The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 7, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER ; 1900. in? company, on tne Big Four group, 1 WfKWMW I w.P8t 0f central City'' the Gladiator ' I Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver . 1 0'T ny; on its property ,n DeaawooU if 2 Kul'h. above Central; Conners Bros,! I The Union assay Office r-: K 14 filled. Established 188S. f: No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. .1 the natives of alaska. Will (liv.- C-'frct.-t k't-Mllt- i.t Both Eskimo Race Is Threatened Witn Ex- f ii C " 1 P r termination by Disease. THE GRANDEST STOCK OF uuiu ana Oliver ror ou Lents. :. 1 UN AI.I. . .. ... , Ko: i) ; UK OFFICK. ' '" - "I- Kkiw:n- of : I hi. I:, ,i w , t j I 'I .i - ll.ii ,! '' ' h '. .:.- - A . ft Faii Millinery M. H. Lyons, Co, k i .) . ' i ' '.: ON . - ! ;'. '.: t - i , ' - !ftl TUC DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. 4 - j, ( ' I - .' MINES AND MINING. Mr, Seebick AND Vwl' W'i I. L !.!: -.V' , SLACK HILLS CYANIDE PLANTS I KUD-To-Dato " o. v. loud.- ' ' ''"'!' "- .in, mi.' ii., .; f! ' 1 '''''I 'I in. .11. ;n ,. : '' U H'" ll,.li,,. mill ,,: !,,, "' I'-liiiilllitiK III pl.ti ... f ,l " ,; I"'' ollio, 11,1,',,.., -I,. '' ' ' '' II' - .'Unl In!'- 1111, I , mi ''' ""' "I"'1' 'fn I ruin iiml i -1)1,1 ',- I,, p :"'Olll,l iiltlli, ,t i i , : 1 1 i ; 1 1 , ' ,. 'I;' 'I l n-' oil, I, i.,., : 1 ' :il tl..- -p.'' I.I, I" ,,( , . .- ,., -' " 'I'll ih. p. i . , ni ,i , ,,' , v ' 1 ' ' ' 'ii 'o. p i -itt.-.'i. .i n. i i UN ' " 1 ''iii III. i.:i,,4- M..-I hk.'h rii;,r 'hi- ii . ili'i'l u ,i! p, p,i,u . ! mil in i ,,. ISI.e I. Hill u I,, ii l!i"i. I.,, e , n Nineteen Mills Are in Opeiation Or Aie Beiny Contemplated. '! tin- . . ,ilil..- pi n. u: ;..!! . l,illnl lill. :i I'll III I . ii i! huh I 111 I I , :;,,, k Mi.1 i - . . n. ill I nun Hi' I..' I P. 1 1 ,,-, u pi. nit. now III oi.-i.N i lull . II ,,! Il P1 ' w "! 1 oil -I l in ' ; HI II. I Hill h-' III Op. I ,1 I H III U I I h i .'I 1 1 A week,- o I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 h -. ; i ! 1 1 1 ! I ', III"!' , , ,- p. - PI i ii . mil - ii.pi.i i .1 .i ii 1 1 1 :,i ,i in ,. , .i eil Th,. u ii lio'.i in I ! . Ol 'II i 111 HI ','. I, .. I I . Ml..,' . I SPECIAL 1MGIANS AT CHASE'S la " nli - or' ih,' ,ii i in i , p ,! si, .oP,.l. 'I'll- .ol.' M (, ,i, i rniip,,,!'. .. " :ii'"l ill I i. ,nl i P., p, i :. , ii, ll:i-' h'li-'i' linn: ;iim oth.'i- in tM- ,M " w.i - I " 1 1 1 1 M IP" Pi.,, ;. H:l SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 1900. of M ir-. t.i Ii Ti i, 111,' 1 h ' I h m,l in P Ml will PRICES FOR OINT JU DAY i I m 1 1 . i I ! i ' M ton oo 1 1 I I , ' - :..'l""l. I" Mm , i ; a I', i' it , . Ii ll 1 Ii i' ' miic, h .. ,. ;i I ' pi. I hi At Special Prices, ,ii '.'.In I, 1 1 ha.; lii i'ii h! Mi.'H I,1,. l :, p. , .ii ' ;. I . .- I run., w, i . mil' ,1, 110)11 -I I ill ml lim. on ! ,i ! I i .M iii .hi t, ,n m ll," I:,.,) ,v Milium ant riintPn 1 1 1 mi 1 1 1 , I 1. i .rill , - ' i- in Pi pi ,'d I o a ko: piai.M i II ih , ,- I h inni I y .,f low ui.ol,' ii:,--- Imunl n: 1 1 1 1 ; - ,i ii, I t la i a ii In in a I to u n h t hal inn, o." h li.i '.a - Mil Ii "iitial (hix . .on ,,r, "ii mm" 'Ppc in, olutton of ...iiinh i' an-1 :i: M !n ha. 'ml I la, I -. I P I ' I 1 1 - ii1 'I :n ; I Al II' ni,, n ( 'an a ii I'm, 111 IP ih- im lii'in i -t i n f Mn' CHILDREN'S DRESSES i'lk-o (op. 75ySl.ini. SI , J5 and SI. 5m Jssm will be Sold for 45c, 55c, Toe, 85c and $1 i All mir MCSBIN LNDKK'WKAK' ami C R A SU T( ) W K , N , ; wl, M ,,. in 1 i f i1 ion. Main Street Deadwood South Dakota. l'"l " -!' I Imi . "Ii SI "' " iMa ml :;i; I1 i -t inon t h I,, p li"'l will,,,, la, I ',. 1 1 a t i m l;m " , "!' a p W'I,, ol lll i , 1 1 til to "filial inn nf ::uu " "11 Indian he, om "''"' a i I v Minn ),;,, care I'm- i.IM, , -- M'i'k th,. ail'! leave mice,!, if js The lklroit - Ikadwooil company b.m I", cully i om .1, ( , , it plant, ,, creek, u hi, j j.s now operating i "i . satisfactorily . 