The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 16, 1900 · Page 11
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1900
Page 11
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StfSANDMWlNG sons prepares the grain he has so pro it yet winter with us? Are we cold vided for it. anu nara and Darren? Are there no In the verse Jrom which our text is been thrown away; but now, behold them green with tender blades, esu-h of which is a living thing, and all growing towards the harvest. Your garden late so barren. Is beginning to nide Plant at the Cleopatra taken the reference is clearly to at Dawson City. Tony has not seen Fred since the latter left the Black Hilla for the Klondike, and he is not Informed whether he intends to visit Cape Nome this year, or go back to the Klondike. He owns some mining interests near Dawson, and will probably want to get back there to look after them. Toney is an old Deadwood fair Mowers for him to see when he conies to bis garden? Is there no prospect of fruit for the great harvest day? He would visit us. but some of W 00 ,iv for the machinery. be bright with leaves and flowers How is all this? That, indeed, is a riU K!nrv has been ordered from spring. There are thr'ee happy touches of description that suit the season, even as we know A. But you will notice, the psalmist does not only describe spring, he also' interprets It. He does not only speak of its phenomena. he m-u. , M and wlli great, inexplicable mystery. You may 'JLn to arrive within a few teTT me about the seed, the sap and the NOTfCn Or TTMBKR SALS. DEPARTMENT OF TH B 'ItfTORIOR, OBNBRAI LAND OFFICS, WASHINGTON, D. C. January, t. 1900 Notice Is hereby stvw. that aealed bids.addreased to th Commit-loner of the General Land Office, will b received by the Receiver of the Unites States Laud Office at Rapid City, South Dakota, up to and Including April 27th. 1900, tor the purchase under the act of June 4. 1897. (30 Stat, 34-36) of burneS timber to the ampunt of l.bOO.OGO board feet of saw-logs and 200 cords; also about 35.SOQ green trees nvr 8 inches In diameter, containing 7.740.OOO board feet. Th said burned timber to be cut from the burned portion of the north half, and the said green tree from the south half, of a tract of public land ln Tp N., R. 1 ., withlu the limits of the Black Hills Forest Reserve, and exclusive of all valid sub-Uting mlnlag or other claims; and described as follows: Beginning at mlle-DOtt No. 90 on the State Line betweaa sun's rays, and the showers and the reel cnonrflnh cvanide he gives us also its phlosophy. This is., li'Uitfui soil, but you have not given r u Wall. ' '" ' iiv vestefday. His .hot. vaJ5 "' . . , f. boy, but he has spent the greater part of the last few years in Montana, where he owns some mining property. He returned to Dpadwood from Montana but a month or two ago. t(J prepare for his Cape Nome trip. o the best account f the mystery of 2?Y. We are all familiar with the I , ,. treating about ..u, - -Ijant is - th port nt orr ".' E;.-t b. f: .anir:; Ihe Bible view of spring. It is a divine visitation. Its sights, its sounds, its mysterious life, its glow, its glory, they are all from God. They are so many tokens of his presence. The marks of the spring are his footstep?; its wonders are His works; Its melodies are therustle of His robe; Its Tacts. You place the seed or a root in the ground at this season, and soon there appears a green blade, which daily grows and develops into the us are afraid that they might have it more abundantly." More abundantly is'thaf not our need? We live, but it is winter with our souls. Now the spring has come. God is here. He is visiting his heritage, and where he conies there is life. Open your heaits then to the renewing influence of the spiritual spring. If this lie the time of Cod's visitation, let each one of us seek that new life which bears witness to the fact thut God is now visiting the earth. The beauty of the season speaks of God; it testifies to his presence. All the tender lieauty by which we are surrounded says: "Im, God is here." This is the message of the spring. Its r - ha nui i in l uuuiuk IverrthlnB-" L a Zander is Mrs. Al- South Dakota and Wyoming, thanoe north plant and takes its perfect shape. But is the assayer ior mc uuuu not even !he most advanced science can