The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 11, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. sPAV ; Food Prepared Wi'h "Calumet" ' 1 I Freo from Rochfclle Salts, Alum, ! Lime and Ammoinj. "Caiu- mat" i3 tno ioj9oie' ! Fnend. j Send- tobacco, but he didn't have time to gi w- it to me. I Wo stopped over a May in Salt Lake land say. talk about sport. Ttook a car out to Saltair beach, sixteen miles ami return for -." cents. They have one of tlie finest pavilions in the world jtlu re the sort of place when' yo 1 'got a ghl and dance a two-step THAT BOY TO SCHOOL i YAP E St MOKE SOCCC?. ou are tired, and only g. t around j tvv i, ,. Tiny hav , a full nr. liestra : 1 1.0011 and toning, ovi ry day. and i 'i, nut: II..!..' ai I ill' i on- 'Ml t !e 'or i - ' : . ,. of a I' l' .11 - --'. THE FITTED WITH OUR Armored Cruiser 44 rr i wJl rJJ 'i in HOE MADE 'HE BE V 1 l. ' I.. I ' 1 'i. '.' U I In ta i Ti '. :i- -I bill ll . I. ' - .! Hill U'l.i !: Hel.' M! ii. el.- -Mi;. I. that i.iuilry in . "h !IT I ! had a colored man with i ' A:" 1 AS CHEQESSAW IT. ,!l I. j.i.! !....( S.c.ih in.-i i a h nil. 1 1 y liiiia I ! ; ! a lull not ; I la :r !a la! i a :i I !r ;. . mi. t c; , ! 1 1 ! i J. the .!,....! cl Urighn in Young iHAT is an enormous pyramid you are build 111. vaeht over t, I 1 li.. I,,. a, h a nil went l'eipii!e Ill III. . I I 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 lit til..-. iii lor a dip. . ooi, and all. I ' pen il 1 ' ' ' ! 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 1 : Til. V l.lllr 11 e i I' lll.e ii,;i.. -. THE BOY AND THE SHOES WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. PONT FORGET The Young Ladies and Little Tots. We have the footwear for them. Not too heavy, nor too light. Shoes that look dressy and fit well. ..They are solid and will keep the feet dry and warm. iff il vv as .lis. ov i i'i d that ing' said the visitor at Egypt's court ; " but it seems a purposeless kind of structure. What is it for?" "When the top stone is laid." replied had h.-en tuineil while l.y the salt 'alien h.ndly to tia pole ol the 1'nit rslaliiiiK in the air. The incident j 'ai.s. hut none ha- a- y.t .mi v. a-iToiiipily idem iiiid as a miracle j leslci it on tin- li.-l.l of hatife. To "r.'Fllie ehh r.-. hut tliis was soon prov- I' 'I'i" l'"li' m as to cmer any in to he ei roin on- hv Hie shelhni; off I'l1"''1:' on any pail i.f the lIuIuv or of the salt. There -till remains traces ; as tin impose I o - i ;, ,,n h I .a I i .m . ol Mormon puuer and .Mm inon ciiert; an.-is. Hie lio lilily of die ureal pnu a- well, allho the old ho. - lo-t their Is of lau I (ipe. w In i wi n 1 Id i i un I d li. a in 1 ( iyii several j,.iir., .,. Cenliht ci.n t I r the Tinted Slates that ;iny at i 1 1 . . 1 1 i 1 1 l; lli,- . i I y mini nineiil a II i met h - ' ' "d't I" put i Mo opei al inn sil.n :.; Cheops quietly, "you will see the point." Isn't it strange some persons find it hard to believe all that is told of Ivory Soap? Don't you try to believe it ; just try the soap. You will not then be without it for twice its cost. It will tell the story. You will see the point. Zipp Shoe Co. . r. We w.nt ihrn the ell Tal.iMlia j !' ' ' " ' ' 1 ' I 'a 1 1 ol tin- I n 1 1 " 1 s I a I - I G55 . I" a meal ilnlne l.uil'lilm two ; "'1'' '"' reminleil a- an i in .-r I . i eii . h i u ' 1 1 . 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 I i f I v le. I a. in-. Hi- l.ase. j S"1'' '- "f ""' 1,1,1 wild no .