The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 10, 1900 · Page 12
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1900
Page 12
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rious victory at SlniJiff'asn't due to the entire force, are cumraon. if Volga- Tribune: The Tribune be vie, IfSEUiT P10NM1S lieves Bro. Osbon has taken a false position In his attitude toward Mr. iuciv mure man iu iaiui-jouu pieiiy lunuus, me men seldom retuiu to soon they will positively declare that ' work with the same harmonious feel the Spanish fleet was a prehistoric ruin. 1 ing which prevailed before the i'itr SOUTH DAKOTA Gamble and the 'machine.'-' This pa- OSADWOOD m.jj i i - republican convention held in Dea'ri-wood last Saturday, Hon. E. W. Martin was unanimously endorsed fur congressman and the delegates chosen for the state convention were instructed for him. Martin lias now. five out of the six Hills counties, and Pennington, which will hold its convention lodav. i.:per cannot convince itseir mat .Mr. anyway, and tnat it was a waste of ence arose, if forced to go back ln- the good ammunition to smash 'em up .-as 1 policy of the emplojors the 11.90 PER flJBSCRIPTION. lie. 'I.mhle was induced to witdraw from the congressional race without first re- you did that you'd ought to have ! fluently in a sullen mood which onli il Uu ne fully 12", of the 147 delegates elected are in favor of E. W. Martin for congress. The county convention will be held on Saturday of this week. 'nd there is paid to be no doubt that Mr. Martin will be enthusiastically endorsed. Tliis being the home county of Mr. Martin, of Judge .Moody, and of Mr. Sv.'.ead. it is u it " evident that the entire Hills cO'ii.ry will be unite.! In the support of Mr. Martin. Bridget' wn Tribun: Besides enjoying a large law practice at Dead-wood and minsling more or less in politics. Mr. K. W. Martin, the ca " " date for the republican congressional needs, a slight cause to again p them to quit work. Clre4 ' u wwoad-claM matter Deadwood Postoffloa- used a base ball bat or a bung starter. You cannot get the nomination for president at the hands of the hViuo-pops. Billium Bryan has made a solid i.iving the assurance from the party ; .iders that they would support him. That in our humble opinion gives him ilie inside track and also the supjiort of the alleged machine. The Spirit will go solid for him. The Black Hills delegates will for once go to the state convention as a harmonious body it is strange that so few employers , have realized how much can be dope t. and K. . .Martin will be our next unto.! iu.ii i wiuujiiuiiuu auu iur.1 a i t: i l lauui II UUUIS at ii 11111111-' ex wants to do what its editors so utterly congressman. AZ DEMTCRA TS. For no evident reason Indianapolis seems to le. the t ent re and capital of the Gold Democrats, and Indiana is their unhappy home. They may not pense compared with what strikes ,-4, Yet nature offers a way by wjiich i)v cvun avoid such disturbances with abhors and denies the right to do. TTro. Osbon wants to name the candidate for governor, select the state committee and force the state con- hpearnsh Register: I tie republican county convention in Dead wood lust Saturday was a very harmonious affair, owing to the fact that the slate i. in . ' .j aim ai me -atue nomination, also takes an active i'lter rime make life mnro uitr-j.-t;.rn ... .1 be numerous but they give themselves - "v.. 11 - lu ri(se an air of frequency by the many meet who serve them. A lew manufacturers have begun to realize tins. will stay with him until he's tired or temoves to Texas and three in a bed !s one too many, anyway, and no place for a decent man like yourself. Switch switch now! Don again in as rapid succession as circumstances will permit those ninety-nine pairs of pantaloons which you have paid for and own and should control and wear and he once more our bold and fearless sailor lad whom we delight to honor' Between ourselves for this epistle, understand, Is strictly confidential I est in church work. Mr. Ma -tin is vention to make a senatorial nomina-the representative of the Black Hills j tion. As far as the Tribune is con-Methodists to the quadriennial session i cerned. it objects to "one man power." of the general conference of the Meth- whether that man's name is Osbon or ings which they hold and the many juuiy 01 tiers win prouabiy follow their resolutions which they pass. According to Indianapolis dispatches they are was made up before the convention assembled. It was a sure winner for Martin, because the battle was fought In the primaries where the populists and democrats could assist