The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 29, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. jjtb YEAR- D1C AD WOOD, 8. !., (BLACK HILLS,) TI'ESDAY MOIJMNO, Al'CrST :?!, FIVE CENTS. GOLDEN REWARD FIRE iTSDO NOT AGREE -0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 the w cy before much damage was done. A huge pile of wood stood just above the plant on the gulch, and as a slight breeze was blowing up the creek ct'ltiliury tire. Six of the sinters dic-l in the flumes, Immiik iinalile'to not out of the building in time to escape. There were three hundred homeless children in the convent, ami it is believed that several perished. Four frightened women jumped from the windows of the building, and tw have died iiom the injuries received. it was feared the lire would spread to I The Reduction Plant Destroyed firiety of Opinions from Experts at the Dreyfus Trial. Despite Vigorous Efforts to Save It. the B' own roaster. 'next to the residence, and then to the woodpile. There Ac re several hundred cords of the wood, but the fire was kept away from it. Seveial hundred spectators accumulated to witness the tire, and the bottom lands, along the creek. were throng' d, while a hundred or such a matter had taken positions on the Klkhoin trestle that spans the gulch just al ove the plant. As the fire spread Innards the- south end of the plant sniiie cine shouted to look out for the vitriol tank, which, it was feared, J would explode when the beat rear he M. J- WERTHHEIMER & BR0. Offer the Following- Unheard of reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 6c and 26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder New stock we have made a still greater reduction. The Plant Well Insured and Will .of Them Testify for Drey- Forest Fires in Colorado Colo.. Auk. Special. -Terrific forest lire are ra;iiiK on ihe I'lattc- canyon naticmal reservation, and settlci s are IlceiiiK for their i -s. , , p The 1 iht in Ohio jfusand Two Against Undoubtedly Soon be Rebuilt. mm. si:.m;s i i.i.iv n no Aim jv special. I In liKlit between McLean and K j 1 bun i ne is hot. and it is believed that McLean will wm. Neailv all if jjSXES. Hance, Aug. .ipt-i i.n. uCharaver. who, ai me ihsl mry- juurt martial declared mai me I Low wrote the bordereau, created tile 'ele(iali-.s for the convention, which will be held tomorrow, have arrived, ami it is claimed that Foraker is secretly aiding McLean. His op jec t is to defeat Nasli. Manna's republi can i andiilate for governor. uuatlon at the trial today when ne Ljftwas mil ureyiuH, uui iuuui and effe-cted it. At this announeeinenf the crowd took a decided rush for a distance. Hut it proved a false alarm, for the tank was consumed without so much as a crackle. The fire presented a fascinating sight At intervals some of the frame work, or one of the heavy vats or water tanks would fall with a crash, and would cause the rising of a terrific (loud of dust, to mingle with the smoke. The roar of the (lames could he heard for a quarter of a mile, and the heat was felt for sev lldliiuy insieuu. Aiioiiiei uauic W expert corroborates this opiu- Al Go For T5c $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais wtlle two of the experts swear Dreyfus wrote it. The effect ot variance on tne parts or me ei- In tends greatly to the discredit or For Hie second time the Golden Ite-warrt c hlorination plant has been consumed by fire. Twice within ten years has there been a disastrous blaze on the same site, allho the two fires have occ urreil under radically different conditions. The lirst took place when the plant was but an experiment at the most, and when its usefulness as a plant was much a matter of speculation. A fire yesterday morning burned it down, after it had been running for years, and demonstrating that it was a success. Then the company had no money to velSuild: now it has abundance. Ycstci day's fire was discovered about II o'clock in the morning, in 'li oal bin. but the alarm was not turned in (ill :i. The whistles of the First ward sounded for several minutes before the alarm was turned in up tow i. When the uptown alarms finally eipert testimony. eral hundred varus. iraciuaiiy. How 'jaeral Mercier visited Beaurepaire ever, the frame work, was consumed. IS, Malo yesterday. This gives rise mil the re was nothing left hut charred I lie rumor that in the event of the joints and studding, and a mass of bent Uttal of Captain Dreyfus, the na- THE FIGHTING TEN1H ARRIVES Pittsburg Honors its Volunteers Upon Their Return Home I'l l TSUI RC. Fa.. Aug US.