The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 30, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1899
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'he Daily Pioneer-Times. -8: DEADWOOD, . 1)., (BLACK HILLS,) WEDNESDAY MOlJNINd, AUGUST 2 ; :',0, 1809. FIVE CENT. 00 0 0 0- Si FOR DREYFUS today for the Philippines with six hundred and fifty recruits for the new regiments in process cf organization in the islands. Tiie hiitish steamer Sikh has been chartered by the gov eminent, to hurrv the ether regiments to Manila at the end o' the rainy sea son. THE FIRST NEBRASKA The Regiment Given Magnificent Welcome Along the Road Home Ljyreau Chief Testi- i f it Behalf of the I nveiled Thy whole i cation lies, All souls are thine ' must uot say That those are uVui who pass away; 1 From this vain wo-dd of ttesh set free, We know them living unto Thee Released from ear'hlv ti M and strife, With Thee Is hid m n n.v their life, Thine are their thoughts, their works, their powers. All Thine, yd still inosi truly ours; For well we know wlicv er they be, That all are !viii; unti Thee. Not "spilt Ilk water on the ground, Not buried in a -deep profound, Not wandering in unknown despair Beyond Thy von . Th'iii arm, Thy care; prisoner Will Free Spanish Prisoners, MADRID. Au; li'.v Special.. Cross advices are to the effect Aguinaldo will free nU Spanish oners immediately. -Red thai pris- M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, loc and26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what y m have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder New stock we have madp a still greater reduction, Lents Cause a Sen-Ld Moves Orey- Will Participate in a Glorious Reeeption at Omaha Today ,31"" I fus to Levity unl'i :-s sea. lg ni'.i. Thee. ! 'or Thou are just; Not lost upon it li Not dead, hut li v Thy will be done ave then Lord in trust. for thi love which gave l o Thee we 1 And bless Th. LINCOLN. Aug. 2'. Special. Thi L , An;-. 29. Special. Thy soul to till a human grave, i One More Jailed at Darien. DA HI EN. (Ja.. Aug. 2!'. Special.--Another nieiiiher of tin Delage family surrendered this moining and was placed in jail. Sixty rioters are now In custody of the officers ;;i'd the trouble is neuiing the end - - - -o Duel With Shot Guns. WINCHESTER. K , Aug 29. Special. The love of on- v omau caused Tom Guff and Jiui Mack lj fight a du 1 with shot guns vesti leuy. Mack's head was blown off. and Cuff is dying with a wound in Ms breast. Lm exceedingly favorable Uiad nis spirits are higher rKbeen sine-' his first trial , i Lt Colonel Cordier gave Cony in favor of the acciiv tZ. fnrnprlv chief of Al Go For 75c $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Waist I B( w r'mM bureau and wa t Ufavor of the prisoner a L t the first rourt martial, t today that the later evidence f-d bis opinion of the pris That none might ar that world to see Where all are living unto Thee.' Amen. -F F.LLERTON. "He shall gather the lambs with His arm." "Gentle Shepherd,. Thou hast stilled Now Thy little lamb ., brief weeping! Ah. how peaceful pale and mild In its narrow u- d 'l sleeping. And no sigh of anndsl. sore Heaves that little bosom more. In this world of care ana pain, Lord, Thou wouMst n longer leave it. To the sunny heivenlv plain Thous dost with to irceive it. Clothed in robes of spotless white Now it dwells Thee in light. All. Lord Jesus, g'ant that we. Where it lives may soon be living, And the lovely pastures see That its heavenly food are giving; Then the gain of death we prove, Though Thou take what most we io ve. "What can we say more. The Lord ,-Mllerl her and she hut answers to His All Waists tbat we sold for $2 00 and $2.60 O-o at $1.25 Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro1 on) innocence. jcinet, the fornifr minister of jilted on the fund today th.fl id basis for the statement aim that a foreign syndicate 1 organized to fight for' the of the accused. I -ft n 0 0 00 0 I idee of Lieutenant Cordier I much laughter in the court iaj, and Drevfuf himself join-I il times the fust levity he f iiyed since hip re-trial beg in. Inserted at one time that m officers knew some offl- GOLDEN REWARD WILL REBUILD Harris Franklin Says a Firstclass Modern Plant Will be Erected "The Golden Reward will rebuild as soon as possible ;i the s,te of the old plant, and will Ml u' a much larger plant than the o.h thai was burned, said Harris Franklin. v:-e president oi tile cniiipiiny. yesieri':u, alter his ill-rival from Omaha I meived a tele gram from Mr. Harriiii .n. telling me not to worry: thi't everything was all right yet, and to 'o riM'l ahead Our company is not broke 1 don't know why we should worry v hen we have five or six millions at our disposal When we put up aiiot In r plant it wtf be one that will .lot bi.Mi. It will require some time for mi Ii il plant to be built and eompb . '.I probably six months, owing to the huge number ot orders on hand m all the machiae manufactories iw the country. Oiii plant will require special orders of machinery, as none of the establishments have on Irand w-'iat we want. Hut in ESTABLISHED 18f6. Jk French arm who made a rf treason, and he was not ithatthev soupht to take ed- KIRK G. PHILLIPS THE OLD RELIABLE DRUGGIST g( this knowledge occasion Bleu tonight piints a state- lit MerciT, Roet and Gonze WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. declare that l'py have been fader orders from Generals In and Sausier. call. A dear, sw, et. innocent little girl. We en i hut lay her to rest on the hillside, where the siihin,; of the pines whisper sweet psa'nis of pence, and the birds sing sweet I :'labyi s. while pure, spotless angels bear he r spirit away to Him who said Suffti the little 'children to come unti Me. and forbid them not.' " After th'- .