The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 6, 1900 · Page 13
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 13

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1900
Page 13
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THl-RSDAY. SEPTEMBER 6. 1909. TOE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. Railroad Rpt. The chances are that South Dakota w ill see a railroad ami possibly two ot them constructed across the reservation to the Rlack Hills before another year so by There is considerable talk right now that the Milwaukee win start its line out of Chamberlain et Una fall, at least the work on the KV. ' Food Prepared With "Calumet" ti I Free from ftodt.i.d Sdlts, Alum, j Lima and Attm.oi.ii-. "Cotu- met" is ttiL' .iLuauwife'g Friend. Gentlemen JHE THREE P0IN1J bridge will start 1'or several years i I 8 ' IVCT Milwaukee has owned p! nt'tl.-s of , m.CHE;BY ) KCNESOCOOD.' ' 'i'' I't r vv . -,i of ( 'hamberlain. .-Ik o-. :n-' i i ( i v run and tree on its 111.. 'I ' i- ll.l- al.-i i lie. tl .-'ITV.-v.-.l. W ' i I: '- '.- n r. civ.-.l in Hi!- ' ;'v '!m! wiii!' wii! po-itiv,Iv run:- ' . ; t!.. - .....i tin- fa!! I 1 - N ' K ' 1 , A . . ; S U il l. Kit .'( - .. ! 1 lin7 s ' M l J. .iL,. x.-. II ( ft -it SWEET RESTORERS. LEEP cannot be imitated except in appearance, neither can Ivory Soap. There are other white soaps that look like Ivory Soap, this is a penalty which it pavs for its great not deceived, the- 10 only one Icry, the others are imitations of its perfections. "..o rr:i cent, f.jfe. OP OUR $3 50 SHOL! Zlpp Shoe Co. I ' ii :: to ImiiI.I .Kin" : Il'd- :'..r .1 i...w has million- of 1 " - p : !( : 'in .ii 1 1 ii nm and Traccy. II,-. ;.. ii.,-,i.-. for repairs l.y .. I. 1 1 1 . . u 1 1 r ..I 1 1 k - 1 1 1 a 1 1 . 1 it i c. idi-nf III.- IllK- .il.c. propose to gc left iii molding ,11-ro-s the reservation. If I.. .tli of Hi. -s. roads,l l-uilt c:k h of Ihelll would open up a I rich i i unit i v a nd w mild not conflict ! with a other in any particular. The . .ittle and -!e ( p business west o'' the I Missouri is w ort hft goi ng after by any load and boih the Milwaukee and . c ' li w est ern e identic want it E. Federal Court. i e 1 1 i . on . u. . i v ( t i d a y rid tie- u i . at. r pail of 1 1,,. lotning i.v was bil.'li ill I Ik h. a : iiiLT oft he 1 oi . -o losTfre 'I-.- oi H.-i.i'. Cub- I-'. C ( liable ' .-! o! be e. !o-ur.. w.n " ' ..'id a t. ol 1 1 1 p. i I oi i. i ed I- I ! , e. I' I e -p. , i il -.. II is ' .1 IK' tb- b.lllkl Upts Tb' -t.M.d .iui ; wa.- bui lo i epo: t wa - -!.r ti .- c:i , ,-an tin !- ti' '. by --ill ui a. I. . e- ll.H e ll. el di-pO-- I.- !l ' In W o: I. .I.--.UII. d ! 'Ibe : 1 ,1 low : 11.: , a -1 - ha e ' d of a i.di. at- d b. low I'da. k Hills .V Vy..niil.4 K.niway Ci'inpniiv v.. I-'. I-:. ,V M V K 1! Co. lontiiu.. by stipulation Same title as above I 'out inued. .1. K. Cib hi ist. Charles I., Cib hrist. I Admr.. and Alf'-e,l Fillion is 1 Ionic- stake Mining (onipan.v and asso I ciate companies. Continued j Richard C. Lake vs. Charlolte Card- ! uer. Set for trial September 7. Charles 11. Shepley vs. Frank (Is- trander. John L. Lewis, V. D. Lowney -uoa .