-ii pp ( ii i nl lea' Ilia n the curve ' w"''l ,:' 1 '" v ' 11 s,,,f plot.' I ion 111 l,e in,, I. ll Wi, 11, lei fill l,e Win i""lM h "' I " 1 1 " ' ' TI..' I'llite.l Sllll'-' THE SUMMERS CASE AGAIN. -..iind i- . in i ie, a. iii, -. I hi- renin. . j w n I, i 1 1 n Ii :i . I -. , I . I". i . I il - 1 i. .11 f -----'-ti The Third Trial Entered Upon Yester dav Judge Campbell Presiding I an diepped an ire h mi a ( hair al on. aain-t I lie e. on in lie. I mw r- ol 1.1 j-nl" .,,11 l.e di-l in, ll;, heard al 1 1 1 ! 1 ' T oi li nil 1 i I lar 11 li I ie-ii!., i',;e ' j ol lo r. 1 die end i - o. I Iipled h an o. ' 1 '"' I Lau win, pip.- mm tour f.,1 hi-li. 1 Mr Ihyai. ' l- will l".l inl"'' S V-n' .V;ilVJ9 A ,. V ... --.V SVJ jiiiluc i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Silll'I.O I" po - I. .i ll arrieil T 1 1 i ii 1 trial an charged if A he al II . the Saillill I made h lie- Mm limn I 1 : 111 -. I . s df ii. i; Willi 'l THE GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER? pel's I 1 ' 'li su. li a pi .1 n In .1 spci lal ' s ! 1 . ! 1 ill 1 ol! u I e , 1 I 1 I ei ! . 1 1 J 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 ! I ! li" i.aiiLai- Id II:, 1 ...,..., 1 ml ii.-l 1 ia 1 n Slandnm l.e-ide (hi- 1 ,1 1 1 1 , 1 -1 ; l; 1- the j lan.oii - Mo: 11.01, t' mple proliahl;. t le mo-! 1 1 "I i ( Ii 11 r. h 1 1 i 1 la , in A in. 1 1 ea 1 Ihi- lialieli 'I o- I ' I 1 1 . all I .-. v 1,1 1 i : I in ('iii.3 all Diseases Unowu to th-3 h ii man race. There vv.i- mi slin.- in Hi.. Iin i Id mil; and no ! i u : n had pn.--.-.! Im several hoiiis As lain had I . 1 1 billing all day. lie- hie mil l hae stalled from a I m hi "i I i i '.' a i 1 1 1 1 ma I - 1 1 i a i i a i .-sly d 1 1 ip " d a I .out .- 1 1 . 1 1 . i i. 1 1 ' li tin in. ii u a : I win k . Tin- I.e.- will nut I"' iia I tun or lli!' " 1 1 1 ! ii'l i . 1 1 i ii il !,i r. Real Estate TranaF'ers. h il.a I , S.iih;.i. aiai 'I fnl. . ! -1 . . J : . s Cash I, ...i 1 . i ; : , ,i. i d ! I :' ' ' U s. I H'. "1 I ..m.I lain. - I 1. 1 1 ill!'.. II 'I id I ' ' .I'dil: S .ill , .:: ,.i,'y il. i d I i ' N. .. J ,,i,. : in I'K.i I I I ! l. . I a.l.. a.,!, In I., ad. i i.ll-: i ii ."" v :.,!ai,. ' '.. .Ii hi. ll r.'.U' , - .. ,. i 1 ' i !.. I."' I - ia lii..u: Il.a .. ".!.'!"!, Ii. I." a. . ',. ' ' ; - . "i i.. ii ' . c - r.. i i. i . : ' ' . ' i I ll to iUIce II at '.' in In. Cami'i" II 1 at on. w a jury. f.fiy Hall. lilell '! ' 1 ni:!!.'- ; all I " 1 1 1 1 o 1 . . and . . :: ia : 1 . "..1. .1 11 ! '.. . 1 lli I 1 1 - 1 a il .if. 1- i.,''. ll . I 1 ' . "i p. "!. o .-'.. I, a pole 1- h. end 1. 1 ! 1 1 ! ' ' ' 1. -I"li - I . am , ' .; 1 1 : ' I' 1 1 1 .:. I 1 1 1 1 y I 1 1 , 1 ; :' he I . III!- 'I .'c.e ri . 1: 1 . i 1 : : lia a . I 1 . ' I . : i i 1 ' P I" ' .lal il'l I. eh al a. I ll I .nil. FATTY DEGENERATION A OF THE HEART. f Specially. 9. . . :.'- v f. u T v ii juries hav e I'n i Id a . nli' i and pruiiip'h v! , i 'day morning .1 u.l .:. .. ' I I Hi It ii lid pic. i 'i'd''l I..- v, oi k ol eiiipaiili'''.nj ,1 the special Venire ol a!, aim il f"ilv "I lie. ,, l.y the slierilf and l'n a I 'a I lessened l. I hi I ,,!i I . i ' ' 1 1 i ' y 1 Hi!.- Ha- elin.l-t' d l' : ; a . ' i-l.t jns..;.- ... ; .1. d. t'..:i., l. I! : !nr I ' in I'o I-'1 1 , i . , i , . 1 i i I" i ! ii 1 1 ' ' iii.H I. ii : I ' ' ! . I ,a " . l..r. i . i I V? rik. it. . . A,l who a ..mi' fill. I id with any ail- 7 j ft Tli- r .'lie invited to " in- vou she will in. nl I w I: a i si it v . all. - If she . al I I : . I i . y ' t i - I- - iV Aim i , fc-"- 4 . Ii 11 .will so. If in I, . tin : e is ni i ha nil done. I I '. A .1. Mi I'n ary, of l.ovclalid, ' 'Mi; l.awXen. to in ado some cf the . 'a 1 . say kliowii dg. s I day. 1 most i' uia i ka h'e cures I ever knew I . ft ilJ A ! . y i : a. i . i . i ., : i i . i, . 1 i 1 , . I. : ' "f I i .:.