The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 10, 1900 · Page 10
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 10

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1900
Page 10
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ments are now before the country. XOT OX THE DEEEXSE: MM PI0HP11IBS There Is no jarring sound, no differ The pops are beginning to throw mud at Eben W. Martin because he is OBADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA fortunate enough to have a dollar after his debts are paid and that he is ence of opinion as to national duty at the present time. The administration is most cordially sustained. Its arduous patriotic labors have been crowned with thetyesults desired. Every word of the treaty with Spain is approved. The sovereignty it conferred upon us of it is comparable only to the methods republican convention to meet at of a drunken sailor with a voyage's Sioux Falls, May 23. The primaries wages in his clothes. The three mill- held on the Monday previous had fore-Ions absolutely thrown away In hulld-ltold the result asjviaxtin had secured ing the aqueduct in Washington,,, to- so large a majority of the delegates to gether with numerous examples of har- the county convention that the mect-bor work ignorantly undertaken and so ing Saturday was merely a ratification badly done as to compel abandonment, of the choice of the people for repre-should call lor the establishment of -X sentative in congress, supervising board of civil engineers in The convention was completely har-Washington to hate charge of this monious thruout and strongrosolutions JCBSCRIfrlON. tt.eo PRR rXAtL. in vlls gulity of paying for carriages to bring the voters to the polls at. the primaries etc. This may be a crime. Mr. Martin seoud-elaa matter At the Cats as should have hired these men to run Deadwood FostofBco. in thf Philippines and Porto Rico will their carriages and then never pay be retained. Civil responsibilitv will them. He should, in order to be r w, 1 j ci, axjQ cure biliousness, sick I- headache, jaundice, nausea, Indlgesf tlon, etc They are u valuable to prevent a cold or break up a fever. Mild, gentle, certain, they are worthy your confidence. Purely vegetable, thev' can be taken by children or delicate women Price, 25c. at all medicine dealers or bv mm' of C I. Hood t Co.. Lowell, Mass work. While the officers of the enid were adopted exprfssive of the senti- success, run his campaign on jaw bone neer corps may have been honest urttil iii-nt as held by The republican party. and sympathy. He should have swell CITY MATTERS. Applications for place under the new city administration are very nu- the time of Carter, they have been th" After their adoption Mr. Martin was ed the number of men working for him be extended to the inhabitants of the inlands as fast as tiiey can discharge its obligations. If any of the new possessions are to be given up some other party must conduct the surrender. Republican platforms announce with ab most incompetent outfit under pay 111 willed for who made a speech thank- Jvinerous, too much so for the comfort government service. Ing the convention and giving a clear to boost him into office in hopes of get ting their pay. Tribune. The Tribune has the right concep of those who are made responsible for j outline of the issues of the coining The Neatest. 0! Them All Mit hell Republican Judge Moody's wimpaign. tion of the Martin campaign. There has been nothing in the private, pub candidacy for the United States senate has long since gone glimmering. He solute directness that, it is the purpose to keep the new territory. Its future treatment will rest, as the Ohio platform says, on ' the principle in which ; lie or political life of Mr. Martin that endeavored to secure the support of the conduct and efficiency of the appointees. Mayor-Elect Fish has given the matter serious consideration and will act conscientiously, and the council will wisely confirm his appointments. To do otherwise would estab-ish a bad precedent and destroy t he confidence and effectiveness of both requires explanation or apology. His The Only Bi Show Coming this Year Deadwood Doe 3iy only Lawrence county but Martin got it by supporters from the beginning con ducted an offensive, rather than de 1 large vote. This practically assures hat the Hills will get the nomination the republican party had its birth nad on which Abraham Lincoln was elected president, that the representatives of the people have full power over territory belonging to the United States, in fensive, campaign and will continue to I In his fight for the nomination Mr. Martin has used only legitimate means toward bringing it about and has proved himself a leader in the few weeks that he has been an aspirant such as the people of the Hills and the state can well be proud of. He lias proven himself a man of force and (act-in the political field as well as at the bar. With a leader of this kind nothing can prevent his election in Xovember. He will conduct a clean do so until the close. They will at for congressman