The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 31, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1899
Page 6
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THE DALLY PIOXEEK-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 31, 1P99. glllllllllllllli'llll I LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that coug-h, or e refu-l ibe money. L. I'. Ji-ukins, druggist. (tf) Mr. and .Mrs. .1. M. Wheb an in 1 bt!.,e arc i.iiv sett'ed in a coiiiforta'ile little lion e on upii'-r Main street I Tin-; itit; nil-: me Tin-: mt; Tin: inc. LEAD S. I). 1899. AUGUST 31, I. fl. Orton Ls reiiiving goods daily and lias the i.-ort in, lit of jiu.liv in tin Wc Arc Daily Receiving il.iiV. WIIKAI.AX M The man i.,;;.- i it- w .: The Largest iiKinliiiiil. Hint the mi n liu niakr thrir living in anil tlmi tin- minus ;ni- i-vi-r ruaily to extenil a liulpinic hand, an 1 Ihns live as mar as possible tu th" tuarliinjcs uf CM list ianil y anil "l)u un-In otln-rs as von would others ilu iinio as ullilflli.i-il M Mirf a in ir, M mil .lum-s M ' Si. A in In us- i J Iiiicli noun tip'luy, fur McSloy. uf SiuiKi. n'li.-.-iliin. uf I ' ail Uhl liolir i . .1 ; It. K' i I "al ii. i -y - - w i ii lion t iiug.i him tit u in iii-t a ii, 'iMIils in his liiu- 1 1 f J The firm of Mi Alb-n. ('onoian am! lieinis. who hae a laese 1 1 ii hi 'In i.oiden Crown mine located in Wei) Lead. have eiicoii lit ered a hih-grade ein of ore upon the ground and are taking it out and assorting it. preparatory to treatment. The Clover Leaf Mining company has a force of men employed upon development work upon the May mine, which is located near Custer, in the vicinity of the Carr property. Report says they are meeting with good re Uninlan yuii. ' 'I'll. - ilatus of the mer-tinns of It hi- lailiis will ain-ar in tlii-sr cul- oOii iat i n. and Best Selected Stock oi Tin- l.r.i it n I gruuin vvi-i-i- piin il- innns. ami all an- invited tu attend t to tin- i-1 tiir hy the liltle tiieec fl;l,j ln , t hi- nun-ess of the gooil eans". the liiide. Cliulys Mi-Sloy. as maid oil SOCTHKKN IIIU.S. Mine Inspector James Cusick has re- honor, ( in white silk mull-!, strcwitiK iiansies 'anil sweet pease In-- fore the VlllllllllC pai'iy. jiuiin-ii iioui tin oniriai iiisiieenoil lour Thc lii-iie- "as beautifully iln-sseit i of tin- southern Hills. He reports work tn white .irk mull" and carrleil a liaiiil- a live upon the property known as some lMiuiiiet of lluwfrs. The two! the Old Kill mine. This property h.n General Dry Goods Dress Goods and Trimmings, MiUineiy, Suits and Wraps. Clothing and Gents Furnishing Cood Ever Shown by Us. sults and moie satisfactory as work progresses. Word ft-.m Charles t!. Knight aim vile, net- Mips Ton Martin of this :: v, stat. s .that they u'c still visiting Will. Mr. Knigt's parents at O..10 IT.' y hope. how. v r. to so -i ii a.e and "lake 1 1 1 i r linini1 in Chicago, u lu re Mr I. night nas accepted a pni-(i -n with a drug In in ol thai . it M- K'uglit was 'ui iiH t ly ei,,pln. ,t I. .1 - n li i ns", i n t Ii is I i t . been bonded by a Colorado syndicate, wikt have a force of ten men at work developing the ground, which, if it proves satisfactory will be purchased by the syndicate and extensive development work inaugurated. Spencer & (Vary, owns of the Grand Junction property, also have a good force' ol men at work upon their ground doing development work. urldfemaids. Misses Wheulan ami tilenu. dressed in hi lie oifcandie ana 'blte mure hats accompanied the l.ridn. Tli- Kii'om was dressed In the i-onvention il hlai k dress suit .with Dr. Freeman,'d, aeting as best The lieautiful mairiage service uf tin- Ciitliolir ( liiiii h wis gone tlin:. i.f'.er wlin-li the bridal party repaired to the humeof the bride's paren s, THE BRIGKV I'-Kli STOKE I'-KH'K STORE l-UH'K STORK UlilCK STORE "be stu l .nil,: i ,ii i, - i. ' o. i ', -ii d by O. ;, Sil i I 111 I lie 1 1, 1 - I w ... '. II. est will spi nd ilu- n. l I- i aM2fU-Mtt':iXy3PtS3KBH II Mil '1 11,1 i r "t 'wirrwBBiiiy;ii).Tt 'a.' s in the soul hern HiiK The Sisters' school of l.i open the fall term next Tin-.