The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 19, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

1 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD 8. D. THE SUMMERS. CASE AGAIN. Anheuser-Busch Bottled Beers are without a peer line of road up the North Platte val-! ley it followed, the north side of the ! river, missing Gering about three ' miles, and establishing the town of Scotts Hluff on tne north side of the river. When Scotts' Hlaff was 0,. ' tabl.-h.'.i ;i l.jtfr town right gt.-vv out Send' peter Carberry Will BtfMt On Trial Next Instead of H. fv 8ummers. nidge MfGee went east a tew days t.'o on private business aW will re-,n hom- the last of this week. As n returns he will come to DeLlw.""!. issue a venire i r jurors and will --t u .lay for tho . -xt dial i" n i.ering l.M),l,- Iki .- b s ii iiv (b'VIS. --I I II I ' Iniv 1, till h. I THAT BOY TB SCHOOL 1 r in in which T i 1 1 'a I 1 in.:!i ... ' 'A !, .. 'perjury not t n.ilii' a s i ao i nIM lll'leu inpi in tin Sunini' r in th" tO! 11"-V T'O -I'll a' f..rl"- Peter and will try . ii. Budweiser, "The Original" Black & Tan, -t,. A merit-in Porter" Anjicuser-Standard The Faust Mich, lob PaFe-Lager Fxport Pale Hxquisite, -a ... pufB-r' these brews are the. "Not How Cheap ; the motto of the FITTED WITH OUR 1 1' .ill tinn .. t t inn Si mm who was i ii ( l i T ! s ami 1 1 1 In; 9f i I.. i "Armorbd Cruiser I:. iix- -that t penury. ; :n tiir trial "f Ca.lily. It i-that t(he trial of Carbon v i I'm- about October 1. Judge i: w tin" The materials used for very best obtainable. al. 1,1 . Uo pall'-. 'II Kayie. n V ii e il ,m V llvon- has concluded " not wait for a mil jmy i" ""''t' arson (.is.-.-: t r ',,.,: M. Tlionitui : Ilea -in.-: allei bv tli but How Good is Ill' ile Mai t in I in ha- I ''It I ill 'Il ii THE BEST Ml SHOE MADE. An . eolllll V ,. Cot Molly. Itigiiaiiu anu with firing buildings in I Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n are I'd ill teTlllir l the village 1 bonds in aid o ,1 v ! . and lie nas am hoi iaai mi' p-ail St. anotli. r , city to vol.. ' .net a n I'd Ml til t'le e,,., the ,l arr l. ; state.-' aitoiin-y to prepare lnt.oriiia . ,i 1 1 1 1 ' will be Riven a trial Louis, V . A. the famous food-Jrink that phvsicuns recommend to nursing mothers, tlie convalescent, the aged, the feeble, is made bv tics association. !i L-e. vv In. Il .s, favor an, in- to h:, rot i . : ! t tion upon information instead of Indict- an. mi Tin- "ill save eonsniera til" III 11 V. unlit it the men are inn over m espen-e Club Meeting at Lead. A largely attended joint n,,., -t;ng of the two republican club.- of Lead was li.d.l la.-t night. The l - j 1 1 1 i. ans up i Mi iia.'l linii'i'.'. w lyise home in 'loo and w l.o bad been here thie, in i, nib.-, ha- been an in at llii- iiiiinh's peiiM' since h, lssl. 'I llese thlee liatit'lltS Lawn Social at Terry, n.v l(elkab l.odne .No i.P will a -in ia! on t he c en , nu of S, iti ). 11st at ( I, I I I'ellous hall in Ten. e I ell e- Il mont .- Will be se ,.-1 and : ! 1(1(1 i - i II It ei I to collie. out mat, Man an- enthiisiastile and thorolv Court. II"1' saU me irciui ,ui. n. i.ini p, hi tin i allium of a grand jury. (i;!,,,- i i i iii I mil cases now awaiting trial will he di. -posed of in the same wav. even 'ho .Indue Moore is forced to hold i oni't i out ill uou sly to election day QUARTET OF STRONG MEN. No i i or tlie Micce-s ot the ticket rm i n. t t he i ount considiTable iiiiiim'I. and tlie a.'iv iiei. r real i' THE BOY AND THE SHOES WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. DON'T FORGET The Young Ladies and Little Tots We have the footwear for them. Not too heavy, nor too light. Shoes that look dressy and fit well. ..They are solid and will keep the feet dry and warm. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 J Ml Xovemlier. The , bib is determined to make Koo-evelt day in Load a lit tie the biggest event of till' year, and ! i I bills, but it ha- belli pel lull ted so luni; tli'ie -eein- no wa In leinedy tile evil. llieevil. ARRANGING FOR ROOSEVELT Day Preparations are Being Made to Receive a Large Crowd in Deadwood. that end in icw, selceUM the end in new, selected tile following execittivo cotnmittep to Willi following exociitie coininittee to .. ... work with the Deadwood conimitt y,. Prospecting for Water. I he eolllllllttee appointed to Se1l'( t 1. 1 1 e w .1 . I . I . I I I -i ii lie I i anu io appoint ail necessarv suii-iartn- the comiiiiti, who would have i onii, il i- c nnt iniii us its work out I !,:,,' III,. l,:,ll m,,.:i,,.in f. .. I It day. met at the chaise Of KouscM office of .liidee IP lllittees. Tho (KeeUtivo cninuiitte is Walter McKay, chairman: J. l'.Avil-son. .1. (' Mcl.emore. T. 10. HatVey, son. .1. C. Mcl.emore. T. 10. HatWy, I e- , nnett estel day al- ;"'r A tone oi n are workitiK tci noon and mnib up a list of co'niinit- Roosevelt, Dollivar, Guild and Clark Will Visit Deadwood Together. Gcor(.e V. Ayres, vice chairman of the republican state central committee, has been inlormcd that Governor Roosevelt will be accompanied by flon. John I'roctor Clark, of New York, as well as General Curtis Guild, jr, of Hoston. and Senator Dollivar of Iowa, when he visits this portion of tiu. tate. It has not bee previ-mi:,! v aniiiiunee,! Iliat Mr. Clark would Kobert Kraser. II. K. Iiewev and A.X1. KOIien l-raser. II. V.. Ilewey ami A . A 1 . "i muiu. i in.- n,, in n.m-l t,,,.s Liindin. V lie reaM ,. I, id it js fur f i oni till- ,i,,. IF I that leltei ti (1 very -ood ludtneiit ol t -election.. It IS the this event a nil eii'ditably on ho.-e inakim; intention to b iter day in Will be left ' o . 1 Hi- 1 1 1 1 i t 1 1 1 . : i ! - The lonimittee is j,, 1 Looking for Hammond. J : be. omnm duiibitnl al t the sucess ( i i . .. i .. y. il,.. 1,1,...,.. , ,-..ri II.., .,1.1 a i i a n k i i a i n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in i a - p i ( i,r , 1 1 " " c1 ' 1 1 1 "i - , ,i .- , u.- ,.i,i ), ,( d i iin bv te.-tm y i i n I . , i tii.-1 in iliTii- . -!; -I iliV -lookniu: Im' sterns n,,,,,,,,,. , iv.!.a.r.v.v.v.v.vtw It and nolhinn it will tend member- nf i I t . I e n m I ! !ii!e ,n: i male' oni mil I to tail , i'i" part. Mr. Clark i.- tin- "' mud. mux i,.-i,p - t .anK "" '"''Mm.Ii ,., '.d,,,,. eloipienee won Ni'W Yuri. I I'evlol. I- belli- hunted la oil,,,,-. ""' v .. - u, mi a low -hall l- , v ,w.,v l,,n Ciokei-. and is reeoL'tii.e I It I-. b, liev.,1 II umi I I now ' 4 '' ' .. " 1 "" 1 1 '"' . h .,: ,,;a a. ;h, , , he .,,,.-1 as an aide cam- ' ' o,i -Me.alde al,, ,,t !;,,;,.,, t',i:i' '"" '" "'I'.: ueih:.,.- ,,,, c, n, lal ('Hills (iilild v,a , ' i ' 1 1 1 ' 1 n 'an a p p i vi,, m i , i , , . " 1 1 , I i,',.. ,.. o th- -laif of C.ii- ; "mi ' I'1 I'I d . ! :,', ' ' ' ' ' !' .:: I ,' lb:- 1 " ' "' N, .V.N'. "THE COMMITTEfS: Reception Coinni't! GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER ft , . .,t r ; ; . I , e ill Cuba, and Im ' ' 1 ' : ' 1 ' ; - 1 ' : ' ' ' i I , . , ;.,..! .-e-.eral .-pi ad:d ; ' "!!'' ' ' ' ' ' -mi' '" ' : ' ' :' ' ''' j .1 . !,,,. 'a. i,' - !--. t!." adiinni a ration, b it '' 1 '' " ' ' ' ' 1 ' : I P. , I ' ,, ., Pi,, 1 : hem. Sena' or )o!,.iv ' '' 1 'a;(' ll! ' h''' '"''' '' ' " ' ' '' H ,,wa- 'i..i-0'sl speak, i. and t. I 1 1 n , ' a : u . i c i i ' , a ' I'J !..;. t!l0-e lu. ie.W' heard hilll say he lias 'v I'e.