the republicans In their distress. And Magnetic Martin swayed part of his party and dealt a death blow to the Moodites. The convention endorsed Hon. E. W. Martin for congress and we will say that they endorsed the most honorable man in the republican ranks. o THE PROPHET rear me much you wont; that you can't. I'm a married man myself, and odist Episcopal church which convenes in Chicago next week. Woonsocket Ti lives. E. W. Martin, one of the brightest and cleanest men in the Black Hills, has the support of the entire Black Hills country for congress and will no doubt secure the nomination at the republican state convention. Mr. Martin s success is a triumph for the better element in politics and an endorsement of morals, honor a,nd brains. The Times uoes now In a condition of much mental ferment and upheaval. They cannot stomach Col. Bryan and they abhor Mr. McKinley as a protectionist and a "despot." What to do? How to save the country? .Who Is the man worthy of their support? It is said that they are thinking of Admiral Dewey and that they hope to And In that ingenuous candidate the man with whom both the remaining Kittredge. OPEN LETTER TO DEWEY. My dear George: 1 take my pen in hand to let you know that you are up against a cinch, and to beg that you cash in what few chips you still have in the game before somebody just kicks the" table over and shoots out the lights. Six months ago I would have bet my beer bottle soltaire against a Missouri meerschaum that your name would go thundering down the ages as realize that those of us who started in as second lieutenant find the road to promotion long and rocky. But you're a fighter! L'p then, George, and at example as they see the great result which are being 'accomplished. Flowers and foliage are going to be important factors in settling the labor ques-tion. It requires but a little money and a little attention to change the ugly brickyard Into a pretty lawn, with fruit and shade trees, roseuushes and vines. Street paving and sewer, cost more but the benefit they furnish in improving a neighborhood of working-men's families is far greater than the money spent upon them. Nowadays it is as easy and economical to design a house with pleasant verandas am! supply it with such conveniences as a bathroom, a good cook stove, a pantry and a water supply as to build ; ing ungainly structure and divide it jntu fiats of six or seven rooms with no conveniences. -The sidewalks of cement or even brick, with beds of so.l- em! Draw sabres, and repel doard- OF THE PLATTE immediately following the election simon-pure gold democrats and the few not know of a better man for the ers! strike strike for your altars and your fires and your unmention but rabid republican anti-imperialists who hate McKinley and don't love ables! Bill Barrows Bryan will be satisfied. We don't know how many dozen of place in the whole state, nor one that it would rather support. And this view is shared by ex-Senator Wlnslow and other Sanborn county people who have the pleasure of knowing Mr. Martin and th high esteem in which he if held by those who know him best. this class of republican anti-imperial FLOWERS AND FOLIAGE TO AVERT 6TRIKES. Why do workmen strike? The answer usually is, Because they lst8 there are, or If there is a dozen of of JS'Jti, Mr. Bryan issued a signed address to the American peole in which he predicted the greatest calamities to this country following the election of Mr. McKinley and the triumph of republican policies. Has a single one of those prophecies been fulfilled? When he was in congress Mr. Bryan devoted himself to showing that the republican system of protective tariffs stood in the way of the expansion of our foreign trade. Has there ben a them. The noisiest of them seem ready to vote for Bryan an unreasoning the greatest hero of modern times. That scrap in Manila wherein you told (Jridley to turn his monkey loose when ready, and made pot hooks and angle iror, of the Spanish fleet, woke up the ivorld and made you the idol of every true American. Your "Oil again on tgain Finnegan" cablegrams sent us luring the progress of events there were the soul of brevity and the ad-niration of the English speaking vvorld. and the manner in which you iranced about th harbor with a chip in your shoulder and dared the (er-nau or any other old fleet to knock it savage hatred of Mr. McKinley being SOl'TH DAKOTA OPINION. Iding 011 either side, and possibly a their most salient quality. But they are the sort of people who would be Kgan Kxpress: the average South With what abaci. ; Dakotan tumbles i.ito politics. nowermg bush here and there. I