The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 2, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1900
Page 5
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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1900. t UlC DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S, D. I YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. j Frank Osihuer wa a Spearn.-h vis-I it Or. ' Miss .Jewell v nt over to Spe.11 fish to spend Sunday. Mrs. Dr. Smith, of Sturgis .-pent the ; May in 1 eadwood Dr. Walter I'. .lenn.-y and wife departed for Omaha Mrs. pauldiiis of the SpauhLtn: re-t aui ant . is mi t he s:ck L.-t J..H..'.- VV St:-, .11: ,.. I., , - a re t.r 11 tna'i of t '. S. e.; .. : .-' i ! . ,iv at H-i' '- !.-- sag Gentlemen RU Calumet (h ""M W' V INJURIOUS j Baking w Kj Powder 2 o a en THE THREE POINTS WITH THE PROCESSION in it now witli culoii tel.'iug us on a!l sides th.u winter line t .kes the rag oft a., the lioo:; g;-! it. lie il,-i''.l flam A: tn; Bullock. .' I 03 J o Q or E 5 S r-f C KEEPING UP We are right living. They are ur fall and bush. or. "t'l:min.itt s t!ic-h: uW-cry." If l !:..-. i- t: oust lu ! Inn''. ;. W e ,i:e 1:. rare t i v. 1:1 a'i 1 v.. lr.'k la t i :y 1::.;:: ,''i" v. f.r : '" h.', 1; . .: . 1:. w . !. . : . - ' : . :M .- . r. is ,.: hi. .., ' . a .1 - 1 . . .- a , ; ; i;,.'- 1 . r . a . Mr u v : .it al-'tii'. j 1 :,. 1...; .,.-! it 1 J-iuir :'. . T!i- it t nie u- .it.' ti F..r I'.i-l-.ii'. .4 la 'he k.i-i-:..- j of 1 r 1 ,, y aj j - c H W ft m ' J ALL IN A LIFETIME. 10 a crowd that 1 ! 1 1 1 the corner room in the Nye bloci; to o ertlon ing. Three barte nder', were kept on the jump lor several h . The five lunch seiwd by Howard la-onaicl Mas reported mil of the lim -1 eer .-.civil in the lilac k Hills. Eor was it t cla-s and the house starts out i- a most popular re-.ori . w 1 1 i 1 1 . with ine l-iiihU and courteous treatment, Will lie continued at tile laai'l (if I lie op our $3.5 shol; Zipp Shoe Co. G55 Main St. !lr to !!..- 1 : -a ;.i tie :.,!.. :i tot mo or I .'1 ! e, . LI I . 1 I ran I h.t 111 1 '. I '',-!. r at tc 11 iie a 1 1 1 c 1 1 in 1 1 1 , on la -1 orii 1 11 s 1 ! .V M 1 1 a ' 1, ; Mrs W. II of Rapid returned homo after a pleasant visit ; w ith M rs. I'reil (iantz. j .Indue Catland and -on relumed J from their Spearlish nip and are j Clll-ts at the I Intel lilllloi k. i Ak I-:. I 11 1 1 1 - shouldered 1m- shot ! e,ini and we nt out to see if the prairie c hie kens and arouse rup vvas ripe. Mi.-,s (Iraves. Mi-- Ellis and cpiite a pacts of ladies we nt to l.ead to attend tie- 1 -, j 1 1 1 d 1 1 an 1 oil 11 1 1 1 hi en t Hell. Mis X I TI ip-..!. and 11 w ho has i-iiitr.i here from b.w.i ( :t W .-III lIliHIi to I o! H pi nil: - to spell O . Sunday. ; Mi Mi Mdl.M! of Slii,-::i.-. ha- I :i k 11 iliai'-e of lb S nd b .it . European ! hotel for Mi - li.-w.- d - h.-r ab- i - e-e e . M I lie e a -1 I M r. and M rs, l!;u. lav . of St::ia'. a re in tow a pr -pa i a lory to t h'-ir dc-; parluie- for Lo- Vtr.-le- California, to ! -pell. t e- W illie Ne VV I I loW 1,1 lid ..lie- of th'- pop! I I.I I 1! iV.- M l.ovs. s-'iire'd a sluul vacation a lid de-pa rt oil I'm a v i- 1 1 at b 1 -ol.i ho;::,- in I ' f. 1 1 s : e u ' ' ; You '.-Iambi not tail in I a. I t he at : 1 a. 1 1 v . ad v . : t i-. i.t oi W. E. I "We 'V !' . a- it : in oii r llilel'e .-! 1 c. no -o I ; I : i i i i laoii. v : a v .-d -: ni He-v i a i n, - d ( I. mi h William., w.-ui down into i le -i. nd bill count i.v l-'rida y cv -niiii; on .1 llllllllllg e peel It I. ill. I lie Hull' le I will probably be supplied vvilii uaiie for t be Iiel t wo weeks. W. A. Snyder, who has not been out 1 1 M llll M Ml M 1 1 M r II M IIIII I llll 1 1 lllll I III I IMIIU I II 1 1 1 1 1 1 H 1 11 II H H 1 1 MM 1 1 1 II' I IMP I II IM Mil 1 1 1 1 M llll 1 1 rill t lit till IL The Delmonico I'MiKi; THF. MANACKMKNT OF Z I MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATHOUSE j E Will open for business at noon 011 j I HVEoiatarvz?