-! - ll' aiim ! ...!: I,. ' hi ' , i I C 1 I. a 1 I I," e., i"! Ill ii..; ion - , ' I 1 '..! .1 in n:a aif.-c I a; ma , ,,i. I ,.;-. and I u m hei in l: i nl. rpi i-.. .- a i ' y Aid Society T L ea .! lone I ' 1 1 ' I ! i 1 1 w ,11 II ma ' !.. I . . 1 I I ! I a I I I; e!Y ,, !l, III! 'II' ('Ml a V in - ; ami Hi. thii". 1 I, I';. Snail. i ! n Ta 1 ,ol t ' i u la! ' li , liall-l' .1 two "I !. I .lit it I'd 1 il I ll'' a.i ion of juroi - -1 ud -e is .luilim Moore had II- I'.nsin.s-i of inl I I - . 1 1 1 i I " ' It pa I I III dili Id iiiatf.-r "f tpi Carai'hell h of in my experience." Other references from prominent piopl'i furnished on application. j permanently located. . Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, s Formerly Occupied by Dr. Rab- j i oi no i en. -loin. .1 to on i he T, i ni i null ii i , '"" "' ' '''' 1 ,x ' 1,1 Ian, I ll .V W C VV, ami I S ici nie l, World. 'I hese U n iii llic industrial l he pri.ilint of I.- lo lie 111 I . II I 1. ll I ale 1 eipie-leil to I. and all present. port a in the .,iii 1 101 11 here done hcfnie. that a man ahlu under a foreign Hum;, if he ;i 'to at 11' Ho p ii... and having a few . 'M'lentinn. inc. ha n iea I skill. MRS. R0SELLA LAWT0N. t onsultation Free. Co and see her. ( nek. i hour- lay over. ha-c out and looked at j invent i" genius, ami business saga, at v. the town. Sa, i.iiii. iilii is ;, dead son j Tll:,t '"-I"!''- steam. ee, tri, iiv and la-of pla.e. eons, dm i,,g the sun. Minding nving machinery were brought country, being only a few feet above 1""l''r sl" h subjection to the hand of sea eel and consequently unhealthy. ibcse gigantic eoncertis i-nuld not Afetr another short run of seventy two J 'I'd not exist 'The incentive that when South hakota was admitted as a state he heiaine a citizen of the Tinted States. This was done in accord-anre with the holding of the supreme court of the Tnited States in the fa mous C.overuor lloyd case of Xehras-ka. Judging from the time taken so far there is no douht but what a jury vill lie se( urcil before noon today and the active trial of the ease entered upon. miles due nortli. we drew up here ati',,"' " "" "' oikhc ne n imm Mid5ummer Onnilleat In .",.",, precisely as Heiitley wired our folks. If outward appearances go for anything, the country is all one could ask. Kverybody is prosperous and contented and enthusiastic about the climate and resources. Flowers are I. looming everywhere and fruit of every description grows in abundance. ....Reduction Mr-, .lames .1. ffrie- is lnune from an extended i-it in N'. w York and Ma - -achiisetts. (', V. (cllhlltt. .uelieral forest Mllier-visor lor this district, which is composed of the States of South Dakota. Wyoming; and part of Idaho, was in town over Sunday, meeting Mr. Ha maker and other forestry men. He departed yesterday for his home1 at Sheridan. Wyoming. He says this rain, which is reported Kcneriil. will be worth. millions in putting out and retarding some had forest tires. Robert H. Murray of Detroit, secretary of the Detroit k Deailwood Mining company, and V. H. Williamson, of Spark ill New York, a stockholder in the company, arrived in Hendwood last night on the Hiirlmgtnn. and will remain in the Hills a few (lays. Malcolm McCalhini. the president, and 1). A. Wales, general manager of the company, came in from the mill on Annie creek to meet them. All Summer Goods Reduced from A ROUSING REPUBLIC MEETING. to ality and form national combines know n as trusts was created largely by the democrat ie panic of 1x!Vd. w hich forced them into competition with each other, to save themselves from bankruptcy, and to guard against a future occurrence, they