-Special. The Fighting Tenth." recently mustered out of the service at San Francisco, arrived after an absence from the state of sixteen months, and was ace in cled a notable demousl ral ion. at which President .McKinley was present. The president .marched at t!i head of the column in the parade, lie afterwards reviewed the soldiers and addressed them. Colonel Harnett and All Waists tbat we sold for $2.00 and $2.60 O-o at $1.25 Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro' Llists will ask the general to pro- and crumbled iron bars and rods, boilers and stacks. Drily the hug" a military dictatorship. The Lie is much exercised over the ni- brick stack, and one of the Iron stacks remained. The employes of the plant and ttn -n n ooO 0-0 ' firemen rendered heroic service. an'I Leprosy Waning at Hawaii carried out evervtliing that was loose. CHICAGO, Aug. 28. Special. Dr. cute d several oilier cillic crs were pr with swords. ESTABLISHED 1876. lwer, who Das recently retu't.e.i lithe Hawaiian islands, says loppy is destined to he soon wiped utit sounded there was no ipiestion i ug thai it was a serious tire. The entire fire department responded, and all the lire' apparatus in the city was hauled cIovmi to the plant, but a line of hose w as about as ''useful as a sipiirt gun. The neaps! hydrant to the lire was tie islands, and says tiie vitynous A Lucky Convict of the Americans is tin Ms toon. KIRK G. PHILLIPS THE OLD RELIABLE DRUGGIST pe, Kl I. - win. h.'.-ui allc r I iKN V 101! Matt Adams just been ic O ll! 1 i t I c t clerk ied 1 It I III pri MiBion and a Hall Needed The solution from the cyanide tanks, representing one day s rim. was carriel out ajnl saved. As much of the sul-phidej-eilution as possible was run into till press, and that is all right The-rest ijl it is still in the tanks, and it is believed safe, except one tatiR. which lipped over and is probably lost The i hlorination plant was lirst built in ISSN, and was started up in fall of that year. The plant burned down in March. ls!l. and the last plant Was started and built in IMmi. The plant that was destroyed yesterday had a capacity of l.Mi tons a clay, including the cyanide annex There were four sulphide tanks, and the machinery vnU ill! of the verv best. The Brown eight -year of funds tc d thousand ser lug an be..lelllelll two hundic WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. on Main street, where- the bridge crosses .-, creek, fully half : mile from the fire. Hose was connected to that hydrant , and men began coupling continuing until they had a line laid c dear to the fire, but the pressure would not Ihrow a stream len feet. In til" meantime the engines nt the plant had been working steadily, and pumping eiitc-nc-e for ein the amount of dollars, has re is heir to .i: share being p notice that he in France, his ci thousand. rei veil estate hundic I'ASHINUTON, Aug. L'K. - Special, lerai Davis wires from San Juan t a million and a half if iiecess-ii y relieve the sufferings in For'.) Ri:o Itiug from the recent huri'u'ane Bl the f i nits and vegetables lan lie iwa. He requests urgent actum on f part of I'U' United e., town;-! ligating the horrors of starvation. Wall l',iier! Wall Paper'' Wall I'.c.e-i sixns. al all iilie-re. I am life ugenl fen- "i i ci I o-ct 1 1 clc- i'c . who make the New Kra llltrh i: e in- While Lend and Color CONCUSSION PRODUCED DEATH Painln M'- , '"liles VJ'.,el I'. Wal Enamels and Carnage Painters Supplier ' ininiBav ,,n ,,,- ,.s White- Ix-.i.l and all iVHllloW lltUAft 3ljO imi.'i-t In 1 1 .ii.l !W,,,0,,. Miss Grace Carpenter Dies from the Horseshoe roaster was put in during I utiory. Toilet Article of every description. Perfumes. Somijh. Etc. It Is rtililmlite! that I carry 1 tie larg.'M mi. ,,f I in xrt eel and Wmieistlc Ci-Kars, Hig-h (iraeltw of SmokihK 'c 1 Chewing Tohiic-t -os and I'ipe-i to be round in the IILk k Hills Effect of a Bad Fall. tne summer of lSHa. ahd