The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 30, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TOE DAILY PIONKKR TIMES, WEI ). ESI A V MOIJXIN'li, AFC. EST .10, 11)!). r piiihii' lhy-nu-.V m.ii (LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. i:l mi I. li W,,H V- ' ! K. I Mill -tr. . I I. .. 1 II . ; .... I ' :: .'ill li: - 111 llii i- a ill T J.. .,11. rnum LEAD'S I. 1.. LEA!) S. I). 1899. . AUGUST 30, M AMMOTH I ) EJ RTM ENT STORE ANNOUNCEMENT! -li'ltt II 1 1: In: ili! (ii'::i.i sc .1 I ' Our Stocks ar ? n nv i ii 'I Sri' compete ami iU i ia all Departments. The pull. ' i iii in t ,tat up,-. I: I'-n of d. an I'olll't llll II Twin.. I . I J J I I ii Ui'lr li pi ill I In i ji, In I, , li I i In: .1 Ii ml' li' ! 1 1 : :.l Imtiilv i,:i, n- III l.' inl la; I k Mowalli care ol Mr. V . . i,.i .lil l: i I l.i , . . il lull nT .llll hi- SI i-;il:. l.i i.. u ill In ,1-1 i-i 1. i ul inn I hi I ! 1 1 i i 1 1 w ! 1 1 ' ' i ii i i ; .' .1. Ill n. Willi. HI Ii to., rli- i :i:nl .'iiiN All i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 u li.i olil liy .l.uiiiiiiv I m.ttiil to tin- I'uM first two uick.s in Try Goois, Clotbiz:-, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fi3h, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. i'oiiali'Si-e"l .I Wade. of Hie Lead li iniprovi'd .M I ; liaki-i Fi'i'il Si liiil is t-i; ii t. ,1 vjii ii i ui-r. and is in; nry Srinil., ri lin yi.'slerday. after i n il finin Oiuii-sl.ort liiiHines.s II lia trip. i'.'"-. I.!, 'I, ll.e !"li n-l nit in ji:.,r i, i- limit a i: , i ! a j ' I" v. r In lore llie i i : i $':.n h ill, which he s. i i The Modi i n WooiM Lead has secured tin noted orchestra leader : incut i if t heir in -'4.111 ia, I t Ionian has luM i he pi -or of the Court!. mil la of Omaha for some t i in, . Viim eil iniisi, ian. and o shown kooiI jinlymeiit in for insti in tor lie will no o'lil-r liiiit- ilmiiin ili'' : r ill tlos giailc. VVi- Iiiiii- linn t w-rj i 1 1 1 i 1 whd experlH to jilti-inl uili ii.roll on tju' flint day otsrliool .ni l insii hf provided Willi t liiiiji'.s.sar i''t hooky. (ieofKe K. Collins P lumed from the alley where he has I en ici'iiperat-ing for a mouth. A I"W of (lie i in il mi, i-anl.s wf-n-grunt d on i Minut urn Cat '.lit- pupf, pahs i ti in i ij.iiion in certain studies, i The I'liini'er-Tinii'8 la (ir tfiln at L. )). Jacolis' Haaar, vvhtre ou can a)" Witb unequalled facilities for buying and selling we asfc your inspection or The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. THE will lie in tin- ii - urday of tins w KivitiK these i I he finut smoke In low n (tt ii he 'I he tel. Ki apln pillow in- '..'St- 1 . ailste on Ft iilay and Sal . Ini ll.e puioV.1' of l:ntM.ih. IIM'i I 1 1 p of all H; m :i I ! i-i noon ai 1 t'liiinh l.-l". ll Mixti ii i-i-fii- I I ' 'Ii lorinl v in 'hut ciniK'li I. 1' .l.-u k if ll ll'llll ll dli' I,,' a ' ilni Will I'll, tll"!l'' I I I I 'li'.HI I.'' th, Mr. and Mi s. I lertn:'-p -siKIl IIH'Tlt Ol j if 'I'here v, i tea i In is i .r o'i I in k 'Hie foil,, teai hers: IliMll Sell in laiiKiia:e Min leiipol I - HIM' SI ; .. ii vest, nla;. allern mn !'.: Minn . In make their fir Another small sized I inns st ri n k Lead vest i n :n 1 1 1 ( -in e i 'istliny a , Ing. ''faawagasnt3iiBiggamB3mp '"I KmiMi,,.' Mi. ;,., I 1 ii" 1 1 1 1 1. , lid in-' rui tin ami litcr.