The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 30, 1900 · Page 12
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1900
Page 12
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THURSDAY. AUGUST THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. !' l'.tiiO tang? . - s I Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver 1 THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE I of the fruits of that war, attain'-'! i iirouKh the sutierings and saerifii i.'.s of Its soldiers, and persistently devote themselves to giving every jiossilil'" lit ; i n i ,n ()iir:i.'',mi'nf to those v!:o in- in arni'Ml ami at-live i- - i I n . 1 1 j ujiiin.-t tin- l'iiiti-i Stiites lowi nnn n! j :l s Itau. ami its a ut hunt v." 1 ' : H j r .1 1 ii Kml-'ii.-Ii ;hi;iu i-troimly I'm ' lisn hi :iiii sas tin- l-iiitory u I i !-! iViim Spain niiiM In- ln-liI Established 1889. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. THE GRANDEST STOCK OF Will C.iv.- Cr res." t Results of Both i? Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents , Hnn.HT l) '1 III- "U-'FU'K. UN A 1. 1, s . 6 l a s "In- 'paramount isMiie in un-j .i ti' p-'U-: ii ' n' r.-Iii - Ii i . 1 1 1 I '. ;.-llli .ill ill ll- - t- Wll' ''! - J 1 1 1 1 ; . : i . a n Ii i iii I who nl I, . - own . il ; ! ' no '' a - in 1 "'"i ti.'t- !."'! '' Fall Millinery M. H. Lyon& Co. '.the safe, conservative, order-lovi:i Wl'llt.s lur tin- Hi li k' H I I I i lU a liiil i Ii-' i it i .i lis of lh. i . hi Id i ON m m ;.'i m Ii! il ale! . i !. l I i - . IT : !' Hi .11 the :i A.iv.tiiat v.;is iwr li.iwnin the wcl. I K n tli 1 ( II .ol II. i I 1. 1 1' -'. i on.- . ii 1 1 inn in'.- ami 1 1 1 1 -a I j 1 " law. ' '' il. t. ami uooil ia n . i n nn l: ' MINES AND MINING. iVU, Seebicks 1 he democratic party, as now JTl ' Aft?' : .J AND VOL' WILL HK DESERTS BRYAN TJTD-To-Dato FOR McKllNLEY. st ;t 1 1 1 1 1 1 and dominated and m . self have reai bed the parting of the ways, for I do not. agree with its pies ent position and policy, as set forth in its latest declaration of principles, on any of the great questions now before the American people, (liven the choice between Mc Kinley and Hoo.-e-volt upon the one band, ami liryan and Stevenson, on the unpatriotic Kansas City anil, ('Imago platforms, upon I he ol lur I shall wit bout In- ': t ion I ecord lli Mile mi elect ion day wmmy.imiMmMmKm40 n ' pw ei I Special Sale Saturday September l, ('apiam KnglKli then leeapitulates bis service's to the democratic party anil tells of the I egret lie feels at severing old associations, lie says lie ' 'believes iii party organization ami majority rule, ami under i;eneral conditions the will ami desire of the individual should give win to tin col leetiv wisdom ol the party niaimitv. but in a gl i al ei ept inti.i I it.: like Valuable Property. I'aita s in from jviinm rreek report the sale of a half interest in a gr(rti of emht. 1 1 1 i 1 1 i ii cl.iinis situated about a hall mile east of Klmoiv station on the Sp. arlisli road. The Merest is said to ha. e been sold by A lit one lirundi to .In. eph Cojipo lor $:'7 ""Tri b u lie. Another Mmincj Company. A i.liv.iani lioiii I'leire aniioiiiiees lie- li.iiiK of iirliele.s of iiiioipoi at ion tin i!n- (iw.iwnu A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ioiiipai. of 1 iea: a iio.l Willi a . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ol nil.' mill ion i, ullars. I he ini iu poi aim s are A. M Sloan. . II. II. I'lshei. W. (.. El il. i. i; S. Jamison Jr. and others. Commissioners in Session. II Ii .. that pat rail i. defend) r of the tia ' honor faithful mi.miian of tin- I public iri ilit and gallant soldi"!' of ! PRICCS FOR iOINI'ES lJ.Yf wi; w i i.i, oi i"i:K' on: kxtii'i: link or Ribbons, Laces, Embroideiers rx id SHIRT WAISTS a 0lli!ii liiiiimf I ) In- civil u 1 1 . U i ii in m M cK i n ' v ! i in f. I. ir 'ill nl I'll, bis pi '. . ': to be a sa '.u ln'l-: l. ad. i epretbl "li ! ; M agist rate, and true-hearted Ann ri j an. and that statesman in peace audi I hd ll II, v .1 I'll lore II""- 'i ' I whose name ;m. lame is dear to ici-i i ... i the present. "Winn the honor of tin-1 country is at stake. Us i ledit aU.e ki d. its judiciary denounced nl(. siipn iu aey of its la a menaced, the t;loi . of j its Hug assailed, and bv the open ad voeacy of t In principles of anarchy. 1 ! V. NV' .'.i Shin W , i-: -Vie , N ' want of space we do not i l.'dl S!ii,l ;li-U on Uibbon.- I.a- I i i 1 the existence of the republic endan I hea i l of even' i mil l ane in Hi.- Itiago i anil.aiuu ever;, soldier of I.:. . 1 1 1 1 I ;nl . ' i "Ji Sliii t W'jtisl . 