by a large vote-eil i for congressman, and Martin is regard branches of the city government. No ed generally in the Hills as the man harmony wit hand subject to the fun tack if necessary, for there is nothing to defend. The Tribune has the weapons at hand to effectually silence calumny when the proper time comes. who can carry that part of tne state for the republican party. Besides he damental safeguards of our free institutions for liberty, justice and personal rights." On trusts the republicans, as usual. s said to be a very capable man and matter who is selected to till the offices, there will be some disappointment which must be borne with fortitude. The mayor and council shoull be left free to act upon their best Judgment. There are a great many reforms which can only be effected by "harmonious effort on the part of the Tuesday, May 14 The Great SYNDICATH AMERICAN SHOWS ComiDg oai s owa P-lace Raiirojd Train popular with the people. Madison Sentinel: Hon. E. W. Mar OCR CLAIM AGAl.YST TURKEY. Recent revelations indicate that the campaign and not only will poll -the full republican vote but will draw a Rood vote from the opposition. No bosses or machine has made Martin a candidate , on the other hand he is in of Deadwood has been endorsed for mayor, the council and the appoint sultan of Turkey is much embarrassed congress by Lawrence county and will receive the solid support of the Hills. by the American demand for an lmme Ive officers. No class are more vital! interested In these reforms than th He will come to the Sioux Falls convention backed by 134 votes which diate settlement of the A-nnenian out rage claims. The Turkish ruW ap saloon men. If the police depart take the initiative for th eoampaign. The Ohio platform is against "threatening combination of capital stock that seek to restrict competition and stifle independent producers." It welcomes the capital materll to the Industrial development of the state and the largest employment of labor, but Insists that "injurious combination shall be forbidden, and so-called trusts so regulated from time to time and so restricted aa to guarantee Immunity from hurtful meet and city Justice will keep order practically insures his nomination. pears to be somewhat in the position of aheavily involved debtor upon on the outside, the saloon men will such by having overcome these forces and for once the people have by their own voice brought out a good man and will elect him. His first opponents are in line and will not only fight shoulder to shoulder tor his nomination at Sioux Falls but will put forth eveiy effort possible for his election. One of his prominent keep order on the inside and conduct whom some creditor more importunate their business within the; restrictions of the statutes. Heretofore the police than the-others has made an insistent demand for settlement. There is A careful and laborious reading .of Grover Cleveland's recent letters will convince his admirers that he has lost none of his breezy and sesquipedalian swing. have permitted altogether too much nothing to suggest that the sultan is monopoly and assure fair treatment noise on the streets, and when arrests desirous of discharging his just obliga have been made by Officer Melnern v tions. Indeed, he would probably the offenders have either been turned opponents stated to us this week that and protection to all competing Indus-every one who at first opposed him j tries." The Indiana platform favors would support him to a man and that j "such additional legislation, both state Lawrence county would give him aland national, as shall establish m postpone paying if he could. But it is loose by those higher in authority c Madison Leader: Congressman Gamble spent a few days at home last week and the Madison dispatches report that he is very well satisfied with also a fact that as things are the sultan Jet off with a nominal fine by the jus might be very much embarrassed if he large majority. The contest has had j plete legal control over all trusts and I Huge Mon8ter Menagerie of Rare Wild tice. should pay. Perhaps it would be a re the outlook for his own senatorial can monopolies, with full power to dis- An,mals- Lar&e Troupes of solve the same, and mete nroner . 1 Educated Horses and Ponies. The lief for him were the United States didacy. SILLY S UPERSTITIO.Y. government to take such measures to ishment to all who thus seek to distroy 1 Best Arenic Performe-s of Europe & It Is surprising that a man of such Mr. Markham. the man with the collect the amount as would afford the effect of cementing the republican forces in that county and harmony will prevail. The prospects are very bright for the Hills to be represented in congres by a man who represents th", sentiment of the Hills and that sentiment will undoubtedly be honest competition and prevent the superior intelligence as "Bathouse real proof that he was forced to comply America. Real Roman Chariot Races HOSTS OF Fl'NNY CLOWNS primitive agricultural implement, is trying to inject a little poetry into the widest possible employment of labor.' with the