The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 1, 1900 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1900
Page 7
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ATL'RDA V. SEPTEMBER 1. THE DAILY riOXEER TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. CONTAINS Calumet discharged well from the hospital after suffering four weeks from general del)ilit . "'' Five patients were discharged this week and Hewn ai.- still remaining All iii'' ioiim nil eh NOTHING INJURIOUS , Gentlemen I ? -THE THREE POINTS t Baking TiOT SIJDc BY Tut TUST. Change of Venue. I ;. !t Tilley the yiiimn n;an arresti-.l rharjr" I u iili st ri !-. i " n Mrs. i: M Hoti.i n-ok ,t i haim" f , rn,e f.-i'-i day from .1 ud a- i '.A i l - i -1 1 1 : l :i 1 1 1 i 1 !i" i a.' i ,1 i !:! i; ) !::: !' t i. '!i ' - i . 1 : 1 1 - - I'M .. d- .u , I , : i ; powaer lESTEnDY 5 FlRoONAS. 1 I : in ih. i;. , i i : , i ; i . 1 1 1 .lilli at i. !:.-. i S . 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . . I! A:.k i ni i c ,i ' l fa H k i i -i1 .1.-1 . li 1 1: S. ;,' 1 1." day 1 1 ' 1 am! . .il, nil lull i Indd 1 li''l ' ""! 1 U ! signified lii.-, i 1 1 1 1 1 r i c 1 1 ni a. . ii'iiii'.i th.' in ilal i. ii. ( ' l . 1 . I I 1 1 -1 - u;n.' a .'l v delightful ..i 1 I v 1. 1, ..ii'iinii: lo alioul L'.. vuuiii; -.- at hi:, lain'..' (m Forest avenue. A in. vi v t ini, us had ill social In n !. i; 1. 1 - h niie in I . h is. n . Kan In- P., ... i i Hell. I'.iurclie druc-iM. wa- Mi i.iwn the l:ii. -I i!' IH' li.' lie e ! I in 1 he I I'llili:' 1 l a I II tin ll.t Spriiii; .1-1,1- 'In..:.- hi Ii.un In lint SpriliK'; li'iiii'hl mi i : i i t . 1 1 1 1 1 ni the WITHIN REACH. ECAUSE of its low price Ivory Soap is within the reach of all. Besides its low cost it has the advantage that it is r JJ ill.' til-inn afiia- w hi. h refresh m. 'id s ! 1 ! r. a n ! u I . in ad. In j: a ! 1 1 . . Weill cll- were ell i()J I'd. The uuiiu I'nl hone' highly pleased with ll : 1 1 14 ' - -ii. i a I i;al lid i ll - !ui . . . in I ha 1 ii iisity. I 1 1 ,i : , I : im : .-I u : i:.-l in an he- I ri In I icn a lid I ', .. ii a,l, , S.ri :n I ! hid. Mil, I. e, i, III 1 In! .- u l ;, millionaire- A ! I., i t eit 1 who wink.- at t he entirely satisfactory for so many varied uses ; it will do the work of a half dozen kinds of soap each intended for a special purpose. IVORY SOAP IS ) . PER CENT. PURE. - II,. I I el li- ei ed nil llglv W OUIlll i 11 OF OUR $3 5 ' SHOE Zipp Shoe Co. 655 VIa,in St. J la.-e Tl,u-s.:,v while al work. Iii j "" '"IKs Millie Win nil. nf I he men St 1 11. k hilll.1 II. Ills AllH'll. III-- Mnlllll.l '11 I't el I (!,,, rmiit cheek hone wilh a ham-I alter a short s'a'. in lieadw.m.l for The I fo i 1 ii 1 1 a t e I v w;is le ii : Mot Springs where h will take pa ! 1 1 1 ;,ct a i .-I I, i;i a severe II. sli wound i in a conceit In I.e gn.'n lie re .y T'mt. . . i .. . I 1 M . W. ..... .. J was i n II 1 1 I.', w 111. 1 1 I ' j ' 1 1 1 . -1 g''-'' i i 'ii'" ..ii'l ..I THE SUMMERS CASE 1 ls rl I 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 lie fusion in nil i in .' ale in dresslllLl it I i i pi i i n I -n . I.'ii i was in i . . i ... o,. . I ... I' . ,.,.1 I h 1 ("1 1 entity ilUIMIMIMMMIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIininilllllllllllllllinMIIIIIIIMIlllllllllllllUUIIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIllllll The Dclmonico ai ii'l li.'.is. (Ihe of the prettiest, dc-.-: :n, ,i liaskel. Iln- handle decorated with i ai in 1 1 mils, and I he lower lellsoll, I'uiali. llellllis. and alt isl i. al l aiiang.d. The linweis were all Leant i I ull arranged ; 1 1 1 . 