The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 1, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1900
Page 6
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 13)1, THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD S. D. THE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION . Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver ; TheEI(veA:nual nM"trVon jf venes Friday m Deadwood. I The Union assay Office? 2 Ehtablished 1889. Tin' eleventh annual nii-i-tin; of t!io lila k Mills liapu-M absolution in- '. t, in session at tin- liaptiM h'livh n THE GRANDEST STOCK OF No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will Ciiv.- C'orrivt kYsiih- nt J, tins i ity i-.-l.-nlav at - i :n. Aii'it 1 iwiii! lh- i'ii'i'. ji!' -''.' mi Km- lil.i' k Mil!.- i i j i i I- li' - Th--ii. Ii w.i- lM-ii'i!iliill . il ; .i -i .i. : Gold anc Silver For 50 Lents. UN A I, I. nl 'In- int. 'II ' I... 'II" .. 1 -l' Fall Millinery 1 1 mil, H ')" TD THE OKHi'E M. H. Lyona Co. i t .1 ,ir - . i k i ' ' - I"1 't"' I ''' '!.; I' i ON : .tin: '.'.I ST MINES AND MINING. Mr, Seebiclv i 1 1 -1 VvC,-.1-'- 'j I . I I : i.i ,i 'i' .el I.'. . ,llD of - ' I ' ' 1 1 ' ' ! ' "I AND YC WILL Hi: TJ"P-To-Dsite Manilla -i Ii, i in w.i -i M ia I inn t lint - s II HI s 4 Cj ,.ilu In I'lof 'I he anneal .-- lull' the a-S t 1 1 1 d e . I 1 1 1 I W III l.e I III. ' tjuii tmlay a- .1 Km. F. .' ;piin.s. 'Hi. ol I h.- a.-su. . 1 I I I i ( I W s Special Sale Saturday .September!! Speiial music will In- i . 1 1 . 1 . i . i tl, -,i t. 't lie ii in In .Miss ( ;. 'i a I d i ii. - Siannai I and Key. St -u i na I of Rapid t'ltv. and this ineiiins.' by .Mrs. I, K Crux M iss St anna nl and i it Ii : - Program : : '-a I in da; . S. it . ai b, i b-t a an .Mm in nil pi a ; . r. I ,.-! i. t News About Stamps. ii mi uo a I a in in I In p. i-t a I s. i 1 -which is sin.- in I..- nl una! i min ii ii in e js a plan la I el a . Ii ipl i n' till 1 nisliiii .stamps in lull.. Imoks with U,'l; sheets hetweill tlnlll 'III,' tin eminent is to liaise mie cent addi , tioual to the amount of stamps con taineil therein and it is now estiniated t hat t In- profit on t Ih-m- fun. Is will ainiiiint to Ijihi.hiiii per annum. It is also estimateil, iliat tin- s'uin paid few the prhate rei-iiin- .stamps placed! over the lop of the hollies lontainini; I loslet ler s Stomachtit ler.s mtv near h eiiiuls this. The Hitters is a reliable remedy for constipation. I i r and kidney troubles. It may In- depended A Growing Industry. .1. T. Jti tlsliiiil. wlnisi- Ikiiim- is n-al ly in I aihv(iii. I. ill wliii is now Ma INK at Hot S Ml II Hi--, was 1.1, Inwn Jcs t,.'.ia. Hi- lias a $i'ii.iiihi stucco plant, with forty acres of tin1 lest KVpsiiui in tin- I'nit'-il Slates at Hot Springs, ami is unrkiiin up a tliiiwni; business. II'' ii ports liis sales lor August as more than double that of any other month since he went into the business last sprint;. Piaster of pnris, or stucco as it. is more commonly railed, is ol peculiar manufacture. The Rj'iisiini is iiiarrie(l out like any oilier stone, only it is not so hard and is then crushed so that it is in trains iihout the, size of a urain of w i: will oi'i"i:i; on; dxtiki: link ok PRICES FOR OINIEDAY ONLY. Ribbons, Laces, Embroideiers and SHIRT WAISTS !: Woodbine Ib'l'i il l nl Ii. mi i li. 1 1 1 1: -; i i u . lid . le. Hull (il iiilli . !.s. Keadinu ot i bur. h letters. Mis !l (Ml ri'itti n . -la In: l" I lll- Slat. U'ni I. H. ;n?.x. - v v V j 7.V Sliii-I Wjiisi 7v I. (Ml Sliil! Wilisl HW . I Sliii-i Wilis! ." , M Shanaiilt. h h $3A ston.arh disonU'-rs. Iia corn. It is thru ground to a Hour In t upon to run y x 'x x x xvx x x x x x i "i want of space We do not (note ' s on liibbons. I. aces and V.m-' In oidei ie.s. imt w ill .miarante.' that these oods will be offered from '27, to if ''' lrr cent less than regular price, y x x x w;v . x x x.x-x x Tilliini: Kiib. 1 1 Tin- I Inn h at l'i innh' Work inn done so for the past lilt; year. le I". I I ii:. li.v. f 1 ..ill Shir! ills! Kill M St iii ilin ant 'Suygi st i e I 'la n s for 1.1'.". :t.7." Sliirl Wilis! th iX x x x -vx-'ak-v x '.x:ns?' The ".mills wr h;i vc In ofTt'r arc imt old ;i ml .she I f worn. Tln-v ;i n- ,i IH'W illHl Republican Meetings. H a Itankin, the Pennsylvania lion moiil- K'oinim der, who knows fiom experience the truth of what he says, has been sc- L. IMI cured to make a speaking tour in the n Black Hills, and there Is no doubt but i L, ;il Sear.'' Ili'i I-:. M. .leffers. 4 Afternoon Session. I' and piaise mi ice I ir. W. Iv ('router. KeMllt ol I I HI! Ill 1 1 t ee on 111 J J, up lo-diilc. Conic n ii 1 lie ciiu- i need a burr stone mill. The K.vpsuni by analysis contains 4 per rent sulphuric arid, 33 per rent lime, and 2D per cent water. After it, is crushed it Is placed in Immense kettles over S feet deep and about 8 fret in diameter. These set in a furnace and a hot fire Is built which melts tin. gypsum to the consistency of cream. The water is In this way driven off. It is then poured out to cool and then is sifted thru a lioltitiR cloth. - when it. Is Backed and la then ready for the market. The plant is equipped with the best, of machinery anil can turn out forty tons per day. MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. S. D. CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP what he w ill be greeted by big crowds wherever he goes. His dates, so far as they have been arranged, are as follows: Lead City, September 1: Rapid City. September Helle Four, he, September 1. Terry, September f. Deadwood, September 6. Keys-tone. September 7. Custer City, September S. 3)J ) RIGS lication Society, Dr. Abel Matthias. : L'. lu. Addiess by Sunday School M issiona i y Ki a nk I lall. ' :; mi. " Report. ui i urn mi t tee on Christian Kducalinn. Ilt'ine Yates. I 'is. iission. led h I r. T: M. Shana IV, i .: W hat Constitnt. s Model I!. Y. I' I' ' A sv niwisi'Kn. e I 1, Mis, Katie Iiaiuier. W. tliiri.'sim Hev. L. Ilailey. 1 'n! of Attention riven In Hoarding 1 l-Oi-M's. ;et I'ri os GEO BEiEfl ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... Real Estate Transfers. X. It. Dickinson to Patrick Calla I'.her. quit claim deed tu a lot on Sawyer street, I.ead. Ole Cliristianson and wife tu W. I'. !.indle . warranty deed to lots In and I ! . blo. k III. Spearfish ; f J.'.il. W. !'. I.iinlley to Laura Dm -tin. war-lanty deed lo lot 11. block 4!i, Spear-Msh; consideration, $14."i. Bisiii anK vciiWfdeistaeiit, (ieo.T. vcnWsilctisaeil DRS. vonWEDELSTAEDT I liacllic lust i I'.idMt i s. in tlu-i'itv am! am pivpmvil tu turni-sh r';o-s n' s.iddle Ikh ,,,, iju. slnii-Ust nntRv. Harrison Phone 151 539 Maill St. Old Phone 171 .The Cleopatra. Supr; Intendeilt llllKhes" of t'.e l",eo patiu was In town on bmi'iess yesterday, and reportt, everything moving all right at the mine. The, buildings and vats for their cyanide plant are completed and the machinery has all been received. The shafting and pul I on I I.".. . hoes 7 lln C.eiieral discussion Internal ioiia I ( 'on veti' ion by a delegate. Ev.ning Session. I'raise serviie. led bv Hev. LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a power to be shaken into the 6hoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures nnd prevents swolen feet, blisters, cal leys are not yet In place, but they will i CORNWALL COMPANY Succesiirs to Froit Brothers 0!C? (I I,V lous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-aching feet. At all druggists and shoe stores, ?.. Trial package FREE Cfficea Olympic Block, Opposite B. &. M. Depot. Tel., B. H. 202... Res., 21, City Creek. Tel. B. H. 201. Hay, Grain I Feee" I.. It. Hailey. . : mi. - Kepoi t of committee on Home Missions. John Baggaley. Address, "Home Missions," Rev. C. L. Kirk. 8:.'