less and are as eay to make j solid brick or stone walk. The J w hich covers everything in the 1 nary factory town can be pre.. flattered by a party dedicated to their special cause. We dare say that they would vote for Dewey, the founder of time when there has ben a greater expansion of trade than within the want higher wages. But it is not the money they want, but what money can get for them, and their satisfaction or dissatisfaction depends very nun h on their surroundings. When a man has to live year in and year out on a dirty, narrow apology for a stret in a row of wooden or brick or stone tenements begrimed with smoke and soot, divided into little boxes of rooms into which his family must be huddled, breathing foul air and seeing nothing of nature but a few sickly patches of grass on the town common and a tree here and past four years? Mr. Bryan predicted that the defeat of bimetallism, as he called It. would 111M as a lust 01 HTe.l 'l:h h .i;j ! can w i 1 h chil- largely oy tne use ot sprinklers. -cost a very small sum. In many tions of. the country land is so i that a park and recreation grouie Vermillion Republican: The Madi son Outlook has tied its hands at I in back, shut its eves, made up a grotesque grimace an l swallowed Bryai whole at a singlt mouthful. S i 'iivfield Times: W hen th" tail o the prosperity .octopus switchei i round up ;.t Uint l.'te m:x Fall electior it seemed to tak" the ee s n-rwfu1 Press an.idship. The shee has "viewed with alarm" ever since. "Imperialism," the man who said of the American flag in the Philippines, "I hope It will float there forever." As to Dewey's financial opinions there may be some doubt. Probably he is for the "money of the Constitution" or will be when his private secretary comes to that point. There can be no doubt, however, as to the genial- lead to untold calamities in this country calamities so great that in 1900 the people would be rising up as one man and demanding free silver coin be laid out. or possibly several, walks, shade trees, flower beds baps a fountain and seats, whib dl was simply grand. Oh. but we vei loruJ of you 'deed and 'deed we were, I Jeorge. Then you came back, ami we lid the proper as best we how made on an admiral, presented you with a ! 07V little $100,000 cottage, and burned i heap moVe powder in your honor J ban even you did at Manila. If the ! velkin didn't ring, it wasn't our fault. ' 'hi n your engagement to a charming ind talented lady was announced, and I vhile a whole lot of us neglected to ! there striiu-i'lins' for existence ;iniid the and , 1 1 I grounds for the young peopk refuse of the factories ami furnaces, he . .011 age at 16 to 1 without waiting for the consent of any nation on earth. Ahe there any evidences of that great uprising? Let the divisions that have sprung up in Mr. Bryan's own party dren are included is not apt to look upon the bright side passes finding him bent over his lathe Centervllle Journal: An edito who cannot indulge m a little argu ' This idea in general has fou:i 1 fa- jlfl ui nun some ui ine largest employers or other machine, or, stripped to Jty of nominating an expansionist on an anti-expansionist ticket. If the Hoosier gold democrats have the humor for that, they must be In better spirits than their habitual resolutions Indicate. ment wit'iout letting his temper rut away wlta his pencil had better grab ; answer that question. Th gold standard has been established in this coun waist, toiling from morning to night!01 Ia"01' 1,1 t,rPat Hntlan a" -vera.I .n.i .v.,. o.,r .,,! -,.,h..., i,. ' 1 in this country. In carrying it out hoe or a four-tined fork. The ex niinu liivt oaiiii mi. 1 null. try, and the country is prosperous beyond precedent. cessive energy will not then entirel? end in God Bless our Home" mottoes r other appropriate veddi;ig presents, 'et In the great heart of the Nation I ise a capital N, George the woman to While at work his mind is occupied, but when the whistle blows or the bell they have added to their force !aml- scape gardeners, an expert architect, 'and have had them prepare plans with be lost. The same old prophet of evil, with Brtdgewater Tribune: Bartlet rings, and he files out from the great out honor in his own country or anywhere else, is once more around With .vhose charms you capitujated was gloomy building and goes to the place ! tlle view of '"aing the factory and its Tripp is a man who would adorn wit! HOPE IT WILL BE PULLED off. Just as the trees are busting into leaflets and the crocuses are pushing their villingly enshrined as .1 part of our honor any position which he mlgh' his dismal prophecies. No