The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 3, 1900 · Page 8
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1900
Page 8
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said of her: "Yes! climate lasts all the time, but weather only a few "After suffering from plies for fllteen years I was cured by using two boxes. Of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve," write. VV. J. Ilaxter, North brook, N. C It heals everything. Ueware of counter davs!" Some way. when it comes to City and Personal Bon Baer, who has been in the Hills tor several weeks looking after his interests here, left for his home In St. Paul. EASTER IN CALIFORNIA. SANDIAGO, Cal., April 17. 1!00. My Dear Mr. Editor: While sitting on my row-covered verandah, nealh a canopy Of sapphire skies, with the softest of velvet breezes from the blue Pacific fanning niy cheeks and the subtile fragrance of violets and magnolias HOME OF THE POPE. Mrs. N. T. Mason Writes to Hj, Sister From Rome. I don't think I have written we left Gibraltar, but I think Gibrafc, the most picturesque pla'e 1 have g yet; we hired a cab and took in d feits. Kirk G. Phillips. climate, we feel justified in criticising any other in the world, even tbo Unkind people further north do accuse us of being at the end of the earth, and intimate that we only, have a day-be-fore-ycstei'day. kind of weather dow? Jurigo John H. Burns soul twenty head of cattle Monday "to the Fuller S- ' ' i'i " -"8fc .. ,'M. C lot". . i wafted to me from Just around the lirotll'TS of Helle Kolll't h '. lie lias town one io turope point, to the , cui ner-iio vim wonder, as ri'bon.s aim i here. How I sympathize with Ih- ol I kept the cuttle oli his ram ii, at tin ii ailow larks w:ir!!- the chei-ri'-st i I I,..,,, .i. ,, i,i . u t,,i i, it , i confluence ul ( row creek it, w; ' iiinii ii r iifni nil; ii'- i, mi jufti' .illlltl Gives women that womanly beauty, refined Into Its rullet, spk-ndor thnt dazzles mankind. That's what Jdukv Mountain Tea do a. Ask your Dnifigit MTss Fuunle Foster, who rec-en'-ly resigned her jiosition at 1 1: - Spea"-11h! Normal s hcul on account of ill health, left, for Sioux City, iicconijuii:- ui iic-iiuai. firouiHi, anu into Spj.. where an old Spanish sentinel marc b;u k and forth and looked as thoi he might have stepped out oi i he from Florida where he went to spend th winter, ami was literally irozi spline; fii.ii o. . r m. yh A ! Hi - I.Oe lays, that 'm fain y I gaze 1 1 ! I r iit my - l ite ,,. WO! Id U islllUy' til'.t (Ul v. ti ciitli leiitmy son.e time. out ! i ' tor, anil the ili al for t hem a i.- over tile telephone. lie h.l :: all his live sto k. uit Ir I to- - i a few head, and has lately h a. ranch for live years, lie .'i.i.-- tile tiliest Ii! in hers in I he v:ill. ill ihis ( "iiiifornia 1' sli.i t ini; too. v,r 111.- wfi-e.t ui.uiw.t- ....... . ...... .. tir- niuoi 1 1 1 1 e rei in..- liitl.. .I,,.. 1.-..,.. "' !o lme.- V Whi't ina 1 o il yii'i !' .in 1-: o;e.- mm- i.m,o 1LJ K llVi t tllgM If W N in 3 Ki t soft ( hiircoal on either i,. j charms are many, ked Rain! . raiir-cciusioii of great de-l.u ion. I iider cover Tho San Diegc. fine limit; sin- storm here is a:-li'ht and i-ongrat loa-jJ S.ui l)jie;i j i:t-f passed'.' .'.ViM it tie 01 tn men n !io will ink.- down wit.i charcoal and on top in oH has lei it l itre of it. led by mother. It IHIHH (n tile lillTeni of life, iiupe anil iniiliitlon. Tin' clii-'f nouriHher In life great struggle. That's what Hotky .Mountain Tea is. Ask your Druggist man or woman. The streets were vetj v"' - - I i(.- iiei women, res p i i) ii en i in nue j apparel. walking with Kilt .m!, ,, prajer books ill hard toward her beau narrow, nut the flowers were of the thiinki night. 1 smiled at the man who I heaw-n i'.ii- a recent shower. Koi'geoia The billiard loin iiiiiie iii. h. iiu I Acts gently on the. nipii iieogi.s oi neiiotrope and rosJ jecteu m tlii )I vii 1 1 in- a.-Ji.-.. union is .'isjej and cold enough for furs. YAY . I II....: . nlisoi lilng the attention or thi nliivers tiful ilnmli's . accompanied i.v fine looking men in their Sunday 'blacks" ;.ll of whom seem tilled with the fpirk Kidneys, Liver ioe fciiiienes, (iiimeis cut through M of the club. It is exinH ted that it will since now he might wash his face and hands! No easterner with the slightest consideration of California's feelings would carry an umbrella aoroad in the land. Frighten the little (irons rocK or (jibralter during the sejge wi,. C.'