The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on September 1, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1900
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Daily Pioneer-Times. :25th YEA II. IH:.IY()Ol, S. I'. i.IiLACK 1I1I.I.S i,SATrKIA V, Si;i"n:.MI!i:iM, !!((. I I i: i;nt IHE .. ............a .1 . i,..,-. I,,.. , he was dressed for the first time .--inee th- rclaise. I'r. Adam:-, attending the secretary says Thai a i a Idcirram POPULATION NEARLY EIGHTY MILLIONS POLITICAL MELANGE AT CHICAGO SITUATION IN ; 1. THE ORIENT f . 1 . - . . . ,i .... . , I , .-, , l . , , .7 i l ur. i. plios. ' Th. y mi; at (li'inooiat;-headquarters that tho i l:a r-. arc ell dors. I hut Cha i rinan .loin will no: as.nn. p.i-oii'l to-- is - i i i I : r y for tin in Tho ih li.oiiata nation;! eon.- ) ha:, ' i n sent t l'i f-t r:a. tv ailing 1 A I. !Im it Hay. ii i" t!,. N".v York Th- luaua-'i in. '". utral railroad has muter discus ion f. mill. t . a : i n ii in. nt 1" siiiic l o, n oltiM-ly si aiming tho obit j ua.ry i ouniiiis intlio newspapers. 1 "There hao t i n many freak hots uiad" o. Wa.: stio. t --aid tho infor-i mailt of tho .Suml.u T. :.iaph report 'it. "hut this it. mi in'. . st i mat ion boats t ti . in ail Anything to Beat Quay. Pi'! i'Si'.l I'. i Alio ;- Tho (I. mo lata . oi; p ' ii .i nt th.- Forty thud iMii. t ni.'t la t nigh and i n,n. 1 1; iy)v nominal .-. i ' I .. M . gee, l.o p i m :,i : .p;.;.;,. ;n, moiim hont in" I ' i t a., i a ii. 1 p . - , , iv-ii nomm P - .! Ii. h. ! i xt nsive plans to (instruct a fleet of -Germany and Italy Not Read ! w ..,m st.-ui. . for ,,us Ik.' I fi ,s:ht pa -ii ir . i -. That's What the United States Has in the Opinio.! of Merriam. 'i- to Get Out of Pekin. That English Alliance. Ill: IP- V ;l .-p. ,l, ill III. I..,!, Man land W. I , - 1, .: ill-ill Ml- i and I'loo I.i. I 111 II-. Yesterday's Ball Games J !.( ). i i! i.N. Ami-. ;l I S;n" lai Tin ! iiliihu to, lay h -w alls 1 1. I i t t ha! I h ! rv ars an- pl.iin' ia tho nan. I- Anarchist Altgeld Makes His Customary and Radical Charges. Hanna Will be at Headquarters on September ; Tenth. The Recent Acquisitions Make an i : : n.i 1 1 I ! Si 1. 1. Ills In I'hilailolph u Yoik ::. lutlo ,s i. llll'lllili'l; tho t ,, :.. a A mil m. n.i l li . I I :il . ;, ; i at I of t ho !. .;!.-!.,' ii . tin limit ' ham; am and .-uppoi t ( ' fur t !: I in i. , Si it, ., M-n I I'ni-I.i: llioohh I Ion j l the If'.-sial!.- Tho pa . ' is n. ih.i iins of It' i.-s an mot i '. os s: .- "W'iiat. . i ol 1. ; pott el's I v. i ::! : st stall. I I'ni'iU aurain-t I Kn.-i. an or-'jiosal." Tho ren-on d Does Not Admire Ihe Late Hussian Coup. Nearly a Hundred Million. V' I M. S. u.,a i I no v i n ; of the I.I I i.v t In paper tor being su.-pi'ini Hanna Wants Missouri. 1 i i . s -1 : l in lato development in diplomats Miualioii. is hocanso KANSAS CITY, .Mo , oeial lo tiie Sine from Aug. .1 S. dalia, . A .Mo . i . ., chk ; i I.' - Aug Hung Chan:,' is too frioinlly to Hus.