The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 29, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

TOE DAILY PIOXfcER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. WEDNESDAY, AUGl'ST 3. 1300. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. THE JURY DISCHARGED. 1 GonstipszttOTs Gentlemen announces himself as a candidate of organized labor for the office of sheriff di not get recognition by the party which is asking for the votes of the laboring men. Every office that has a dollar in it was given to some one besides a workingman. and the only THE :: : I k f $ 1 I . J I J x I : i OF OUR $3.50 SHOL. Zipp Shoe Co. 6S5MainSt. THREE POINTS B91 ElllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIMIIIIIIIIllUIIU The Dclmonico I'NDKR THK MANAGEMENT OF Z MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATH0USE Will open for business at noon on E F. X. Smith leturned home from Hot Springs. ' Stock Inspector was In town from Sturgis. Mrs. Harris Franklin let tuned from Hot Springs and Rapid. Prof. F. C. Smith returned from a few d iys' outing at he Springs. .Mrs. Xott returned home from a business trip to Rapid. Miss Daisy Fowler went down to Mystic to visit friends for a few days. Mis. John Darling departed fur a visit with relatives at Sundance. Wyo. D. C. Calhoun returned from a business tri. down to N'eliuh and other Nebraska towns. Ira Hungeri'oi d of the Pioneer Times went down to ("uster. Hot Springs and Hill Cit i Col. George and C. F. Davis returned ! from a trip to Rapid whe re they were j called on legal business. Altho the weather here is perfect, vet a very perceptible falling off in the tourist travel is noti el V. T. Price of Rapid and Hlackhawk. of the Price Maker Lumber company, was in Deadwood and Lead. Rev, Dobson. wife and c hildren, of Sioux Falls, left for their home after nearlv a month s siav in the Hills R. A. Ilaynes. ticket auditor of the liiirlington is in town on his regular tour of chocking up the ticket offices. Mrs. James Cb'iiieut, whn has been visiting the parents of her husband here, left for her home in Kansas City. Mr. Creswoll of the Creswell & Day Cattle company, came over from Spearlisli and left on the evening train for the east. Mrs. Cbarlotie Heekman led over tho Klkhorn for New York City. Tram where she will sail for her old homo at Cothenborg, Sweden. Mrs. Joe Andrews, wife of Conductor Andrews of Alliance, departed for home after a visit of several days with friends in Lead and Deadwood. The splendid stone wall to enlarge the Klkhorn yard and prevent en-( roa hinents from the creek, near the Klkhorn passenger station, was fin ished yesterday. Carl T. Seeley of Madison. Neb., deputy internal revenue collector, accompanied by his wife, after an enjoyable tour of the Northern Hills, departed for home. Hon. E. W. Martin departed yesterday for Faulkton, where he opens the republican campaign east of the liver Saturday evening. September 1. He will make quite an extended tour in the eastern part of the state before returning home. He is already dated for nearly every day dining; the coming; month. At the Bullock. S. W. Hunting. Sioux City; T. W. MeGtiire, Yankton: (!. L. Shumway. Chicago; H. H. Ross. Lincoln; D. A. Rose and wife. Mue Earth. Minn.: I. A. MaCrum, Portland. Ore.; J. P. Heeky, Council HI lift's; J. L. Cochran and wife, Lead; A. J. Cot.a. Aurora. Ills.; TV A. Hutton. Omaha; K. M. Griffith. Washington. D. C; H. H. Ross, Lincoln. Benefit Ball. " (liven under the auspices of Fountain City Hose & ladder company, for the benefit of John Wade, on Friday evening. August 31st. 1900, in 1st ward Fireman's Hall. Tickets, $1.00. o Severely Injured. C. W. Green, special ;;si; of the I'nited States land office, while walking along the sidewalk in Rapid City last week caught his foot in a defective board and fell, striking his hip on a nail which was protruding about two inches, cutting a deep gash and making a most painful injury which will keep him indoors for a week or two. Only a day later Mr. Haniaker sprained his ankle so severely tht he r.ay be laid up for several weeks. Government emio,i3 up this way seem to be quite unfortunate. I 3VLoxxc3.a-- August QOtli: j The ladies have . both had n.any years of experience in (he E hotel and restaurant business, and will spare no pains to serve E tho public with the very best themarket affords. E COME and try their opening dinner MONDAY NOON. E I MEALS AT ALL HOURS FROM 6 A, M. 8:30 P. M. I Under the Post Office. Inillll IIIIIMIMMIIIIIMMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIlilliMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIll.llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .ulut hi , l)tirtfM.rn. mtti-i!N ui-' un1 by tit 11. tl Hood's Pitts d by all drill" REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR HAHCOCK HAS MllVKDi TO TIIK ADAMS BLOCK WHKHl'j UK CAN RK FOI'ND NTC.HT OR DAY ; AND MAY UK CALLKD I!Y K1THKR TKLKI'HONK. tf A Tough Visitor. Hint; a on. legi;. .1 u w a- t horoly soaked with uas raiding a disturliam y near the Pione.