The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 28, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1900
Page 4
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1 L'ESDA V, AKH ST js l!wO. THE-'DAILY PIOXEEH-TIMES, DEAD WOOD S. D. Assay ou uents Gold and Silver S THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE 1 EVl,lll 1 inn Established 1889. IMrt Q7 I O a. r-, . f. V" ill iv.. Correct KeMilts of Both Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. f- $ 0N AM. i-s uROroilT TO THE OFF1CK M. H. Lyon a Co. I W.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.Wi .. t ....... , X Fall Millinery - far i la h . 5-JT" Aleck, are here with quite an outfit, but they are not able to do nnnli. 'red and Tony Hildebrainl. Ebner Parmelee. fieorge Jones, and Harry Damon have been working part of th" summer for M. Hugh Fred 11:1 lebrand : now working for . c impany on iJry creek. Tony and Parmalee have been pros jeetin and have taken up some goo.! ;iu':nd on X wion and Saturday ;iib li--. which tin v are now working Marrv I tuition has uom- back to S at e and expect- to .-.hip from there to "bina i i quartermaster on oil" of the i an-iio-i -. Mr. I i d of i he Star mill ;! who am.' le i e in the s;u :n .: Aitii I i . wile, on tie -ir honeymoon i- ii o .p.-. im: in the Cioloviti bay c .in r. . Mm wife i - . tavim; here in Nome V r. Stra::l. formerly jauiior it the S 1 1 1 i : ' ; 1 1 block, is staying here n Nome and is prospecting along the Nome river. M V. Peters, who formerly i mi a Ida kMiiith shop on tMn r man street, is also a prospector here, wearing one of the lappel buttons of waring one of the lappel buttons of i lie Soc iety of Black Hills I'ioneers ; stopped 111 in and asked him his name A. M. Haines, who lived at Central a number of years, but. who has been living at Victoria. I!. ('.-. the last lew ears. He ravs he left the Hills ON tin- way. that was cwr shown in the' west. I'epend on f MINES AND MINING. Mj, Seebick She? ?Pv--:r AND YOU WILL UK lie la TT-D-To-Date igoorv in any nnantilv thai r.,.,v i'siri''1- 'I'" will not hav.- time to inytbiMg with this proposition NcHM.-n. but next year lie will he to take out IhV nionev Tin. .,1,1 I.I this abb river bed prospects well all the way. and .samples taken dear Special Sale Saturday September l, across tin to six i en; old channel ran from two a pan. The B. H. Copper Company. . . The Black Hills Copper company whic h ownes a fine group of claims near Koclifonl Ih KetfiiiK ready to do some extensive development work. They are arranmriK to sin ka shaft on a promising verticle that shows pay-inj? ore at the surface. Seventy thousand feet of lumber is now on the ground. The engine ami steam hoist wire moved to the location last week and are now being set up so as (o go to work on the shaft at the earliest moment. The property is in the richest part of the copper belt and the result of the companies work is awaited with Interest by many who own copper claims in that vicinity. W i: WILL OITKK oi l; KNTIKi: LINK OF : " I PRICES FOR TV '11 V W 1 It is about three .Mi mi to the beach, ri ver lias changed miles from Lagoon The course of the and what was once in ISNL'. He lias been selling water iioiind town and is prospecting n..w. With all the people I meet I notice a pa i t i ula rly fp-.-h appearance about tin- cMunieiiniii-o. Their complexions si em fair and ro- as a girl's, their health is uoroi's. their appetites fi'.-i lass, and general I rful disposi lions. This seems particularly true ot those whom I have met from the H!a k Hills. The ( ;i -t breezes seem to ini Kinnons. Laces, fcmnroiaeiers pisteday ONLY. n.d SHIRT WAISTS I be ..hi channel of the river js now dry and bald. It is (I,,, finest hydraulic mining proposition imaginable. Hy running a ditch two mile? all the water can lie ohl.iine.l il,..i i. , v : . n v. N : i. ii Shit I ."i."ir y.A'M Shin Wilis! 70c I .'