-itiin . O I-:, lieitz if sen me. .1 J Sharpe of t!i:!tli''i'i;-l'i s : Miss ( i ow n -1 : .:. i i '" k r i-: ,. i i Maiy consiiii-ra; n (lepm I ineiit department i liati Hedrh k i W I I i la l.i Mi ill IV i ,.." id t $MI ik'lilli gr;,!i-; Miss Flor 5. R. SMITH, a. I lias lie, a ,-ry i', ,i " ,, :i ! ( i . . I'-ois,- t,i -IK' Mrs John A lit, win .sii k t lie past six week; and was able to sit up yesterdav. is nun h lieitei c a short tiuti Dealer in ence Glenn nnil Miss N;;u Core, sixth grade. Miss Julia Hurry lourth nradt: Mrs. Cornelia Stornian i fid Mrs. Anna C. Moore. Ilrst grade Mary Wright and Miss Mary Uigley. second grade; Miss Maude E. Knit kei bocker and Harry Marshall, who barber business in Lead as the oldest resiilen's remember,, has decidei! the Mills for a vcar ( has been in i .nost as loiii; of Lead i an lo get out of two at least a band w i.h a I a railro.i ,i .-1 it , m I 'u , minutes tor ircl'li;slllllellls"' l-'iy minutes tor political ions In-' iliviijjiallv th.-re are thousands . t I 7J i-ri..r Hrank Mouer. represi nting I'erkins ii Brinsmaid, eroekerv dealers of Iowa and try his luck in olhe, climes Hi was in Lead yesterday in the interest Miss Anna K. Anderson, third grade. Central Hullding Mary Hand Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons, Pianos, Organs, Etc I strictly honest ami noble-hearted men ' :n 'he I'nited Slaes. Who doubts it " ; The orimnality and strength of tin Aiai'iicnn character is being constant-' ly i.ianib -sti ,1 !n i-.ery Cel.; ot" lit' . Principal; Mrs. Emma Quirk, seventh lias not decided yet win k he will pi. but it will be somewhere west. as Harry would lie lost in the east. He has sold his shop and fixtures to ,i gentleman by the name of JoBhlin, a. trade; Miss Ftertha hull, fifth grade; Miss Kate Pohlzon. fourth grade; Miss Laura Shannon, third grade; Miss SEWING MACHINES. Bertha Mitchell, second grade. Miss Nellie Hovey. first grade. for the best Make I sell a .od barber of Belle Fourche. who will assume charge on the (hst of next month. Charles Ovans. proprietor of th Washington llulldln;; Miss Emma Robbing, Principal Mi-K Winifred Hed- Singer for 32.5. I sell a fiOODSEW of his house. L. B Orton Lb receiving goods daily and has the finest assortment of Jewelry in the city. Don't forget him when in need of goods In his line (tf) Prospects are good f(,i- another large brick and stone business block in Lead before the snow flies. That's all at present. The foundation for Ii. H. Driscoll's new residence on Mill street is complete, and they are ready to commence the superstructure. Chief Foley has called a special de Cobweb, has purchased thru the Dick INC; MACHINE like cut Warrantee! rlck, third grade; Mi bp Minnie Gage, second grade; Miss Edith Cook, first grade. inson-May Furniture ompany. the handsomest and most up-to-date improved music box ever brought into tint tnere we speak of indi iuu.ils. here we are coiu erned w ith the majorities and the (ides' ion of averasjo morality and choice. For tlio we have an aspiring and enlightened van of citizens to point the way. you must remember that emigration and natural growth have given us t ns of thousands of ignorant, prejudiced, ami sometimes unscrupulous citizens, each of w hose votes counts orse. l' rliaps it is true- and here is my grain of consolation or hope that th average voter is so easy-going, so long-suffering, so indisposed to rind fault, so selfishly busy with his own affairs. proud of our institutions and himself, so afraid C M. PINKERTON. Principal. for ten years for $ J5.50. Undertaking a Specially. this country. It Is known aa the Or- chestrial Regina Ii is automatic tune-changing. You nrop a nickle FOR CAURYINC A Gl'N. Three young bovs. ranging from 12 to 15 years of age, wr caught and into the slot press a button and turn a ment meeting for next " hursdav even - LEAD. S R. SMITH, laKen into custody by Andrew Bray. The boys had hired a ?-.