1 1 1 , rushing '"'is daily , leaching capacity, IP, tons. Treating ore from grotnnl leased from the South lakola, company. I). Wales, geneuil manager; i ; , , tier, i heniist. At Cayville Cook A.- (Iilihs have a plant capable of treating :i(i tons l. the wet crushing p:,,. ... ore from the Omega mine, It. ('. Cook, mana 'he others fj i ; I, 'It lie W. it '""i but takin I, bis b'ankets, he usualh seeks ',' ii'inoie place a tlfre makes down ins i,i f((, wj ol ho I.. I In ' V con hi not KilowleilKi' of III.' plo, .',., j. oonlill oil almost. orlnsi i ly to ilio,o who lime niiiile an exhaustive sluil.v of II, ninl consequent ly no lit! I - imim ,i In in ilispla.v eil l'enanlinn it when the hiilijerl is liroimht up. It iniisl not be siipposoil all oris nia lie hainlleil with a ii ii l , either in respert, to its i lianii ter. nor lis quality, A i;reat, ' number of ores are iiot aineiial'le to cyanide on account 'of tin; elements contained which counteract or prevent the action of the solution. Then anain cyanide is not. calculated for hkh grade ores, runnin!; over $L'o a ton, but for low Kiade ores, that will run from $K to $!.-, fro mthe fact that it is impossible to net an average extraction of more than Ml per cent and do it within a space of time consistent with the greatest economy, for it must lie remembered that the sooner a tank BE GOOD out simile,- and nnlc "n.iml by ti,,. U,,, bis c;S,, fs; ,is. and aid lmvch. ger; V. ), Parker chemist R U J ;i"""t '''TV,, to pm-isl, if not ,h" fro,,, h.mSer and want. The missionaries whlto t. I'lant of J.", tons capacity on Calami ty gulch, Ragged Top. Ii. 'longing v II, ,t. s;..,..o i ....... W'e luive at plesent the most . omplete, thoroly eiiuipped drug store in South Dakota. W'e .carry everything in the line of new and up-to-date medicines. ,0 1"' ,"'""'l government attaches have kY LU J ..... ... .'Mian Hiu oouie. operating on "i'e from ground belonging to owm i., KEEPING UP WITH THE PROCESSION v e are right in it now with colors ih hundreds in this ,-:,v ,,i,,in fT0 summer. Frequently ,nvp pnr(ios of " lute jnnspe, ,nrs , ,-, Vf, in th,,, )1p countrr cotne unon ,i, ...,.. i , and from leased property . ing. They aro telling in ,. ull sides Unit Klectl o ( aniile process at l;sli, our fall and winter line I kes the rac off belonging to F.,H. Long 2!'Ty TT'X Indian vi,,ag" found dead the bush, or, as the girl i,ut3 j dates. F. H. Long, general niaieme, AND uo,eS nnnuried, numbers of sir and th "eliminates the dilapidated linen from the shrubbery." If this Is true, we ought to "inaDitants without fr.r.j .-! ,-.,.) an,) neip Custom ores. There is a small cyanide annex at the Keystone mill in the southern Ifss. Children have been found whose parents nnH iia i i .. know it. We are in the rare to win and w look to every man who wants clothing to wo are in a position to fill any prescription or receipt with Hills, which i,;,. , ' -u. .v.nR tnem with- 0 rr 3 3 a "- ui)e),neii io inn anv means of tnnnnri some extent and on when experiment The fore part of tZTL ! can be relieved of Its i barge and another charge substituted, the more work will be accomplished, without, of course, permitting a careless loss of the values. There are two ways of crushing the ore in use in the Hills the dry and the wet. and no two plants are ap-prepared to roast their ores as cer-pointed similarly, altho the general absolutely pure and fresh med ;ri::..:T: i'.MMrtflh , .wi6 DiniL u ine iiome- i oeait mother. The natives seem utterh- :,i,i , stake company in (iold Kim will be ! the largest in the L'nite,! States I help U3 do it. She was happy when she met me And the secret i-i well known; 'Twas my "swell up" new fall overcoat .My overcoat alone. I'm