-r-Time I.;i-t w ho w hisk the ,ii bad in of flee. An 'iit'ii him. when he i long and inadi r attempted to arrest row a iluli km fe a fix d a lunge for the officer. lilt the latter got out of the way. He ' picked up a pece of wood and gave the tramp a tap over the head which laid j him out. The knife was taken away from him and he was taken to jail. I On arriving at the bastile the fellow I got ugly again and struggled viciously ! to injure the two policemen who had him in charge. He was finally landed. , and when searched had nothing at all i in aiiv of his pockets. He refused to give any name ;md goes bv the soub- I rin.uet of Pegler He is a depraved. worthless specimen of humanity an 1 j should lie given a speedy ride o'.t of town. A Remarkable Market. Then; are several towns in the west and southwest which have been great shippers of wool to eastern markets. This year Hillings. Montana, has eclipsed them all and stands today at the head of the list as a wool shipping point The enormous quantity of toy million pounds has been taken by the two warehouses at Hillings this season the most of which has already been shipped to eastern markets. The outlook for the Hillings market growing larger is very good, as the range is not all occupied and as the sheep are improved in breed tho clip will be larger. i - The Black Hills Conference. The Mack Hills M. K. conference begins at Spearfish on Thursday and no doubt many clerical visitors will be in Deadwood. as arrangements have been made to meet all the ministers hero with carriages and drive to Spearfish. Hishop Walden will preside at the conference and few, if any. members will be absent. Trinty M. K. church was crowded last evening to hear Hishop WaliTTMi. The bishop has preached at Terry. Lead and at both churches here and his sermons have been very edifying and profitable. It is not often that this locality is visited by so aide and distinguished a minister. LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a power to he shaken into the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures and prevents swolen feet, blisters, callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-aching feet. At all druggists and shoe stores, 2.'c. Trial package FREE by mail. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Roy, N. Y. Sheep Feeding at Sioux City Arrangements have been made for the feeding of IO.IHHI sheep at the Sioux City stock yards this winter. The sheep will be brought by Thuet Bros, from the ranges of Montana, and it is expected the first consign ment will arrive within a few weeks. The feed for the stock will consist mostly of grain from the local mills. After the sheep are fattened they will be placed on the market here, thereby furnishing good supplies for the local packers. This big project will probably mark the amount of sheep business done at the Sioux City stock yards. . Who is noted ihruout Kansas,: Wyoming and Montana for her & success in curing any and all dis- eases quickly and without the. aid of drugs, is now in A Where, she is permanently located J THE WONDERFUL MAGNETIC HEALING Stands on Its own merits for auf- fering humanity, and cures many cases that are pronounced Incura bis by the family physician. SUITE 31. I Syndicate.Blocki Mr. r Lntui another Fa lure to Find a Verdict Gives Summers a Third Trial. Ju'tge MeGee did not arrive in jipadwood yesterday as was expeeted. tj uasi in communication, however. I t,v telephone with Judge Moore and tue officers of the court. On learning tbat there was no likelihood of a verdict being found Judge MeGee ordered ttat the jury be discharged 13,. fore this could be done in the ni-s,.n e of the trial judge, a few bolts of Tt,i tape had to be unwound. .Indite Jloere ( idled the attorneys for the j,tat . and for tue prisoner, and m (ii:ied them of .Imk'e MeGee's wish-t. lie stated if the attorneys for jiii:.niers would witndraw their altlda vii of prejudice. 