explain these facts. The simple on the State Line one mile and a ball, thence east two miles, thence south one mile and a halt, thence weal two mllea to the place of beginning. The eajd burns llmrr will not be sold for lea than M lining company at r K...hnH,B dace when he L.ken tier "UD ' . . ,, cents per thousand board feet and IS cents called tome i minine a ereat deal beauty is His breith. This is the story of spring. "Thou visitest the earth." I purpose this morning to select some of the characteristics of the season, to which we have now come, that we may see how they testify to the presence of God. ... ia limine shiDDed for and beautiful expression of the song of songs is. that the flowers appear on the earth, and we can hardly get beyond that. How that seed should have the power of reproduction, or how those forms of living grace, should be wrapped up in that dry ugly loot. If ore wuilu " " . Gravel Instead of Granite. Kilpatrick Bros. & Collins, the big railroad contractors, are said to have discovered that the big construction contract they have for the Tnion Pacific in Wyoming, on which there arc a number of big tunnHs. and on which they submitted bids on the calculation that these tunnels would be thru solid granite, that they are for the most part decomposed granite, similar to the article .commonly used for railroad ballast. Th'ey will be enable to make a splendid profit on the work, as this material is as easily handled as the ordinary gravel, and can be worked with steam shovels at about one-tenm the change, its life, its beauty, are tokens per coid; and the said green umDer at no less than II per thousand board feet A deposit of 100 with the RecelTer will be required with each bid. and payment In full mutt be made within thirty dara of the notice ot award, or equal payments in thirtT, sixty or ninety days, at the oy-nt tha mtmhsser. The timber to be ,gtment.and it i that God is with us. He makes the Ueoneat the mine to iook alter in place of his feel glorious. "He touches the mountains and they smoke." He controls." Mrs. Aiexanue. . u u, be best Are assay ers in the Hills, and . nmiablv the only woman in this f iii ho marked and designated by the 1 fnritrv official In charge. Bach bidder touches the fields and they are clad in green: he touches the trees and they Lion who is following the profes- bud and blossom: he touches the u r Bartlett, presiueni. oi tue n- flowers and they bloom; he visiteth the earth and it is beautiful spping. L, VlninE company, came over from cost of cutting thru the solid rock, and Ipearflsh yesterday, accompanied by C. must guarantee ln his proposal to purchase, that all the tops and lpps of the said timber and all refuse and brush frost the cutting of said timber will be removed or plied ready for burning, as the cutting of said trees progresses, the ttla-factlon of the forestry official strpenrtsln the work; and that no part of the Umber Is to be transported out of the state of South Dakota. No timber to be out or otherwUed disposed of until after payment therefor. Purchaser falling to remote all timber within one year from date ofn. Btlce of award by the Receiver, bhn! i anH all riirht to the timber GIFTS FOR FIVE MILLION LADIES. Lawien. or Howoie. Uter. of Groton, and r. H. nooper oi instead of making a tunnel 1G00 feet in length, as originally supposed, it will make a tunnel but 800 feet in length, The Most Remarkable Offer Ever Made ureita, who had been in attendance on by a Reliable Concern. Ihe A. U i - the rest of the way being a deep cut in the roi-k. As fast as the gravel is Editor Pioneer-Timee: wines. With the exception or Mr. Lwien they are all stockholders in uniess an eiio' , taken out it will lw hauled out along or what life is. these are unanswerable Questions. Science cannot tell us what life is or how it comes to be. It cai not wore than this: "All really scientific experience tells us that llf" can be produced from a living antecedent life only." And with this fragment of knowledge agres th his presence. An 1 v 1 en ?t tills season we behold on every hand the token Christian account of the matter. It says that ill life is from the living '!od. Hy his intet position life at first appeared, and still he is th-' die unfailing source. All life in plant or b.ast. or soul of ini.ii, oil life ii from God. It