1.7.". Shirl ;iisl . ii ii iii i in s. but will guarantee t:r,. these goods will be' offered from '. .'.: per cent less than regular f : . , VA'.VWAAA 1.10 1 :i: I Snaiiish mericau war. and over gereil. party lenity that arrays ltseit against that which is politically honest, honorable, and true must be op posed, let the conso(Uellees to tbe in dividual lie what they may. T!ir; U w c ( o olTor arc ik(. old ;i ml hcl f-worn Tlicv an- all m w ;ni r k vilViav up-t-Li(i'. Conic and lie con- vinccd. MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. S. D. CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP i.-n of tin- United States who en. i ales honest, courageous, im orruptib! American manhood Leaves P?.rty for Good. "'Wanting no office of any descrip tion. seeking no emolument of any kjml. with no personal ax to grind of any character, and perfectly independent of political rewards or punishments. I can in conclusion say in part, with that speaker whose address at the Kansas Uitv convention was received with loudest acclaim. 'I care not a snap of my finger for party or privnt criticism. I care nothing for ollice. I love liberty. 1 love equality of rights, and I love justice, and when the party I belong to is too cowardly to make a stand for the right. I leave it. and I leave i' tor good.' " Civil Service Examination. Quotes from Charles Sumner. "In the el(Xtient words of the great Charles Sumner, delivered at a trying period of his political history, there are matters legitimately within the range of expediency and compromise, but the questions now before the country are of another character. Thesi" questions will, not admit of compromise. The questions are not within the. range of expediency. To bo wrong (nthese questions is lo be wholly wrong.' "Upon these great questions, in consideration of which neither compro .Mes.-rs. Russell, fish and Stuart, members of tin- l.awienec enmity board of eoiiuuis.sioners were in spe-eial session at the court house- nearly all day yesterday. The chief object of the special session was to create two or more voting precincts in the coiihtyir A new precinct was created over on Iron creek, where HO voters claim a residence. It will be known as precinct No. 4ii. The place of voting will be designated at the next meeting of the board, when the judges and clerks ol election will In; appointed. Anoth-ei new precinct was carved out of the Scond ward in Lead. It seems this ward contains over lillO voterfi arid according to the statutes, when over 500 reside In one precinct the same must be divided. The new precinct will (omprlsp all that part of I,ead lying south of Main street anil west of Stone street. It will be designated as precinct No. 47. The board adjusted several tax as GOOD RIGS f p Pfl DFUMFD II'".! ol Attention given In Kuariliiii: Urt i'ri e civil service that on Sep- The United Stales commission a iiiiouiices ti mber I'll, 1 !H)li, an ex; be held in this city for t at.ion will positions of ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... liavc ihc last rn.'uMrfs m 1 he ci t v and ;i m n ; a t c 1 1 to furnish rirs or saddle horses on tile shortest indue. Harrison Phone 151 539 Maill St. Old Phone 171 mise nor expediency can legitimately hold a place and upon which to lie wrong 'is to be wholly wrong.' I take my position individually for the right as it is given me to see the right, and CORNWALL COMPANY Successors to Frost Brothers DE LE $ IN LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a power to be shaken into the shoes. .It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives Instant relief to' corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures and prevents swolen feet, blisters, callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-aching feet. At all druggists and shoe stores. ?',c. Trial package FREE by mail. AJdress Allen S. Olmstead, Ue Roy, N. Y. Hay, Grain 1 Feetf 119 SHERMAN STREE Harrison Phon; No. 102. DEADWOOD, S. as a free and untrammeled voter, with no personal interest to be effected, except such as effect every other good and loyal citizen. "The demagogue's well-worn cry of 'trust' or 'monopolist' has no terrors for me. as I am in no way engaged in the business of money lending, hold no mortgages for money loaned, and own no stock whatsoever in any hank, insurance company, railroad, trustT monopoly, corporation, or combina sessments and drew 200 names which were placed in the box, from which the clerk draws the names for jury venIre8 After this had leen done, tbe board adjourned. o School Entertainment Course. The first of the series of six entertainments to be given under the auspices of the public