vta uiHlte; Little Cracie Carpenter, the little during the full of that year. i a,i tion to the Brown, there were, a num I Mate a Specialty of Speetacles and Eye Glasses Prospective Bride Kidnapped t'RHAM, N. l. Aug. 28. Special. - Dell Scroggtns was kidnaped yes-lay while walking down the aisle t lurch with her prospective hus- This .lopart-rnt'nt. is in twelve-year-old daughter of Dr. and her of Bruckner" and a White-HoweU Mrs. Franklin R Carpenter of this w it hout. (--barge, Our lenses are the cost of the city, fell down a flight of stairs at her rharjee of a competent Optician, who will h-si your oyt't- if satisfaction i ikh Rivt'n I do not want your money, the bwt that money can buy. all iriies ran tfiriK with frame. roaster, ami they were all in go working order. The machinery home on Centennial avenueSunday fore d. Her relatives were opposed t practically a total loss. The plant wan noon, sustaining a concussion of the Batch and they carried the girl off ily. She has been taken beyond DEADWOOD, S. D. 662 Main Street, brain from which death resulted five valued at from $125,000 to $150,000. an.l the insurance was $7. 000. The planf hours later. She was about to start water thru hose onto the lire, without any visible effect, however. The fire began about the enter ot the plant, in the peak of the roof, and seemed to spread both ways. There was hardly any wind, and the flames reached almost perpendicularly Into the sky. The fire gradually enveloped the entire plant and all its wings airi annexes, altho its spread was decidedly slow, probably on account of the vast accumulation of dust on the roof and timbers, which retarded the flames. But it was apparent from the time the fire had ben burning ten minutes that no available power could save th" works. The main part of the building went first, then the cyanide annex, then the low building containing the Brown Horseshoe roaster. The office building was consumed by fire a year ago, and since then the office has been in a little building standing near. That building was saved with difficulty. It was found that no dependence could be placed In the water from th line of hose, and the engine having reach of her promised husband ker relatives refuse to give her was supplied mainly with ore from for Sunday school, and as she was descending the stairs she caught her the Tornado mine, at Terry, for the last year or two. The Tornado is the foot near the top in some way, and largest mine in the Bald Mountain fell headlong pome ten or twelve steps country, and is capable of turning out THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK She was badly stunned by the fall, but much ore. It Is not believed, however she was taken In charge by Dr. Howe that he destruction of the plant wili and in a few minutes seenid to rally nicely. She dropped off into a quiet be the means of shutting down any of Attempted Wholesale Murder 'SHVILLE, Ind., Aug. 28. Special, it Powell Is in Jail for having acted to kill his divorced wife, her dmother and a neighbor. Powell up to the window of a houue Web they were staying at night hot thru the glass at Uiem. Ail were badly wounded. the minecq as the smelter now belongs sleep in a short time, and slept for to the Golden Reward, and will un two or three hours. She awoke, bright and rational, but soon lapsed into unconsciousness, and did not rally Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 doubtedly be able to handle all the ore the company desires to treat. Harris Franklin, vice president of the Golden again. She may really be said to have died from the effects of the secondary Reward company, and general manager of the property, was In Omaha at the long since ceased to operate, a bucket brigade was established, and long lines shock, resulting from the severe con time of the fire, but he was heard from of men handed buckets back and forth from Red creek to the little building. Men stood on top and poured the w-t- by telegram several times yesterday, and will arrive In Deadwood today. Cbino-Japanese Alliance 'SCOW, Russia, Aug. 2. Special. nd China are said to have "4 defensive alliance, in ord ?r epr88 further encroach ment in Went The plant employed in the neighbor ter over the side next to the blaze. Business