-calibre gun and, well supplied wit.1, cartridges, had started out to have all kinds of un. They were shooting at pigeons of hurting other people's feelings, and Tte Furniture MiMay J so generally indifferent as to public matters, provided his own are serene, that he chooses to wink at bribery if DEALERS IN ing. Aug. 31, at the parlors of Hose Company No. 2. at 9 p. rn. Mrs. William Dickinson has bad a long and serious spe.l of sickness, but her friends are glad to know that she is much better, altho ptiil very ill. THEO. E. GE9KEY Real LMate, Loan and Insurance, all kloda of legal wrltiag done. General agent foi t ia Union Savings Ase'n. Good live men wanted as solicitors. (tf Mrs. Mary Oard and Miss Dora Qard and Mrs. George, old-time residents of Terravillc, left lt eening for Red Ruth. Cornwall. England, to permanently reside. it be not in plain view, and likes to deceive himself into believing that there i nothing wrong The long and spear to the particular piece you would like to hear, ar.! the machine makes the selection am', plays yiv choice, while you stand back and wonder if there are any trains stored up somewhere in that mike-up. Kor the past eighteen months Lead has been run by the city government as near as possible, os p very montl mining town. AH gambling games have been closed by the officers and many other of the "wicked attractions" Incidental to a wide-awake city, have been gradually have been subdued, but they are again gradually gaining ground and Iad will soon be a "wide-open" town again. Several games of chance have recently been started in the city, and it is apparent that the "tiger" will have full sway ere many weeks more passu r Furniture, Crockery S Glassware. short of it seems to lie that the average American citizen is a good fellow., and In his capacity of gooii fellow cannot afford to be too critical and particularFrom "A. Letter to a Politic!! Optimist." by Robert Grant, ia the lUppn the bouses, anil, in fact, taking abpt at almost anytoing they could ee, aud beside vlolatbna one of the Alty ordinances, were endangering tfie Urea of all within range. The boys, or course, did not mean an harm, but t the same time they weie old enough f9 lf909T better and to use more judgment 7,"ka"llP,rniw. Theyare not ftlone to blame! eitlief i dangerous weapons should not U given them, and those doing to are equally 10 blame. It la no uncommon sight to aee several small boys, one of them with a gun and. a lot ot cartridges In bla pockets, going out on the hills, bunting chipmunks, etc., and it is only a great wonder that moit serious' ac- Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be beat September Scrfbnes's. John Sullivan, druggist at the 8pear- JOHN ELMEHK, Undertakers nd Embalmers. Hsh drUg" store, and Bei : Elswick, editor of the Spearflsh Rt glster, were callers In the City of Mills, returning yesterday morning. House Mover ail Repairer. The new residence op Upper Main AH Work Dona With Pro-mptneaa and dispatch ri dents are not recorded from this No. J Mam St. Lead, South Dakota. street being built by I-.. May. Is progressing nicely. The foundation is HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAD. S. D. completed and the framework will be begun Immediately. cause. . f 1 ; o SURPRISE PARTY, splendid surprise iany waa ten WELL ENOUGH FOR FOX. Public Opinion: Governor Lee's hired man. Fox, is trying to make. It appear that the South Dakota boys w;re sent home immediately alter he cabled something to Senator Pettigrew not only this, but that the cablegram was responsible for the order. The first part of the gentleman's statement 1b probably true. Fox thinks he la doing well enough half of the truth. and. It, must be admitted, it. is doing, very well for Mr. Fox. , The fall term of school commences next Tuesday. This will be a welcome dered to Mies Vernarl'ntd the Misse m fact for many parents, who