prophet surroundings attractive by the aid of nature. Some have gone farther and called home, he wants something en- j couraging to look'at. Despite thej occupy. He Is one of the prominen men in the state, respected and hon can command respect whoso predictions have invariably proved false. dainty little heads on the hillsides, the ored by everyone. He Is In accorc lero, and we shared In the joy that we ielt must be yours. But say we never igured on an Unconditional surrender! fou were a pretty big man, you know, ind we certainly thought that under he Articles of Love as under the Arti-jles of War, you would be permitted to with the republican party on all prop ositlons, and the only thing against provided libraries, also schools for the children of the employes, as well as gymnasiums and workingmen's clubhouses. They realize that the children of the machinist, molder, the woodworker, or even the common helper want a change from the monotony of the factory life, and that he will go to his worlcin a far more satisfactory him Is the fact that he was once democrat. Sioux Falls Argus-Leader: It If it least march out of your bachejor worth while to note that in most of fortifications wearing your side arms ind accoutrements, including those touches which may be given here and there to make the tenement attractive, it is anything but a home, and its evils are plainly stamped upon the faces of his sickly children and toiling wife. It Is small wonder that when Saturday night comes with the pay envelope a part, perhaps nearly all. of its contents go over the counter in the corner saloon. This Is one way of driving the monotonous picture of misery from his mind, although the relief is only temporary. Sunday, Instead of bing a day of rest or recreation, is possibly the darkest of the week. The wage-earner has no work to divert his the guesses on the electoral vote this fall. South Dakota is put into tre re ainety-nlne pairs of trouserloons of frame of mind if his wife and little ones are boused In a home of their Can anyone point to a single prediction of the Prophet of the Platte that has even approached this condition? If so, they will please enlighten an anxious world. The truth is that since the "crime of 1873" this country has never been on the down grade except during those memorable few years that there were' grave fears in the minds of the financial and commercial world that the policy of Mr. Bryan might succeed. Just as the fear of that has receded has the country became prosperous. The Mexlcanlxatlon of the United States Is now almost an impossibility and the croak of the political raven Is frightening no one. publican column. The election of two congressmen in 1898 by major! own, surrounded by such attractions a.-: nature can afford. ties rubbing up to 6.000 has convinced the politicians that the fuslonlsts telegraph announces once more that Ethel Barrymore Is to be married. At various times the telegraph has told us that Miss Barrymore was to. be married to Lawrence Irving, Gerald Du Maurier, the Duke of Manchester, the' Earl of Ave, and Richard Harding Davis, and while we have each time sighed with relief on learning that nothing more serious was Intended1 than another press notice, it to really time for Miss Barrymore . to do something serious and get out of the habit of frightening her admirers. We never did take kindly to her proposed union with Kichard but there are others she might have, married and done well. We do' not have the pleasure of knowing Mr. Westmore, the latest victim of rumor, but trust that Miss Barrymore may be successful In landing him. He is said' to be a society man who moves in exclusive circles but this should not be held against him. The fact of his engagement to ,EtheI is evidence that he sometimes comes down 'oft the perch and he may in time break the society stand no show of winning in South Da kota this year. And they don't. LOCOMOTIVES RUN WITH Oil-One of the largest railroads on the Pacific coast has decided to substitute which we were wont to boast the whole cheese as it were was a feature of the affair which never entered our calculations; but when you deeded away the shack which we had given you, we began to smell a mouse. Of course the furniture was old and sorter shaky in the legs, and I must admit that the coal house door needed another hinge and possibly the roof .did leak a little in spots but It was a gift, DeSmet News: The most difficult mind, and can only brood over what be obstacle the fusionists will have to calls his "hard luck." Many a man meet snd which they are now Strug gets Into a very dangerotis condition at this