-.ion v.!,, :, he . o; o'! lb.- .:-.;ai. s u n. Cli , .. I.-.,- I known to tha 1 1 a all 1 Use im. ill laci. . m'-ii V. , i : an orator. ' - at ui nay muiu ami ai on, e saei inn I .- ,., 'i llll: no t ' in-i lie country as ! I. It he vas imlii,.' th- llamtiiond '' ! ' ' ' "' ;- 1 ' I, new.- -Sinfix Citv Tlibune. . '' : !" ! ' ' ' "' -' ' "' ' ,! :r-" i i i Hunt": Mini!- i Hoosevelt. liolhvar. Clark and Guild will ((itainly" make the strongest qiKi!tet that ever came to the "ltlaek r, - 'MS III ',1 II I) e I- 11 IMIor I " I' II Oil..' . . alth ! l: d S . but hi - Mine-.- at this time i . " . Hills and Ibev will be greeted in , , , . , . ; i ioldherg '. Mai v in. W. It. Steele. II. Itonbam. Noble A tub -r -on. ta i MclMiersoti. 1 lougbtoii. ii I Iner. II. mi Swaiiil". .auie ery near lo, , ,NI1 am'o'.ini; a- ne i- on in- av i ,( mk bis mornini; trom '" ('hi'ao to meet hi- Lnd.-tohe ' double anno', to Chh a;:o A. M Zo . M. IiHadwood and Lead "by the largest tathi i'itms of people of the year. The local committees in Deadwood are busily ctmaiied in preparing for inhaling tlie poisonous liases a 11 .-inn , u no ls ' 1 1 1 -v "n h.-r v,av Horn (ot-honi the u.s.' (if vMiod ahothol in . niany. Arrangements have 1 o is .1 It V. A it Wheeler. in niaile. however, for her to conic on i J made, howe paiiitinn a cvaiiiile tank at. tin- m ' to Chicago. It is sitleelclv honed bv the reception and Deadwood am Lead will take care of tlie distill ANY AND ALL DISEASES K Is My Specialty. All wliu are afllicted with any ail- inent.s w hato;e:- are invited to 'j call. If she can cure you she will 5j tell yuu so. y. if not , there is no harm done. hi Dr. A. J. McCreary, of Doveland, i Cal., siiys: "Mrs. Lawton, t6 my know ledge, has made some of the most remarkable cures I ever knew of in my experience." Other references from prominent people furnished on application. Permanently located. $ ' i . Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, g . (Formerly occupied by Dr. Bab- cock.) J Si i Ii Mullock. T. 1. llymer. George llow.-e. 1 1 M. Stearns. W. K Adams. C. S.I iwcii. (. d. Dennis. Dr I. F. Habcock. II Hums. 10 Frank. D Smilli. Sliger. will re that able to giiislieil visitors in princely siie. Mr. Manss' friends b, soon recover and lie a s;ain. t out near the mouth of libo ktail. He was working; in one o. the tanks where there was no circulation of air and the alcohol funics came near being too much for him. Wood ahohol takes THE SOLDIERS' MONUMENf. Joseph Hat tenbaiTi W. T. Graham. I the place of grain or common alcohol Imposing ' , ...oil,,. th .,,.,- ss a It Will Be Dedicated With Finance Committee. Franklin Ch airman. No Change Thought Of. The local officials of the Elkborn do not like the brakcmeti's timecard as N. 10 I deadly iioison. Swander. was hronght Ceremonies at Spearfish Sept. 28. After no end of work on the part of ! to town where soon reeup- i the Monument association and its i orate. John Treber. W. Lowe. P X. Carr. Committee James .Mm Dr. A. G. Allea. 