h .Mi-s Marv M. Mi,,:). Mi THE DEMOCRATS IN CONVENTION I H :1 i 'JOINT FIELD DAY CELEBRTiON lMte,- -(,. 'ampi.oll. ''ll.llies M i'"d::. gum I. M S. - I. Vv :.! i: i; D ' MOTUIflfi 1 i Clav o V.'. Th. uin on 1 V j.iiousy i.CT MADE VHE r:jsr. I M. Donaldson. . I.. Funm. W Stirling..:-. Officially An'icu.Kcd In London Tliat L : :: r-: . c ' - ' His Army Have Movcti -nto t:,e Smith African M.rv C'ISleV. ! 'a iii; i la y i D.-H.-l O'mda ( ; v.. :al , The Atheietiu Clubs of the Hills j Have Formed a Joint Lawrence County Democrats Select Delegates to State Convention. IMlniii Fall R ds - i VT I.. Almond. I!- T. Roy Ian A. L. l.eaton. I- S. Cam, V, Chamberlain I. Fauset. -li Celebration I tiai Faulk 1 1 Grant -J. wder d lo r an ! da I In oiif--lit -, r.o.n.v, . st piano s section micf H Sjj NEWS SETS ENGLAND ABLAZE Hamlin. --(' in (he . til the play i'liat h" F. Farner. ami In in thi canni i: let she 1 e,v . i : I"! Iipipe Mr :i.oot hest ei- h. ai d - nil artist ; is lo lie -.rain. Mr. mi-essor of !l Hie .litis ver, while I. and . lie iues: ii it hoped we may In ar Flinteiinan. who him the and Yankton. South Dakota, and it Is .lo intention to commence vvo.k at mice, and lui-ten tlm road to omple-i ion. The State Convention Will Chose Delegates to National Convention. Field Day Will Be Celebrated At Sturgis Next Month. 1 Lord Roberts Issues a Pioclamation ' Declaring the Orange Free State j a Part of the British Empire As Orange River State. llle sweetest t 111 i voice was mole pleasing than Miss Clemens, who fi!, K. F. Saltmarsh. Hanson - W. s. Hill. Hughes, H. v. Stewart. Hit: him, on. c. v. Melner. Hyde.- II. c. Shober. lerauld.- F. M. Steers. Kingshui .--i,. j t;lt,. I. itk". C.i org. I. Fai in -r Law reiire.-Oeorge V. Ayres. Lyman.- .1. . Anderson. - J. C. Thorp. Lincoln. C. M. Sceloy. MeCook J. Patton. ll urn in a sei ne from 1 ugoinar. " CHICAGO. M. Coy am! :i:iius middle May 2!".- Spiv i.! -Kid Tommy Kyan. the fa veight i haiiipions, fought six fast and fnriom Tatlersalls before thousand people.-llogan ga the d rounds tonight at a crowd of ten Referee Malachy i ision to McCoy. Special. -It is i late hour to LONDON. May ol ticially announced at t Jin iv.-day i oonis alhleli .lei, .s fro. ii the three ath-ii b.-. of the lilai k Hills met yes-afternoon m the Olyniiiie club of tins city, and formed an association cumulated to take tin in all ' :OH II c lubs for a joint celebra-annual field uav. June night that Lord Roberts' force o.-i upies Johannesburg. There are no details, Fngland is agog with exultation, and London fairly vvilh joy and fireworks. ' M'K.IHVN, S. A ., May UP Special. Lord Huberts has issued a I i oclamation declaring the Oiange th ,is tertiiiiily captivating, m perfei i . ni l-, her appearance, her manner, ln-r very at well deserved fin- hearty I 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 she leieive'l, Mrs Kellier's ! minion of her solo v. ;: , prooi pos, j 'ne lo her many friends that she is j till in possesion of that voi that ' ' as pb-ased . 1 1 i t charmed an often. !isk. S liniiiU's v iolin soio olid- ' ,-, a hearty en me and ;hr respond j I by rendering "Suwanee ,wv,t" sol ".nit iful ly lliat -Veii lie- iil,i,uito:is I u-all hoys in the lion; row were t. d. Ml. 'fi-ltlll'lV. Whose womb'! : : ! lino- is the p:-:i'e o:' of I lie ml 1 1 ill:- w.i at hK i.e. t. atid i mil a.v - - .!, Ml h. l V lllll I V 111 t eil - ,1 lO ' ivonl an encore. I.ul when did he ever -uci I'i'il in doing so m this i oimt ! y .' I v a Ryan resisted the .decision, claiming that the previous understanding was that if bollr men were on their feet at the end of the tight, the decision should be a draw. Kyan attacked llogan and struck nim 11 blow on the jaw. almost limekiln: him out. llogan retaliated with a blow, cutting li , an's nose open. McCoy had slightly 'lie belt"!