The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 3, 1900 · Page 3
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1900
Page 3
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the . markets enabled him to take ad quiry, and said he followed the president's order in handling the federal troops, which was to obey the directions of the state officers. MET DEATH AT HIS OWN HANDS vantage af, and his herds grew" in ' numbers, and within the past three years he became one of, if not the at 4:30 at the Soldiers' M ime at Hot ptings. Mr. Siever had I een M'.ffer-inr for some time with cancer ot the lace and neck, and went down to the Soldiers' Home about a month ago. Congratulatory Telegrams. WASHINGTON". IV C. April 24. Hon. E. W. Martin: Accept my hearty congratulations npon the result ot i !.tc (cunty primaries, which 1 believe iiimui-s. your nomination i.y ac-cl-ntii. CAS. H. UlR!vE. largest individual holder of range cat tie in the northwest. His success is well deserved for he acquired it by I In. 'wile was with him at the tine of 1 iath. Commander Lil n of the I Hoiiif. ferrgrapheiT 'Wrniam Gray of ' this city and requested him to i otit'y Mrs. .Sicver's brother, Giles Fish ot hard, conscientious labor, and many times battled with circumstances which would have dismayed a less Harry C. Waite Wrth Reason Dethroned Seeks Eternity's Blissful Rest. Joins the Strifeers. . -IH ITALQ, N, Y April 2 Special. Three hundred men joined the ranks of the New York shop strikers today. It is feared now that the strike will become general along the line to New York, thus affecting twenty thousand men. SCENTS DANGER FROM FOREIGN FOES Secretary of War Root Gives Utterance to Sensational Words at a Banquet. Foreign Complications May Bring on War and Find Us Unprepared. plucky and determined man. BUTTE DELEGATES. YANKTON", S. 1 1.. April 2 4. Hull. E. W. Martin: I ext'inl my most cordial congratulations on the sph-ndid endorsement of your own county as well as the entire Hills. ROBERT J. GAMBLE. Following is a list of delegates to the cLiitc-rinial. Mr. Siever came to the il lis in '7! and was one of the early settle! s of DeLi.wc.od. He owned pi icer ground in both Deadwood and Whit 'wood gulches, which he worked successfully. A few years ago he movjd to Galena I Punninn nf Incanitv AiHc Him ' republican state convention from the to Self-Murder In Rapid Jail. iuiue anu uie unorganized counties ai-! cached to Butte: : William Peterson, 0. O. Stokes, Seth Stearn, John Hoover, Peter Edwards, H. C. Wilson, J. M. Skaykatt, W. J. j Chierman, L. LaChapedle, H. A. Gil-' bert, G. Ralston, G-. E. Hair. HOT SPRINGS. S. D.. April 24. Hon. E. W. Martin: Hearty congratulations from everyljody here upon decisive victory. JOHN A.- STANLEY. Saved by General Botha. LONDON; April 28 Special. -Several correspondents confirm the report that the Johannesburg mines were bored, (barged, and were to be blown up, but they say Commanding General Botha went to Pretoria and protested against destroying th mines. State Engineer Klime supported him, having pledged hjs word to Europe that such action would not be taken. President Kruger yielded to their representations RAPID CITY, April 27. Special. On Thursday evening a man wandered J into the office of Sheriff Leedy at this' city, and stated that he had walked all ' the wav from his home which ho coin BOARD OF EDUCATION. The board of education met last night and eavassed the vote of the late YANKTON. April George V. Ayres: 24. Special. --Mr. Accept 'heartiest NEW YORK. April L'S. Special. Senastional utterances were made last night by Secretary of War Root at the Grant birthday banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria. Secretary Root said that a careful observer of the times The fol , .!... . i city election for members. was near Galena. In the timher whai-o i J congratulations on your decisive victory. Yankton county caucuses' unanimously endorsed me, notwithstanding the advice to the contrary of a certain Dead wood statesman. could plainly see that in a few years and the borings were filled with the American people would be called crete. lowing members were found to have neen elected: First ward G. M. Howes. Second ward Dr. Flora Stanford. Third waid Fred Zipp. Fourth ward Frank Dennis. he had been employed by the Home- ; stake company In getting out timbers for that company. He stated that he j left home because he was being perse- j ouu-d by his neighbors, who had entered into a conspiracy to kill him, and I who were continually following him ROBERT J. GAMBLE. wuere he had extensive ii'Ting interest. He leaves a wife but no children. He was ar. old soldier and a member of the G. A. R., but was not a member of the local post. He was i'jso a mem-bei o.' the Soiiety of IllacK Hills Pioneers of '7G. HOME AGAIN. Mrs. Harris Franklin, accompanied by her son Nathan, his wife and