time. It Is unnecessary to say ! gllng to destroy is republican enthusiasm and unity, ,1a this state the party has never been so nearly one In sentiment as now and the state convention will only serve to more George; as fre and as pure as the water that It is a favorite time to plan strikes, and some of the greatest which have effected the industries of the world have originated in the gatherings of a few such men, possibly on the from the well, and it hurt our sentimental corns to see It pass out of your solidly cement the party strength. , . NOMINATION ASSURED. Groton Independent:, E. W. Martin will go to the Sioux Falls convention supported ty th solid, Black Hills delegation. . This means his nomln-atln by scelamtlon. ., i lluronlte: Boh. E. W. Martin of Deadwood carried .; Lawrence county There is now practically no element of oil In place of coal as fuel on its engines. But whether the experiment will prove a success remains to be seen. In this respect it differs from the famous Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which has made a decided use-cess in Its fifty years of cures of stomach ills such aa dyspepsia, indigestion and biliousness. Do not etperiment with unknown remedies when this safe and reliable medicine can be had of any druggist. Try a bottle and be convinced. It will build up your debilitated system, strengthen your weak stomach and make It capable of digesting the food taken into It, and when this Is done health must naturally hands. Then came the petty strife over precedence at state dinners and governmental tea-parties, wherein your lady seemed toget your perhaps discord. street corner or in some common resort People who like to make figures have made calculations of what strikes have cost manufacturers in the country at I Should eay her naval numbers habit' ' In any event Ethel Is hot worth r against Judge Moody and will come Elk Point Leader, pop.: The republicans of South Dakota are- becoming more desperate every day asthey see their chances of success in this state fading away. Their latest attempt to the cost t telegrams and space In the mixed with our votes, and Insisted on being the whole push, which of course large in money. Such disturbances to the state convention wlth 134 delegates from the Hills. . This practically insures the nomination of Martin. He she wasn't, for there are always other newspapers and she should be willing to give up a part of the columns to her less favored or less resourceful sisters. within the last tea years have caused losses which are simply enormous in brace up the cause of imperialism is he advocacy of Hon.- Bartlett Tripp will be a tower to , the,; snmgies on tne root, xmow you are quoted as having declared yourself a of Yankton." as a rice presidential can democrat, and a candidate for presi didate- to run on the ticket with Mc the aggregate. No one knows as well as the manufacturers what it means to have a set of men throw down their tools and Tea ve the building at a ticket , r. i , ( , f : t. r :. i -r ' o , JEureka BladevJL.repprtk, from . thH primaries held in Lawrence county in the Black. Hills indicates that E. W, - - " - - - Kinley. . Tripp was Cleveland's min dent, we might overtook the first, George, for there are a few quite de ister in Austria and was appoiafedjon the, Samoan commission by McKinley. Black Hills Picnic Association. The annual meeting of the Black cent democrats still on earth; bat you lack most Of the symptoms, and all of the outward evidences of the disease- time when they are absolutely needed to keep twenty times their number at work. They may be busy on 'parts of This bid for the gold democratic vote Martin made a clean sweep,, or the county as against Judge Moody. t This gives Mr.. Msxtlny the solid support of the Hills and practically assures him t nomination as congressman by the re and attempt to enthuse state pride by that I know. Tou alnt agin expan having a -vice presidential t candidate De Smet News: ,4 The.1. Black Hills ' Hills people hava turned some queer political antics In the past., but , the - sentiment out there at, this time, seems to be practically solid f or, E. W Mar tin for congress. Lawrence U the only1 county in the Hills which, has not selected its delegates at this writing, and they are r all , instructed for t Martin. Some of the oil Dead wood barnacles are in opposition, but the assurance is given , by the Pioneer-Times that the Lawrence county, delegation will slon not by your quarter-deck nor contracts, upon which others wait until their task Is finished. The order mar Involve the loss of '$500,000 or shows the utterly