.i.. i 1-C? l-i- begin May i'i. and will last a week and Bowels 1)111' of the tallies will he : it in Ih eaiii in ii-., uiu nw, every now ail then they Ran' holes' cut thi-oneh Hon. K. W. Martin and wife left for Chicago to attend the general conference of Methodist churches, to whieh Mr. Martin is a delegate. They will remain two weeks when 3. B. Wilson of Hot Springs, who is" Mr. Martin's alternate, will go to Chicago aud remain during the rest of the conference large ast em tilv hhuu. to give more already too (lusive. awav? Kmui-1 t r,EAN5E6 THE YSTEM looking the sea. with great big Kungj, spectators tin- heiiebt of the colilesls a pitiable sight to drive into tho emu. .-ii me (p or (.ibralter is lwa;l crcrrrTiiAiiv of Easter--a spirit of joyoiisness ami good will to all :ien? Or shall i- be rather of the mosques whose chimes, on this day of all days, seem to call all classes and conditions of men within their crovv ded doors? Observe tneir decorations in white and greens only how effective they are. That iwtiere! The athletic comiiiitt-e of the cluli has ".."L.j. vwiere en.Hl nel(ls of ed a gun which looks llkea mere ted gram not lierfii teil the ai raiigeiiients. hut just above ground, lie. wiLuerea an will prohiilily hiive t-hem readv for an .-c our notei in Aapies are A. CcnaJ Doyle and family and Mrs. John J dead. Oi which lasts din ing the entire month of noiiiiceinent within a few days. It is May. RCOMES irrd & ' expected that there will lie some inter Jxigan. -We reached Rome last night an "DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the esting lontefts, as there are several h4BiTUAt CONST-PATIOM finest pills I ever used." D. J. Moore - 'o, uuwever, solve the difflculty largely by irrigation, tho the difference in flavor is verv perceptible it is said, between fruit'raisci artiflclally and naturally. The market Places are filled with guava. persimmons, pomwRiniiiM, m of smilax like a harp of a thousand strings reaching from the dome to the altar far below, tlreat banks of callas too, in their exquisite purity, suggests were lucky to get any accommodation excellent players in the iissoclul ion. A Millbrook, Ala. They quickly cure all at an. ine city is run of folks Hup cue will probably be awarded as a iiait? luiire lur tioiy weef. We tela prize for the best player groups of little angels transplanted to earth for the moment see how they "co- "iiawoerri es and graphed from Naples and got a goc room in a first-class hotel. This mom. of the Peace, J. Q. Hood. Justice - r-i mm r anywhere uges, the latter selling 'rom 5o to 2ac a dozen. that huge cross of white Crosby liver and bowel troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. John Feldhausen s teams, which have been hauling coal to the Iron-tides mine on Squaw creek, have been taken off, owing to about a quarter of a mile of road being washed out. Mr. ing we went to Palm Sunday servicJ "Madonna surrounded by statement I at St. Peter's. The cathedral was s Miss., makes the following Bur th gcpwine - mn7 o By esUe again t: -1 can hereby certify that TR)P' TTf CVPIP(Ol T " te Cough Cure will do all that Vtl1-1 ,JI J' IV I eheinbs. At for It. My wife could not "'J.'11 " ".'."."''ac. "rgan pealed estle against a And led A'i green vw-nhH as the tones of the great es ot negrea One Minn log-ta rv " A .PUrchJ' "ormous and so grand that the w. Phantly-what ' taming Chine, who vlrea wouhl hnwHnn. - . vices would have done us no evJ forth trium Is claimed d good niagnanimoutly roa t" ntuti rata, mri toru Sells vnn r. i thought you as the girl, clad In spotless get her breath and the first done of It hnnnh larB'- ii we uau oeen raised catholics. TtJ white, stepped forth to sing "He is chorus singing was much better tht . tragus at 5c or two small onesaV5e; and If one only ,itlgeri lone- cn.i.crK . ... e Risen?" Were not the tremulous voice, the throbbine violin the nerfmne of the Morman church at Salt Uli New Forest Rangers. H. G. Hamaker, of CusUr. states relieved her. It has also benefited my whole family." It acts Immediately and cures coughs, colds, grippe, croup, bronchitis, asthma and all throat and lung troubles. Kirk