their little daughter, were arrivals over the Burlington yesterday morning, coming in tlro4irivate car of President Holdredge of that road. TTTe party have for the past threo months been sojourning in San Antonio, Texas, for the benefit of Mrs. Harris Frai.kliu's health, which was very delicate when she left Deadwood. The balmy southern air has done her an immense amount of good and she is now almost completely recovered. The party had a very pleasant time while on their trip, and enjoyed every day of their stay in the south. They were caught in the great flood which inundated a part ot Texas, while on the M. K. &'Y. road, The new members qualified and the WILL GO TO KLONDIKE. Mrs. John Eccles, of this city, expects and dogging his footsteps for that pur- board was reorganized by the election puse. He dreaded, he said, to live In o the following officers: upon to defend the Monroe doctrine, unless due diligence was exercised in matters of legislation and preparations for the defense of the nation could not be made too soon for the struggle. He said wo never would give up the Monroe doctrine, but in defending it the nation might find itself sorely in need of another genius like Grant. The speech created a profound sensation. to leave for Dawson for a visit with her brotheis. Harry and Will Ash, sometime the last of May. She will reach Dawson about the first ot June. I President Eben W. .Martin. Vice President W. L. McLaughlin, j Clerk Ov W. Matson. I The bonds of Mrs. Marie Gaston were I presented, accepted and approved, and" will remain tor the spring clean up continual suspense, and implored Sheriff Leedy to lock him in a cell of the county jail, where he knew h would be safe, for a time at least, from pursuit. The sheriff realizing that the poor fellow was insane, endeavored to reason with Uim, aud to sooth? him, County Commissioners. The county commissioners met yesterday with the various assessors ot the county and consulted and agreed with them upon a uuifoHn mode ot assessment by the different city anu county and deputy ass -uors. The city assessors, appointed by the mayors ot the different cities are: S. Koeuigs-berger, Deadwood; George Beemer. Lead; and W. Sharpe, Spearfish. '1 he deputy assessors appointed by A. A. Moodie, the assessor, aud confirmed by the commissioners, are; Eric Raven-dall, of Nemo, and John Hawgoou, ot Terry. It was deeid"d not lower the valuation as extended by the state hoard of equalization last year, but to endeavot ro t maintan or strengthen these figures If possible. and return with her brothers ami her brother Harry's wife, who will return to the Hills for the summer. Mrs. Kocles will be accompanied by her little daughter, Mary, and exacts to be in Dawson only three or four weeks. but to all or .Mr. Leedy s coaxings ana that lady then qualified aa treasurer ot the board. After an informal discussion of various matters the board adjourned to i meet again te- week hence. TWO CAPTIVE GOATS. The American Express ' company turned a deaf ear, and arguments he insisted that h he be locked up. Seeing 1 t bevond a slight delay in reaching suffered no incon- She will take a steamer at Seattle for Skaguay. go from Skaguay to the lakes by rail road, and from the lakes down the Yukon river by their destination, venience. Pettigrew Again in Evidence. WASHINGTON, April L'S.- Spn :al.- -The senate today adapted IVttigivw's Philippines 'resolution. It calls on the president for information as to whether Aguinnldo declared to Otis that the fighting had been begun accidental! v, and that he, Aguinaldo, washed to have it stopped, proposing that a neutral .one be established between the two armies. Also whether General Otis replied that the fighting having once begun must go on to the grim end. that argument and persuasion were useless, the sheriff at last complied with his request, thinking he would be safer in a cell than running at large, so he furnished him with supper and brought in a crate yesterday coutainiug two Angora goats consigned to J. H. Grenovy of Central, and bearing the mark of a Tennessee town as the point from which they were shipped. They were handsome little white fleeced fellows and furnished considerable amusement for those gathered round by bunting their hard pates against the side of their cage in the endeavor to crack the fingers of the mischievously inclined who were teasing them. boat to Dawson. Harry and Will, who have been mining in the Klondike for several years, haw some very rich claims there and have taken out several fortunes already. They make but one clean up a year, and that is when the snows thaw in June and the water comes down the little dry streams along which they are working, in sufficient quantity to sluice 'the dirt. During the 'inter, steam thawers are used to get out the dirt, which is loaded on cars, carried to the chutes, and run down to the sluice