(i) L'.iiiiinuo. ) siwo'i ,) . putt sent of parties. William (iardner as trustee. John C. , Haines, &c. Dismissed. i - o ! I Fifty Jurors Drawn. j Judge Mctice sent up an order that: a special venire of lifty jurors be drawn, and that summons issue re-i turnable Miuidav inoiiiiiig next. Hi" I venire was drawn and the sheriff will l.egin tiMlay to notify the men who ; ; j C IS. MW . . ii 3 . n hd You (Formerly Occupied by Dr. BaUcock.) 5THE GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER Whose name is in every mouth, who.-- cures have shocked the medical world, will have something to say To In this space tomorrow. '4 Watch It I will have a (bailee to do jure duty in' Slieritt s deed. Spearhsh Hotel com-! the Summers case. I'"' i-rge C. Connors. Chill ies I'iersoli to Mamie WeltZ, Will Stump Nebraska. '!" ''laim deed to lots So In. 11 and L'. block 'el. Spearlish : consideration, It may be to your interest. Suite 14 SYNDICATE BLOCK, FOUND A GOOD INDIAN. SAincjiiicj in a Tree-top Near Billings for Thirty Years. , 1 ' ' ' ' ";iMv 1 M'M" 1 1 'u ' II. ill. ill- :n tli ah- scar..- I"d I n I .in. I -I i I,. I- oil i llihil ;on in Mil.- ol ti. c i mi. vv III. Ii an-w cr all t - !' i-iii and is worth going t. see II. w a- found in :. tree in the Snowy liioiintain.- on I in- ninth fork ol Me lion. i Id creek . Thiirsdav ninht t he doctor was informed that an Indian bury ing ground had been discovered in tlia t loi a lit y and l'i ida n ight lie and Haiii. v U'liortoii went out with a bo to obtain tin- specimen of the fa-t di-ui i M . -It ing race Numbers of bones an. I -kulls w.-re I. mini and lifty feet abov. i het u i oui.l ,u the I, nib- of a no.. s..n llu la -in. 1 1 lis. Tin) vv ,.. , vviapp.-d u buffalo ml,... and Ida n i. : - a in I lie- ho. u w a- lot lu-d in a ' ol gov . i n in. i, I , 1, 1 1 Ik - Tli. at I i I ., ' .1 lo I. i ' III I ! I i.CMl Killl.Hll , ..- , ,,! b.l Ihl 'A.i- llnl. o. slide ale! ill the .liep II, , li.. . .i oif a nd I he i , , ,. i. i . i,. I , , ib.i.;,. ,C. ll ' I 1 ' U d fl l I I J I VV ill I III I . I V 1 it a pp. .: 1 IK i" Indian had of I 1 1 . I 1 Vein ; Th. Ile-h w a- Li,.- I v bald, di K-d be. i and w a - alni.e-i like bi The t i 1 1 . i nail- :.!. lone, the hiiii' still . 1 1 1 1 to i e skull and on the lei I foot js an old blue woolen soi k. In the as, ineiil was found Tun elk teeth, j sonic wit h ),a 1 1 of I he Iletdi of t he jaw ; -till ail. i. lid Tliee alone are worth a lart;.- amount ami the skeleton would doiibi less command a good tigure from jsonie eastein institute. The doctor says he w ill take the remains to Chi- , ago w hen be goes next month. Real Estate Transfers. Homestake Mining company to James V. M eddiiugh. quit claim deed () sll.f;ll.,. tit ot 1M L,..llL Si" " Kocliman et al. sherifls ileed u. Dublin: consideration. $s.".. Thomas .1 Crier to Homestake Min- '"K company, deed to Sdiley lode near Lead City. $.v-,. Maitin Chapman and John T. Martin ' to 1 1 omest ake .Mining , o nip any. mining j d 1 on,- halt iiit. i. st to Hob Ranter. ' av:e. 1,1 UK V iii d S I o ii . I a w ami M . I'hil- I mi !...!-. . oiiMdei at:n 7 i 'i r I'.-iii, : . . ,i: t. .1.1.1. ! I' li. in lo 1 1. ,111. nd . ...,p..:. a-.n.n.' ,b . d to I ; : id. : $,. II ,: ,,,e ., ,l J ; - K.-l-t-r t i : b ie 1 1 a . ' i bid. .. .1 ie i i : lb 'ie tai .. M ji pa n v ti, . li ; ii u ib ( 1 t , i Mountain d l. .mi', on I. ion 'o. I. i. - S.lliu.d and lodes. In the County Court. o - i e 1 o I , i - I I I '. , ' 1 e 1 1 W , , - II, -l,,t. , d I . I T W ! ,1 I I Si . ,. I , .,..,; ,. VVIiloV. . -.,!.. ii,.