- -vig;irts-t S20tlx The lad'os have b.ith had n.any vears of e.vperienco in (he hote l and restaurant business, and will spare no pains to serve S the public with the very best affords. I COMIC and try th" , opening dinner MONDAY NOON. I MEALS AT ALL HOURS FROM 6 A. M. 8:30 P. M. I Under the Post Office- Eft (1 1 II MMIIMMMIMIMIIMIIMIMMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMIIHMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIII C. H. ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a ul Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, Wi-eaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia. Phone Harrison 33. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. 1 . 1. h. Mi- i: .i S. .it: ( I i . T . f ; I., S '.be' : t : i . t vv if. i Mi,.,;.. IV IV-i oi i, I' I. San cler- St I. - M V. ate-. S.-.lalia Me .I ; M.iti .I K. .I., it- lll.le pi li'i le . ln .I , .. S.I I 1 1 V a ll I It t II III ., la . ltie, I I'. pin. A .i mi : Ki.U vv :n . Sa lip Ja . I ' I bia n 1' llano- r'uinah. N iia n Unaha . W. C li.U.ii- llil.l-e.l. N. I ; ! : : i - - , i, ft , , in ( ',ti I , n n i., I pi a i i i, la -t le - ht -,i a li, :, v v hi, 1 1st, inn el id in u 1, damage ?.--i,-i,,iv ai'leinooii in t h.ll I- : I! ! V ! !,, I, live in V el V CHURCHES TO-DAY. Methodist Church. Tie . . w . II ! I," e . a. li I v ;. .- it, tie- l-'ir I I : , I. U! c li t.:i v I lr. ' ' I . I I i , I . I H ' 1 I : I I I , ' 1 . I . 1 e , . ; I I -p, a i I. - !i '!!: I ,i j - m. will no -el '.villi I 'a pi i i 'u.j I '. .,, at ISapt i-t , I. if, h a ' 7 p i St. John's Church. Meet li in.' pra -.or a nd - i nion II o'elel h ' ll'ilv ( ', Mil 1011 11 I'll! .It I I I'M ' Sabbath Si laml ;,i M ,,'. lo. I S V. IPl--e!l Snpt i ; v.-1 i ; v i; i: i:. . ,i C or. a i i on a I Chu rc h. Me- i. mu: . . i v i, , at 1 ! o , In, TopV , i ! : ' i a , h "lie I i i a a ' I ) i - ' , , ' i vv : I' a - a , Mi-, lb m r will -ine; a miIo; Mi. - Clou: !, w ::l ! iel, r a m.Io on lie- '. i',1 ll! S III !.,V . . boo! .' in I V v. : n ( ', ,o v -, ; , , -1 Jlil, 1 1 , 1 , -1 1 1 Y . I'. S ( ' !: al 7 o , lo. k lo be I, ,1 by . Mis- Vi ian Smith I 'ra v ,a ne , t i ilea Thursday n i u ht. A corditil invitation give'ii to all. I I. VV. HAKRON". rastor ! ,, - - - 1 Labor Day. ! The liuiTiiigton will run a train to I Fnglowood. leav ing Iieadwood at S :!0 a. ni to accomuiodate those attending the Labor May picnic at Moiinfafin 1 Lion near Knglewood. The Blac k Hills & Ft. Pierre will arrange to have a train at Knglewood to meet this train. Ketuining train will leave Knglewood at .", -!" p. in. To accommodate those wishing to stav later than a :4a the Burlington has arranged to honor tickets from Load City via the M. C. All the Rage. The following telegram was received yesterday : "NEW YORK, Aug. 29. "S. Bloom, Deadwood: 'The large Polka Dot Neckwear will be shipped from factory Wednes day, and reach von Saturday. All the i inc.. In re. S. BLOOM. Ice Cream and Cake. j The ladies of the Congregational i church will give a social in the parlor- of the church Tuesday evening. , at T '' p m. i b e i ream, c ake and coffee will be sei v eel for 1'"' . ; Misses Grace Baker. Cu.-sie Belding. . Leon a Zipp. Hazel Richardson. Eva j Keith. Helen Few b r. Amelia Voting, , and Vivian Smith have been appoint- t eel waitresses Kvoryone cordially in-i vited. if MR. E Ml , Who is noted thruout Kansas, Wyoming and Montana for her success in curing any and all dis-" eases quickly and without the aid ' of drugs, is now in ' Where she is permanently located j$ THE WONDERFUL MAGNETIC HEALING Stands fn its own merits for suf- fering humanity, and cures many' cases that are pronounced incura ble by the family physician. SUITE 31. 1 ' Syndicate Blocks Mid5ummer How a Former Deadwood Boy trieved From a Bad Start. Re- Sinni t 1 11 it- diii iim 1 In' ;n lu-iftlit. ;igii''';illi' jihhik man wa ; art iiil: as a waiter or assiMant l;irti'liilT ,,1 the Ccin lltcit'-r. A man made oinpkiint one nioriiiim to tin- Head wood ofliecrs that In- had cltiiiU m the niitlit before v i 1 1 1 Oil" of the itirls at 111'' ( ! -in . and tliat vv hile lie was intoxicate,! the fiirl had rieMini him of a larj-'e 10II of hill The rhief of jiolii 0 went with the man to I In-theatre and on tin- i-irl l'Ui" pointed cut. she was a!i'e:-t",l, aloni; with the I my who served them with the 1 rinks. They were taken to jail and upon the boy iK-inj; s'-aii bed the stolen money 'was found in his pocket hook. He ilonbtless took 110 part in the robbery Init. he held the money and was in a fair way to be sent to the penitentiary. Kilvvanl McDonald was .sheriff at the time, and a few weeks after tin; 1 ho arrest of the boy and woman busi!i".