- id and a. is .1. A M bluy, wln-iv an 'egant bieal,l':isl u.i.-, seiMil, lie- I. 1 i . io being ai l islii ally dei. united with ' s ullax ami sweet peas. Only th-i nimedliite relatives were present. The bride is one of oui brightest so i iefy and business ladles, one whom hturgls is lorry to lose. '1 he past few vea-g of sojoni u-uiiioiig us has etidear- I e ,Mt..i' by tod iv .V: S;, n. I-. ii,;; mlo tin- llev: I-'., H-l bin, . i'1. I a. ' griii'1 ' lire) w iM in-i u; i--lia!;' of tin- .store ,,'i h, .s,l K KOi, 1 1 POST. AT MONTH IN .'id Riley of Spearlish was in !-a yehterday with some horses for sab-. Con Hood, of Centennial I'rairii I , . Mild ( I . 1 1 1" " .1 lioli.s Will I'ilr 111-. 1 he buili1!!:-; acatei! y lii-; - t 'o . i nd Miss Scott's a i:l :iovV locatiii on S-iutl. .',!1' t.i.el. will .c( ,py Ja; obs' old i t.ind. Tin-re u i I I he ,1 S till- lHSt IO- '111 ill III i i.1! niei-t inir ( i t v nail M Special Crockery Sale was marketing produce in Lead yester ei tier to ;.n and it is with reluctanoe we se, her rlepart from our mid it. but our loss is Mr. Whealean's gain. mlier 4 at S p. iluy evening Sept kte ti eon.-iider what we. a veterans, can .lo to honor the ret n ' 'i 'i l lieroes ivf lid UkO lie has secured a prize; one who will be u bright companion thru life's jour-r.ey, and may only the good things ot AJLmJL. this week G IK Ml su I WILL GIVE t here have been seiiral w i s made in 1 ad on the result if tin- coin in.; great 'nternational yai lit race for liie cup i liampionship. between tlm A i : i rican boat Columbia, and the Kn-glish Itoat. Shamroi k. to take plai e along about the mid lie ol next mont'i. While, of course, the Columbia holds the balance of favor, tht re are ylenty vim think rhe other yacht has a ijoo-l cl ance of winning and arer inking is Smifh hakola. 1 also invite all old soli.iers and -x-i n:i federates and Spanish war soldiers to me', with ns We ot IJifil-O'i may be lia lieens." but w ran do soin"-thinK for the yonris mei mr ' ktioiv Mow it i onrselvesL. KIMJAK K CLOrrtH. Coniin-xmler Keos;h Post. (14. Cat 20 Per Cent Off ForCai life be their portion. Mr. and Mrs. Whealan will visit for a ii;W weeks with friends in the east. After Ocu.ber 1st they will be "at Uo:ne" to their friends in their beautiful borne In Lead. The Pret,8 extends congratulations. fnrgis Pre'-s. lijiS WEEK TO REDUCE MY LARGE STOCK OF day afternoon. A. C. McKiuuey was up to Bald Mountain yesterday, looking after some mining iuterests. The Pioneer-Times Is or sale at L. )J. Jacobs' Bazaar, where you can aJ- i '-he finest smoke In town (tf MisBes Lil'ian and Winifred Hedrlck arrived li.'-ne yesterday from a vacd-tinn visit in Nebraska. Call on L. R. Booth, hotneiypathic physician, office over Auderaon's meat market, Mill street, Lead City. 6t Mr. and Mrs. Dan Walsh are spending the week at Hot Springs, visiting with Judge Cull and family. R. A. Kellar of Spearlish. has been in Iead the past couple days in Lhe interest of the cyanide plant at that place. The mails in the city are late every .-malt bets upon then juugment. "NOBTHWESTIKN LINE." To Hot Springs and return at one fare. Several hack load of members of THE CHILDREN'S HOME. One of the greatest benevolent char Crockery, Glassware and Lai vhf Uniforii Ran. K. of P., fraTri xad, vnt up to Terry last night aad 15.20, for the round tri Tickets good to return seven days from date of sale. The Elkhorn trail leaving Deadwocd at S p. m. Is the popular trala to Hot Springs, iiioialled U.) ne lodge, Appollo Carop I WILL GIVE SOME GREAT BARGAINS. aa It leaves alter trie close or Dumness hours. ity institutions in the slate is that ot t lie Sioux Falls Children's Home. At its head me persons interested In the tare and betterment of mankind. Tliey devote their liver in the good cause with all the zeal ot which thv tapaLle, and many little ones who by misfortune have ireu left upon the oar'h to command the care from somu- LEi io. 13, V. Ti. K. of P.. at that plat The K. of. P. band from lead acconi-panied th crowd- After the regular ;i ogram o'1 installaUiin had lieen completed, all were invited to a splendid b.i