-.ia. Russia, a-,', 'ording to tho Ciloho, is i inning to tho rescue of hor favorite with WASHINGTON, po ial . -1 liroi tor oiisus hiiroau is n. c. Aim. .Moriiain of contiilont. tho tin .!. Speeia d at nati( chairman Hanna will lake part hero it the opening Ol the repiihlh mi catu- Information was reeeiv il ii, :u ropiihlii an I la liaion on Sopteinhi r I. K. C. Koions. ad'iuaiters today 1 tho ohvious intorost of plan ninJor furtlior utilisations. I i o to Senator 1 latin 1 pleted eoiiiit will show that tho I'nitoil States i onlains noai ly idghty million souls within its houndaries, oxi lusivo oi Hawaii, Porto Kico aml.tho Philip- aiis. He I national commit t ooniau for Missouri, land with will hring Governor Shaw of Iowa II attend ( 'hii ago to Sedalia ill Mr. Kerens' h a os .New Yol k for 11 1 his family Tuesday, and w f WASIUMITO.V Auk. I . The most ' gratifying 'natures of the Chinese situation arc the announcements v made by Connor that I'rinee Chiim is 'expected to n turn to Pokin, and tho apparont determination of Russia to secure, if possible, tin; withdrawal of the jrilics from tin: 'ity. Tho mo-t alarming ms is indicated ill tlio jlBerlin cables this morning, to the of-4 feet, that tho Gorman pooplo tool they I Croker a Winner. M.'W YOKK : .:l Tammany hall was sin , os- fill m hohlmg iitilinl of tie ih i.a.i inti oia.-aiiiat ion in all , distil t-o .1 .ii; ii ('. sheohan failed to ; re. ; ..iiro tl ,. leador.-hip of the Ninth I di.-t.ii't ircni Frank (hioowin. who had tho : upport of Hirha. i Oofer. I." tin- Seventh district .lames V. !H(..v;e was defeated hy lii.iiard Kea-1 hon Tlas cenlo-t was lariieil on in- jsido tlio in g i'iizatiiiii. hut it was gi:n-; era'lv utn! -lond thai Mr Croker la ' os d I.olo. THE "EUSINESS KID" HELD. ' Tr- ii .-'narv Hcii'inn at Justice "".n'i L 'St Evf nirij. pines. A ((unit of thirty of the larg Ihe opening of the ( Yoimg.ston, Ohio, hefole inipaigii at ; iiocial car. and tho present intention ho w ill i iinie ! i - to have .Mr. Hanna act oilman v tho Will Gu,rd the Gates. YOKOHAMA, Japan, Aug. ill. - Spo-i iah-CioiR-ral Yainai;ui hi, l oinniand in-', tho .lapanosu troops in Pokin io-l'oils that tlio ininisUTs havo dnidod to lontiiiao to ii a I'd tho gatos of tho iif. 'tlio soul horn gates aro nardoil party. It is stated that Mr. llanna will ho hole for tho afternoon meeting and will leave for Chicago on a est cities alone shows 1'il.a 1 a. ami tho.-o with township distriits already added up, make a total of moid than llnily millions. .Merriam is coiilim nt t!:at (ompl'to leturns will ho in shap.'-lor J1 1 . -1 lOal ion to i ( ingress hv ;'.- to CllioagO. He is expected hole September in. i:Goornor Altgehl has issued a statement roiloialing the charges of lour years ago that Me- r hv th. 1 o!ll .11 11. :u. I n am I special tram immediately alter speak-i nrr The local managers are Icav-; ing nothing iindotio lo hring a great , have a mission in China, a duty iiil. ildi a 1 1 Clil- i lei to, hy Iran . 1 1 : i 1 1 ; i iti is tlio i I ".lili!i:i- Cati.'i' o I. At re ai -'os ai . Illinois I, in li,,. that l.od ' ' . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ala s a ppi.i I ! n :a. nt r I: f i 1 1 1 r loud lo Sedalia for I In nt . Ill Iloeemh' qu.'slioii o i t ii I war a;;aiii.-l, lot urn to ; healthy i '. '.:;'. 1 'rim in,, ts up 111,- If I'opi .1 Ml Ol I I i 1 1 1 , ' . i'ekill a. I ion ('h.:: ml d i. i! 1. tO UTii 1 nese. taken ' fientln. . known : eigne :reUef o( too l ; That !. ' means t overawe t- the a 1 1 1 1 ,r mekt is Serious at Air.oy. . i;. ,;. i,.'. i. .' ..!! a 1 A n.oy I "1. Tl;. In l'i. h , nil,- .rial th.- j o: t lo : ,,. i , s. I d f i mi' ; ..; n n i ' -1 1 1 , i -I'r f'.i!' a id l i i e I a 1 1 n i 1 1 1; 1 y Ha a pane i oinplo. Th y are II, .-nig from th" I I SALE- ill: .CLEAWNG . i r.n:-- i.: .1 i in , on-. ' ( '1011. ' o a .'u :u; ft i.-tid of t in- im-I'l.i '. o'.i i a I t inn .. hoioi . lie. ;-; hi- d : 'h al !.'