boxes in the river bed. When the ice breaks and the snow thaws in the spring, the water runs strong enough for sluicing for perhaps a month or six weeks, and by the first of September the ground begins to locked him tip, intending to Communicate with his friends in the morning, or if in a quieter mood to release the poor unfortunate and send him home. Yesterday morning at the usual hour when breakfast is seryed the prisoners, Sheriff Leedy had Waite prepared a nice little breakfast, somewhat different from that usually supplied prisoners, because he thought the poor fellow's halluclantlons were due more to illness than anything else. He was horrified upon opening the door to find Waite hanging from the grating dead. The manner In which he accomplished self-destruction showed clearly "the cunning of a madman's brain, and he certainly must have exercised extra Carried Down to Death. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 2S Special. The truss work on a new building hefe fell today carrying with it thirteen men thirty feet to the ground below. Three were killed outright, and several fatally injured. .U3t His Clothes. He hud just a few hours, before purchased a new suit of clothes, but there must have been something about the dude that affected him most seriously. He was not noisy, altho the suit was, and seemed to desire nothing more than peaceful, good-natured companionship with his fellow man. But that blessed suit, it seemed always to be makingitself heard everywhere the young fellow went, until about midnight, weary from its unceasing flovfrot sound, it fell off the sidewalk with its owner inside of it, and may have Iain there until morning, holding its poor owner down, had not an intelligent policeman baprened along, and taking in the situation with his eagle eye, took in the boisterously loud suit of clothes Charles B. Wood, of the firm of Wood & Oakley, attorneys, of Chicago, appeared before the board, relative to the, collection of the 5 per cent bond coupons, past due, now due, and payable, as per decision in the suprema court where the county lost in the repudiation suit of certain 5 per cent bonds, alleged to have been illegally Issued because they exceeded the limitation of indebtedness as per legislative enactment. The suit involved $173,000 worth of these 5 per cenf bonds with 'accumulated Interest for five years. Mr. Wood proposed that the board pay the interest for 1895 and for 1900, paying the '9a interest in 1901, and so on until, all the past due coupons are paid. The hoard of county commissioners accepted Mr. Wood's proposition, and iiow, It only requires the consent of Messrs. Wood & Oakley's clients who live abroad and to whom cablegrams will be sent immedi EVANS CONVICTED AGAIN. After wrestling with the evidence in the case of the State of South Dakota against Evans, the jury brought in a verdict of guilty against the prisoner, and he was sentenced to five years in On a Wind-Jamming Tour. LINCOLN, Neb., April 28. Special. Bryan was initiated into the Elks lodge here and left at midnight for a week';; speech-making thruout Michigan, Ohio, I the penitentiary at Sioux Falla This case Is one that has attracted ) great interest, not only thruout Butte freeze again. During those few weeks ordinary patience and ingenuity to accomplish his end. It seems that on the Ash brothers take out gold enough to live like princes the rest of the year Thursday evening Mrs. Leedy, wife of county, where the prisoner has been and its innocent owner, threw both for they seemed unseparable into a tried and convicted and where his Indiana and Illinois. On his return ho wll! take two months' rest. The democratic leaders are arranging to take Bryan to Kansas City on a special train after nomination to address the crimes were committed, but thruout the sheriff, had hung the family wasu-ing on a line which ran close to the barred window of the cell In which Waite was confined, but far enough the adjoining counties also. About a year ago Evads was arrested and tried noisome cell in the city Jail, and allowed them both to meditate until morning upon the vicissitudes and uncertainty of life and the enjoyment of pleasure in the Black Hills generally and Deadwood in particular. distant from it so that It could not j at Belle Fourche for cattle stealing. convention. IMPORTANT CAPTURE. but just what amount will be each but just what the amount will be each year, can scarcely be estimated. It isn't strange that the annual clean up is a season of considerable interest and excitement, something worth making the long trip for purpose of seeing. ! 