The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 8, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER g 1SJ THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD S. D. clan, and C. C. Edwards of Lead is 5as&W8SttSS!8V'tiV'. .". running the boarding house for the ! company. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver , . ff THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE iim cask of frnuit. Established 1889. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. ONE MAN'S STORY OF HOW HE WAS if.' COMPLETELY UNNERVED. if. if' It Wn lmpl- Kminah Inriilrn), 8 Will (liv- Correct Result t F-th ? Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. ? :::r:ruzmt::iz:. Brought Die Soral 1 1 -. UN A 1-1- a i KOI GUT TO THE OFFICE. tvUall Millinery mw 5 M. H. Lyon& Co. "V.-ry f.u :i i;;i pcopl.- krmvt f La;.- :i I ri :i !.;." . . . I :a.- j i . - - -i ni.ia Agents for the Uiickensiioi f.-r $.(.."') Typewriter, i i..r. .'. . ., 14 ' S V tla- way. tli. 'it w.t-s mr ln.wiiin tin- wot. I v .cn(l t n 1 lnu!.i." ' "!ii:n I. 1 l-ii t 1 : : j i i ! -1 1 . i . :i n :i . . . ; ; ; - ,., :i-' I .'.ill :ll -: I 1. 1 - ' - ' "I !. !.. - .'. i !.!::. i -i.i I 1 1. : i. - .. ., , . .1. : MINES AND MINING. ; i Mr. Seebickv ; . i ! i -1 . : "i ii. ; . I'M. I ., i i : i i i i ; il 1 1 ' l ! , - , , i : . i i I. It I- j '" V .V V AND YOt WILL Hi: UiD-To-Dato I li-.T I 4 I i ,i ii I, 1 1 1 bm hi ui i In- in.-ii'-i i.ii wuli ai 'fi ' f I L'l'.'.ii ii n i t'i ii in : i y ii-. ii '"m!I. I" .... ,,,,, I,,..,.. ... ,, .. i , '' ni''- I '. i ' I ; inl-.i i,i .. It is i .ii. ulnt.'il llie ,.l'i. "I t In ;i: .ni ii . I . i a III u 1 1 '' I ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I - THE ANNIE CREEK PLANT. Detroit & Deadwood Company's Mill Involves Several New Ideas. I'm- ()f Hi.' six li'm hint imiUs in tin' n. u i-viinld" plant, t.tii It by l In- H-Hoil A. tt-iiil vv c mI coiiipaii Aniib" ii ''' k idled willi ni' ni Milut urn. mid Hi'' .iMli h ill Im- lilb-d todav. This is t If i,i.. I. ma iln- ilmil ha.-, mad.-, and il II In- .-i nl rft'f-i II il, ! .1' Ii ; li la Ii k. Ii lil !! I i.illi'l.i l"l 1 1 -ii I Then l In in I lu lu .il, a .1 ill.- ini'ii than in hiti SPECIAL BARCIANS AT CHASE'S ni I In-ill i.- ri'.el v h.ll L ph i- i ai' I l.lli.l I' Ili- is hmilly time I" ib'l'-i -mine lb' , i, ,i. y ni" I Im- I-i.-x ni plan f "I SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 1900. l I i !,. .i I hut I In i in i - i I i ciii., IIIL b Ti red nun. w 1 n ii pii! Zili 'nl' ,.i..,l l, ;ill mi : M I 'III 111' Il com in. 1 1 j .la. . . as few x"i'!- a "In isvi I w.i-riviili'i' in a l ; i II ' h.l j L' - I i; h I,.,- . . -. n I i ... - . . I : PRICES FOR lie d-t. ! I I M'.. ONE ill' 1 1 1 I A At Special Prices, i .111.1 Pl ' I . I t I 'I'll ' III III' i, p. i ,il i ill "ii A ii n ii' ' .in, I h,i i.i'i l Iiiiil; I I I. siini.l I 'qui I is 111 III. ;iijll.-ll-i! In tin' in prnlilalilc h.isis. tn us' iin bi'sl In' li.i mil' 'I, 1 1 i i -1 1 llii'.v sliuiibl In ill wiiiil iiimini r thi'.v few wi-clis inn will (b t : l' 'MS Mil' d lain tin-M 111.' lilll'll'S to hi! I'lj.cil. ;nnl mi' iihisI niiii-ii-IlKIMSlrilll' v. luil li. Il ami 1 1 1 ' III. si I III ' staml; a-', im 1 In In- CHILDREN'S DRESSES "ili'.l. he l.l.s- 1: all pllll'l b.-li-k i it mid over hie is 1 1 ! I Mllil Tin- ( hemic I i. ept ihl.-. i. t te" it" I hie (. ; c o n I ' ."V ;1.". SI, 25 ami I sin.. i. i- ! I ! 1 fiiiiini.a differs fi'niii -I.i: ! I : i i a I I ' will be Sold for 45c, 55c, Toe, 85c and $1 io had I ii t!..