hae of late years organized these great combines. The republican party in its proposition to amend the constitution so as to extend national control over them In every shite and territory of the union, and the solid opposition with which it was met by the (leino. ratio party. ( h ai ly establishes the corre. t altitude of the two parties on the question of trusts On the rpiesti(.n of tariff and finance Mr Knnkin literally- "flayed 'em" alive. The increase of the cirmlat ion medium by reason of the tariff policy of the republican party under M.-Kinley has added to our circulation f.' of foreign gold annually. The masterly hand with which President Mckinley has steered the ship of state thru the perplexing and trying times of the past three years, the new and un-tiied paths along whiili he was com Earning Their Hire. Equality made a start yesterday to earn the three hundred plunks paid it by the fusion central committee to run an evening paper during the campaign. It the standard set by the first issue is maintained during the coming campaign the appropriation will be exhausted and nothing left for profits. Joey Moore was also given $300 for 'hich he agreed to print 1000 extra copies of the Call every publication until after the campaign but the difference between Mr. Knowles and San Souci Joe is that the former makes Rood his business promises. Unless the committee checks up on Joey's man Friday, he will only run off the regular edition of 237. To issue 1UO0 copies per day means an outlay of 128.50 per month for the plain white Paper, and the freight, and no one believes that either San Souci or Friday-would pay out a cent of that f ..on. unless forced lo do so. However, the smaller the number of papers printed the more votes Jcey w ill' get. He has in the interests of imperialism, for the purpose of overthrowing this republic and establishing here a government of dictation. In the face of the fact that ( ongress authorized the raising of the army and the prosecution of the war in the Philippines by their word and act, express sympathy for rebellious Agui-paldo and his cut-throats and assassins, Senator Pettigrew and Judge Moore being among the most outspoken in the sympathy and hope of A L'uinaldo's success. Only a few nights ago Judge Moore, the candidate for . ..iii-ress on the demo pop ticket, in his speeih at Custer, said that his pelled tn travel a I). I at the sain'- tiniej prayer was that the Cud of battles credit and w ould so a:d Agiiimihlo and . iown his ' pr.-ser. ing the natim pol' oueany disgusted every decent 'bo has read his paper. efforts w ith suc h sin . ess that he j lamer, . obliging the market fur I would lone the administration to ret-! Ann i ii an prodm ts. giving us an e;a . ognize the indepeiulen. e of the Phil- ; of pvospi Tit y m v.; U-U- -iii... .) m ippin.s. inflict such heavy blows upon, this republic, appeals to tin- h'.-i'ianl , this republic and ii- authority, and : ii-nrc-i of the Anaii-an pV j tear ilovv n the old Hag fi oiii .-o many of I fo:- a n . r.d. .rsni.nt at tie l..,M.u h .v i our posts wheie our brave hoys have'lhi- fall This appeal will iinpc m. idanted it in the l'hiiip..ine an hipela- all- ! m. t by one of lli" hug. ' ma-go that we w ill In- i iiiiiii.1' iI In rei ol;- ' jni iiii . . vi r given to a pre .; . in nize this usurper and assassin. Are; the l,i-to;v of the i.-imdl . the people of South Dakota prepared' 'lie speaker then urg..! i -- . i to vote for a mart who utters such ot the whole lapuldi an !: ' :u t'.;-: 1 1 a.-onable si-ntinn nt.- ( s,'e from top to an! i -p... - P.ry mi's method for th" settlement is ' allv t tie legislative ( -a ml -. A v. . . i Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 Th.