will fe Biaicnrora ai imj iuj able to get a little rest from the cares by Miss Dickson. About thlrty-ive Gates' RaGa and Ore Crusher of a family for at least a few hours rrtonda of the voune ladies met and of the day. repaired to their home' and gave them -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co a genuine 'iSWprlB,,b."jb, after the first shock had passed and the situa- ' James Lawrence, of Terra villa, working in the HomeMake mine, had his right leg badly biuised yesterday Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. tioa thoroughly " andefsiood by tae THESE WILL IRRIGATE. . Governor Lee appointed the following delegates to the national irrigation congress: v i - j is Edwin Van Clse, Deadwood. reciDients. was turned to a merry evening, and dancing and card occu Special Fiue crusher vied the time until - the luncb was , Joseph B. Moore, Lead. Leri McGe.;apid City J "M. V, Doyle, Piedmont--J ': & MJ Cochran, Brookings. ' ; " i - 9 b ir l ass. S;llilj8 Our New Design will interest vou erred and the Tisltora left tor Home. Several couple of Leal friends wo had been InTiteoT'wfiit: trp I prtyate carriaeea an :returnod-"late la. He morning while el work. Timbers glv-Ing away and allowing rock to slide was the cause. The entertainment given at the. L E." church. Lead; by the v renowned Peak Bisters, was largely attended and all who listened to this most excellent concert feel that they, spent an eren-ing most 'delightful and instructing.: v .. .- i i -j An Invitation Is extended by Dia Gates' High Grade Rolls THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CTT- morning. " ' iW ;baYe before na an every-day spectacle of eager aggregations of cap NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- M Bates' InproTsd Vaacsrs. may arc tba Standard SERIOUS " ACCIDENT. ital putting aside scruples as Tisionary The young son of George E. Baker- mond Division No- J, U. R. K. of P, and fmphactlcal'and ene "un-Ameri man met with a very serious accident l i-i - LI ! ' - . Adopted by the Homestake Mining Oo yesterday afternoon. Tte Utile fellow . tmit Ova Tears of are and ' Was can," in oraer to compass successana at th other S the eountehe'eq" called representatlTes of the j people -i iarins; about on the front porch ol solemn in mar rerDiage, Dut suscep their home. In Wert Lead, when he tible ta occult and disgraceful Influenc '- .fourteen catalogue, describe our Mining Machinery. . vui "uumjj ixx iuu nery es. The two parties td the intercourse are discreet and business-like,, and to all. Knights loyal to attend the l stallatlon services ot Appollo Company No. 1J, of Terry, this evening August SO. By order of J. A. Beck. Installing Officer. ' A small hose cart that was used by Hose Company No. S when they were In existence, and which has since been the property of Hose-Company No. X. has been purchased ani taken over to the Terra mill, m TerraviHe, where tt will be used for that mill In case ot fire.' , . ,v tripped and fell down a long flight of stairs which lead from the porch tb the yard. Hit cries brought his mother to him In a moment and ha was carried into the house and the doctors GATES IR1 WORKS there la Uttle risk of jtanzibl? disclo umu r. runNtLL S0I6 Aflt For fh Black" Kills. Office Oppoiite Bullock Hotel aura. , Practically and . aloof ' from tsm. except for a few moments ' on t election day, stands the mass pf Amer sent for. Upon examination it was found that both arms had been broken and other injuriea. alUc not serious. ; ; ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS. ican citisens busy with their own mon ey-getting or - problem-solving, and sustained. .... I '.' '- -

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