The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 15, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1900
Page 4
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SATURDAY, SEPTEM&er is - TUB DAILY PIONEEKtTIMEDEADWOOD & D. I Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver : R..A. M. Notice. :j Regular convacation Dakota Chapter o 3. This Wednesday evening. Sept. 12th, work in the M. M. degree. All companions arelnvited to attend. By order H. P. GEO. M. REEVES.S e.y. IThe Union assay Office I Established 188$. I THE GRANDEST , JlSSAJD No fiea rven's Band. 1 a 37 Lee Street .Ceadwood. Will (;iv. Correct KyKtiTtf, of" Both ana Silver For 50 Cents. Gold I The Red Men's band has been reorganized and now prepared to fur-rish first class music for any jr all cm anions. For terms, etc., apply to tt J. M. RICKLE, Manarcr. LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, I- what yjii cct wli'-n jnu buy" " . r meats ni V Fall Millinery y -1. TOttfip ON Al.l. 6 .i.S (i ROt'GHT TO THE OFFICE. M. H. Lyon & Co. fur 'In' HIm k-iihd'i r-T $.:. ) i y;..-wntT. I lln a .thai wa- -Iimwii ir. tin- wot. . ' .' I I 1 " K2TT I CUS KHLLAR The poor man's freind. They all i'M'k iilike. to (Jus, and it is one; price to all, and tuo best and most i alat-uMe meats to be had in the city. 642', '2 Main Street, - Deadwood. MINES AND MINING. - y J AND VOL' WILL HK ' ( ' TJp-To-Dato llkS The State School FORTUNE OF FORMER HILLS MAN Thomas Walsh, Once Interested in the Anchor, Is a Multi-Millionaire. Thomas Walsh, an old-time Mack Hills man. recently sold (he Camp OF . ffKttBKKlVBEBtniBKKBKKUtEKKKBUttKKKtlBMRtBKKKKKEKKiBnEKKn& bVbHIHsIBsVMSbbJ The Dividend Payers. The ' ";i I ;i met and Heda Copper Mining ciiiipany Ims paid in dividends $7 1 .N.'iil.imo tc, date. 'it has paid J::. OOn.niiii this year. The Anaconda, of Montana, has paid $14..".." to date. $2.-100,000 having been paid this year. The Boston and Montana Consolidated has paid $18-,00,000' to date; $4,-200.000 this year. The Amalgamated, another Montana, has paid $t;.000.000 to date, and leads, them all this year, with $4 500.- 000. Homestake has paid $8.'.t83,750: MINES I&peciSLJL jargaixis prices for fe " ONLY. LOCATED AT I $840,000 of which has been paid this year. Rapid City S. D. Saturday September 15, 1900, OUR ENTIEE LINE OF J. B. Dickover returned yesterday from Mystic, where he had been for several days on business connected Outing Flannels and Ladies Wrappers with the Cuttysark mill and mining property that he holds in connection WILL Bb OFFERED AT SPECIAL PRICES with the mill. OFFERS COURSE AS FOLLOWS: 1. A Mining Engineering Course. 2. A College Preparatory Course. The next term begins Wednesday, Sept. 19, 1900. For further Information address, . . ROBERT L. SLAGLE, President, Rapid City, S. D. OUTING FLANNEL, Regular Price 10c, 12i2c, will LADIES' WRAPPERS, Regular Price 85c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, will be offered for J'rrfKruii-d Too Well. "The n i it it whom I shall marry," said Ilircl mine in Ouray county. Colorado, for $ti,5u,U()), to a syndic ate composed of American and English capitalists. Among the purchasers are Werner, Kelt & Co., and J. (1. Robinson, two well known operators of the Transvaal, who are taking their first flier in American mines. With them is the well known hanking house of J. H. Morgan & Co., which is investing in mines for the first time in its history. Alfred Belt, of Werner, Belt & Co., was with Cecil Rhodes In the organization of the great DeBeers diamond '.rust, and Is said to be the only billionaire in the world. His firm nub-scribes $1,750,000 for the purchase of Walsh's property, and Is the controlling spirit in the English end of the syndicate. Mr. Walsh is now in Paris. He is remembered by quite a number of Black Hills men, chiefly thru the Interest he at one time held In the Anchor property, on Ruby gulch, at the head of Two Bit. Those Interested with him in the Anchor were Jerry Daley, unci -Felix I.avick The Anchor was a famous property while they owned it. and turned out some of the richest Kold ore known in the Black Hills at that time. They sold out to enstern parties, and the Anchor eventually came into the possession of the Dead-wood & Delaware smelter company, and ia now owned by the Golden Reward. Mr. Walsh left the Black Hills in 1 v 7 S . and has been a resident of Colorado ever eince that time, engaged in mining. Theie vias a story In a New York paper a few days ago that he was to sell Ids Camp Blid, in Ouray comity, for $3.".,0:i0 O'H), but the purchase price was really 1.300,- be offered for 8c, 8' 2c, 10c. 60c 70c 85c $l,lo Deadwood South Dakota. the jirouti beauty, "must perform three tasks." Main Street- ".N'uini' the Hist," said tue lover. "ilo and umpire- a hall game." He bowed and departed. After two iimiiihs he returned, hav ing been discharged from the hospital Francis C. Tucxe., J. R. Hlckox, U. 8 .Dep. Min. City Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER 4 HICKOX, GIVIL MINING ENGINEERS Surveyors. Rooms 301 and 302 Adams Block. cured. 