The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 8, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1900
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

.rTEMBER 5, 1300. THE DAILY PIONEEI.-TIMES, DEAD WOOD D. THE BILL OF FARE ..AT... m TIME TABLE j (jjfCENTJWORD GOLD,GOLD,! how it glitters: I ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, ! OF ALL KINDS. avato! v varraii'i 1 i -in Ctc For Lowest W , a- S,-i- i rii a i iM 1 1 lirl-Tr 1 DEADW000 Lincoln Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louis and all points east and south Denver Helena, Butte Portland Salt LakeCitv, San Francisco and all points : west Trains lei.- as follows No. 44. Yrsubuled E.prss. daily. Hot Springs. Lincoln. Omaha, Chicago, and all point" East. South nnd West 2-30 p. m No. I'M, i.ii al daily ex. .; day. 11 il 1 Mum-til.; Speartish No -1 1 4 , Flight, duilr and . .VlU I't m sun lav, Hill ''It) . ( asrer and Kdi.''mont ? . VI Sun-lavs this f r.'ln"h t ! n i s v...'', Trims arrive as 'uIIok-No. 4.'. East. Paa'nger, dailtl:l., No. L'"'.'. Siirfl-h Tram, .liilv except Sunday 11:.. a. m nt p. m a m. Nc 2-'3. Freight .11 art a m Sundae-; this train arrivia. , r, p rn ' PK cplnt:. iii h Iiik ami pa ! i aim; chair cars i seats fri"-. m all thru trains. Rail- way and steamship tickets sold and hag- j b,.iizp cheeked to all points For Informal inn. time tallies, maps and tickets, c.ill on or write to J. Fit A NCII9 DERiOUTM'S ARK Nns. 70-72 Shf-ni nii st Dpj, dTOnnri r.eucrul rasi-tiK'T .-ciit. Omaha. Nh - Custom r a : e ni i a j ma mi id 1 1 W. T. KOBEIU'SON. Ti.'.et Agent. I. rCCNTI.KY, rnmii-i-ri lal Ag-nt C. Tit., INS RKTWF.KN ANI LEAK LEAVE DKAIiW' ;lv. ev . j t Sun-lay i 'i-: i v iol S ii". a ra a m t Sunday. . M 1 . 2 'i" p m I I ' p RJ j (, ., .p S-;:id..v. Daily p in Cvaiii'k- in icc-- at rcison; (loldcn (late Mining cV IVlilling Company, First Ward, Deadwood S. ). .... , . i- ;.' Said iv .... s;lio '. S.0U , except Sunday 10: IP) I.ICaVl-: FKAIi CITY. x. i pt Sunday 8:35 9:65 exc- pt Sunday 11 :00 VZ.bD , i ' illi-( t - with Ivi-tel II ssHUKcr 2:25 3:40 pic-pt Sunday 4:45 6:1M 7:22 exrept Sunday 8:22 9:22 e.tri-pt Sunday 10:55 l.-r t! it- i'hiivi nu-rci Cash Prices :-i i-:vekv o ha vi- I a- ONI-. II A ! II - YOU WANT MONEY? W.-li. u.-'y.- o.-t il. ami of it. lu in-.' in v i. in- valuable-. IF want Jewelry I've o-ot dial t-.o. ami at prices (bat ill c.iii-i- "a to oia,-r w la-re i'. Dsadwood Loan Office N 2 1 Li3 Strest. Ore 1 t i t a Ctlli '111 'I't s l tho o rates. Club Restauarnt I'ndei the Management of , MRS JULIA WALTER Is btrving the beet meals ever served in the city for the price, 25c. Delicacies only 1 procured at the tables of the best hoe-teli ies In the country, are a familiar thing on her tables. A trial will convince our readers tk her table will suit the tastes of thm most fastidious. 675 Main St., Deadwood. Tie City Dray Line JNO. FELDHAUSEN, Prop. makes a specialty of moving all kinds of heavy machinery. ....ALSO Is prepared to do all kinds of niovinjj of household goods, pianos, safes, etc, with safety and dispatch. Office Phone 118. Residence Phone 19. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE, All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage h'u rnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St., - Deadwooc, 8. IX SURE CURE FOR 1'RIMAKY, SECONDART VI ILKTIAKV BLOOD POISOM i i:i:MA.t:.TLY cured III 1.-. To Sr. K'.YS. You can b t.-eated at home for the sams . If yu;i pifer to come here we will nd ao charge If we fall to cure. If and siill hae aches and p alius, iT. I'lMPI.KS. CnpPEH-COLOrt-HUU or EY'KBItOWS FALLING IWTKK to cure. We solicit tbs Mi: WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN-I.Kt THK PK1I.I. OF THE MOS1 0 s complete Their table merits the lutrotug public. No. II Lee S:reet. the Calhoun Bros. Propr.ftors o! the - DeaH Transfer Lie Are i 'repi.