speaks of him and declares of it what can we say Tint this: "Thou of God. visitest the earth." The new, fresh, overflowing life of spring declares the presence of Cod: it is itself his work. There is a practical truth which lies very near to this. All life is from God: most surely spiritual life i! time we will give, absolutely free, an heen aranted. The right to reject any ana And first there is no change. No one will dispute that the greatest changes of all the year are now. Spring grows gradually into summer; summer passes insensibly into autumn; autumn deepens, the tide of life ebbs slowly, and winter with many warnings comes. But at this season while thnre is no abrupt transition, there is much more noticeable change. The contrast between winter and siwing is the greatest contrast the year affords. For" bare woods and brown fields and the whiteness of the snow, we have the spreading green in the fields and trees; for cruel winds that gnaw and sting, we 'have mild, genial air: for barrenness aid death, we have life and fruitfiilness. And lliei'' is no doubt that something of s,rin;-i peculiar charm arises out of this i titrast. W'e remember the past, and ti: piesent is the more gracious and gia; M il it is fresh and new, e say "So t'ic winter is past. ' Theif. too. the season itself is full of change and contrasts. It was winter the line of the road and distributed for he Titanic and had been , out over l. '-. .1 1 ... elegant sterling silver-plated sugar all bide In reserve W. A. HlUHA he company s seven numntru mi March 8, 1930 ) shell hoice of any of our 40c patterns (Klrst Publication round, near Carbonate Camp. to every married lady in the United Williams, ex-state senator from Washabaugh. Attorney.) u a Nn 1184. (FraDk J. States who will write us a letter stat Marshall county, tins state, anotner ing that it is her first request for one lelegate to the grand lodge, and also ballast. '1 lie discovery was made by means of a diamond drill. The ontractors are splendidly equipped for driving this tunnel and cut. being now h! work iiihjii ;t machine shop and air compressor at the west end of the tunnel. This is the "lit -off work that the I'nioii Pacific company is doing near Sherman. stockholder in the company, was algo M'lMirXTION FOR A PATENT. n!, States land ofkiob Ra.ild Hlv South Itekota. Feb 21 1900. N, TICK IS HEREBY GIVEN that J. HaselTL t'araulrt. by Frank J. Wash.-i w Ma a trout arui attorney in iv-l S aadU Is I"" . . 1 ..w., h.v nimi his aiplica.tlc the city yesterday. The entire- par-take the trip to Hald Mount- n today over the Elkhorn railroad, of our souvenir gifts. Wo will promptly send illustrations from which selections may be made. There is nothing to pay. The gift Is absolute. Our object in making this sensation-I al offer is to get a sample of Quaker ! Valley Silverware Into every home In ! the land. We believe It to be the most Dakota. na ,.t f the Lid Mr. Bartlett will taKe Mr. win- ror ! for a jialcnt ms out to see the Titanic group, lie Oro ( acne imn . Mr,h and WV I u . . ... ourfnrp urouud 300 situated In ing the only one of the visiting par- for th Oro Caohe milUlW. New Process. County or who has not seen the property. Whitewooa m.ihu Experts of acknowledged reputation This is a description of a new pro I cess being tried in the lilac -I; Hills effective advertising that we can do. We will not send these sugar shells to 1 awrence anil State m oouu.. -r- ignat by the field note, ad official IZ me in this offlo. - Ut No A, ave been engaged by the university I The ore is pulverized to eighty or more lists of names. This Is too expensive .,..,1 wc u saia uui ! - --- California to make explorations and mesh fineness to insure a complete xcavations In parts of the world a gift to send to persons who don't ask j being wrib')frACHfc-t''W for it themselves. Therefore, each laoy , nc,P,Vvivii u the South East Corner of Inch are rich with relics of of ancient j lebitaion of all the gold values, wheth er they exist in the quartz or iron learning. The entire expemses will be th a survey for corner No. 1 a Pl P" 0x6x6 inches, set Armly in the ground and ,n a mound of rock. nr-d 1 oo Ihe ore is then run on a gravimetric ne by Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst. The table of special design and construe nd M. ( z'-'bA on oiu" - ' : side an kiaterial collected by the archaeolo- will please send her own name only, tint one to a family, and none to children. Ladies, please write today, giving full poetoffloe address. ' QUAKER VALLEY MFG. CO.. Morgan and Harrison Sts., Chicago, 111. o lion whereby a large percentage of the ;isU will be placed in the archaeloog- I which L'. 