- of the tight, landing more del ided ,ioll for tile field iratimi tliis year, ami Sturgis. mate, I a , I tie site of t he cole- lomiuiliee was appointed day i w a di till ii in di cm i ; 1 1 u r SI a Free r,it a part of t li I i .- a. t !.e ' (range If i v joint as- Mel'llolsoi, - () . (. Mead" J. C. McMillan. Miner. - .1. C. Hoot. Mititiehaba W. L. Baker. Moody.- .1. Mausoii. Pennington - J. H. Henry. I'otmr.- li. P. Hoover. Roberts.- W. S. Leeount. Sanborn T. X. Kirkpatrii k. Spink.- U. II. .MeClaiiL'hey. Stanley, C, I.. M, ,.tt,.. Solly- It .1. Courtney. Turner F .C. Danfortli. Fiiion .;, K. RimmI. Walworth. Fred Crippiu. Yankton. John Holmar Grogoiv. S. M. I.indley. WYOMING LIVE STOCK EUSINESS. i" draught by-laws for th social ion and an ee, n i Thi' I.awii-ncc r:unty (It met ratic (Oiivt'iiiii'ii was held in the court house in tliis 'itv ycslerday afternoon, for the pun""-'' "f sl''tinK delegates to the dfiii'ii-ratic state convention. Pursuant I" the i.iH the meeting was rapiwil " order by W. A. McLaughlin, chairman of the county central com-n.ittf'. "n motion all democrats present wi-re given seats in the ermvention. Mr. Mcl.aiiuhlin was elected temporary i hainiii'?' :n.'l G. P- HilFsell temporary pcr't:m. : 1 1 ! subsequently this organization was made permanent. It was jiww Miond. d and carried that the . h:i:r ;:ip'in' a ommittee of live from arums.' 111" delegates for the purMse (,f selecting tliirlv delegates to the stall' convention, and that the convention waive the matter of adopting resolution'; fur present. The chair accordingly appointed John R. Wilson, Dr. K. IV Ralph. V. V. Brainy, V. Todd and Andrew Olinstoad. and the committee! THE ST. LOUIS FAiW (JILL. ippoiliti d ii take charge of M : W ell piano sol w I o w as I Indians 111. Mi: h, I- hi r tin- details of held day. these iiiminit-iee.- i.i'iug ; . k I al , d I t ni!i the three clubs'. 1 !l l.-e l l esel,! -,l the taeetllli J es- ti -nl.'.y w i le 1-: l-'iaiiKlin. a' meiiilper of tin-, board of im and , haii'inan '!' t ,le at l:le e ,, 'iDimit! ,-e of I He My III- ) i 'Mill el Mils city. K, F. i- and Winter Simpson ol the ! i i-sl hie pi e V lolls ex- . li. d It ork. ill the and upon a Jewel Song'' fiom Faust ', l -le oils en core .- all g illli e of the many w it h w hich, as in seems to be well :h School or- lu stra itching ballads hc-i v i, -I work , she -lipplied. The Hi I ; 111 St lllll I Division Freight Agent Dennis Returns From a Trip to Lander. i. Iienn.s ;ot home Monday fiom a three weeks' trill over the Klk-li.un bram h in Wyoming, having been Committee Will Favor An Appropriation of Five Million iJollars. WASHINGTON". D ('. May 2f Special. The mi in il Of on aiipro ;u i ; 1 1 i i -1 1 s voted to report favorably on lie- bill appropriating live millions for the St. Louis World's lair. Organized labor leaders are flock jig here to prevail on the senate to pass tin- eight hour bill this session. The lull has already passed the house. The house will vote Friday at I o clock on the proposed constitutional amendment giving congress the power to regulate trusts. The louse committee on agriculture decid, d today to report lavorably on tl.e ; ;!! f hill. - - - A CAMPAIGN OF CRUELTY. blows, but Ii v an wus ;he aggressor ihiuoiit and his friends insist that if dei i.-iim should have I,. . 11 ., draw. 1 . - Poison In Potatoes. I in public is becoming excited over the statement recently made that pota-ini contained a poison called solanin. it Is announced that new potatoes contain much less than old ones hut those which have commenced to sprout arc quite dangerous. This may he true, but it seems odd that people have lived and thrived for centuries upon them and that their danger has just been discovered. It is safe to assert that anyone vvilh whom potatoes do not agree has stomach trouble, and anyone who lias indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation, biliousness, or liver and kidney weakness needs Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters at mice. This medicine dues more than promise, It curesi Avoid substitutes and insist on having the genuine. Try It. , .lolm S. ollard. Wesley A. and 11. I., ('miter of th.Ma T-i eili of Si in is , anil .1. S.iiiiin l La Mont, and .1. M. y of tie- Colileii Star club of This.