iquet wnich had ben prepared and S. R. SMITH, DJSCOVKUED BY A WOMAN. Another greai discovery has been Dade, an-d that, too, by a lady in this country. a general f-;iod time followed. Disease fastened Its clutbches up ber day the past ten days, probably due to the cattle trains which are running Idesi Furniture T Dicni-May at full capacity now. and for several years bite withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs wr undermined and death seemed Imminent. Miss Mary Hand, teacher In the Lead school?, who has ben visiting at For three months she coughed Incessantly, and could Dot sleep. She finally discov DEALERS IN "lor old home in Howard, Mich., thru ered a way to recovery, by purchasing of vacation, rteurned yesterday. oiic, whether they iray have been loft thru death haVlng claimed their all lather and mother or have been dv sorted by their Inhuman parents in Infancy and many such cases are or t almost common occurrence or often . to rescui the chlld.xu fiom drunken - and brutal parents, this Institution -Bends its Ptenta us and otters h home of refinement auG comfort tor al; eneb. Many a youn& boy or gl-l vould jfo up to mauUocd or woman-fcKd suriDundad by the lower stations f life, anl would appear In the great i The regular meeting of the German- Furniture, Crockery S Glassw tm a bottle of Dr. Kings New Discovery for (assumption, and waa so much relieved1 on taking the first dose, that she slejb all Btsrht; and wttft two bottlee, has beeiL ab id club will be held at their parlors tonorrow (Friday) evening. All members are requested to be present. Uinii solutely cure Her nam Is Mrs. Luther In stating in yesterday morning's paper that the little son of George K. Hakeman had both arms broken, we were in error, althiv he was badly bruised, and what waa really a more serious result was the Little one losing the sight oi the right eye. He is resting as easy as possible under the circumstances, and with, the exception of losing his Bight in this one eye, he will be all right In a short time. Peter Erlckson. has returned fro.n Kii'wln, Wyo. This place la a copper mining dinti-lct.. but being located so far from railroad communication ft cakes it Impossible tA mine at present with i.ny degree oi success. The closest railroad la 145 miles, and over a rough country to reach. The ores, however, carry from 26 to 90 per cent copper, and It la only a question uf Lotx." Thus writes W. C. H amnion, ft Houses bought and sold, money loaned Ewsything Strictly up to date and prices that pannot I Co.. of Shelbn N. C. ThisJ bottles at K. . Phillips' Pt store. Regular slss-GOe general Insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jepsen, room No. 1, Cotton A Andrews block Lad, S. D. (t(f) 4 $1.00. Brrr bottle guaranteed. arna of mankind and a menace to ih Bocietv of the huuiau race, while ote the change of ads. on this page Undertakers nd Enlbalmers. by being placed (n such e home as JOHN ELMEHK, filtered by the Siou FalU Home, they of S. R. Smith and the Big Brick fcture. It will pay you. They advertise facts tind request your inspection are reared In refinement anU glveu an House MoTsr nl Bepnarer. ' education and started in the world in AD Iferk Don WHh Pro-mptaeea and slispatch. Nfi. 3 Main St. Lead, South Db S, a way to V a credit to themselves ana an honor to the promoters of this i triuid lasrutlon tor the orphans. HIAWATHA PARK. LEATXS. Umt until the B. & M. will build 'o. this camp Thla railroad company has, Vrs. Tackabury. mother, and M ss Mti'ie Tackabury. niece, left via th Fort Pierre yesterday lor Vermillion, biter visiting In Lead the past six weeks. ' It not' for ioir ? such enterprUa C t.f this kind it w-uiqi become necM- i) f awry. for,hf; public, thru the ageneffes , : "of sUtii to p.ovlce for theae young Primaries were held in the various warda of the cltjr Tuesday evening by De-en prospecting in this locality oft and on for several years on a small bcvle, but now they have enlarged their force till about 60 men are employed in opening up the country. Wild game and fish abound In tlia country, and it makes the 6Id-tlma in the