8. I bears N. 75' locating monument 45' E. 2673 feet distant; -.2' W 253 feet to corner No. cal museum which will be establlsh- thence N. 54 extraneous and valueless material is removed, and the ore is reduced fifty I ... ,,,- N 24" E. 588.5 feet to corner thence N. at Berkeley. Dr. George A. Rosi- 1; theme 34" E. 340 feet to comer No. 4; (M. A. No. lf.IT ) (hence N. &1 47' E. 454 reel to cwrunr When he visits a man or a church, new life, purer and fuller life is the sure indication of his presence. To what purpose then are we hearing of the presence of God at this season? Our bodies feel the influence of spring; the flowing tide of life touches u.-i: and our spirits have for greater need. If we have not the eternal life within us, if we are dead towards God. should we not choose the time of his visitation and seek to make it a spiritual spring-tide in which we shall begin to live" And if there is us the beginning of that life, should we not seek the increase and renewal of it? "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." More abundantly, is not thslour need? W'e live, indeed, but our spirits are torpid; it is winter with our souls. But the spring has come. God is here. He is visiting his heritage, and where he comes there is life. Open your hearts then to the renewing influence of the spiritual spring. If this be the time of God's visitation, let pr will have r.harge of the explorations In Egypt. Dr. I'hle will pursue or more per cent. If pyritic iron exists in the ore is transferred to an au-tompchanical roasting machine where a certain percentage of the volatile PIM.IOATlON FOR A PVTENT. ' a thenre S. u" 52' E 222 feet to corner UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE I ' thence S. 41 25' W. 672 5 feet corner Rapid City, South Dakota. April 18th. 1!VW. I N;0. 7; thence 8. 27 12' W. 689.5 fee ts i'iiticp i uedrrv nivKV That itia i nA nkM of beginning, ana nvestlgation In South America, Yu- atan. California, and New Mexico -' ' ' ' ' - ' - - - - . , ( ( , i i '"I nu. ' " - matters are removed and the ore Is M. Matson. whose nost office address Is pew Mexico will be searched for spe l.mens by Dr. Philip Mills Jones. Dr. hlfned Emerson, recently professor of yesterday, it nay be summer tomorrow. One week will show you three seasons in its winter's severity and summer's heat, und spring softness. Hut what of all tnii' This liange. what ii't.i it mean? It means that God is here. He is visiting th- earth: that he is at work. All the change this world sees bears such witness. There are powers at work that are constantly effecting great and endless changes God is believed those powers. The morning dawns, the day fades, the night fades; spring follows winter, and summer spring; harvets grow and ripen and die; the generations come and go; winds wander, tides ebb and flow, rocks and mountains waste away; rivers seek new-courses, and all speaks of God. Change iaa token of his presence. I do not forget the wonderful uniformity of nature, nor how she vejls her vast changes under unchanging laws. The man of science looks at this, and he says: "I find here a universal sequence of cause and effect, the universal reign of law, but I find here no God." And it is curious and instructive to observe how the most unscientific, by a very different road, reach almost the same conclusion. The plowman, for example, whose life is spent amidst such scenes, whose daily toil brings him into contact with na- I containing an area or a. s.i acr. V1ILI SITE: Commencing at ths North -East corner of said MU1 84te for corner No. 1. a pin post Ox4x4 Inches Is set firmly In the ground and In a mound of rock, marked No. 1 on one side and M. C. "96 B on opposite side, from which comer No. 2. Lot 296 A bears S. 44 38' E. 2 6 ft dl.iant: thence 8. 