schools of this city and for the benefit of the putfiic school library will he given In tht Opera House Wednesday evening, Sep clerk and carrier in the postoflice service. This examination is held for the reason that the I'osl-Oftice Department has stati'd that at all offices where no substitute force is maintained such a force will be appointed as a result of this examination, so that whenever vacancies occur in the regular force there will he no delay in filling the same. The nature of the examination is a test of practical, general intelligence, and of adaptability in postoflice work. The age limitations for this examination are as follows: Clerk, not less than IS years. Carrier, between IU and 40 years. Applicants for clerk and carrier must have the medical certificate in Form 101 executed. Applicants for carrier must be at least " ft. 4 in. in height, and weigh not less than 12"i pounds. This examination offers an excellent opportunity for entering the federal' service to bright, energetic young persons who are not afraid of hard work, and the commission hopes that a isuf-cient number of intelligent, active persons will present themselves for Wa Be? to announce to the Public that we have purchased li.e du1 3PS8 form srly coaducted bvihe .rose Brothers at the above location and are or spared to supply the wants of the people on th i snortest notice. "Courtes i o romptness and accuracy" will be our motto. YOURS FOR BUSINESS S, N, AND JOHN CORNWALL, 0 " tember 5. it will be a lecture by Dr. Thomas of Chicago, and is entitled, "Silent Forces." tion." Bryan First American Imperialist. After relating his record on the financial question Captain English says: "I believe from the foregoing record it will have to be admitted that 1 have at all times been consistent in my advocacy of sound financial prin V I Dr. Thomas is said to have the largest congregation in the city of Jdge McGee. Judge Mcdee arrived in town yesterday on his way to Mystic, where he is interested in some valuable mining property. He will return to llead wood today and remain over until tomorrow. Twelve location certificates ijinil one placer location was the extent of the filings at the register of deeds office yesterday. Mr. Acheson and bride of Hill City after a two weeks honeymoon in Deadwood. the guests of Mrs. Howson, departed for their home. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. IKGERSOLL-SERGEANT DEL Chicago. This congregation asaem bias in McVltker's theater, and on ac count of the crowd of visitors con ciples, and in opposition Jo the unsafe financial policy which the autociat of Lincoln, Neb., made the 'paramount issue' of the campaign by forcing Its adoption on the Kansas City conven stantly desirous of hearing this noted speaker, strangers are admitted to the regular Sunday services by ticket only; and all the tickets that can be Issued for any given Sunday are often taken three weeks in advance. Dr. Thomas has always manifested a this examination. It may be stated that there is a wide field for advancement upon merit in the federal service than In many private employments, not only by promotion in the same office, but by transfer to other parts of the service. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists 0. F. PURNELL tion over the wishes of the majority ot the delegates themselves, and by refusing, as is alleged, to be a candidate unless It was incorporated in tbe platform. In this we have our first and "I had a severe attack of bilious colic; got a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy; took lively Interest, in educational affairs tow doses and was entirely cured,' only known example of the real Amer says Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia, t&l fbnee a year, the teachers of the city of Chicago go in a body to hear Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dafc ican 'Imperialist in the full exercise of his dictatorial powers. This was the paramount issue created by the him. Everybody should hear his lec Kan. "My neighbor across the treet was sick for over a week; had two or three bottles of medicine from the doctor. He used them for three or ture next Wednesday on "Silent Kebraskan majetty himself, and is un derstood to hae been the only one Forces." T-k other entertainments will be ad four days without relief, then called which he personally and autocratical be in another doctor who treated hlnr for some days and gave him no relief, so vertla In due time. Tney win given by! ly demanded from his humble subjects. After his edict in this regard had been I aigcharged him. I went over to see The Mendelssohn Male Quartet ot