-t d to I o All I... of t:ai:ftjr wa:i. a-i v.--. s ii i ' T riotue. ' o try tli-'in Is to h i . w..-i. d..uc promptly and as order.-. 1. I'iANu Ti:r-'i; The la ' ' an ! m .-; u. : : pl.t a- irui k f-'i' '.lie s.iV nil . n. u . : u' pianos C.ti Ma. a St. Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Pcwder. Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries Battsiy Supplies. W. li ADAMS COMPANY MONEY L0AN60 W nflllATFRAI ,U" U ULL I Lllft I. Seeuiitv at a lawful rule of interest. ,, . ., , ., , , ,, Hmess strictly confidential. Will can at your n'HiUf nee n leejueBieu. 0. JACOBS. Ciar Slon Opposite Bullock Hotel WILL Qyj So will tlu- tac t t hat i m t an Hav and Grain 4k- Jttst rhi-ii;- of JOE SAVAGE tlie old r liny w her, Tr.v him. MalnSlreet. li hie Central dcah-r as in the Black Hills. (1MT1 C1TV v - O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DEADWOOD, & D. 4u .;.41j...-ij, k You Can Bank.. on getting the best In the MEAT lins If you get It of : ROGERS & SON They always have a neat fresh 6tock to select from and you can always get Just what you want LEK STKICHT, - - nKAPWOOI). H444444444444) 4) J. N. GORUM Proprietor of the Lobby Saloon Keepa a quiet orderly place with many different lines of amusement and respectfully solicits a share of your patronage. , . Do N'T Be Fooled! Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madiaon Medicine Co.. Madison, WL. It keep you well. Our trade mark cut nr. each package. Price. 35 cent. Neersold In hulk. Accept no 5ubsti titt, Alr -irr rfnttrptt t If Dyspepsia Digests what yon cat. r ' i i. 'i rt i . M 'Vnvff.l-iil.. f (4 - H7 Ss. T.n S7? H Cure Is er on ! p I I y n- -7 meriU unaer ii"- Adveiu-- insertion, when ENT A month, three lines tnan month, payable In advance 11.00 Per WANTED HELP. by a first-class miation t0uk. Hurry KiB. v I'io" ; man Deer TiUle.- )(,, , e . a! pcuters at thf ;i on Vi How creek, near A; al once, jaiue y-6-t ;( do general lai l'.aki-r, V.i i;tf d.nm.t; muni lis. WalUT. at tt. t. Wl'LU Reliable ; i fiiail'' lublicat-aini specialties. aiiiiissioii. Address, Co.. Cli eland. ml- WAN I K f'. Loral kGEN'l and tlistrii t managers wameu iui ,hp 1'iovi.lHit Saving Lite of New York, laheral i "iitructs. llond ic , , ,,,!, in K. A. Unice, n-n qua' - - ' ' era! afi'i. 1 d Soul li la oath Dakota keta, ah FuurtUe hot. I. ll, am 1 .- or liulit wauon. A-iii.-.- a. ti M.:-t 1-e ' 1'iene.-: 'i'.m- iTRAVKlt- - 1- it in l.cad aliout .ux. l'olh-d Anmis row, Ir.and- t,, l uia- k .i imv ,,i, ii lit sup-. -A ri-waiu eu x - will be paid li-r 1 1 I' return to Patrick McCaitli). Lead. S. I'-. or in- iormation l.-ading to her recovery. WANTED:-M'-u to sell binger st-vv-iEgmadiines. A. N. Parks. O.IG Main Street. t. toi'NG MEN. ertirTTrufetratod cata logue explains how we teach barber trade, mailed free. Moler llarber College. Minneapolis, Minn. FOR SALE. FOR SALE Premises at 65 Lower Mail street, JtiOO.00; half cash, balance on tine. Apply to R. M. Ma loney. f'OR SALE. At a bargain, a well ar ranged eight-room brick residence with all modern conveniences.. Lot 50-lo0 feet; good cistern, well and barn. No. 85 Charles street. Enquire at Pioneer-Times office. 8-131m I'OR SALE.- Roll-top desks, $C0 desk for $35 and $:!.". desk for $20. Apply-to Pioneer-Times. FOR RENT. rOR RENT. A new five room house with bath, CS Denver avenue. tf 10R RENT Three furnished rooms, suitable for housekeeping. Enquire of John Baggaley. 