- A fi.rmer col i ua- si,it in there !,. bhi'v .ai : sin. : liriii had s. .'lie ii!' 1 lei I"! fur l! his ae.iuint !i "lie AH our Ml'SLIN rXDKRWKAR ami CRASH ToWKLINC will 1, in l'ronoftidti. Main' Street- Deadwood South Dakota. Geo, S. yonTertelstaed 1 BismarcR vonWedelstaedt is ii'(iiin'(l in Ibis n-spfi I. :i tul iIh-ii the iniii hinciy ran bf adjnst'il ami tin: solution tempered to meet tbe rc-(liilreinents. The eompany therefore consideis this more of an experimental run than anything else, and merely to we what is necessary to reduie Jt to a business level. In the conHti-uction of the plant there has been quite a radical departure from the plans of any other plants In the country. Old Ideas ahve been combined, modified or enlarged upon, and several original ideas have been brought into play. The mill has been built after much study of economy in the matter of space, without cramping, and with a view to tbe greatest saving of labor, and in the length of time required for treatment, for in the latter was seen the possibility of increas DRS. vonWEDELSTAEDT any other in use. certain ,-mencies being employed to assist the cyanide that are altogether new. These are tbe result of prolonged ami numerous experiments t-bat have been carried on by the chemist at the plant. V. I). I'arker. who lias avoided all patents, and has produced a process whose potency is thought to lie equal to that of any other and no more expensive. The company is at present, treating some "blue" ore. which is difficult to cyanide. It is oxidized by the introduction of a dioxide solution, ami the results are being carefully watched. Every "wash" is retained, standardized and used as solution, and none of tbe cyanide is allowed to get into the stream below the plant. The ore is being treated very coarse- HARRY MERAY C ffices Olympic Block, Opposite B. &. M. Depot, i el., B. H. 202... Res., 21, City Creek. his drains ,iit, ami l.-iier m a pour old printer, lunkeii down and ilespnmleni. bad cut bis throat in front of tin-cracked looking glass which bung over the sink. All that happened long dr-fore my time, hut the memory of ;t abided, and it seemed to invest the place with : peculiar air of gloom. "I have gone into these details to give you an idea of the lay nf the premises, .'ltnl now I'll get to the point. (He. night, in the fall of the year, 1 had an unusual lot of proofs to read and decided to g I ; i after a late sup per. and finish t ! 1 1 1 up defore going to bed. When I reached the building on my return from the restaurant, everybody bad gone, and the place was as lila i u and silent as a cave, but I let myself in at a side, door and groped my way up stairs, fumbling in my pockets for a match. To my annoyance I didn't have a single one, but I remembered there was a boxful on a table in the otliee of the religious weekly, and. knowing the composing room pretty thoroughly, I started without hesitation for my den. "The sky was stormv ami overcast Tel. B. H. 201, r ! ly. the rolls being set to pulverize it BE GOOD ing the capacity. The gravitation system prevails almost exclusively, and it is necessary to handle the ore hut once after it is unloaded in the No 63 Sherman Street, .WILL MAKE YOU A"- .Suit Cheaper. to from a quarter-mesh to a twenty-mesh fineness, 40 per cent of it being treated at a quarter-mesh. The ore is quite tine grained, and it is expected that It will be necessary to crush it to a finer mesh in order to secure the desired extraction. Hy the method of mill. It is shoveled into the crusher and is not touched again by hand, gravitation and automatic appliances We have at present the most complete, thoroly equipped drug store In South Dakota. We carry everything in the line of new and up-to-date medicines, doing the rest. As a restrit six men are all that are necessary to run the crushing and applying the bath the plant, tliese tieing a chemist, an engi trouble with slimes is entirely obvi ated. neer, ii book-keeper and weigher, two shovelers and a night watch, and the 1 lie mill is liv a la-ho'se pow -r plant is running thru between 50 anil AND 60 tons a day. engine, steam being generated by two bi b-is. one 10 and the other 4" The building is 52x116 feet. The ore THAN Anyone that night, and inside the building