The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 11, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Tl'ESDAV, SEPTEMBER n, evening in a neat speech. Mr. Rankin nr"l suliil hhot at the fiiciiiy and k-i t lii.s ainliciK e awake with keenest iiifr-est until eleven o'clock. The crowd which filled the hall to standing room voiced their appreciation of Hie ound du' nines diacushed with fcciiei "us rounds of ;i pl;iiise. Mr. R'liikin 1. iMim been inFoijiieil of what I'l l-;.-M'M.n- Iia. .s.ii.l there in a speech ,i t '.v u ! , I " !' ! . iitn! hr. t,,(,K iii-i-.-isiuii ; i ' ' 1 1 1- the position (f Moore in a t' !- Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver ; The Union assay Office I t Established 1881 Lee Street Deadwood. No 37 Will Civ Gold ana UN AI.I. .V. ... . C rreet Wl-miI t Silver For nth 50 Lents. l:n U.IV ul .. fix-- of aiidi-'iHO ; i : r - "'- r-ert;:!ii!y FallMillincry KOI lillT TO THE OFFICE. 1; M. H. Lyon& Co. h hooiI. p 1 1 ri Note TUE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD S. D. S Cr X THE GRANDEST JJl5T?5lTiM Ty ST0CK 0F 1SIM1 j tile u;;v.tli it ,'h . . . r ;:; :!:c wv-l S !... :;! i r I, -I ! . I MINES AND MINING. - Mr, Seebick 6 .,1 ,,H y ; I . II . AND VOL WILL UK can be expected. Mr . K Fin- h. of Deadwood. mill dlli d to the hospital Sept. s submitted (, an operalinii oi: hi-. RETURNED FROM THE BIG HORNS ii:d h It Up-To-Dato i-Iy. .:!.-! M . . C.n i- b;,l. ami I b prnpon im paving lu.-i- Mt pan mviii ;i liii i;i ( aliloi n.a ami c- III" (( J M I 1 Hi II - . I . I i i cv eii iii-vv c-n a I lub'i vv oo.l - om i ill--li t properly in any ing on ei u Public School Entertainment Course. : D. F. Kinney and rarty Get Back From Thermopolis. 1). F. Kinney, tin- 1 1 1 1 1 in 1 i. In- returned from a two inontli.s' outim; in Wyoming, getting into Sim-Kin ( 1j lion. siv operation in th-it s ELECTRICITY FOR DRILLING. r Air Otto Grantz Thinks Steam and PRICES FOR i Circumstances make it necessary to hat (In- second entertainment of thi.s courtir follow closely on the tii-t. It w ill be given in the Opera lion- e J Tuesday evening. September II, and J will '" lecture by Mrs. Vand-dia ' Varnuni Tohlnas on "Who Paj.s the Freight'.'" The following prc-s no- j1' (ices in regard to Mrs. Thomas should i he read by every body : I I lor e;oiiience. natural, fine ami i i ONE ONE last of the week and cumiink up Deadwood Sunday. He made a trip overland to I tie Hik 1 loi ns in company with J. F. ileniy ami Mr hoiimiin of Stms;i.s, leaving the Hills .Inly jo. They drove to Mom-croft, Wvuiniim. then followed the Id lie I'unii lie nearly to its head, c nttinj; a- loss from there to Hie nole in (he Wall country. They had a wagon and live horses, four on the wagon and one for the saddle. When they camped at night they hole Will Be Supplanted. I It In I '. Tb ( Jranl. brought ii;u K r 1 1 : 1 1 I leaver on his recent trip s-me lib-ret ore mi (In- New lira eb-ctiic rm k dull, wbii h be saw in operation wlnl- there. e SilVS (delllil ity IS lllldolll-l l.lly destined l-i take llle place ,, all ellet tivc . ("hi, ago Daily Herald. OUR ENTIEE LINE OF Saturday September 15, 1900. it her povv er l-u I h" opera I ion of ni;i-him- drills, and he thinks the New Outing Flannels and Ladies Wrappers A brilliant lei tin er Cleveland I'laiiideaN r. Wonderful power as a speaker. -Chicago News. The aiidieio e was mo agn - ably surprised by real womanly eloquence mingled with a beauty of dc-cripi ion. pungent vv it and intelle' gra-p. that clicit-d tin- iiioiualilied admiration of the umliem c. Nebraska State WILL Bb OFFERED AT SPECIAL PRICES OUTING FLANNEL. Regular Price 10c, 12c, will be offered for 8c i 8' ,c, 10c. Regular Price 85c. $1.00. $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, LADIES' WRAPPERS, will be offered for Fra the lines! il ri 1 1 maiiufacl ured. One horse power operates it. it has only three wiirkiiiu parts, it saves half the lime in changing (lie bit. and for If I" expense it will cut as much rock as most drills will for $".'. Mr. (Irani says (die one In- saw vvorkiiiy was n marvel. II will run a lode at ;m angle, and was slartnl out slowly ;il first, (lien gradully increased the speed until it was striking I so strokes -i minute, and the bit was going Wi in tb--roi k a bout I : ke a man would run li s linger thru a loaf of bread. It is run by a one horse power motiic. ( nnni-! tr. 60c 70c 85c $l,lo $1.40 Deadwood South Dakota. Journal. Main Street Miss Vainlolia Varniim gave her fa-nous e lure. 