Black Hills think of the early aays in this region when all was in a the tusionlsts and delegates elected to unfortunate, ana wouiu i ti,ruandxpen8ii Of tours. , under ml - Gafcs' Rock and Ore Gru J tlio presei t management tnere is attend the county convention at Dead wood. V Votk eXP'i8a.f. You cannot feed ana clothe couple ot hiindied HtUe onoa THEO. E. GESKET Peal Lflata. Loan -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at HomestaKe m v ana Insurance, all kinds of ltol writing faothina. ?Th Jnautuuon i y .ii.. k rlmrftr ana ouen muw " PulJ.y Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. have been able to bo regular donatora .t s tot tLe cauii, bate ben unable to cou- F NO SPECIAL FINE CRUSH! r..- vr r ;il imprest V0U artj .i n ue, ana iuub uij and thla ia the case at present. art) wild state and the only fresh meat ha I was shot from almost your back doo-. I Architect J. W. Oibbs reports that work la progressing rapidly on the dormitory of the Spear fish Normal, and the roof will be on within 3Q days' time, when the inside finishing will be rushed to-as early a completion as possible. The contract calls for the building to be finished by the first ot December, but at the rate work is now naHln: that something needs bi done immedttttely." Teral Udlea f ol Lead havf atarted out to raise tnony Gates' High Grade Ro"sJ to send to the home. Thla u pew dona In other place thrnout the aUte, and Lead the aecond city in th aUte irpoa rovisl being pushed the contractors expect to , NOjDTHBRS bqual TH.- Bates. IrnproYsrJ iVaitnsrs. They are tin as C. r SI, cannot afford to ba outdone, and we ' ' do not believe they will These Udlea be able to turn the building over to are C90) done. General agent foi tie union savings Ass'a. Good live raeo wanted as solicitors. S (U , :' The family of James Andrewa. ah'U-boas in the Homestake- mln'e, who have been visiting at their oil heme in Corwall. England, for several months, returned home yesterday, jj Carl FUSS. of . Deadwood, i has ac-ctpted'a position with H. P. Anderson, the batcher in the place made vacant by the resignation of George Gels. tr. H. J I. Howell ol Deadwood was in Lead yesterday. Nick Treweek, foreman of the Uncle Sam, as In town yesterday and u porta work progressing nicely at thfi mine. They are patting in new cages in the hoisi'and preparing to operate on a mora extensive scale. . At the f re department meeting ""thli evening, called to meet at Hose par-, lcrs No. 2 the question of a moai-iight excursion and dance at Wood,-viile will be discussed. If any have a Kick to register, now Js the time, or " hara held a meeting and determines to give a peat charity basaar and the proper authorities by the first. Of November. He also has to say of tha new Valentine Wolxmuth block, be Id ei Adopted by the flonestake Mining mderal ha.ll on the avenlna; oi ueptemoer meal will "Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Fritnd. They will try and interest all the ladies at Lead who feel as tho they could rs aoe a 2S24 . t.m alonar the food cause, la the mas Fottrreen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery- ter, and Invite all lot Join to help make wo4 OTTO F.- PURNELl Sols Agt I fl nTRA initM .Ml tat l this a grand aucceaa, tor u meaua much to the orphans and unfortunate children of the state. The ladlea of ing erected on the site of the bid Continental hotel: The building is one of brick and stone, with all modern improvements and when completed, Willi be one ot the most artistic and up-to-date business blocks to be found in the state, and win be a credit to its promoters ai well as to -the city of Spearlish. Mr. Gihbs has been fortunate in securing for his customers persons of means, able to carry out his advanced Ideas In his profession. 111! fc& HU W For the Black Hills. Office ' Opposite. Bullock Hotel Central and Terraville are coraiai ,-ha to loin with Lead, and make m BTai AtC - one grandr united, unselfish effort to world that wnen u com wt row the "s of (nipver-hold yc.r peace. VC5 SSiSSiiii52?sl3SiSiKSi Hill

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