1k would then dis-l:..ri:e the jury and they could reftl" it The attorneys wanted to stipulate bii' i..e court refused to net under a jitij dation. and said the jury wouM have to remain until McGee could (one' to Deadwood and discharge them lini'-elf. It was then agreed that the affidavit of prejudice should be withdrawn. The sheriff opened court and thf- prisoner was brought in. Defendant s attorney asked leave to withdraw the affidavit of prejudice, the court inquired of the prisoner if X ua- 'its wisn ..i:u tins snouiu ue done and he answofe'd that it was. The clerk then endorsed on the affidavit lha on motion of counsel for th ' de-, fcii'iant and at the request of the pris cm; at the bar. and by order of the ou:t the affidavit may ee withdrawn, and with red ink he struck out the former tiling. The jury was then brought into the court room and the foreman. V T. West, was asked if ;i verdict I' (niild not be agreed upon. Mr. "VeM. thought not. The jurors were interrogated by the court and they were of the same opinion. The court then disihaigcd the jury from furtl sub ration of the case, hoblin 1' COIl I In,,,,. I H. M. Gilbert so as to (ill the panel in legal form for the next trial. The .defendant's attouievs at once retiled tne affidavit of prejudice against the (ourt. and he could proceed no further with the trial. U'e are informed by Judge Moore that Judge McHee will be here in a l.i.. er two when another venire will be is sin d for jurors and the case will he set down at an early date for an other trial. If Jidge McGee cannot preside at the coining trial, owing to engagements in his own district, a judge from east of the Missouri river will be called. Judge Moore, when seen by a reporter, said further- "I will not take the responsibility of per mitting this man Summers to be discharged, and the other men who stand indicted for perjury, even tho it costs this county ten thousand dollars to dispose of these cases, and exhausts the list of eligible jurors in Lawrence countj . I want a jury of this county to sa . bv their verdict that these men are either Innocent or guilty. ' The jury is said to have stood 7 to for conviction tho on the last ballot it stood 6 to te A Sight Worth Seeing Job Iawrenson and wife drove out to Joe Wells' farm in company with some friends yesterday and give a glowing report of what they saw. Mr. Wells resides three miles below Spear-fish and at his place he has an apple orchard of about five acres. His trees are carefully propped, yet the limbs bend to the ground with the weight of the fruit. The apples are all choice varieties without blemish, and their bright reds and golden yellows make a beautiful sight. Mr. Wells says he will sell 1600 worth this year after keeping several bushels for his own use. This beats ranching badly and if more men would follow Mr. Wells' example it would be a good thing for them 9 well as for the rest of the community. H. T. Cooper for Senator. Tribune: There seems to be a disposition to claim that H. T. Cooper ill not accept the republican nomination for state senator. Some of our tad delegates have been In communication with Mr. Cooper, and while he says that it is somewhat difficult to attend to the duties of that office, he does not decline the office if tendered fcim. He seems to be the unanimous choice of. our Lead delegation for the other senator, and until Mr. Cooper decline the nomination our delegates shotUd not, and will not, Consider any other name. Negligee Ball. , The Olympic chib will give a negli-See ball at the club parlors Thursday evening of this week. The last negligee dance was such a pronounced success, the club has concluded to give another. Friends of Labor. Tribune: The two convention? which met in Lead Saturday were s'?p-lKed to be the friends of the lflbc--Ing man, but where are the working-tnen 'ott the ticket? Tim Foley was" turned down by the populist, John Carrol only receired 25 Totes to Merrick's S, for register of deeds; and John Carroll, who is admitted m very competent man, had announced himself as r c - i r ' "r. Aim v nas. xi. muyer woo of C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a 1ul Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia. Phone 34 Harrison. Parlors 1H Sherman Street. wa.?e earner on the whole ticket is John Galligher for state senator, and he was nominatt d against his wishes, the nomination I eing forced upon (Tijn for the purpose of keeping him from openly opposing Joe Moore. Of course the laboring men will be expeeti d to rally to the support of such a ticket. Library Flower Exhibit. The (lower exhibit given by the Library association