'W'liii l ays the Fi cighl '.'" a nd 'for an hour and a half entertained the audience with bright hied the work horses and slaked out the saddle animal, with which they rounded up (he others when ready In move. They had plenty of feed all the wiij. and experienced no troulde with their stoeli, live miles being Hie furthest their holdded horses ever wandered from camp. They saw lols of name, part h ularly antelope, which lire seen in great nuiuliers around the head of the Helle l-'ourc lie rier. The Wyoming game laws aie severe, however, i.nd rigidly enforced, tin- country being patrolled by wardens, who are exceedingly vigilant while strangers are traveling thru the country. Mr. Kinney and parly went as far in Thermopolis. where the latuoi. ; Hot Springs are situated. It is becoming a popular resort, and the waters of the springs yre s-nid to possess remarkable curative propel t ) s. Mr. Kinm y (nine back with a complexion as good ns a salt lea tan. and lie says the trip has done him a thousand dollars worth of good. siinl i Hal ions ol wit and axiomatic wis- :). s. v -a'Vt!.!:ii:je.:i t ! DRS. vonWEDELSTAEDTi h itt. 1 1 in hard a .-M-hli : loui Columbus Daily Times. Indiana. Reception and Farewell. The liapiist ilmn li will be thronged Die. -day -ii mug by Irieiid.-, who come o re. CIV.- the lleW pu.-lol", IteV. (leofge HARRY DELERAY with (herewith b ya tlevible -euaranleid o work as we in soft n k. and it si i ikes blow, and when not in c I ocl, il is a perfect It :i tic 1 1 Iricily does not eiili-r III Mi-. (Irantz kivs il i-i hi. lit I B. C f fices Olympic F.ock, Oposit & M. Depot. Mm a! lo li. I I eii . i . ami say pod by e J . K 1 1 k a ud Ins - - ,i inia Me ( i el., B. de I let H. 202.. . Res., 21, City Creek Tel. B. H. 201. I a n . ! I y . vv I . a.-t. The ' b-ae t he ie'. day for tin-lieu pa tor vv ill an iv c on ::h pat I may be taken mil. ex; and replaced in a few miiiiites. 1 1 i - No 63 Sherman Street, this evMiiiig's Itui Fngtoii. The in. -in-bers of tlu- ( linn li and iinme.liate friends of Key. Kirk will no doubt be present. BE GOOD WILL MAKE YOU A' We have at present the most complete, thoroly equipped drug store in South Dakota. We carry everything in the line of new and up-to-date medicines, .Suit Cheaper. THAN Anyone Else. AND Expansion. The trade expansion of the United Sattes is a matter of pride to all Americans without regard to their personal views on territorial expansion and Its political bearings. While irade in gen. eral has expanded as never before in the history of our country, its volume run best be understood by the practical illustration furnished by one great concern which has long led the world in its particular branch of business. The output of tne different brands of beer of the Anheuser-Busch Brw.1 ing Ass'n, of St. Louis, Mo., going to every part of the civilized earth, has reached in the months of June, July, and August, 1900, the unprecedented quantity of 323,449 barrels. That Is more than a year's output of some breweries calling themselves great. o The New Mothc-and, through her, the n?w baby, benefits by using Malt-Nutrine, the genuine tonic and helping foo-drink. It is prepared only by the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n, St. Louis, IT. S. A., and sold by all druggists. we are In a position toll i any prescription or receip., with absolutely pure and fresh nled-icines. XJ We do not buy the cheapest second grade drugs, that we may cut under our competitors and make you think we are the cheapest In town. l.'ii ami L'nii pounds, respectively. . t ( i f 1 1 ( Jranl . who is well know n in the Ulaek Hills, was (he person who liist called Mr. (Iriint.'s tillention to the machine, and took him up to the company's factory, which is located in Denver. There has been a tremendous demand for the drill from Colorado and all over the southern mining country, and the company has been iinuhlo to net motors fast enough to fill the orders. Mr. (inuitz expects to lie able to demonstrate what the machine can do in the 13 lack Hills within a short time. o A Reporter's Mistake. "That was a pretty fair and accurate Interview you published on mo Svn-oay morning, with one exception- -your 'ference t") i: y lamily." said Dr. A. V. S. Kothermel yesterday, "if no-friends In the east should see that they would wonder what I had been taking lately. I have a splendid farm near Rockport, Missouri, but I have no family to send out there to recreate except my old father alt ho I hope to have a family some day. '1 ho people who know me have been having great fun with me since the Interview appeared, for most of them have looked upon me as a confirmed bachelor, and some of them imagine I have stolen a march on them since I left Deadwood last February." Dr. Rothermel expects to leave for British American again within a few weeks to look after some mining interests he has acquired there, but he intends to make the Black Hills his headquarters in the future. While in Cripple Creek recently he sa w Frank McLaughlin and W. O. Temple, who, he says, have a splendid business there. Their office Is complete in every way. Mr. Temple still lives in Denver, and is building a residence there that is costing $15,000. MY SPECIALTY Moving The Crown Hill Company. S. E. Young. General Manager for the Crown Hill Mining company, passed thru Deadwood yesterday on bis way to Crown Hill, where his company has a large gxoup of claims. Mr. Young has been devoting his attention