'Name the 'second task," he said. '(Jo and net as judge of the Asbury Never Before 1'ark Imliv show." Again he departed. In a week he presented himself In Black Hills History again. GOLD,GOLD, I owe in v- life to the Jersey police," lie said. "Name the third task." Ha-i the .uDltme bo-n n m-.-ii r i 1 1-1 y i . Vro.lucecJ.or never l-f.r.- h ili.-n l" un Biitb Urand t-uLTii'Mi .it tin--iil.luii.-ni the Hills, hit " l" ""I the ir pular si uilios ni' H. R. LOCKE & CO., HOW IT GLITTERS! Pants 'Attend a ii; -I'ting of a bicycle club l'ulil ;nc 1 1 1 it ! . j . i iiit-u uiiil not in. a :n; I'auU, wiiiiiu ;u - ,.! and state which, in your opinion, Is the best make of wheel." ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, Mln Strset. Slain Sr-et, D K AD WOOD lie went Mini he ret in lied. "Dearest." he said, 'I am stil In tle But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE HEAL THING. ring. At last you will be mine!" They Lad Other Follow la , c'ul.inet Work 'I have changed my iniiid." said the 000 pounds sterling. or Pliatinnlvi.i- L-N O B 3 No. 23. DEADWOOD Kerulu meeting coDd and fourth Mod lor nun ami nut. for l'aal.-; wlini a man I 'a ins for a woman and a uucui; fa at I'or a man. . .i- y arc a jair I'mil. Mtslaliiv. ni often niad.- i:, sii.h Pants. Surli mistakes arc- ca!; el "Hrecchew of I'roiinse." I'anis ai like molasses; they are thic ker in winter ami thinner in summer. ,.-n lift on a tear in their Pants and it i-all right; but when the Pants net on a tear it is all wroiitf. There has In en Din. li disc ussion as to whether Pant-is singular or jilnral. Seems when men wear Pants they are Plural, and when they dont wear any they an singular. Don't he singular, but try a pair of pants of HARRY DELERAY. Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, Watches, Chains, Rings, etc., by BUTLER The Jeweler, 6512 Main Street. maiden. "In the tirst place, I could not marry a man of your present personal appearance. In the second place, I should be afraid to marry a tnan with such n record for pugnacity. Forgive me." After thinking the matter over he forgave her. He thought he might as well do so. And so they were not married. Brooklyn Life. . days at 7:2u All member cordially In Tlted. ANNIK I PHILLIPS, W. M ullian o. hatch. 8ec. A Tear for a Pain Til Only expectant mothers, or those who hav; home J children, know the full meanine of these words. Jj Every woman should tell every other woman .bout J? "MOTHER'S FRIEMD," that wonderful l.m-2 rnent that spW mil pain Incident to childbinh. T here Is nothing like it. J NO. S. M.IRTON, pf IU.towN. T., .ivs: "Too mu'hr.m t ' b .id In praise of ' Mother I I-rieoU.' My Kite .is-.l wil t.n Ivtttlrt Iv-fore unfinemcnt an.i in lal...r lm twnuy niioutch A Selllnif Competition. The other day Jones said to Brown, "I'll bet you anything you like you can't spell three simple words I'll give you within UO seconds." "I'll go you What are they?" said Brown. "Well, hre goes," Jones said as he pulled out nis watch. "Believe." "B-ed-l-e-v-e." "Receive." "R-e-c-ed-v-e," again Brown spelled. "Wrongl" said Jones. "AVhat?" exclaimed Brown In surprised toues. "I've spelled the two words you gave me correctly. I'm certainly not" "Time's up!" Joues said triumphantly. "Why didn't you spell the third word w-r-o-n-g T' bhe is doinf iplcndidly, thanks to ' Mother $ Mienu. Sold by all best TniegtiL, of will he ent by eifireM piil on reeei of price. 