9 2tf 10R RENT. Two rooms for-lieht housekeepini,-. Apply to Mrs. Moon- y. second floor, Miller house. -r0R RENT-V.idern house of six roemsand bath-. No. 91 Forest Ave Enquire at Phillips' Drug Store, 'EVEN-ROOM house- for sale or rent. ! Inquire of the Pioneer Times or 2:i i Guy street. i 0R RENT. -a modern eight-room "oase, on Ingleside. Apply at De-Mouth's Ark. Sherman street FOR RENT. 7 and 8-room Houses; Jjfr Apply lo b. Mullen. POhn RENT-The Ong boarding f.," Pluma- 18 room 'n good Tait Apply to O. P Ong, Inf r?alrlnS natly done. Hang-tl I ,c,lean'ng wall paper speclal-Mclnt-! ,Vactlon guaranteed. W. J. ywHarrlaon 'Phone No 14. rR BALE-Candv store at No. Shertrn an street. I ft OT LOST-t iurquois pin. betwp.n vanii. treet and r- . . . t. . ,c f-iuneer-rimos ot- , STRAYED-From .... brand (Chris Ruth'8 Hay Creek iuer Vt.TZ a I0r return ' J!1" Ward, Deadwood. ior return to Joseph PERSONAL, tor ladies dnrine wunemenL Best of care, best of ttedicji ittendants, Deadwood Address Box 8-2 Mm - i you s!l!hB ttta': "For impure W ": 8crofuIa- lt rheum. rba7usm Derve8' tired : feeling, sS' ma,rl. tarrh, - take be 1 nts;' cored by Hood's Pills. Ig.-llts j Weu.W " .C- tin"-i ?.brM" bell, white tall kB,nJv; But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL THING. Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, Watcnes, Chains, Rings, 4c, at .... BUTLFR The Jeweler, 63I1 , Main Street. Walter L. Yercoe, M. D. Deadvood. South Dakota. Office in the Waite Block. O.iili-st ami Aurist 15. iV M.Rv. (i lassos Sc iontilically l''itto"l. I'lactici liimitod t Eyo V Ear 62 Centennial Ave J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS -ADJUSTMZHTS- N )T I FIDELITY BONOS, All klu-ls of r.onda written: Appeal t tachineiit. replevin, bonds fe- eieeutor. administrator!. All Judicial bond eie- ited Allhout delay. Pon't aak your I t -I.,,,.! Dl..n t.w t.tll ..l,T rates lyxiKB ofllcera. treasurer. and official houds ipetlalty. Olympic Block. Deadwood. Fhonea Harrison, 138; Black Hill, 101 Thon- in realdeno. Harrt.on 88 lic" '"' Francis C. Tucxe,, J. R. Hlckox, ii o r f . -:. r- t Surveyor. tucke: a hickox. i CIVIL g MINING ENGINEERS I " Surveyor kV.V.'.V. v.vv. I DR. FLORA H. STANFORD Homeopathic physician. Office and residence. 374 Williams street. 1 Morphine, liquor and tohacco habits treaty. Dr. Collier ! OSTEOPATH j LEAD AND DEADWOOD. ; Deadwood office at Glllmore House. Mon-days. Wednesdays, and Fridays. I Leid office, 415 Main Street. Tuesdays,! Thursdays and Saturdays. You Should Go to- ; A mm mm n A I ..U.. No. 74 Sherman street. i Fo your drcKMmaKtng. X line of i ready made ladles' garments kept con- ! ntantlv In stnk at rpaRnnahln nrlrfo i1 Visitors always welcome. 444)4 Palmer House 'lark Hlo.-k n- ;t -1 t.- I". S. A -.-ay Hlli, . NEW lU IEDINC. ::kv Fi'Rxrn'K'E. XEW HEDDIXd. In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnished rooms with hot and cold water and bath. Open day and nlghL Short orders a specialty. T. J. DOWD, Watchmaker, Optitioo. Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examinor for tin Elkhorn R. R. Wd,rk aiJ Prices Guaranteed. Ijoo St. Dead u'ihkI . Nz Want... V.ia to i.udcrstand that we are under si: all i xpense and can uo better in- a : on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give us a !.an e to prove our assertion, by giving tis a trial order. JOLITZ & lynch; Lee - Glass Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware Bicclesand Sporting Goods. 1219-21-J3 HARNEY ST.. OMAHA. J. C.CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office SyndicsU BIk. j f , 1 I i j ant can Sick all I H, Richardson K'KSIDKNT PIANO TUNER. Centennial Ave. rs at l-'ishcl's Bazaar. Leave tii'd Tlie arcade U KI.I'XI). I'Kol'. KTKK where you get that delicious drink known througho1'' the country as Anhaus Puach you now beer. A nice lunca constantly on tbe bar. Rest brands of drinks and cigars always band Lee street. Deadwood. '4V 4ft Wagner Cafe Servos Moals Nirht and I;iv. Host Cafo in City. W.C SPINDLER, Prop j8A3WS.San?)