-s c ailed him to the eastern part of tin- Mate. One dark niulit while he was away some prisoners broke jail, and the boy c s, aped with tle ni. When the boy iMit 10 Sieai('i-h lie on. lncU'il th'" sheriff would be blamed wilh the matter, and the sheriff having treated him so kindly he became rnsi ieiiee stric ken and turned his steps back toward Iieadwood with the determination to nive himselt up. On the way in. Harvey, the. stano-ulriver, overtook hhn and gave him a t ide into town. The hoy got off the stage when they had arrived at the outskirts of town, and taking a hack way so ho would not he arrested and the county have to pay a reward, he arrived at the county jail, and to the surprise of the jailor asked to he locked tip again. Judge Thomas was circuit judge here at that time, and when the case came tip for trial the young man plead guilty and would have been sent to the penitentiary no doubt, only for the big hearted sheriff. Edward McDonald, who interceded for him and insisted that the hoy was bright and he was certain had no criminal instincts, and if given a chance he would come put all right. The court .after listening to the pleas made for the prisoner, sentenced him to tfre state reform school. Col. Ainsworth, one of nature's noblemen, was at the head of that institution and ho soon found his Deadwood charge an honest young man who showed a desire to do right. In a little while he hail earned the complete confidence of Colonel Ainsworth, and was put in charge of the unruly element which could not be trusted. He did not serve his full time, and when discharged he went away with the heartiest best wishes of Colonel Ainsworth, -who predicted for him a blight future, was prospering in Nebraska run-prospering in a Nebraska. town running a newspaper which was earning him good money. A few- months ago a populist newspaper got after the young editor, who by the way was running a republican sheet, and the Teply was so bright and cogent that it attracted much attention and was widely copied. The manager of one of the leading dailies in Chicago saw the Article, sent for copies of the Nebraska paper, made some Inquiries about the young man and then sent him transportation to come to Chicago. The result was that the former Deadwood boy returned home, leased lis newspaper plant' and is today drawing $40 per week on a metropolitan newspaper in Chicagq, with promise of early promotion. He will be remembered by many in Deadwood as William Hutt. His career shows that a mis-step in early life is not necessarily destructive, and ' if a boy has anything good in him it may be .brought out even under very adverse conditions. ....Reduction of Lawrence county for years, depai eel for ('hadrun. Ho will take a two weeks lay off and do some hunting in the sand hills before returning hoine. A. Hidgeway. A. H Ridgeway and Allied I'epin of Salix. Iowa, are touring the Hills. They are at the present guests of our city and we hope may remain with us a few days, as they are wliolesoulod. jolly fellows, and out for a good time. .lames Baker of the I'ri e. Baker Co. was in the city on his way to Rlackhawk to look over the ruins left by the (ire. Ho says the insurance rate on their mill was about S per cent, but he now coin hides it was a Kood investment Mr. and Mrs. Ilix of Nevada. Iowa, who have boon visiting their nephew, Mr. W. IV Hix of the Standard Oil company at their resilience at s", Stewart street, left yesterday for their lona home, greatly pleased with the Hills and their people, and vowing that they had seen some of the grand est sights of their lives. Social Tuesday Night. The ladies of the Congregational church will give a social in the parlor of the church on Tuesday night to which everybody is cordially invited. Ice cream, cake and coffee will lie served and a social time enjoyed by all All Summer Goods Reduced from llM I Fire in the First Ward. The plea -ant home 01 ( hat McAllister in the I-'ir.