0 Passing nf the Populist. Nothing could better illustrate Su decadence of populism than a comparison of the primary elections held in readily be reached from the-Jnslde ot the cell. There was a gentle wind blowing during the night, and occasionally some of the clothes on the line would flop against the bars of the ately upon Mr. Wood's arrival in Chicago. When consent is given by the owners of the bonds, Mr oWod will notify the county auditor and a special meeting of the board will be called for the purpose of formally accepting the agreement. and convicted. His attorneys secured for him a new trial and he was brought back to Belle Fourche and liberated on ball. While out on bail he was again arrested for cattle stealing, and this time was convicted, receiving a sentence of three years in the peniten- Former President of the Insurgent Cabinet Now a Prisoner. WORTH MILLIONS. Overhearing a gentleman about the dampness of the weather window. Watching his chance, Waftej waited until he could grasp one of the ! MANILA, P. I., April 28. Special. nrtlnlad Wwnan hid fi Tl ITiiro Q Tl it than and wishing that the rain would evap General Wheaton reports that Paterno , , , ' , " " " ' ' .. itiary. While lying In Jail awaiting his slowly worked It thru the gTating. . . , . . , orate, led Mr. T. B. Hammond of Cen former president of the insurgents' the Second ward of Deadwood recently removal to the penitentiary he broke tennial Prairie to quietly remark to a Once getting it inside he soon had it torn Into ribbons, from which he cabinet, was captured in Gangued province, northera Luzon, April 25. Pater by the republican and poulist parties for the purpose of selecting delegates jail, and left for parts unknown. It has since been learned that he spent reporter: "That fellow is a blank Id lot; he does -not know what he is talk no has been sick for a long time, and tc their respective county conventions fashioned a rope and a noose. Fastening the rope to the grating ot New Time Card. Today the Burlingtou'a new time card will go into effect and at the meeting of the old and the new, two passea-ger trains will run intoJay. The old train with its parlor car will come in the winter In Nebraska. Somehow the authorities learned of his whereabouts At these conventions will be selected the window he placed the noose about was carried into the American camp on a litter. MANILA, P. I., April 28. Special. delegates to the state convention, at his neck and, throwing his weight upon the rope, slowly strangled to death. which will be placed In nomination a full complement of state ofticers inj The Insurgents continue to operate at 12:30 for the last time and at 6:15, The death of Waite must have been close to Manila. A casco loaded the congressional candidates for tit? suffrages of the people of Houth Da painful, as when cut down, his features for the first time, the new train with its thru sleeper from Omaha, will ar and he was again aprpehended. He was taken to Belle Fourche and put on trial a third time for caU stealing, convicted and received the above stated sentence of five years In the penitentiary. Judge Moore presided .at the trial, and the prisoner was ably defended by barrels of beer was captured north of were horribly distorted, and "there kota. Four years ago the-populist was rive. The outgoing train will -leave at ing about. Why, .this rain is worth millions of dollars to the people of the Black Hill3, and especially are the farmers benefited by it. I have lived on Centennial Prairie for more than twenty years, and never have I seen such favorable prospects for a good crop of every kind of grain and vegetables. We never have had as favorable a spring, the season is more than one month ahead of any year since the White man began to farm the Prairie. Whoat is now four inches high, and other grains are coming out of the abroad in the land and swept the vul 2:30 as usual. The new train leaves St. leys, the gulches and the' to?ns of the Manila while enroute to the canteen a; Malolos. Two cascos ten miles fr,om the city were captured and looted. The Insurgents secured $312, besides provi slons and clothing. Louis at 9:02 in the morning ani reaches Deadwood at 6:15 the next were many evidences of a desperate struggle before the vital spark had fled. Waite Is said to leave a wife and four children living near Galena, who are in straitened circumstances. Black Hills for Bryan at the. presidential election, polling' over twe hundred W. G. Rice of this city. day. It is a solid train ftom St. Louts to Portland, carrying wrae vestibuled standard sleepers, dining cars and le- (An effort to learn something more of AGAIN STORM SWEPT. Waite by telephoning to Galena proved futile. Ed.) ' cllnlng chair cars. Passengers going west from the Hills will be obliged to make but one change, ai Edgemont. ground" at an amazing rate, while my alfalfa is even now ready to cut. Any one may kick who wrshes about the A CRATE OF CATS. Mrs Ida Watson of Beemer. Neb., arrived In the city yesterday morning, and will make her future home here. Mrs. Watson' brought with hef , crated In a box made In two separate compartments, two