- committees organized i ting N". F. Franklin of the I'a Ha j ( 'lllll... j I via::. l.'-ad ! Iiv eh closed this part of the entertainment v nil a very pleading and well performed side. tioi;.. The audience were then given a rare treat by Mr. Win. i McLaughlin, as Mr. Mortimer liriofbag; Miss Helen Bennett as Mrs. I'rettipet, and Mrs. W. 11. Whealen as Bridget were in the initial points, in aver y amusing and clever fane written by Mrs. Burton Harrison, which the audience, to judge from the laughter, fully appre dated, and the peiforiners acquitted themselves creditably and to the omplete satisfaction of their friends. Olympic president: ( loiden Star dm.. n e F. Flinteiinan. of the re tary . and Wesley A Ma To !'a lla. treasurer. ,. .1. Clark, president; R, I Olympic, sc - j . nait . of tin; ; K. F. Flin- j retirt"! to an adjoining room to make up the delegation, the convention taking: a rfcess in the meantime. When the committee returned the convention was called to order and the following names were submitted and adopted as delegates to the state convention: W. If. Todd. Matthew Carroll. K. P. Ralph. Hiram Dotson. Miers rturtnn, W. W Hradley. Thomas W. Thompson, .laroh Jones. Samuel Moll, E. R. Collins. Frank Aht, If. K. May, as far west as Lander. The sheep sliearins; sea -on is still on in that soition. the sheep men tiaviji beer, delayed in netting thnr with their clips on areount of stormy weather ilurinK April. This compelled thorn to stop shearing, as the wool must be dry when clipped, and about that time the lanibiriK season be;;an. This oincpelledthe m to move their herds out onto the lambim; grounds, and then they had to defer their sheaiint; until after the lanihin,.; season. It estimated that fiftv per cent of the Chinese "Boxers" Are Inflicting Their Wra'.h On he Missionaries. terman. 11. L. ("outer and A. J. Clark were appointed a tommittee on by- ! laws, and the same three gentlemen. ' together with Walter Simpson, of the ' Olympic club, aim j. M. Delaney, of the Golden Star club, were appointed i on liie ixei iive committee, to have Married. Yesterday afternoon Miss Minnie i ABOUT ATTENDING INSTITUTES. sheep of that section will be shorn this year after lambing There is to be an unlisiiany large clip this year, but mm b of this wool w ill not I'KM.V China. .May r.t. special. -Reports from districts where "Moxers" are active are to the effect that they are waging a campaign of distressing cruelty on the missionaries and na-t ,e ( 'hri-1 i; ns. who are special oh-jei is of tin ir wrath Many of both have lieei kHIed. and the imperial troops an' unable to suppress the o itbreaks. I'anic reigns here for fi ar the i ip'tal will he invaded. All School Law Requires That Teachers Should A tone.'. tion if. Chapter II. o: the S' hool of South Dakota, nr r. ides that lounty superintend":; is author-and reiiiired to revok at any a certificate held in his ooiin- Laws The ie. time lllldel 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 have I Dispatches .ay the foreign goveiii-! m -tits are lauding troops to punish j the "Boxers" and protect their sub- , ! jeds. aulhority of set tion I. of this r. for any i ause v. 