G. Phillipe. -o W1II proDatdy find him re- There was a big crowd there, but It diil Feldhausen thinks It will be about a week before the necessary repairs will be made so that the work may be resumed, but rays that the mine has enough coal on hand to run them about that time, hence a shut down may be averted. v . roses, quite enough to make one feel, g nis Price to a quarter, such with the poet of Ihp great soul i oargainers not fill one end of the church; no seat or pews and the people run arouni are thev. nPi that he has eight forest ransrers on the pay roll now, and expects to increase For the. world is full of roses, ! weet potatoes with a strong flavor oi everywhere just as they pleased wia that number to twenty-five -r thirty And the roses full of dew, R. K. Bacon arrived in th; cuv on out seeming to disturb anyone. Sai And the dew is full of heavenly love. "I had stomach trouble twenty years the Burlington but few worshipers and they were poor " cur- u V. J. Barclay of Sturgls. was in the Wonder how the1 church and Its croi; That drips for me and you!" Over in my shaded corner, by the i uegan to use kcxioi Dyspepsia Cure. city ,,urlng the day. It baa done me ho much irnnri t rail it I ui priesis is maintained? The guiW book says It cost fifty million dollars before the forest fire season begins probably in June or July. He had four men on during the winter, and has reinstated some of the-men who vere in the government service last summer. The government is determined to preserve the forests of the Black Hills, and Its vigilance is goini; to be in rose, are-no selling at 3 for loc-tho the flavoring is rather more enjoyed than the accompanying high tarH Oranges at 5C a dozen, potatoes at 4. "iou, of couise, pay your monev and take your cholw. California is said you know, to raise but two crops, oranges and tourists Of the" last mentioned, over 30.0(i0 have visited San Diego this winter. That latter fact h. vr t ,c B I Ml9S Nellle Moo1.v catlle from -- . . . v J v. , niim I T . iv. j . and the co6t of its maintenance is $3; 500 per year. soft light of a stained-glass window, 1 watched a Bhabby and forlorn individual slouch carelessly in dropping into a seat near by. His form was bowed and his head and neck covered Wilkinson, AlbanyTenn. . It digesU what you eat. Kirk 0. Phillips. oiiirgm iu visu reiuiives. Hanks Stewart arrived on the Elk born after a business irin we saw tne CoIIisseum today, wher- "After suffering from vvm dvanon. 1 10.000 men and 5.000 wild blasts wwi n , . , ' I J. M. Brelsford came up from Hot slain at its dedication, which lasted 1 creased until that end Is effectively accomplished. There are a g.-eat number of applications in for timber, and the number is increasing. it 's not ) u iius hioou nearly z.uuu yean! and had seats for 50,000 people. It wi with questionable looking scars, while his general bearing betokened foreign-ness to the occasion. He seemed so ill at ease amid all that purity. Soon I noticed a girl lean over and offer him a hymn book. Ho attempted to sing. nsea as a quarry during the middl- so easy to have an application acted on as formerly, as the department is nf ages, but the value of the materia! tempts me to repeat for your benefit, a profound conundrum lately propounded me: "Why is California like youi two hands'" In sheer self-defense. 1 suggested: ' Piobably because all your days are palmy days:" Whereupon I was informed that it was all owing to the fact that they are both supported by tou-rists!" v v i"m iuiu uaiug many. , . ,, Springs on tbe Burlington, remedies without pennant good I final- j If took Kodol Dyspeela Cure. It did E- L' Granthanl ani1 Paul Kloeman me to much good I recommend it to ! of Cu8ter' arrived in the city, veryooe," writes J. E. W'atklns, Clerk Judge Joseph B. Moore went to and Recorder, Chlllcothe, Mo. It dl- Mystic on the Burlington. eat what you eat Kirk 0. Phillips. I J. C. Dlckover came up on the Elk-Misa Birdie Mundy, eldest daughter i horn train from RaI)l,, and w''"- ,lown of Mra. Hllan Hulan of this city, and to My8te- ' James Cranshan of Bulalo, Wyoming, Hyt left for Custer, wheie he still standing is estimated at two dtl the opinion that there has-been too his voice trembled, he seemed strangely a half million dollars. But it's wortl much speculation In the matter in the