0JI.OO. B.xik Cntilled - Motherhood. ' ...n-trfinuiff Interesting fa. t for all ages of the emlc v i, mailed Irce f upon application. Send your fritnd's address J THK BHIDniXD BK4JI LATO CO.. AtUatm. (Cas. fV : x MY SPECIALTY Moving It Clf Atfltrf Talking About the Hills. The following article from the Colorado Springs Mining Record at least proves that the Black Hills are VMhk talked about in Colorado. When different places get to quarreling about Who is most entitled to favor from us It is u pretty good indication that Jiey have a creditable opinion of us: "The Denver papers weem determined to distort leports concerning relations existing between this city and tion which exist between thin city and the Black Hills mining district in South Dakota. Every once In a while a report is published in Denver papers from Dead-wood and Is Invariably headed: 'Denver Men in the Black Hills.' A perusal of the article usually discloses that it Is some Colorado Springs mining man who Is being talked about. The most careful scrutiny of the article failed to disclose a single reference to any Denver person In any connection' whatever. "Now, this Is becoming monotonous and leads a disinterested person to Ntae conclusion that Denver Is being pushed to borrowing (false honors. If Denver Is a mining center, it will not have to trespass upon the reputation of a smaller city to bolster up lta own claims. As It is not. then the attempts of the Denver dallies cannot be denounced too strongly. The objectionable reports are sent out apparently to mislead eastern readers, who Imagine, because the articles are headed as they are, that it Is Denver money and Denver push that Is being put into the mines of Dead wood. It is ' about time for Denver to stop this flagrant abime of neighborly courtesy." It looks as if they were all courting ' us a little, and Colorado Springs seetps to be a trifle Jealous riven toftriNikl Heavy Machinery 1 J 1 1 1 1 III 1 1111 I ill I ... .Feed, Livery and Transfer I have the best roadsters in the city and am piviartd FIRST HATIONJIL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. . lurnisn no;s or saddle horses on the shortest notice. Harrison Phone 151 1 539 Mail! St. "Not only Is It healthy to yawn," says a French physician, "but artificial yawning should be resorted to in cases of sore throat, buzzing of the ears, ca-' United States Depository tarrb and like trouble." It Is said to be as efficacious in Its way ss gargling the threw f, with which process It should he combined. DIRECTORS: Lead O. J. SALISUI RY. t. j. grier, ,p.. sparks p. a qrshurst d. a. Mcpherson Otliers FolloM My Stock is Complete in ALL, BRANCHES and my PRICES are The cliapi'l of St. Hclonr. at Ik-tule-heni contains 44 mnrlilo columns which were taken from Mount Mnrlnh onii BnppowtJ to have lnHn in the iMirchcs of the temple. OFFICERS: j Prtj.ld.nt O. J. SALISBURY I CMhlc.r D. A lfcPhno IMa Lowest of tlao Lo Vloe-President T. J. GRIER Assist. Cashier J. S. DENMAN r Vloe-Prfldent .T. J. Q Try My Place with an Order and if not fully Satisfactory in cv icv way come again, No. 7. CHARLES STREET riilnese streets nre the narmwtwt Ic the world. Some of them are onl three feet wicia. You Can Bank.. GREEN The Grot BUCK HILLS RABBIfRY Ja-fl w No. 4. North Main St. on setting the best In the MEAT "Belgian Hares" Tht finest stock to be ronnd In the Wert la at our Babbitry. Waiting for An Invitation. Otto P. Th. Grantz has received a letter from Jud R. Grant, of Denver, In which it is intimated that the Denver people are waiting for an invitation to Tislt Deadwood and the Black I Ills. Mr a Grant says: . "Regarding the B. & M. excursion, I think there should be an jnvitation from the boards of trade or mayors of Deadwood and Lead. I have been talking Ith Mr., George Vallery today, and there is no doubt but what there will be an excursion run rery soon..- Please let me know how the people tip there feel about this, and I will submit your letter properlx.' - Tbe "Belgian Hare" Make Great Pet. Visitors to our Kabliitry Always welcome. 1 I GATES IRON WORKS I REVERE RUBBER GO, line If you set It of ROGERS & SON .Tjjiey (tlmr hre a neat fresh stock to select from and you can always set Just what yon want .' N ' LEE 8TREET. - DEA.DWOOD. We hare tbem FOR HALE at all Price. For the lable,therr meat a more palatable than the breast of a chicken, GEO- 4 . CLEM EWT CO nun i All U 1J11 U U JJU UJ lUiuunii i mim nil Lldgerwood Manufacturing Co. HoisH 0, F.PURHELL J. N. CO RUM - Proprietor ol the Lobby Saloon Keeps a relet orderly pine with many different lines oC ammsemeat and recpectfally soQeits a share" ot yoar patroBasSa ' . FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) lei Carriaf a astl Bin Ies. -Best Drirai ' ni Saiile Hum Mr. Schenck, superintendent of the PennyslT&nla company's . workings above Poorman was In town yesterday. They have some flattering assay and are pushing ahead with their work as rapidly as possible. The outlook for a profitable mine could not be more encouraging. , c Deadwood, S. D. Ag-,rt for South V Boarding Horsea,,by I the Day week or Month a Specialty :'. J

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