1 MRS. ROSELLA LAWTON. j printed yesterday, and say there is no I thought of any such change by the i ompany. The present time, so far las convenience to Deadwood is concerned, could not be improved upon. If the train go, in earlier from the t list it would hurt the local travel to Wm. ijelbie. Ansou Iligby W. G Ui e. Arrangements. Chair man. G( o 11. Porter. W. J. Thornbv. I. A. Webb. A McDowell I'hil Atkinson C I'.akil. i Court at Sturgis. I 'judge Moore will go to Meade county this. Wednesday, evening, and will 'open court in Sturgis Thursday i morning. The pri-onei s awaiting tireless president. Mrs. MoConauRhey. the monument to be erected in memory of the fallen heroes of South Da-kola in the late, war litis been completed. It lias already been shipped from tile factory and is daily expected in Spearfish. The desimi is said to bo a very ornate one. ihakins; a marble shaft the entire state may be proud (if. The monument is in memory of ank Kollar. . Ii. Dvvinnell. alios llyman. A I ke- this town and its leaving time could (1 and some of i trial will be arraimi red. The t rain t l Mid5ummer at ; the 7: i: P m. reaches next evening, the following eortainlv not which leave-Omaha at .". and Chn ago morning The -an;,- . upon mini mal ion Attorney, tliero rand jury failed, .-ion thoie for one longer. i,ni.; the cleared. ! them will be t rte tiled by the Stat, having been no Court Will be ill .- w e, I, and po-- ; M , i :u 1 1 : 1 1 do- ket i Smith Dakota soldiers who saeri- W !' - Hen. H. L. Loucks. ' .1 h a; the lollow III t' - illde at' d !. S, pi II . b. d. fi' ''l their lics for the honor and per-petuiiv o. the republic and is tliero- hue i stale affair, altho the iiioiie ....Reduction x I 1 1 , 1 . 1 1 fur ji was raised in tlie Lead. . Hi" H e a d q u . i r i:.-t' 1 1 mrn:' we-t iV. the "!. to- al! : -a -torn . ,..-n,.,i pf" "il' . i:k!ioiii .lob Hla, 1, Hill-. Friday. Setiteml.T ''!" day set anait for del i at . -v ad.i.l' il was t 1 a .- d ai I. , - i, - in an. i'i"-'. T h" i oretiKiny will b" an ha dub " , .; 1 e i, HI colintv All Summer Goods Reduced from II o! IM- nt I ' 'l lii: I'-l-'H'li i;a : rin cent ra ! ipial'tet Will be Will be 1 commute". I'i of til" I opened 111 I on. ". which na-nt of Mi'. itnpiistlM ,,,,, ,,. dm ted I'.v tho able-t talent obtainable. The people of Spcii-fisti are already nial: me premrations to eph-rtain a crowd of people from all over th" Tiluek Hills. and it cues without sayinc: that lieadwood will furnish her full share i Patriotic representatives, who will tie there to assist in showing love am1 HI A t H ; RIRR TRY " -ted. i tb. umlei rook. anry and lleai.v Wrijrli 10st to i.7 I A Visit to the Asylum. Judge Wasliabaugb recently re- No. 4. North Main St. The "Belgian Hare" .Makes a .r at Pel. Belgian Hares The icii-n..,i from Yankton where lie visited respect for the honored dead j., ...... c finest Stock In t,e (,,iih, :n t lie Vel i- al cur RhIiIhiiv. flat? has been hoon flvoil tVlta time SO 1 that no postponement, will he madf Everybody is invited to attend. Visitors to our Habhitry iilwav- welcome. W( hiiv them FOR sAI.K hi all l'ric,. For the tallica heir meal In inorc pH lain tle than the liren-t nf a chicken. GEO E. CLEMENT CO. Those Firebugs. The three firebugs arrested Sunday ate TlOt U Vnrr nrAnijcaclntf lot Mike Connolly, the man caught cut DON'T READ THIS! the state Imspital for the insane. He was greatly pleased with the manage-inent of Dr. Ross, the superintendent'. ; and his wife, who not only kept every- , thing about the building scrupulously ; clean and neat, but they seemed to, take an interest in the unfortunate, people placed in their care, and looked , specially after their comfort. Mr. Washabaugh spent som etime in -m vestigating the records of the hospi- tal and found them in good shape. He detected a ierical error in the last report whi( h red. iced the (barge against Lawrence county Jr 1 MO, from Sl'J'iS to Jis ,i which was roc-... .... ,,f tii.-, TMt: ting the hose is stoekv and muscular. Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50 to $i.oo dark hair, erav eves well set lit hi8 hpnil rr,r,. .1, n,.nK,.-c nn.1 ..... , , i , iir-ci r.iruiun.i ...i'i & hearv ai-i-r,:n . . uiwiimK 1IIUVI11 lilOULclt 11 . In Wilcox Pharmacy -rt" -i uih r- iir- UUllI III 1 c" it t,j-V4 wigand. To the iieison (lipping tie la rges; numb of t her ads. w lib h will ap-pear daily, tietwi en now and. Sat unlay. Sept. , L'.d. ami bring them to uir sto'i fei thai date, we will give a due bill for $k'l". good for anything in the store to that v yuu iui ten t ai . Thai va turiiK-rlx rl,'1'-1 and ?2, wet'rht 'i ' ? uuiiiauicu, Jit iifaia a i' ' Liht i.trmeiit. reputation for hn I n (kr w -at i tilled a- sll'pet'illt soon as tin' alienia'ii "i . ... mien' w as i ailed to it .... ....... i .ia sition; PKTlAcialK- it-hn ..Tnlrinrr Tint little is linmi n r.r 1 - The hospital new coin. en- "" ' ...,, I'll r- Highland anH Tin via TlnfVi ora vppv nts. and i.avvieu . OUR HOLIDAY STOCK IS ARRIV NG DAILY And should you want to make a present of any kind. Birthday, Wed-cing, etc., just come in and see them. pati .-( , oml (in bill-third, a "Un llTKlOr 0.nn-H PKnn. 1 r!..Iwl- in m' III. amount. To the large.-t number, a for ioVu. and the due bill for ."c. - uiia it3 a Lai ue. uui suun u isu STRAW HATS a. u bi( h numiier is any other i ounty in MesA . J r,,i , . , i .,1 . ,,1 liV . iuiT l III llSllfVi Ulllt I II I W t- I 1111 I II t'.l II II' 'I fnySiques. Thev Vinro nfiro onmnlpt. the state. The nr-i in- "" . y V , ' ' . I long. hlat vi' j "., n. naii Hiiii pvps anil uai h sent from T.awreic e . iiunt was , Pierre. She was adjudged in-; ever Mary nionstaches Th t- f COME IN ANY WAY, 'Sn cast nf .' m. January iv an" a A 1 i sane her state asylum ac unu there w as no St. Peters. .t in- nenner of tt, tin-io she was sent to men look like they ere nnEtj a,. nnth Dakota patients; .wu,.QO(ru u. nnv .TRIIPRTTl III! TlOSOlIl. WIHl , AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobb Styles This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising Yalues. Everything goes at reduced prices. Come In and convince yourieL Mlalities. T,! vl i fr it 1im She was i neln it in ., . . . ' . i . . , i-onfurrpil to Yankton on the com- j 1V1 JTIoti TTt . . M nletion of the state hospital ror ...e m-sane. April 2. 1ST!', and Judge Wash- lb 13 ft iui- S bw but chances are that an after WEEKLY PRIZES "FIRST Sl.OO " . uul inA rnnncoa that nn anaueh found her stu - onlnving Illetty fair i lamination Will V, 1 A A V, rwnraon tn 1a on-oit We have an enorrrlous stock of PER FUMES. TOOTH POWDERS, COMPLEXION COSMETICS. Perfumes of the latest and sweetest odors, put up in fancy bot ts, Smoking Sets, Ores sing Cases, &c. EBONT GOODS The real thing finest ever brought to th city. Wilcox Pharmacy Corner Sherman and Deadwoo SLs , that we are offering greater values now for the money than ever We-1 rtlon of th- -a . t o 6iuu jury next monm. 0 K tl M. XM 'b 1- health. He also found that William Kogers. a native of England, who had been in this country just five day., had been sent to the asylum and this county had been pay In for his care lor eighteen years. A Btocktender named Smith. bo had bee n in the county only a few weeks, ls still at fore. Anxious to show your our goo Is, we are abllgiagly yours, BLOOM The Clothier company has been organized at SECOND SOCeuts HIRD Q S Cents tm. "u Bnorx line or roaa "s'-ii. b diuh, a station on umn, a station on tt, r to gS?7 1,n of e Burlington, 1 He the hospital alter ' charged up to Iwrence county. mn owance or about three M- !etf the Burlington built Its

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