All Branches of Banking Transacted, cussion she had sustained, after passing thru the primary shock all right. When she fell she struck heavily on her face, her chin and cheek bearing the blow of the landing on which she struck. There wefe no bones of tEe face broken, or affected in any way, and there was no disfigurement. The funeral will take place this after noon from St John's Episcopal church at 2:3u. A telegram was sent and thereby saved that structure, altho It was done at no little peril, for the flames were roaring into the air less than fifty feet away, and the heat was hood of one hundred men. and they v.lll, or at least a part of them, be engaged around the works for some time yet. cleaning up the part of the ruins that is of value. A part of the machinery at least is probably serviceable yet, altho damaged to s 'me extent. The Brown roaster building present Otis' Death Report HINOTOX. Aug. 28. Special. DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rica, broiling. The fire started in the coal dust, in the bin, on the upper side, from spon- Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Paris of the World, at uus wires that twenty-five Iowa at ..jarfcat ralas. have occurred among the reg It was first dls to Archedeacon Ceorge G. Ware, re v ftaneous combustion. nis last report. Twelve of covered about 3:30 in the morning. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable ed a peculiar spectacle when it begat: to burn. The fire seemed to start in I e from drowni ig, and disease. There were no Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ' ""on wounds. responsibility or collaterals. the ventilator in the top. and that was ablaze for several minutes before fire was seen in any other part. Then tiie entire roof began to glow, as the fire t tor of the church, hut he was unable' to get home in time from his ranch in, Nebraska, ajxl in his absence the funeral will be conducted by Rev. W.'i II. Pond, rector of the Episcopal ! church of Spearflsh, and former as-1 sistant to Archdeacon Ware at St. John's church. The full vested choir) , J ' THIS IS DISTINOTIVEIjY worked up from below. And the and the men in charge made the mis-! take of turning a couple of small streams of water upon it. instead Of putting a force of men to shoveling out the coal, so as to get at the vital put of the blaze The water had the f-I feet or generating gas and steam, anil i when a certain amount of gas had ac-i cumulated an explosion was the re-: suit. That was when the fire broke ! out and an alarm was turned in. TTio greater portion of the building was consumed bv that glow, rather than will render the music for the service. " Kansans Wiil Re-Enlist jENCE, Kan., Aug. 28-Sp- letter from Lieutenant Col etesjf of the Twentieth Kan- that many of his regiment Enlist in the provisional regi- raised for the Philippine. Accounts of Ba:iks, Corporations and Individuals; that the destruction of the plant wiil by a blaze, It seemed to virtual solicited. Oorrospond onoe Iri vltod. ly converted into charcoal. Coming Wednesday Jacob Rodenhaus writes to J. J. Feldhausen that he will be in Dead- The main building was roofed with flames from the explosion hurst thu sheet iron, and that, together with several years' accumulation of . dust. (Continued on Tnge 5 ) DIRECTORS: W. E ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. I oout teven hundred men will home. sters of cjwfity Perish .N. T.. Aug. 28. Special. conTent. fire miles from II bume(J last night, by an in- the top 'of the shed in which the com bin was located, and caught on the top of the main building. Several ears stood on the sidetrack at the rear ot the building, and some of these catight fire. The switch engines soon appeared, and the cars were jerked out ot wood Wednesday. He has been sta Ing in Hot Springs for a wee n-fv. and Saving a good time. Ho announces that he will put up a substantial 'luildlng on his lowr Maiu street property provided he can cjur9 te; anta for it. HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. BEN BAER, Vice President. BUmsrck tod Wedlstalt, Ostropaieilc. Specialist and Pbrstclao. Office. :i City Crk. tf mm. SELBIE. Cashier. 1 ... I

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