!0. Report of committee on Foreign Missions, Mrs. S. A. Lathrup. Address on Foreign Missions, Rev. A. E. Steurnagel. Sunday, Sept. 2. 10:30. Morning prayer, led by Mrs. E. T. Cressey. 11:00. Preaching service. 119 SHERMAN STREE Harrison Prions No. 102. DEADWOOD, S. by mall. Aldress Allen S. Olmstead, be In a few days. There Is no uues-tlon but what the cyanide plant, which 1b one of the largest In the Hills, will be In operation by September 1.1. Enough ore is already out to mn for several months, and nothing but good management now remains to make the Cleopatra a dividend payer, and Mr. Hughes, who has Wen the head of the company from the start, seems to be exactly the right to an for the place. Le Roy, N. Y. School Entertainment Course. The Hist of the series of six enter Wi Big t o announce to the Public that we have purchased the Dual oe.s firm srty co ndacted bv the 'rose Brothers at the above location and are prepared ti supp ly the wtiti of the people on th? soonest notice. "Oourte.T ororaptneii and acouracy" will be our motto. YOURS FOR BUSINESS S, N, AND JOHN CORNWALL, -THELMA- tainments to be given under the an spices of the public schools of this city and for the benefit of the public 12 :ir. Bible school. school library will be given In th Afternoon Session. 2:30. Devotional, led by Mrs. M. Onera House Wednesday evening, Sep- Duby. tober 0. It will be a lecture by Dr. 43. Report of the "Woman's HAVE YOU TRIED IT? The Latfst, Thomas of Chicago, and is entitled. GATES IRON WORKS "Silent Forces." Home Mission" work In the Hills, Mrs. S. A. Lathrup. 3:00. "The Need of Woman's Work Rich Float Quartz. Nick Schummer Is worried about something. He has found at his ranch on two or three occasions. Borne rich specimens of whit qtiarti that we're rich m gold, but the last one Is too much for his constitution. It has a chunk of virgin gold sticking out on one side, and Nick is afraid to break the piece open for fear he will find more. Where all this float came from is at the mouth of Bare Untte canyon. in Home Missions," Mrs. E. T. Cres sey. The Sweetest REVERE RUBBER GO. INGERSOLL-SERGEANT DRILL 3:30. Report of the "Young Wo man's Mission Circle," Nettle Graves. CO. SMa.-Report of the "Woman's For- eln Work in the Hills,- Miss E. O. Dr. Thomas is said to have the largest congregation in the city of Chicago. This congregation assembles in McYlcker's theater, and ou account of the crowd of visitors constantly desirous of hearing this noted speaker, strangers are admitted to the regular Sunday servlqes by ticket only; and all the tickets that can be Issued for any given Sunday are often taken three weeks In advance. Dr. Thomas has always manifested a lively interest in- educational affairs: and once a year, the teachers of the city of Chicago go In a body to hear but this stuff has been picked up far above any water line (in fact, almost The Best rTHELFIJHi Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL on top of tbe hill) but It must have come from somewhere above him. It Stilwell. 4:00. Woman's Work in Foreign Missions, Mrs. Hackett. Evening Session. 6:30. Joint Epworth League and B. Y. P. TT. meeting. 7:Z0 - Closing lecture on "The Plan of the Ages." Subject, "The Doom of Satan and the End of the World," Rev. C. L. Kirk. didn't fall from the clouds. . There's Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak.g "a ledge of gold bearing rock -around that part of the country that wiTl be found some time, and then more rich men .will be traveling around thu him. Everybody should hear his lec THE BLENDED ODORS FROM A THOUSAND FLOWERS ture next Wednesday on "Silent Forces." During the association special mu world. Sturgls Record. ' : . o. - The Blue Lead. The other entertainments will be advertised In due time. They will be sic will be rendered by Mrs. I. R. Crow, Mrs. B. C. Yates, Mr. W. F. Matthias and Chinese Boys. given by: It Is rumored that R. M. Maloney has