'i i 1. would Mithorizeil or reii'.ie'e-l P m to Nii'lips was married to Nils Carbon, in Lead Mr. Carbon was in (he employ of the I 'omest a ke an, I mis been a resident of Lead for a year or sucli a matter and is an industrious young man The bride is a sister of George I'hillips of Lean, who lias been one of the Homestake foundry force for y ears, ynl is a highly esteemed young lady who has made many friends during her resided -e in Lead, which has been about a year. Lust evening a number of the friends of the contracting parties enjoyed a few hours pleasant visit at the home of Mr. George I'hillips in Washington addition. The newly married couple will reside in Lead for a time, when they will move to Nebraska, and locate upon a farm of the groom's. in i barge in,- luiangements for field day As soon as thv joint (ominittee ad jourm-d the committee on by-laws went in. o session, and began the work of formulating a set of regulations tor the government of Hie association, and rubs umier which the different athletic i i nte.-ts are to he held. These will be .-llblllitted to the joint assoi iation. subject to its approval and i'doption. The field day meeting of the three clubs will be h Id in ileatty's park, haif i' nine from Sturgis. This is the finest pai k in the Mia k 1 1 ills, and was the s-. em- rf the Olympic field sports last year There will he a large numb"!- ei field s;ioits this year, and : ouio very interesting contents, in-i hiding foot racing, bicycle ra ing. hurdle racing .pole vaulting, .brow William Niiddy, J, B. Lo Beau. Andrew Bray. Paul T'insnrault. Morris Walsh. T. D Coleman. H. P. Swain. Miehael Kerwin. Samuel Lane. James Mo-Meor. M. J. Place. W. L. McLaughlin. John Katen. John P. l,tffey. John R. Wilson. Charles R. Davis. A. W. Merrick. A. Large. The same ommittee submitted the following resolution, which was adopted: Be it Resolved. That the delegates present at the d"inoeratic convention at Chamberlain. S. I)., on June fi. 1900. be authorized to cast the vote of the entire delegation and that they shall vote as a unit. The convention then adjourned sine die. Those present at the convention yesterday were W. L. Mclaughlin. John Wilson. W. W. Bradley. Andrew Olmstead. W. H. Todd. E. D. Ralnh. W. go onto the market right away. The owners are going to hold it, some of theni storing it in the warehouses of that section, some of them Btoring in eastern houses, and a few of them shipping on eonsi .'iinient . At Lander Mr. Dennis nu t a former resident of the Iliack Hills. G. W. Scott, who was at one time in the signal service here. He is now running the signal office at Lander, is general manager for the Wyoming Telegraph company, and is also running a photograph gallery in Lander. He at one time ian a photograph gallery in the Whittaker block in this citv. FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. i 1 An Eccentric Woman of Omah nf'i -e to grant if at the tim - it was granted, and for incoinpeiercy, immorality, intempera'tv e, viola ns of the state law. cruelty, i: :,i m doit of the business of the schooi. r for -efusal or neglect to alien I a t th Ii j It Buried Under Her Floo OMAHA. Neb,. May 2!t. - Special Mrs Lucas, an eccentric old woman. who died here re enlly. was known to and be wealthy but 'relatives found only ' a lew thousand on deposit in the rs'". alter dim j-the revocation shall tormina ploymeiil of such tem In hools where lie or she. i : i '.' e eni-II, the the time. Mr. I tennis says a large amount of bank. A search of the house resulted in the disiovery of fifty thousand dollars under the Hour in paper, gold and fun rnmeiit bonds. ing the liammi r. putting the shot and throwing the dis us. may he employed" An earnest effort is bcji to secure a large attendance joint institute to lie held by The I ark is being cleaned up at I made at the the six S- Cook. Hiram Dotson, Timothy Cole-nan, C. E. Davis. John Mansfield. John Katen. John Skelly. A. W. Merrick. O. REPRIMANDED. HEALTH BOARD An Advanced Educator. I'rof. H. C. Griibbs. whom the Lead board of education have select,. 