not sorry that I bought it, Tho' it cost me nearly ten, For I'm basking in the sunshine Of her lovply smile again. icines. We do not buy the cheapest second grade drugs, that we may cut under our competitors and make you think we are the cheapest in town. Pe with the evils ,at civihzation has brought with it. The advent nf the whites In the region has taken from them sevrral of their main sup. Ports, and is in a large measure responsible for the decimation of fliPlr numbers by disease and distress The Hth a cpacity of a thousand tons a ya.v. It is intended to treat concentrates from the mills. On Squaw creek the Cleopatra ccrhi-pauy has a plant complete, wfth a crushing capacity of Kill tons nml YOU WILL leaching Do tons. The machinery is i I " l'iteK l,ave traded them nt principle Involved is the same. The dry process is where the ore is crushed and rolled in the dry state before Immersion in the solution, ary-ttte wet process is where It Is pulverized at It would be In a stamp mill, some times in water, and sometimes in a solution of cyanide. Some plants are prepared to rdoast their ores,, as certain ores require roasting before the gold is soluble in the cyanide, altho usually it Is fovind that these ores will prove soluble if they may be left in Place and the bins are full of ore I f,,r 'othing. and having contribute', .)- miiumii s property, with nn "Keiy to exterminating the fur-bear .uiunaance in sight. Dry crushing Only get the purest, and best, the freshest and (leanest that can be nought and as reasonable prices as you will buy in ing and food-giving nnimals nr .i GOOD RIGS B't of .tt trillion J given to Iliiiirilins: GEO I the bath a sufficient length of time,. .... BED Horses. Ol Pri. es i"g them out of the country, have compelled the natives to wear clothing of a character to which they are not ac-custome.l. nn( to Bllbs,Rt on fo0f, t(j which thev nre not. adapted, conse-Q'K'ntly iciHiering them unable to withstand the rigors of that latitude To aggravate matters, the several years of trading and association with the whites have robbed them of much of their thrift and Industry, and imbued them with a spirit approaching shiftlessness. They have acquired the expensive habits, and iln.naii,. It. C. Hughes, manager; W. K. Sharpe; chemist. Will be running by September 1". Plant of 200 tons ( rushing capacity on Johnson gulch," being built by the Spearflsh Gold Mining & Development company, for the treatment of the company's ore. Leaching capacity, 100 tons. Dry crushing; will be run by January 1. W. G. Moore, manager; O. N. Brown, chemist. Owners of Wasp No. 2, Yellow creek, are building a 50-ton plan for the treatment of their own and s$me cus-tonmrev JVULJe runnin blsenlpm. ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... I have the best roadsters in the citv and am ire,um.l to Inrti.t. i .-..-t. ,...,1.11 i : 1 ' Omaha. -i If you are sick and need medicine, we know you will BE HAPPY to get well, and in the long run you will save many dollars by getting your medicines from a competent, thoroly experienc ..,.1. oi .tuuie norses on the shortest notuv. Harrison Phone 151 1 539 Mail! St. Old Phone 171 "vices common to the whitfiaid have ed druggist 4g ber 20.-Dry crushing. R. FVFlinter- strangely learned little that is us.fhl or beneficial. Consequently the gov xne favorite metnoa, tneretore, is to treat them in the raw state, without roasting, as quite an Item of expense Is avoided. It will be seen from the statement relative to the average percentage of extraction that there must be a loss , of 20 per cent of the values. If the ore, were worth over $20 a ton that loss would be too grt to be endured, and woftldT ittore tairover the ifflr-enee In cost of treatment between cya- " Mde and smelting. It has been figured out by the best cyanide men of the country that the ordinary Black Hills