AmesjSsan demand. Such a John Coughlin, of Chicago, should be so deeply tainted with superstition. The subject of matrimony. course would rcttere him of the suspi cion of -appearing to give the Ameri Argus-Leader: If there is anything cans a voluntary preference In the that Brother Martin wants in the matter of payments. I Such is the republican attitude toward oppressive trusts. The party will be glad if other parties take similar ground. Probably all the platforms of the year will denounce monopolistic trusts. One party is ready to act, and competent to act, and It is the one that has faithfully fulfilled its platform of four years ago. Black Hills and doesn't see, let him The fact that the European govern FACETIOCS FUN AND FRIVOLITY. EVERYTHING NEW AND ORIGINAL Don't fail to see the Free Morriing Exhibition on Show Grounds after th? Grand Street Parade. 2 PERFORMANCES 2 Afternoon and Evening. Doors open at 1 p. m. and 7 p. m. ask for It. ments have claims of all sorts and Admiral Dewey's advertisement in sizes against the Turkish government makes the demand of the United States for immediate" settlement of far reach relation to the presidency reached the business office "too late to be classi SOLID FOR MARTIN. ( Hot Springs Star.) Lawrence county unanimously endorsed Hon. E. V. Martin for congress at their county convention Saturday. This makes the Hills solid for him and assures his nomination by acclamation. Mr. Martin's nomination so frustrated the pops of Lawrence county rhaX they forgot to endorse Joe Moore for gorgeous Alderman's bouse in Harmon Court was numbered "13. " When "Bathhouse" noted this ominous fact lie became alarmed. "Hully gee.'" he exclaimed In classic Chlcagoese, "couldn't be elected dog-catcher wit that hoodoo on the door." Then he had the number changed to 12. Those closest to the First Ward ' statesman must wonder at this unexpected exhibition of weakness. Never before In his career has Coughlin shown any evidence of superstition, lie has never been known to object to any of his constituents voting thirteen times at one election. This, of course, is not saying that such things ever fied." ing importance An attempt by this nation to force collection may arouse hotsillty among Turkey's-other cred i ne u. Kaiiroau win issue Tickets from LEAD CITY to DEMOCRATIC SIDE SHOW'S. Madison S. D., Outlook: The free COMIXG CONGRESSMAN '. The nomination and election of Mr. I DEADWOOD for 25 cents Round Trip. itors. V I silver republican party, having virtual What seem to be inspired dispatches Trains running every half hour until after the last performance. Martin as one of South Dakota's rep ly gone to seed, is to be resurrected under the name of "The Lincoln'" republi resentatives in the lower house of con- ' crmeress. or perhaps Freeman Knowles from Washington assert that there is no Intention to resort to a naval dem friends were in the Anyway, Kress is now as near to a certainty as it is possible to forecaste human they are at sea. onstration ol force in Turkish waters to compel the sultan to keep his prom can party, with apologies, of course, to Lincoln. When the original freesilver republicans walked out of the g. o. p. they ' J inder obllgatic under obligations events. He ha the united and enthusiastic support of every delegate The Star is to the Happen in bis ward. They probably are not necessary. Aside from these considerations, it is a pathetic thing to professed themselves republicans i everything except the financial issue west of the Missouri river;, pledges from more than. 200 east of the river ises. Fortunately the character of the complications is such that if wisdom suggest a course, the Washington government may refrain from urging Its demand at this time without prejudice see such a strong man as John has shown himself to be cowering before a piuicniun iiiid uie otner g. o. p. issues wer? ull right, and as soon as the and a conceded support from three-fourths of the state. No other candidate has been mentioned, hence his child ibh superstition. It would seem to America's claims. Pioneer-Times of Deadwood for the use of the excellent cut of Mr. Martin in this issue. And. by the way. we extend congratulations to the Pioneer-Times upon the splendid and successful work it did in behali of the winner. Plaindealer: Eben W. Martin, candidate for congress, has been more financial issue was settled they assured that a man with the normal courage to I their bereft brothers that they woui 1 wear the kind of clothes the "Bath house" does should have nerve sum again be found working in the republi can raiias. i ne new Lincoln -party dent to defy all the hoodoos this side nomination by acclamation is a foregone conclusion. His success has been remarkable. The people and the conditions demanded a man of his character and ability and were extremely fortunate In finding such a man for a lays silver on the shelf and adopts the of hades. In these same gorgeous gar successful thus far in his campaign j democratic platform, practically entire. ments, moreover, one would think Chicago's political potentate