Boston. : Mrs. Vandella Varnum him next morning. He said his bowels This examination is open to all citizens of the United States who may desire to enter the service, and who comply with the requirements. All Buch persons are invited to apply, but attention is invited to the fact that from those certified the department usually selects for appolnment ellgl-bles who are residents of the district in which the vacancies exist. Applicants will be examined, graded, and certified with entire Impartiality and wholly without regard to any consideration save their ability as shown by the grade attained in the examination. For application blank (Form 101), ful) instructions, specimen examination questions, and information rela abjectly obeyed, with that graceful condescension which sometimes sways and unbends the most Imperial of rul were In terrible fix, that they had JJiomaa, lecture. 8. M. Spedon, chalk R U been running off so long that it w ers, he graciously permitted the con elocutionist Dr. P. 8. Hensonot . Chicago, lecture. vention to select for Itself a second paramount Issue' upon which to go ' Seats may be reserved at Fishers almost bloody flux. I asked him if he had tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and he said No.' I went home and brought him my bottle and gave him one dose told him to take another dose in fif before the country, snd has since In . morning. September 1, by thoee who hold course tickets; and as ail tne en his speech of acceptance set the great seal of his royal indorsement and ap tertainmenU are to be given in, the teen or minutes If he did not find re Opera House, seats may be reserved for the entire coarse. Coarse tickets tive to the duties and salaries of tbe- lief, but he took no more and was en tlrely cured. I think it the best medl may be had at Fisher's Basaar. Tick KEEPING UP WITH "'1313 THE PROCESSION We are right in it now with colors flying. They are telling us on all sides that our tall and winter line t ikes the rag off the bosh, or, as the Boston girl puts It. "eliminates the dilapidated linen from the shrubbery." If this is true, we ought to know It. We are in the race to win and we look to every man who wants clothing to help us do it. She was happy when she met me And the Secret is well known; 'Twaa my "swell up" new fall overcoat, My overcoat alone. cine I have ever tried." For sale by o o 3 p 3 o a eta for the single entertainment of Kirk O. Phillips. Wednesday may also be had at Fishels Bazaar; and holders of such tickets proval upon it" i ' Condemns Attacks on Administration. . Captain English says he had no fel lowahlp for those who clamored for war with Spain, and; when it camev "devoted themselves In the face of the enemy to endeavors to cripple the administration in its rigorous prosecution of the war by carping criticism and unwarranted attacks upon. Its management, at a time when the government had the most momentous problems to solve and the most over may reserve seats beginning with ;Tuesday morning. Tickets for pupils of the public schools at reduced rates. Notice There Is over $18,000 of state school money on hand In the county treasury to loan on school bonds and improved farm lands In Lawrence coun different positions, and as to whether there are any existing vacancies in this office, applications should be made to the undersigned. Applications should be promptly filed with the secretary ot the local board, and inquiry should be made of" him as to the date set for the close of the receipt of applications. JASON BAKER, Secretary o . i ,, v - "Benefit Ball Given under the. auspices ot Fountain City Hose & Ladder company, for the benefit ot John Wade, on Fri ty. Application for loans should be . I'm not sorry that i' bought it, Tho' it cost me nearly ten. For Tm backing In the sunshine Of her lovely smile again. v ' -L. filed in this office soon. Deadwood, SD, Aug. 1.. 1900. I W. A. ZINK, County Auditor. - : W. D. Downing of Lead "and Hiss x6Cleans the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or billlous, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity," without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, mads by the California Fig Syrup Co. whelming difficulties to overcome. At the present time I have even less sympathy 'with these same gentlemen, who, when the war has ended trium Rogers' delivery wagon came off. It day evening, August list, 1900, lit 1st Pearl Corey of Siout City were united phantly to American arms, are equally anxious now to deprive the nation ward Fireman's HalL Tickets, $1.00. Nathan Colman. ' - c

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