past. There are consequently a i um overcome and soon great tears were the trip. splashing the open page before him ber of applications being held up. We visited Pompeii and it was mod Was he thinking perhaps of some good Mr. Hamaker said Sylvan Lake was interesting. It took us about one hot! going to open yesterday the first of and a quaiter to get tlien?, then little mother way back east, possibly at that very moment offering up an Easter petition for her son. who had took luncheon and entered the rowl Iast night we boarded the double-decked trolley for a ride down to the bay. to view the American warships. Italian and French cruisers by moonlight from our sky-parlor. " As we rode the ruined city of Pompeii. The lira wm married on Friday, tbe 27th, at Probably remain for a large portion of Newcastle. They returned to Dead-! tne summer. wood and left yesterday for Living-1 CJovU of gt Qnge ,eft-fc7-hu stone. Montana !he bride U well i old home at Montreal CaUli(U on the known in Dead wood, where she has Elkhorn train. May for the season. The hotel was closed (luring the winter, but it is expected that a lively trade will soon open. drifted into the unknown? It was evi thing we visited was a small museum; dent that Ma life had been a hard one. but through all the roughness, appre Mrs. J. Shoudy went down "eu ui ner tire. The groom was formerly an employe at the B. & M. round 'o the V" ...v. " ' v , unauic "nil na m- nTtrrremble peppar-trees. we could hn' where they bad lots of reli.-s that wer taken from the ruins; vases, skull; armor, etc., petrified men. women an children with the most agonized es pressions on their faces, showing th Impressions of Seattle. - ciation of purity and goodness lurked there. Presently the girl handed him her Testament-"))? heard him join in m,-t at aous" In this city. ranch. She expected to be Whitewood by Mr. Shoudy. remark upon the freshness of the heavy salt breeze, blowing toward us. As a mild devotee of Bacchus strolled George Auten, who returned two weeks ago from Seattle, says W. Hj Carter, formerly of this city, has the the re-ading of the Psalm. She Wild "He that seeks finds. He that takes flood s Sarsaparilla unds in it use W. B. Bevereaux, of New York, who aw i'ii agony they must nave been iiS me afterward that he asked her aftei has been visiting In the city for a num oeicre tne lava consumed them: sotu oy leaving an odor suspiciously like finest saloon ln the place. The Totem the service if he might keep tlv? little were tound ln the streets, others lti ber of dyg, left for the east, Emanuel Johnson, of the First ward uupiro me enure nrst noor of a cloves in his wake, the entire combination fairly took my breath away. How i hook always that he had determined to reform. She said to hire: "But you their houses. One man had on a larg- ptre blood, good appetite, good diges-1 tloa and perfect health. Jt cures dys-1 pop8'4, .acrofula and salt rUeum, bolla. 1 jplmples and all blood humors. i The favorit "cathartic is Hcods ring with the setting op and one hal ever, I revived my faintmz t-.iirits see. my name Is on tbe cover lu tiny gold lettering. Will you promise to with some highly delectable preserved PUls. 35c. -. . ginger, kindly offered me by my cavalier, and as a little vulgar boy whis the most beautiful teeth; the had on-petrified body of a dog that was in at awful position, head twisted aroun: and on Its back. We went thru U principal streets (with a guide, tha: of this city, left on the Burlington yesterday afternoon for his old honje at Malmo, Sweden. Mrs. Will Mataon and Mrs. John Halm went to Tim Coleman's rsnch on the Burlington, intending to visit Mrs, Coleman for several days. J. "W. Hamilton, one of the Elkhorn tled, "A Hot Timo in the Old Town Tonight," and a swarthy Spaniard In building 110 feet long, by 30 feet wide, and is doing a big business. When the city authorities put a stop to the gambling In Seattle It cut down the business of the' place to some exent, but the Totem has a pool room upstairs, and it.has a thriving traffic. Memphis and California races are Dooked. end they are played with a great deal of enthusiasm. Poker Is permitted In the city, but faro, roulette, and other games of that description are not , number of curious people assembled at the Burlington platform Sunday night to see