would find an which uenig me case, t:ie promoters should at once throw off :he mask and announce frankly that they intend Studebaker WAGONS AND CARRIAGES are made from the hect timber, seasoned undercover by time. Tha same discrimination is exercised In tk selection ol every part. Call and see our Agent. He will explain all the good points, or semi yoa) address and we v. ill mail you our haod&orue souvenir catalogue. Stsdebaker Bros. Mfg. Co South Bend, in roa. m v; bv all-sufficient protection against evil Influences of such a nature. It would require a hoodoo with a great deal of Aberdeen News: The political atmosphere of the Black Hills is warming up. Three counties In that: district, Custer, Fall River and Meade, have Instructed for E. W. Martin for congress, while Judge Moody has returned from the Pacific coast to take personal charge of his own campaing for the senate and to plug Martin In his home county of Lawrence. The latter county has as many votes In the state convention aa all the other Hills counties combined. (That was written before the News in the Hills than many politicians. The unanimity with which he ha.; been chosen is really marvelous, and yet not so much to ta tondered at w:hen his true worth and ability are realized. No one tan say a word against him. Even those of the other party agree to rerorm and lead a new life. Lots of good men who have been damned for democracy all their lives, object to leader. Mr. Martin has never disap-poihted his friends or his clients, nor will he disappoint his constituents. He will represent theentire state, and, for the next two years, will do more good in the house than in the senate. There are a number of measures that have been hanging Are in the house that need all the influence that can be brought to bear. Theh, too, for the this system of political masquerade that he is in every way equal to the i Wre have not met all the rank and file ' hardihood to tackle the house in which that vivid wardrobe is stored. If. the "Bathhouse" will hang one of his audible waistcoats or a pair of his argumentative trousers over his lintels, or attach one of his noisy neckties to the doorbell, we will wager that he can drive every Jonah off the block. honor and assurance put upon him. of the party but Judging from samples He is the hero of the Hills. heard from the Lawrence county convention.) i REPUBLICAN PLATFORMS IN 1900. Store and office 60 Sheninin t?t DEADWOOD, S. D. IWXEJ& FOOLS. The rather tardy confession of Mr. close at hand it is a syndicate of freebooters, a body of sore politicians who have not been able to get what they wanted In the republican party, and have organized a hold-up syndicate to rape the democracy. Therr wabbling around on principles show that they have no particular ambition, or even understanding, in that direction, and the presumption is forced upon us that the whole bunch is flying the black flag. If any further evidence is needed, it would be supplied in the in Westcott, the father-in-law of Captein CATARRH Globe-Democrat: In the ringing declarations of principles adopted by republicans this week In several state conventions the country can see outlined the basis of the coming campaign. The party has distinct Issues and states them without reserve. It is also entirely harmonious and zealously preparing everywhere for the coming contest. There is no need to re-afflrm Oberlln M. Carter, makes plain that the TOE CLEANSING AM HEALING CUKE FOR next two years there will be important matters to look after in the departments at Washington, and, not being burdened with senatorial dignity, Mr. Martin can effectively look after them. Mr. Gamble will take care of our interests intthe senate. South Dakota will be extremely fortunate In her congressional representatives. o- Robert J. Gamble's candidacy for U. 8. senator is meeting with a more general approval than that of any man for that office in recent years. The Yank engineer received a full sharo of the money misappropriated during th con Minneapolis Journal: It may be on infringement of Mr. Osbon'i copy wright to say that his communication eontatlned no more than one statement of fact, but It is the truth nevertheless His confession that he !s already beaten in this fight will not bo contested by anyone. The - candidacy of Messrs. Herried, Burke and Martin, with .Gamble for the senate, appear to bo certainties. , Despite Mr. Osbon's mis-table insinuations as.'', to the first named, it Is patent to every unpreju- CATARRH struction of certain government work at Savannah harbor. . Carter, it ap Ely's Cream Balm the platform of four years ago. It is stance furnished in our own state, pears, received .pone-third : oL every check given the contractors, and the full amount banked by him with bis now history. The promises made In Easy and pleasant to 1816 are now laws, accompllshedfacts. optw vouuune bo injurious drug. It is quickly absorbed. Gives Kelief at once. where half the free silver republican rank and file climbed into office immediately upon tne success of the fusion ticket If there is anything