-.- being b tl .,, , p,,-., . ,M. i,.. u, , i, , -i : ,,. i;, ,IU mi .point. .. M I. v, K.-n.-i. -t ... M M I '' t in r f i ii iik I 1 v 1 1 a veliug ii.igl' ag.-tit. fur the Kiklm: i. road. I'.'- pionioi.d to geiic,al ag.-nt nf L ll'iilll Mi. IJetzm r need rat or waul tvv.ntvv ago its an i , ste, i mill at Waukegan. Illinois It j ' will have a capacity of .1 1 ton- of j , sti-i 1 p.-r daw I 1 I i Ati omaha Indian w c- n ir ! r-.l on (the r- -ervation Monday I-v another India1 . who was full of fighting whiskey. The murdered man was literally lent to-pieces with a knife. v success. But you arc I Ik- pi old. in ol . , j. i- t a. phiio- . oph . a I si ali.po:ii! . am 1 l he gn at lib-i-i a 1 .1 of 1 houg 1 1 1 of lie - i u.i li was man -ife-l all the wav tluu In- di.-eoui . c lie preaches the brotherhood of man, regardless of Meed, ( la-s or color: he would draw the souls of Cod and man together, lie thinks as he talks, and some of his thoughts expressed display traces of sublimity. What he says puts his audience to thinking, and those who w re present last night wa nt away in much satisfaction. An Interesting Interview. Hon. .1. 1). Elliott, t'nited States district attorney for South Dakota, arrived yesterday from his home at Tyndall. Hon Homme county, accompanied by his wife. Mr. Elliott fs in Deadwood to attend federal court. He stated last night that this would have been a long term of court ordinarily, but a large number of eases that would have been tried here will he tried at Sioux Falls, from the fai t that many of the witnesses are busy harvesting their crops, and almost implored to be n-licved from making the trip out hen-tit this time. There are fifteen or twenty rases to be investigated by the grand jury, a great majority of whicfi are Indian cases. There is one murder iase. and the rest are for larceny and introducing lupinr on the Indian territory. The grand jury will report at 1n o'clock this forenoon, and it will then be possible to say about' how inn. li work I In i . i ahead for t he , olllt. ir. i : 1 1 ; .i i su - ti,. i . .11 I be a-ti 1 11 part of v i .ii. a lid that the poo I - a l.ii -i. the slat- I ! , I - b Of I"' I it V III all ll nm 1 ii- 1 ll a ii of tin- -ta! . u' . but a .ml that tl I'll pi o-i ,!- in tb. id p-it , 1 in-; In i - .1 Ml a!.- all t four i tor tie el '1 i a I . an il: ,li p: ice--. f. ( del s. p- ice fill a bushel Hid i .1- pol III to bj: 'I'l at pol ! for tin ir ll 11 l it, I lon- Olio of tl ble as to tl b --t ,b!a U.I jieople ondilion nl tb of a sei lion is tin- sta'e of their finances. Ten (-ai- ago the people of Mr. Elliott's part f tjje state were in anything but opulent Vitrcimi.-tan-ces. Their fai m- w . ie mortgage, f and they were pa ;nu lug interest their loans. To. lax lif little bank o! win. li M: I-:i'ion is president lias $luii.i,iiii in deposits, and S"- p.-r cent of that belong- to the farmers. Interest has been l ediu ed to six and eight per cut on short loans. Their farms have been improved, and tip-' people have surrounded themselves with all the comforts of life and are happy. Mr. Elliott stated in this connection that tlii- was a poor calamity year in South Dakota The Fusion Committee. The executive committee of the fusion forces, better d- s. ribed as the Tsnna li Vamen.h.'l da meeting in this city Monday veiling. Many schemes of reform w.t discussed, hut no organization was , ompleteil. It was arranged to opeti joint headquarters in Lead in the ba-. tm n t of the Faust block where S. 1. n:i. 