1 tin- liiniu was redolent with the swe.i perfume. During the eveiiiTig ic- ii c-iin and cake w ei e served, and ,iiii- n niiiiiher wen- in. tho not so inan as should have called. The pi ies lor tin' (lowers were as follows: For sweet peas. Mrs. V. (i. Kice; for liansies, Miss Nellie Flowers. The e. lulu! oi s well- .Mesilaiiies. A. 1 Wilson. FIiih.i. Snaiiis, Thomas. Tie Wiil II. .., th- ,- I at Ihe ('g,e. o,M, M -l. ldaS. She I-sldes th,'.-,,,,;,! .hurch on Sun, las nun n i ng. i m i h ; east of S pea r li sh and at present Mr S. ael ha- had .he gi -at .-t j .- " ! 1 ' 1 iug I lie hit. w ood success ii, tin- .mm k "I the pastorale ' school. fni- th,. p., si time ,..,ii.,. of any ele- Manns .1.,,-olis am! Chailcs (;,.;- nii;iii in Ihe Klack Hill.-. :-'i mi. M .-a ii km- for I.iucoln to con-( inniitlis a--: i Iln- in -in h.-i s' unii. ll ( if i 1 , u 1 1' l he i r st ud fi 1 1 1 the stale ' I Ii i el' the Melt towns a-lo-1 Mr Steiiniaael ' of N.'l.r.isKa Mark is taking a I,, r.i" an addn-s nn the secret of .d nurse in elc, trie ,1 and uic- M, ce - s III t ill' S Hid I v Iinnl A CIV ! , 1 1.: 1,1, ' . Ilgiliee ill. . . .1 There Is No Doubt of a Third Trial Being Had. Indue Mcdce Secured a lierlh nil a freight irain at an tally hour yesterday morning ami returned to his home at, Kapi.l. lie will return the of the week, when a en ire lor lurors will he issued, and the (late of trial will be fixed. Judge Moore has heard from Judge Smith of Yankton, and from Judge Smith of Pierre, neither of whom can come and continue the trial. Judge Jones, oi Minnehaha county is also tao Im.-y to leave. .llldf'e ('ampliell of Aherdeeil expresses a uilinK-jiess to have . work and conduct tin- trial of the .a.-.' INIII-H Till: M ANACKM KNT OF MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATH0USE Will open for business at noon on E VEoja.cirt ilugxist 20tll: I The ladies have Imtli bad n any years of experience in ihe hotel and restaurant business and will spare no pains to serve the public Willi the best tli.anarki'l affords. COME and try t'i" r opening dinnm MONDAY NOON. H MEALS AT ALL HOURS FROM 6 A. M. 8:30 P. M. E i h luihll'' ' i in, aide and pi a. 1 1 : : 1 address as -iivcii. Ml ai " in i'.-d in '"ins s i i . Mr. i I,. F Fli i.l.-i ir i ' i ...'! ii.". ' . !i 1 1 of ,1 In r. I'i anklin Merre; the nai.-i' Hi. Wail- Fold Miss l' il II sva 1 .1 l ie . . .1. ,::,,.,ll,' d I lis, V. (i. Kice. and Miss Wash-.n'a::- that r;. li awarded a hihit.r nearer jiui::e cannot i.e iia.i. n a Jiul'. loor' ;imi!is the writer t!i;il j1!.' Caucus at Lead. 'I !, I., ad 1 ' ; ii li I . an d .'.! b'dd :: a ii, :i 1 , hi he 1 li ,:k: John i i , i i 1 I. -, f i i, lei - and ; . iriiKi I . v iiJ.iln w a.- . ..ieli.1..:- I or -1"'' iff ,cl c ,e- Sllllle . 1 i s c 1 1 s s 1 o 1 1 about i ; . . 1, ..- '.ill'. .. I . . M n'i la - 1 . '. 11 . 11 - S i ci ! I ill g! nn In: a c -A d a s ' .-lay in III" iij I .1. hp. i gi.-:. r.s fmin S:. i.n:.,s. ,iii I,,- sp- ii I i most of his I ini.-1 1 a el in g over i h mining d M :i, I - in ,-. professional cip.i. it. His sla. 1 Under the Post Office. 141111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIHIIIIIII(IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIII tlie i a. e may not . nine to trial uni.l week after next, lull it will he tried as soon as il can he arranged for. A story to the effect that Col. Sj. .!. had heen secured lo assist in the prosecution, we are informed liy States' Attorney Hayes, is entirely without lelinile. as he w ill look ii w I' i .t In : . , a n . I : . I a t s hut .-li :: ,, t .- a i t ma heie i some property and investigate pres-I wa- taK. n. nl conditions iff the Hills where lie Ice Cream and Cake. C. H ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a ul lime of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia. Phone Harrison 33. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. 