ore adapted to cyanide can be treated tor $3 a ton. It is practically impos- Bible to treat it for any less than that. If it can be mined for $2 a ton, as is the case with the South Dakota company, and transported for $1, ore worth $8 or $10 a ton may be handled "with a degree pt profit. Ore running " $12 and $15 a ton would be a paying ernment must support them almost en man, chemist. The Portland company is remodel ing the Baltimore & Deadwood stamp mill at Gayville and converting it into tirety, as It does most of the American Indians today. The same condi C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER Carries a ul Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, w.eaths and, in fact, everythinrj pertaining to funeral regalia. Harrison Phone 134 Par0rs I14 Sherman street KememDer we are here ror business and want your patronage. We will give you value received for everything you buy. at the Pulace Pharmacy W. L. FAUST. Ph. G. Prop. tions exist on the Siberian coast, and a cyanide plant. Capacity 75 tons. A spur is being built by the- Elkhorn nut ror aid given by the missionaries, hundreds of them would die during company, to haul the comoanv'n ore from Bald Mountain, ana delirer It at the top of the mill. Wet crushing. N. W. Chapman, manager. Will twin oe running. the coming winter. Appeals for aid are already being made in behalf of the natives by the government officials and missionaries. Governor Brady has informed the secretary of the Interior of the existing conditions and has asked that supplies and medicines be furnished at A 40-ton plant is being erected nn Blacktall gulch by the Shawmut com proposition. GOLD, GOLD, HOW IT GLITTERS! pany, on the old Esmeralda nrnnort ' New facts are being obtained almost 1 GATES IRON WORKS It mill be running within a few weeks! dally by cyanide men, and the process Is rapidly being; mastered. While It once. General Randall, In command of the department of Alaska, has sub it la not llkelr that It will ever ha dos REVERE RUBBER GO. Bible to Vest ore by cyanide for less mitted similar report and request to the war department, while Can. ana may be enlarged at any time. Will treat cement from the company's property. James Terry, manager; J. M. Henton, consulting- chemist Dry crushing. Halloran, McAllen ft Corcoran hV than $3 a ton, it Is not Improbable tain Tuttle. In command of the reve ALL GOLD LOOKS ALIKE TO SOME, t But to the Experienced Eye BLACK HILLS GOLD IS THE REAL, THING. INGERSOLL-SERGEANT DEL CO.f nue cutter Bear, and Special Agent Green, have applied in a like mnifvi completed a mill on the Golden Crown to the treasury department It is Im- property, North Lead htlL with a capacity of 20 tons a day. Dry crush "-" ui u naures receive aid this fall, and that within th jjiagerwqoa. manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL r that the percentage of extraction will la time be greatly increased. In fact, in South Africa where the. process 14 employed on a mammoth scale, tailings are run thru a second time, after they have lain on the dump a number of years, subjected to the action of the elements and the cyanide theyne cessarily contain after passing thru the tanks. It is found thatmuch the tanks. It is found then that much ing. . Built for the treatment of their own ore. . V . V ." ". : weeks, before transportation closes, nr Among those who contemclate nnt. suffering and death will be wholesale this winter. Acting upon his own au Made up in all kinds of Jewelry, Watches, Chains, Rings, Ac, at .... BUTLER The Jcwoler, 651, Main Street . Ing op plants are Ernest If ay and asJ Peadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. thority. Special Agent Green has be- cociates, on the ReallsaUon group, near Garden City; the Big Four Min . ----- t r (Continued On Page 5.) 7T

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