'ei s assay office was formerly io. a; ,: r ml also in . the ol. offi. e. in Deadwood. The Tsun- ii Vamen." or high joint committor, will meet again in Hys citv tonight at eight oYlock for the purpose of electing a chairman ard the trans.ntion of such other business as may he brought up before it. Mid5ummer ....Reduction All Summer Goods Reduced from FUNERAL THIS AFTERNOON. Mrs. Titi.s Coikhill's Remains Will Be Interred in Deadwood. 'l. funeral of Mrs. Til lis Corkhill, vl,,,.,. ilcaih oc Hired Tuesday nioru-ins at Sr. .bi.-cph'.s hospital as the result of an accident on Hlacktail gulch, will be held ill Deadwood this afternoon at the First M. K. church. on-ducted by Kcv. Charles CidiliiiKS. The remains will be interred in Mount Moriah cemetery, where Mr. Corkhill has a family lot. Mrs. Corkhill has lived in the PUik Hills nine years, coming here from the Isle of Man, to join her husband, to whom she had been married in the old country. She was born in the Isle of Man, and a mother, two sisters and a brother reside there. Her maiden name was Annie Jane Killcorn. She had no relatives in this country except a cousin In Lead. Mr. and .Mrs. Corkhill had but one child living, Willie. 14 years old, who was with his parents Monday night at the time of the accident. The father and son are almost unrecom ilable to their loss, and their grief Is pitiable to see. o Another Hill City Suicide. Patrick Nagle, an old-time miner at the Queen Dee, committed suicide yesterday morniiit; by shooting himsIf thru the heart. He had just returned from Rapid City and Hill City, and it is tliousht had been drinking heavily. For several years past he had threatened to kill himself whenever lie had been ill iukiin;. His father and one brothi r had oiiimitted suicide, and it-is probable that t here w as a ten.b iu to a suicidal mania in the in m i I v . lb- returned home Sunday niuht and o-- terday morning about 7 o'clock tin- j hoy who lived with him found hmi j dead wiih a bulb I hole tluu his b. art. j -ir. .Naulc was a man aboui lilty years old and unmarried. He has a mother and .-i.-ter in New York state, who v.. :v notified, and arrangement s for Hie funeral wib be made as soon as they are heard from. The oroner vent up from here yesterday afternoon- liapid City Journal. 'n the Interest of Irrigation. Wesley A. Stuart returned home Saturday morning after an absence o," about a week, passed chiefly at Omaha. As vice-president for South Dakota d hf National Irrigation association. Mr. Stuart and Mr. .1. E. Ctt. secretary Of the Omaha Commercial club, will jit once shut a movement which i' ir believed Win result in much good to the cause of irrigation. It is intended " '"lbei s' of congress fro.n tne northwestern states to meet at Omaha on their way to Washington. ith the Commercial club of that city, and after enjoying a banquet, a plan ul be formulated that ran be sup-Totted by all western members look-ing to the reclamation of the vast arid Public domain west ot the Missouri Tftw. The thinking portion of :ho "wt are rapidly awakening to the im-portanre of this question, and Omnha i taking a very deep interest in the matter. Sturgis Press. Pastor of the People's Church. Rev. Dr. Thomas, pastor