7 E. 497 fsot t Deadwood. South Dakota, has this day filed her application for a patent for 1498.7 and 149S.7 linear feet, rnepectivcly, of the Agate No. 2 and Agtite No. 4 mines or veins, bearing gold end silver, with surf'tce ground r,'.t.7 and f98.9 ft in width, respectively, situated In Whltewood Mining District, f'ountv of Lawrence, State of lae School of Archaeology at Athens, Pill work In Greece and Etrurla Sci- htiBc American. South Dakota, and designated by the Held notes and official plat on file In this office I Rich ore at the bottom of a shaft poes not constitute a large producing thereby made susceptible to magnetic Influence. The iron is then removed by powerful magnets. The concentrated and reduced product carrying the values Is passe dto the chemical treating tank where the solution is started and run" for thirty minutes. The ore is then sampled, and if any values remain fn It the treatment is continued thirty minutes longer. The solution Is then drawn off, the values recovered and immediately run into bullion, and the tailings are washed and sent to the dump. a Survey No. 1394. ln Township , north pine., Only three or four men can of Range 3 E. Jl H. M. Said survey No. 1394 beinar described as follows, to-wit: worn m the bottom of a shaft. A AGATE NO., 4 Beginning at the north taine must have drifts and stopes west corner of the claim for corner Ne each one of us seek that ne wand ful 1, from which the corner to Sections trosa-rut nd levels, furnishing open- ler life which bars witness to the 1 24. T. 5. N. R. Z and 3. is. u. n. Inp to permit the employment of bears S. 79 32' 10" W. 6657.5 feet; thence S. 85 44' E. 598.9 feet to comer No. Z arte Body of men. These excavations fact that he is visiting us. Again we take beauty. thence S. 4 45' W. 1498.8 feet to corner cotf taoney.' 'It costs money to erect a I do not need to prove to you that No. 3; thence N. 85 44' W. 588 6 fe to corner No. 4; thence N. 4 21' SO" B. T49S.7 Pisnl of machinery to operate a mine, irt ' this is a characteristic of spring. ft tn corner No. 1 the place or beginning. """a ire .made, not found. It costs AGATE NO 2 Beginning at the north- m $25,060 to $150,000 to turn a pros- out corner of the claim for corner o. i Each season has a beauty of its own, but we all confess that spring is the queen ot the year. Summer has great weal ill and profusion and autumn has from -which corner to Section II, 18, 1.24, T 5 N. R. 2 and 3 E. B. H. M. bears 8. wet into large producing mine. .- O corner No. 2; thence 3. 84 35' W. 310 feat to corner No. 3; thence N. 7 W. 497 fast to corner No. 4; thence N. 84 36' B. il feet to corner No. 1 and place of beginning, said mill site containing an are of 3.535 acres. Total area claimed. 11.578 acres. Thar are no conflicts knowu to this applies with said claim. Notice of this application was posted upon the ground applied for and as above described on the 18th of December, 1899. Tha location of this mine ts recorded In ts Register of Deeds' Office In book 2, pscs 92 of the records ot said Lawrence County, and the location of the mill sits It record 4 tn book 8. on page 111 of the records a said Lawrence County, South Dakota. The adjoining claimants are tJhe El 8sJa do Lode, Lot No. 128 on the west, sad tiM Property of the Ann Gold Mining Cons panjr on the east of said lode. Jhs as) joining claimants to said mill sits ers b) owners of Lot 315, Gem of the Hills loi: Others. If any, unknown. 171 S feat of said lode running north 41 25' tl: trass discovery and 689.5 fset thereof runnlmc 27 12' W. from said discovery shaft. Any and ail person claiming adversely any portion of tald Oro Caohe mln er surface ground, or anr portion of asid nalaj site are required to Ilia their ad verse claims with tha Register of tha Unites Stales Und Office ai Rapid City, 1b faa County of Pennington. South Dakota. 