It was perfectly dark, so dark that I literally couldn't see my hand before my face. Nevertheless 1 reached the proofroom without any mishap and had just opened the door of the adjoining inciosure to get the matches when th" thought of the two suicides Hashed through uiy brain and sent an icy shiver down my spine. For a moment I had an impulse to back out and beat a retreat, and. while I put that aside, I won't deny that I was considerably unnerved. The loneliness of the place. horse -power. Tbe b.iildin? Is lighft-d is dumped into the back part from an '.villi electricity, havng its' own dyna Else. elevation, and it Is the intention to mo. which also furnishes lKht for the arrange an automatic dumper so that the ore wagons may be unloaded boarding house. In one corner of tbe first floor is a complete assay office of we are in a position to flU any prescription or receipt with absolutely pure and fresh nled-icines. , We do not buy the cheapest second grade drugs, that we may cut under our competitors and make you think we are the cheapest In town. two looms, on-? the f'irnace room and the other the laboratory. The tanks the pitch darkness, the whispering are made of California redwood, being witnout snoveitng. it is red into a Morris jaw crusher, from which it is fed by a shaker into the rolls. From the rolls It is taken by a chain and bucket conveyer Into a hopper, 60 feet above, in the peak of the building. Each bucketful that goes into the hopper is sampled twice automatically, shipped nil ready to set tip. so that three men could put one together and place the hoops on In two hours. The zinc boxes are built aftrr a design 600D RIGS I -mi BEMEB ISS conceived by Mr. Parker, the chemist. once by an ingenious arrangement de Several of the 2inc boxes hav'e been signed by O. H. Stromsness, the mill Y01CWILL Only get the purest, and best, the freshest and cleanest that can be bought and as reasonable prices as you will buy in cleaned out and the precipitates are wmgnt. and afterwards by a patent- ....Feed, Livery and Transfer..., I have the best roadsters in the city and am prei-arcd t turnish rig's or saddle horses on the shortest wuce. in the assayer's hands. Everyone con nected with the company from the sampler, which drops each sample Into a pipe that takes it Into the laboratory. In this way the chemist gets 200 pounds of ore' from ' every 50 tons president down is watching the pro 171 Jjj2JJ 539 Main St. f Old Phone gress of the plant anxiously and wait Omaha. treated, and without requiring any at ing to see what it demonstrates. The ore on which the company Is operating comes from the South Dakota com tentlon. The rest of the samples taken are held until it Is ascertained whether or not It Is desirable to check with them, and If not they are re pany's ground, a mile and a half up the gulch.. It is low grade, carrying $7 or 8 a ton, and It It is proven that it leased and dropped Into a tank below. ii you are- sick and need medicine, we know you will BE HAPPY to get well, and in the long run you will save many dollars by getting your medicines from a competent, thoroly experienc C. H. ROBINSON 1 UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER Carries a ul nine of caskets, coffins, robes, w.-eaths and, in f everything pertaining to funeral regalia. can be handled successfully it will be a great achievement The company has a lease on the ground, and there are hundreds of tons of the ore. It is similar to the ore from the Gunnison and other claims belonging to the narnson Phone 134 Parlors 114 Sherman street noises one can always hear In a big empty building at night and the memory of that ghastly story of self murder, all made my heart beat like a drum, and it required every particle of resolution 1 possessed to enable me to take a step fgrward. " "I moved slowly and cautiously, with my right arm extended to ward off obstacles, and bad