1 fo: principal of the public schools as the successor of I'rof. I'inkerton, resigned, comes from Hartington. Nebraska. In speaking of him in a letter from Attorney L. K. Mover to Board Members of the Subordinate r- Kussell. Michael Heffron, John Tier ney. J- d. McCllntock, Nell McDon ongh. fine cattle aro being bred in that part of Wyoming. The cattle men there are running small minrhes of stock, and are bringing only the finest blooded bulls, paying frequently L'.".l per head for them, l no HerefopA are the favorites, altho a great number of Herefords are being interbred with Durhams. The latter are regarded as the best beef cattle, while the former are best range rustlers, but by crossing them a high grade animal is produced, combining the best features of both the Hereford and Durham. It is also being proven that the product n' Hereford bulls and Texas ! tin, k Hills counties at Rapid City, beginning June isth and continuing until the 2Mb. and it is hoped that all lea, hers of Lawrence count' will attend. Information relating to hotel and other accommodations may be obtained from Miss Kate Murrin. superintendent of the Law rence i ounly public schools. the pit sent time, and w ill be in a better and more attractive i ondition this year than ever before. The raci track will be placed in the best shape possible, and the buildings will he thoroly repuiri d and renovated. The lagoon has been enlarged and improved, and and it is the intention to put in a new chute and cars so that those who desire may "shoot the chutes." The government has plans under way to open a drive from Sturgis to Fort Meade, two miles dis Are Asked to Resign SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 2!!. Special. -The state board of health has ordered the local board to quarantine Chinatown. The state board severely reprimands the local board for incompetency and calls on its members to resign. The state convention Is to be held at -Jamberlain. June 6th. and delegates 111 there be named to represent the " at the democratic national con mention at Kansas City. July 4th. Wyoming Republicans. tant, by way of the park, thru the G. G. Dennis got home Monday Prof. I'inkerton. the following speaks for itself: "I want to say that I regard I'rof. Grubbs as a first class school man in every particular. He has had charge of tho schools at Hartington. Neb., for three years. He is a finely educated man, and a great worker. He is. undoubtedly the best educated man in the country or in this part of the state. He is a good organizer and being a great worker, expects everybody connected with the school to work. He is thoro, and I think an honest and conscientious man. The work of the Hartington schools was awarded second honors in the TranB-Mississippi exposition for all work exhibited there from Nebraska. He timber, and a survey has already been made. This road will be ma m ar where he owns a large stock ranch and other property, but now FOURTEEN MILLION DOtrLARGif The Sum Given by Senator Clark to His Daughter in Marriage. NEW YORK, May 29. Special-It is stated by intimate friends of the family that Senator Clark of Montana, gave his daughter, who married Dr Morris here last Monday, a wedding present of fourteen million dollars. cows is splendidly adapted 10 ine range. The Texas cow Is a pood rustler, anil looks after ner calf better than any other animnl that can be found. Judge W. V. Torrey and other sheep men have leased the Washakie Indian reservation and are preparing to run 50.000 head of sheep. They have 28.000 head on the reservation now. and have sheared 200,-Oi'O pounds of wool, for which buyers have offered to advance them $30,000. State Central Committee. 