largely of late to the Spokane mining property, which his company purchased in the southern Hills. He Bays that property has developed highly satisfactory to his company, and regular shipments are being made to the Globe smelter In Denver. The ore is taken out of the mine at the 200-foot level. The vein matter is 25 wide at that point, while the best ore Is five feet wide. The company Is Imply working in this ore. which Is found next to the foot wall. The ore carries irom 20 to 25 ounces of silver and from 40 to 50 per cent lead, the ratio -of the two minerals preserving an almost perfect uniformity. The ore Is concentrated from 8 to 10 to 1, there" being a 50-ton concentrating plant at the mine, Whllfley tables being in use. The company Is preparing to double its capacity, and for that purpose has ordered two new Hallett concentrating tables from Denver. - Mr. Young says his company Is anxious to resume operations on the group at Crown Hill, and his business here a. .s time Is to look the ground over and see what can be done. Two Cyanide plants are runntng within a mile of the property, and another and" larger one la being erected. Two of the plants will accept custom ore after they have been reduced to a commercial basis, and it is not unlikely that the Crown Hill company will be a contributor, as it has a large amount Of ore of a low but uniform grade that would cyanide nicely. B?st of Addition I GEO BENNER srlven to Boaruiw Horses. (JeH'ri.M Heavy Machinery YOU WILL ....Feed. Livery and Transfer. I have the best roadsters in the city and am prepared to furnish rigfs or saddle horses on the shortest notice. Only get the purest, and best, the freshest and cleanest that caa. be bought and as reason- flhlA nrlees nc vnu will hnv In Harrison Phone 151 1 539 Maill St. BHaVHB Omaha. jfi If von urn nlrlr unit npod meill. 9 fiea Men's Band. cine, we know you will The Red Men's band has been reorganized and Is now prepared to furnish first class music for any or all occasions. For terms, etc., apply to tf J. M. RICKLE. Manager. C. H ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER Carries a ul Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and, in fact everything pertaining to funeral regalia. Harrison Phone 134 parors 114 Sherman Street BE HAPPY to get well, and In the long run you will save many dollars by getting your medicines from a competent, thoroly experienc ed druggist JJ 44 Seeing is Believing. " When yoa see peode aif-'d bv a remedy, you must beliefs in as p&tuer. Look irourj you. Friend-, rcUtivcs, neig.'ibcrs ii.' 1 1 . Amerirjt'i c-.... 1- "... .. . ' ;'.e blood cf.'li..." U.." t f.j .. .' i y ... ;i masse to ..- ? .. . r'..-.'. .:. g like 3 in the icttJ .u ." i' . i.'j. J. uememDer we are nere lor business and want your patronage. We will give you value received for everything you buy. at the Palace Pharmacy W. L. FAUST, Ph, G, Prop. I GATES IRON WORKS I REVERE RUBBER GO. Superintendent laylor of the Black Hills Copper Mining company near Rochford, waa in the cjty oyer Sunday. He says they have had a large force of men at work on their new shaft house and hoist, which will be completed thi8 week. They will then resume work sinking the shaft, which will he pushed along without delay. I. H. Chase came in from Rapid lb look over his interests in Lea3 and Deadwood. Boston-South Dakota. Joseph Cnderwodd, general manager of the Boston-South' Dakota Mining company, was in Deadwood a few hours Sunday, leaving in the evening for California. He had not been in the Hills before In two months or over, having been In the east on business connected with his company. He was In Boston two weeks ago, where he observed that the stock market was low, on account of the big slump In copper. '. ; . The Boston-South Dakota company' Blacktail property, the Esmerelda, is running satisfactorily. 20 stamps dropping steadily, with good results. The ere has developed remarkably since the company took hold of It, according to the reports of Mr. Underwood INGERSOLL-SERGEANT DEL CO.! Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists j 0. F. PURNELL j Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak j LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, Is what yon get when yon buy , your meats of GUS KELLAR The poor man's felnd. They all look alike to Gas, and it la one price to all, and the best and most palatable meats to be had In the city. 642 Main Street, Deadwood, John Jennack, The well known hackman whose barn la that Imposing structure on the corner of Carney and Pine btreets, is prepared to furnish die finest rigs In the city for funerals, callhig parties, picnic crowds, eta Residence "phone, 83 Harrison, A Good Meeting at Custer. A. C Rankin found the most en-thusiastlc crowd at Custer Saturday evening he has met in the Hills. Buel R, Wood a former leading democrat of Custer county presided at the meeting and Introduced the speaker of the

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