of the Peo-Tl'i church of Chicago, recognized wniOTt the land as one of the broad-t minded, deepest thinking men of ge. delivered his lecture on "So-rl Forces," before an audience In the Oeadwood Opera hpuse last night. He M not greeted by the audience that n should have been, and those who 14 not hear him missed something the Intellectual classes of the east 6 n-i flees and often endure'dls-mforu to hear. He dealt with Alls. .Mary Midi Lease, who was iik-1 guest in this it v of Freeman Isnow b s 'about a year ago and who was oin e smitten with the silver falla, y. has evident y sc. n t lie ei mi- of her w ay. sin- ai i i ed in linaha .-.-b i Hay and will start on a i. i:r of N'ebia.-ka. inak- ing publi. tb- i. for M. K iloy and looked .,'. t.- - "he Wye Ti a r Ronber w .. i:i ;,, i: o .,r a I I, :t . . n ti-b hi o: - apt 'ii in g but 1 1 -cm- tie Had ha - 1 m ai 'I ita1.. : lake in tie t h ii h. al t of lb' S;. : ; a Mad i . nioun in-, and the likelihood of their . apture h.i-v a n i-h, d Tin ' d ti' 'I - will not g i up. and fresh hoi.-,- having been so , Clired llleY Will (Olltllllle to search ill hopes of again striking the nail. The I .ti.- i a press ba- b.l ii a heavy, siif ,:. :,,.jy - Mi.-t;.iii...l within the la -i .if. and it is --iii I will spend $1 if in-, essaiy to ( apture the high" ;n iiu u. ,, - - -- - Fancy Dress Har.y. ( Hie o: the ni. est so, ial luiietions of .I... ....i-..,i ii k tli,. I on v dress narTv ,.i,.. lo- ii,,. Miss.-s at I , i to and $2,Hi tio-ht weight ii75c' a ("larnictit. . Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 Tli at was lortiicrl v I ' ruli'Pw mar l.Oll ?5c th.-ir hospitable home near Central and the years ago h- . ame to th- Klk-Tue-day v. ning. tj-.iit. a number of ' li"rn and was given the station at so, ietv people fiom Deadwood were in Craw ford. On account of ability div aiteiulanee. Many of the young la- . play. ! three years ago wa- pro-, li.-s were dresscl m (uaint. old Tash-. m-.tcl to traveling freight agent, ion.d costume-, while some wero . wh u !. position he has held u n! i 1 now. dressed as (lower girl.-. Spanish maid-' Tic Chicago Tribune - ay's that the . us. and other fatp y liaracter cos- ; Aniei a an Wire and St"cl ompai.y are tan:.-. The ( hid" amu-ement was ' about to build a three n d'aci dollar STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobb Styles This seasons NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising Talues. Everything goes at tedmcj price3. Come in and convince yourseL that we are offering great ir values now for the money than ever before. Anxious to show your our goo-Is, we are abllgingly youf3, BLOOM The Clothier progressive high five. Ten tables were occupied ami it w as quite late before the game was finished, whi. h . . - ' e ,- ... - I ( suited in .Miss .vine rvnowies ueiug awarded the ladies' prize and B. B. Shepherd the piize for gentlemen. Some fine music was furnished and elegant refreshments were served. It was very late, or more properly ; speaking, quite early Wednesday! Th- latest holdup reported ocmr-, morning when the Deadwood guests I red in Omaha Monday night of this 1 arrived home, declaring they had j week when a street car was held tip never spent a more enjoyable even- i The motor man lost H.r.O and the j street ar company . ( rr

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