- Sliiri ';iis S7c p.r,n siiii i Witisi y j 1.7." Sliiii Witisl J.2."y Kdwin li. Collins, the well known mining man from (ialetia. left yesterday for Denver with a few tons of ore. sorted from the dump of the YeUow y -x x x x .x x x x x I'm want of span- u,- ,,, Uot u, 'pi n is on Kililicms. I. ai rs aii'l Km ' liriic..rifs, hut will nai ain. .. tlllt ihlieso Roods will 1 flVr.Ml fmm ,,,, ::." per rent less than regular j.ri. ... VAW8iW.vV as X SK'Jtr'. ..v I i More Spodumene Shipped. Keystone Recorder: A ear spodumene is being loaded from Wood tin lode on Iron creek. of the A Jacket mine, lie also took along some X X X VAMVW N'lWMWr ore from the Juliet and Klbow mines with the intention of making arrangements to ship several thousand tons of ore to the (llobe smelter. This is the same company which has hereto " lie uo.mIs ( ,;t c lii oflVi'aiv not old ;inl shelf -worn. They arc all new an up-to-date. Come and he con- vinced. ne, led. and it will have a fall of 7S feet, according to a level that has be -n run. This water will be taken out of the lagoon, which is three miles wide and from ten to fifteen miles long. We have taken the water right in connection with the ground and have filed on r00 inches. The Fairview river comes into Bering sea miles northwest of Nome, this side of Port and I am going to stay here the rest of the season and possibly this winter, helping. McHugh get it in shape. McHugh has just come back from there, and brought a load of samples. jno main SiiiniiBd Xsnq tu,v a.m a ever since I came. The locations have thousand pounds of this Ilthia bearing mineral was shipped east rome time ago and thoroly tested. This Is the first car for treatment, however, and It Roes to New York. The parties operating the mine are satisfied they have a good thing, as they no doubt have, and regular shipments will be made as soon as the work in the mine has advanced far enough. MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. S. D. CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP fore handled the Orantz ore. Mr. Collins' car ofore was shipped Saturday and he starts in time to get to Denver ahead of it. part a youthful appearance and ruddy manhood. It is evident they are all on full feed, for they all seem to have H.t of Attention riven In Itnardin?! JZZi GSO BEMER We understand the Pennsylvania Horses. i;t me Gold Mining and Milling comnanv to Imilil. It is awful for a man to walk across the tutiiliii. It is a Ix'il of decayed moss from ten inches to four feet thick, and when you step yon go down to the ice It never thaws to a depth of over sixteen inches, and below that there is ice that has been ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... 1 have the best roadsters in the citv and am in . pa ml to which owns nine claims on Deadwo'od gulch tip near the mouth of Poorman. will begin work very soon to develop their property. The company is composed of wealthy men who are certain to develop a profitable mine on this ground. furnish rirS or saddle horses on the shortest notice. all been regularly made and filed, and by mutual exchanges betwen MclTugh and I and the other men locating there, we now control the whole thing. McHugh and I are getting an option on ten claims on Cripple Creek, in connection with the mining engineer for the North American Trading and Transportation company, J. there probably 100.000 years. In I Harrisofhone15lfc 539 Main St. Old Phone 171 FFOR CAPE NOME. (Continued From Page 1.) Jacoby. who, by the way. is another Black Hills man, better known nt some places immense deposits of ice. several feet thick, are found, and Nome people set their ice supply from one of these beds. It is stated that this tundra makes an excellent substitute for peat. By digging it out early in the season and allowing it to dry thoroly it burns finely. The people of this part of Alaska will probably look to the tundra for their fuel in Rapid City probably, than at Dead- CORNWALL COMPANY Snooeasora to Froat Brotheca DEALERS IN and on one claim dally cleanups amount to five ounces. If our option goes thru, which they seem reason Hay, Grain Feed 119 SHERMAN STREE Harrison Phone No. 102. DEADWOOD, S. ably certain too now, we will have the a bartender, or a crook from a capitalist. They all wear rubber boots and eou'westers. and they all have the same gait when they walk. Nome has been badly overdone, and it is no place for a man to come. Those who have good property here are all right, for there is plenty of gold here. There seems to be no claims tied up for a year. The only increased in avoirdupois. The health of the town is excellent. At one time there were a few cases of small pox here, but the medical fraternity of the town and General Randall set rigorous measures In force, the cases were isolated, strict sanitary regulations were prescribed and the disease has been entirely eradicated. Naturally, with ten or fifteen thousand people living here" in tents, without sowers or cesspools, conditions were created that resulted in disease. In addition to this, the people" were compelled to use water tainted with