for the purchase of new books, promises to be a very line affair, as a number of contestants have entered. All flowers should be at the library on Friday morning when each one entering will receive her number. The exhibition will bo field on Friday afternoon and evening. Aug ust 3 1 st. Come in and bring your friends: have a social time, and take a dish of ice cream, and see the beautiful (lowers. VERCOE VS. BUGBEE. BUGBEE VS. VERCOE. i)r. ercoe. an eye specialist, recently came from somewhere and located in Deadwood. Dr. Hugbee. an "eye specialist,." came from somewhere (dse and located in Lead.' Dr. Vorcoe claimed the legal right to the use of M. I), and prescribe medicines as well as to tit glasses. Dr. Hugbee 'laimed to be only a refract ionist or ye specialist, but. Dr. Vercoe had him nested lor practicing medicine with out a license. The case was dismiss ed without hearing the testimony .of defendant's witnesses. Vercoe and one or two other .M. D.s were verv bit I i I -inn ,e I M f ttiiillM I!liee. ,llll ' hen it was suggested to them tbatj their prosei ution might into persecution. Vercoe tangent and insisted be const rued went off on a in vehement profanitv that he was not a fool but was dead cock sure of his man. Yesterday a communication signed by E. S. Hugbee was left at this office with a request to publish, but as it contains a reflection on Mark Hills "regulars" in general, it is withheld for further consideration. Most all of Lawrence county M. D.s are broad minded, liberal men. whom the Pioneer-Times would not knowingly offend or injure. There always has been and always will be a few jealous bigots ready to take the bread out of tho mouths of men who are just as competent as they are. It is not the business of a newspaper to pass upon the rights or qualifications of anyone to practice medicine or refuse to publish their advertisements. Grand Concert Tonight. The Charles Peterson Concert com pany w ill give a concert tonight at the Olympic (lub parlors, and a very interesting program has been prepared for the occasion Program. Violin Solo a. "Cavatina" Raff b. Scerzo "Fantfkstique." l!azzin Mr., Mans Albert. Soprano Solo Primaveris.". . . . Ton y Madame Wagner-Thomas. Reading. "Taking An Elevator." Mrs. John W. Evans. Violin Solo "Faust Fantasie " .... Sarasate Mr. Hans Albeit. Arie. From "Robert le Piable." Meyerbeer Madame Wagner-Thomas. m Hungarian Airs With Variations . . . Ernest Mr. Hans Albert. Ave Maria. "Mascagni." Madame Wagner-Thomas. Violin Obligato Mr. Hans Albert. The Bachelor Maids Entertain. The Bachelor Maids proved themselves splendid entertainers Monday evening, and If they are not less agreeable in the future, we fear their ranks may be broken. The comfortable parlors of Mr. and Mrs. Knowles on In-gleside, were placed at the pleasure the Bachelor Maids, and with invited guests a very pleasant evening was spent. The chief amusement was progressive high five, and the prizes were won by Mr. Wetherell and Miss Grimshaw. A short tho very entertaining musical program was rendered, and later in the evening dainty refreshments were served. The guests of the club were Misses McMillan, xgan,-' Phillips. Hoffman, O'Brien. Stewart and Messrs. Baker, Letson. Treber, Moore, McKinney. Russell. Willoth. Goldbloom, O'Brien. Wetherell. Martinez, Knowles, Smith. Barker, Rybold. and Ford. o Matrimonial. A number of Invitations were re ceived thst read like this: "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Miner request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Josephine to Mr. Jean P. Decker, on Tuesday evening-. September the fourth, nincteeu hundred, at seven o'clock, Emanuel Episcopal church, Miles City, Montana. At ; home after September twentieth," Bozeman treef - IMid5u miner ....Reduction All Summer Goods Reduced from Fancy Shirts Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 t for HotlWeather &3 to75 'C a Garment. JI3 now for th money than be ThaUwas formerly $1,00 and $2,00 Liffht weight Ith e great MAGNETIC HEALER 1 Underwear 25c STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Snits In Lightweights and Nobby Styles Thla season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising YSJuea. KTBi-rthfni roea at n-dticc3 uricM. Com In and conTfnc yoursel I i , V: te ''.?e ; 1 .'! rfi TV Ate-' IP i J Consultation free. 5 Call early. The rush is on. that wo ara offerfnjr freater values fore. Anxloua to show your our good", we are aMltBty jrourv BLOOM The Clothf-

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