desperate cbndVion of the machine politicians of the state. are you for free wool and Mexican dol- publican stats convention. lirs. ' Tou hooted at all that hellv Vermillion Plain Talk, pop.: J. B. wash six months ago, and I know that If I could get you cornered, separate , Lake Preston Times; E. W. Martin will have the support of all, the Black Hills counties for the republican congressional . nomination. ., This ' elves $1,000,00 if not ready for shipment on a certain date. The cessation of operations for a single day prevents its completion, and the firm or 'company has Low seems to. have finished his farce ot attempting to organise the middle and apart from any undue influence, of the readers and to have departed you'd repudiate the whole mess again for greener fields. The attempt has on demand. Nor do .you want to be Hills Picnic association of the Modern Woodmen of Aemerlca whs held in the City hall Saturday evening. May 5th. There were delegates from nearly every one of the sixteen camps in the Hills, representing over l Woodmen. The by-laws of the association were remodeled and the following officers elected : President Paul Pensonault, Lea i ,Vice President Harry Defray Deadwood. x Second Vice President Dr. Gilbert. HapJd City. Secretary. James Gale, Deadwood Treasurer. Nate Pool,' Lead. The fixing of date and place of the next annual picnic was left to a committee of three. , Joseph Rush and George Cole, ot the work left on Its hands, and so much must be charged up tothe debit side of the ledger. The strike' in some him a promising place as the probable running mate "with Congressman Burke. . No man in all that part of the state is more highly spoken f by been a miserable failure for the reason that there are no middle ot thoaders to organise In this, state.' No matter president. It s not in your line of samples, as you yourself have truly said. You are a sailor and a fighter and instances means that the machinery the inhabitants, regardless ot politics. what tbe populist feeling' may be else must stop and the entire plant remain where, or what it may have been at Idle, throwing 500 men out of employ. Centervllle Journal: The Black Hills will be solidly behind E. W. Mar your flag floats at the head and the top of the best navy In the world, bar none. ment on account of the dissatisfaction some other time or may be at some future time.' the populists ot this state tin for congress, he having carried (he You have ' found your true place in of forty or fifty. . The works may ton- Lawrence county primaries by a large be for Martin. ' The Hills district is entitled to a representative iu congress and could have had one all ,the time had the fool-killer done his duty-and it need not have been Freeman Knowles either.' - , - Custer Chronicle: Judge ,Granvllle : O.-Bennett of Deadwood, who is a candidate before the Sioux Falls convention for one of the delegates to the national republican convention at Philadelphia. He hasen endorsed and recommended by the', Lawrence county convention held ip Deadwood 1 t f nturday. ' CI a r Ule: At the Lawrence county in this campaign are just as anxious life and history. Let. well enough a-lone. Don't slough off the honor snd tain large blast furnaces. Thefires die out for want of men to keep them go majority. ' This disposes of all the to secure the election ot Bryan and ing, and weeks and months most be fame and the love and admiration of a grateful people In a vain endeavor to the defeat of McKinley as the democrats are, and they are altogether too Lookout Camp, Spearflsh, were select lost In cutting; out the chilled metal and ore before they can again be fired. ed honorary, members ot the associa other congressional and senatorial candidates. from tbe Black Hills tend practically assures Mr. Martin's nomination. : , :, - - , - , Scotland .Republican:., Ths republj-can primaries In. Lawrence county were held Monday, ana it is said the gratify the social ambition of one who ought to be satisfied with skirts, and such prominence through yon as few tion. .After ths meeting the delegates Trouble of this kind has a bad -moral effect on other" employes besides the shrewd to be misled as to the objects and purposes of men who so openly accept' help from the republican politician sand ths republican press as did Mr. Low and his helpers. . , . partook , of S: banbuet ore Dared for of her sex hsve attained. Already peo sinners, ana sympathetic movements, I them by that prince of caterers, Tex which result in the dissatisfaction pfRsnkln., ".".jltMl ple are wondering whether your glo- 0

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