1 Mid5ummer is probably better ai ipiainted than any ; other mining engineer. He was one ; of the first mining experts who reported on the Klack Hills back in the ; seventies. Sheriff Sweeney was in town yesterday and showed his fearless disposi- tion by appearing to prosecute (lie man who had robbed hini. Some people after recovering their properly would have dropped the matter and hushed it up. but Sheriff Sweeney is not that kind of a man. He is'said lo be the best sheriff Hutte county ever had and the way lie g oes after a law breaker we are ready to believe it. He might have hushed the whnie matter up if he had so desired, but he ; did not care to do so. and has asked no favors, and showed no desire to he shielded from any newspaper crin.'-ism . loundatioii. lime win ne no cnange in attorneys so far as the state is concerned, and probably none on tho art of the defense. Judge Carland a Visitor. His Honor Judge Carland of the I nited States court arrived in Dead-wood Thursday evening accompanied by his son, Kmmett. The judge has long wanted to make a visit thru the Hills, but business engagements always prevented. As federal court will convene here next Tuesday the judge thought he would come out a little earlier and utilize the spare time looking around. In company with Charles Coe Lead was visited yesterday and the Homestake plant was looked over. Judge Carland was greatly surprised at the magnitude of the Homestake plant, and the evidence of activity and confidence shown by that company was a revela ....Reduction The ladies of tin- Coiigregai ional i liur. li will give nn ic cream and cake siH-jnl in the parlors of the church Tuesday evening, lroni .". to 9 p. ni. Missi s lirace (taker, (lassie Helding. Leona Zipp. Hazel Richardson. Eva ' Keith. Helen Fowler. Aurelia Young,, and Vivian Smii)i have been appoint- ed waitresses. Everyone cordially in- ited. A charge of 2."c w ill be made. Notice The Deadwood Labor union hereby requests all uiercliants in the city j that they close their places of biisi- ness upon Monday, September ;!. La- bor day, that the (lay may be fittingly ! observed by the working people of town. All the Rage. . The following telegram was received , estciday: I NEW YORK, Aug. 29. 1 S. liiooni, Deadwood: i "The large i'olka Dot Neckwear ; will he shipped from factory YVednes- I day, and leach you Saturday. All the J I age In re. S. lil.OOM. School Beard Meeting. An 1 in io: la n I ai". ling of the si honl hoard w as held last night . the follow -ing ineinlieis Im ing present: Fiirah. House, eDnnis and Zipp. The resignation of Miss Her-rick as primary teacher was accepted, and Miss Delia I'ost. of Waverly, Neb., was elected to till the vacancy. The matter of living a rental charge for use of hooks to be hereafter furnished by the board, was agreed upon at so much for all books needed in each grade as follows : First grade. l?i'r. Second grade. 2.ric . Third grade. Il'.i-. Fourth grade. fi"n Fifth gradi , ti.'c Sixth grade. Sac. Seventh grade. s..c Kiglith grade. !nic. High school. 1. A rule was established compelling all non-resident pupils of the school district to pay n tuition fee of per term or $3 per year. A petition is cow in circulation asking to have the school district enlarged so as to take in the people down near the smelter. . M. barker tendered his resignation as member of the board, and the matter of electing a successor went over to the next meeting. The tax levy of 20 mills was levied, the amount required to be raised for limning the schools during the next year being estimated at $22,000. The usual batch of bills were allowed and after the transaction of some routine business the board All Summer Goods Reduced from 4A 1 44 To Be or ZKpt to "Be. tr a That is the question !'At concerns every mortal: whether it is better to be half ill. nervous. worn out. or to be well, strong, cheerful and