4u 79 32' 10" W. 6657.5 feet: thence S. 4 21 3n- TV 1498.7 feet- to corner No. 2; theno IMPORTANT CHANGE OF TIME ON THE NICKEL PLATE ROAD. A daily 27 hour thru service has been been inaugurated between Chicago and New York, leaving the Van Buren street passenger station, Chicago, at 3:30 p. m., arriving at New York at 7 25 p. m. the following day. Standard New York and Boston ei- Fwr Hundred Acres Involved. N 85 44' W. 64 7 feet to corner No. richer coloring, but spring with Its ture's workings he is one of the most unlikely to be instructed by the chang big mining deafwhich has been hence N. 4' 10' E. 1498.7 feet to corner fair fresh charm stands first. Who 10 W the past .month or two. Involv cajn walk abroad at this season with No. 4; thence S. 85 44' B. BM.7 feet to cor ner No. 1. the place of beajlnnlng. Varla tlon 14 43' to 15 30' E. AREA. V a largfc .tract, 0f ground situated es of the seasons. They are so common to him that he cannot learn from them. He is so familiar with them on out being touched and moved? Ixok at the skies above you. with their w Klk Mountain, Is practically con- Acres. Acres. t.,..i rM, No. 2 lode 24 5'1 """Mt. and. the purchasers, who " Colorado' men, are now organizing lnpaHtefor,tha purpose o operating their earthly side that he forgets they have a heavenly side. This uniformity of nature is apt to be a snare to us less area In conflict with Goldston lode, Sur.No.1201 7l Ellsmere lode. 8ur.No.1002 .5727 n .v. Si.r Nn 1002 .0014 ikl R.,r No. 1237.. 1 0000 l.f.MJ w.gouad, which nbrace 36$ ' ad consists of the Gold ESr.P. the Metallic Jc$p the Hermitage and the all. Without reasoning about it we are very .HKely to feel this, that we are dealing with things, with forces and laws and processes, and not with a Net sra Agate No. 2 lode 18.S80J AMt. No 4 lode 20.4282 S9.3097 "V ; Viamond, with a water right Inc the sixty dan period of puMloatiar hereof, er they will be barred by the rU Tk. wmrr,A reneral course and direc .w Wiynirchasera, p. N. Heiser, of tion of the lode lines and the number of press leaves Chicago at 10:30 a. m., daily, instead of 10:20 a. m., as formerly with thru cars to Now York and Boston, arriving'at either city early the following afternoon. Night Express leaves Chicago daily at 10:30 p. m.. arriving at eihter city early the second morning. Courteous colored porters are in charge of day coaches to look after the comfort of the passengers, especially ladies traveling alone. Dining car on all trains from Chicago on which the service is unexcelled and at popular prices. Mr. J. Y. Calahan. General Agent, 111 Adams street, Chicago, will have pleasure In giving all detailed information as to rates and trains. j ""TOP; awing WM ln Deadwood forms and color, and lights and shod-os: the splendor of noonday, or the awful glory of night. Look at the landscape, with its variety and life; the patches of dark soil, where perhaps the farmer drives his plow; the bright green grass In which the cattle delight: the lighter tints of the springing grain; the tree's with that ne-found and nameless grace, which means that the sap is flowing in every branch and twig, the first blossoms and the i.nfolding leaves: or look at a simple flower; look carefully at it, and see how Its minutest parts are perfectly finished, so that it is altogether a thing of beauty. I'-ut wi at does all this wealth and variety signify? This, at least, that person; end I suppose we should be likely to settle down into a sleep, whico is death, were it not for the changes that come. But these, as they come, remind us that God does not iue oi ta provisions or the statute. A. K. OARDNBR. Register. It Is hereby ordered, that the trwrm feet claimed on each side ot aiscowj the lodes embraced in this survey are at i.T lMt week- left for tom,,r Saturday evening, accom- ,0li."i ife'Mno. line S. 4- 10' W. 1498.T Notice of Application for Patent be pub lisfaed for the period of tea consecutive weokt la the Weekly Planeer-Tlm. . ii i nnthnrlr and 200 feet nor- rVW. G. Moore, the mining en .L..i. tr, rtiarnverv. Aate No. 4 lode JT'h6 ha1 here several ,," i i. ?r W 1498.7 feet: 1453.7 feet wee-kly newspaper, published at Dead woe. South Dakota. IIUC - - v ' ' ., Vttmlnlng the property. southerly and 45 feet northerly rrom nis- covery. ... ..a r!wr - M b!en Pmoted, by Mes- leave his world alone, that he does not sit apart from it in heaven, ruling and commanding. The psalmist says: "Thou visitest the earth." . Not the changes of the seasons merely, but all change speaks of God. It ia his intervention. By It he breaks the danger A. K. GARDNER. . Register. NOTICE OF FORFKITTrnn' The locations or tnese mm" f'V."" on, Sanders, and associates ed In the Register oi ueeu. ' JTt" r-nte County, at Deadwood. South Dakota, m book 153. page 402, book 104. page 7; To W. W. Mitchell and Oram T. Pn. to this city from Colorado a month, ago. The original owners of Stephens Paint, Wisconsin: You are Informed thai I hi ..4 