disease. These conditions have been entirely removed by establishing public latrines and making it obligatory upon people to keep their premises cleaned up. The town has put in a waterworks system, and the people are now provided with fresh, wholesome spring water that is brought in mains from Glacier creek, some ten miles away, which is sold, five buckets for 23 cents. There is at present very little sickness of any description in the camp. A trivial. bronchial trouble seems prevalent, probably from the dampness, and nearly everyone has a hacking cough. Nome is greatly overdone as a mining town or as a camp. It will require a year or two for it to get back to its normal size, but there Is gold differences between the owners of the time, and it will prove a splendid gift for there Is no timber within miles. o A Minister'! Good Work. claims and us at present relates to their desire to work the claims next We Bg to announce to ths Public that we have purchased the ouil-neaa fnrmarly oondaoted bvthe roat Brother, at the above location andar prepared to aupply the wt. of the people on Lho aorteet notice "Ooarte.T promptnesa and accuracy" will be our motto. v..nA Biioiutec season which we do not wish to al "I had a severe attack of bilious col ic; got a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic S, N. AND JOHN CORNWALlJ Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy; took head or tall to titles here, and almost every producing claim is tied up in litigation. Every claim of any value or promise has been jumped and re-jumped until It la difficult to say who low. Cripple creek Is ue next big stream west of Snake river. It has an abundance of water, and there Is plenty on the claims we are after for tow doses and was entirely cured says Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia has the prior title. Judge Noyes is our purpose. This proposition . furnishes the best opportunities I know Kan. "My neighbor across the street was sick for over a week; had two or three bottles of medicine from the GATES IRON WORKS I here holding United States court and trying to untangle things, but it wftl of for a number of small outfits to doctor. He used them for three or require a long time. In the meantime these claims are being worked under four days without relief, then called REVERE RUBBER 00. the direction of receivers, who have In another doctor who treated him for some days and gave him no relief, so been appointed. Notwithstanding this condition of affairs, it is estimated discharged him. I went over to see him next morning. He said his bowels INGERSOLL-SERGEANT DRILL CO that the district will produce $6,000 come In next spring and clean up good fortunes during the season. William Tierney has a half interest In the best gambling house in Nome, "The Cabinet." The saloon is elegantly furnished, and among the curios that adorn the walls the most conspicuous are a pair of huge polar bear skins white as driven snow and larger than cow hides. Hanging all around the bear skins are ten or twelve white Arctic fox skins. The saloon Is packed day and n here, and the yearly output will run were in a terrible fix, that they had been running off so long that it was 000 for 1900. Another big drawback here is the scarcity of water. The up in the millions for years to come. almost bloody flux. I asked him if Nome will never make a great town creeks hare been dry all summer, and for the reason that it has no com the owners of claims have been una Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists 0, F. PURNELL ble do anything with them. Rain he had tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and he said 'No.' I went home and brought him my bottle and gave him one 4oee mandlng situation. Unlike Dawson, it is not the gateway to the rich districts commenced about a week ago, and many of these claims have started here .and is no more accessible than told him to take another dose in fif any one of a hundred other points work, and will continue until It frees you can scarcely get in or out of the door. Mr. Tierney is largely interest Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak along the coast. There are no harbors here, and it is as easy to land es. C E. McHugh has been under this disadvantage, and unable to do ed in mining here, and made a sale one place as another. All lines of a few months ago for $10,000. He informs me that he has two other big anything so far with our property. He has no water, and the only way he can get