-. t ward was lolally b st ro 1 -d by lire lat 11 iuht a be iut 1 1 o'clock . Mrs. b ! : was i.-itiim in Lead and her husband had left the house and count up tow n to meet her at the depot. Shortly before the tunc for arrival of the train the lire alarm sounded, and noticing that it was in bis part of town. Mr. McAllister hast oiled with the crowd to put nut the Haines, and was horrified on rea'-liiim' the scene to sec- his OWtl house With eery urti'le of furniture. and all W'':iiiiiLr appai'd of the family which thev did not have on. beiiu; destroyed by tlie eonsuniin:,' 1 emet:t. Nothing was sacc. and only by hard work was the two buildiim.: adjoining saved, tbo in a dania:,'ecl coiidiiion. Mr. McAllister's loss is estimated at $:'nnii. partly covered by an insurance policy ,,f $;uii. A Royal Opening. Ryan & Riley save a grand opening in their new saloon across from the IJuIIock last night. The room was elegantly furnished and the free lunch for all comers was a sumptuous repast, furnished by the Bullock under the personal supervision of Chef Nicholson. The place was crowded from early in the evening until after midnight. The music furnished by the Cyclone orchestra was the tjest in the land. The same orchestra will furnish music every night, and help make Ryan & Riley's place one of the most popular in the city. o Miners' Union Picnic. Trains will bo run from Head City to Mountain Lion picnic grounds, every hour, which will connect with all trains from Deadwood, near the Ellison shaft above the D. C. depot in Load. Our fare for the round trip has been arranged f 1 r by the Minors' union. Miss Blanche Botz. one of bur city j school teachers, arrived on the H. & j M. from an extended visit in Illinois. , Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska. She is j glad to get back to the Hills again J after a vorv pleasant vacation. Chicago ae-J Prof. Garnett Hedge of companied by his wife, came in on th Burlington from Hot Springs and are being entertained over Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Wheeler on Forest Hill. Prof. Hedge will teach voice culture iu our city schools and also in the Lead City schools. They will reside on Williams street. Rev. L. Thorp of Hot Springs, a partner to Banks Stewart, our popular and prosperous jobber. is reported seriously ill at his home in Hot Springs with an attack of appendi citis. Mr. Stewart left for Hot Springs over the Burlington yesterday, having made an especially hard drive from Sundance. Wyoming, where l e received the wire announcing Mr. j Thorp's illness, to this city. In tu to catch the outgoing Burlington. Bartlett & Phillips, the brick mau- ufacturers. are running a full force ; of men at their yards trying to supply the demand on them for brick. It looks as tho winter -would find hem entirely without reserve t-to. k for the earj,y spring trade, unless they shall be able to run their compressed brick plant in cold weather. The other brick yards are also sold out so close that a brick famine may retard building next spring. Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 Thatvas formerly -81,00 andfcS2,(M. Liiit jweisht I'mlerwear 25c to75c a (Garment. a. -,1 V X SyV:P9' N X X X'.X X XXVdNVj Ith E GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER I STRAW HAT5 AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobby Styles i I ' j V. -' . -,-'"-v.x-. , . I ' ... . -'- v i This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Everything goes at re'i-iccd prlcrj. Come in and convince yoursel that we are offering great jr values now for the money than e-rcr be fore. Anxious to show your our goo Is, we are abllglngly your3, BLOOM The Clothier e" Consultation free. 5 Call eariy. The rush is on.; B At Ed. Bicchoff't. Ed. Blschoff and 'his partner gave a glad, hand at their opening: last night, - . -.

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