book 104. rage t3s; doo ioo, is- i i. mi nir 639. and book 104. page ws- In labor and Improvements unnn h Chicago passenger station Van street and Pacific avenue on the lao. Rowenna No. 1 and Kownnm No. 2 lodes or mining daunt, situated in Ida Gray Mining District, ln Lawrence Country. South Dakota, at least 2100 oer rear k Elevated Loop. City ticket offices. Ill Adkms street, telephone 2057 Central The abjolning claimants are: On the cast the Weedon and Lliile lodes, on the northwest the Ibex lode, survey No. 123i, on tot southwest the Robert and Ellsmere lodes survey No. 1002. andvthe Goldstone lode Vurvey No. 1201. and on the southeast the kicking Horse group of mining claims, God has planned and worked for ln?au-ty even as he has made us to love it. Everything beautiful thing is from Qod. Beauty speaks of him: it testifies to his presence. All the tender beauty of this season says: "Lo God is here. This is .the message of the lh7ivPWtsr n H- W- Kington, S "11,'Hattenbach Brothers and Sthers. There is consid-y f.ore in .ight on the: property. dtotrwtitbMmethod ntaSrethem mt ot the and Union Ticket office, Auditorium of said claims for the following years: 189. 1?9. 18D7, 1898 and 1899. or $500 npoa Annex, Telephone 20S Harrison. surrey No. 1?68: otners, ii any. u".""-" HiKti i-f mM AflrntA ""uri mo iiro-fiBioaa or eecuot v.. i r o. nr surface sround are required spring. Its change, us lire, its Deauty Thou Visitest the Earth '"Thou visitest the earth. Ps. 65:9. This psalm can hardly be called a to file their adverse claims with the register an; tokens that he is with us. He ous uniformity of our lives. It is his visitation; it declares and manifests his presence; it is his work. We sometimes feel it to be his strange work, hard to be understood, but, brethren, if we could more firmly grasp the truth-that it is his work, this would go far to make all change blessed to us. "Thou visitlest the earth." H. In the second place, notice that thte season there is a universal awak-life is a characteristic of spring. At ening. A little while ago the trees were leafless, dry and stiff and bare; bat now behold them gracefully bending and waring and bringing forth into bud and leaf. A little while ago the fields were brown and hard and had you scattered aeed there, it had makes the. place of his feel glorious. "He touches the mountains and they smoke;" he touches the fields and they psalm of spring. Its standpoint Is somewhat later in the year, when the valleys are ripe with grain. But the JUderbrand left on the Bur-ttl2&e,,terda3r ternoon for Spot.!?111011- H "toP off th,- W few dar. to Visit hU "to tomr ttiX tt4 w111 then leave ' CiD.Bi ?"r1t. Possible date 2224. Revised Statutes of ths United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period ending; December 31st, 1899. and there is due from you thereon tha sum of 22W upon each of said claims, or $760 In alL Ton are hereby notified that If within clnety days from' completed publication ot this actio yon fail to contribute roar proportion of such expenditure as eo-vmar wkh tha undersigned during each of tha years above sfrentloaed. your ln tor-sat In aald claims will become th property of the subscriber, your co-owner, who las made the required aarpevaitawaa a raw sulred by said eoUom 2124. .. A. W. aTBRT. (tint pataisatlstj Marsh 1. DM.) are clad in green; he touches the trees and they bud and blossom; he touches the flowers and they bloom; he visit-eth the earth and it is beautiful of the United States Ltna uroce, . -v-Clty South Dakota, during the sixty days period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the ttatute. r GARDNER, Register. IT 13 HBRSBT ORDERED, That the foregolnn Notice of Application or Pautjt be published for the period of sixty days Hen consecutive weeks) In the Weekly Honeer-Tlmr. a week' -ewspaper published at Deadwood. South Dakota, ant nearest said claims. A. ft OARDNBR, Register. (Fir Pub. April 19t. It) vision of the psalmist is not confined to any particular season of the year. B glance forward to the days of spring. harTest, and backward to the days of spring, and thinks chiefly of the pro And my children, he who visits the earth would visit human hearts. Is "o ipent last season cess byiwhich God, during all the se-j

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