tha new passenger train coma In. There wa nothing iu , any way remarkable about It, nothing miard its saeredness as well?" With many promises he went down the church steps, leaving the girl the remembrance of his rough "God bless yer. Miss." ringing in her ears, and a larger sense of the Easter spirit within her own heart. Someway it Is easy to moralize on Easterand to marvel that were covered over twenty feet deep greasy garments and sombrero just be with lava; all of them paved will low called out. "Hot tomales and Chile cancarne, I could but say: Here's to i conductors, arrived in Dead wood Mon- stone. Some of the palaces must have been grand, one especially where the;. " oauie ucuuifl oaa nor imii i California! Verily, variety Is the 6plce of life. m thousand timea before, but it came day and U 8ndiB8 a few da'8 ln " at an hour when nothing else was hap- j clty' H ha late,y been runnin8 th penlng. and because It waa the aecond traln belween Hot Springs and Buffa-Jaaengei: train to come in on that lo G&p- other than goodness and purity should creep into a land of such rare loveii-ntcs. v running. Mr. Auten says he saw more Just then an earthquake relentlessly whiskey drinkers in Seattle than he lifted us from our seats, and I have not yet ceased wondering whether Cali- have everything in the garden as it was found; fountains, marble statutes some of them badly mutilated, but shows how grandly everything was that time and the paintings on the walls of some. Of the palaces arc fs beautiful in coloring as though they were painted but yesterday. If vol ever saw before in his life. It seemed to him that everyone there drank whiskey. Being on the sea level peo iorma suggests a spice jar or a roi Robert Lucas, an attorney of Chad-ron, Neb., is in "the cityK He !s the owner of the Lucas addition to Chad-ron. and is and old friend aud ac In looking back upon my six months' winter spent here. I decide it ia by far jar. Which do you think? While you decide, believe me. with warmest re ple can drink it there with less effect mvmv ui win ujkj n lumisnea an excuse. The thru passengers nad 'all coruin on the 12:30 train, and Into the expectant crowd of hotel porters, hack drivers, express men and .idlers, there descended one lonely traveling . man man in the higher altitudes. The big quaintance ot.JO. C. Jewett, the rrchl- gards, Sincerely, HARRYET CLOUCH. could see the little railroad cars here it would make you laugh; talk about tect. of this city. rush for Nome had not set in when he left Seattle, sltho the city was full of the comforts of American travels Am the finest summer I've ever livei it is indeed "the winter of my content' What think you of a calendar which constantly contradicts itself as you read from it the-words January, February and March, and then look from your window onto a world which say only and always, June, June. June! people who intended to set out as soon ii U D...II.L i w ' T . . . ericans never will appreciate it till they land here. . We were locked in a as the transportation lines is ere open. Most of these men had loU of money Col. Day's Illness. Col. M. Day, who has been very ill at his home in Rapid City, was reported somewhat better last night. It and they were spending it freely in the little box with six others, all men bu myself, and one little light about a- city. All the hotels were enjoying a The other dar, in asking a cnarmlng oig as a little wax candle, and von good trade, and high prices prevailed uamornia matron wnicn sne consia could hardly see the hands on you o ered the finest month, here, ot the year, , Departures for Cape Nome. ,' Kearly a dosen Black Hills mn left Dead wood yesterday for Cape Nome, Alaska, to put tn the summer in the region of the rich gold finds. Q. W. Sheets, Andy Erie, Ira McCoyd. of the Moreau river; and W. E. Walker of Terry, left on the Burlington train for Seattle, intending to go north as soon as they- can secure steamer passage, t M. Coulson. Fred - Rnsaw, Charles Lemen, and Marion Cautwell, of Terry, also left for. Seattle, orer the Elkhorn watch; the old thing Jolted so yoo A TESTIMONIAL FROM OLD LAND. she replied in a tone which left one no couldn't read and it was supposed W inclination to question: "Why! my be a fast express; all the others tak "I consider Chamberlain's Cough Reme was