8tate tentral committee and candidates chose Frank Crane of "Wtertown. chairman, and George V. inJ? f wood. vice chairman, of ,? foIIowing additional members "'. the executive committee:.. C. C. JJ Scotland, R. W. Stewart of n-e, C. J. McLeod of Aberdeen, W. of ?UDt f ilmot- Georse E. Haire Belle Fourche, L. S. Cull of Hot P"?8. Carl G. Sherwood of Clark, xEl T 0t Sloux Falls- L- J- Bates Tinkt Preston. John Holm an of Jthn LongBtaff of Huron, to VfCtary WlU be McNul-ProSw v n- Headquarters will JMy be at Sioux Falls.. .The state be 8tate cmmittee both will SlB on the mmn.l. . cadamized and will form the prettiest drive in the Black Hills. This road will intersect the old road at the foot of the hill the other side of Sturgis, a short distance this side of the first bridge. Already a new drive has been formed between the town and post by keeping on one side of tht creek all the way down. This was done by leaving the old road at the first bridge and bearing off to the right, keeping along the creek but leaving it to the left all the way, coming out by the sawmill at the post. It will be seen from this that Sturgis will have numerous attractions to offer pleasure seekers this year, and the town is sure to have a big gathering on field day. Mrs. Gladstone Sinking . LONDON. May - 29 Special Mrs. Gladstone, widow of tho Great statesman, is sinking. Her right side is paralyzed. surveyor general of Wyoming, with headquarters at Cheyenne, was in Dead wood Monday on his way back to Cheyenne from Sundance, where he had been on business matters. He stated that the republican state con-convention held in Cheyenne the fore part of the month was the most suc-. essful and the most auspicious ever held in the state. Frank W. Mon-dell of Newcastle was renominated for congress without any opposition, and three presidential electors wen named. That was the only work before I he convention, except to choose delegates to the national convention in Philadelphia and members of the state central committee from the various counties and this was done without any particular opposition. Mr. Hanson says it is easy to forecast election results in his state this year, ami he looks for the largest republican majority ever given in that commonwealth. CHICAGO. May 28. Special.--The twenty-third quadrenial Methodist conference finished its business this morning and adjourned after the most notable session since the civil war. is a good teacher, a man of good personal address and about forty years old. In truth, Pinkerton. I do not know of any really weak points in Prof. Grubbs. I attended the North Nebraska teachers' meeting this spring and there heard and observed Grubbs" work and professional standing. I know he is regarded as a strong and able man by the teachers of this part of the state." A committee will select the meeting place for the next conference to be Uieil! U.comBi,lee as chosen by utllows3 8eVeral CUD- Tj"hdwig lxvlnger- rTTT Jba Longsteff. South Dakotan Drowned. OMAHA. Neb.. May 28. Special. A body was discovered floating in the river at this point today, and was taken to the morgue, where it was identifird as Henry C. Harding, of I'ukwana, South Dakota. o Road for South Dakota. OMAHA. Neb., May 29. Special. The bonds have been sold to construct the railroad between Omaha held four years from now. Most or the delegates have started for their homes. The Art Benefit. The entertainment given at the Opera house last evening for the purpose of raising funds to aid in the estab- Beam, who was probably the best pitcher who ever twirled the ball for the Lead nine, is this season pitching for the Fort Wayne, Ind., ball team, and meeting with pronounced success. Murphy. Mrs. Anson Higby and Mrs. W. T Graham left on the Burlington, the former for Lincoln, and the latter for Red Cloud. j Hshment of art in the public schools,

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