.. hand i I. I V.'l , . , ' i . . i :. :: mi iv i . t 'i wi i'l : .to ial. I ho la ; loss i . 1 1 o n t s ai -I, ami undor tho proPvi ion of ,! for. as the pro frrri imi h assorting itself. Only Gm ! IH I '. ...I to ail hh . Hid mi' 1 1 I in o mil i vo city in I .11: I ncorporation. :.! Spe. ml. A i Article; of I'iKKi:!:, Aug. I 1 I ll:i lil'IKll- Inp. I:, id pa u in d Latest From Africa. j , (.s I .ON I ION". Aug. ;l 1 . Speciai. l.oidi'(fj- tl Koii.iis reports that G.-noral Pallor1 m nt I'S :l inn Tl in in it lie: his N' t. ai k oinpa n v tive 1 II li" aa I I ' a i In l .vood w :' 'l I in (U p. ii ai. ' Smith and a I,.. summer Suits i anital ol' t Tl, t! -nunuiv ,.! nun K. C Chambers Koliai ; .tv ( lour and ai. I on i r w : I d . n thing but biin d h i- many ami Italy are now said to op-"pose U'.issia's proposal that the for elgn soldiers lie withdrawn from tin '.Chinese capital, and the imperial fan: ;;. Hy he permitted to reorganize the gov-- .-eminent. Some powers have made no reply as yet. ; General Shaffer reports the atriial &t San Francisco of the government transport Thomas with a number 'f "officers, including Major Hegan, Captains Bookmillur, Noyes, and Si hoi'-fel and Lieutenant Lawton, all of the Ninth infantry, and all were wounded at Tien Tsin. The transport alBO carried eighty-seven discharged soldiers. 260 sick soldiers and thirty-one pris- oners. Seven died enroute of chronic ' . v ii ' !..' ii t inn nt' t he l. r;.':. jiiry 'I ho proof showed the value of the gun . j taken was V1 and the money Vl 'bus j making the offence punishable l.v n I term in the state penitential v The, AKTZ) aiii'.od at Helvetia, north of Macha-dorp. and found hut few liners. Later the llritish occupied Waterval. and Bini-n. General liuller is reaching a point overlooking N'ooitgnhu lit, which apparently is deserted, except hy llritish prisoners, who are passing in a continuous stream towards the liritish (amp. Kruger and the Poors have left and are said to he heading toward Pilgrims Rest, two hundred miles northeast. Delagoa railway is intact. Wet mists increase greatly tho difficulty of military operations. K. Hillm. For tlio Aurora Lumber company at I'lankiiiton. with a capital of ."i.OOO. Incorporators, .1. 11. Bartow. V. G. Andrews, Clara A. Bartow, Nona. Bartow. For the Southern Hills Live Stock company at Hot Springs, with a capital of $2f.000. Incorporators, W. II. Wilson, Charles Stewart, Bertha Y. Thornby, J. A. Stanley and S. J. Ward. For the Colorado-Dakota Mining and Milling company at Deadwood, with a bond fixed for the appearance of Aus- j ten was $:!.',(), but. he could not gie it and was remanded to the county jail I where he will remain until court. 1 Straw Hats 9 Miners' Union Picnic. Trains will be run from Lead City to Mountain I ion picnic grounds, every hour, which will connect with all trains from Deadwood, near the Ellison shaft above the D. C. depot in Lead. Our fare for the round trip ha been arranged f i r by the Miners' capital of $1,500,000. Incorporators, J. F. McLaughlin, A. Phimmer, and O. E. Giddings. For the Gold Run Mining company at Huron, with a capital of $200,000. Incorporators, L. P. Wilson. J. C. VT11-so:i, niiiot Summers. At Reiffly uw Prices "dygentery. The state department has made public the correspondence respecting Russia's purposes in China. Russia says she has no design on ter-rltorial acquisition in China and "will retire troops as soon as order is re- stored. The reply of the United ? States says Russia's statement is re-. celved with much satisfaction. It is i the opinion of the state department '.'that the best ends can be attatined by Joint occupation of Pekin under a ' ; definite understanding between the powers until the Chinese government 2 la fully re-established. This, howev-er, is to be ineffective, unless all the powers join therein with entire bar-mOny of purpose. -o a A Horrible Death. 