closed the deal on his Blue Lead The Mendelssohn Male Quartet ot Boston. Mrs. Vandella Varnum Perfume of Perfames copper mine with some Colorado cap! RU Thomas, lecture. S. M. Spedon, chalk A Minister's Kind Words "I had a severe attack of bilious got a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, tallBts. I Tbe fact that the scattered in- artist., Mrs. Isabel Gavghill Beecher, le rests In the property are being gath elocutionist Dr. P. St Henson of Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy; took rred together would seem to verify the A CRAZE IN THE EAST. Chicago, lecture. tow doses and. was entirely, cured,' KEEPING UP WITH THE PROCESSION says Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia, Seats may be reserved at Flshel's report. Yesterday deeds were filed in which C. V. and Mary 0. Gardner, John Strater, John Finan, bj H. IL .Kelmer and Job- conveyed to Kan. "My neighbor across the street was sick for over a week; had two or morning, September 1, by those who hold course tickets; and as all the en We are right In it now with colors flying. They are telling us on all sides that our fall and winter line t ikes the rag off A SENSATION IN THE PERFUMERS tertainments are to be given In the Opera House, seats may be reserved J. A. Harding their interest In the Strater lode, which Is the principal ART. 2 a CD 3 3 tsO rf for the entire course. Course tickets claim on the Blue Lead group. Rapid m j E. three bottles of medicine from the doctor. He used them tor three or four days without relief, then called In another doctor who treated him for some days and gave him no relief, so discharged him. I went over to see him next morning. He said his bowels may be had at Flshel's Bazaar. Tick City Journal, ' Hope Slaughter, who Is a cpnserva ets for the single entertainment of Wednesday may also be had at FIshels Bazaar; and holders of such tickets Try Thclma the bush, or, as the Boston girl puts it, "eliminates the dilapidated linen from the shrubbery-" If this is true, we ought to know it. We are in the race to win and we look to every man who wants clothing to help us do it She was happy when she met me And the secret It well known; ' 'Twas my "swell up" new fall overcoat. My overcoat alone. -I'm not sorry that I bought it, Tho' it cost me nearly ten, tlve mining, man, In company with some other parties has taken a lease were in a terrible fix, that they had may reserve seats beginning with on the Ryatt Fraction in Nevada" been running off so long that it was almost bloody flux. I asked him if Tnesday morning. Tickets for pupils of the public schools at reduced rates. gukh. This Is good evidence that the Ryan Fraction has seme gfed ore la SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT THE , it. Hr, Slaughter will put a force of he had tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and he fcald 'No.' I went home and brought The Ladies. The pleasant effect and perfect safe- men to work at once on the property, ay with which ladies mar use Syrup ot him my bottle and gave him one dose I For I'm basking in the sunshine Of her lovely smile again. The bond on the Metallio Streak nraiacf told him to take another dose in fit lodes to F. T. Sanders and It. A. Wat teen or minutes It he did not find re Figs, under all conditions, makes It their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look' lor the came of the California Fig Syrup Co.. son, the second of the three pay W. U FAUST, Ph. O, ments having been made was filed yesterday at the register of deeds offlce lief, hut he took no more and was entirely cured. I think It the best medicine I hare ever tried." For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. . ' . J printed near the bottom of the pack- Proprietor. tlie rroperty selling for 120,000. sn vr raie vj ail QTOggms. Deadwood,. So. Oak.

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