- vmun the remains were again taken in hargi by Director Lewis and conveyed to Mount Moriah cemetery, where interment took place, according to the rituclistic service of the church. First regiment of Nehr;,:.ka volunteers entered the state this morning at 8: JO and reached this place this evening: The route from San 1- rancisco has been a series of roicing receptions McCook was ren ned if i.oon and a magnificent dinner was served to the soldiers ill the streets The regiment lay there an hoi.r. A i,ig reception was given in every town, cannons roaring and whistles I lowing Many of the soldiers left the train here and started for their homes. The remainder will leave some time to night for Omaha to attend the reception at that place. Tbey will arrive there at 0 o'clock Iniuoniiw morning. - o Beautilul Funeral Services. The funeral ser' ice i er the remains of Little C.iaei - Carpenter was held yesterday al'ternooi. in the Episcopal church, and impressed every one with its beauty and s--'n.plicity. Uy 2 ::n the friends and s nipatllizers of the family had fil ''! tin hurch. and a few minutes afteruads the full vested ehoir. of twenty voice.-, inarched slowly from the vestry of 'be church down tin- aisle to th" (loir ;t;.tion After the choir came the containing the remains, borne by tl;-- pall bearers, Messrs William Selbii . Ivlwin Van Cise. K. 1 WashaVtuH- and D. A. Mcpherson Following the casket came the stricken lather with bowed head and tearful eyes, s-ippovting the mother, and accompanied b the three brothers or little Gracie. Arthur Cranston, and Mclcolin The white casket, rich in its trimmings of white satin, was almost ol-S'tued by the beautiful floral designs One of the handsomest designs v as a large pillow supported by an eio.el frame. After prayer and shoi-t service by the choir. Rev. W H. Pond delivered the following brief y-I touching ad dress: "Father. I will that Miey also, whom Thou hast given me. be with me where I am. that they miv behold my story." "The souls of the righteous are .'n the hands of the Lord. The righteous live forever more; and itward also is with the aT(1. and the care of them is with the most hign; therefore shall they receive a glorious kingdom, aud a beautiful crown from the Lord's hand, for with His right hand shall He cover them, and with His arm sh ill He protect them.'' He doeth all things wi and of very righteousness caused His children to be troubled. We w'U bow beneath his holy will and acicpt i" humble submission the cross lie pivts us to bear, He will not blame our human sorrow, for Jesus wept fi r 1. is friend. We ask Him to suffer us not to be overwhelmed with grief, tut to give us a calm and lowly i esir,nal;ou that we say from the heart I ; Him do what seemeth Him good.' The house ot mourning is a ochool of heavenly Nominate McLean. fcllLLE, O., Aufe. 2. Special Iw practi -ally certain that Mc Wall Paper! Wall 1'a.per'! Wall P.ipW" All m- I ' 1 1 1 " " signs at all prices. 1 am the aKinl for th. Anne While l-eml aiel ( Co.. who make the New Era Hitch (I rade Mixed 1M"" N--'l " ,h"'"11"'1?, and Carriage I'ainU. Mixed I'aint:. at all .ri. tthm ', ,,'" ,'V I'alnter's Supplkw. Window (ilass. Si.ui. r Liumhh-.I aiet Diiiihii. CuLlery Toilet Articles of every description Termi .r.i.s. Ki.- It is addm'ltteil that I carry the larn -si line of I111p11ri.1l .,.! Homesiu- i Rare, Hlfch Gradiw of SmokiiiK --i 1 CliewiiiK Toi.,i-,-n- ,.n, lu- in ne found in the Block Hills. II b nominate ! for governor. prior organization winning at Ration. Thi- depart -iinni is in I Mate a Specialty of Sp Ales ui Eye Classes hers Opposed to Trusts, n hunt t-h;irne. hir lenses are charge of a competent Optician, lm will lesi your i.i- If satisfaction is not Riven I do not want your money JiOO, Aug. 29-Special The i'h i hi- i oi .if the the best that money ran buy. all pi ire nuiKiriK Harveatei company will aban- frame. eorporate management and re- DEADWOOD, S. D. Grace Carpenter was born at Rapid City October 21. 