5 A party who visited the Sunset property yesterday informs us that the rock is changing that the company has been working in and looks like ore might be struck at any time. The Sunset people certainly deserve to strike something good pretty soon. , ; ??-2r' c' ct cor oo 1R0SENTHALS PALACE Stories of Pillage SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 31. Special. A letter from Taku says the Boxers are pillaging the country southwest of Tien Tsin, and killing all natives who oppose their organization. No attention is being paid by them to proclamations issued by officials. The Boxers are still besieging Po Tin Fu. The gates of the city have been kept closed for several weeks and those inside are suffering. Two thousand Boxers are reported to have been slaughtered at a feast to which they were recently invited by Taoti of Tsung Chow. They were set upon by imperial soldiers after they had stacked their arms. There is no cessation of the looting of Pekin. American soldiers alone of all the allies refusing to engage in pillaging the city. Much disgust is expressed by the officers of the allied troops over the conduct of the foreigners who were besieged, as it is claimed the besieged were neevr in extreme danger, and could have held out manv weeks. Deadwood, S. D. it. ov.;v v . im , jinnimii ,i j ,nj, M'j'umiui;wu NEWMAN' S GROVE, Neb., Aug. 31. David Barry, a young man 24 years of age, living three miles west of this place, came to town yesterday afternoon and bought a bottle of carbolic acid for disinfecting purposes. While on the way home the bottle broke in his pocket, burning his side and hip badly. He died before the arrival of a doctor. - o A GHOUISH BET. Wail Street Shudders and Waits for "Next to Die." NEW YORK, Aug. 31. Collis P. Huntington died night before last, and John D. Flower passed away last BkA AAA Jk rfh A rfW A AA AAAA A A TUT AMCDIPAM MATIfUIAI DA Ml I ML HIIILIIIUHIi I1M I IUI1HL UHI1IV i The Corbett-McCoy Contest. iNEW YORK, Aug. 31 Special Corbetts share of the battle receipts ' are said to amount to about $31,000. McCoy took for his share $13,000. Tho ' general opinion prevails that the fight was Rfrictlv on the sntiare. f.ittle bet. i Oeadood, South Dakota. ..A DEPOSITORY FOR THE, .1 AND CITT, COTJITT' Drafts and Letters of Credit week. Is the present week also to be distinguished by the death of a leading financier? ' - A sportive broker will lose $100 if that should be the case. The curious if not grrewsome bet Coal Famine in Germany. BERLIN, Aug. 31. The coal famine in Germany has become very serious and a number of chambers of commerce have petitioned the government ting was made on the contest. McCoy , ' said this morning that he was licked ' fairly and squarely. Don't believe I 'ras ever hit so hard in my life. The k air was full of boxing gloves. Did my - best, but he was too clever. I bet two thousand on myself." After the fight McCoy went home and wept. Corbett ,- said that It was his ambition to