-tt was tornurly and $2,0 Liht weight I'nili rucir 2fv teT.V a (larim-nt. STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobb Styles This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising Talues. Ererrthlng goes at red'Hcd prices. Come In and conylnce yourseL that e are offering greater values no for the money than ecr W-fore. Anxious to show your our goo la, we are abllglngly yours, BLOOM The Clothier o A Penitentiary Offense. Georgp Hlack. who rooms at the Brant house in Lead, had two suits f clthes stolen,, last week and a Wlow boarder by the name of W. n. netcham disappeared at about the Mm9 time. A warrant waa nlacpd in AN INTERESTING LETTER. Descriptive of a Trip to Central California. The Frost hoys, who formerly ran a feed store on Sherman street, and who recently left for their future home in California, write the following inter esting letter to their successor. Stee Cornwall lo whose permission we publish. The letter is descriptive of their trip and the scenery they passed and will doubtless interest the reader: (iROVII.I.i:. Cub. Aug' ..1-'Arrived in good onh r a week ago yesterday. Kwrybody is well im.l happy and we aie more than ph ,e-. .1 with th- ( li mate and .onmrv We ,-av some might v fine miuiiiy tin a southern Colorado,. Things down tli' iv se.-m to he on the boom. e-pe. daily railroad hu-i-n, -s. There we h.'gnn t ' liml rowd.-o: hoys ;li in-i'i station with basket.-of fruit for sah . ,.u h doing his best t(, sell us peach. - pl'llll-. tpples. etc five or six for a in kel. Cninj on up the Arkansas river we enter. , 1 the famous Royal Oi.rc.y said I" he the finest scenery in the world. It a very interesting bit eif real estire. being a deep, crooked, narrow, red canyon' of a very w ild and rough nature. What makes the ride the more picturesque and startling Is the fact that they shoot around those corners at a good forty-mile clip, effecting a constant change of program and scenery. We were just going into a sharp bend at one point, and meeting the engineer coming out, I asked him for chew of the hands of the sheriff, who hoard of his nan Sunday as being in Rapid. R v . . . . i In most dangerous and revolutionary ii. its character that has been made to for a demo-pop candid, iv fur t'.e legislature was a vote for ! tt-gr- v.- f-.r "a nun arrested at once and he eat down on the train and brought fn back. He was placed In the coun- Jal1 and will probably be given a faring today. the American people since the days . t he senate ; a man who had i ns i!-. d th Fire at Central. A small building at Central owned "Tthe P. p . , of the rebellion. The stretching of the Monroe doctrine to Asia is so revolutionary in its character that it would at once arouse the hostile opposition of all the great powers of Europe. I fear many of our people do not fully understand the fundamental principle of the Monroe doctrine. It was established In the days of President Monroe. The president and the president. and administration nr. 1 placed himself as an obstructionist to needful legislation and the giving of encouragement to Aguinablo's rebellion aa perhaps no other man in public life. South Da.kota should see o it that the man who is sent to the I'nited States senate fairly represents her on the great questions interesting the American people today. ... - . railway ana occu-" is a tool house and was noticed In me8about 9. o'clock last night The "to a sounded and the Hose com- turjd! 804 0111 ,n good form' but the ain loo far gone to be saved.

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