(V'l QUILT FACTORY MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Man ufact ii i r of all kinds of quilts from the cheapest to the very finest to he found In any country. Also recovering of quilts and make sofa pillows to older. DOWN QUILTS howii yuilis of tbe fineet make a speciality. 14 f'arney St. old phon?. 170 your onler Is ref pert f ull.y p in Pally, Dally P Daily, F. K a m. v. R. K. THK NOKTII WKSTEHN LINE. DEPOT; Between Deadwood and Pint Streets. Arrives. Depart Trough trains to Omaha Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, with close connections for all points west and south, at Fremont and Omaha 11 a m I p il DEPOT: Lower Main Street. Arrives from Whitewood, Sturgis, Rapid, Chadron loints 1 0 : 4 0 a. m and Intermediate Departs 8:20 a. m. Arrives. Deadwood for Belle Fourche 1:00 p. in. Whitewood only 7:30a. m Except Sunday. Departs 9:10a. m! ' " p-m: I 1 NO CHEAP! GOODS: LeBEAU hTc Black Hills Jeweler la Headquarters for BLACK HILLS GOLD JEWELRY I i . .... A .. . l.o.irt if ct Ia rn iiiauc up iu anj- .-utii'c oi.'ii vu the short jst notice. Have been in business in Central since 78. MAIL ORDERS WrjAe. me Just what you want, want and I will quote you prices by return mail. References: Any bank or (in mercantile house 1 1 1,'IIa ill me i mis. - i nSJSS!JiS'-'' WHO? WHO? WHO ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 15 LEE STRcET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEL STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER EUSCH. 5 CENTb. 5 CENT . 5 CF.JTS. - UP I TO I date r-a-J FTP-3 l rr 1 1 Lif I : soiiciiea. I j i'! ' i Cook Remedy Co HAS THE ONLY DL09D P0IS01 LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE Is what j our meats get when ou b iv of I- under" IIL'ARAN'I 1X 1 -' 1 " 1 rY 1 V contract tc pav railniad f;ire and ta- 1 I - 1 t,.,vo taker:' MKKCfRY. MHIN'K -"I -MI'Onls l',T'"ll!-:p In nioutli SO'il K :! Sl'uTf 1'I.rKRS m aiv part nf trc f"'- Ol"T. ir Is this HLOOt! PolsON that i,t i'HSTINATR CASKS and CHAU.KN" O.i: NOT rt'ItF This 'disease has alwa n t' m- r.MtvKVf rnYPiriANS. E- The poor's freind. They all look alike to Gus. and it is one price to all, and the best and most ralat-able meats to be had in the city. 64212 Main Street. - - Deaaveoea. BUY THE NEW Drop Head Sillger; 660 WAIN STREET. Best Setrlng machine oil, needles and attachments for all kinds of machines. Several of our mof-t prominen" pil.i: m- .. Kinr-nd Kmperors o' foreien lanflf have itueoumt'l tn Ihir disease even wh--n u:. l r the treatment of the best taJe-nl r' mlfefl weal'h cf nations cnuli employ, we hiVp a SECRET REMEDY knows onlT tj oureelves. I'Mirlns; FOt'RTKKN- Yh'M!. cf our existence no less thaa twenty different concerns hare startd up to In I-ate our treatment, prompted by oaf tiup-Aofvtented success; today not oc of tbe remain In business. We Stand Alone Without A Sinfle Successful Competito THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has ; world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FRE? SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. MWM Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLBV GES sent sealed in plain packages oa application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Aiiress COOK EEIFD7 CflFiJT1 1528 Ymm TiiiJe Cticjifl.W.' Itartiri.-iaily dipesls the food and aids Nature 'n sin ni.'tli'Miiiu and recon structin I in- exhausted dipestiva organs, li ,s tin; latest discovered dipest and tonic. No other preparation arprnach It in rflicienry. It in-staotly reiievesand peruianentlycures Dyspepsia, Jndigestion, Heartburn Ftatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea Headacbe,Gastraljria,Cramps,ant other resa 1 te of im perfect d igestion. Prporrl by C DW Itt A Coi Cfelcaa. Fsr Sale bx K, O. PHlfcLIPS, A. N. PARKS, 656 MAIM STREET,

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