advanced perhaps a 'dozen paces when my clutched hand was laid flatly upon a human face. I could feel the Dose and eye sockets against my fingers, and, a stubble o beard pricked my palm. Now, gentlemen, this may seem like nothing as I tell It here, with the Incandescents ablaze and people passing to and fro. but In that black, deserted rookery it was the Incarnation of horror. I realised then and there, for the first time In my life, tbe real meaning of tbe word fright. . If I had actually seen a ghost. It would have shaken me less, but that face against my hand In the dark ah, I will never forget it. never, as long as I live! l recoiled, and as I did so my Supers encountered tbe matchbox. By pure Instinct I snatched out a docen matches and struck them on the table. A gas Jet v : alf a foot away, and In in instant I : it lit. Then I understood the situi i.ou, and you will smile. do doubt, wheu I explain. A printer, whom' I knew very well and who was tbe sot of tbe office, was standing beside one of the cases In a drunken doze. He nad been on a spree, and when the office was closed he was lying asleep, unnoticed, behind a pile of paper. My steps on the stairs bad aroused him. and he staggered to bis feet and stood there, silent and stupid, until I blundered against him In tbe dark. . ; "That's the story, and. as 1 said before. It seems like nothing to telQ yet the bare thought of H has brought the sweat to-my forehead." New Orleans From the hopper there la a spout by which the ore may be lowered Into cither, of the six tanks. A solution of cyanide Is pumped, up to the hopper and Into the spout with the ore as it passes down. In this manner the tanks are being filled with solution at tbe same time they are being filled with ore, and frm twelve to twenty- GunnUon group, from which the South ed druggist. Dakota ground is separated by only a short distance. It Is a shale ore. and highly siliceous. After the plant has four hours is gained in the percolation been brought down to & good working over any other method of applying the order custom ,( ore will probably be bath. From the spout the ore and so itememDer we are nere lor business and want your patronage. "We will give you value received for everything you buy. at the Palace Pharinacy W.-i.' FAUST, Ph. G. Prui. taken. It will be possible to double lution flow into an automatic dlstrlbu CATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. tor, whloh works with ball bearings from a pivot set in the center of the the capacity, without Impairing the efficiency of the system. . D. A. Wales is general manager for the company, and has been in charge INGERSOLL-SERGEANT C0. DEL of the work on the ground, being assisted by Mr. Parkerr O. H. Stromsness built the mllL Rod A. Murray is foreman at the mine, and John J. Feld-hansen o Deadwood is hauling the I John Jennack, The well knewn hackman whose. tank, the action of the water and ore as they rush down being sufficient to operate it by playing Into one aide of a basin, around the sides of which axe placed cleats, the principle Involved being not exactly unlike that of wind s gainst the fan of a windmilL From the basin into which the material, is dropped there are two troughs project-in? laterally to the edge of the tank fnd inclined slightly- with vents at re'.:l)r intervals of their lensrth. ore, three of his teams being oi the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. b. Agent for South Da tarn is that imposing' structure on the corner " of Carney and Pins streets, is prepared to furnish the roaa. l nomas Aiccauum, brother of President Malcolm McCallum, is book and timekeeper, and also has charge finest ri3 in the. city for funerals, of the commissary. Frank Houti of Times-Icinoerat. calling, parties, picnic crowds, ete. Residence phoce, S3 Harrison. rtdTno,! Is the endneer and electrl-i

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