meet ' Fitzsimmons and Jeffries again. He added that "McCoy put up a wonderful flght. but after the oecond round lie knew he had him figured out right. ttn n t In I n flnlch I, I tti " (,,env Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. ! for relief. COLLECTIOHS Attended to Prorpptly and Intelligently. was brought about in a peculiar way. One of his customers believes that big events like fires, disasters and the like, go in threes. He was holding forth on his pet theory in the broker's office and was citing numerous instances, such as bank failures, stock market panics and what not of special Wall street interest when the broker joined the discussion and argued that it was all superstition. The talk had begun on the an The Prussian government has decided to grant a modified railroad tariff for foreign coal in order to facilitate the importation of coal from England and the United States. Indeed the famine is so pronounced that the Prussian minister of railways in the interest of the state has laid the embargo on all the coal mined in the state mines. says he will sell his saloon and start a boxing school. MONEY FTjrLlTISIrTED extent warranted by borrnv.ers names or collaterals anv Sensational Cabinet Story. NEW YORK. Aug. 31. Special f A Washington special says reports an? current there to the effect that a serious split occurred In the cabinet. Seo Accounts Solicited and i May Expect a Crowd. Col. Van Atta. the Colorado cani- retary Hay is said to be at outs with nouncement last Tuesday on the tape of Mr. Flower's death, and the remark had been hazarded as it was the second death of importance in Wall street in a short period, it would not Correspondence Invited. I the president over the Chines negotiations. While no admission of the facts can be obtained in official circles, it is whispered SYRUFoIGS Acts I7e2S3nty and fivmpty. Cleanses the System Gently and Effectually when bilious or costive. Presents in tjic most acccptatecm the laxative principles of piants An own to act most beneficially. TO GET ITS BENEFICIAL EFFECTS BUY THE GENUINE MANFD. BY CALIFORNIA FIG STRUPCQ SAN rSANClSCO. CM. LOUISVILLE, KY. HEW tONK. N.X jA 4r tmffhf - prrtr SO 0tr ttrto. Our lon exjH?rience in the IIack Hills .s at he service of intending investors. j in diplomatic - quarters that i I 1 talist. and president of the Spearfish Mining company arrived in the city Thursday with his wife. He says the Burlington is making great calct.v tions on the big excursion which is coming to Deadwood as soon as the new short line is completed. He knows a great many Colorado Springs people who are planning to come to Deadwood at that time and says we may expect a big crowd of visit ys at that time. DIRECTORS be surprising if there would be a third presently. "Oh, bosh!" irreverent! ejaculated the broker. "There may be or there may not be a third, but I bet you $100 there will not be, and I give you until the end of next week." The bet was taken, and the entire sroup, principals, as well as others, who heard the arrangement, hare erer JOHN TRJCBEA. the pro-Russian policy wa sonly decided upon by the president after the most strenuous opposition by Hay. A World telegram from Concord, N. H., ays Secretary Hay suffered & serious relapse 'within the last week, and remained In bed. Yesterday, however. W. E. ADAMS. HARRI3 FRANKLIN. BEN BAER, Tic Pre Pres. WU. 8ELBIE, Cashier. i

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