more pes ton Gazette has compiled four pages of The gold standard is defined and pro father-in-law amounted to $Sj1,G00, This will be a treat shock to the m;ia- Items taken from the state papers ap tected by statute. Every dollar of Am upens ana Cleanses , n fcjsnszxs- COLD 'it HEAD ;tuu person inai inert is a genuine Call flit ATMF thA mmt tw. . tl t-l Aprovlng his candidacy This is really erican currency must measure up to it tiferous in politics today than t thru i tl ' aim u not s could Hew bindJni Jleals and Protects the Membrane. Kestoret W a remarkable endorsement when there Cuba has been freed from the foreign methods of the trust promoters in the .10 state ticket Nine-tenths - of thH Senses ot Taste and Smell. Lares Bar, 60 ci-nii" bers of the engineer corps, as it Las always been the proud boast of that branch of the army that never in iU history has a cent been misapprcpi I-ated by any officer, la this service. 't are so many "favorite sons" in various oppression that disturbed and Injured republican party, it Is the little clam vrutmBimnr nrmsn; inai sise. lucenis uy ELY BBOTKBKS, M Warren Street, New York. republicans of Black Hills counties fa or Mr Herried. says the Deadwood- localities. Miller Press. , , this nation. , Prosperity is at high tide orous bunch of office pirates that have ought to own it plainly and not go SDlutterina- around, fish to one. and fastened themselves on the democratic and mounting upward. Work is abnn dant and wages good. Hawaii is an is tru the funds foolishly wasted by Ee Queen Lllluokalanl of Hawaii and this corps would almost keep the. ov-, Mr. Hallelulu of tiie same favored Isles eminent running a full year, buttaey ' have registered atorotest with the cus- fowl to another, and nothing to any party under many noms de plume, and twisted and contorted its declaration of principles into something that looks nexed. The republican party, Intrusted with power, has scrupulously redeemed body and that's about where it all hare Jteen proud of the fact that tVy torn officers, who assessed them $100 Its pledges. It considers Its platforms, ends. What the hades do these people care about the Philippine islands. were roois, not knaves. .. Now 'otaca duties on two automobiles. The dusky Heved stroi remark honj ' ' He . Xbellic when I fceglnni .mtilu binding and has thetcapacity as well as the will to carry them Into effect Pioneer-Tlmes, and this ratio Is no doubt good on the east side, If ever a call had the ring of spontaneity and genuineness, this ' ops has, and Mr, Herried's nomination by acclamation with practical unanimity Is assured. This demand has -its origin in the deep-seated conviction that he is a man of high principles and the strictest Integrity that he will jnake a governor of whom the people will be proud. "While he may not be very much like the wreck-of the Maine. We can Imagine the hollow horse laugh, that Thomas Jefferson would siting up this museum; of 'pretenses- the crushing knowledge that all .Joubt eueen and her former subject ought has been removed as to Carter's guilt, . not -to murmur at a little thing like or free silver, or the tariff? W they want Is a job,-and 'any old thinj uo j muni m rcvuuieu umi. merj i iubu riau mey peen charged duties a blot upon the 'Scutcheon of th corps. fnn their names the burden would have relieve himself of were he capable of is good enough to get it oil. -., : ' '-- v - - FILED FOR RECORD. these political shipwrecks. 4 The whole The Carter affair should wake congr- far too great to bear. when the party, therefore comes together anew to'deflne Itself on national questions the people. realise that work for the historian is again in hand. When the republicans of Ohio, Indiana. Pennsylvania, y Wisconsin and Massachusetts, la state conventions as mixture makes a political half -site Minnie Baker to Han Kalpacco q'ii' up 10 ine xaci inai in no otoer claim to the- easterly oo.tion of hi of the government Is money squander that youv cannot get on with a shoe horn. if each of them could be given V . - - i I 40, Sunnyste addition to Lead: $M rMARTIN"vVlNS. . - , t . Bellefourche Bee: Lawrence county naminously , endorsed and - Instructed delegates for E. W. Martin. 67,dele gateswere. selected to attend the state bimeone Marengo to Charles liiK"- J-IT. u.sbon s choice, ne is the people j ed so recklessly as In the engiueer choice, and if the "bosses" are for him ' corps. They ahave millions to spend they and the people are pulling In sing, Veach year, and the extravagant an 4 f ie harness for a common purpo., . j wasteful manner in which the,y get rid sembled, put forth their platforms in a a Job there .wouldn't be any party left' Ordinarily Jt makes very little, differ-' ence to us what a man's political be- quit claim to the easterly portion single week the main keynotes are un CODSla, . -inwght He has nterprl tIon, ortjinal aent gi '"eludes 8trwbe tlra other m block 10, Sunnyride addition to Lett: Questionably, sounded,, .These docu-j lief may be. but whatever he is.. he S. - V

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