useful. The Utter condition ninll be yours if you tike Hood's Sarsapa-rilU. America's Greatest Blood Medicine, there is nothing e.;:u! 1c it. 3 TcetsJ Sauapaiith Bottled Beers labeled lindneist r." "Faust." "mack A: Tan." ' Anheusei Standard," "Ex-i port I'ale." "Exquisite," or "Pale- ; Lager" If "Anheuser-Busch" is on the label th y are purest beers. St. Joseph's Hospital Stephen A. Douglas, who was sick j at tha hospital with Inflammation of the bowels, is well and has returned to i TH E GREAT MAGNETIC HEALER I Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 "That was formerly ?l,0(l and.$2,M Lirlit.Jveir;ht I'mlrrwear 25c to75c a (iarnient. ataS(C3 STRAW HAT50 AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobby Styles irirtrslLaili tion iu nun. i.iiM evening iney went over to Spearfish to get a view of the great scenic line anil will probably take a side trip to Sand creek before returning to Deadwood. The judge is in excellent health and is enjoying his outing Immensely. o At Lead Today. The republicans of Lawrence county will meet in delegate convention in Lead today for the purpose of nominating a complete county and legislative ticket. The old officers who have Jiot already served their allotted two consecutive terms it seems will be renominated by acclamation. The chief contests will be over the offices of tberiff and county superintendent. Tlieve may be some friction over legislative candidates as some of the former members of the legislature are not candidates for renomination. The outlook for a harmonious gathering etrald not he brighter. o The Flower Show. The ladies of the Library association made a great success of their fl ower show yesterday and last night. It was an elegant exhibit that ought to have been seen by every lover of the beautiful in the city. There were exquisite rases of sweet peas in all the new shades, lavender, pinks, reds, purples and almost a salmon color. The old-fashioned aster has been so greatly improved In shape and color that some of these made handsome , exhibits. There were the pompon &nd anemone varieties in all shades end colors. Plates of pansiea looked vp with sweet, modest faces from be- -jteata the bolder shades of pink vy work. Ernest Herse. who has been seriously ill for soue days with typhoid fever is slowly improving. Con Poland of Lead, who was admitted to St. Joseph's several weeks ago, ia slowly convalescing, and able to be up and around the hospital. it 1 . . . I ' ' , Who is noted ihruout Kansas, Wyoming and Montana for her success in curing any and all d is-) .eases quickly and without the aid of drugs, is now in J ID eadwoo CL( Where she is permanently located J THE WONDERFUL MAGNETIC HEALING George Keller, who. had his right I hand operated on. is doing admirably well and the attendinz surgeon feels confident no amputation will be ne- ; cessary. ", Master Edward McDermott. who has been under treatment for lung trouble. ! is now entirely recovered, and leaves the hospital tpday- Mrs. Cox of Rapid City left for j This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Everything goes at rci'KcJ piiie. Come in and convince yoursel - oianas on us own merits ror sui- that we are offering great ;r values now for the money than d'er be- K fering humanity, and cures many 'j cases that are pronounced incura- ble by the family physician. ,i fore. I SUITE 31. a Anxious to show your our goods, we are abllgingly your3, BLOOM The Clothier home after recovering from a severe siege of pneumonia. Miss Essie Spear of Buffalo Gap, was at the hospital for two weeks, and has been discharged well, leaving for Sionx City to risit with friends. Andrew Fisher of Bear Bntte was '' Prtnenltatfnn f r C t m s 4- s II 1 1 Call early. The rush Is on.

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