1 887. biu" had therefore lived all h.r life in the Black Hills She would have been twelve years of age at he' next birthday anniversary Dr. Bowman was th attending physician after her accident Sunday, assisted by Dr. Howe. The experience m her case is not uncommon to pathology. Her death was pud need by the secondary result proi red by severe contusion. old partnership. The com- No 662 Main Street, been forced to do this by the h of the farmers of the coun-Krdi the trust? . THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK puColliseum Accident. MQO, Aug. 29-Special. It is w conceded that the recent Col-fcddent was caused by the fail- Properly brace the Iron wo.-K Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: the meantime we int"nd to continue all our mines, am" will '-eat almost as much ore as ever. We will blow in the fourth stak in M s:nelier in .i few days, and tha. wi'! .ive wi.i .. to quite a number of men We m.iy.h.; to reduce our forces ic soim of the mines temporal ly . ! ;:bly weeks or such a matter, but we will not close any of them down. That would be too expensive to the company, since the . ate.- n ust be Kept down or it will do a '..? amoii.i of damage. We will begin clearing aw y the ruins of the old plm.' at once, and get things in shape for the commencement of the new institution. "The coke problem hps cost us more trouble at he smelter than anything else we have to oontenu with, but I have placed ordeis with a number of different firms lately, and am expecting a large amount of that article here within a few days. We have been consuming 230.000 pounds of coke a day with three stacks going, and with four stacks running ' wiil icquire about 300,000 pounds a day. Put I think our new arrangements will give us all we require. "Our new plant will probably be a chlorination and cyanide plant combined, and will have n capacity much greater than the old concern. Our plant had been running successfully for eight years, and we have always been well satisfied wit.: it. We still intend to do what we can to help the country, and after our nw plans have been carried out we will be In a better position than ever to assist the country." "moving the traveler. H'' mm i CT4.U 1 QQ AO Rock Island Wreck. pMWA, la., Aup. 29. Special 111 aid I ymt. vvr. ss, March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 Per train on the Rock Island ftlled near here today ana town an embankment. Eight All Branches of Banking Business tWre injured Shamrock's First Spin. f YORK. Aug. 29. Special fMock will take her first plu ty. tolng down the bay to meet nd Campania. The rig-,tae yacht wl'l he finished to- Transacted, DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porlo Rico, Africa, England, Franco, Germany and all Paris of Iho World, af learning, which sollei s ny mis grace i Acts gently on the lowaat ..larkol rata. . COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted lor promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable RotPH of interest to anv extent Warranted by borrower Kidneys, Liver and Bowels responsibility or collaterals. J CLEANSES THE YSTEM THIS IS DISTINOTIVEIjY j ..m EFFECTUALLY I the hearts that bleed, ami draws them to Himself. He knows well all human sorrows and He will bo with us now to let the sunshine of Hi., love break thru the cloud of our i,ffiictions. and aheavenl-y hope nrtns light in their darkness. He has loosed one link that bound us to eajth. Msy it now bind us to heaven. Ho ha taken her whom we loved, but we wi'.. soon be unita again forever. Even row we are united in Him. Deafa only brings HTs servants nearer to Him, and we believe in the communion of Saints. I-et us have a lively bone of the inheritance incorruptible and undefiled. and tnat fadeth not away.' He will fit us by His grace for the mansions of our Father's house, wher there can be partings no more. He say that he .s not the God of the iead. but . of the living. Accounts of Ba:nks, Corporations and Individuals Returns to the Hills J. J. Rafferty prrlvi in Deadwood again yesterday, rifter tr absence of .1 year and a half. Sinc leaving here last he has been in Alaska and Cuba. He started into the Klondike region with a relief expedition immediately after leaving the Rlack Hills, but the expedition was dissolved, and converted into several different exploring parties, one party, containing Mr. Rafferty, going up on the Coppei river,. He was in Cuba in the customs department, and intends to. go back there. fifty Indian Bankrupts. ft. Oklahoma, Aug. 29. Spe pftj Osage Indians have taken of the Unite 1 Stales bank-nd have petitioned to have lffain adjudicated by the refer-bnkruptcy. , Oppose Annexation. ISID' Aug. 2.-Special. Great prevails oer the publica- ! document written at the or-king of Portugal, announc- DegIance with England, in or- M Portugal to oppose the 4i plan. Transport Pueblo Sails. 'ANCISCO. Anf. 29. Special, '"port City of Pueblo tailed OVERCOMES jrrQ rf, i ,cf iPATION h4BITUALC0NSTlPAN rinpiMiiLnikt BUI I vl lOMl Oorrospondenoe Ir rltocl. DIRECTORS: W.E. ADAMS. JOHN TBEBER- HARRIS FRANKLIN. PromJdooL BEN BAEIL Vlca Prodoat. n. SELBIE. Catklar. SuRNIApGYRVP Biimarck too WadaUtartt. OateopaUilo, Eptdallit ana Physician. OfBce. Si City Luiivm.i'J ' WAnnnnnnn-i-i .. God of the Hvinr. in whose eyes rot uu mm Mvtfrs u nWfc

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