Maltese cats, which she prizes very highly and says he has had them in the family hodsehord for votes in the Second ward of Deadwood and carrying the town by a larg3 majority. At he republican primary plc-tion held In that ward on Monday ovr two hundred votes were cast, many former republicans renewing their allegiance to the party. At tlw popuiist primai y election held the precoaing Saturday, after due notice" had been given followed by the personal -,oliol-tatlon of the leader in the ward, there assembled but three Individuals, the Hon. Andy Olesen of the Fi-st ward, ex-candidate for alderman, Jacobs, the weather we've been having, xut 1 will not. The train leaves Omaha at 9:30 in the evening and an entirely new Pullman sleensr Is run thru from Omaha to Deadwood. BIG CATTLE DEAL. Peter Duhamel, one of the best known cattlemen of the Black HUK yesterday consummated a deal whereby he transferred his brands and cattle to an eastern syndicate, headed by Cor-bln Morse of Rapid City. The consid "O, yes!" he continued, "you re member that a number of quail were Texas Suffers Another Visitation From Floods and Tornadoes. AUSTIN, Texas, April 28 Special. Texas has again been r.wept by tornadoes and cloud bursts, accompanied by floods, loss of life and heavy property damage The -pain fall for the past twenty-four hours i was the heaviest ever known in the stat'?. Nine bodies of people were recovered at Waco, who were drowned during the night. Several others have not been recovered. planted out my way by the Deadwood many years, when unloaded on tne depot platform they attracted a crowd Tintic.Utah. The Cntennial-Eureka of Dead wood's curious, as well as Gun club. Since then the birds have thriven prodigiously, and Iheir cheerful whistle makes pleasant music in eration paid was 1250,000 In cash, but on Wednesday last snipped ten carloads of copper and nine carloads ot gold and silver bearing ores. The Ge It was not stated what was the number others In all walks of life who advanced all kinds of Ideas as to what they were shipped In for, where they leader in the ward, and Perry Ankeny a of head of cattle transferred. Mr. Du the mornings. The little fellows are mini is making a splendid showing 61 hamel from the earliest days been interested in cattle raising In the country southwest of the Black Hills, and tame that it would be a downright shame to shoot them, and so familiar have they become that they frequent the barnyards and are on hand regularly evey time the chickens are fed. They will not fly at the approach of man and actually run right beneath his feet." has always been uniformly successful. Mr. Morse but a few years ago was working for wages, but he had an Relief For Fire Victims. OTTAWA, Can., April 28. Special. Relief is pouring in from all over Canada for the homeless fire victims. The relief fund now exceeds two hundred thousand dollars. v. adaptability for the business which not dog. The polls were kept open natu after 8 o'clock, but no one else ap peared. A, compassionate republican who happened to be passing was prevailed upon to sign as .clerk the certiU-cate of election of the candidates, and the caucus adjourned. We feel sorrv for the dog, for Perry will have i. soundly thrashed for being caught :n bad company. SIC TRANSIT GL6RIA MCNDl. AN OLD-TIMER GONE. Nosh Siever, one of the old-timers of the Bills, died yesterday afternoon were to be taken, and all about the future prospects for the cats. But Mrs. Wutson appeared on the scene and put an end to the idea speculations of the assembled group, as she was not slow to explain the mouse finishers were old pets of the family and slate she was coming to the Black Hills metropolis to reside she could not bear the thought of leaving her treasures behind. . O Ifc- Encouragement after censure is the sun after a shower. ore on the 700-foot level. The stope is said to be between forty and fifty feet across and there Is still ore on both sides. On the 1400-level the ore averages $40 to the ton, Bingham reports that the Nast has received net returns of $30 to the ton from two carloads oi ore. It also has lOOtons of milling ore ob the damps. The Dry Creek Slide Claim near Redding, Cal., has received assay return from forty tons of ore, giving $263 35 to the ton. only made him a valuable man to an employer, but also made his knowledge wo vaiuaoie an asset to be imparted for hire, 2nd so not many years ago V V M , . Cornucopia, Ore. The Farrell group in Snake River Camp has been bonded to Toronto capitalist for $50,000. The camp Is experiencing greater activity than ever before. Obeyed Orders. WASHINGTON, April 28. Special. General Merrlam was again on the stand today in the Coeur d'Alene in- hibuuiw uut lur tumseu in a suuui way.. Hit herd steadily increased and he made tuna, which bis knowledge of . . ' 7 ' ' - .

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