believed that he wan suffering from an attack of appendicitis, and Dr. Cooper was called from Lead to Rapid Monday night It was feared at the time that the colonel could not live thru the tiight, altho it was not deemed advisable to perform an operation. Lee Day. a son dear all ot them!" And as I recall my dy the beat la the world for broSvhiUfc ays Mr. William 9. Tory of Wsrrfngtoo. letters telling of ice-boat parties up at St. Paul chestnut roasting over grate nine hours and we were but live. This morning we went to the Sistin chapel, where we saw some of the most eelebated frescoes and paintings of B&slaad. "it bes saved my wtfVa life. fires in New England with even de she Baring bees a auu-tyr to bronchitis for scriptions of occasional gentle snow of the colonel, waa telegraphed of his ovr six years, being most of the time eon the,ieriod. Raphael, Titian snd Mich wsuo oook says it toon ICO : years to make a noted beauty.; Aow basin. In thia,country -we make 'em in 90 days with Rocky Mountain Twt Ask your BruggisL" - The theriffi office received a telephone message yesterday trtn Terry ring that Gordon Waugh. the thir-teen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Waugh, had disappeared, and asking the officer to assist la locating lilm. Jt was bellered that he had gone . to BeJle Fourche. and the sheriff oMiutU county waa accordingly aoUQel to look cvtforhim. t - . Charles Waite Is aentor member of the firm of Walte Thorbara Ca, commission men, of Chicago, vhoee office is in the Rial to building, across from the Board of Trade building. Their office is in charge of.H. J. Ain-ley, formerly of the Black Hills, and they are doing' a good bculneW ; Mr. Waite has been Tery slcs: for some time past, and waa able to be out but short time each day last Week.'. 3 v - . ' , - . t :"V falls in the vicinity of Deadwood, Just roao.- xne latter intend to sop at Salt. Lake City for a few aa. and ex ael Angelos altar-wall the "Laat father's condition, at Settle, and it is likely that he will return to the Black Sued to her bed. She is sow quH well." It 1 a great pleasure to the manufacturer's to show the Gods my appreciation of their unfair favoritism, I pin on my pect to get ot of Seattle, about the Judgment," sixty-four feet in width and thirty-two feet In heht, was over flills, Lee Is on his wsy . to Cape of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy .to be white leghorn hat, stroll out into 20th of thin month. : lair. Rosaw vasat one tune a reai aMe to. publish teeUnonsUs of this rharsc tne altar where the roe holds fortl nome, 'ntYa CoL' Pay's illness was rry sudden ier. Tttcy too that great good is being cur rose garden and pick a hundred roses easily. These rose leaves will dent of this city, being employed at tne smelter. Mr. Sheets has been for tone, pals nd suffering relieved, sad Tsl- It was a wondepful piece of art; from here we went to the picture gallery, where we saw a room full of Raphael'! snd severe. He returned a short time ago front as eastern trip, and apnear- a number of years In the employ uf the Flying V cattle outfit, and in charge eventually steal Into rose-pillows along with orange blossoms, "violets and California poppies, and as they lull one to uabls live restored te health and ksppl-secs by All remedy. It is for sale' by Kirk a Phillips, f mat were grand. This evening we expect to go to an Italian opera. Tanns- ed in the best of health. He announced that he had never felt wetter inhit ?ife ;. The attack came without anv rest they shall dream of a land which hsoser. and win write you later ol Tseo. Ceskey reports that the rates previous indication of its coming. aoout it or the borne ranch oa the Morean. There are several others at Terry who intend to lee re within short timo for the north, sad they were down getting transportation rates yesterday. , , win surely some day waken to, find H-self, a suburb of heaven. . . to the Sioux Fans National convention "ill be 121-75 for the round trip from A- P. Psyns of Alliance 17 in Lead Tea! California is tbe word: it must oa Yiait to his son. who Is emVlorea Miss Florence McClary has accept a position ss stenographer in the rel hare been om of her.little sons who at the Dacy grocery store. estate office of Thea Ceskey. -1 i

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