any is to pump it, which teen or minutes it he did not find relief, but he took no more and was entirely cured. I think it the best medicine I have erer tried." For sale by Kirk 6. Phillips. Bisiarct ToiTdilitadt, Set. T. . ToiTtfrtffictt DRS . von WEDELSTAEDT deals on at San Francisco now, one for 175,000 and the other for $15,000. means to put down a well. , McHugh has not been at a stand Frank Tierney is out on Coug Hok, and has been for several weeks, pros still, however. He has secured a large pecting., ,t ... amount of valuable property in Tart' Johnny Manlon is Healing at Mr. R U TIerney's place. Jack Wheeler and ous parts of the country, from which be will be able to take out pay dirt every season for an indefinite number business are overdone here, and with other small towns springing up at various places and people abandoning Nome to seek other localities or return to their homes, it is only a Question of time when the town will be simply Ofle of several scores of small trading and supply points. Every boat out is loaded, and there are hundreds here anxious to get back to the states but have not the means. I put in a half day "mushing" aeross the country yesterday and saw some of the work that is being done on Anvil creek. Men are found In every draw, shoveling and sluicing. Those Henry Lewis are dealing In the other saloons. Tom Sutton is in Mr. TIer Cfflces Olympic Block, Opposite B. & M. Depot. Tel., B. H. 202... Res, 21, City Creek. Tel. B. H. 201. of years. ' He has fire miles of the beach .on both aides of Nome, between ney's employ at The Cabinet Mr. KEEPING UP WITH THE PROCESSION We sra right la It jow with colors fly Lewis bias been working for Tierney mean tide and the tundra, and the until lecently. Will Hart Is on Mr. recent decision of Judge Noyes con las. They are telling ua on all aide that our tall and winter line t ikea the rag od TIerney's pay-rolL They all ask to firms his belief that he could hold it This decision was altogether a surprise to everyone else in the camp. It - a m Q be remembered to Deadwood friends, and announce that they are coming back to spend their money. Henry z s 3 "t O a Robinson is in the employ of an un had always been understood that the beach could not be taken, and there was no attempt made to claim any of who are satisfied with moderate wages are doing well and have no hindrance. All the big properties are working under receivers, who take in all the gold. dertaker here. John Manning and Ed the buah, or, as the Boatoo girl puts It, "eliminate, the dilapidated linen from the ahrubbery." if thj U true, we ought to know it We ere in the race to win and w look to ersry man who wants clothing to help na do it. She waa happy when aha met me And the eecret la well known; Twaa my "swell up" new fall overcoat, My OTerooat alone. Grosfield left here a short time ago InJ -pay for all the help, supplies J and a boat for coast points northwest 6f other expenses, ami make an account Nome, prospecting. E. M. Blackwell of Spearflsh is working for the Pa Walter U Vercoe, M, D. ing. As fast as decisions are reached In the court affecting the titles of the cific Steamboat company and Is in charge of the dock. Ed Danlelson and Deadwo od, South Dakota. Office in the Waite Block. - it. .The report that the beach had been worked out isTTmlstake, altho men cannot make the wages on It. that they could at one time. Then here is a vast Quantity of the yalues that cannot be saved by amalgamation, but could be save by concentration. McHugh" has fire claims on the beach, c acb a mile long- and 150 feet wide. It win take ten years to work this out 'rcTT'iih also &as acres on j--'-t.?tv river, between the lagoon Bob Cooper have a fractional claim I'm not sorry that I bought it, Tho It cost me nearly tea, , ' For I'm backing in the eunahlne Of her lovely etnlle again. claims tied np the receivers torn over everything to the men who get the decisions. Cleanups are made every night, and sacks of gold dust are seen coming in to the banks every evening. on Dexter, but 'they are tied up like the rest of them here in the general litigation, and have been unable to Oculist and AuristB, & M. Ry Miners receive $5 a day and board. A narrow gauge railroad runs from do any work. Danlelson is staying lag near the claim, while Cooper has Glasses Scientifically Fitted. Practice Limited to Eye & Ear here out to Anvil City, on Anvil rne down to Golovin bay, on a pros- r- fi ".I

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